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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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did not work the first time. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> it is machine. august 22nd. more on the elevators in a m but, first, back to alexis smith tracking a major problem on the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> we have a serious crash this morning. i will step out of way so can you see what is happening on a camera on richmond side of the bridge. the crash is westbound 580 right at the toll plaza, a pickup lost control, hit a barrier and flipped. obviously we have a large response and we have sky 7 on the way to the scene, and that should give us a boater idea of how long cleanup will take and we certainly will check with our crew. right nows though, mike nicco has a look at the forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will go to live doppler hd you i have been track the showers moving northwest through the valley and into the monterey bay , and it clipped the santa cruz mountains as we head
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through the next hour to hour and a half. from mount tamalpais you can see the anything are clouds it our east and they are dying showers as they come at the eat enpart of solano and contra costa county, so a sprinkle is possible the rest rough us are dealing with drizzle this morning. temperatures this afternoon, are below average with mostly sunny conditions and 60 at the coast and 71 around bay and 82 inland and we are 5- to 10-degrees cooler for lunch. >> bart is spending big money trying to solve the problem of people using their elevators as bathrooms. delays are mounting. costs are increasing. amy hollyfield is in pleasanton hill with the new attempt to fix the issue. >> we have been talking to commuter about it and they do not have hope this will solve the problem saying people are not going do change their behavior. the bay area news group is reporting that bart is now going do try to spray a coating on the floors of their elevators and it is urine resistant.
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bart said it is also nontoxic and this will cost $340,000. this is a frustrating problem for bart officials is tried a few other solutions that have not worked and the passengers are frustrated, too, saying that people are even doing this, and they not too sure this is the answer. i have when leader an hour, get here earlily to wait for the trains and i saw four people peeing over there. they need more available bathrooms. >> this idea is a long time coming. they have talked about glass elevators to try and deter people from peeing in the elevators, and they hired a company for more than $1.4 million to replace the floors of the elevator but that did not work. now they will try the coating they hope to have in place by this spring.
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>> breaking overnight in the south bay, three people have been arrested after what started as a noise complaint. it happened after midnight. officers say a fight started after two groups con fronted each other over a loud noise. they used sticks and bottles. the video show as large pipe on the ground. two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries requiring stitches. police say the arrested men will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. >> trial begins of two machine acauses shooting and killing a popular dog walker in oakland, the two are charged with murdering judy solomon who was shot after using her cell phone filming them committing a crime in her neighborhood in 2013. one of the major issues in the trial is the role that the lead vest gator sergeant gantz played for allowing his girlfriend to transcribe the notes in case.
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lgbt is taking a stand against violence after a serious beating in the castro. we were in the neighbor yesterday as organizers of a peace rally handed out safety whiffs and cards with common sense rules to keep people safe. organizers wanted to do something after an attack against a gay man two weeks ago. my friend was bet up, severally injured and had to have surgery to reconstruct his beautiful face. >> he is talking about the man beaten so badly the fractureed jaw had to be reattached to his skull happening at bar on market street called the cafe. >> a man accused of scamming a clutch and elderly women will number court. he is expected to be arraign the in martinez courtroom. investigator say he conned three women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars including a 90-year-old for $170,000. we talked with the pastor who
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said he regrets it all that has happened. >> a cross that christ was crucified on has been taken from st. dominic's catholic church last week. we spoke with the father and he said the relic is 2,000 years old and it is not much in volume but sentimental value is priceless. here said the lock on case was popped out on thursday and there were in witnesses or security cameras around. >> we know we with just like to have it back not interested in police activity or criminal action, we want it restored. >> a sign on the case asking for someone to return it, in questions asked. >> new details on uc berkeley chancellor dierks with some fact consult member want him out of the position immediately. he offered his letter of resignation last week over controversies over campus sex
