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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 7, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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i love it. well, for more info on all of these looks, go to >> and we'll be right back with more down-home "fablife" and a lot less sparkle. >> so cute! (cheers and applause) >> listen to that sound. (chimes tinkling) >> oh, look, the wind's coming. >> the wind is coming, trish! >> it's chiming. (laughter)
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>> who knew that making your home warm and cozy could be so easy and cheap? >> i know it. >> earlier, we showed you ways to take furniture from inside your home and repurpose it for the outside, but we are not stopping there. nothing finishes off a porch quite like that charming sound of wind chimes, wouldn't you agree? >> i love a wind chime, honey. >> so i am gonna show you guys how to make one with the things you probably already have inside your home right now. >> which i love. >> now, how do you decorate your outside? >> oh, that's such a great question. you know, for me, it's all about, 'cause we're here in southern california, i extend it like my living room, so it's just a second living room. i have a lot of lights on dimmers 'cause dimmers are cheap and easy to install. i do have wind chimes. >> you do? >> i do. i brought mine back from hawaii, actually. so i've got that cool bamboo, knocky-knocky, out of the woods sound. >> oh, the wood ones. >> y'all know what i'm talking about. not like the annoying, the loud... it's the sweet, like, ah, i could be on a beach with a cocktail, but i'm not. i'm at home and folding laundry. but i like to pretend. but this is such a great idea. >> it's so, so great. this is so easy, you guys. what we're going to do is we're
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gonna start with a tin can. we all have these. super, super simple. obviously you want to empty it out. >> good idea. >> yes, it's a good idea, right? >> a good start. >> right. and then we're gonna spray paint it with a primer because that's really gonna help our paint stick to it when we spray paint it. next, you can see i've just spray painted this one pink. you can do any color you like to match your outdoor decor, and then i just took these fun stencils. you can get these at any craft store. check these out. >> this is great. >> and then i've just placed it right on my can, and then using this gray acrylic paint... >> it's like doing your eye makeup. >> exactly. just doo-doo-doo-doo. let that dry and you can do any design on here, guys. it's completely up to you. you can do, like, graphic stripes or... >> oh, that's a great idea. >> something cute like that. >> to go with whatever you're gonna actually chime. >> whatever your theme is. and then i just picked up some of these pre-strung... they're beads, but they're pre-strung, which makes them so easy. >> so you can get these at a craft store already ready. >> already ready. exactly. which is my kind of diy. you guys know if it isn't easy,
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i'm not doing it. and then i just hooked a little bit of floral wire right in the top. >> oh, that is so... look at you! >> so to do this, though, i just took a nail and hammered it in to make these little holes on the bottom. >> that is genius. >> right? so if you hold that, i'll hook this on. >> this is so fun. >> isn't this cute? it's really kind of glamorous, actually. >> it's like vintage funky. >> yeah. >> it's got this great vibe that i wouldn't be like... i would have never thought to put the keys. what a genius. >> now the keys are really cool. you can get them online. they're vintage keys, but i actually have also seen this done using cutlery, like old cutlery you have laying around? >> yes, i have. >> and forks and knives, which makes a really pretty sound. it's great to do with the kids. really cute diy, you guys. and then you're just gonna put some holes in the top right here. you can also use these nails. super easy. just nail right here, into the top. and then we're gonna add some string, and there you go, we're hanging up. how cute! listen to that sound. (chimes tinkling) >> oh, look, the wind's coming. >> the wind is coming, trish!
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>> it's chiming. (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> just blow. all right. well, you guys can get my help on social media. just tell me what you'd like to see me diy using the hashtag #leaveittoleah. and keep it here. we will be right back. (cheers and applause) >> if you bring this out, when you have guests, you put this in the middle of the table with a glass of rosé for everybody, it's like a showstopper. >> you're basically the most fabulous hostess ever. >> and it's "fablife," so that's why we're doing it. ♪ i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®.
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(cheers and applause) >> we are back in the kitchen with culinary genius geoffrey zakarian. >> culinary genius? wow. >> you are a culinary genius.
