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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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there's nothing can you do about it. >> and two children were killed today in a car accident, eerily similar to another one just last week in sonoma county. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. >> so sad. two little girls died when a car driven by their mother, left the road and crashed into a branch of the petaluma river, wane friedman is live near the scene on petaluma boulevard, north. wane? >> this is accident deja vu of the worst kind. it happened over my shoulder earlier this morning. the cause is unknown.
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but the driver was an unlicensed driver and at least one of the girls should have been in her car seat. >> it is a tragedy that could have been prevented if two little girls were buckled in restraints. but there were no such devices in this car today. >> one should have been in a car seat and there were none in the vehicle. >> 9-year-old delie la and her sister died after her mother lost control driving north on petaluma boulevard. witnesses say the car swerved left, overcorrected, tumbled into the trees, flipped over and landed upside down in the water of the petaluma river. only the mother survived. >> we don't know if she was distracted or what the situation was. >> after the crash, eight petaluma police officers went into the water, but to no avail. by the time they pulled the girls out, they were gone.
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how ironic that a week ago yesterday, some of the same first responders worked a similar accident that killed two young girls west of her in jenner. some of these responders had been planning to attend that funeral today, then this happened. >> long before the chp released identities of the victims here in petaluma knew who they are. . they were customers and sweet little girls and very polite. in petaluma, wane freedman, abc 7 news. >> in a collision about 16 miles north of bethel, two small claims collided. all people on board died. right now there is no word on the identity of the victims. >> surprised move today from donald trump, the gop candidate for president, accepted an invitation to visit mexico's
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president, who previously compared trump to hitler and mussolini. a live look at what happened today. >> such a whirl wind, we didn't even know donald trump was heading to mexico and today there were no fireworks and in apologies and that might be the most surprising part of all. >> donald trump and mexican president pena nieto have not seen eye to eye on border issues. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> so less than 24 hours notice was unexpected to say the least. >> it's been a tremendous honor, and i call you a friend. thank you. >> and unwelcome according to mexico's former president, vicente fox. >> u.s. citizen can finally and finally see what is behind
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trump. >> on twitter saying trump invited him to mexico but trusag i invited you to come and apologize. stop lying. later on trump will talk about immigration in arizona. >> hillary clinton criticizing the visit in mexico as a publicity stunt. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> clinton has her own share of issues, approximately 30 new e-mails will be released soon and new abc washington poll out showing clinton's unfavorability numbers are rising now at 59%, practically tied with trump. >> and pena nieto has some of the historically lowest numbers in mexican presidential history.
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however he did extend the invitation to both donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton's campaign says she looks forward to attending at quote an appropriate time. reporting from washington, abc 7 news. >> lana, has trump changed his tone at all and is this any indication about what we saw about what he might say on his speech on immigration later tonight. >> great question, larry. one that both trump supporters and undecided voters will look at differently. he had previously called mexicans racists and law breakers. but there was none of that language really used today when he was standing there side by side with mexico's president and it may indicate that he will in fact soften some of his tone. we will listen to see if he still brings up the deportation force when he is talking to voters in arizona later tonight. larry? >> thank you very much. lana zak reporting tonight. the speech should be very
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interestinging. we were streaming live trump's comments in mexico. if you don't have our news up, all you have to do is download it, enable push alerts and you can follow the next news alert as it happens 24/7. >> thousands of people were in the parking lot today to look at the presidential summit. we will have more tonight on abc news at 5:00. >> two storms bearing down on hawaii. satellite shows madeline on the left and lester >> here is a look at the storm that is approaching the big island of hawaii right now. and as you can see, still a powerful storm, although it is expected to deliver a glancing
