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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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jessica castro is here and alexis is taking it easy and mike nicco. >> maybe it is the post birthday present. here is a look at what is going on with live doppler hd. the clouds and drizzle rolling back in. the south bay will have the gorgeous sunrise. a few high clouds. the colors are changing at 280 and 17. temperatures in the 50s, and nearly 60 at 9:00. we-out in the 60s at the coast. the upper 60s to 70s around the bay and mid-70s to mid-80s inland from noon to 4:00. we will have more on the hurricanes barreling down on hawaii. alexis? looking at our traffic maps the one and only issue we have reported in the last hour and a half, it is in the tri-valley southbound 680 beyond the 580 flight there is a report of a
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minor crash with no injuries. we talked to c.h.p. and they do not think lanes are blocked. we keep a close eye on that. >> breaking news in oakland, two bodies were found in a park there overnight. this is on 38th and foothill. officials have not given any other information but we will let you know when we hear more. >> in the east bay a triple shooting in rip monday. one person is dead. our report is on the scene on marina way and wright. amy? >> we they are making progress. the coroner left and are focus on the car that carried all three victims with 2012 the victims taken to the hospital. when victim died. the car crashed at marina way and wright avenue next to interstate 580.
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police say the two victims who survived were taken to the hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds. a third victim did not make it. he died at the scene. the gunman get away. but not before firing off several shots. police have fund 29 bullet casings here on the street. this happened after midnight and detectives have been up all night working the case. so for, no arrests have been announced or suspect descriptions given, and they have not said in they know the motive behind the trim pole shootings much marina way is still closed but a tow truck just arrived and presumably to gather up the car and get it out of here, when that happens, marine that way will be able to open back up and clear out of here. developing news in the south bay, the c.h.p. trying to determine what caused this tour because full of gamblers to catch on fire on interstate 880 in san jose.
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16 passengers were on board when flames were coming from the back the bus at 9:30. the driver pulled over near the 101 interchange and tried to put it out. firefighters had to knock out the witnesses, with passengers loaded on to another bus on minutes later. everyone is okay. >> a surprise trip for donald trump, heading to mexico to meet with the president of mexico before he delivers an immigration speech in phoenix. the president nieto invited truck for a private one-on-one and donald trump tweet heed is looking forward to meet with the mexican leader. >> we are tracking a united airline flight headed from houston to london was forced to make an message landing in ireland. >> a dozen people were hurt in this and jessica castro is at the live desk tracking the
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story. >> i have new detail on the flight that experienced heavy turbulence. the only person still hospitalized is the united airlines flight attendant and the other 11 people hospitalized including three kids have been discharged. all the injuries reported were minor mostly minor head injuries they are actually at shannon airport headed to heathrow airport. it was making its way to england and it diverted to russian -- united airline said the severe turbulence was "unexpected." that is the latest. back to you. >> the first scheduled commercial flight are the united states to cuba in more than half a century is going to take off this morning with 150 people on board. jetblue flight 387 scheduled
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to depart fort lauderdale hollywood international airport in florida at 6:45 a.m. our time. it will touch down at 8:00 a.m. and passengers include members of the media, airline executives and other vips and 60 people are just regular travelers. this is an historic diplomatic event. >> in hawaii public schools are closed today and tomorrow. hurricane madeleine looms 200 mile of the island. locals in hilo boarded up windows and doors they are under a hurricane warning with strong weapons hit this afternoon and a second storm is headed to the hawaiian isles and is not expected to hit until the weekend. >> mike nicco is tracking the storms and i mentioned my sister lives in hilo and is preparing. >> here is a look at the radar
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from the big island, you can see only light showers. nothing out of the ordinary. it is picking up and high surf advisory and it will be more dangerous through the difficult. by showing you first how it is loaning more disorganized and yesterday it was category four and now category one with 90 miles per hour. when it hits this evening it will drop to 80 and when it purrs through tomorrow morning it will continue to weaken. we turn our eyes to lester weakening also, a "1" at noon on saturday when it hits and then all the islands will get rain but not flooding rain of up to 15" of madeleine but dangerous surf and a couple of ins. it is the lesser of the two. it will town more of island of the >> thank you, mike. >> the demand justice for mario woods now is defending the 49ers quarterback kaepernick and the protests of the national
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anthem. the group plans to rally in front the san francisco police officers association near 6th and bryant at 11:00 a.m. early this week the association sent a letter to the 49ers and the nfl saying kaepernick has a lack of knowledge of shootings involving police. >> moments of terror we will hear some of the just released 9-1-1 calls from the pulse nightclub ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here.