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assaults and questions over budget decisions. he intends to trend on the job until a new chance already is named. >> officials are lifting all evacuation orders for residents in southern california, the blue cut fire in san bernadino county is now 85% contained. 82,000 people were under evacuation orders after destroying 96 hopes and burning 37,000 acres. officials say the damage could have been worse, they credited early deployment of firefighters for limiting the damage. >> today the men and women of cal fire are on a mission at the statement capital demanding to be paid as much as other firefighters. cal firefighters will rally with the legislators. a report said that the firefighters are up to 90% underpaid compared to the top 25 fire --s in california. for example, entry level cal firefighters earn only $10 an
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hour. >> ryan lochte apologized to the people of brazil for story of a robbery at a rio de janeiro gas station. ryan lochte admits he should have been more careful and candid about describe the night when they vandalized a sign and confronting security guards when they were going to call the police. he does not admit to lying about the story. >> i take full responsibility and i want the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i am because i am embarrassed for myself, for my family and my country. >> the that in addition for the initial account is that he drink a lot and was still under the influence of alcohol. >> a life saving drug with a shocking new price tag, and what drive up the coat of the drug and causing outrage this morning. >> the hunt for a massive respect time a community is worrie
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>> i am traffic reporter electric electrics and we a traffic alert, on the richmond-san rafael bridge, westbound 580, right at the toll plaza and if you are just
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checking in with us, this has been a serious crash for the last 40 americans or so. we have three left lanes down, because of a flipped pickup that hit the toll. he was transformed and we have sky on way to scene and hop any this gives us a better idea of cleanup process and how long the lanes will be blocked. we will check with them as soon as possible but, right now, meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof the happy monday? >> happy monday. on the roof it is misty in san francisco. check out ocean beach at 58. most of us are around 52 in west portal to 55 in the castro and the mission. 56 in bayview and sunny side. temperatures around 60 at union city, saratoga, me appeal and tracy, pittsburg and correct 58, and poet human is 54. jogging, good, bicycling good, moderate air quality, choppy
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waves, though, on the bay. temperatures could climb a degree or two the next three days but, still, searching for summer with in heat in the forecast. i will show you cooler weather for the weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> a warning for the story about a massive snake on the loose in maine after a photo picture showed a large snake skin and they have been searching since june after a woman reported see it near a playground. >> new insight into what may have caused prince's overdose, how an incorrect label is now affecting the investigation. >> bizarre crime caught on camera, burglars using crocodiles during
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to really reduce energy and reduce our environmental footprint. for a customer like whole foods, saving energy means helping our environment, and we can be a part of that. helping customers save energy is a very important part of what pg&e does. we can pass those savings on to the environment, the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california.
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people on the east coast are waking up to a last damage after tornado warnings and thunderstorms hit new england. can you see trees down in the middle of the road. there are reports of poles down and heavy property damage from last night's storm. at one point during the thunderstorms, national weather service issued a tornado warning. that has been canceled. the bad weather continues with heavy rainfall is the new concern. >> several pill balls taken from the prince estate after the death were falsely labeled. an official close to the
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investigation said that battled aspirin contained an opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin and was in vitamin bottles and a duffle bag and dressing room. autopsy results show he died of an accidental overdose. and a big price jump for a life saving medicine, the epipen which have risen 500% in only the past seven years. that is making some families choose between their health and their wallet. a mother saw her daughter with ad if allergy. >> scary. scary to see her turning blue and not able to breathe and she is swelling and you have a moment of panic. we have used the epipen that gave us time to get to the hop. >> the pharmacy has notaried any
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that in addition for the price increase. long time users say it has not changed a bit. >> contact lens wearers have you been guilty of falling asleep with contacts in, it is very damaging. the centers for disease control looked at a thousand reports of infections ruled to conducts and 20% were caused by people sleeping with them in or just wearing them too long. >> i have done that and try to adhere to it. a warning from the department of public health about local seafood urging people to avoid eating rock crab and shell fish caught locally at half moon bay and monterey bay. the dangerous helpfuls of the toxin are found in crash fish including oysters and colombias and scallops but no one is reporting being sick. the toxin was behind the closure