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blow. rain fall already hitting the big iron as the center of the storm approaches and and s saturday as the storm approaches, producing 7 to 10 inches of rain or more. expected to deliver a glancing blow over hawaii and as it passes south of the big island will weaken a bit and become a tropical storm and head further out to sea. that is followed by hurricane left cher is right now a category 4 hurricane. by the time it gets closer to the islands it will weaken to category 1. expected to move north of the island chain and biggest problem expected from this is rough surf. that is additional flooding. of course that depends on how close the storm comes to the islands. we will watch the progress. >> thank you so much, spencer. firefighters put out a vegetation fire that sparked near capital expressway around 12:30 p.m. sky 7 is over wind driven flames
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burning two acres and structures were destroyed and no one hurt and investigators are looking into what caused the fire. >> new details about the charter bus that caught fire. 16 passengers escaped and part thanks to the driver. abc 7 news reporter has an update. >> the chp says a driver reported the engine on the tour bus caught fire at about 9:40 last night while heading to a casino in sonoma county. the driver first noticed flames on highway 101 while connecting northbound 8 will 80 in san jose. a person in passing car took these pictures from flames on the bus pulled to the side of 880. >> he was able to pull over to the side of the road. get all of his passengers out. he attempted to put the fire out with his fire extinguisher, which he is require to carry, and he had. but wasn't able to extinguish the fire. >> 16 passengers on board, and
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no one injured. the tour bus is based in san jose. we watched several buses leave their headquarters this evening. we checked their safety rating. the rating is conditional. meaning they were out of compliance with one or more safety requirements and while we don't have any specifics about the service record for the 2002 bus, in the past two years a company has had 37 inspecks. 27% of the time they were given an out of service status. that's 6% higher than the national average. as far as chp is concerned, their investigation is complete. >> kind of stops here with us. as you said, ntsb would get involved if it turned into a major incident. fortunately the driver caught it in time and was able to get everybody out safely. >> as for passengers, put on another bus and sent on their way to the casino. matt keller, abc 77 news. >> caltrans released this video
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showing the need for run away truck ramps in mountainous regions. watch as the driver is unable to stop under its own power crashes into a steep gravel constructed to isolate run away trucks from the rest of traffic. caltrans says areas like these are made to save lives. >> an explosion in san francisco sending a street manhole 25 feet up into the air. a very long bang was sent through the financial district. pg&e said a car crashed into a hydrant. that sent water into the electrical vault causing the explosive fire. >> oakland police are investigating a double homicide. bodies of two men found near a playground at caesar chavez park shortly after 11:00. both men were shot at least once. no word on an arrest. >> an early morning triple shooting left one person dead
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near interstate 580. two others are expected to survive. all victims were in an suv when they were shot. at least 29 shots were fired. the car crashed. the gunman got away in a dark colored sedan. >> federal appeal court in san francisco upheld the government's ban on the sale of guns to medical marijuana holders, card hold ererholders. court ruled this does not violate their amendment. marijuana remains illegal under federal law. >> on nbc 7 news at 4:00 -- >> it's happening. they are on the wrong side of history. >> a protest in oakland as demonstrators say they stand with kaepernick. >> and another great warning to keep your eye on your purse. quick theft and get way. >> plus another big announcement from tesla, upgrade in the works. >> and a live look at our
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traffic. we have through walnut creek right now. northbound is a little bit slower.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased.
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art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. well tonight, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick expected to be booed. they are playing in san diego and they are a very big military town. abc 7 news reporter carolyn joins us more on the story. carolyn? >> the police officers
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association says it respect's colin kaepernick's right to sit during the anthem, which is what started this controversy. but how the officer's union responded to remarks kaepernick made about police brutality is what led to today's protest. >> cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. >> reporter: that remark by colin kaepernick is what riled up the san francisco police officers association. prompting them to fire off this letter to the team's president, and league commissioner, asking for an apology and denunciation of the quarterback's comments. today protesters rallied outside the poa headquarters. >> bringing communication to the 49ers and nfl, that this will not be tolerated. >>. >> reporter: supporters for the woods coalition. woods was fatally shot by san francisco officers last december. sparking demonstrations and a lawsuit.
