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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning. i'm chris win. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's -- francis. >> the fog is into the bay this morning. live doppler 7hd showing you where the cloud cover is all the way into some inland areas. you will find the low clouds over san francisco. temperatures right now on the mild side. by 9:00 this mornings we could see some spots of drizzle, as well. the closer to the coast you are, the more likely you are to see it. temperatures in the low 60s. by this afternoon breezy around the bay. inland temperatures only warming up to the low 80s. low 70s around the bay and
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near 60 along the coast. a cooling trend is in store for us and i'll tell you more about that coming up. >> thank you. police are investigating a shooting in contra costing that left one person injured in downtown walnut creek. you can see heavy police presence in the area. in 2013 the police stopped issuing full liquor licenses to new businesses due to an increase in violence outside downtown night clubs. no word on the condition of the person shot. we will let you know as soon as we hear new information from police. developing news in san francisco where police have a sketch of the man wanted in the beating of a woman caught on video. investigators say he repeatedly punched a woman in the face for no reason. the unprovoked attack happened last saturday night in pacific heights on washington street across from lafayette park. the man broke the woman's nose
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in several places and then ran south on golf street. the woman had to have surgery. here's another look at the suspect. he has a mole on his upper right cheek. if you have seen him call police immediately. >> collin kaepernick continues to make headlines, but not for his performance on the field. team acknowledged that he did not stand during the national anthem during yesterday's game. jennifer lee chant from the blog niner's nation shared this picture with us. you see him sitting down while the rest of the team is standing. in a statement the team said the national anthem is an opportunity to honor our country, but they recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate or not in our celebration of the national anthem. in santa clara county, six week old mela suffered from the severe injuries she suffered during her life. her dad, matthew, is held on
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$1 million bail. the one good news from the story is her organs were donated. >> we are really all shocked. >> matthew thompson lives directly below the apartment where investigators say a six week old baby girl was repeatedly beaten by her own father. she died friday morning. the baby suffered cracked skull and multiple broken bones and fractures. >> i never heard anything suspicious. i heard the baby crying once in a while. i could hear it moving around, but i never heard any violence. >> i think it's so sad a six-year-old baby girl, all she knew was brutality. >> the 32-year-old matthew zabala is lived with his request girlfriend. his two older children often stayed there, as well. abc7 news learned zabala has a record of child abuse. >> how could our system be such that somebody who has previous child abuse conviction gets custody of his children.
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he was arraigned and charged with murder. he admitted to detectives of ripping mela from a car seat and said her head hit the handle. >> this is the worst scenario that can happen in a domestic abuse case. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office set up a gofundme site to cover her funeral costs. abc7 news. >> and there are resources available if you are a parents and need help to childcare. just go to abc7 and click on this story for more information. this morning chicago police are questioning two people in the shooting death of a cousin of nba star duane wade. the woman was pushing her baby down the street when she was hit by crossfire from two men shooting at a third man yesterday. aldridge was on her way to register the baby for school. the baby wasn't hurt. tragedy came one day after wade's mother sat on a panel about gun violence.
