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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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temperature up and around to,500' and 30% humidity. here is what will happen, shifting and faster winds pushing the smoke into the santa clara valley through the weekend and cooler temperatures with the humidity increasing is the saving grace. the roads this morning? alexis? >> more closed than yesterday. so far highway 17 is not impacted. 101 not, either but it is affecting quite a few of the local roads. and summit between southern california and san jose and pole line, and mount batche and uvas, to residents. >> we should get another update at 7:00 and right now only 10% contained with the latest information downloading our free news app with enabling of the
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push alerts. >> crews are battle the fire three other fires popped up stretching resources thin. the most devastating was a grass fire that left dozens look for a new place to stay at stewart drive north of the marina. our reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> smoke and flames all around. a petaluma neighborhood is on fire. crews attacking the blaze from all sides and making water drops from the air. all the fire started getting bad can they dumped more water. i started to thing, my gosh...this is going to be worse. >> sky 7 shows it did get worse spreading to 13 homes. firefighters say it began as a grass fire on highway 101. hot and dry conditions fueled the situation. >> fire went into the trees and winds were blowing it down the side of the freeway. >> the flames dropped hot embers
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on houses below. four homes were damaged. now red tagged. the police told them to get the hell out. >> it is on fire. get out. now. they went the they did not grab anything. >> an elderly inlaw couple escaped the burning house just in time. >> did not know anything until i got here. >> bill returned home to this. afternoon. >> there are things that are salvageable but it is pretty trashed. >> i feel so bad for these people. it make you think... >> firefighters are have thing a cause a spark from a sparking car or a lit cigarette are possible culprits. >> as we have said firefighters have been on the lines all night trying to get a handle on the
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situation. >> we will get to matt keller on the lanes of the loma fire. what can you tell us, matt? >> yes, good morning, natasha. it is incredible when you think of this, the fire start at 3:00 on monday afternoon and if you were in the valley or near the mountains you saw the huge plume of smoke and knew the fire was very, very big. here we are, just about 36 hours later, and it is 10% contained and over 2,200 acres burned and seven buildings were destroyed. only one was a home so the credit to the firefighters. four firefighters are getting help from mother nature with cooler temperatures. the firefighters are not the only heroes, one family is calling their neighbor a hero, this couple moved into their house august 1 and said the neighbor rescued her dog and cat. >> i would be a mess if i did not have my dog and my cat.
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i don't want to think about it. he did everything he could. he put -- he stopped packing his stuff to help us. incredible. and we have only known him, two weeks, three weeks, he did that for me. >> she is not sure what she will find when she returns home like a lot of families but it is amazing no one has been injured. we expect an update at 7:00 this morning. >> matt, thank you, novato police cite add teen for starting a small grass fire that left a home severelily damaged. a 14-year-old boy playing with matches is to blame for a fire that break out at novato boulevard. sky 7 was over the scene after 6:00 last night the fire spread to brush, power lines, and to the back side of a house.
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the teen is also being refer to the youth fire center program. >> the grass fire black bed the ground in alameda county. in dublin yesterday, at the camp park army training area it burned 25 acres. >> police confirm add person died in a single car crash. can you see how badly damaged the car was after hitting a tree. reports of the crash came in at 7:30. police did not say in the victim was the driver. all the first officer charged in the underage sex scandal affecting multiple police departments has turned himself into police. oakland police officer brian bunten was booked into jail. this is his mug shot. he posted bail. this is video from friday. he pleaded not guilty to felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor engaging in an act of prostitution, warned jasmine
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abuslin of a prostitution sting. all the suspect at the center of a bizarre kidnapping case will appear in court in sacramento. matthew mueller scheduled for a change of plea and the current plea is not guilty. if he takes a deal the case does not go to trial in january. he is on medication so the court has to make additional inquiries whether he is of sound mind to file a plea. he is charged with kidnapping denise huskins. police dismissed the story originally, similar to a plot in "gone girl," and huskins filed a civil lawsuit against the city. in southern california, police admit officers shot and killed an unarmed black man and the profit at 9:00 a.m. outside of police headquarters. this know stow a still frame from cell phone video shot by a witness. it appears to show a man with an on jacket taking an aggressive
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stance after there were reports of erratic behavior. all the male threw an object from the front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended it rapidly toward the officer taking what appears to be a shooting stance. >> police say the item in the man's hand was not a weapon and he was not armed. witnesses say the man was mentally disabled and his society not released. >> complicated relationship between race and policing is discussed in san francisco. there will be a panel of leaders at the criminal justice field including interim chief toney chaplin and public defender. the event is open to the public. it started at 3:30 p.m. you can register online to attend. the link is at >> this morning we are hearing from the son of former israeli leader shimon peres on his father's legacy. he died last night after suffering a major stroke two weeks ago. he was a nobel peace prize