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john burris is the family's attorney. >> didn't want to hear the message, they want to kill the messenger. >> reporter: the alameda sheriff's department reached out to kap after hearing this. >> don't have to have the same amount of training -- that's insane. >> reporter: and untrue according to jd nelson who helped write a letter to the football player which had almost a million views on the department's facebook page. koo it cordially invites kaepernick to the training center. >> if he comes to the department, he might have a change of heart. >> in san francisco the poa closed the office and has not responded to a request for an interview. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news reporter chris
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nguyen is heading to san diego for coverage of kaepernick's ondoing protest for the game tomorrow. and a reminder, since we are talking 49ers, don't miss the niners on monday night football. it is right after the season premier of "dancing with the stars." >> showing just how important it is to keep your purse close and on you at all times. you see a woman turned away from her cart and another woman walks past goes into her purse, takes a wallet and walks off. that woman is connected to several similar theft in grocery stores throughout roseville. san francisco police are investigating a robbery where man was tased 19 times. it happened around 9:00 p.m.
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around 4th and bryant street. he was tased, stole his wallet and ran way. the victim went to the hospital but will be okay. the second recent robbery involving taser in san francisco. >> a major update is coming to tesla's caughauto pilot system. >> abc 7 news anchor is here with the details. kristin? >> big news for the electric car maker, it came this morning in the form after tweet. from tesla, elon musk, saying major improvements to auto pilot coming from v8 and 8.1 software through advance processing of radar signales. that's the latest tweet from elon musk. this video is provided by tesla, maintaining speed, keeps the car in the lane and brakes automatically. it sees things that cameras may
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miss in perhaps sun light or bad weather. a driver died in may in florida. he was using auto pilot reportedly watching harry potter when his car crashed in a tractor trailer. in june, there was an investigation into auto pilot. since then there were a couple of accidents with drivers on auto pilot. none of them are fatal. the car maker continues to remind drivers that auto pilot is to assist but drivers need to pay attention. elon musk promises to post details on the website today. let's take a look here. you can see, i'm just going to refresh it and see if anything changed in the last five minutes. no. the suspense continues. i did see a tech industry saying they may limit auto pilot functions for drivers who abuse them. we will no more in the next few weeks. stay tuned. >> thank you. mark zuckerberg is adding new friend in africa.
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he is meeting with local business answers developers. zuckerberg wants to understand how facebook could better support across the continent. he also visited the silicone valley of nigeria. >> another man constantly adding new friends. >> yes, he is. >> if the weather stays like this, you will have more. very popular guy. >> and sunny along much of the coastline today. pretty good for this time of of the year. we have a patch of low clouds. here is a look at doppler 7 hd. you can see clouds mainly south of the golden gate. but experiencing sunny conditions and that's the case in the inland areas and mainly sunny. but there has been a little bit of a 24-hour temperature change that's cooler in most locations by a few degrees. and in antioch and hayward, and two in oakland and brees out there. now let me give you a look at
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august which we have playfully called foggist for 2016 for obvious reasons. cooler than average august. and with lots of fog hanging around. oakland with a high this month of 70.9 degrees. only .8 degrees below its average. 65 degrees, 3.1 degrees below august average. and san jose, 79.8 is average high this month and that's about 2.5 degrees below average. let's take a view for our camera and breezy conditions. and blue skies over the bay and 65 here in san francisco and oakland 71 and mountain view 75. 63 at half moon bay. check out this, low clouds stacking up along a portion of the coastline. 86 degrees in santa rosa. mild. upper 70s at napa, nevada. and blue skies over the golden gate. we will see foggy conditions
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overnight with spotty morning drizzle. cooler than average through the weekend and a warmer pattern monday, which is labor day. we expect spotty drizzle both near the coast and the bay. and day planner for tomorrow, 5:00 tomorrow morning, patchy drizzle. lots of clouds around. clouds linger through much of the early morning hours through 7:00 a.m. and to 9:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m. skies prevail and it is milder. and starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning, showing drizzle and clouds pull back to the coastline by mid morning giving us a mainly sunny day. and low 6 0s to the coast. here is the accuweather forecast. temperatures dropping a few degrees on sunday. and well below average for most of the bay area. warming up nicely for labor day and tuesday and wednesday, warming continues with inland highs bouncing back into the 90s
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if you're into astronomy, you will like this. just discovered galaxy. a cluster and it is breaking records. it was discovered using nasa's x-ray observatory located about 11.1 billion light years from earth. which is actual lay new record for distance. so we can officially say, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. galaxy clusters are the largest in the universe held together by gravity. >> the 50th year for the country music association awards and 2016's nominees were announced today on abc's "good morning america." >> dierks bentley. and keith urban. those are nominees for cma male vocalist of the year.