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just take the love. take the love. >> i love it. >> all right, i am looking at not just a few veggies but a ton of veggies. >> okay, so this is my idea of a crudité . i know when you get a crudité in a restaurant or something... >> break down what a crudité is. >> it's raw vegetables. >> that's really, that's all? >> raw veggies and a sauce. >> raw veggies. >> raw veggies. and you know how you get them sometimes and it's like a little carrot stick and a little celery stick. >> yeah, you can buy them, like, premade. >> it's terrible, yeah. >> and they give it to us with a vat of ranch. >> yes, that is true. >> this is my idea of a crudité and when i worked in the south of france, this is what you actually get on the table. >> all of this? >> they put this on the table and they give you a knife and some warm sauce, and i was so fascinated by it, so we're gonna do it here right in front of you. so, what i've done is very simple. you can ask me questions as i'm doing it. it's very simple. this is a pot of ice. i just found this in back. so you can use... i like a big pot. this should be more than for one person. you don't want... you can eat this alone, but if you bring this out when you have guests, you put this in the middle of the table with a glass of rosé for everybody, it's like a showstopper.
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>> you're basically the most fabulous hostess ever. >> exactly. and it's "fablife," so that's why we're doing it today. >> that's exactly why we are here. >> are you ready? okay. so we've just sliced them up and, you know, we have, like, keep them big pieces. >> there's got to be a method to this madness. >> not really. i think... i always say to keep the dark colors in the center. >> oh. >> that's kind of like a little artist's trick. >> and you know, it actually is starting to look like a floral arrangement. >> it sort of is, it sort of is. and i'm just gonna do this right in front of you just like i did the pasta. there's no magic. it's just whatever you want. >> and you just get, what, obviously, what's seasonal? >> absolutely. this is all from what i found today. i went into our produce box and i went out to some of the gardens and some of the markets today, and look. >> oh, that's so great! >> oh, that is a great idea. tomatoes on a skewer. and i love that there are some interesting things here too. these are green beans? >> these are green beans, raw green beans. they're wonderful, and i have waxed green beans too, which i love. >> oh, yes. >> this is really already coming together. >> see that? i mean, we've gone two minutes and we're already into it and i think that, you know, you just cut it up. as you see, i've done it all ahead of time, and then you just assemble it, and it's
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kind of fun to do when your guests get there, in the kitchen. >> can i get in here? >> yeah, come on, help me out. yes. and you don't stop. once you get it, like, full, then you start to layer inside here. >> do you feel like you should keep all the veggies together, so like all the broccoli together? >> no, no, no, no. >> no. just go for it. >> there's no rules but i like to just have fun with it so it's really visually beautiful. >> this is so pretty and this would be so great, too, as a centerpiece on your table. >> and then a beautiful gem lettuce, which i love, because it's really got that crunch, it's like that romaine lettuce that really goes well with the dressing, and today's dressing is... >> ranch? >> well, green goddess. >> he's doing fancy ranch. >> that's a fancy way to say ranch. green goddess, right? >> we're from the south and we're, like, obsessed with ranch. >> there's nothing wrong with ranch. it's great. i just prefer to make it. i think you can make it yourself. >> can i ask, will this beauty be... wait, let's back into it. your new restaurant is gonna be in beverly hills? >> yes. >> at the montage hotel, which is super fancy and it's awesome. but what are we calling that? >> it's called the georgie. >> where'd you come up with that? >> that's my son's name. >> oh! that's so cute. >> no, we did it because about a year ago, when we were coming up
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with the plan and the name, you have to have a working name, and the working name was, let's call it the georgie, and then we put it on all the documents and that was the name. it just stuck. >> are your other two kids real aggravated it's not their names? >> no, they love it. i mean, i guess, no one's ever said anything. they're not jealous. and i have an eight and a six and a two, and the youngest one is two and that's his name, he's a boy, so... they're fine with it. >> well, i'm sure that there will be plenty other restaurants for them to be named after. >> and i have cafe madeline. you know, my daughter's madeline. >> so you worked it in. >> okay, look at this. let's look at this so far. look at this! >> oh, my gosh. >> this is so pretty! >> oh! >> i'm not done! >> we're not done. >> he keeps going. >> but the thing you really want to do is, most crudités are so small, they sort of look kind of meek and once you get this, you can start doing a whole... >> is this gonna be at the restaurant? >> i hope so. >> oh! >> what do you think of that, right? >> we got a little sneak peek here, which is pretty fun. >> and is there going to be a bar? >> there is gonna be an incredible bar called the garden bar. we're gonna do
