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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, one of the country's largest banks is facing a hefty fine this morning. wells fargo employees are accused of illegally opening millions of accounts and making their customers pay. battleground battle. new evidence of just how close hillary clinton and donald trump are in the states that will decide the election. both candidates raging against the other. a risky rescue eye in the alps. dozens of tourists spent the night trapped more than 12,000 feet in the air. so why did the cable car suddenly stop? technicians now have a theory. and road rage caught on camera. an incident in southern california under investigation right now. a new rear window definitely needed.
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and good friday morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. we'll get to all those stories ahead but first some breaking news from north korea, boldly claiming success with its fifth and largest nuclear test amid international condemnation. >> the blast registered as a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. north korean officials say the test was meant to counter what it calls u.s. hostility. >> president obama was briefed about the incident aboard air force one en route back to the u.s. from asia. he has already spoken on the telephone with the president of south korea and the prime minister of japan, both expressing outrage. in a major shift china, which is north korea's only major ally and economic lifeline, is now among the nations denouncing this latest nuclear test. the other big story this morning, one of the country's biggest banks will pay a huge fine and fire thousands of employees for allegedly
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encouraging fraudulent behavior. >> investigators call the corporate culture at wells fargo quote outrageous and abusive. abc's maggie rulli has details of this historic scandal. >> the largest such payment in the history of the city attorney's office. >> reporter: a $185 million fine. >> this is a major victory for consumers. consumers have to be able to trust their bank. >> reporter: the consumer financial protection bureau and los angeles city attorney accusing thousands of wells fargo employees of widespread illegal sales practices that included secretly using customer information to open more than 2 million savings and credit card accounts, sometimes causing extra fees, all done so employees can meet aggressive sales goals. many of those customers had no idea that these accounts even existed. >> i have another account and i'll be putting more money in that other account. >> that's sad, yeah, but i do
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look into my accounts, so i know what account is there and what shouldn't be there. >> reporter: wells fargo is firing 5,300 employees in connection with the widespread scheme that spans at least five years. the bank has not admitted or denied wrongdoing telling abc news "while we regret every interaction that was not handled properly, the number of instances and team members involved represent a very small portion of our business." but ethics professor joellen posner is not letting wells fargo executives off the hook. >> if a bank is a trustworthy institution, then its managers and top brass should know what's happening at low levels of the organization. >> reporter: now wells fargo has said that money will automatically be put back into the bank accounts of anyone who was affected, but, diane, a lot of people still not happy this morning. >> maggie rulli in washington, thanks very much. president obama arrived back in washington last night after
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his historic visit to laos. a white house says the president has invited house and senate leaders to meet on monday to discuss his agenda for the rest of his term. the presidential candidates are locked in a tight race with razor thin margins in key battleground states. >> the latest polling shows hillary clinton with a slight lead in pennsylvania. donald trump is up by just one point in ohio, and in florida they are tied. all of the polls are within the margin of error. >> clinton spent the day ripping into trump after he praised vladimir putin as a strong leader, and she called trump's comments insulting and unpatriotic. >> we get more now from abc's karen travers. >> reporter: donald trump in battleground ohio pushing back against hillary clinton's attacks. >> hillary clinton's policies produce ruin in libya, iraq and syria, absolute ruin. >> reporter: clinton not letting up on her rival for his answers at wednesday night's national security forum on nbc. >> it was a test, and he failed it. >> reporter: clinton zeroing in on trump's comments about russian president vladimir putin. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about me.
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the man has very strong control over a country. >> he praised russia's strongman vladimir putin. it is scary. it is dangerous. >> reporter: and for americans looking for a third option, there's libertarian candidate gary johnson. but with his poll numbers hovering in the single digits, a major misstep on msnbc, not knowing the largest city in syria. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> johnson tried to clarify on abc's "the view." >> no excuse. i was thinking in terms of acronym, aleppo. >> i think it's a disqualifying statement, frankly. >> fair enough, fair enough. >> reporter: this comes as more people are taking interest in johnson's candidacy. >> there are calls by prominent republicans including mitt romney to put him on a debate stage but he is showing himself just not ready for prime time with statements like that.