4:26 pm
>> dierks bentley and keith urban announce this year's nominee's, which include all three of them. the 50-year celebration of the cmas will air live from nashville on november 2nd, here on abc 7. >> after all the problems in rio, officially announcing he will be on "dancing with the stars," ryan lochte is picking up a new sponsor. >> i have been traveling a lot lately. and we need to stay safe. i don't go anywhere without robo you pull the pin and it lets out a startling alarm that can help you out of any situation. >> ryan lochte lost four sponsors following the rio
4:27 pm
robbery scandal. this is the second new endorsement that lochte scored in one week after that whole mess at the olympic games. >> wow. coming up on abc news at 4:00, extreme weather on two sides of the u.s. >> we are going to have downed power lines. we're going to have a lot of wind. >> florida and hawaii are both bracing for hurricanes. >> plus, the effect the storms are having on flights here in the bay area. >> and the first commercial flight lands in cuba after more than 50 years. a new era
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and making headlines at 4:30. boulevard is open again after an accident killing two young girls. the car that flip offered into the creek trapping the 9 and 7-year-olds under water, their mother survived. two suspects from two home invasions, there are more on the search for the five armed men. on abc world news tonight at 5:30, donald trump's highly anticipated meeting with mexico's president today. trump saying they didn't discuss the border wall but
4:31 pm
did discuss it saying mexico wouldn't pay for it. >> the biggest storm is heading toward hawaii. two spinning toward the big island before president obama is expected to make a trip to oahu. lauren? >> one hurricane with 75 mile per hour wind is expected to brush the big island of hawaii tonight and then another hurricane is right behind that. if both were to strike, it would be unprecedented. hawaii saying aloha to the threat of major storms. boarding up. other businesses getting prepared covering their windows too. not one but two hurricanes barreling towards the island. parts of hawaii under a tropical storm warning.
4:32 pm
>> a lot of our community has gone and are getting prepared. >> people are are stocking up on emergency supplies. >> flash lights, batteries, candles. >> torrential rains, even mud slides and waves up to 25 feet are expected. and that's just one of the hot spots facing extreme weather. >> we are in the heart of the hurricane season and boy are the tropics busy. >> rain pouring down in florida. some streets already flooded. residents braving the downpour to fill up sandbags, preparing as tropical storm moves in. parts of the state are under hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings. these clouds in sarasota and red-flag warnings at the beach in jacksonville. governor rick scott declaring a state of emergency. >> we will have downed power lines. we will have a lot of wind. do not go into the water. do not touch a downed power line.
4:33 pm
>> and with tropical storm hermine expected to make land fall, florida is expected to get 5 to 10 inches of rain through friday morning. >> that threat through friday morning, but when are hawaii and florida expected to be in the clear from the storms, lauerin? >> hermine is expected to arrive at the east coast through the weekend, weaker as it goes. for the hurricanes in hawaii, after madeline is expected tonight, lester is mind that and they are both expected to weaken as they near the island. lester could pass through saturday into sunday. >> thank you, lauren. >> and so far, business as usual for people who are flying to hawaii or at least planning to. abc 7 at oakland international airport today. we checked with hawaiian airlines. travellers are understandably nervous. >> we just heard about the hurricane yesterday.