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of the crab season last year costing $48 million to business. >> police in australia are look ing for four men who released crocodiles into a high school all caught on camera. >> this is bizarre, you are about to see the machine take three salt water crack dies and push them through a under of the school administration office. now the video shows you can see them drop the animalsedly a hell in the door, directly in the middle of the screen and you can see animals go in but after dropping the creatures inside the four men break in and they ransack the office, not sure why they did not just carry the crocodiles in. but there you go. the crocodiles measured up to 6.5 if foot --' tongue. their mouths were shut and they have not seen water they will
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undernourished. author all females and authorities do not know where they got the animals. right new police are still hooking for the men who were shirtless and look look they were covering their faces with a garment. >> i would go to the nearest beach and find all the beer bottles which is where they are. >> back to alexis smith tracking a major commuter alert on the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> good morning, we have been tracking this the entire morning as son as it was getting busy we got a big problem step out of the we to see the activity, toward the bottom of the screen, on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, westbound 580, at the toll plaza, update last few minutes our crew turned back because the cloud cover was too low and obviously you have to keep them safe. they went back to the hangar and cannot give always look. we talked to c.h.p. and though said that, still, no estimated
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time when they will be open, in the really over. the river not hospital. the to far right lanes are getting by. continuing to weapon a close credit on there and we do not have a huge backup and this is our only big problem this morning. so that is the good news. we will look at our drive times in a few minutes and mike nicco has the forecast. weekend went by too fast. >> it did. , looking forward to the next weekend and it will feel like fail in some areas. we have live doppler hd a thunderstorm blew up in half an hour and right near point reyes and it is still hanging around with yellows and oranges and could be light-to-moderate rain out of storm as it drifted to the north. off to the east the storms are coming off the mountains but they are falling apart through the central valley, and there is the to which the thunderstorms encroaching upon the eastern contra costa county, so, today, not day full of total sunshine even with the many layer of clouds rolling back to the
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coast. we will still have clouds lingering because of the mid-to-upper level moisture from the forms that are falling apart. clouds and drizzle and almost average this weekend. whole look at what is happening with the lies, mid-to-upper 70s, and san jose is 8, and gilroy low-to-mid 80s, and low-to-mid soviets on peninsula today with upper 50s along the coast and downtown san francisco only 62, and we are supposed to be 69 degrees and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay and cloverdale and lakeport, 85 to 90 and mid-to-upper 60s and becoming breezy around hercules and richmond and berkeley oakland, low-to-mid 70s with slower winds from the southern the southern half of the east bay and at the game, indians in town, 52 at 7:00, dress warmly. inland east bay we expect 90 this time of the year and upper 80s -- no, upper 70s to mid-80s is all we will get we will warm up tomorrow and wednesday. back to average inland. you can see the slow californiaing. it will feel like fall this welcome.
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morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. "7 on your side" michael finney is next with important things to consider on your credit. amazon is step up of to hire the best technical workers and why some new employees can expect more
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gawker is shutting down, with employees moving into new jobs with the new parent company univision at one of the other websites declaring bankruptcy after hulk hockeyen won $140 million judgment this year. the founder said that the site is going to be mothballed which seems to lebanon open the possibility of a resurrection in the future. >> amazon is trying to build its reputation as an accommodating place to work. they are giving part time tech employees fall time benefits according to "usa today", part after new pilot program amazon plans to test entire teams of engineers and staff with flexible hours. though will receive the same benefits as 40 hour aweek employees but less pay. >> now, ask michael finney, # askfinneyand a. and a question on credit cards.
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here is the answer from michael finney. >> as far as getting a new credit card where do you go and which are more beneficial for rewards and low costs? >> great question. there are a lot of cards out this. some for those with exhelp credit and others for those where no credit at all. many cards offer free interest for a year or more. that can save you a fortune. others offer low fees. or miles. or points. the best way to get a card that will work for you have to go to a website such as www. you can look for the best card for and you your circumstances. >> if you have a question for michael finney report it and led to or ask the question using # askgiveany. could you have your question answered right here on abc7.