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wade expressed his feelings on twitter. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mother. unreal. enough is enough. a woman is going to rehab in floor. this is a story we've been following closely. a richmond police sergeant drove the 19-year-old to the airport yesterday. a victim's fund is paying for her treatment. she said she had sex with more than 30 officers from seven law enforcement agencies, several while she was underage. investigators are -- investigations are underway into those officers. she contacted dan noise this morning and said she's both excited and nervous about the time she'll spend in rehab. and there's a new landfill. landfill in san jose has been around be since the 1930s. many believe the be stench comes
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from the landfill. the residents say the odor makes its way to their city from san jose about they say they have had enough. today they plan on holding a peaceful rally during the family bike ride. it starts at 9:00 this morning on ranch drive. governor brown has taken a strong stance against coal. he signed a bill yesterday to ban funds for any coal-shipping terminal throughout the state. he applauded the oakland city council, who voted to ban coal at the terminals in the city. many residents were for the shipping of coal saying it would bring much-needed jobs, but now that governor brown signed the bill, money will not be provided for new coal terminals. the bill goes into effect in january. happening today in napa, a branch of the air force is hosting a training exercise to test the aerial evaluation of damage from a simulated earthquake. it comes on the two two-year-old
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anniversary of a quake. they will use their emergency services to assess the damaged area. it starts at 10:00 this morning at their base in oakland. this morning friends and loved ones said good-bye to those who died after the 6.2 earthquake shook italy. death toll is up to 281 with nearly 400 injured and thousands more looking for shelter. some 1,000 aftershocks have rocked the season since the quake hit. 5,000 rescuers are working in hopes of still recovering survivors. the prime minister declared a state of emergency. >> a federal judge is going to deny the mandatory vaccination law. 17 families are suing to block the law. it requires all school children to get vaccinated before attending class and days away religion and personal belief reasons for reasons to opt out. those students have to be home
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schooled. >> there was a $45 million renovation here. 183 new undergrads will call this their home for the next school year. the building opened? 1929. it was thought to be the nation's first residential college. professors and graduate students will live there, as well. they will all participate in weekly sit-down dinners and volunteer work. u.c. berkeley's chancellor hopes that this will be the first step to residential college housing for all students. 5:08 is the time. wouldn't it be nice to live in what looks like a mansion? >> it looks pretty on putt outside. the inside is usually not as nice. >> not too bad. >> that's true. today we have cloudy weather. especially in the morning, low clouds and fog especially near the coast. but mild temperatures inland. the complete forecast coming up. >> francis, thank you. coming up next, the minnesota pulls out a cell phones and ends
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>> saved by the badge. an ohio highway paw stroll trooper is lucky to be arrived when shot during a traffic stop. the suspect jumped out of the car and started running. the officer ran after him and the man pulled out a gun. he was hit in the chest. the badge saved the officer's life. >> only on abc7 news a. we have video from the middle of san francisco's financial district. take a look. it happened on tuesday. as medically woodrow explains, this all started when a man took
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out his cell phone to take pictures. >> the cabdriver jumped the curve tuesday and peter muller went to see what happened. >> i was curious and i wanted to check it out. he was one. dozens of people taking pictures and video when a woman began yelling at him. >> she was saying i should be more concerned with the feelings of the victim. >> one of those victims, this shoe shine man, who has a broken hip. >> it could have been worse. >> as police responded to the crash, another incident was just gunning. muller said he initially walked away from the woman and two others and then returned. you can see a heated verbal argument. the man in the group initially pulls the where i am back until muller said one last sentence before turning away again. >> to get his [bleep] girlfriend out of my face. >> that's when the man punched the back of his head. >> i'm still in shock about it. at what point does it become okay for a man to take a photo? >> he pinned the man to the
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ground. when police arrived the person taking the video went downstairs. >> they said a man had a video, and i said oh, thank you. >> he took this picture of the three people cuffed. they were cited for misdemeanor battery and released. he has scrapes on his arm. he had the prescription sunglasses he was wearing fixed. >> someone took a video which really was hurting me but the whole root stemmed from the problem of someone taking a video or photo of something that happened. >> in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. an almeda county sheriffs deputy accused of threatening to have his wife killed is is out of a job this morning. abc7 news confirmed deputy travis brennan no longer works for the department. he was charged with domestic violence and for violating a restraining order. he's also been on leave for his association with a woman who was
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admitting to having sex with police officers while she was underage. abc is a partner with the taylor family foundation. it provides free summer camp with kids with life altering conditions for more than 25 years. we visited the camp session in livermore. ♪ >> reporter: the smiles, the sheer joy of being a kid shows in the enthusiasm of these young people as they celebrate their version of the summer olympic games. this is camp go beyond. they are holding their annual session, sponsored by the taylor foundation. you would never know the campers and counselors had potentially life-threatening problems, including colitis or chrohn's disease. >> when i was really sick, it was like fatigue, severe
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diarrhea. >> i got diagnosed when i was 8 i had chrohn's disease and it's a form of -- it's hard to digest stuff. >> the 14-year-old jade and her 12-year-old brother aj are both dealing with health issues. >> how do you manage your illness? >> we don't know what causes it. we could know that there are genes associated with inflammatory bowel disease. >> it was found bid dr. heiman16 years ago. he's the chief of gastro neurology and nutrition at the hospital in san francisco. >> two nurse-practitioners would have been with me the whole time. between all of us we really have run the camp and probably half the kids here are patients. >> dr. he. iman manage their illnesses on medications and controlling diet, but others have to endure surgery. >> it starts right here and goes through a vein into my heart. and nutrition and protein and
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all the stuff you need. >> a little over a year ago i had to have my colon moved after going through six or seven medications in about six months. i have a j-pouch which is formed out of my small intestine. >> this 21-year-old is a camper turned counselor living with chrohn's disease. she lives with some on the outside of her abdomen. >> when i eat, instead of going out one end they go out another end to give the colon a rest from having to push food through. >> the campers love the fact they aren't treated like sick kids here. >> we try to put them through every activity we possibly can. they quickly go and take their medications and get patched up, if necessary, and get back out to the business of being campers. >> it's so great to see the kids have fun at least for a week because sometimes when they are home team people make fun of them because of their disease.