4:34 pm
woo, okay, that's a little nerve-racking. we are hopeful it will pass. >> hawaiian airlines is waiving all change fees for those who may be nervous about going to hawaii right now. we have all of the information on our website at abc and download our news app to see the latest on the storms and conditions and we have a link to the flight aware app and be sure to enable the push alert. >> 12 people injured during severe turbulence on a flight from houston to london. united airline flight had to be diverted to ireland so it could lead. elizabeth has the details. >> reporter: a sigh of relief from hundreds of passengers on united airlines flight after making an unplanned but safe landing in ireland. >> at this time there is no control problem whatsoever. >> advise if you need any further assistance.
4:35 pm
>> a boeing 767 with 220 people on board, supposed to be a direct flight to hon don but according to the tracking site flight aware several hundred miles out it hit turbulence forcing the pilot to head it shannon airport for an emergency landing. >> all of saud we went to a straight drop and while you're dropping everything is flying pup if so, anyone that wasn't buckled flew up. it was really surreal. >> passengers saying turbulence was startling and the when the plane started descending, that's when she feared the worst. >> that's what was scary is you had long enough to process in the fall. you add couple of second to process, this is is it, we're going down. >> frightening but we're told injuries were minor. ten passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospital and already we are told all but one were treated and released and put on another flight for london this morning. abc news, new york.
4:36 pm
>> chris brown out of jail today after posting bond of $250,000. l.a. police arrested the singer yesterday following an hour's long standoff and then lengthy search of his home for suspicion of assault with deadly weapon. officers responded to a 3:00 a.m. call, call for help from a 25-year-old by the name of bailey kerr. she is a model and was admiring a box of diamond jewelry that someone brought to the gathering when a friend of brown's told her to back away. >> that's when chris came in and said, i'm so sick of all of you people. took the gun out like this and put it in my face and said get the f out. i thought he was going to shoot me. >> brown posted messages or social media proclaiming innocence. that's before his arrest. his attorney tweeting the latest allegations against his client can be proven false. brown is tentatively due in court september 20th. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, a warning about
4:37 pm
elephant. they are in danger of being wiped off the planet. >> i'm michael finny. still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with the hashtag ask finney and i'll answer them here in a bit. . >> a mostly sunny day along the coast. low clouds stacking up at the coastline. the accuweather forecast coming
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africa's savannah elephant population is rapidly decreasing because of poaching. these animals are in danger of being completely wiped out. the recent census found the number of elephant plummeted over a period of 7 years. scientists estimate that it will take almost a century for the population to recover. and that's only if the slaughtering stops. >> it is a crime. and the crime that if it happens, rest heavily on humanity's shoulders. people believe that ivory is magical in some kind of way. i can't argue about that, but it is not that magical that it justifies exterminating an extraordinary animal like that. >> scientist say around 20,000 of africa's elephants were killed for their tusks and that is in 2014 alone. that's a rate at much faster than they are being born. >> check out the striking drone
4:41 pm
video of a pod of orcas. it was posted on youtube. can you see the orcas, also known as killer whales, hunting a seal. they are the first images of orcas on the hunt captured by a drone. >> our coastline has lots of sunshine right now but one patch of clouds continues to extend there and that will continue to extend overnight as well. tomorrow mainly sunny away from the coastline. highs generally in the 80s from chico, sacramento, yosemite. here in the bay area, a relatively mild day although temperatures will generally be below average for the first of september. and look for breezy conditions at the coast. low to mid 60s at the coast. low to mid 80s in inland area. here is accuweather seven-day forecast. high to mid 80s inland.