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>> in san francisco the fog is getting a late start in the upper 50s and patchy fog possible. 61 in richmond, and pittsburg is 64. pleasanton is 3589. santa clara is 55. today, the cool breeze will keep us below average from 60s at the coast and 80s inland and two- to four-degrees cooler tomorrow. we will see a rebound on friday. but unfortunately it is only friday. i have a cool holiday weekend and real warmth in my seven-day forecast. alexis? >> we are looking good but filling in, in several examples,
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southbound 680, filling in through walnut creek area if you are coming in from concord. at the love brake lights but we do not have anything blocking. same for the bay bridge toll plaza and everyone is congested. with the exception of car pool lanes. all green on the bridge. westbound 580, richmond-san rafael at seven minutes and westbound 92 san mateo bridge at 17 minutes and westbound 84, dumbarton, only nine. >> he is lacing up shoes for "dancing with the stars" and we know that and now there is another gig, after the break, the new dial for ryan lochte. >> dramatic video you have to ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. nomy favorite parted adjustable base, is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit, and it feels like i'm just cradled. change your sleep, change your life...
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>> 6:14. we are hearing 9-1-1 calls from the night a gunman killed 49 people in orlando night club mostly from friends and families shot inside. >> how many shots? >> more than ten. >> hear anything after the gunshots? >> no. >> the orange county sheriff deputy released these yesterday, the department took overflow calls from orlando police which has not released the 9-1-1 calls. dozens of news outlets are suing orlando police department for access to the reports including community indication between the shooter and the police. >> isis said their spokesman and chief strategist has been killed while overseeing operations in
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syria. he was head of external operations. he was one of the pest wanted terrorists in the world. he was tied to the attacks in paris, the turkey airport, and a downing of a passenger jet. $5 million reward was offered for the capture a blow to isis >> dramatic video show as deadly tanker crash that killed six people last month in brazil. the driver was going more than double the speed limit on the highway and he lost control and hit the median. you can see the big ball of fire. the tanker continuing down the opposite side of the road. barreling into several cars. officials say the driver knew the tanker had faulty brakes. he survived and now facing charges the >> a regulate woman is safe because of the quick thinking of a news photographer in louisiana. the video is showing the of
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greater perry carefully pulling a 21 year old woman from a burning car and carrying her to safety. the woman was ride down a road and she lost control ran off the road and crashed into the trees. can you see her cash caught fire. >> i looked for something to best the window on the background and i saw or heard her saying i am over here, and i ran over on or side of the car and she said she was 7 1/2 months pregnant and i said, it will be okay. i get you out of here. >> he dropped the camera and jumped interest action, with causes for others to help, pleading from the head as she pulled her out and she and the baby are expected to be fine. >> two men were rescued from a tower after the tide was riding and had to be airlift off the tower on the secret continue
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when the water was rising and the only place they could go was up. it took an hour and a half to get them out. they were not hurt. >> after announcing he will be on "dancing with the stars" hock lock is picking up a new sponsor partnering with robo cop, a company that makes personal sift alarms. >> i have been traveling a lot lately. we lick to have fun but it is a good idea to stay safe. why go anywhere without robo cop, it is a small device, you pull the pin and it releases a startling alarm that can get you out of bad situations. >> he lost four sponsors following the rio de janeiro robbery scandal and this is an interesting fit. the second new endorsement he scored in a week, last week cough drop maker announced a deal. >> did he say he goes everywhere with that?
