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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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inviting us into your homes here tonight. >> see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. tonight, breaking news. the suv up in flames. and tonight, the new and urgent warning just issued about a particular kind of smartphone. after several fires now reported. and the faa, now saying do not pack them in your luggage. we're also watching severe storms set to hit this friday night. the system now moving east. rob marciano says there could be treacherous driving ahead. and the other driver nightmare late today. the car dangling from a parking garage. the driver crawling out. on the scene tonight, authorities and the new discovery. as they look for clues in the missing student making national headlines. donald trump, and his praise for president putin.
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trump defending the russians against hacking claims in an interview that airs on russian tv. what trump is now saying. and tonight, the question that was shouted at hillary clinton that made her stop and walk right back to the microphone. and, elizabeth vargas tonight, revealing her very personal and life-threatening battle. she's hoping to help millions. and why she's now breaking her silence, to diane sawyer. good evening. a very busy friday night, a stunning and rare warning from the federal government at this hour. it comes off a driver witnessed his suv go up in flames. saying his smartphone suddenly ignited on its own, and authorities now say there have been dozens of similar fires. tonight, that warning to owners of the samsung galaxy note 7, americans urged to turn them off, to stop charging them. and this evening, the faa also warning airline passengers not to put them in their checked bags.
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david kerley leading us off. >> reporter: a remarkable move tonight by the u.s. government. telling consumers not to use their samsung galaxy note 7 phones. >> it caught fire. >> reporter: in an unprecedented action, the consumer product safety commission advising the hundreds of thousands of americans who have bought the phones to "power them down and stop charging or using the device." samsung enthusiastically announced its latest phones. but after 35 instances of fire, including a florida man who claims his jeep caught fire while he was charging his phone -- >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. >> reporter: the south korean company has not issued an official government recall of the galaxy note 7, only offering to replace the phone. and that's prompting government action. >> i think the message is, really, if you're not going to coordinate with us, we have to go directly to consumers and tell them to stop using the phone. >> reporter: and that follows an extraordinary warning from the faa, calling out a specific
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consumer product, saying passengers should not "turn on or charge these devices onboard aircraft." >> this is a serious thing. you put something that creates fire and noxious fumes on an airplane? that's about as dangerous as it gets. >> reporter: tonight, american airlines says they will announce that the phones should be shut off and taken off chargers. >> and david is with us live. samsung reacting to the government's warning. what are customers to do? >> reporter: samsung is now agreeing with the government that that customers should power them down and bring them in to exchange the device. but the government says, david, that may not be a good enough remedy. >> david, thanks. in the meantime, to the severe storms set to hit tonight. for millions across the heartland and here in the east, with the some of the move. flash floods washing away cars in kansas. and a dangerous heat wave, from d.c. up to philly and new york, straight up to boston.
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temperatures feeling like 100 degrees. let's get right to rob marciano. >> reporter: good evening, david. those storms that brought the bad flooding to kansas now into iowa and w wisconsin where they don't t need more ra. flood watches posted there. omaha getting hit. some of the storms pretty potent. winds of over 60 miles an hour. finally, a cold front will be on the move tomorrow, pushing the storms through chicago, but more damaging winds from louisville to cleveland through upstate new york tomorrow. slamming into record-breaking heat. 98 in d.c. today. tomorrow going to feel close to 100 there, philadelphia, and new york. it's been over 20 years since our nation's capital has felt this kind of heat in september. we'll do it again tomorrow. >> rob, thank you. we turn now to the 9/11 anniversary this weekend. and tonight, the new security alert in new york city. the nypd is beefing up security. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. security is already ramping up
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in times square. as we approach the 15th anniversary over the weekend, we're going to see bomb-sniffing dogs, radiation detectors. police reminded us that terrorists like to take advantage of these important anniversaries. that's why they're on high alert. but right now, there's no credible or specific threat. david? >> gio, thank you. and now to the race for president tonight. 59 days until election day. and there are new pictures surfacing of bill clinton and donald trump together. but it's not the friendship that has people talking tonight. it's trump's praise for vladimir putin and an interview on russian television has been getting attention. also, a reporter shouted a question to hillary clinton and she stopped in her tracks and then returned to the microphone. jonathan karl on the campaign trail tonight. >> reporter: donald trump has a simple explanation for why he keeps praising vladimir putin. >> if he says great things about
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me, i'm going to say great things about him. >> reporter: but now trump is defending russia over allegations that it's behind the computer hacking of the democratic national committee. saying in an interview that aired, among other places, on a television network owned by the russian government, he doubts russia did it. >> i think it's probably unlikely. i think maybe the democrats are putting that out. who knows? but i think that it's pretty unlikely. >> reporter: that directly contradicts what has been said for weeks by u.s. intelligence sources. the trump campaign insists trump didn't know it was airing on the russian network. now, trump facing scrutiny for his open admiration of the russian leader. >> he is very much of a leader. far more than our president has been a leader. >> reporter: a huge departure from the longtime republican hard line on moscow. which reagan branded an evil empire.