4:42 pm
low 60s on the coast through saturday. and a little bit cooler sunday and temperatures bounce back strongly monday and warm weather tuesday and wednesday with inland highs in the 90s which we haven't seen in a while. >> all right. still ahead, making history. today's flight from the u.s. to cuba and start after new era of travel between the two countries. >> 77 on your side's michael >> 77 on your side's michael finney, are you tired of >> 77 on your side's michael finney, are you tired of at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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a commercial flight landing in cuba. >> there is fanfare surrounding this landmark flight. >> from a band perform together ceremonial ribbon cutting, and countless cameras flashing with the crowd cheering. atmosphere was historic and for some of the passengers, making this trip wasn't all about just being a part of history. >> it's emotional.
4:46 pm
just emotional. very emotional to go back home. and home that i don't know of. >> i'm coming back after eight years. without seeing my family. >> and forced to check in eager to visit his family as a proud u.s. citizen. >> i feel like christopher columbus. >> and the send-off for the group culminated with this, a water cannon salute. >> of the 150 passengers, 65 of them are regular travellers. the others are members of the media and we're told the entire crew is of cuban dissent. >> making this touchdown on cuban soil that much more significant nor cuban-americans. this flight was nearly impossible to visit your family under castro's regime. but tourism in cuba is still illegal and travel is limited to
4:47 pm
authorized categories. including educational and humanitarian reasons. abc news, new york. >> michael can answer your questiones. send him messages at facebook and twitter. a clerk at a local store asked for my driver's license. is that legal? >> there is no law that keeps a store employee from looking at your id but they aren't allowed to write anything down. they aren they are allowed to compare your name and picture against your credit card or check. >> they were checking to see if i was me. i assured them i was but they still didn't believe it. >> why do credit scores vary by
4:48 pm
sources be it experian, trans union or equifax? >> they don't all have the exact identical information and they aren't releasing it on the identical second. remember a credit report and therefore your credit score is a snapshot. just that one second when they ask. so if a bill got paid and they added a new charge, and that's how they do it and if there is a huge differential and they pull out what who is saying bad about you and the report. >> whom do i contact to stop junk mail? >> that's a good question. that gets rid of the credit card offers. or a majority of them. then gets rid of most of the other. now there are outliers, just rip off organizations that do not
4:49 pm
care about the laws. if you put your name on both of those and you have to reput them on ef few years and pretty much the junk mail will disappear. >> it goes on your website. >> and yes, we will post them. great idea. >> sky 7 is checking out a small brushfire in oakland near the zoo. this is off of westbound 58 will 0 ne avenue near keller avenue. >> we see just a little bit of smoke right now. a couple lanes of traffic are closed to firefighters could get to what flames did exist. this is in the noncommute direction so traffic is less impacted. >> in today's ramos report, gatorade is going organic. >> and edible sunscreen. apparently they are all the rage but there is no proof they work. >> one of america's favorite sports drinks is going organic. there is an organic version
4:50 pm
called g organic and it is sold in kroger stores. it comes in strawberry, lemon and mixed berry. latest birthing craze is something called a gentle c-section. the baby is wiggled out more quickly and immediately given skin to skin contact with the mother. hospitals say more and more moms are choosing this way to give birth. a study from the university of alberta say that each additional serving of fruit everyday corresponded with increase in cognitive scores for children one year after birth. only one other food, fish, has been linked to enhanced intelligence in children. and a beverage named uvo that is a drinkable sunscreen. more and more outdoor enthusiasts are buying it because it doesn't involve gels. but there is no efd evidence it works.
