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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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. keep calm, your internet's on. good morning, america. hillary clinton breaking her silence about her health. >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> promising to release more detailed medical records after that stumble in public. as bill clinton weighs in on his wife's condition, saying it's happened before. and chaos at a trump rally. violence erupts overnight as donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton for calling his supporters deplorable. >> never in history has a major party presidential candidate so viciously demonized the american voter. >> we'll have what he's saying now about his own health. bursting into flames. a school bus catching fire. 20 children on board. the terrifying moment as the
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driver rushes to evacuate them. staying calm, saving their lives. drama on the dance floor. >> excuse me. hey, back off! >> two men rush the stage after olympian ryan lochte's first dance. security jumps in, taking them down just in time. the exclusive video you haven't seen. and new details from the ballroom. tom bergeron joins us live. and good morning, america. wow, you never know what you'll see on "dancing with the stars." looked like a football game out on that floor. >> live tv. anything can happen. >> i was watching that. it was really scary. i mean, really scary and judge carrie ann inaba, she was noticeably shaken. she couldn't get her words together afterwards. later she posted this photo on instagram. and she was thanking the security team and the dancing staff for keeping everybody safe. and just goes to show, anything can happen on live tv. >> tom bergeron looked pretty shocked, as well.
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had to go to commercial and everybody settled down. >> tom will join us later on "good morning america." first we begin with the race for the white house. exactly eight weeks, that's 56 days, until election day. and the focus right now, hillary clinton and her health. she spoke out in an interview with cnn overnight. and here's what she had to say. >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. i felt dizzy and i did lose my balance for a minute. once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off, once i had some water, i immediately started feeling better. so, i felt fine, but i'm now taking my doctor's advice which was given to me on friday that i ignored -- to just take some time to get over pneumonia completely. i was supposed to rest five days, that's what they told me on friday. and i didn't follow that very
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wise advice. so i just want to get this over and done with and get back on the trail as soon as possible. we're going to be releasing more information. and i think it's fair to say we've already met the standard of disclosure of past presidential candidates like mitt romney and president obama. we'll add more information, but i've already released information about my health in this campaign, as well as nearly 40 years of tax returns. >> hillary clinton late last night, of course, it did turn out to be a big deal. let's bring in cecilia vega who has been tracking these developments in the clinton camp all through the day and night. we also had the most extensive comments from bill clinton. >> reporter: we sure did, george. good morning to you. he's speaking out, saying there is nothing more to know about his wife's illness. hillary clinton's campaign says it's just pneumonia, no other undisclosed medical conditions. and they are now promising to release more detailed information about her health. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail this morning and at home in chappaqua resting following her doctor's orders. her husband bill now trying to downplay the medical episode.
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>> she's doing fine. she -- she was even better last night before she went to sleep. she had a good night's sleep. she just got dehydrated. >> reporter: he did concede this is not the first time. in 2012, hillary clinton fainted at home and hit her head. suffering a concussion and a blood clot and having to wear special glasses for double vision. >> rarely but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated. and she's worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of state and as a senator and in the years since. >> reporter: overnight, clinton said it doesn't happen often. >> i think really only twice that i can recall, you know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life. you know, i'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. >> reporter: it was only after
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that video emerged that her campaign revealed clinton had pneumonia and she had been diagnosed two days earlier. this morning, her campaign is under fire for not immediately revealing her illness. and now, a mea culpa. >> in retrospect i think we should have provided more information more quickly. >> reporter: asked why the secrecy, clinton said she just wanted to keep working. >> it's just the kind of thing that if it happens to you, and you're a busy, active person you keep moving forward. >> reporter: and clinton says she will be back out on the campaign trail later this week. she did cancel a trip to california and nevada. her husband is there on her behalf. she is -- while she is home recovering today president obama will also be out there on her behalf. he's in philadelphia today, guys. >> thank you, cecilia. let's bring in dr. richard besser for more on this topic. and, dr. besser, we heard both hillary and bill clinton speak about her health. but did we learn anything new and what don't we know? >> we learned a little bit new. we heard that she's had some of
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these episodes of dehydration in the past. we also learned that her doctor said on friday that she should rest for five days. and like many patients, she did not follow that advice. there are a few things we still don't know. we don't know how the pneumonia was diagnosed. did she have a chest x-ray? we don't know the cause of the pneumonia. but for most patients who have a pneumonia, they don't do that kind of testing. they'll treat with an antibiotic and if they get better, they won't do any additional testing. >> and, rich, we heard her say she's going to release more medical records. she's already released some. she's going to release more. get more into detail. what would you look for as a doctor? >> we heard she's going to release some and donald trump will have a physical and those results are going to be released. to be fair, in a general physical exam, there's not that much that you learn. you'll know their blood pressure, cholesterol, general things. but unless there is a glaring problem, it's not going to show up there. a lot of people want detailed records of some of the events
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she's had over the course of her life. i don't expect either candidate to do what john mccain did, release over a thousand pages of results. but there his health was a focus. his age, the fact that he had cancer, had been a prisoner of war, those were overriding questions. and so there were teams of doctors who were allowed to pore over all of those records. neither candidate is talking about that. they're saying they'll release additional records but i expect it to be focused. >> how important is it to interview the doctor? >> well, you know, that's a very good question. there's information that patients have that is personal but is probably not relevant to them being president. but there's information that may be relevant. and what you would need to see is a patient release that doctor from their hipaa requirement of not sharing information to say you're open to answer questions. if that were to happen, we would be able to get maybe some unscreened, unfiltered information. >> but you learn so much with someone's medical history, the whole body of it. >> the whole body of history in
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my mind is much more relevant than what you're going to get out of one physical exam. a lot of people feel an annual physical doesn't show very much. >> we're talking a lot about it but you know who is not, donald trump. donald trump is showing restraint regarding clinton's health, saying he hopes she gets well. but not holding back on her comments about his supporters, accusing her of demonizing millions of americans. abc's tom llamas is on the trail in asheville, north carolina, where things got heated at a trump rally on monday. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning. donald trump is fighting hard for this battleground state but last night he came to an area of north carolina where he encountered some resistance. this as new questions are emerging this morning about how much money he's actually donated to charity throughout his life. >> look at that horrible sign. >> reporter: overnight, an ugly scene breaking out at a trump rally in asheville, north carolina. >> but the good news is the cameras follow it. >> reporter: an apparent trump
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supporter grabbing a protester, slapping him. grabbing another by the head then shoving a female protester in the face. >> is there any place in america more fun to be than a trump rally? right? >> reporter: it was one of several incidents that broke out during trump's speech. >> don't tell me my business. hey, you're going to go [ bleep ]. you hear me? >> reporter: an anti-trump pac putting out this video which shows one of trump's security guards screaming and cursing at an apparent demonstrator. the republican nominee not endorsing any violence but saying his supporters have a right to shout down the demonstrators. >> when are we going to get smart? you know what the truth is, that's why we have a movement. that is why we have a movement because we're not going to take it anymore. >> reporter: trump reserving his firepower for hillary clinton. >> anybody xenophobic? i don't think so. >> reporter: trump reminding his supporters that clinton called
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half of them, quote, a basket of deplorables. >> she was attacking millions of moms and dads. >> reporter: this, as trump's running mate, mike pence, refused on cnn to call former kkk grand wizard david duke deplorable. >> we don't want his support and we don't want the support of people who think like that. >> so you would call him a deplorable? >> i'm not in the name-calling business. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeting -- if you won't say the kkk is deplorable, you have no business running the country. >> reporter: for now trump is not knocking clinton for her recent health issues and announced he had a physical last week and will release the findings sometime this week, possibly during an appearance on "the dr. oz show." now, on that david duke matter, pence said both he and trump had denounced duke on several occasions. now, this morning, there's a story if the washington post about trump's charitable donations. the campaign claims he's donated tens of millions of dollars
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throughout his life. the post says they've failed to provide proof to justify that figure. george? >> okay, tom llamas, thanks very much. let's bring in matt dowd our political analyst and start out with hillary clinton. this health scare dominating the news the last few days. there seems to be a big debate going on among strategists in the democratic and republican camps. one side says, you know, this isn't going to matter much at all, because views of both sides are so backed in. others saying it could hurt hillary clinton, even if it doesn't help trump, some of her support could bleed away and go to some of the third and fourth party candidates. >> i've talked to a bunch of undecided voters in the last 48 hours. and there's two dominant senses of undecided voters. one is they have great compassion for hillary clinton. they watch that video. they show that. they know these candidates work hard and have a lot of compassion for that and sense of leave her alone, let her recover. the other part they have is they wish she would be more transparent. they know she has trust issues and wish she would be more transparent in this. i think it's a good conversation to have. voters expect candidates to have some zone of privacy around them. but they want a sense of openness and that they'll share information that is important with the general public.