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>> maybe now. >> possibly it could be different if he high wind advisory that. who knows? >> i am glad he is rebounding. cannot wait to watch him dance. >> now, good morning, everyone, a beautiful picture from mount tam pained pass -- pastels and a few high clouds and the low clouds are a mainstay and the rest of us are sunny and breezy, get used to those coming back the next couple of mornings and the warm autumn temperatures we are used to, the pattern, it begins next week, labor day, and beyond. today if you are on the boat or the wall street for any reason at 1:00 to 9:00 that is when the small craft advisory with winds at 38 to 48 miles per hour and not is breezy at the coast. in the south bay we go from 76 in milpitas and san jose at 80, to gilroy at 86 and headed down
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to santa cruz, the boardwalk, at 76 with sunshine today, and low-to-mid 70s for not of the peninsula and redwood city and palo alto at 78, and low-to-mid 60s not so bright at the cost as yesterday. mid-to-upper 60s for downtown and south san francisco, and at game this afternoon, 63 at 12:45 warming to 68, it will be breezy and that will keep the skin cool and you will fault notice it is burning so wear the u.v. sunscreen because the u.v. index is hot. up to 68 from san rafael to petaluma. the east bay sure we have 72 at berkeley today, oakland is 73, young city and newark at 76 and inland, temperatures are comfortable, 83 in men and pleasanton and brentwood is 87. in florida we have tropical depression 9 that will dump a lost water on florida the next 24 hours. the next 48 to 72 hours,
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southern georgia and the cost of the carolinas headed up there for holiday weekend, not too much damage. a lot of inland flood is possible. my seven-day forecast we can use the rain but we will not get any. temperatures are cooler than agency through sunday and 80s and 90s for holiday. alexis? how is it? >> pretty good. maybe people are making it an extra long holiday weekend, and maintaining time off. zooming in to the tri-valley, the only issue we have had the past 2 1/2 hours is southbound 680, beyond stone ridge drive in public lynn area. we talked to clip and they did not thing it was ever a blocking situation and it is now off the board. that is all here. we have heavy volumes here in the typical areas westbound 80 to emeryville we have stop-and-go traffic and the
6:21 am
power cable on bart each weekday through september nine at fremont. >> michael finney and "7 on your side" involve how people involved in a class-action lawsuit can get what they are owed. >> revivalled for raising an important drug for aids patients by 5,000% is now ripper, the -- richer the way he scored $3 million without lifting a
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>> en ex pharmaceutical concludive facing criminal charges has score add huge payday, martin schrelli became after buy the rights it a drug used by aids patients and hiving the price by 5,000%, and was later charged with running a ponzi scream and looting funds from other company and is awaiting charges on those files. >> and now questions from "7 on your side" and michael finney on
6:25 am
ticketmaster. >> ticketmaster settled a class-action lawsuit and we were given vouchers to consumers but not all of them could be redeemed so how can i get my voucher redetermined? >> thats for the question. check your account, all the information you need is there. if you cannot find your account, do not remember the password, no big deal, i will post the information you need on our website at there are three sets of vouchers covering the lawsuit and it is all over the ad on fees, the ticket 51ers however, are the most permit and of course have been hard to use. however, they trend good until 2020. so go to our website and check out the information. thanks for your questions. >> record your question on the tablet and share it with #
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askfinney. we have another 30 minute of news including update on the kaepernick controversy. >> and and new support the quarterback is receiving and chris brown. in trouble. again. watt lawyer is saying about his klein's arrest. >> history in the making, this is fort lauderdale, hollywood international airport in a few minutes now, the first flight from the united states will take off to cuba, the first time in 50 years. jessica castro will have more on this next half hour. all the warming trend we talked about yesterday for the holiday weekend you may have to push it back a couple of days.