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>> next, alexis smith is tracking the big problem at the richmond-san rafael bridge with an update. anoise complaint in san jose turned into a violent attack involving an attack. >> and check out the clouds what they are low clouds dropping mist and drizzle or high level bring a slow down of the commute all of
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is monday. we are glad you are here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. you are not going to be glad if you have a certain commute. alexis smith is tracking a big issue headed into marin county from the east bay. >> the problem is on the richmond-san rafael and been here an hour. here is another look at the scene westbound 580. on the richmond side. notice some of the vehicles, emergency vehicles love scene. i am not seeing the tow truck so that means the tow is possibly getting the flipped truck at the toll plaza out of the there. hopefully we will get one or would of the three last lanes back open shortly. that is the latest from c.h.p. another update come up to a few, but, right now, mike nicco and the roof. >> hello everyone, watching the
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marine layer and mist and drizzle. let me show you live doppler 7 hd, we have scattered showers all around us but nothing falling on our neighborhoods. the clouds are creating 55-minute flight arrival delays into sfo. not a great way to start the work. 7:00 this morning, 54 to 62 and drizzle, dry at noon, partly sunny and 59 to 73 and partly cloudy at 4:00, 60 at coast and 82 inland, and this help, grab a coat, 72 inland. >> we have break news in the south bay, san jose police say what started as a noise compliment somehow ended up sending several people to the hospital. >> matt keller has more details near the express way and mesa drive. matt? >> good morning, i spoke with san jose police this morning and they told me they were called when the house party went "side ways." this is the video on mesa drive near almaden expressway,
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officers, fires and paramedicsen spot here just after midnight, and police say they get a call of a fight between neighbors, and the two groups con gallonned each other over the loud noise from a party. police say a fight started with bottles and sticks be, used and video showed what appears to be a large pipe on the group, two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries requiring stitches and three pole were arrested, and san jose police say though will we likely face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. >> developing news in the south bay, police are searching for two shoters who killed two brothers near san jose stated. it happened in front of their home near south 8th last night. a witness told abc7 that he saw a white truck and a black s.u.v. drive by the house and on fire. if express not released information on possible vehicles. they say the two shooters are on the run. a neighbor believes it was isolated. >> i feel safe in the neighbor.
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this doesn't really happen and why thing this street has a lot of gangbangers. >> police have not said in this is gang-related. >> police in los gatos are trying to determine in foul play is behind a deadly body found on a popular walking trail. the body discovered near the los gatos creek trail around 6:00 p.m. and police have not released any details of the person or how necessity died. >> san francisco people want your help to find a man who bit off a bartender's finger. he was trying to blows and a man tried to get inside and attack the bartender and bit a finger that had to be amputated. police released video showing the suspect getting into a scuffle with another man in front of bar early that same night. >> a newark woman arrested on charge of hard ration kris jenner in cyberspace, is in
6:34 am
court. the father of the 35-year-old said that show has mental issues and has been stalking people since she was young. her 15 count indictment said that she made calls impersonating the kardashian family mother and accuses of sending her e-mails and gaping unauthorized access to her icloud account. each of the couches carries a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison. >> happening today, back-to-school for oakland unify ied students under the if you vaccination rules, officials fear more than 3,100 students are turned away from classes for failing to she proof they have been vaccinated. the school district has been scrambling in the last week to verify student reports and it is in longer an option for parents to use personal belief to ex. their children from getting vaccinated. some have relied on the exemption because of a concern of a think between vaccine and audit tim. one person who is autistic
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disagrees. >> it is irresponsible >> autism is something that is not caused by a vaccine and it is that that is in the genes. >> more than 700 students at franklin elementary school in oakland are receiving free backpacks and school supplies. all courtesy of a coely of nonprofits and businesses. all the old are kids are getting ready for class and on saturday thousands of fresh men moved into the dom. i remember fondly. having station begins in two hours and that is the gig of nearly 16 hours of activities, with the real fun on wednesday and that is the first day they have to go to class. face the music. ryan lochte is facing the music apologizing to people of brazil for his story of a robbery at a rio de janeiro gas station, the swimmer described the incident as armed robbery and the story starts to unravel. ryan lochte and three teammates vandalized a bathroom after a night of partying.