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i think this incident on its own isn't going to matter. but if there's other things that happen, it could be very problematic. >> meantime, donald trump really on offense coming out of it. clearly his team thinks he'll have gains to make especially in the battleground states. and you also see it block out those stories of his foundation. yesterday he gave an interview where he called elizabeth warren pocahontas and questioned the integrity of janet yellen the fed chair. is the public and maybe the press become numb to donald trump and these statements? >> well, i think there's been -- because there's been so many outrageous statements, there's a discounting over time of this. and i think we've set the bar and many of -- i think donald trump's campaign has set the bar on honesty and truthfulness and transparency way too low. it's almost as if they're a track star and we're using a calendar instead of a stop watch to measure their time. and i think at some point, they're going to have to address these issues. but right now, donald trump does
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not seem to care whether or not politifact says 70% of his statements are false. >> okay, matthew dowd, thanks very much. we move on from politics to that fire at the florida mosque orlando gunman omar mateen attended. authorities believe it was deliberately set. gio benitez is outside the islamic center in ft. pierce with a newly released surveillance video. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. make no mistake about it, federal authorities are investigating this as a hate crime. crime but the exact motive still a mystery. this morning, the search is on for the mystery man seen in this video running from a florida mosque. >> he was holding a bottle of some sort of fluid. >> reporter: police believe he's the arsonist who started this massive blaze. >> flames are just going up like crazy. >> reporter: 911 calls pouring in. >> oh, there goes the roof. >> okay, don't go anywhere near it. okay? >> reporter: the fire igniting on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. >> lots of smoke. oh, my gosh. there it goes. >> reporter: and the beginning
7:14 am
of one of islam's holiest holidays, eid al adha. but right now, authorities are also looking at the connection to omar mateen, the orlando nightclub shooter who killed 49 people often prayed here. his father, too. other members reportedly harassed since the shooting. >> started with hate calls develop and now somebody committing arson. >> reporter: and that person in the surveillance video is now under the fbi's microscope. look closely. he pulls up on a motorcycle and minutes later he's running from the scene. the flames creating this bright light. >> while the male was leaving, the male was shaking his hand. it is possible that the male sustained burns on that hand. >> reporter: and members here say they won't give up on this mosque. they won't go away. in fact, they fully intend to open it back up, even if it takes a little time, michael. >> all right, well, thank you, gio. and there's new fallout this
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morning over the samsung galaxy note 7 after reports of batteries exploding. and david kerley is in washington where authorities are pushing for an official recall. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, michael. samsung still not declaring that official government recall avoiding several triggers which experts say would protect consumers. instead, the company appears to be rushing out a replacement phone. after reports of samsung phones exploding on nightstands -- >> i call it exploding because this did shoot pieces of whatever -- it was inside the phone -- out. >> reporter: -- in cars. >> the last thought in my head is that a brand-new device is going to burn down my car or my house. >> reporter: and worry that one could explode in a jet. as we have seen in tests, the lithium batters -- batteries do burn quickly. consumer watchdogs say enough is enough. >> what samsung did, it's like the wild, wild west. >> reporter: criticism from advocates that the south korean electronics giant hasn't issued a u.s. government sanctioned recall for the galaxy note 7.
7:16 am
>> the all-new samsung galaxy note 7. >> reporter: instead, for now, samsung is offering exchanges. advocates say that leaves consumers exposed. >> we've left consumers in a situation where they're totally confused, they don't know was there a recall? was there not a recall? what am i supposed to do with my phone? >> reporter: with no official recall, the faa can't ban the phones from planes. >> samsung galaxy note 7 phones are not to be charged or powered on during this flight. >> reporter: and retail stores or individual owners could still be selling the potentially dangerous device. this morning samsung says it was a manufacturing detect and it's quickly replacing batteries. the consumer product safety commission says it will be independently evaluating the new battery to ensure that the consumer will not be harmed. now, samsung is being quoted out of south korea this morning that it will start distributing phones with new batteries next week. no word yet on what u.s. regulators think about that. robin? >> okay, david, thank you.
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also making headlines this morning, the ncaa announcing they are pulling all championship events from north carolina. that's in the wake of that controversial bathroom bill. linzie janis is here to explain to us what this means. >> good morning, robin. there's no question how much north carolina loves its college basketball. it has hosted more march madness games than any other state. but it won't be hosting any this year. that is because the ncaa has decided to relocate all of its championship tournament games in north carolina for 2017. this comes in response to state laws which curbs protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. >> of course, as you said, north carolina very popular, basketball is huge in that state. how many games are we talking about here that are going to be canceled? >> six. they were scheduled to host six first and second round games next march. and this announcement follows the nba's decision to move that 2017 all-star game out of charlotte. >> yeah, from charlotte to new orleans. >> big blow for north carolina. >> yeah, that's a lot of money they're losing.
7:18 am
all right, linzie. thank you very much. so to ginger and the latest what's going on out west? >> northern california, the willard fire, now 2,500 acres has blown up and wind speeds are decreasing a little. you can see in the video here. mandatory evacuations are still in place. they are working so hard, 10% contained. and we're also keeping our eye on the pacific because this super typhoon, man, is going toward taiwan by tomorrow, into thursday into china. this is very strong. now it is the strongest as far as wind speeds on the planet thus far this year. we're watching the timing and it will create flooding in china eventually.
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good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. your accuweather highlights. mostly sunny and cooler than average. patchy fog tonight and a warm patter that forms tonight holds through the weekend. in the east bay, mainly 70s elsewhere and 60s around the bay and toward the coast. tonight we'll drop down into the 50s with the best chance of fog into the north bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast, our warmest temperatures will be this weekend. have a great day. >> it's happening. red lodge, montana, that's right. at the mountains. it's snowing. and i may or may not have said "man" in my last weathercast because i got so into it. so i'm obviously ready to thrash on a snowboard. >> road trip. road trip. >> let's do it. >> you ready? >> i'm driving. >> oh, i'm staying. coming up that drama, i know
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you were thinking about them, your friends last night on the dance floor, two men rushing ryan lochte, the show immediately going to commercial break. we have exclusive new video showing what really happened behind the scenes. >> there's tom bergeron right there. and check out this video right there. terrifying close encounter with a great white shark. go anywhere. like on your commute. or at the office. ahh! where'd he go? i'm in the break room.