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>> i have to get rushed to the hospital a couple times and a few people started making fun of me because i would just always rush to the bathroom during class. >> the executive director of the taylor family foundation said they make extra special accommodations for these campers. >> we also cover 140 acres. so we put porta-potties in, an extra dozen throughout all the campus so no child risks having an accident. >> the experience at camp go beyond are life changing. >> part of the reason i want to be a counselor is to be that person in that kid's life. look at her, she went away to college and did this and that, and if she did it, i can do it. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> the taylor foundation fundraiser is tomorrow in livermore. we hope you can join us. for more information visit our website 5:17 is the time.
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smoke front pushes a fire could affect people living in santa clara county this morning. the 91,000-acre wildfire near big sur is now 60% contained. many will smell smoke but the impact will be minor. the air will remain below federal standards for air pollution. >> knew your forecast from abc7 news. >> good saturday morning. we are starting off with a lot of widespread low clouds around the bay area. you see live doppler 7 all the way into the bay and even into parts of the east bay. we have a pretty view from the sutro tower looking toward san francisco and the bay bridge. temperatures right now on the mild side. we have a lot of 60s out there. 61 in san francisco. 63 oakland. mountain view and san jose 352. here's a live shot of sfo with more clowe clouds. more 60s for you through santa rosa, napa, novato. fairfield 59 and concord and livermore also in the low 60s right now. this time we look from the
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exploratorium out toward the transamerica tower shears what you can expect. widespread low clouds. a mild pattern this weekend. then temperatures will be staying below average through next week. i'll show you that with the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's a look at the cloud cover. even 9:00 this morning we see clouds over santa rosa into vallejo and east bay. widespread low clouds as well all throughout the day, down from milpitas but san jose should see sunshine early on. by this afternoon clouds will pull back. we should see some clouds and low clouds lingering over the bay bridge, san francisco and into oakland. this afternoon plenty of sunshine for everyone. even some broken clouds along the coast. you will see more sun in santa cruz, as well. highs today will be on the mild side and below average in san jose. 77. can't crude 68 degrees. also along the lower peninsula look for low 70s, for the most part, with 74 in mountain view.
