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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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stewart, florida, the police report said she ran outside and removed clothing and began fla h flashing passing motorists. after workers got her back inside she bit a security guard's arm and security video shows her lunging at the security officers. and when the deputies arrived and put her in the patrol car, she wiggled out of her handcuffs and repeatedly hit her head against the windows an attempted to solicit sex from the deputies. she called me on the way to rehab and turned out to be an idle threat saying she would jump out of the van and kill herself and said she had been talking to a pinch frmp from mio would pick her up if it wasn't going well. >> this is a sad story about her and the police officers involved with her. after three months in jail,
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former stanford swimmer, brock turner will be released tomorrow. >> critics who say his sentence was too lenient will be there to give him an earful. melanie. >> reporter: organizers of the recall efforts will gather outside the jail at 9:00 tomorrow morning. the sheriff's office says by that time brock turn mair already be released. brock turner will be released tomorrow after serving three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on stanford's campus. he's eligible for release at 12:00 or 1:00 but most likely be released between 12:00 and 5:00 a.m. >> if there is a credible thought she couldn't insure his safety he will do out the side of the jail. >> reporter: she asked for him
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to be- >> this is a defender who did not express remorse or plead guilty to his crime and received such an incredibly short tents. >> reporter: they will circle the courthouse tomorrow. >> we are here to call attention to the abuse of discretion by this judge and the fact this judge does not take violence against women seriously. >> reporter: recall organizers say judge aaron pers sksk skski consiste consistently -- >> we are here to insure rape is no longer excused as boys be boys. >> reporter: judge persky writes believe strongly in judicial independence. i took an oath to uphold the constitution, not to apiece ideolog ideologues.
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>> we don't need a biased judge who doesn't understand the harms of these kinds of offenses in civil court either. >> reporter: they will begin collecting the signatures in april of 2017 to recall the ballot for that november. brock turner was arrested in january of 2015 after sexually assaulting his victim. a jury found him guilty more than a year later march 30th of this year. on june 2nd, judge persky handed down his controversial sentence sparking national outrage. last week he was assigned to civil courts and a bill that would mandate harsher sentences is awaiting governor brown's senten sentencing. >> you might remember the victim read a powerful literary out loud in court to brock turner, part saying you have been convicted of violating me intentionally, forcibly, sexually and with malicious intent and all you can admit to
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is consuming alcohol. figure out how to be responsible for your own conduct. >> he is moving back to ohio and will report as a sex offender there. visiting dayton and the nearby community of oakwood where he grew up. many residents were embarrassed as to the attention it brought. he has five days to register as a sex offender and in ohio law, they are required to be listed for a minimum of 15 years. >> we will be outside the jail tomorrow morning and you can enable push alert app and you will receive notification as soon as he is out of jail. deputies are looking for an inmate manly released. victor rodriguez was let out of jail because of a clerical error. his parole had been revoked for
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threatening sheriff's deputies. an amber alert was issued this morning. the san francisco district attorney's office says the baby was abducted in san francisco by his own grandmother last night. abc7 news reporter wayne friedman has our story. >> this is 11 month old william brown in san francisco, the subject of an amber alert. the person who allegedly took him, his grandmother, phoebe haynes. the family upset. >> you bring that baby home right now. i mean it. >> reporter: the crisis began last night when william brown disappeared from the parking lot of this grocery store in the bay view. family members tell us william and his grandmother remained in the car while the mother shopped inside. >> left the baby with her mom. she's thinking the mother will watch the baby until she comes out the store. she comes out the baby is gone.
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>> reporter: it went statewide and this afternoon it paid off in redwood city when a caller identified the car and called police who moved in. >> the baby was actually cleared medically at this scene and the child will be going back to the family in the near future. >> reporter: so why would a grandmother allegedly take her grandson. >> her boyfriend did just call me and tell me she's probably going to sacramento maybe to look for housing out there. she needs a child to put on her thing where she can get housing. >> reporter: the district attorney's office tells us phoebe haynes, meantime, is in custody. it is more than enough stress for one family in one day. >> my heart is about to stop, sir, i've been through so much. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. 151 san francisco police officers are now wearing body
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came cameras, most of those officers are stationed in the bay view station. they started issuing the devices in july. all members holding rank of lieutenant or below should have cameras by january of next year. today, some spoke about their new equipment. >> most of the video we get is from private citizens cameras. now, you have the officers with the body cameras on. we were already used to that. everyone is recording on a cell phone all the time. it's kind of nice to have your perspective unedited. >> part of the new camera poles will require officers involved in shootings to make a statement of what happened before looking at video from their body came cameras. >> san francisco police are looking for a man who robbed a wells fargo bank at 1 california street yesterday afternoon. the man went up to a teller and told them he was going to rob the bank and acted as though he had a gun. the teller handed over an undescribed amount of theft and
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the thee ran-- chief ran way. colin will probably. >> reporter: boos and rightfully so says duncan hunter, who represents the county. he refused to stand during the national anthem as anti-military and said it wouldn't be tolerated on the chargers team. kaepernick says his protest is not intended that way. photos of him in training camp circulating today, shows kaepernick wearing socks depi depicting police officers as pigs. he responded with this statement on instagram and twitter. the socks were worn before taking his public stand and being used to distract from the real issues. abc7 news reporter, chris wynn is going to be there live for today's game and will bring it to us.