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of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. 7:23. good morning. i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 morning. did you feel that small earthquake that hit the east bay overnight. it was a magnitude 3.5 that struck at 12:50 this morning west of highway 13 and south of lincoln avenue not far from the mormon people. people felt it from pittsburg to milpitas. no reports of damage or injuries. it was shallow. a dep mg of just 3 miles and that is near the surface. let's get to alexis smith with a check of your commute. >> and we're looking at heavy traffic out there. the south bay included, northbound 101 from the 880 to the split and a check of our drive times.
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♪ my foolish alibi welcome back to "gma." it was all so calm. ryan lochte foxtrotting with cheryl burke. just before the drama on the dance floor. >> you're a liar! >> there it is, protesters come on to the stage, grabbed by security. security takes him down right there. everybody seemed shocked. we have exclusive video of the incident. and tom bergeron is going to join us live in just a moment. >> good of tom to get up and talk to us more about that. hillary clinton breaking her silence about her health, saying she wants to get back on the trail as soon as possible. and will release more detailed medical records soon. as president obama is set to campaign for her today. and this morning a bus driver in maryland being hailed a hero evacuating 20 children from -- as flames were about to consume her school bus before emergency crews arrived. a witness said the driver took
7:31 am
each of the students off one by one, ran back into the burning bus to make sure everyone was out, thankfully nobody was hurt. she says she has two children. and i've often told you my first job was a bus driver, school bus driver. there is an enormous sense of responsibility. and these people, what they do. but that woman right there? oh. >> that was special. >> going back to make sure everybody was okay. and also this morning, one of my worst fears, underwater scare. we've all seen "jaws." what would you do if you came face to face with a great white? we have one college student who did. and he lived to tell about it. that's coming up. >> michael, you're new here. you just made a big, big mistake. >> i'm not going to -- >> no, you said it was one of your worst fears. everybody upstairs heard. we're going to put michael in the water. >> you know what, the thing is -- >> i couldn't -- we are so here. i thought the same thing. >> let me look at you, america. who is going to put me in the water? there's going to be a fight. >> michael just said in my ear, he's working on the promo.
7:32 am
>> i'm not going easy. >> the promo writes itself. >> i can teach you a lot about how to say no. we'll move on right now and begin with that drama on "dancing with the stars." we saw those two protesters rush the stage, heading for ryan lochte right after his dance. abc's matt gutman is in l.a. with new video and details from the incident. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. it caught everybody off guard, those protesters managed to come clear across the dance floor, almost right up to ryan lochte and cheryl burke who were standing right here. now those men were yelling, liar, liar at ryan lochte over that episode in rio. they were finally brought down by a whole group of security guards right around here. ♪ >> reporter: after foxtrotting his way onto the "dancing with the stars" premiere -- >> i really do feel that you brought your best to this ballroom. >> reporter: -- ryan lochte receiving his critique when suddenly -- >> excuse me. hey, back off! >> reporter: an intrusion on the dance floor. >> excuse me.
7:33 am
>> whoa. >> reporter: the show staying in split screen. host tom bergeron abruptly breaking to commercial. >> all right. we're going to -- we'll take a break and get the rest of the judges' comments, take a deep breath. we'll be right back. >> reporter: this is what you didn't see at home. >> oh, oh. excuse me. >> wow. >> reporter: two protesters wearing anti-lochte shirts storming the stage. >> excuse me. >> reporter: in this "gma" exclusive, you can see a high angle as security quickly tackles one of the protesters, before handcuffing him. he's then escorted from the ball loom. and there were other protesters in the gallery. watch "dancing" pro derek hough pull the curtain on these audience members sporting those anti-lochte shirts. >> get out of here, come on. get out. this is a good show. a positive show. >> reporter: when the show returned bergeron gamely tried to laugh it off. >> we had a little incident. i would like to personally thank our security team for staying in
7:34 am
shape. >> reporter: but it wasn't a joke for the lapd which arrested sam sododeh, and barzeen soroudi. >> we were sitting in our seats and we walked out and said, he's a liar. >> reporter: police say neither man touched anyone at the taping. >> i had a front row seat. my instinct was to go. i literally got up out of my chair. but then i stopped myself because i went, is this part of the show? >> reporter: the protests focusing on a boozy incident during the rio games in which ryan lochte was caught lying about what happened at this gas station. he's now facing a ten-month ban from usa swimming. >> my biggest regret is letting other people down. this is my second chance. and i don't want to blow it. >> reporter: now we caught up with those men outside here. they were handcuffed. they said they had been protesting lochte because of that fiasco in rio. they said it endangered americans. and while so many americans did feel disgusted with what ryan
7:35 am
lochte said and did in rio, what happened here seemed to turn the tide at least on social media and in this room, where he got a standing ovation. guys? >> okay, matt, thanks very much. let's bring in tom bergeron. tom, let me say right from the start, boy, you are a pro. all that is going on on live tv. >> thanks, buddy. >> you kept your cool. >> thank you. >> cut to commercial. but tell us what you were thinking when this all unfolded. >> well, look, it's not uncommon for there to be a lot of noise here. a lot of cheering, a lot of jeering when people don't like the judges' comments. it wasn't really until i saw carrie ann's expression change that i got the sense something more was going on. and i turned, and honestly, by the time i saw the two guys coming with their t-shirts, our security team had -- had them sucking floor. and so it all happened very quickly. and then my main concern was just how ryan and cheryl were.
7:36 am
and to try to get some control of the show so we could move forward once i knew that that had been taken care of. >> you told everybody to take a deep breath. what was the audience reaction like, what was the feeling in the room afterwards? >> well, i think, much like ours. it was just -- we were shocked. and we have a very good security system here. there are metal detectors, bags are checked, et cetera, but, you know, i think our security did a great job in not assuming that just because these people wanted to be vocally protesting they might not get physical, as well. but i think all of us needed that couple of minutes to just kind of take a deep breath and you correctly cite that the mood in the room was definitely in ryan's corner after these guys were escorted out. >> hi, tom. this is robin. were you aware, we saw -- >> hi, robin. >> hey. i echo what george has said. you are a pro's pro in how you handled everything. were you aware -- >> oh, stop. oh, stop. >> stop it some more.
7:37 am
were you aware of the other protests going on? we heard derek up in the balcony, you know, trying to shout down some protesters. were you aware of what was going on? >> derek ran right over to them. not immediately. then i heard carrie ann going, there are more. there are more. and i turned to see derek, you know, yelling for them to get out. and more security went up there. and then my concern shifted to make sure derek didn't get hurt. you know, because he leapt in defense of the show, which i love him for. and it was really -- it was really, you know, times of crisis, if you will, certainly bring people together. in -- in this case, that certainly was true. >> and, tom, this is michael. one quick question. the seats that those guys were in that have access -- good morning, to the floor like that, were those, like, vip seats? were those family and friend seats? >> no, no, no, i think they proved they weren't vip seats.
7:38 am
but, no, it's just -- they were just, you know, part of our typical audience. and they went through a screening process like anybody else. and i think they had dressed appropriately for the show and then, you know, tore those away to reveal those t-shirts. >> as you can imagine, a lot of skeptics out there. what would you say to some skeptics? you heard alfonso say it might have been part of show, who say it's a stunt that was cooked up for the show? >> alfonso said he thought it was part of the show? >> no, that was his first thought. and then he -- in his mind, he realized it wasn't. >> oh, that was his first thought? i heard the audience members saying they didn't know what to do because they -- they weren't sure if it was part of the show. look. there are always skeptics about everything. we were kidding before i came on the air that oliver stone's doing a movie about last night. but, look, it wasn't -- it wasn't a bit. it was really unnerving and, again, i applaud our security team for making it very short.