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>> mr. gorbochev, tear down this wall. >> reporter: and as trump promises a new relationship with russia, he's also trying to mend fences with african-american voters here at home, angry over trump's birther crusade against president obama. >> that he wasn't born in this country, which is a real possibility. then he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics. >> reporter: so now, 59 days until the election, trump's campaign says he is no longer a birther. >> he believes president obama was born here. >> can you confirm that, donald trump now confirms that. >> when did he do that? >> two years ago. two years ago. three years ago. >> reporter: but trump himself has never said that publicly. in fact, just one year ago, he said he was unsure. >> do you accept that president obama was born in the united states? >> i really don't know. >> reporter: now he refuses to discuss the issue at all. >> i don't talk about it anymore.
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and amidst vitriolic attacks between trump and clinton, the clinton library has released new photos from a much chummier time. trump palling around with the man he now calls a predator. >> and jon, you'll remember earlier this week, i sat down with donald trump, talking about his health and hillary clinton's health. we asked him if he would release more. here's what he said. you're 70. she's 68. do you think the american people deserve to know more about both of you? >> sure, i do. i would love to give specifics, as far as i'm concerned. and if she wants to do it, i'll do it 100%. >> why not do that? >> i think i will do that. >> you will? >> yeah. >> all right, jon, did the political team check back in with the trump campaign tonight? >> reporter: we asked when they would release those full health records. no word yet. trump is doing an interview on the "dr. oz" health show, and promising to reveal his personal health regimen. obviously, david, not the same thing. >> jon, thanks. hillary clinton taking aim tonight and taking an unexpected
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question shouted at her by the press. so why did she stop and then turn around? walking back to the mike? here's cecilia vega now. >> reporter: hillary clinton was walking away from the podium today but this question stopped her. >> secretary clinton, do you have a response to donald trump appearing on russian-funded television? >> reporter: in a rare move, she turned around, walking back to the podium. >> every day that goes by, this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. it's not a serious presidential campaign. >> reporter: clinton in new york meeting with national security leaders. democrats and republicans. >> i'm not waiting until november. i'm bringing democrats and republicans together now because i plan to get right down to work on day one. >> reporter: that, as new polls show donald trump is gaining ground with independents, and clinton today airing this new
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ad in key swing states. >> it takes democrats and republicans working together. >> reporter: but her pitch doesn't end there. this candidate who has been accused of not smiling enough, is now trying to show a more personal side. >> i still remember my late father, a gruff former navy man on his knees praying by his bed every night. that made a big impression on me as a young girl. >> reporter: today on "the view" chelsea clinton asked why many voters see her mother as untrustworthy. >> as a daughter, how do you feel when you hear that? >> it doesn't make sense to me. god forbid if anything were to happen to mark and me, my mother would take care of my children. there's no greater vote of trust and faith and love than that. >> seems to be a real effort to show the personal side of hillary clinton. cecilia vega with us tonight. there's also something else, that moment when she took the
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question from the press, does that signal a bit of a change, too? >> reporter: it was a moment we weren't even sure she would come back, but she did. 275 days without a press conference, she's given four this week alone. there seems to be a new willingness, if not a new strategy we're seeing unfold. david? >> cecilia, thank you. there's breaking news overseas. a short time ago, secretary of state john kerry announcing that the u.s. and russia have agreed to a plan to reduce violence in syria. hopefully leading to an end in the five-year-old civil war. that plan calls for a cease fire beginning at sundown on monday. if the cease fire holds, the u.s. and russia have agreed to a military alliance to now target extremists inside syria. we move on this friday night to a story close to us right here at abc news. our elizabeth vargas revealing her very personal battle, opening up to diane sawyer tonight about her struggle with alcohol.
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and why she's now revealing her story, hoping to help millions of others. >> good evening. >> on television, she's the picture of calm. >> i'm elizabeth vargas in baghdad. >> traveling the world as a journalist. >> return here to jerusalem. >> for some of those years, she was secretly battling an addiction off-camera. >> there are days when you wake up and you feel so horrible, the only thing that will make you feel better is more alcohol. and that's when you're in the death spin. you know. that's when people die. that's when people die. >> how close did you come to dying? >> i, on one occasion, had what i know to be a lethal level of alcohol in my blood system. and, even that didn't scare me into stopping. can you believe it? even that. >> haunted by crushing insecurity and anxiety that
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began as a child, over the years a glass of wine became a dangerous addiction. millions are battling this across the country. and this statistic -- more than 67% of women that struggle with alcohol also struggle with anxiety. to watch elizabeth anchor live tv in moments of crisis, you would have no idea she was forcing herself to suppress deep anxiety. >> if you watch carefully at the beginning of each newscast, i would lean in, and grip the desk with my right hand. my left hand, i'm digging the edge of the ring into my thumb. >> why did you go into this business if it was going to torment you? >> i loved it. i still love it. i love telling people's stories. >> people can look at you, saying you're so lucky, really. >> i am lucky. it's easy to say that on the
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outside, looking in. and first of all, yes. i am so lucky to have my two amazing children, and to have this amazing job. it doesn't matter how much you have, or how little you have. it didn't matter. it leveled me. >> and elizabeth remembers a moment on vacation with her boys. the sun was out, the boys were up, she was in bed. >> i was drinking and sleeping. and i do vividly remember one afternoon, sam was by my head, and said, mommy, when are you going to get up? and i remember i could smell the sunscreen, and i could feel the heat from his little body. because he had just come in from the beach. and i would die for my children, diane. i wouldn't give a nanosecond's worth of thought to die for my children.