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the raiders will finish off the preseason against the seattle seahawks, kickoff at 7:00. are golden state warriors secretly recording fans' conversation. that's the subject of a new lawsuit. i says it turns on the smartphone microphone to secr secretly listen to or monitor conversations and it remains on eliminat unless the user closes the app. it is warriors signals 360 and pennsylvania based as defendants. the app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. still ahead on "abc news" at 5:00, republican hispanics reconsidering support for donald trump after he doubled down on a campaign promise. we hope to inspire. >> a lasting legacy at uc
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berkley tonight, emotional barbara boxer reflects on her 40 years in office. mark zuckerberg, facebook ceo o fe-- offering his thought on the crash. and experimenting in the bay area with robots. the marin county sheriff's department and coast guard rescuing people from a fishing boat. 15 people on that boat. it was sinking and we have just gotten over
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now for there's for the white house. some of donald trump's advisory council are withdrawing their support after his tough anti-immigration speech last night just hours after discussing immigration issues with mexico's president.
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laura. >> reporter: hi, eric, donald trump struck two different tones yesterday, in mexico or arizona. the question remains, kdid it help him or hurt him? >> we have seen donald trump's two faces on immigration. >> reporter: what donald trump did want left some of political observers still scratching their heads. first, a quick trip to mexico to meet and apparently make nice with president enrique pena nieto. >> you can call it deported if you want. >> reporter: then, an immigration speech in arizona in which trump doubled down on hard line positions including building a war at the border. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: and his pledge to deport undocumented imf grants. >> -- immigrants. >> day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone. >> he was heady and a diplomatic
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air and no question it was good for his campaign, that scenario. hours later in arizona delivering this red meat hard line speech -- >> reporter: steven wolfork, the director of politics. >> yesterday, he dropped the chance to give moderate republicans not to vote for hillary by reiterating this hard line divisive policy he had since it started. >> reporter: trump hardened it so much even his most ardent hispanic supporters are reconsidering. nbc7 news. back to the news we showed you moments ago, a fishing bank rescue on the north end of the golden gate bridge. you see marin county's sheriff's deputies helping people get off that boat. there were about 15 people on board when it hit rocks on the
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shoreline and began taking on water. looks like the skipper might have beached it instead of wa h watching it sink or pushed over maybe by the currents. it is beached there and some folks taken off. emergency crews there, doesn't look like injuries at this point. we have a crew on the way to the scene and more on this story coming up in our 6:00 newscast. retiring senator barbara boxer says she's donating her congressional papers to uc berkeley's library. >> i hope these archives will provide insights for historians, researchers, future generations who want to know what it was like for women, when we were just beginning to break that glass ceiling in politics. >> she will also be the first speaker at the new barbara boxer lexture series at cal next year that focuses on women in leadership. boxer reflected on her 40 year
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career and got emotional talking about her vote against the raerk war. >> my vote against that war was one of my proudest votes. i get emotional because it was so lonely, it was so lonely. it took a decade of struggle to bring that combat mission to an end. >> boxer was first elected to congress back in 1982. she says it was the honor of her life to serve california residents. an unmanned space-x rocket went up in a ball of flames this morning destroying the satellite facebook was planning to use to bring the internet to parts of africa. facebook blames the fire during an anomaly on the launchpad. no one was hurt. facebook mark zuckerberg in africa said i'm deeply disappointed over the
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destruction of the satellite for africa that would have brought facebook to everyone across africa. >> you probably want to know how to keep your grill clean and guests safe. >> that's always the problem, how do you clean that grill? >> michael is here from "consumer reports." >> people can end up in the er after swallowing a wire bristle from cleaning the grill. consumer checked out some alternatives to wire bristles and tells us how to safely clean your grill. >> reporter: cleaning up after summer grilling can be dangerous as wire bristles can lay down and easily be swallowed. it happened to robert. >> it felt like somebody shot me in the gut. i digested the wire and got to my lower intestine and pierced it. >> reporter: "consumer reports" checked out other cleaning methods. the 1$130 grill bot is a cleane
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using stainless steel and nylon brushes, does a good job on the surface but doesn't reach debris on the greats. watch for loose bristles that may come off. a simple ball of aluminum foil did a good job used on a grill surface but be sure to use a heatproof glove or tongs to protect your hands. some say putting aluminum foil will loosen debris but this is extremely dangerous and grill manufacturers advise against them. "consumer reports" testers had a flare-up on their hands after a few minutes. this $16 double helix did well on a warm cast iron great but not as well as on stainless steel. traditional wire brushes do get between the greats to scrape off burned on foods. if you're going to use one you must check them regularly. if the bristles are bent or
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loose, throw out the brush. if you clean with any type of wire brush, after the grill is co cooled, use an oil paper towel to thoroughly wipe down the gre greats. >> for diaper grill cleaning they recommend using liquid grill cleaner and pads to remove stubborn residue. >> when we're at your pad we will see how you clean it all up. >> you are all welcome to come and bring your own food. the next time you come to a popular hardware store you may be greeted by a robot. >> he speaks 11 languages and will be sent to 11 stores around the bay area to help consumers find their items. >> shoppers can search for items by asking the robot what they want or touching it on the
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touchscreen. starting in the fall. hi there. her cain hermine, large eye on this hurricane inching its way towards florida. there is a tornado watch box up, isolated tornadoes not out of the question. rain bands and heavy rain with wind, it is expected to make landfall across the florida panhandle. you will notice the troll storm warnings and hurricane warnings on the gulfcoast. if you are traveling there, 2:00 a.m. east coast time, 80 miles an hour winds with category 1 making landfall. it will continue to weaken into a tropical storm and move up along the carolina coastline. the biggest threat is flooding rains and storm surge and eventually weakens and moves out over the ocean. wind gusts have been clocked as high as 80 miles an hour. we are seeing 63 miles an hour winds offshore, 51 here, off the southern coast of florida.