7:39 am
>> and you did a great job as we said as well, tom, thanks for joining us this morning. >> glad everybody's okay, tom. see you soon. >> thank you. all right, everybody. coming up on our big board, wells fargo is under fire for reportedly giving a huge, $124 million payday to a top executive. why it has so many people outraged. plus, the end of internet bullying? instagram's new tool that can help block online abuse. our insiders join us in two minutes to discuss those topics so stay right there. nutes to discuss those topics so stay right there.
7:40 am
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7:41 am
again, wish you could be with us in the commercial breaks. the stuff that goes on. >> i know, the best. time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories. becky worley here live at the desk with us. >> mm-hmm. >> we're going to get to you in just a little bit. let's start with the outrage over a huge payday for a wells fargo executive who oversaw the unit that opened more than 2 million fake customer accounts. she's reportedly leaving the bank with $124 million.
7:42 am
rebecca jarvis joins us now and to be clear, this isn't a payout. this is her cashing in on her stocks options. but still, she oversaw this division. 5,000 employees had to be fired. and she walks away with all this money. it's very frustrating for a lot of people, rebecca. >> customers are outraged naturally, robin. they're frustrated by the idea that, "a," this could happen and, "b," that it seems to have worked out for the woman who was running the division where all of the problems started. 2 million fake accounts created over the course of five years, as you said 5,300 employees let go of their jobs because of the scandal that took place. now, wells fargo says that they put their customers first. that 100% of the time they are putting their customers first. they tell me that they've done an independent review. they've had someone come in and look at their practices, that every customer going forward will be taken care of. but as you can imagine, people want to know how it happened.
7:43 am
>> exactly. and regardless of the independent review, elizabeth warren is calling for them to answer a lot of questions on capitol hill. and a lot of questions to be answered. do you think that's going to happen? >> i think it is, michael. in fact, the senate banking committee just said overnight that they will be seeing wells fargo and asking multiple questions coming up next week. the question is, what happens as a result of those questions? do consumers see better banking practices going forward? that's the hope. >> we all hope so and thank you, rebecca. now to what could be the beginning of the end for internet trolls. at least i hope it is. yes, thank you. instagram introducing a new tool that could help users filter out abusive comments. becky worley joining us live. becky, is this possible? can we finally have the end of trolling? >> mm. >> wouldn't it be great if the internet were civil? this is a start. instagram rolling out a new way to block comments that are perceived of as abusive. it's going to be automatic so that the victims don't have to see them. they've got a list of words that
7:44 am
they're associated with abusive comments, and if those words show up, the comment is blocked. the commenter doesn't know they've been blocked. and the person never sees that comment. you have to turn this on, but it's a great start. >> and you have to put in the words that you find -- >> you can do that. you can customize it if you want. >> the problem is i might lose half my friends. >> come on now. nothing but love for you, michael. nothing but love for you. "modern family" actress ariel winter said this addressing the hatred writing, "i love my fans, i love my bullies for what they truly need is love. take the high road. there is less traffic." >> she's right. >> is this really going to do anything? >> she's like the mother teresa of social media. most people, you can't unsee the negative things that you see. chrissy teigen taking the opposite approach and already customizing her filter with a list of words that would make george carlin blush. you really realize how much hate is there. but this is a good start. >> yeah, it is. >> at least it's a start. >> all we need is love. >> that's it.
7:45 am
let's hope so. now to a heated debate over a grade school tradition, recess. yes, while many educators have been cutting back, a school district in long island is doubling its recess times believing it may be the key to the whole child development. educator ron clark joins us. you've got thumbs up here at the desk about this. not everybody is crazy about it. where do you fall on it, ron? >> i think it's awesome. all over america kids are bored to death, they're sitting in class for eight hours straight and staring. there's no passion. kids can't move. can't get their endorphins flowing, so i think it's wonderful. the only advice i would give the school instead of doing recess 40 minutes a day, get the kids moving during the class time, as well. at our school in atlanta, we had our teachers remove our desks from the classrooms. we said we will not work out at l.a. fitness. let teaching be our workout. we have the kids on the desk and
7:46 am
rap our lessons. there's passion. the blood is flowing so kids are excited and our test scores have gone through the roof because of it. >> it's exciting to watch you. you're working out as you're doing it. we found out this particular school they offer yoga. they do have gym in addition to doubling it so, yeah, the school in long island so they are doing something. what was your favorite in recess? mine was kickball. what was yours, ron? what did you like in recess? >> yeah, in the country, ain't nothing like kickball. it's a good day with great weather. loved it. i agree. >> how about you, rebecca. we got to go. what was yours? >> football. >> football? >> i love playing touch football. >> marbles. marbles. >> marbles. >> got to play marbles on the recess. >> we made up games. that's what i love. you had to be creative. that's the great thing. i know a lot of kids are begging to move into your school district. that's all i'm saying. ron, thank you. becky, thank you and rebecca, thank you, as well. coming up in two minutes a college student's incredible, incredible close encounter with a great white shark. we got the whole thing on tape. and we'll find out how he managed to escape. better him than me, that's all i know. >> ooh, tether ball. tether ball was another one.
7:47 am
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7:49 am
♪ cue the music. "jaws" theme because we're back with that 12-foot great white who attacked a college student. let's go out to nick watt at the aquarium at pacific and long beach. he's in the aquarium, i guess. >> reporter: good morning, george. there's a reason that they let people into the shark tank with the bonnet heads and the bamboo sharks. they're trying to demystify and make it clear that sharks aren't all bad. and it's a direct counterpoint to what you're about to see. spear gun in hand, happy as a clam. then hit from behind. >> i thought it was my friend brent playing a joke on me. >> reporter: tyler bolts forward. the shark snatched a flipper. he dropped his spear gun. panic. there it is. pause tape, a 12-foot great white. watch again and listen for the muffled scream. >> the second time when he came around when he was coming at me, i definitely thought i was finished right there. >> reporter: the shark still isn't done with tyler.