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to kill for my children. but i would die for my children. but i couldn't stop drinking for my children. i don't know if i will ever forgive myself for hurting them with my drinking, ever. >> i have watched this hour. it's extraordinarily candid and brave. elizabeth and her conversation with diane. part of a special two-hour block of "20/20" on abc starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight. right here on abc. elizabeth, we're always pulling for you here. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. breaking news in the search for the missing student. the items of interest now recovered. could this lead to a break in the case after the young student vanished? making national headlines. also, a car topples off the side of a parking garage. you'll see the driver climbing out of the car to safety. and tonight, you have to see this. the mystery of the 9/11 flag. the investigation, 15 years later, what we've now learned about that flag. as america prepares to mark a
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you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. next tonight here, breaking news in the search for a missing college student. the case that made national headlines. and here again, kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, a case cold for 20 years could be heating up. authorities telling abc news an fbi team has recovered several items of interest that could be connected to kristin smart. she vanished after a campus party in 1996. investigators have been digging on the cal poly campus for days. >> it's definitely been tough. we don't have closure. if somebody knows what happened, i'd love for them to be in my shoes. >> reporter: according to authorities, this man, paul flores, was the last person seen with kristin. but has denied any involvement and was never charged. no physical evidence tied flores with kristen. but he remains a person of interest in the case. >> no, we haven't had any recent contact.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: have you maintained contact with him though like you've always known his whereabouts, you check in on him from time to time? >> yes. >> reporter: the fbi will spend the next several weeks testing the items they've found. to see if they have any connection. david? >> kayna, thank you. when we come back, the mystery of the 9/11 flag, solved tonight. and the dramatic scene. a car dangling from a parking garage. you will see the driver then crawling out. for fracture... i can tell you prolia® is proven to help protect bones from fracture. but the real proof? my doctor said prolia® helped my bones get stronger. are your bones getting stronger do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions, such as low blood pressure; trouble thing; throat tightness; face, lip, or tongue swelling; rash, itching or hives have happened in people taking prolia®. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen, or new or unusual pain in your
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5:53 pm
and a dramatic road rage confrontation in california. a motorcyclist first pounding the car door with his fists before shattering the back with his helmet. the driver of the car popping his trunk and retrieving a mallet, taking a swipe as the motorcycle sped away. police have identified one of the drivers tonight. when we come back on a friday, america preparing to mark 15 years. and the incredible mystery of that 9/11 flag tonight. what we've learned. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music)
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preparing to mark 15 years since 9/11, and a flag now home. we'll never forget our first trip to the 9/11 museum. just before it opened here in new york. the stairs that many of the survivors used to run to safety. >> literally hundreds of people used this staircase as an escape route on 9/11 when the attacks were taking place. >> reporter: so many reminders. the fire truck, big red. driven by captain paddy brown. >> i'm on the 35th floor. we're trying to get up. >> reporter: he and ten of his men lost on that morning. a clock frozen at 9:36 a.m. but missing from the museum, that famous flag. raised among the rubble by three new york city firefighters. it was lost just hours later. and for 15 years, its whereabouts, a mystery. >> we need your help to find this icon of history. >> reporter: it was this episode of "lost history" that sparked
5:58 pm
interest in a flag that a retired marine had dropped off at a fire station in everett, washington. >> all the components i saw in the dust samples, from the first and second building going down were in fact in these samples from the flag. >> reporter: after months of forensic investigation, the flag was on its way to new york. and tonight, it now sits inside the 9/11 museum. >> this newest of artifacts is certainly one of the most emotionally and historically powerful. >> reporter: a flag, finally home. we must always remember. good night. >>. an exhausive investigation
5:59 pm
through thousands of texts, posts and pictures results in seven officers in criminal charges. >> the perp engaging in this type of behavior will be held accountable. >> live scandal that could put cops behind bars. >> plus, find out what a defendant said to us as he waited to face charges. and never before released details of the deadly terrorist attack in san bernardino how suspects were identified and located so quickly. there are 775 police officers in oakland. and this is a handful of people brought shame on that department. >> a department is shamed and police officers now face charges all over their involvement with this teenager. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristin zee. dan and ama are off tonight. the district attorney announced criminal charges against more
6:00 pm
than a half dozen officers for their involvement in a sex scandal. >> five are or wore oakland police officers. the range of charges include lewd acts, engaging in prostitution and obstruction of justice. we have live team coverage including an interview with dan noyes with one of the officers charged today. >> this case is tricky. several officers are being charged, there is evidence that more crimes are committed against the same victim in contra costa county, san francisco, and other places and prosecutors have yet to file charges. >> we left no stone unturned. >> after scouring thousands of texts and pictures, seven bay area cops had been charged. the woman at the center


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