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incredible drinks. we're gonna do negronis and martinis on a cart right in front of you. >> oh, yes. oh, yes. >> so you've got to do that, right? it's beverly hills, so everybody's gonna want that. >> i've got to get back to this dressing, though. i just tasted it with this green bean. it is fabulous. how did you make this? >> this is just fresh herbs, a little sour cream, salt, pepper, and some scallions, pureed scallions. >> it may be better than ranch. >> it's way better than ranch. >> it's very light. (laughter) >> it's light? >> it's light. >> that can't be sour cream. >> yes, it is. >> this is so good, you guys. so good. >> i feel like if i eat it with a green bean, it's actually making me thinner. (laughter) >> i am almost out of room. i think that's about it. >> i love it. it's gorgeous. well, chef, thank you so much for being here. we are so excited for your restaurant to open in beverly hills soon, very soon, at the montage, but for all of our friends on the east coast, you can check out chef zakarian's new york restaurants the lambs club, the palm court, as well as the national in greenwich, connecticut.
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(cheers and applause) >> welcome back. now today, we're showing you different ways to give your home that warm and cozy feel, but to do that, we have to talk about the most obvious way to achieve that... with furniture. >> that's right. >> what kind of design do you got going in your house? >> i call it beachy comfortable. i like everything white, but i have a white sofa. >> oh, boy. >> but i have to be able to throw it in the washer, honey, so i'm a big fan of the slipcover. >> yeah? do you have a lot of upcycled furniture? >> i do, actually. you know, that's the country in me. i'm a country girl, and we don't like to throw anything out. i mean, my desk was literally roadside, outside an elementary school in the valley here in southern california, and i put it in my truck, honey. >> there you go. well, good, 'cause that's what we're here to teach you today. i'm not gonna have you guys paying an arm and a leg for trendy new pieces, so i've got another home run for you. check this out. they say you spend one-third of your life in bed, sleeping, so
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if you're like most of us working folk, that means you spend another third of your life in a chair, working. >> aah! >> so i'm gonna take a simple wooden chair and turn it into a super snazzy, luxe for less design in a snap. ♪ all you're gonna need is a wooden chair. find one on the side of the road or find one at a big box store. ♪ some black paint or paint of your choice. i painted mine a high-gloss black, a high-gloss polyurethane to seal the paint and to make it extra shiny. some rope or paracording. you can even use a bungee cord. some rubberized paint, also known as plastic dip, in a color of your choice. and a wide-mouth cup so we can pour the plastic paint into this cup and really chic up these legs. ♪ now, once the chair is dry, you're gonna want to find something that you can use to
3:49 pm
stabilize the chair and still dip the legs so that they drip down. ♪ now, this is a great debate. a paint brush or a foam brush? choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with. i used both, to apply the paint with the paintbrush and to pick up any drips with the foam brush. a lot of you out there are wondering why you wouldn't just spray paint the legs as opposed to plastic dipping them. first, it has a 3-d effect which is really, really cool and it adds to the design element, but second, it can help reduce the skidding of these chairs against your floors, so i love it. i think you're gonna love it too. ♪ the first thing you're gonna want to do is mix up your plastic dip paint. shake it vigorously to make sure that it's got an even consistency with the color. next, you're going to want to pour this into your wide-mouth cup. now let's give a few instructions before you get this process started. normally, you would put a piece of painter's tape where you want your design to stop, but thankfully, with this chair, we have a natural given ledge that's gonna stop my cup from going too far, so i don't have to use any painter's tape. ♪ now, this plastic dip paint has a bit of a tendency to be a
3:50 pm
little moody so i'm gonna teach you how to use it. pour a generous amount of your plastic paint into the cup. ooh, i like you, lady. you're so pretty. now here's where the lady gets a little moody. it seems normal to just want to squish the cup all the way up to the ledge and just do what it does, but this plastic dip paint, for whatever reason, is a little bit temperamental. you want to engage it for about one inch, give it about a five second count, go up a little higher, give it another five second count, and go up to the top of our ledge and then give it another five second count. then you'll remove it and drop the cup to let the paint drip off. ready? let's do this. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. and because the lady is moody, we'll do the same thing on the reverse coming back down. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