7:50 am
watch brave/insane tyler poke the great white with his spear gun. >> in a life-or-death situation you have to keep your cool. >> reporter: just 50 yards from shore, tyler is now swimming in reverse for three terrifying minutes. >> i wasn't sure if i scared him off. whoo! [ bleep ] gnarly. >> reporter: couldn't have said it better myself. now, sharks rarely attack us. but we kill maybe 100 million of them every year. and we need them for the ecosystem. that great white bit tyler's toes. he'll be out of the hospital today. and george, he says as soon as the doc gives him the thumbs up, he's back in the water. >> good thing he still has his thumb. >> good for him. he's going to carry that spear, as well, next time he goes. coming up that bombshell interview with jonbenet ramsey's brother. new questions after he breaks his silence about her murder. ♪ i want to be a cowboy
7:51 am
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7:54 am
(beep) back here on "gma" a little behind-the-scenes detail right there, robin keeps a little baby. you see that. >> that's a baby. you see. it's from the king cake. >> from the king cake. i just thought that was interesting. thanks, robin. >> hey, baby.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves for abc 7 news mornings. mike nicco is here to make it even better. >> i will try, natasha. thanks. that is a great setup. the santa cruz mountains, 17 and 9 and 1. and that is only possible place. not as cool as yesterday but not as cool as we thud be. that will start on wednesday and thursday. warmer than average away from the coast this weekend. what is going on alexis? >> plenty of heavy traffic in many areas as you would expect before 8:00 a.m. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, plenty of delays and the metering lights on since 5:30 this morning. in the south bay somebody lost a load of gravel at river oaks, only one lane getting by and use caution in that area. an update coming up in 30
7:57 am
minutes. >> we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news map. and join us for abc 7 mornings week days from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. and for now a live loo
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hillary clinton is now talking about her health after her alarming stumble on sunday. she's now off the campaign trail resting on doctor's orders. her campaign now promising to release more details about her health. also this morning, that bombshell interview with the brother of jonbenet ramsey. he breaks his silence with dr. phil after almost 20 years. new questions about his demeanor. we'll have what his statements mean just before the anniversary of the crime. abby wambach, one on one, as details emerge about her long struggle with alcohol and prescription drugs, and now her divorce. the soccer star in times square live talking only to robin. all that, and we love having miss america here to say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ till i reach the end ♪ then i'll start again >> i always wonder what they'll play for us. oh, look at the shoulder move. good morning, america. tuesday morning. we're happy to have the new miss america, savvy shields. i love that name. >> that is a great name. >> absolutely. >> it's perfect. also this morning, kicking off a new series, ""gma's" buy it and try it live." we'll try the most popular infomercial products. >> fun. >> and that right there, that's becky worley trying out spray perfect. it's a spray-on nail polish that could change the way you get your manicure. later in the show we'll see how well it works. >> oh, man. even the typical nail polish is a real hot mess with me so i can imagine how this is going to go. do i have to do it? leave it to becky. >> she's moving fast right there. we got to start out with the morning rundown and paula faris is here with that. >> good morning to y'all. i think that's the tuesday twitch that you got going on. i don't know what it is. i think we're all feeling it. good morning, everybody. we do begin with breaking news. authorities in germany have arrested three syrian men in a
8:02 am
series of predawn raids in the northern part of the country. they say the men were apparently sent by isis to launch attacks and apparently used the same smugglers to get into europe as the men who attacked paris last year. and a show of force from the u.s. military overnight. b-1 bombers flew over south korea. they're meant to be a warning to north korea just days after it conducted its fifth nuclear test which the u.s. called a dangerous escalation. and in politics this morning, hillary clinton is speaking publicly about her battle with pneumonia, hoping to reassure voters that there's nothing to worry about. clinton told cnn she felt dizzy on sunday, but did not lose consciousness as she was helped into that van. she says she didn't reveal her diagnosis sooner because she, quote, didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal, end quote. clinton is dismissing critics who say that she's not being transparent. >> i just thought i could keep going forward and power through it, and obviously that didn't work out so well. compare everything you know
8:03 am
about me with my opponent. i think it's time he met the same level of disclosure that i have for years. >> now clinton is promising to release more medical records in the coming days. her husband, president bill clinton, will fill in for her on the campaign trail today. donald trump, however, is promising to release details this week from his recent physical exam. meantime, he's now demanding that clinton retract her statement that half of his supporters are, quote, deplorable. as trump defended his supporters, a man at his rally punched and slapped protesters being escorted from the arena but he was not kicked out. and we do have new allegations about the former doctor for the u.s. gymnastics team. two former athletes including an olympic medalist claim they were sexually abused by dr. larry nassar. the medalist is not named in the complaint, which accuses team officials of knowing about this abuse but doing nothing. the doctor and the organization deny the charges. and the college football player seen on video knocking
8:04 am
out a referee right here has now been suspended from playing for five years. bernard schirmer says that it was an accident and he's sorry. his school, which is a community college in california, plans to appeal the punishment. and finally for you, everyone, a dance troupe going to new heights to wow a crowd. look at these vertical dancers from an american group called bandaloop. they're performing on the side of a mountain in china roughly 3,900 feet in the air. they call the show dancing on clouds flying across the sky. these heights don't faze them. they've danced on the side of skyscrapers before. on mountains. i'm thinking maybe we should pitch this to "dancing with the stars." our friends over there to try to infuse something new in the show. >> mix it up a little. >> they got enough going on over there right now. >> you're right. good point. touche. >> a little bit. >> just a teeny bit. >> thanks so much. lara is here with news that goes "pop." >> yes, indeed, robin roberts. we are going to begin "pop
8:05 am
news" today with a bit of a hollywood riddle. what do you get when you combine snoop dogg, martha stewart, dj khaled, robin thicke and velvet pajamas? a very awesome slumber party. dj khaled posting this pic. major key here, curing a serious case of the munchies with martha sharing waffles, croissants, all in their pjs. if you can't stop thinking about what else might have gone on at that party, then they nailed it. turns out snoop dogg and martha are producing and hosting this show together. of course, it's called "martha and snoop's pot luck dinner party." it looks like the big m's meatloaf ain't gonna cut it at this gathering. the show will premiere on vh1 later this fall. this is where i ask you, why didn't we think of this? >> i know. why didn't y'all think of this? >> my gosh. >> great name. i got to tell you, the name is amazing, "potluck dinner." >> potluck. also in "pop news" this
8:06 am
morning, a stunning admission from miley cyrus, the singer saying no more red carpets for her. cyrus tells in "elle" magazine she'll never do a red carpet again. >> never? >> never. never, george. >> never say never. >> why when people are starving am i on a carpet posing? because i'm important? because i'm famous? that's not how i roll. it's like a skit. it's like "zoolander." she even confessed that she hasn't employed a publicist since last year. these days, if you follow miley on social media, you are getting her own thoughts, her own musings. the singer saying she enjoys a direct relationship with her fans. all that and more in the october issue of "elle" available nationwide september 20th. >> wow, that's a strong statement, never. >> i have to ask if it holds for the red carpet, does it hold for "elle" magazine? >> george, you go deep. i love it. >> yeah. >> hmm. i'm going to have some "potluck dinner" and think about that one. >> that's good. finally i know when that hot
8:07 am
line bling, that can only mean one thing. ♪ it can only mean one thing >> don't you love drake. >> oh, yeah. >> i love drake. we got to go to a concert. anyway, drake has purchased another house. that's what that means. the megastar said in a rap on his 2015 album "where you at" he would buy his neighbor's house if they complain about the foiz. and, guess what, he wasn't kidding. according to trulia this summer the hip-hop artist brought the property directly next door to his home in calabasas. first of all, calabasas must be the most fun place to live. it's a little suburb. >> i used to live there. it's hot! >> every single person is a major celebrity. >> i used to live there. >> big loss to calabasas. now he's got two houses. this one is four bedroom, five-bath. he paid under 3 million. maybe it's the guest house for his main compound. for that he paid 7.7 million for the seven-bedroom pad four years ago. and, george, you knew i had to sneak in some real estate. >> i know. that's your favorite. >> you get a place like that your guests never want to leave. you got to be careful. >> that's what you got to be careful of. next thing you know you're having a pajama party.
8:08 am
>> oh. comes full circle. >> and that means we'll move on. jonbenet ramsey's brother is going to break his silence when we come back. a lot of reaction and what he's saying about his sister's death. and soccer legend abby wambach here live opening up about her successes and secret battle with drugs and alcohol and how she is now moving forward. a beautiful new book she's just written. we're going to talk to her live. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins upgraded with more vitamin d3.
8:09 am
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enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100% you're doing it! whole grain quaker oats. and off you go. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. the killing of jonbenet ramsey is back in the news. that cold case has gone unsolved for more than two decades.
