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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> breaking news from sutter county, the air force has confirm add military plane has crashed. north of sacramento. the plane was with the air force base east of yuba city in a small range about 35 mile west of the buttes and the two pilots edgeject best crash. you can see a bit of the wreckage in this video. investigators are on the scene. details have not been released why the plan may have gone down we track that through the day. audit latest with the news app. i am kristen sze.
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>> i am reggie aqui. now, huge flames shooting into the air, forcing neighbors to get out of the their homes and now we know the likely cause. >> dinner. matt keller in san jose now with the new details. matt? >> the homeowners are here and this is a major clean up. they say 90% of home and belongings were destroyed in the fire. you can tell how bad a fire was by what was left behind. this fire here on lieb court in east san jose was bad. several people captured video on their smartphones of the huge flames and thick smoke around 7:30 last night. chuckie hernandez sent thus photo of the willow tree in the yard looking like a match stick. and another viewer shared this shot from across the street, the flames fuel by a gas main and spread to a power pole charring
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utility lines. several people were evacuate including stella. >> you saw power lanes burned? >> yes. >> what were you thinking? >> frightening. frightening. close to home. too close. >> firefighters say the fire was started by someone cooking chicken on the patio. a neighbor's rabbit was killed but no one was injured. we spoke with the man who lived in the home with his mom, ankle and brother 27 years. >> this is all you knew? >> i grew newspaper this house and moved here when i was born. >> short-term they can stay with other family in the area. the good news is they have insurance and will likely rebuild. >> you see something like this on tv and fowl bad for whoever is there but it is different when you are going through it. >> 350 customers were without power overnight and i checked the pebble pg&e website and ther
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has been restored. >> oakland school is getting ready to test students for tuberculosis after a member of the community was diagnosed with the airborne disease. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at skyline high school and i asked amy in students and parents were reacting calmly to the news. >> that is right principal is being bombard by gone calls by some parents. we heard some nervousness and some added an extra layer of defense today. a new accessory made an appearance at skyline high school in oakland a few students were masks in response to a confirmed case of tuberculosis on campus. others talk about skipping class altogether. >> they just want to city he they do not want to risk. >> officials have been proactive with information and the patient is in isolation. some say they still feel uneasy.
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>> scary. i have two children here and i don't want either of them to catch it so i am hope they will test all the kids not just those they think are exposed the it could lead to false positives putting people on antibiotics unnecessarily but this will test hundreds next week those deed most likely exposed. the parents will be getting letters from the principal expecting a strong reaction. >> i picket more parents will be concerned when they get the letter saying their student may have been exposed because then it hits your kitchen table. >> right news though, attendance is fine, and parents are calm. >> last night there were ten parents in attendance and it says to me that the parent body overall is comfortable and confident in what we are doing and how we are doing it. >> because of privacy laws she will not say who the patient is
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but expects this person to make a full recovery. >> we want to give you more background on continue tuberculosis so you know what to watch out for. i is an airborne disease and nose at risk are in close contact with an infected person. >> when someone has techbytes disease, -- tuberculosis disease they can have coughing and night fevers, but it is actually fairly common to be infected and have in symptoms. >> unintentional weight loss are other symptoms. you should be seen in the weightless is dramatic or you cough more than three weeks. the good news in all of this, tuberculosis is treatable with antibiotics. >> now the entertainment is shocked this morning. angelina jolie and brad pitt calling it quits. jessica castro has more on the
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hollywood romance. >> they were practically newlyweds. >> chances are many of our viewers have already heard the news on twitter, facebook, you name it, that is why it is a big headline, brajolina as the couple was often fondly calls with the most tabloid generating romans, the mega stars only got married two years ago but they had been together 12 years since 2004 after starring together in "mr. and mrs. smith." we have learned the couple officially separated last thursday and that her celebrity attorney filed the paperwork on her behalf yesterday. jolie's attorney said it was made "for the health of the family." >> a source said both sides want a cordial break up, and tmz reporting 41 jolie is asking for custody of the six children and asking cringe to give 52-year-old brad pitt visitation rights and reports that jolie is not asking for spousal support. the couple has isis children