3:51 pm
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. now, depending on how thick you want the design to be, you might even go back and do this again once it's dry, but give it about 30 minutes to let the paint sit. wipe off any excess on the bottom and then let it do what it does. ♪ so we're gonna take our paracord rope and wrap it around the back two prongs of this chair. now, you can use any decorative rope you'd like. i like this one 'cause it matches our feet, but try to find a pattern. i'm going to do a weave pattern but if you're kind of new at this, you can just wrap it around and it'll still look pretty cool. and i'm gonna need more than one stretch of rope, so you can kind of start in the middle just to make sure that the design works out. i'm gonna do a few little loops through here, see if i can hide my end, and i'm gonna secure it down the back. ♪ it was my big idea. ♪ (laughter)
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♪ (bell dings) ta-dah! there you have it, a chic design fit for a fancy derriere . (cheers and applause) what do you think? >> i think you killed it, girl! this is awesome! >> well, thank you. i think it's pretty fantastic. now, listen, at least you guys know i know how to count to five, and that's a good thing, right? >> hey! >> but you know what i love about this design? >> may i sit down? >> yes, have a seat. what i love about this design... oh, do you like it? >> oh, yeah. oh, and you just made it a cushy back. >> yes, exactly. >> i see what you did there. >> what's so cool about this is you can make it any way you want it for your own decor at home so it's kind of very customizable, and you know what? this may be a great place for your living room or dining room chairs but also it's something fun to use outside, don't you think? >> yeah, no, and it's just a great one to have in, like, the corner of a room, too. >> yeah, a kid's desk, playrooms. i mean, the list goes on and on. but check out the anti-skid effect with that nice... >> that is so smart. i would have never thought to do that. >> well, thank you, trish. let me know what home decor issues you need help with on social media using the hashtag #laurenshomeruns. and guys, we've got some more
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comfy goodness coming right up after this break. (cheers and applause) next "fablife," we're going nautical with two captains from "deadliest catch." >> how does it feel to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? >> i've had more blood shed being married. (laughter) >> and we're gonna get crabby. >> i have been hankering for some crab. plus... "real housewife" kyle richards. >> don't mind if i do. >> and summer nautical fashion trends. >> we have a very special surprise model. >> oh! (laughter) >> monday, on "fablife." (cheers and applause) [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
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(cheers and applause) >> "fablife" is our home away from home, and we hope you enjoyed learning new ways to cozy up your living space, food, and your wardrobe with us. and if you missed it, just go to, everyone. >> and a big thank you to chef geoffrey zakarian for cooking it up today. he's amazing. and thanks to trish suhr for being with us all day as well. >> thank you. >> good to see you, trish. >> yes. but trish has something special for us. trish is the creative director for pixels, an online marketplace for artists and photographers. they carry everything from wall art and home decor to apparel and accessories, and guess what? all of you are going home with a $200 gift card to use toward their site.
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(cheers and applause) >> that's amazing. i love that. and, of course, as always, show us some love on social media @fablifeshow. bye, everybody. we'll see you next time. (cheers and applause) >> ♪ la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la la la ♪ for lthat are more than a little messy try new johnson's head-to-toe cleansing cloths twice as big as average wipes for an all over clean when there is no time for a bath. rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. boost thzest fruitboost,shower. wow! the first shower gel that's two times concentrated for a fruity boost of vitamin-c rich lather. fresh. fruity. zestfully clean. ♪ la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ la la la la la ♪ ♪ fablife ♪ ♪ la la la la la la, la... ♪
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and she did not deserve none of that. she didn't deserve none of that. >> raw emotion from the brother of a young pregt woman shot and killed in san pablo and now two people have been arrested. >> i'm date. >> and i'm larry beale. lucy ano darty turned himself in and another man was arrested overnight. their sufts in the shooting death of alicia mccoy and her unborn child. carolyn tyler talked with her brother and police. >> she did not deserve what she got. >> levi


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