6:36 am
he said that he over exaggerated the original story and is embarrassed. >> in i told the entire story this would not have happened. i was coming from a friend's house, i was highly intoxicateed and i made immature calls. in that did not happen, this would not is happened. >> the international olympic committee and usa swimming will determine whether the swimmers face fines or suspension from uncoming world meets but potentially even a future olympics. >> fires are close to fully containing the clayton fire in lake county. it is now 95% contained and scorched under 4,000 acres and destroyed 300 buildings. damin anthony pashilk will enter a plea september 7. >> schools in one distribute are
6:37 am
reopening now that the worst of the clayton fire has passed. this is district superintendent who said burn valley and east lake and pomo will begin classes and the district staff has been cleaning up the schools and feels they safe to reopen and we will let you knowen we hear of other schools reopening. >> hour is what is happening in the traffic center, alexis are lanes back open and. >> we have lanes moving, the richmond-san rafael bridge, westbound 580 on theory monday side we got word from c.h.p. that all of the toll lanes are open through the toll plaza with the exception of lane number two and it looked like folks are trying to get out of the fast track lane which is closed for four hours if you just tuning in a pickup truck lost control and slammed into the tollbooth barrier and flipped over so they have to fix the barrier before they can reopen the lane. we going from three laned closes do one lane so it will be
6:38 am
better, and look at damage, that has been done, this is blocking for exact an hour, and maybe a couple of minutes over, westbound 580, richmond to san rafael is normally 18 minute on the westbound side, and it has 42 memberships so that will take a while to recover. we will look at our other traffic cameras in a few and i will check in with mike nicco. >> we are good the absolutely. western i was down this. out of the mist and drizzle up here were on the roof that your kids are going to have to deal with, also, this morning, it is become to school, with out for more kids on the peninsula, the redwood city city school direct begins and it will be cloudy and mist at 7:00, and 59 with high clouds and sunshine and significant at 3:00, and as we head over to the east bay it will head out at 59 degrees at 7:00, to 79 under sunny conditions at 3:00, and a big one, is oakland unified school district, 60 with drizzle and partly cloudy and 67 at 3:00.
6:39 am
congratulations. have a great year. students. faculty, everyone. we will talk about what is going on, good and good, bicycling and jogging, moderate air quality, choppy if you are out on the bay water. temperatures the next couple of days are moderator a degree or two here or this to the waller side and just as we get back to feeling pore like summer, it is cool, again, and i will show you the roller coaster in the seven-day forecast. >> now, to the race for the white house, hick had's running mate tim kaine is campaigning on of with of the democratic presidential nominee holding fundraisers in san francisco and atherton, and republic nominee donald trump will be in all important ohio. donald trump could be considering a major change in the immigration policy and the if you campaign advisor, kelly an conway suggesting that the businessman may no longer went to deport letten million illegal immigrants in united states. >> he will lay out the specifics
6:40 am
he would implement as president of united states. >> will that include a deportation force that he talk about during the republican primaries? >> to be determineed. >> conway is becoming trump's decision not to release his tax returns. she said when the audit is complete trump will release them. >> hillary clinton will pick her first late night talk show aperrance since accepting the democrat nomination on jimmy kimmel live. you can watch her on jim -- jimmy kimmel right here. eight first family is back after did weeks vacation at the vineyard and president obama has several meetings and ready to take off for baton rouge, louisiana, tomorrow, where he will see the heavy flooding that hit the area. the governor of louisiana is now asking the president to delay his trip until after the initial
6:41 am
disaster response has ended and recovery efforts are underway the 13 people died in the flooding and continues of thousands of homes are damageed. >> bart raiders, your dream of having stink free elevators will take locker. what is causing a delay for improvements cross the bay area. >> the good news is rolling in for aly race man with an oakland raider asking her out on a date. ask now on "good morning america" at 7:00. amy? >> good morning, everyone, wildfires in the northwest residents are forced to glee with the fires spreading quickly and spokane, washington is on high alert and we are on the front lines
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. ♪