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san mateo, 70 degrees. with the clouds at the coast, that's going to keep things cool. only 61 in half moon bay, 59 in pacifica. downtown san francisco also below average at 65 degrees this afternoon. so we're not going to warm up from temperatures in san francisco right now. a lot of 70s through parts of the north bay. sonoma and napa at 74 degrees. pretty comfortable there, as well. upper 50s through berkeley and richmond. union city 73. the warmest spots or the inland areas. that's below average as well. 81 in walnut creek. if you are head today the game tonight you still need to grab a jacket because temperatures will drop down to about 59 degrees by the time the giants game ends at around 9:00 this evening. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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so we have a mild pattern continuing into this weekend. just minor warming tomorrow. temperatures don't change too much. but notice we will drop midweek inland areas, also near 80 degrees. definitely cool for the summer as we head into the end of the work week. we are below normal now and we will be more below normal through the work week. 80s is pretty comfortable. >> it sounds so pleasant. >> pleasant and predictable. >> very nice. thank you s just ahead, tesla feels the need for speed. what it's adding to the sedan that will make it faster t
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>> welcome back. in southern california the lid blew off a sulphur tank causing a chemical leave at a refinery in carson, about 20 miles south of l.a. you see steam rising from the tank. people living in the area were told to shelter in place for a why. air quality tests showed that the sulphur levels were not harmful for the order was lifted. it's the largest oil refinery on the west coast. no one was hurt >> businesses along oakland's international believed, keeping their fingers charged as construction begins to create bus-only lanes on the street. abc7 news was on international believed as anthony fox broke ground on the bus transit project yesterday. it will stretch for 9 1/2 miles from downtown oakland to san leandro. while that's great for bus
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riders, 500 parking spaces will be removed and some turns band. merchants are concerned that they will lose business. >> all these businesses are going to lose parking, they will lose access to the kind. loading they have now. they are going to have to really change the way that they do business. >> oakland has set aside $5 million to help businesses that may be impacted by the the new lanes. >> tesla has announced a new battery that will make their fastest cars even faster. johnathan bloom explains what this means for the future. electric vehicles. >> it was just a year ago that tesla announced their top-end models would get an upgrade to -- >> ludicrous speed. >> ludicrous speed? we've never gone that fast before. >> now it's getting even more ludicrous. in a phone call, ceo elawn musk announced a new battery, it will
5:26 am
take the car from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. it used to get there in 2.8 seconds. the new car will go 315 on a charge. they claim it's now the fastest car in production, in the same league at pour shaws and ferraris. >> it's exciting because the batteries continue to improve. >> i think they are exceeding the predictions of a few years ago. we are seeing an increase of about 8% per year in battery technologies. >> the new bat with russ available bring the price to either to $135,000. >> it's remarkable that it comes at a high cost. >> as expensive as it may be, we found some electric vehicle owners who were excited about the news, including one who might be ready to open his wallet. >> i want to buy two modeled xs. >> he's more excited about the 315 miles than the 2.5 seconds. >> this one gets there in 4.1,
5:27 am
which you really can't tell the difference. i think its just to show off, but it is impressive. >> as one nissan lease owner was salivating. >> mine is less than 100 miles a day. >> chris may be in luck. musk said the pricey performance model will pay for the new economical model 3. >> what we care most about now is getting mass market affordable electric vehicles out there for the millions of people. >> the model 3 is set to ship next year. in berkeley, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> while tesla is giving their model s a speed boost, there's a move to put the brakes on big rigs. the new effort to forcibly slow down the large vehicles. >> if you have a shopping trip to target today, you
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>> it's so great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. hi, frances. >> good morning, everyone. lots of low clouds this saturday morning. you know the drill. this shows the extensive cloud cover into the east bay. here's a pretty shot from the exploratorium, looking out toward the beautiful bay and the bay bridge. possibly spotty drizzle near the coast. temperatures in the low 60s by 9:00. by noon mostly sunny. low 70s around the bay and still staying in the 60s along the coast. chris. >> frances, thank you. activists took to the streets of san francisco 20 mark 18 months in san francisco police shot and killed a 20-year-old guatamalan immigrant. the man was shot at least six times by two plane-clothed
5:31 am
police officers. sergio quintana was at the demonstration and explains why the district attorney still hasn't filed charges in this case. >> sidewalk marks where the 20-year-old man was killed. the demonstrators say they will keep pressure on authorities to seek justice for lopez. >> we've been waiting a year and a half for the da's decision, insisting he charged the officers who killed him with murder. >> he was shot by two plane closed officers after they say he used a kitchen knife to steal a bike from arider and lunged at the officers when they told him to drop the weapon. the autopsy and the independent medical examiner's report seems to cricket that. >> the six shots in the back is unheard of. the supreme court said many, many years ago you don't do that to anybody fleeing. >> during this demonstration they held a banner with 64 names, people who have been shot by san francisco police since 2000, and none. the officers involved have ever
5:32 am
faced charges. they question why das are so adverse to bringing charges against police. >> we have a person shot in the back six times in the back. there's no question the ball let's came from guns held by police officers. why isn't there even a charge of negligent discharge? >> they are calling on the attorney general camilla harris to appoint a special prosecutor in this case. abc7 news. new this morning, san jose police are asking for your help to find a man who they say robbed two banks this month. here's a picture of the man. first robbery happened last friday around 3:15 on the chase bank on blossom hill road. the second robbery was thursday afternoon just before 2:00 at the wells fargo bank. he gave a note demanding money and said he had a gun. it's unclear how much he got away with. san francisco police also want your help identifying three had people involved in a robbery at usf.