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good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> it is 6:29. you have 30 seconds. i am reggie aqui on wednesday, august 23rd. we get you going. i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro here, alexis smith and it is looking good. mike nicco, a beautiful place to live. >> avenuen with my 30 second snooze alarm. >> that is all you get.
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>> good morning, everyone. hopefully you are having a good morning on hump day. the last three hours show the marine layer coming back and drizzle trying to develop. check out the gorgeous view from the east bay hills. we are going do have temperatures 55 to 61 through 7:00. strong sunshine but for the coast where it will be cloudy at 62 to 74 inland. nice during launch, 63 to 80, and get out the jackets, 61 to 71, and the sun is set at 7:39 all of us are in the 50s and 60. >> we are looking at decent volumes and at milpitas there are minor issues before this area with the disabled vehicle and the on door is has been over the open lane. use caution. but there are no delays there. in delays from marin. southbound 101 through san
6:31 am
rafael starting to fill in. no major issues. we will look at our drive times in a few. >> back on breaking news in richmond three people were shot a block from interstate 580. one died. >> police are still at the scene hours later. they are trying to put it together. amy hollyfield? >> they just cleared the scene moments ago, marina way is open at right avenue just in time for the busy morning. the shooting happened after midnight and we are next to interrogate 580. two gunshot victims were taken to the hospital. they did survive the attack. a third was shot and killed. died at the scene. they were all in a car that crashed. police say the gunman took off and has not been caught. police say at least 29 runs were fired and that is how many bullet casings they found searching for evidence with no word from investigators on the
6:32 am
motive behind the shooting or who the victims are. we are hoping for more information this morning as they put together their case. >> developing news in the south bay, where a bus carrying a group of people erupted into flames. everyone is okay. mat cold certificate in san jose. it was a close call? >> it was. a lost activity here. at the love the buses just left in the last half hour. i spoke with a man who claimed to be driver of the bus and he said and i quote, "incidents happen." what did it look like? we will hurricane at this video, video that post on twitter by the san jose fire department showing smoke coming from the bus often 880 at gish road exit. the fire started if the back of bus but did not get far. this is a picture of someone drive on 880. 16 passengers were on board and
6:33 am
all okay. [ inaudible ] >> the tour because company got another bus to the scene and the passengers were able to board and get on the way to the destination. only one lane of northbound 880 was open to traffic. the connection from 101 to northbound 80 was will closed. it was reopened after firefighters had the situation under control. no word on what started the fire. >> n.b.a. legend kareem abdul-jabbar is weighing in on the kaepernick controversy now an activist wrote an op-ed piece in the "washington post" and said this is highly patriotic and said letting a leasts love their countries in their own way. >> he could have pick another place to make the statement but he has the power of having so
6:34 am
were attention focused on him as the quarterback for the 49ers. he used that. >> there will an rally today in front san francisco police officers association at 6th and bryant to defend kaepernick's actions. all the 49ers will open the regular season on september 12 and you can watch game right here on abc7. coverage of the espn monday night football starts at 7:00 p.m. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is ready to meet with the mexican president. the announcement was last night when he tweeted he is look forward to meeting the president today as quite a surprise to a lot of folks given that nieto has compared trump to lit her. the two will meet privately and trump is expected to deliver a much anticipated speech to clarify his stance on immigration in phoenix. hillary clinton was also invited to meet with mexico's president, and the california many said
6:35 am
show looks forward to it at the property time the about 30 e-mails represented to benghazi attacks were recovered during the f.b.i. investigation into the use of a private mail server. the state wants do review the maims to determine if they contain any classified information. >> happening today, president obama will be in south lake tahoe for a summit on the chairive the lake. data from uc davis environmental research center shows lake tahoe had warmer temperature readings than ever before. a sentry ago there was clarity of 100' in depth and now the scientists say it is down to 73'. it is not only issue that the governor and president obama will be hearing about. >> we have envasive species here and we are looking for efforts to try to help prevent that from going into the lake and creating a catastrophe. >> senator obama is the key note speaker at the summit held at harvey's outdoor theater.