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>> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. and the pentagon has confirmed an unsuccessful attempt to rescue two hostages in afghanistan. u.s. special forces tried to save two professors, one american and one australian, abducted from the american university in kabul last month. officials say the hostages were not found at the targeted location. seven enemy fighters were killed during the firefight. three women are in custody in france this morning as part of an anti-terror raid. police say the women are linked to a car found outside notre dame cathedral that contained cylinders of gas and diesel. the interior minister says the women had been radicalized and were planning a, quote, new and imminent attack. labor day may have come and gone, but it's still officially summer, and in the northeast all you got to do is check the thermometer to confirm that. many schools don't have air-conditioning and sent students home early when it just became too hot. and today it will again be in the 90s along the eastern
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seaboard from norfolk right up to boston, but with the high humidity it will feel much hotter. however, a cold front is moving in bringing in some thunderstorms and relief. coming up, a retailer in texas apologizing for a commercial you simply have to see to believe. and the start of a long mission into outer space. nasa's seven-year flight to an asteroid far, far away. and good news about a rescue mission high in the alps, the tourists who got more than they bargained for now back on terra firma.
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>> and with apologies to "star trek," it's on a mission to boldly go where no spacecraft has gone before. here's david kerley. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: with that, the chase is on. the target for this spaceship is the asteroid bennu. a scheduled close encounter to take samples and answer some very big questions about the origins of life. >> i was crying, and i said because we've just done something amazing. >> reporter: it's a multiyear 5 million mile mission to an asteroid, an asteroid which could have a close call with earth too. >> it's what we call a global killer. >> reporter: in "armageddon" bruce willis blows up an asteroid which is threatening earth. >> press it. >> reporter: but bennu doea have a 1 in 3,000 chance of hitting us.
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david kerley, abc news, washington. in florida 84 pregnant women have tested positive for the zika virus. all travel related cases. in miami beach aerial spraying of a controversial pesticide begins today. it had been delayed after recent residents raised concerns about the safety of the spray. the cdc is asking all pregnant women in the state to be tested for the virus. federal aviation authorities have issued an extraordinary warning about samsung's new smartphone. the faa says passengers should not turn on or charge the galaxy note 7 phone during flights following numerous reports that they could explode and catch fire. passengers are also warned not to pack the phones in checked luggage. samsung has stopped selling the phones, and they've issued a recall. a new study finds kids have abandoned playing outside to binge-watch television programs. kids watching an average of 1.8 hours of streaming services per day. >> and that's compared to playing outside for an average four to seven minutes per day.
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that's 25 times more netflix or other streaming services like hulu or youtube than playing outdoors. when we come back, a stern warning for a bear who showed up where he didn't belong. and last night's super bowl rematch. it was a lot closer than the last time the panthers and the broncos took to the field. my mom. i love my kids. my kids. my job. taking care of everybody. everyday. my mom. my kids. my job. yes. when i'm at work. when i'm at home. i could just really use some help sometimes. hey we hear you. that's why aarp helps family caregivers... with resources and connections to experts to help make your life easier to manage. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at
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and now for a look at the morning road conditions, drivers are likely to face flooding and strong winds in the midwest and ohio valley. there will also be wet roads in oklahoma and texas, south florida and montana. if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in kansas city and chicago. a rescue mission for 16 passengers trapped midair in cable cars in the french alps has ended successfully. all of those stranded were evacuated once the operation resumed this morning. helicopters were deployed after more than 100 people became stuck when the cable cars stalled. 65 people were airlifted out before operations were suspended for the night due to rough conditions. an american tourist was among those rescued. >> we were there almost ten hours in the cable car. the cable stalled about 2:30 in the afternoon, and it was just before midnight when they finally bladed us out
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of the gondolas. it was quite an experience. the helicopter rescue failed because the fog moved in. >> it's unclear what caused the cars to stop. officials blame a technical incident and say the wires became tangled. the cable cars usually offer passengers a panoramic view of mont blanc, not a terrifying ordeal. los angeles police aren't quite sure how to call this one. in a bizarre case of road rage, a motorcyclist has heated words with a car's driver then smashes the rear window with his helmet. the nissan driver then lunges at the motorcyclist with a hammer but misses. police say they've identified one of the drivers but haven't labeled him a suspect or a victim yet because they don't yet know the full circumstances. a west texas school district has canceled classes today after a deadly shooting at a high school. investigators are trying to figure out why a 14-year-old girl shot and injured another girl and then took her own life. all nearby schools went on immediate lockdown and were later evacuated. a federal agent was also accidentally shot and wounded in
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the chaos. and a suburban atlanta mayor is warning residents to beware of snakebites, and she knows what she's talking about. berkeley lake mayor lois slater was returning -- lois salter, excuse me, was returning from walking her dog one evening when she was bitten by a copperhead. now, luckily she didn't require anti-venom but salter was in the hospital for days and the swelling continued for weeks. and former pro football quarterback tim tebow has landed a baseball contract. the new york mets signed the former heisman winner to its minor league team. >> now, tebow never really caught on in the nfl, and most analysts don't think he will ever make it to the major leagues, but the mets say tebow's time in the minors will be good for the young players he meets. and for the first time in four years, none of the weekend's college football games match two ranked teams. in other words, get ready for some blow-outs. >> last night in the nfl, not a blow-out. highlights now from espn. >> the dogs are home alone, so let's get this going.