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they say two men and a woman stole a laptop from the man this month. they entered a different building and punched two students in the face and robbed them. surveillance video shows the suspect walking through a universities building. one. victim offered a broken nose. a san francisco man is accused of having more than 600 files containing child pornographer on his phone and tablet. he is charged with possessing and distributing child cornography. they found hundreds of pictures and videos at his home showing children as young as four years old. police also found meth. if you live in sonoma county, officials want you to be aware of a scam going around involving an arrest for jury duty. a person claiming to be lieutenant advance berry calls and said there's a warrants for missed jury duty. the scammer says they must pay to avoid arrest and asks for a credit card or social security
5:34 am
number. officials say law enforcement agencies say they do not call them to say there's a warrant for their arrest. >> there's a move to put the brakes on big rigs traveling on highways in the bay area and across the country. it would forcibly limit how fast the trucks travel to susan electronic device to capture speeds. but not everyone likes the idea. cornell bernard has the details. >> if you are a truck driver in the bay area, you know the cliche, time is money is all two real. just and this driver. >> where are you on the freeing? >> he's been driving for decades and still feels the pressure to deliver the goods on time but plays it safe. >> i take my time. i don't care if i'm 45 minutes or an hour later late. >> but others try to beast the clock. >> they drive fast. >> a proposal from the national
5:35 am
highway traffic safety administration would propose a nationwide limit by using an electronic device that captures speeds in new cars and buses between 60 and 68 miles an hour. older trucks would not be impacted. the hope to reduce big rig conditions, some deadly. >> safety wise, it's a good thing. >> he works for mutual express in oakland. a trucking company proud of their safety record. he said regulating a truck's speed would save money and fuel but could drive up the cost of doing business. >> when you are forced to slow down on top of delays that you meet city port and other places, it's hard. >> many large companies already cap speeds on their trucks. soon all new trucks on the quo be forced to drive the limit. in emeryville, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> workers earning the minimum wage in berkeley can look forward to getting a raise. at a meeting yesterday the city council voted to raise the wage to $15 an hour.
5:36 am
the current wage is $11 an hour. it will rise to $13.75 next october. it will hit $15 by the year 2018. council members say they will ask voters to reject few competing minimum wage measures on the november ballot. in berkeley the minimum wage is about to go up -- actually let's move on to the next story now. target is holding a one-day sale to try to win back some customers. the company will discount everything 10% tomorrow. retailer is trying to win back shoppers after a boycott after their bathroom policy. earlier this year they allowed the customer to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. they want to begin screening blood donations for the zika virus as soon as possible. sex with an infected partner may spread zika, even in an area there are no mosquitoes carrying the virus.
5:37 am
california is one of seven states almost begin screenings in four weeks because many people here travel to zika infected countries 5:37 is the time. in the race to the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton are back on the campaign trail tomorrow. trump will speak in iowa and clinton-dix will attend a fundraiser in new york. neither of them campaigned publicly yesterday. but clinton-dix's running mate had harsh words for trump while speaking in florida at the historically black floor university in tallahassee. tim kaine associated trump's values with those of the ku klux klan. >> donald trump is their candidate because donald trump is pushing their values. ku klux klan values, david duke values. donald trump values are not american values. >> trump hosted a private fundraiser last night in south lake tahoe. tickets --.
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>> the growing controversy over a health center that keeps getting worse. and one of the largest reuse projects is underway in california. see how much it will benefit the state's ag industry. but first a live look from this camera, this is the abc7 roof camera pointed at the port of san francisco. frances dinglasan returns with
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>> a homeless encampment is growing around the v.a. center in oakland. they want the city to do more to clean it up. we have the story.