6:36 am
>> second mugging attempt at westfield centre in less than a month. there were five muggers, all teens. a man was attacked and robbed in the restroom at mall, and two days before that, a man's body was found in a rear stay way. the mall management said extra resources are devoted to security because this is such a busy area, though, it is easy for criminals to target shoppers . >> you have to be on guard when you have something in your possess, a cell phone or laptop or anything else. >> police and mall management are checking security cameras inside and outside the mall to help them fine the robbers. all the move to put more san jose police officers on patrol is new official. city leaders aproved the message declaration to let san jose police chief reassign 47 officers from other divisions to
6:37 am
patrol shifts. another 40 ares? will work mandatory overtime. we have previously recorded some officers sleep in rvs near headquarters because they do not have time to go home. >> officers when to have, or deserve to have lives and forcing them to consider the inability the city has to fill the ranks. it is something we need to consider all options. >> the changes will take place over two weeks. >> we watching hurricane madeleine now category one storm. this is from international space station of the hurricane when it was still category three. hurricane warning is in affect for the big i'd and maui is under a tropical storm wanting and a second hurricane is also just behind madeleine and it is called lester expected to pass north of hawaiian islands over the labor day weekend. we at sfo where hawaii-bound travelers were concerned.
6:38 am
>> kind scary. knowing that we have to flight there tomorrow and you are telling me the wins are category four. >> so far, no flights have been canceled. airlines like delta, alaska and hawaiian airlines have issued waiver of fees in case you happen to be going there the next several days. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the twin storms. how does it look? >> better than yesterday. madeleine has evening withened. lester is increasing intensity but it is going to weaken the next 24 to 48 hours. on the big island can you see light showers. we will see what is going on. it looks more impressive, lester, and merchandise lynn is disorganized. at the core 90 miles per hour winds heading to the west at the big island. at 12 miles per hour.
6:39 am
in the evening, the biggest serve will roll in and the heave flooding rains 5-10" and possibly 15" and the winds will drop to 80 as it reaks the big island and it moves away to the west and southwest and weekendens during the day on thursday and into friday. now, turning our attention to lester, it is a 4 but now is a one and never hits the island and the weak of the part is son part because the winds are moving in the honest direction which is forward speed so that lessens the effect of wind. the rain is ping to be heavy at times but the minimal flooding will occur. fremont unified school district is going to school today, two day school week and then you have a local day on monday and then you only go four days next week. 59, clouds at 7:00, and sunny and breezy at 68. >> they are easing back into school. but they know how to do it in fremont. the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is heavy. the metering lights are on since
6:40 am
5:30 this morning so we have heavy delays throughs cash lane and fast track and car pools lanes are okay. traffic maps, los gatos area, southbound 17 on the ramp to eastbound highway nine, we are hearing of a vehicle that last the roadway into the trees and bushes and not sure in that person is injured but they are calling for a tow truck that can get the vehicle out of a tough area so i will keep a close try on that and look at drive times westbound 580 tracy to dublin still in the yellow, and northbound 85 look okay on highway 101 to cupertino is 22 americans. heart stopping moment at a gas station, a woman's lightning quick action to save two children. >> crickets on the menu some, withers refer snacking o
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and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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>> chris bound is out on bail, accuses of assaulting a woman with a deadly weapon. now brown and the woman are making their case. >> i'm innocent, [blank], everyone, i care about you defacing my name as person and my character and integrity. i am a father, one of the best entertainers out here. >> that is brown taking to his instagram. people are waiting for a search warrant. he is accuses of pointing a gun
6:44 am
at a woman's face, torn tweeted the allegations against him are demonstrably false. that woman made this claim. >> i thought he was going to shoot me. took the gun out like this, put in my face and said get the finish out and getting a lot of hail mail from the fans and very, very hurtful. saying kill yourself. >> brown was released on $250,000 bail last night and is due in court on september 20. >> surveillance video caught a woman pulling two children from the back seat of a car on fire. you can see it here a driver backed into a gas pump, she accidentally hit the gas ratherren that brakes. the woman want to the become seat to get the kids out account pump fell on top of another scar and started a fire. the fire destroyed two cars and damaged three more cars. known was hurt. but look at that ball of fire. it is fought clear in the driver is going to face charges.