4:51 pm
dermatologists consider consider -- >> a new study asking 37 children with autism to play a game on a tablet. vaer muchers say they could identify the children with autism based on the way they interacted with the game. they could identify autism earlier and give kids the resources they need. this study was in the scientific journal report. >> and this may be the best story. a boy with autism had a special lunch buddy this week. his mom said she worried about him a lot because he almost always eats alone. not yesterday. florida statewide receiver travis rudolph happened to be visiting the school and saw the boy eating by himself so he asked, hey, can i sit down and we eat together? rudolph says, he is a cool
4:52 pm
person and he would hang out with him any day. his mom is thankful for rudolph's kindness. >> all this noise on b.a.r.t. trains. we will show you the new technology that could quiet your ride by as much as 50%. >> right now, kristin is here with a look at abc 7 news at 5:00. >> thank, guys. up next, a pair of home invasions has residents in one east bay community worry about a possible connection. and also keeping lake tahoe clear and blue. not far from its shores, president obama reinforces his message on climate change. >> green berets and former nfl
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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if you've been on bart you
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have probably noticed the loud noise. >> chris nguyen is live at south hayward b.a.r.t. station with an explanation. chris? >> reporter: hey, changes won't happen overnight but b.a.r.t. officials are very confident about their plans to reduce the noise. all they are asking for is a little patience. >> the loud and sometimes painful sound of b.a.r.t. many of us have dealt with this before. some aren't sure what to make of it. >> it is a lot of errr, a lot of screeching, a lot of calculalat. >> others say it is a constant struggle. >> sometimes it is too much. especially if you're trying to talk to somebody. it is really bad then. >> at times train noise inside can reach levels higher than 90 decibels. the sound of a diesel truck. but according to b.a.r.t. officials, relief is on the way. after a year of testing, engineers will change the wheel profile switching from the original design to modified
4:57 pm
version. the result, possibly 50% reduction in noise. >> the new wheel profile is very subtle. different to a cylinder profile. it is amazingly quiet. >> it will start in a couple months and could take two years to finish. they will be done in-house with existing equipment meaning more money can be saved. >> more and more people will use b.a.r.t. now because there is so much traffic on the highway answers so many accidents. i would prefer to go to b.a.r.t. >> changes come after a study in connection to the new fleet that b.a.r.t. is bringing in. riders are looking forward to the improvement. >> praise god for that. hallelujah. that would be great! >> in hayward, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with dan and kristin bp.
4:58 pm
>> we don't know if she was distracted or what the situation was. >> after a deadly crash in the north bay killed two little girls, tonight we are learning their mother should not have been behind the wheel. >> and five home invaders in the east bay have people in one neighborhood on edge. >> plus -- >> i will be coming here more often. >> keeping tahoe blue. live with the president's message of climate change in tahoe. >> breezy and cooler today but a shift in the pattern is coming for your holiday weekend. i'll have details coming up. >> questions tonight after two little girls died in petaluma when their mother's car plunged into the river. >> the car crashed into a branch of the petaluma river on
4:59 pm
petaluma north. >> this is the second accident like this in a little more than a week. wane freedman is live with the story for us tonight. wane? >> reporter: yeah, that accident was about 100 yards behind us. nothing to see there now except for the car parked by the side of the road. police say put a hole in the trees where the car went through and into the creek this morning. the river, actually. we don't know the cause of this accident yet but the chp is reporting that the mother behind the wheel of a honda, rolled the car, was an unlicensed driver. and the deaths of her two daughters might have been prevented. >> it is a tragedy that kills two young girls that chp says might have been prevented had at least one of them been in a car seat. >> no car seat. >> should have had a car seat based on age? >> yes, the younger one should have been in a car seat. and another booter seat for the other girl.
5:00 pm
>> 9-year-old girl and her 7-year-old died, died while their mother lost control on petaluma boulevard. she does not have a license to drive. witnesses say the car swerved left, overcorrected, tumbled into the trees, flipped over and landed upside down in six-foot deep water of the petaluma river. only the mother survived. >> she is okay, yes. physically. >> we don't know if she was distracted or what the situation was. >> within minutes, petaluma officers and members of the fire department dove in trying to rescue the girls but to no avail. by the time they could pull the girls out, they were gone. in petaluma many knew the people involved long before police released their names. they sent food to the first responders, two dead little girls and their father were regular customers. >> they were always happy, polite. >> now


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