5:41 am
>> as you see, it's almost entirely filled up with homeless encampment. >> reporter: this man is increasingly concerned about the growing encampment that nearlien circles his building. >> there's a lot of garbage and human excriment. >> it presents a picture that is disparaging of this population than the other ten facilities we have throughout northern california. >> it doesn't make sense. the city, do they not care? or if it's the city, does the government not care? >> the city owns the building and the property around it. in a statement a spokesperson told us that encampment has been on a residential block and the issues associated with it were
5:42 am
really impacting neighbors. we felt it should migrate to an area with no homes and only limited impact on businesses was the lesser of two bad situations. >> michael jones is a veteran who visits the center often, and he used to be homeless. >> what do you think needs to happen? >> i don't think we need to push the problem around. we need to get them into permanent housing and need to get them somewhere with they can have services. >> the city comes out to clean up needles and has occasionally moved it, but -- >> within hours they come back and start putting their tents back up. >> the mayor wants to come up with a better situation for everyone involved. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. happening today hundreds of people will lace up their walking shoes at oakland's lake merritt for a very good cause. it's the annual friends of faith walk and run. this is video from last year's event. it was named after a former
5:43 am
reporter at ktvu she battled after a long battle with breast cancer. carolyn tyler was her friend and is a founder of the organization. money raised at the event helps uninsured or underinsured breast cancer patients in the bay area. the walk begins at 10:00? morning. if you want to join the walk or make a donation, we have a link posted on our website, a about. c7 after five years of drought, california is showing some progress. a newly released map on the u.s. drought monitor shows only a fifth of the state still falls under the category of exceptional drought. a year ago, california in the worst category, it was more than double our current number. reggie has the story. >> reporter: just outside modesto, farming communities like patterson are facing a crisis. there's barely enough water to irrigate crops. so little, about a quarter of the local farms have stopped
5:44 am
growing anything. >> we have over 12,000 acres that has not been farmed for the last several years, and that has very sudden and severe economic ripple effect to the small communities. >> ms. hanson is with the water district that's responsible for supplying water to is a swath of land 150 miles long from tracey. the city gets all their irrigation water from the canal. the contract allows them to take more than 140,000-acre feet. >> this year we are receiving 5% of that. >> but tell peurto will soon tap an unexpected source. used water from the nearby modesto sewage plant. the city flushes nearly 15 million gallons of water down the drain every day. that's roughly 15% of what nearby del peurto needs. they went through an upgrade making the sewage recyclable.
5:45 am
>> we call it new water. what we are accomplishing here, we are taking waste water and removing the pollutants to bruce clean affluent on the other end. >> right any it gets discharged into the san joaquin river or the pools near the river. under the new agreement a $100 million pipeline will divert the water to farmers. >> it's safe for irrigation on crops. >> people are eating strawberries and artichokes over the last decade plus from the spring, that's what has been used on it. >> this project will take the idea to a much bigger scale. >> this will be one of the largest beneficial water reuses in the country. >> other communities are watching closely to see what happens. >> they get a lot of calls. people knowing how did you do it, where do we start? >> abc7 news. >> 5:45 is the time. frances, will we see sunshine
5:46 am
today? >> we will, chris, but not until this afternoon. we will see sunshine early on inland and around the bay, and i'll let you know how much cooler than average we are going to be this week. >> frances, thank you. we may have seen a changing of the guard for two football teams at quarterback at colin kaepernick struggles in his first game action in the preseason. details of the games next in sports.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> in sports, colin kaepernick made his debut in preseason games last night and looked a little rusty. college football officially started with cal playing down
5:49 am
under. here's abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann with the highlights of this morning's sports report. >> good morning. college football season officially kicked off. cal facing hawaii. the bears led by quarterback davis web who had a great supporting cast in his debut victory with cal. in australia, one minute in. mohamed breaks loose and he has speed. 34 yards. first touchdown of the college season and the bears go up 7-0. now tied at 7. here's why the bears got davis web. great touch on the ball in chad hanson. 17-yard score. 14-7, cal. hanson, two td catches on the day. web ran for one and scored four tds with three different guys. this makes is 41-17 cal. and the bears go on to win big, 51-31, the final. gabbert got his third straight start against the packers. gabbert backward pass to clinton. 7-0, niners.