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winner the most admired leaders. an the last surviving link to the founding fathers. he helped every senior political office including three times as remain over seven decade ask rear. >> he worked tire misally for israel from the very first day of the state to the last day of his life. >> according to the israeli phone ministry president obama and the clintons and prince charles all are expected to attend funeral on friday. shimon peres was 93. >> a typhoon pummeled taiwan. now to jessica with new video. jessica? >> this morning we have brand new video of the typhoon mailed for four deaths in taiwan and one in china and hundreds are injured. these are massive waves on the coast and this new video where you can see scaffolding completely knocked down off of the building. typhoon is now over china,
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flights have been canceled. skies are shut down in parts of china already this morning. we get any new images or information on the typhoon i will pass them along from the desk. right now that is it. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, check this out, we are up to ten degrees cooler, you are going to feel a difference when you step outside. so, we will start in the south bay, we are warm in league at 75 and 56 at saratoga, to san jose at 63 degrees, to santa clara at 58, and we have 63 in san francisco, 58 in alameda, and danville is at 5, and the 40s, a lost 49s. the golden gate look different than yesterday. you will need the fog lights and low beams. we start off with 50s and 60s at 7:00. toward anyone we have 59 at coast and we will stay low-to-mid 70s around the bay
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and low-to-upper 80s as the cooling breezes kick in this afternoon can you see them trying to bring the fog cross san francisco on sutro tower. the temperatures today, tomorrow, friday, everyone is getting cooler. the highs on friday are mid-60s to only mid-70s. it will be even cooler this weekend and i am tracking a chance of rain. that is next. >> taking a look at our bay bridge toll plaza camera we are not seeing major slow downs to morning, and nice and light so far today right around 5:30 is normally when we see the metering lights turn on and it slows down. mostly green across our traffic flows this morning, and i want to take you to highway 17 with a collision on the nobody side. this is right at the summit off-ramp so we just talked to c.h.p. and they said they do not think the collision is blocking but we have fire and ambulance on the way to the scene. it could change. a check of the drive times, tracy to dublin is starting to fill in on the central valley at 37 minutes and no issues heading
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southbound from the tri-valley between dublin and mission boulevard and northbound 85101 to cupertino is very light and in the green at 16 minutes. we will look at the north end in a few. >> more political punches are flying following the presidential debate. the war of words from hillary clinton and donald trump. and the record-breaking rate evening from their showdown. >> more fallout from the wells fargo controversy, the move by the
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>> abc7 news arm news all morning. >> the dust is settling after the most watched presidential debate in history. both candidates are campaigning and both claiming they won. our reporter has pore. ray? >> good morning. the daggers continue to be thrown on the campaign trail. hillary clinton looking to capitalize on her winning debate performance. in the meantime, donald trump is promising to be even more brutal during the next debate. >> in north carolina, a victory lap for hillary clinton. >> did anybody see that debate last night? he made it very clear he did not prepare for that debate. >> both claiming victory but trump complaining after faulty microphone and unfair questions from the moderator. >> almost every single call pold
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us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. >> both hitting each other hard on the economy, foreign policy, and their expense to be president. hillary clinton slammed donald trump for celebrating the housing crisis. >> what kind of person would want to root for nine million families losing their homes? donald trump firing back at rally in florida. >> she traveled all over the world and you know what it got us? nothing. all the debate she down at hofstra university shattering records, over 80 million people tuning in to watch. >> as you mentioned 80 million viewers watch the debate and 84 million to be exact, a lot of people but curing to most reports, history shows that more people still watched the finales of "cheers," and "roots," than the debate. and we behind it would be 100
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million and it did not reach the mark. san francisco is now the first city in the nation to been public spending in states that have passed anti-lgbt laws. the board of supervisors approved the legislation targeting north carolina, tennessee and mississippi, passing laws that limit transgender rights. the new law does not affect the existing contracts with companies based in the state will likely ban the city from renewing they will. >> oakland wants to get into the marijuana business and heated committee meeting shows not everyone is on board. the public safety committee is looking at amending the permanent program. it would require new marijuana business owners to give the city 25% of the earnings and a seat on their board. the committee is dead looked 2 do 2 after a fiery debate. the city council members have come back with a new proposal better blending the two sides' i'ds. >> state treasurer will announce
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something about wells fargo, after the c.e.o. john constitutional agreed to forfeit $41 million in stock awards and bonuses for 2016 immediately. wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million to settle allegations employees opened millions of accounts without customer permission to reach aggressive sales. the announcement is at noon at san francisco city hall. >> time to get back to mike with a check of the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we will start by opening you the weather window. i wented it show you this, look at the flags, they starting to push more to the east as the see breeze is creating itself and take control of the weather. more cooling, cleaner air, more clouds and a few misty spots. tracking a chance of showers next week. now in the south bay it will be warm today. upper 70s to low 80's. san jose is close to average at 82. 80 around santa clara. in the mid-to-upper 70s on the
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peninsula. 78 in redwood city. millbrae is 69. low-to-mid 60s along the coast with more cloud cover than yesterday. downtown san francisco is 66. yesterday we were in thity. two days before we were in the 90s. at&t park, keep the winning ways going at 7:15, 16 degrees and dropping to 58 with breezes back. hopefully, so are the giants. upper 70s to low 80s for the not bay and 84 in santa rosa and mid-to-upper 70s like oakland and 74 and 85 at santa rosa and 90 at brentwood. we have 40s in the north bay valley and patchy fog the rest us in the 50s. temperatures are tumbling on sunday night, monday and tuesday a light chance of a shower. that is next. >> looking forward to that better sleeping weather. you can see the difference on the golden gate bridge. mike shows you this 15 minutes ago but we are socked in on the golden gate bridge. you can make out the zipper