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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store. >> we have break news a federal judge has blocked president obama's directive on transgender rules in school bathrooms. jessica? >> yes, the federal judge has blocked the obama administration directive that means that the transgender kids will have to stick to their birth gender for bathrooms. that is directly the opposite of what the federal government told public schools back in may that transgender students will be allowed to use bats rooms in locker rooms consistent with chosen gender identity. now, this distributive from a
6:45 am
judge in ft. worth has blocked it, and texas and 12 other states asked for the judge to make this ruling and it comes a few days after the justice department sued north carolina over a state law there requiring people to use public bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificate which the united states attorney scene lynch has likened the north carolina law to policies of racial segregation but the rules out of texas is expected and what we thought the judge with do in this case. very hot button issue. we will continue following the story as it develops. >> it is happening as school going back in session. >> bart is spending big money trying to' the problem of people using elevators as bathrooms. delays are mounting and costs are increasing and amy hollyfield is in pleasanton hill with the new attempt to fix the issue. you talked to people would have witnessed this happening?
6:46 am
we are capping commuters into the city and they hate this problem and are skeptical about the solution. pups reporting bart decided to try a spray on coat on the floors of the elevators urine resistant and official say it is nontoxic. this the third attempt at solving this problem. the first attempt cost $1.4 million. this will cost around $340,000. bart riders say this sounds like a band-aid to a bigger problem. >> they have to work on homeless issue first. that is the only way to truly deal with the issue. [ inaudible ] this will keep happening. in they cannot do anything...
6:47 am
[ inaudible ] >> they have talked a lot about this stinky problem and it took bart 4 1/2 months to experiment with different coatings they will spray on to the floor before they found this coat. they hope to have it in place by april and they will spray it on the floor of 80 of their elevators. >> muni is expanding because of a $45 million grant from the california state transportation agency and they have 64 trains on way to add to the muni fleet and half were funded. now, after getting the grant a total of 42 trains will be funded. this is what they will look like, officials say the trains have more reliable passenger doors and enmanied break abc7 news begins with breaking news. -- brake brakes.
6:48 am
>> if you bought cotton sheets from target they may not be what you think. jane? yes, good morning to you, we are lower to start, the dow is down 60 points and s&p 500 and nasdaq are trading in the single digits and nasdaq, it has been up eight weeks in a row the longest winning streak in six years and we will see if we can continue that with big events on thursday and friday. >> we have a blockbuster drug deal involving a million company pfizer is involving a san francisco-based cancer company, for $14 billion, all cash, by acquiring the company pfizer gains a prostate cancer treatment, after a lot of other companies have been trying to buy the company. this morning, pfizer gets it done. >> pandora is looking to offer new options to put company in more direct competition with apple and google and amazon and
6:49 am
spotify. they could offer a new premium option to give users more control of the music they hear. the plan is to offer a $10 month subscription. if you bought egyptian cotton sheets at target, 750,000 of the sheets supplied by the company in india were labeled as egyptian cotton but were made from something else, target notified customers and they will get a refund up to $75 for some. >> aly raisman stunned us with her thattent and floor routine and got the attention of an oakland raider, underwood asked her on a double date with her teammate who happens to be married to former gold medalist johnson who is race man's friend. raisman and the rest of the final five are in san jose next month for the champion tours so she tweeted thanks looking
6:50 am
forward to meeting you, and he said he is looking forward to meeting her and weed her safety travels. >> i am inappropriately interested in their relationship >> how wonderful for the public to consume. >> election lebanon, give me good news. i have good news although it has been bad all or. we are looking bets are on the richmond-san rafael bridge, westbound 580 on the richmond side on the toll plaza a pickup lost control and it crashed into a toll plaza barrier, and we down do one lane blocked, i is tough to tell but the of lane, the car tall lane is open account middle lane, lane two for past track slows for four hours for repairs where the pickup hit and flipped and we have our third lane open along with the two right lanes so i will show you what and last of backup on the traffic map, not too bad.