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here's a look at other storms we're tracking in the pacific. lester, an eye but no long ear category 4. and lester prompting hurricane watches until sunday morning. if you're traveling to hawaii for the long holiday weekend keep in mind lester will be bringing some big surf. a category 3 packing winds of 123 miles an hour. it weakens to a category 1 friday morning hawaiian time and continues to move just north of the ha wa gran islaian islands morning but it heads away sunday morning and things will improve but your flights might be impacted. low and high closed in the bay area. we do get rain in september.
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.21 in san francisco. oakland, .25. and i don't see rain in the horizon at least not the next seven days. high clouds and low clouds. 71 in san jose. it is cooler today and we did have a stronger marine influence. you wouldn't be able to see that. 80 in santa rosa, 70 in napa. low 80s in fairfield, 74 in livermore. a live look from the east bay camera. a one day warm-up tomorrow and warmer pattern beginning labor day. tomorrow morning, mainly clear temperatures start out in the 50s. passing high clouds tonight. patchy low clouds on the san mateo coast and pretty much sunny by tomorrow afternoon. it is going to be warmer, 88 in
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antioch, 67 in san francisco. 71 in oakland. temperature trend in oakland, average high is 74, holiday weekend hovering below average and by tuesday back up above normal and we will continue that trend. warmer tomorrow, cooler saturday and sunday. then, here comes the heat. low to mid-90s inland and mid-60s. it will be nice. >> just when i got used to the 80s. >> i know. and i bring in the 90s. >> it will be the same beautiful ah-ha moment we had before. >> making calculus fan. we meet up with a math teacher before she heads to d.c. to be honored by president obama. breaking news, hurricane hermine ready to strike. first, the national anthem and now nfl qb calling on kaepernick
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taking on police officers and an airline that sent two young boys to the wrong cities. exploring a 50-year-old
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back to our breaking news, live pictures from this fishing boat now beached at kirby cove. we understand this boat hit the rocks and began taking on water. looks as though the captain managed to beach it or the current pushed it this way. 15 people on board being taken off by marin county police and firefighters. a coast guard boat has also arrived on the scene. the boat's name is the new se seeker. we have a crew headed to that scene and latest information on what happened on "abc news" at 6. a teacher will be heading to washington, d.c. for special
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recognition. math teacher mcclain taught call ku laws to students and previously name teacher of the year and will go to d.c. for an award of excellence. she has taught for 28 years. >> maybe they came into my class not having great experiences in the past but they can see i'm enthusiastic about it and i'm enthusiastic about them and we can put those two things together and make it work. >> mcclain is one of 213 teac r teachers nationwide to get the presidential award this year. it comes with a 10,0$10,000 pri. still ahead on abc7 news at 5:00. how oakland zoo
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, live in san diego.
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colin kaepernick prepares for the 49ers final preseason game. will he sit or stand? what will the people gathered for a military night think of his actions. and bankruptcy of a shipping company that could make it harder to get your christmas gi gifts. michael finney explains the simple steps to protect money on a gift card even if it's lost or stolen. next at 6:00. >> see you then. finally tonight, the oakland zoo provided this video of four north american river otters rolling on top of the ground and their exhibit. it looks like they're playing and having fun. if yes. it's actually a necessary routine for the otters to maintain their fur, their principle area of isolation. >> and they're marking the area with their sense of relationship and ownership. >> we should not communicate that way.
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>> no. >> thanks for inviting us into tonight, breaking news. hurricane hermine ready to strike. widespread flooding. damaging winds up to 75 miles per hour. and now, parts of florida under a tornado watch. plus, millions in the northeast could see a labor day washout. our team in the storm zone. disaster on the launch pad. the spacex rocket exploding in a huge ball of fire, destroying a $200 million satellite to be used by facebook. mixed message. donald trump's hardline stand on undocumented immigrants. so today, why is he saying he's, quote, "softening his position"? the abc news exclusive. basketball star dwyane wade speaking out about the death of his cousin in chicago, and how trump responded to the tragedy.


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