6:45 am
>> we have new video from sparks, never, a dangerous situation moments after a small plane crashed interest an r.v. park. the pilot was headed for the lake tahoe airport but it is not cheer how many people in the plane died in any. no one on the ground was hurt by it. after the plan hit the ground debris from the wreckage hit trailers and other cars. the park had continue evacuated and the f.a.a. and ntsb are investigating. >> another tech company is getting into the car ride sharing business and airbnb hosts are having difficult refinancing their homes. here is the money report. jane? >> good morning, everyone. slightly lower here so far today. we have the dow down 38, s&p 500 and nasdaq in the single digits, with fresh job numbers, coming from the private payroll company saying 177,000 jobs were added in the united states last in, but most of those are services, in fact, people who make stuff
6:46 am
lost workers and this is ahead of the big monthly johns report from the labor department we get on friday. google is moving into uber's turf with third own ride share ing service with mapping and direction service waze will be in san francisco to start. it will help the commuters inexpense live gin car pools so you can connect riders and drivers headed in the same direction. how does a handful of crickets sound? silicon valley 2:00 occurs munch on crickets at a snack, the works like them for protein and one san francisco company is baking the bugs interest clips and cookies and selling to local tech workers. yum! >> i am jane king. >> i have had crickets. >> and? >> in ice cream. it tastes as good as it sounds. >> all right. i have never had them and i
6:47 am
never will. >> i said the same thing and look what happened. >> jetblue is about to make history any minute with the first scheduled commercial flight from the united states to cue with. jessica was flow is tracking from the live desk. >> peanuts, hopefully, rather than crickets. the flight is to take off any minute. there are 150 passengers. look right here in the center of the screen you can see the flags, cuban and american flag. people are standing around. the first time i have seen a big crowd near the plane, jetblue taking off from fort lauderdale in florida touching down in cuba at 8:00, the passengers include members of the media, air executives and other victims -- vips but there are 60 regular passengers and we finally heard from some of the folks that are boarding
6:48 am
the flight. >> i am pretty excited. coming back after eight years. without see my family. >> you have a lost family in cuba? >> my kids. my mom. grand mom. sisters. >> fun facts include both pilots on board the historic pilot have cuban parents. jetblue is just the first company to fly to cuba with ten airlines approved for service to the island nation, machine airlines will make their first flight next wednesday but we will watch the images with the flight ready to take off schedule for 6:45. that is the latest. >> interesting. >> cool. love that budget pilots have cuban heritage. >> a survey showing the most success will states in the up, connecticut is then maryland and new jersey. where is california?