8:13 am
now jonbenet's brother, burke, just 9 when she was killed, is telling his side of the story. linsey davis here with the new interview. good morning, linsey. >> we're talking about a man who lived an extremely sheltered life. dr. phil describes burke ramsey as socially awkward. burke often talks with a smile as he discusses very dark topics, namely, the murder of jonbenet and the suspicion that fell not only on his parents but also on him. >> i started crying. i don't think i said anything. i didn't believe it at first. >> reporter: burke ramsey was just a 9-year-old boy when he found himself entangled in the criminal cliffhanger that's captivated america for nearly 20 years, the murder of his younger sister, jonbenet. ♪ i want to be a cowboy >> reporter: the 6-year-old beauty queen was discovered strangled to death in the basement of their parents' boulder, colorado, home. >> i think this is the last picture -- >> really? >> -- that was ever taken of her alive. >> i don't remember the hair being that long but --
8:14 am
>> it's hard to believe that a short time later she would be dead. >> yeah. >> reporter: he's never spoken publicly about the tragedy until now. in the first of three interviews with dr. phil, which he was reportedly paid to do. >> some people have speculated that your parents weren't protecting you, they were hiding you. >> for the last 20 years i wanted to grow up like a normal kid. >> reporter: burke recalls his excitement unwrapping presents with jonbenet on christmas day 1996. >> i remember peeking down, and i remember seeing like an electric train and a bike, and i was superexcited. >> did she peek too? >> yeah, i think so, yeah. she got a big dollhouse. >> reporter: and the nightmare that unfolded the morning after beginning with waking up to his mom's hysteria. >> do you remember waking up that morning? >> yep. the first thing i remember is my mom bursting in my room really
8:15 am
frantic, running around my room, looking for jonbenet. i remember her saying, where's my baby? where's my baby? >> reporter: burke later fell under suspicion along with his parents, john and patsy. >> mr. ramsey, did you kill jonbenet? >> no, i did not. >> mrs. ramsey, did you kill your daughter? >> no, i did not kill my daughter. >> reporter: 12 years after that crime, boulder authorities cleared the entire ramsey family and issued an apology. but on that fateful morning 20 years ago, burke says as police arrived, he simply froze inside his room. >> i just felt safer there. part of me doesn't want to know what's going on. i was scared, i think. >> reporter: at 29 years old burke is now a computer security analyst who works remotely. the next part of this interview promises to show never-before-seen tapes of burke being questioned by police. now that he's finally talking, he's actually revealing a lot. >> those tapes are going to be really something. >> thank you, linsey. >> thank you very much. coming up, abby wambach is making headlines, and she's
8:16 am
going to talk to robin opening up about that battle with drugs and alcohol, her success, as well. she got a new book out. ♪ if you're hurting if you're hurting ♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. whenpneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly.
8:17 am
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♪ thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ♪ walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. that's how we know her,
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soccer legend, abby wambach celebrating the u.s. women's 2015 world cup win, and now the legend is here live. abby is a two-time olympic gold medalist. the leading professional goal scorer, man or woman, of all time. and now, my friends, she is opening up about her successes and setbacks in her powerful new memoir, "forward." abby, i read this cover to cover this weekend. it was not what i was expecting. first of all, good morning. it's always great to see you. >> good morning. yeah, it's always a pleasure. you look stunning. >> thank you. catch me at 9:01. i look a little different at 9:01, but the video that we just showed, and that's how people know you, you know, confident and out there. you read your book, and just right off the bat you're so open about the demons that you were going through that you had for as long as you can remember abused alcohol and prescription drugs. tell people why that entered your life.
8:21 am
>> well, i mean i think that there's a lot of reasons why. you know, i can't get into all of those. we don't have enough time here right, robin? but, i think, for me, the reason i wrote the book is i really want to help people. i know that for me i was ashamed of it for a long time. that's why i wasn't capable of getting help. my family, like they're a little bit stressed that i've like uncovered this news. they're upset because i was in so much pain and they didn't really even know because i kept it private for so long. so this is like my call to people out there to not be ashamed of this. to ask for help. i think it could help people, i really do. >> i know it can help people. and you really didn't intend to go there. >> no. >> you said it was the dui in april that really opened your eyes, and you said you had to come clean. you said it was one of the best things that ever happened to you. >> yeah, i mean i think for me whenever -- when i agreed to do this book, this was not a part of the plan, right. i was going to write this book about my soccer legacy and talk about that, but once i got the dui, i was like this has to be
8:22 am
part of the story. and now i have to actually really tell it. and to be unashamed about something and to feel like you can actually help people through your story, with whatever they may be going through, i think it's a story that needs to be told. >> and people want to know, it's a tough question to ask you because you've been a friend for a long time, were you ever under the influence at all during a game, an important game of any sort? the world cup or -- >> that's a great question. i'm so glad you ask and the answer is a complete no. this is something that happened obviously after games and during mostly off periods like off-seasons and whatnot. >> the chill abby. >> the chill abby, for sure. >> you're a gemini and you write about that in the book. >> yeah, yeah, absolutely, and i think that for me, you know, i'm so glad that you asked that question because like abuse for years, like the prescription stuff didn't happen until late in my career. and alcohol has, you know, i've been drinking alcohol since i was 21 years old, so that was something that kind of evolved over the time of my career. >> you have a lot of love from
8:23 am
your family. you've got six siblings. your teammates. and one of them, alex morgan, has a little shoutout for you. >> no way. >> yeah, here it is. >> hi, abs, first of all, i just want to say that i freaking miss seeing your face every single day. and i miss my partner in crime on the field. but most of all why i'm filming this is i want to congratulate you on such a courageous book. honestly, abby, i'm so proud of you and i'm really happy for you. you deserve it so enjoy this moment. love you. >> oh. >> she goes from abs like that. and i got to tell you, it is very brave. you go there and there is a theme you go back to again and again, and i want to quote you from your book. you said, "if i play well, my mother might forgive me for being who i am." that was a theme that you kept repeating. what did you mean by that? >> well, i think that, you know, i came from a fairly conservative -- my family is irish catholic. i went to catholic schools my whole life, and, you know, being
8:24 am
gay and then having some of these demons that i felt like i had to numb away and some of the pain that i had throughout my career, i was -- it was part of who i am, and so i really -- you know, this is kind of one of those things that being inside my own skin and being scared and being in pain, i just really wanted to feel love, you know? and i know my mom loves me. god, mom, i love you so much. you're the best. i know my family loves me. just sometimes for really deep feeling people, it's hard to actually feel that. >> yeah, and i love after one of your games and you were so down and she just hugged you and she said i love you. >> and i cried. i remember, i cried as hard as i've ever cried maybe in that moment. >> we're very sorry to hear about your divorcing sarah. people remember the kiss that went viral like that and it's just one of those things. we didn't know at the time.
8:25 am
>> right. >> even then that you all were struggling. are you okay? >> yeah, i mean sarah and i, we've had an amazing relationship. i have nothing but love for her and obviously that moment was so iconic and something that i'm very, very proud of. and i know that this was not easy for her. you know, this whole struggle that i went through, she saw firsthand. she was literally on the front lines of this and was, you know, my biggest advocate, my biggest champion and was there for me in times when i didn't even know i could be there for myself. so, for me, this is definitely really hard -- obviously, going through any divorce is difficult, but nothing but love for sarah. >> yeah, and nothing but love for you, respect, thank you for sharing as you have and thank you for how you're fighting for pay equality. >> yeah. >> and you guys need that. i mean here you are. no one has scored more goals than you, but, bless you. >> love you, girl. >> i love you back. "forward," you got to pick it up, people. it is out today. [ cheers and applause ] oh, robin.
8:26 am
good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. your accuweather highlights. mostly sunny and cooler than average. patchy fog tonight and a warm patter that forms tonight holds through the weekend. in the east bay, mainly 70s elsewhere and 60s around the bay and toward the coast. tonight we'll drop down into the 50s with the best chance of fog into the north bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast, our warmest temperatures will be this weekend. have a great day. oh, yeah. look at us. we're up here. we have a great audience with us upstairs. and on top of that, we have a humongous star literally. and this humongous star, he's channeling his inner dancing demon. >> yes, indeed.