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>> a rematch of last year's super bowl for the nfl kickoff. peyton manning showing off the trophy to the home folks in denver. panthers, they're visiting. cam newton throws that one away, intentional grounding. but look at what happened in the backfield. newton hit up high by darian stewart. newton took a beating in this game so offsetting, roughing the passer. came down to this. graham gano, he hit this field goal but not before denver called time-out. he got a second chance at it from 50 yards away and didn't hit that one. broncos win it. serena williams was a huge favorite to win her semifinal match against the 24-year-old karolina pliskova, but that's not how it went. 6-2 first set. williams, you know, she just played less than 24 hours. she just said she wasn't able to
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move the way she wanted to. she's got a bum knee. said it was very distracting to her. her serve deserted her. i mean, she double faulted to lose the match. second year in a row that she bowed out in the open semifinals. and with that she's no longer the number one ranked player in the world too. >> angelique kerber. >> there you go, who is going to be in the finals against the gal who beat her. oh. >> you just brought it all back together. back to you. up next in "the pulse," the tv commercial that has plenty of people asking, what were they thinking? and one youngster going viral all because of her excitement over a sugary treat. her sweet story straight ahead.
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texas. >> just days before the 15th anniversary of 9/11, a san antonio mattress store actually ran an ad for a, quote, twin towers sale that spoofed the collapse of the world trade center. >> what better way to remember 9/11 than with a twin tower sale. right now you can get any size mattress for a twin price. >> full mattress. >> twin price. >> queen mattress. >> twin price. >> both: king mattress. >> twin price. a sale all day long. oh! oh, my god. we'll never forget. >> the commercial was immediately slammed as offensive and tasteless. the store has pulled the ad and apologized, but some people are still calling for a boycott. and this next story falls into the category of please do not try this at home or anywhere else for that matter. >> daredevil or idiot kyle wester set out to break the record for fastest downhill skateboard speed listed previously at just under 82
4:23 am
miles an hour, which is really too fast for a sturdy car or even a truck on a mountain road. >> now, no confirmation from the guinness book yet, but wester was clocked at about 89 1/2 miles per hour shattering the previous record. >> i mean -- >> he's happy with himself. >> he is. you know, i used to ride a motorcycle before my wife made me sell it, and going at that speed, you know, your face contorts, you know, it's -- what is this guy thinking? he hits one pebble, and it's more than a skinned knee, mate. more than a skinned knee. >> he enjoyed it. >> he made it. world record. anyway, let's face it, for most 3-year-olds at a baseball game, the snacks are way more important than whatever is going on on the field, so meet beatrix hart, a die-hard baseball fan at a mariners game in seattle. she gets as excited about the game as her cotton candy. >> this is her reaction when the mariners score a grand slam. needless to say, the video has gone viral. she's from jersey, by the way,
4:24 am
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> good morning, 4:30 club. it is friday on september 9. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui with alexis smith and jessica castro. a better start than yesterday. >> a little cooler. and we have drizzle this morning. live doppler hd is showing i darkened the clouds to see where they are everywhere but the east bay valleys where they are climbing. the exploritorium shows how fuzzy it is. mist and drizzle and 58. dress warmer when you step outside this morning. the day planner is 60 to 78, becoming brighter at noon and keeping you at 60s, and
4:29 am
inland, 75. the commute, alexis? >> had to put on my wiper. looking at fog and not terrible right now in the golden gate bridge. it was more dense a few minutes ago. reduced visibility in a few areas. mist or drizzle. we are wide on even through the altamont pass. fingers crossed. we will talk potential problems with transit in less than 10 minutes. >> protesters that could impact the commute for urban shelled a huge law enforcement training event in the east bay. amy hollyfield is in pleasanton with the latest. >> we are at the ace train station. this station is going to be impacted this morning. this is on pleasanton road and the gate is going to be althoughed, open right now but you have to go to the gate on
4:30 am
angela street when you get here in this is locked. this is why. look at this video of the past urban shield training extension for law enforcement and first responders, emergency responders. this year will be the 10th annual event. it is huge. that is why it will impact ace passengers. they expect protesters at the event and because of the thousands of people woman be participating. >> there are about 288 officers and we hope to have 3,000 to 4,000 volunteers. there are a number people putting on the training and there are self thousand people putting on the training. >> protesters call it a militarized war game and will show u


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