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together, three by logical and these adopted. in a statement to people, she said i am saddened by this but what matters most is the well-being of our kids and i kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during thissing canning time. >> we have obtain add copy of her court filing which reportedly says there are irreconcilable differences. >> thank you, jessica. the san francisco city attorney has subpoenaed millennium partners, the developing of the sinking tower on mission street part of an investigation into whether the developer complied with state law and disclosed known structural sinking issues to buyers of the 400 units in the 58-story luxury tower. new accounts reveal since 2009 the luxury high-rise has sunk 16" and tilted at base by 2". >> san leandro police say a predator is off the streets. the department has announced the arrest of the man seen on this
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surveillance video we we who attacked a washington on washington avenue july 28. in all, he tried to kidnap three different women. police have scheduled a news conference for 1:15 to release more details. >> developing news now, in san jose, police are investigating the city's 36th homicide of the year, and officers responded to a report of a person down on lone bluff way before 1:00 a.m. they found a man on the sidewalk suffering from at least one gunshot wound who died at the scene, with no word on a motive or suspect. >> oakland police are investigating a suspected drunk driving crash at 11:40 on foothill boulevard, between 47 this and 48th avenue. police say the driver, 23 years old, was drunk and speeding when she lost control of her car. you can see what happened. they also say she smashed into three parked cars before finally crashing into one and stopping. the woman is critical but stable
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condition and opened up seven hours later. >> acting san francisco police chief toney chaplin is among the finalists for the permanent job. there are 11 people in the running, narrowed down from a list of 60 applications. five of the 11 are from the department. the city police commission is expecting to failure the names of three final is to mayor lee in the next month. >> happening now, a hearing just wrapping up on capitol hill focusing on san francisco-based wells fargo, the c.e.o. apologized to customers for more than two million fake accounts opened if their names and denying it was orchestrated fraud by bank management. senator warn said the russian hill residents should be criminal investigated by the justice department and security regulators. you watched your own stock go up by $200 million based in part on exactly in massive fraud.
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well will was fined $185 million early this month. annex, new details on the suspect in the east coast bombings and what vest gaves have uncovered about his past and his family. >> a promising development in the fight against breast cancer, how technology can help women stay in better touch with their own health. >> relief at pump, a fix coming soon for frustrated drivers in the south. >> and i am drew tuma. relief from the heat with temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. but how long will it stick around? i explain in the seven-day
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>> new developments of the suspect in knock and the new jersey bombings. official say that the father of the suspect contacted the f.b.i. two years ago concerned his son was a terrorist. >> the father later protracted the comment and said his son was just hanging out with the wrong crowd. >> our reporter has the other develop 349s. >> we know the man responsible for this bombing in new york, two bombings in new jersey, and a man hundred that ended if a shoot out with police, the 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. a naturalized american citizen born in afghanistan, seen here in the high school year book and worked at familiar restaurant, first american fried chicken.
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i have lived here for six years and everyone is very calm, quiet, peaceful, nice. >> now, rahami is held on charges of attempted murder for the shoot out with police as authorities will the case. >> there was a pipe bomb, this was a pressure cooker bombs so where did he get the materials? all the other big question: what, exactly, happened during his year long trip to afghanistan and pakistan? >> they will look at where he said he went, does it match? or did he go off to some rogue mock or hookup with someone that could have trained him to become a drift? all the investigation continues and moments of the new yorkers we talked to want to get back to live as normal. >> the subway is as crowd as saturday. >> things are back to normal in new york city authorities are still working to make sure that rahami was work alone searching and social media accounts trying to find out more on the trip to afghanistan. as of now rahami is still not
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cooperating. >> relief can be coming soon for drivers in the south dealing with gas short averages and skyrocketing prices. the pipeline will restart the main gas line tomorrow a week and a half after it broke and spilled 300,000 gallons of gas interest an alabama pond. the line supplies 0% of fuel needed to six states in the southeast and said it will take a few days for the supply chain to fully recover. >> there was drama in the ballroom: lock lock ryan lochteg emotional. >> a job at a top company in the bay area want enough to keep an employee in the bay area. >> and time to get out hoodies because the temperatures have taken a dip today, and this is a look at sfo camera, and meteorologist is come up
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>> new technology could make early break cancer detection easier with scientists developing art official intelligence software to predict a woman's breast cancer risk faster and more reliably and is 99% accuracy so the risk of false positive results are significantly lower. 1.6 million biopsies are performed and an estimated 20% are unnecessary due to false positive mammogram results. >> we want you to find the hottest videos on the web before they viral by watch a new show called "right this minute," and we will check with the hosts for a look at what is coming up.