8:27 am
. good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news has confirmed the man involved in a deputy involving shooting has died. it happened near crystal mcauliffe elementary last night. the deputy was not harmed. no word on the condition of the suspect or what led up to that shooting. we'll keep you posted. >> let's get to alexis with a check of your commute. >> good morning. we do have a report of a motorcycle crash on northbound 680 before you get to 24. we can't see that on this camera but we do have one lane blocked. and we have long delays in the south bay on 280 northbound direction a rollover before el monte. one lane is blocked. the slow lane. and you are jammed back down for several miles. so another update in about 30 minutes. >> thanks alexis.
8:28 am
meteorologist mike ni
8:29 am
good morning, live doppler 7 looking a little bit drier than when we had the drizzle in the santa cruz mountains. so here is your day planner for today. 60s most areas with total sunshine. 70s inland. here is a quick look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warming trend will make it feel more like the fall flavor we're used to this time of the year, natasha.
8:30 am
>> i like that, mike. we'll have another update on 30 minutes a welcome back to "gma." live from times square. ♪ i love this new studio. i love having the audience here with us. we welcome you back to "gma." a great crowd, as always and you are a great crowd. [ applause ] nobody puts baby in the corner. nobody puts baby in the corner. >> you know, i told the crowd they better be careful. they're all on tv and if they're supposed to be at work or school, that they're in trouble. uh-oh. >> this is what i'm bringing to the table. a few weeks ago kanye west dropped his new video and this is about as much of the video as we can show you on morning tv so -- >> unbelievable, though. ♪ hold up hold up
8:31 am
♪ i feel it >> but you know what, that video was insanely viral but looks like she has a little competition from somebody that we all know. take a look at this. ♪ ♪ i fade away >> come on, shaq. ♪ hold up hold up >> look. >> he's not done yet. he's not done. >> going to drop like it's hot. >> up close and personal. >> oh. >> he dives into camera. the man is not holding back. that's what you do i guess when you are an nba hall of famer, congratulations for shaq. >> yeah. [ applause ] and you had a big celebration last night downtown to celebrate him going into the nba hall of fame and i went down and i saw him and i said, hey, i saw the video and you know what he says to me. you want to challenge me? >> do we have that video? do we have that video?
8:32 am
>> i -- no, no, no. >> he wants to challenge me here. >> oh. >> and? and? and? [ applause ] >> and -- >> michael, do you know -- >> i develop my own moves, lara. but all i can -- >> if you do it you get to stay out of the shark tank. >> i'm not scared, shaq. you and i. right here on this -- we'll have a dance-off. >> you know, right now -- do you know what's happening behind that door right now. bookers are like -- shaq, line 4. we want that so badly. >> yes. >> congrats to him. >> absolutely. all right, so here's what i bring to the table. when we were growing up you know the magic words all our moms taught us, please. thank you. usually worked like a charm but now one professor in the uk is saying that there is another magic word out there that might
8:33 am
be even more influential. i want to ask you guys to write down what could a new magic word be. >> just one word. >> one of our audience members said abracadabra. that is not the answer. you know what it's not? you can be contrarian. >> in your opinion what would -- >> when you ask for something what is the magic word. >> please, thank you and now -- >> one magic word. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, wow, michael. >> i'm ready. >> go ahead, michael. >> now! especially when you have a face like that. >> robin. robin, you're will close. >> will. >> and george, my least favorite word in the english language. whatever. >> the opposite, that's indifference. the word is willing. it's willing and they have done massive testing. this professor says that if you say please, thank you, you make
8:34 am
a request the person says, no go. try doing it again including the word willing. would you be willing to do this. that makes them think about, well, what they're capable of and what are their parameters in life. >> it also helps put it off for a little while instead of saying yes or no. >> it paraphrases so a little food for thought as you start your workday or school day or trying to get out of homework, mom, would you be willing to let me out of homework? i'm here for you, america. >> i'm willing but not able. no. >> wow be willing to give me a glass of water now? >> that'll do it. [ applause ] [ all talking at once] >> i love it all comes together. have you all seen -- it's gone viral. a wonderful story. unfortunate that somebody and many of us that we know, we know people going through cancer so
8:35 am
there was a man who is going through that and 450 students at a faculty at a high school in the nashville area, they decide to go to his home and to sing to him. take a look at this. ♪ you are welcome here ♪ come flood this place and we'll be there ♪ ♪ your glory, god, is what our hearts come for ♪ ♪ to be overcome by your presence, oh ♪ >> you got tears there. how moved we all are. we did get a chance to catch up with mr. ellis. here's what he had to say. >> it overwhelmed me that god would fill that many students with that much love and that moment i felt like i was not alone. >> not alone. >> you are not alone. >> he is really loved. joined by the headmaster at
8:36 am
christ academy. nate mar roe and teacher's daughter, betsey ellis joining us right now and, nate, tell us how this whole idea came about. >> well, ben is a man who loves like jesus loves, first of all. he loves larishly, he loves intentionally and he has taught us all how to love better so through this fight worship has been a place of peace for him, a place he's found joy in worshiping and praising in community so last week, we got some hard news about his treatment options and our high school principal parker altman called and said, nate, i want to take the high school to ben's house and worship with him and do it now. can we and i simply said let's go and it was a moment, we got to all be a part of love and action that was probably one of the greatest lessons that i know i and i think all of us will have learned and it didn't happen in a classroom. >> sir, you know full well that oftentimes those in high school
8:37 am
are accused of only thinking about themselves. but this was so selfless and that had to, i know, meant so much to mr. ellis and to others there to see them not think of themselves. but of him. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, i think that was just a reflection back to ben what he's meant to us. he is a guy who in the hallway and the classroom, everywhere he goes he pursues people and never thinks of himself and i think that was just a way that we could love him back. >> betsey, how was it for you to see all your friends and classmates behind you right there serenade your dad? >> it was so special and it was amazing because we didn't necessarily serenade him. we got to worship with him and especially because of how important worship has been for my dad and my family through this whole journey, it was just so amazing and special to get to worship with him again and i knew that i had 450 plus people
8:38 am
who are walking beside me and who love me and it was just a beautiful picture of the body of christ for me. >> betsey, do your friends behind you, do they have a message for your dad this morning? >> we do. we do. students -- >> we love you, mr. ellis. >> love you, dad. [ applause ] >> give -- betsey, give your father our love. blessings to you all. thank you so much? thank you. >> outside to ginger. >> ah, you got me tearing up out here. a fresh and beautiful morning here in n good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. a little drizzle possible in the santa cruz mountains through 9:00. the rest of us see sunshine, 60s and 70s today. my accuweather
8:39 am
>> and that was brought to you by folger's. look who we have here, a special guest dropping by. country superstar jason aldean. jason, thank you for being here with us. >> my pleasure. >> i hear all these people just screaming your name. i love it. you saw that last story. >> yeah. >> so special to you because you are very active in the fight against it. >> we are. actually i'd love to have ben and his family come out. we have a show we're doing, opry goes pink in nashville in october so i'd love to have him come out to the show. but, yeah, we do a lot of work with susan g. komen. >> i know every time you do a show you bring somebody up, a survivor or someone fighting. >> yeah, we have survivors come out to every show and we also, you know, proceeds from every ticket sold every single ticket sold on tour, part of the proceeds of that go to susan g. komen at the end of the year so it's a big -- something near and dear to my heart.