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trucks. you may have to flip on the wipers. slow down and drive for conditions. we are okay so far this morning with no major slow downs. the only spot we have red on the traffic flows is no surprise westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass and we down to 13 miles per hour. we will see how our one and only blocking issue on highway 17 is going coming you before 5:00. >> more fall intermediate over the yahoo hack. the impact it could have on millions of americans even if you not a yahoo customer. >> overwhelming act of kindness but two north carolina football teams scores more than a touchdown. how players came together for a memorable moment. but, good news in techbytes. >> elon musk mission to mars. that is spacex and tesla have plans for regular flights to the red planet starting in eight years. he unveiled the space ship that will carry 100 people on the 80
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day trip to mars. the pioneers will be able to return to earth and invisioned a self sustaining city on mars in a century. >> and aetna employees the subdisease the device to give people a chance to use health related illness. and now a record on instagram from selena hitting 100 million followers as she days a break from social media. she has not posted anything on instagram or twitter in six weeks since she canceled her tour due to health
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i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. >> organizers need your name to change the name of a park to robin williams. locals want to rename sharon meadow after williams. but they need political and financial support. san francisco's comedy day has been held for 36 years at sharon meadow and organizers say williams anonymously donated money to hold the event and financed the entire budget one year. they need approval from the board of supervisors and raise $100,000 to cover costs of chaining the signs on the part. to make a donation we have a link at >> this next story goes beyond regular sportsmanship. two middle schools created a
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memorable touchdown, for a young boy born with cerebral palsy but he 40s football. each career he looks forward to the biggest rivalries in north carolina, and this career, though, they drew up a play to include the biggest fan. a hand off to lou. he did not only score a 50 yards but on the biggest rival. >> we said no fumbles against wagesville, right? >> he is smiling, both teams made his day and his mother said he could not keep the smile off his face with plenty of tears in the crowd. >> eyes are leaking. >> feeling it. >> good morning, everyone, a few clouds coming back and our extremes today from 62 at half moon bay and daly city and bodega bay to nearly 90 in livermore and antioch and brentwood. the winds winds are picking up m 1:00 to 10:00 so the terry ride is tough.
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sunday evening in the north bay and along the coast a chance of showers and that will fade overnight and another slight chance of showers on monday night into tuesday. i am tracking the fog and it is thick in some places. that is next. thai is on a lot of the traffic cameras and a big difference from the last several days. the only issue we have blocking at the molt, northbound 17, this is at the summit ramp and we did talk to c.h.p. about this and they did not think it was blocking but we have an ambulance and a tow truck on the way to the scene so we will keep a close eye on that for the most part we have green for all of our drive times, albany to the west on westbound 80 and southbound 880 okay and northbound 280 into cupertino looking good. we will look at the central valley coming up in a few. >> we are hearing the yahoo hack attack could be affecting other users not just if you use yahoo. many at&t customers have the obligation of using a yahoo account toment home and broad
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bad and wireless and paid tv. yahoo and at&t formed a partnership 15 years ago to bring broad band customers to yahoo search engine and at&t is say they are waiting for word from yahoo to see which specific customers may have been affecting. i would change my password right now. official announced half a billion accounts have been compromised with user names and e-mails and passwords. >> today, at&t is going to open their west coast flag ship store in one of the historic buildings. the new technical center for is located at one powell street right next to the cable car turn around where all of tourists are lining up. it was constructed in 1908 and the headquarters of the bank of italy and bank of america. at&t said the construction teamworked to restore the building back to the architecture splen tore. the second floor features what at&t is calling one-of-a-kind forward think tech playground. >> now the loma fire that has
4:57 am
scorched 2,200 acres with the latest on the firefighter fight and emergency evacuations. >> riding on the new train from santa rosa to san rafael could leave passengers: the speechless but not in the way you think in what is believed the first-of-its-kind ban affecting passengers. >> international investigation into the downed flight that want down over ukraine two years ago, investigators reportedly saying it is russia's fault this morning, victims' family are speaking out and i am gathering all of the information for you. >> a look outside from our sutro
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. >> it is almost 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, september 28. i am regie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. the whole team including jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco, and alexis smith. mike, what can we expect? >> i am tracking fog. i will show you where it is with live doppler hd, and it is petaluma if you wake up, look at this. we are good right now. in san rafael the it is not there yet. but, it is up in the petaluma area where we have a quarter-mile visibility so 101. as far as temperatures, look what will happen this afternoon. we are going to have temperatures from 59 at the cost to 88 inland. alexis? >> we have word of a new problem in a tough spot. we are okay on westbound 80 through emeryville but i will take you to the traffic maps to the central valley, westbound 580 before you get to the altamont pass, west of grant line road we hear we have a two vehicle collision blocking the far left lane


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