6:51 am
from richmond parkway and using our measuring tool, that is a mile of solid red. it is going to improve and we will hock at our drive time through the stretch. right now we will check with meteorologoist mike nicco on the roof and it was misty early and how is it looking now. >> better. but we still have a couple hours and mist and drizzle with the moisture that brought a scattered shower at 4:30 to 5:00 this morning and point reyes has a thunderstorm and the storms over mountains are falling apart. the marin laser undercutting this with very gusty winds this afternoon from 3:00 to 9:00, at up to 38 miles per hour winds in the area highlighted. foam showers and thunderstorms you can see sun is trying to crest the clouds. moisture and lingering clouds, not completely clear sunny day. clouds and drizzle, scattered
6:52 am
tonight and average and the weekend cools hits. we have money 70s for most of the south bay and low-to-mid 80s for morgan hill and gilroy and los gatos and 78 in san jose and that is below average on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70s and millbrae 68 on the coast and temperatures in the upper 50s and only 62, downtown san francisco is breezy and that is a warp spot. daly city is 58, and sunset and 57, through the north by, we go from clouds to mostly sunny this afternoon and money 70s in most neighbors and from cloudy to partly cloudy on the shoreline and mid-60s to mid-70s inland east bay, and i will top out in the upper 70s to mid-80s nothing too extreme in the forecast and in the 50s, again, and we stay that way for better part of week even through wednesday and, again, getting cooler as we head to a fall like feel for the weekend forecast. >> what was the guy thinking, a video from arkansas, wild.
6:53 am
a man arrested for public intoxication and look at this, he is blown out of the back window of the police car because he caused car to really over knocking on the glass and the police officer was getting distracted by all of that and they rollover can he want out back of window and you fought going do run for long because you have handcuffs on, so the officer actually got trapped in the car be the suspect got tazed. and re-arrested. and the officer did suffer a mild concussion. >> crazy video. >> we have the seven
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> good morning, here are the seven things you need to know, one one, heads up between richmond and marin county. a driver hit a barrier at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza this morning, and the driver was injured. the lanes are now back open. there still could be residual backup. >> we do have a lane still down the next four hours, 37 minutes, richmond-san rafael which normally takes 20. >> breaking in san jose, two people are in the hospital. three men were arrested after a brawl involving bottles and sticks. police say it started with a news complain. >> a federal judge blocked the obama administration distribute i that allowed transgender students to use restrooms consistent with the gender in
6:56 am
which they identify. it raises privacy concerns among the john public. >> officials fear hundreds of constitutes in the oakland unified school district may not be able to start school was they do not have the advantage nations now required by state law. >> we will go from cool at the coast, 50s there, to warm inland east bay neighbor, and 80s the low clouds give away to high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. >> we are watching a wildfire get closer to a landmark with a the love us have been to, the hearst castle which has grown to 32,000 acres overnight. it is 30% contained. we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. three massive wildfires are tearing through washington. families evacuated. a ring of flames, clouds of smoke destroy homes. as firefighters battle 25 major blazes in the west. trump's new tactic. his campaign signaling a possible change on immigration as he faces backlash over his attempts to appeal to minorities and this morning new questions for hillary clinton over her e-mails. is she trying to blame colin powell for her problem? ryan lochte still under fire despite his tearful apology for that scandal in rio. >> i just want to say i am truly 110%, i am sorry and it won't happen again. i learned from it. >> the u.s. olympic committee says the gold medalist and his teammates aren'tff


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