8:40 am
>> going on now. you were just at fenway. how did that feel being an iconic park. >> it was nice. we did two nights at fenway park in boston and just one of those places that so much history of that ballpark and me being such a big, you know, sports fan, baseball fan in particular, there's nothing else quite like it. >> it's out now. how is it different? what can fans expected or what did you intend in it now. >> for me every time we make an album it's about trying to make the best record i can and i feel like this album is sort of me getting back to my roots a little bit and, you know, it's just one of those things where, you know, just want people to check it out and, you know, i think it's sort of a combination of ole and new, you know, so it's a little bit of both. and i'm really excited about it. >> we can't wait to listen. hey, anybody in here a jason aldean fan? a couple of them. how about we give some away. >> we brought some cds to give
8:41 am
away here. >> how cool is that? this young woman behind you is 90 years old. >> 90 years old. >> getting married, as well. >> well, congratulations. >> a big celebration. thank you so much, jason. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> the album is out now. you guys got to grab one, michael. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, the big results -- what are you doing? >> i was adjusting my microphone. >> you shouldn't see that at home. the results of our buy it and try it live. >> yeah, we were trying something live. becky is also trying one of the hottest infomercial products, spray on nail polish. how well that work and a couple of other things. you never know what's happening on "gma," baby. >> that's true. ♪
8:42 am
alright, how's this for a tv show. sous chef. lawyer by day, prep-cook by night. also, his name is sous. no. sloppy joseph. a middle-aged man who's trying to get his life together, but he can't - he's to sloppy. huhhh - no! here you go. i got this. i get cash back so it's like everything's on sale. with the blue cash everyday card from american express you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. everything's on sale! a home shopping show takes place on a sailboat. that's the one! banana boat dessert on me. look at you being all lactose tolerant. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. "it's halloween time my it'sfrightful fiends,ack. and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!"
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(screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat."
8:44 am
♪ i won't give up no i won't give in ♪ back now with our new series "gma's" "buy it and try it" live. we're giving some of the most popular infomercial products a try live and company representatives are here standing by. this morning it is all about beauty, right? beauty. who better to bring it to us than our own beautiful becky worley. >> ah, thank you, my dear. thank you. >> now the first thing we'll try is the spray effect. >> yeah. >> spray on nail polish. we saw tory -- you tried it out this morning. >> mine is in process. tory is going to show us how it
8:45 am
works but first, should we look at the infomercial. >> that would happen. >> what if i told you perfectly polished nails were just a spray away? that spray for feck, the spray on nail polish that gives you perfect salon looking nails without stressing the details of the secret is spray perfect's smart polish formula that always sticks to your anyways but easily washes off your skin with water. >> you know, perfect nails without stressing the details. >> i've seen it. my 11-year-old girls have asked for this. >> tory, give us a show of how this works. you spray it on from four to six inches away. >> you missed a little bit there. >> it's messy on this side but you seal it in which is what i've done and what i'm going to do now, once you seal that in, you can just wash all this excess polish off. >> oh, wow. >> because the seal holes the polish on -- >> that seal is a traditional top coat and you can use sop and water and to get it off. let me tell you, i'm going to show you what the results are.
8:46 am
i think that this got pretty good coverage on the nails themselves, but i definitely get a lot of that kind of over -- you know the over -- >> the overspray they call it. >> you're real technical. aren't you? >> i've had it on my car before. not a good thing. >> oh, i see. >> this is not about the nails. you know, i definitely feel like it got more on my cuticles than i would want and as i do this, jackie is our company representative, as i do this more would i get better at it. >> with anything practice makes perfect. you have to be careful with the base coat. >> ah. and you mentioned that the silver that tory used, it looks a little nicer and comes off a little cleaner so maybe it's the color as well. >> it has to do with the sparkles too. >> okay, all right. that's spray perfect, michael. >> you know what -- >> whoo. [ applause ] >> i am glad my girls are in school. if not i'd be buying that for them.
8:47 am
next up we have simply straight. >> yes, simply straight, it seems too hard to believe but maybe it works. we're going to find out. >> we'll find out. let's see the infomercial. >> when it's time to straighten your curly hair you could spray on the chemicals, wrestle with a blow dryer and brush or you could simply brush your curly hair straight instantly with simply straight. the amazing new ceramic straightening brush that combines the power of a flat iron with a styling ability of a brush. >> we have -- >> dhie yen. >> kashana and you have naturally curly hair. not easy to do when my girls want it straightened. >> you brush with these brushes and it straightens it right out. i'm giving it a go and it's getting straight. don't listen to becky with the good hair -- cheyenne, come on -- i cannot be talking about this. cheyenne. you and kashana need to tell me.
8:48 am
>> it's great. it's absolutely combing through my hair like a breeze. >> right. >> nour hair is straight. >> wow. now, kashana, it is straightening. your hair is a little curlier. would you just use this or would this be something you use in concert with something else. >> so, i am an utter curly hair fan, but, you know, the myth is that if you're only curly, you never love straight but this is wonderful. i have a very positive experience with this. >> oh, good. i first tried it on low heat. now i turn the heat up a little bit more. it feels very soft and it slides right through. >> good. all right. >> jason, are we doing it right. >> jason, how you been? well done? i got to say is becky with the good hair, she's going to be back tomorrow with more infomercial products offering everybody at home, offer you at home and we'll see what happens when we try them all out here live. i love that and we'll do it
8:49 am
live. and coming up, she's the new miss america, and now savvy shields is right here in times square. look at her. there she is.
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ you're so beautiful >> there she is. savvy shields, everybody, in atlantic city. [ applause ] the new crowned miss america 2017. thanks for coming in to see us. >> thanks for having me. it's so much fun. >> is it comfortable? >> it's like glued to my head. it's not coming off. it is so much fun. it is unreal. i'm so excited. >> tell us about that moment. you seemed shocked but that moment when you heard your name. >> it was -- it was a dream. you dream of that moment for since you're years old and think about it happening in this reality world in this reality space but you never think of it happening in real life. whenever it does happen you're
8:52 am
not prepared for it so you don't know how to reyak and i didn't actually realize what i did until i saw the video so i'm thankful i didn't make a fool of myself. >> you seemed very prepared. you got high marks. your words got high marks. a lot have been asking about your name. savvy shields. it sounds like you should be savvy shields. >> i hope so. i kind of like it. >> like a star in -- savvy shields like cop -- >> like a cop? i haven't heard that one yet. >> a superhero. >> i like it. i like it. a superhero. so much fun. >> your real name is savannah. >> the only person that calls me savannah is my ballet teacher. everyone else calls me savvy. >> you're going back to college which i love. >> absolutely, i'm so excited. because of this organization i get to go to college debt-free. i mean from the miss america organization -- oh, absolutely. [ applause ] because of miss america i have gotten over $90,000. >> it's a great organization.
8:53 am
>> absolutely. i was a judge and then i hosted it a couple years. i'm a giant fan of the program. it's a scholarship but it also showcases your talents and she also wants to be one of beyonce's backup dancers. so you got to give it -- >> trying to plug that as much as possible. i think it's every dancer's dream to dance for beyonce. >> we'll watch for you, savvy shields. miss america, everybody, there she is.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> thank you to savvy shields, miss america, great to have you today from thank you so much. >> everybody, have a great tuesday. >> bye-bye. >> thank you, savvy.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. let's get right to mike nicco with a check of your forecast. >> good morning, everybody. good news if you are traveling through the santa cruz mountains, the dralz is starting, but not after it lefts.400 to .800 of an inch. and warmer than yesterday but not where we should be. that should happen thursday into friday and warmer through the weekend. hey alexis. >> i don't have good news on the traffic front, on bay bridge before treasure island, a report of a crash that has cleared. but back-upped through the made and a sig-alert on 280 on the northbound side north of hicky in the daly city area. this is due to a roll over crash and expect long delays. >> thank you so much. it is time for live with kelly.
9:00 am
be back at 11:00 for the midday news. join me then. a ? testing. this is a test. testing. [cheering and applauding] ♪


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