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the require help meeting your children before school? maybe this will give you ideas for the morning routine. >> i work hard. >> i work hard. i am beautiful. >> i am beautiful. >> i am respectful. >> i am respectful. this motivates the little girl by starting in front of the mirror and reciting the positive affirmations. so cute. >> she has difficulty with the last part but it is so darned cute. i went to be his daughter. >> if you want to see the entire video, you have to much where the show. in that does not motivate you we have the bet viral videos and giving away an ipad mini. we will see you there. >> thank you so much, we will see you today on "right this minute," and each weekday at
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3:00 right here on abc7. >> now, your forecast with drew tuma. >> a little bit of weather whiplash going from extreme heat to a rapid cool down and live doppler hd is tracking the return of the marine layer, the clouds are back, the fog such again the coast and it is videoing inland at this hour and live doppler hd is fromming clouds from san jose, san mateo, up to san francisco and even into san rafael so the big story today is the rapid drop in our temperatures in 24 hours from 1 degree cooler now in san francisco, 11 degrees cooler in san jose and 17 degrees cooler in santa rosa and, nows concord, ten degrees cooler. current temperatures you notice a change since yesterday. we are at 61 in san francisco and this time yesterday we were at 75, 71 in san jose, and 70 in hayward, 76 in concord and antioch not too bad at 77. highs today are 10 to 20 decks cooler compared to yesterday and
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72 is the high in oakland and 66 in san francisco, and san jose going to colorful afternoon high of 88, and 85 in concord and 82 in santa rosa and the same thing for napa. the evening planner, hour by hour, a comfortable evening on hand, and as the sun goes down temperatures are going to drop rapidry back support sick of the the seven-day forecast i will show you we have a cooler day on way today, and even cooler tomorrow, just in time on thursday, as well, for autumn at 7:21 and fall arrives and heat comes back up saturday and sunday and can you track the temperatures right here. >> thanks drew. >> former facebook employee make a six figure salary quit the dream job because the bay area is too expensive. >> he quit facebook and moved to arizona he and the four member family cannot afford to live here saying technical giants should consider move out
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of expensive cities in order to retain workers. >> he said facebook pays well in absolute terms, and fur single income family and you live frugally because the rent checks eat into the disposable income and a lot us are familiar with that story. >> appeal america recently moved out, too, cannot afford to live here. anobody is safe head of the elimination on "dancing with the stars" tonight. >> all eyes are on two olympians.
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we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. >> we were talking about the high cost of living here and after 62 hours at 9 same location, the u.s. geological survey is going to move to mountain view. agency is not immune to rising republicans. according to the u.s. geological survey they pay $7.5 million a area for residents, maintenance and out it wills, and the residents is set to double next year. u.s. geological survey now plans on moving to moffett field with no final lease agreement signed and toy say everything should be finalized in the next couple of months. >> coming up at 4:00 today, new effort to help the homeless in a bay area city and you can help make change work for everyone. how about this, using technology to tell how someone is really
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feeling, happy, sad, angry, and find out would developers say where use the device and that is coming up on abc7 at 5:00, a more sophisticated idea for a mood ring, essentially. but a high-tech version of that. >> olympian is the frontrunner in the bam room and -- in the ballroom and not the one you could think. >> i called it, i pigged her. >> she is the one you picked. >> hernandez is in first place on "dancing with the stars" and last night all areas were on swimmer ryan lochte. a week after seeing this, protesters storming the floor after his performance, he said the moment was heartbreaking. >> i woke up can see my mom in tears. and seeing her in tears just...
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>> am i heart last or not feeling it. >> i know what you mean but he got support of cast members and they wore t-shirts but who is going on? elimination night and watching the result show tonight at 8:00 right here. >> spoiler alert, i think it is the former governor of texas.
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