5:50 am
how about former cal bear aaron rodgers. short night for him but he throws one td pass to cobb. almost the exact same play the niners ran. colin kaepernick made his preseason debut. third and thirteen and he has a little rust and some of the same issues. moding the ball too long and using his legs. he does not get it. it wasn't pretty. the packers win it 21-10. hunter pence tweaked his right hamstring against the dodgers and took the night off as the giants open a three-game set against the braves. at&t park. legendary pilot chuck yeager in the house. up 3-0 and the in trouble. behaves loaded and no outs. he gets out of it. this catch ends it. bottom of two, angel pagan, nearly goes in the water. two-run blast, 5-0, san francisco. bottom of four.
5:51 am
samardzija doubles earlier. waved around third. former wide receiver just over the throw and reaches the plate. giants go on to win it 7-0. a's starting an interleague set in st. louis. two batters in. jed hometories deader is. cards take the early 2-0 lead. top of two. see ya. weaver gets his first major league win as the cardinals hold on to win it, 3-1, the final. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann man. have a great day. >> now your accuweather forecast from abc7 news. >> good morning. if you like it cooler you will like this forecast. live doppler 7hd showing us the clouds into the east bay, as well this morning. we have those widespread low clouds but it will clear this afternoon. live view from sutro looking out toward the beautifully-lit bay
5:52 am
bridge. the winds are picking up as well. you notice the cameras bouncing. san francisco, oakland, mountain view, all in thely 60s. morgan hill and half moon bay in the 60s. here's a live shot of sfo with no delays. if you are headed to chicago, there are 45-minute late arrivals due to thunderstorms. napa, novato all in the low 60s. concord at 62 degrees. livermore at 61 degrees. this time we are looking at the downtown san francisco area. you can see the ferry building in the distance and those clouds. widespread low clouds for the morning. a mild pattern this weekend. temperatures are below average, and that will continue all through next week. in fact, we are going to be even a little bit cooler midweek. here's a look at the forecast animation. even by 9:00 this morning, we will have extensive low clouds through parts of the north bay into santa rosa, all wait through vallejo. and you will notice the low clouds spread from the coast all the way into the east bay.
5:53 am
and even farther inland, reaching out to livermore. but san jose will already see some sunshine at about 9:00 this morning. then notice by noon most of us in sunshine. then this afternoon some broken clouds along the coast with sunny conditions elsewhere. but temperatures will be cooler than average. so in san jose your high today will be 77. low 80s and pretty comfortable in morgan hill and gilroy. san jose a warmer beach location. others areas near 60s where it's cloudy at the coast. downtown san francisco only warming up to 65 today with the partly cloudy conditions. cloudier as you had he had toward the beaches. and in the north bay, we will see a lot of 70s from san rafael 73, all the way up to 74 in sonoma. then as we head farther north, other kita at 88 degrees. pretty comfortable, as well, in the east bay. low 70s for the most part
5:54 am
through oakland and fremont mid-70s. a lot of low 80s through parts of the inland area. san ramon 80 degrees, but brentwood warmer at7 8. here's what i mean when i say we are cooler than normal. 83 degrees is the average high in san jose. look at that, we will be cooler than that all week long. you will find a similar pattern with the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild today. a slight bump in temperatures tomorrow with high pressure building. then we will see the sea breeze increase and the marine layer increase, as well. and that means cooler numbers midweek. cooler than average. but overall still a pleasant day. i find it more comfortable in the inland areas when it's in the low 80s. >> definitely a forecast we can enjoy. frances, thank you. coming up, call it the beats version of the antique road show. the find featuring the fab four and the special bay area
5:55 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $76 million mega-millions drawing. >> nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $84 million. how is this for a fun find at a garage sale. 30 years ago san francisco musician dave paid a dollar for a film positive proof of the beetles in concert. turned out to be the beetles last public concert at candlestick were the 72 pictures by an unknown photographer have never been displayed before until now. most of closeups of the fab four performing. >> the photographer loved john. he took more shots of johnathan anybody. it was a struggle trying to figure out which prints to make. >> the photos will go on display monday in the reclaimed room gallery. monday is also the 50th
5:58 am
anniversary of the historic concert. coming up, breaking news. a person is shot in a popular nightclub area of walnut creek. why neighbors say this isn't the first time there's been trouble there. and plus niners quarterback colin kaepernick faces more
5:59 am
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i know what we can do. what if papa tells us some stories? oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met?
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