6:49 am
>> seven. >> what? >> people living in the must successful states so in california this are 778 million households in the state with the average income of the top 1% is $1.4 million average income and the bottom is 99%, $49,000. >> still trying to their that out but we are number seven. >> number one to looks and meteorologist, mike nicco. >> back 59 yeah. state of denial is a category i am in. in castro valley, and, also, san leandro, 57, cool spot along the east bay and the warm spots are east bay, clouds increasing, and 61 in mountain view and san jose and 58 in san francisco, santa rosa is a cool spot at 51 and concord is warm at 61, and brentwood is 63. the gorgeous picture shows a
6:50 am
video on twitter, from alexis, with the fog rolling through the valleys and it is stunning. morning clouds returning and becoming breezy, drizzle the next couple of nights bringing a cooler trend in the afternoon. but look what coming, rob on monday, labor day, into next week, the autumn warmth we specific. the next six hours, nothing is show up, nothing measurable, and there could be drizzle, along the coast, the next couple of hours. in the south bay, 76, and cupertino and san jose 80, as we head up the peninsula we are going from 78 in palo alto and redwood city to 70 in millbrae and the coast, then, is low-to-mid six and same in downtown 66 and south san francisco 68, and at game, take the sun scene you will need it, it will be breezy and comfortable 63 at 12:45 and warming to 60 at 3:45. the north bay, 78 in san rafael,
6:51 am
petaluma, santa rosa at 86 and the east bay shore, 70 in richmond and oakland at 73 and treatment at 77, and as we head inland, temperatures from 83 in san ramon and brented with at 87. not too bad. my seven-day forecast shows cooler on thursday, might be a degree or two warmer on friday, into saturday, and the breezes kick in and we cool off on sunday and monday and tuesday, 80s and 90s around the bay and inland and comfortable 60s at coast. >> i am stealing mike's contend because the traffic center is so quiet. we are filling in the typical areas westbound san mateo bridge is filling in. a pretty start to the day. heavy typical traffic as you leave hayward area and head across the bridge. the traffic map shows some areas of red that filled in and ever all we are lighter than average. i want to get you down to southbound 17, eastbound highway nine, near los gatos and a vehicle left the roadway on the
6:52 am
ramp and it sounds like the vehicle is in bushes right now, and a call are said it looked like a tree want through the vehicle and they calling for an ambulance but we did not have word on condition of the driver. in any kay could you have flight delays in the area. a bart note for the weekend. in service at daly city saturday, sunday and monday so including the labor day holiday. >> appreciate that and we have seven things you need to know before you go in a minute. and jetblue in florida is pushing back from the gate the first flight as we resume flights between cuba and the united states. this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done.
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>> before you go, another look at the airport at fort lauderdale, florida, the jetblue flight the first from united states to cuba is about to take off, the first in 50 years expected to arrive in cuba at 8:00 this only, the 72 minute journey will open a new era of united states travel. >> donald trump is about to travel to mexico, meeting with the leader who could compared him to hitler. trump is meeting privately with
6:55 am
the mexican president hours before he deliver add high stakes speech on immigration in phoenix. >> authorities are have thing what caused a tour bus to catch fire on interstate 880 in san jose. the driver saw the flames shooting from the back of bus, pulled over and was dropping off passengers from the tour. all the justice for mario woods coalition is defending kaepernick's profits of the national anthem. the group plans to rally in front the believes association in san francisco at 11:00. all the people of hawaii are ready for two hurricanes headed their way. they are get sandbags, boarding up stores and witnesses, preparing for the hurricanes madeleine and lester. >> keep up with that if you follow me on social media, number six, the temperatures are cooler than yesterday, and from 60s loan the cost and 70s an the bay and 80s inland. >> seven, we have had a quiet day on the roads, taking a last look at the bay bridge toll
6:56 am
plaza and no blocking issues but we are just getting new incident in from c.h.p. sounds minor but about 29 in napa and northbound not too great, blocking the lanes. it is quiet today. >> we see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's surprise, heading to mexico to meet with their president who's compared him to hitler and mussolini just hours before a major speech on immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> the clinton campaign fires back this morning. >> thank you. >> breaking right now, emergency landing. a united airlines flight taking off from texas hitting severe turbulence. ambulances on the tarmac. at least 16 people rushed to the hospital. hurricane watch. florida's gulf coast bracing for a developing tropical storm with heavy rain, winds up to 70 miles an hour and a pair of hurricanes barreling towards hawaii. schools closing, windows boarded up preparing for massive waves and mudslides. and singer chris brown arrested after a bizarre hours-long standoff with police.


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