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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. >> it is almost 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, september 28. i am regie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. the whole team including jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco, and alexis smith. mike, what can we expect? >> i am tracking fog. i will show you where it is with live doppler hd, and it is petaluma if you wake up, look at this. we are good right now. in san rafael the it is not there yet. but, it is up in the petaluma area where we have a quarter-mile visibility so 101. as far as temperatures, look what will happen this afternoon. we are going to have temperatures from 59 at the cost to 88 inland. alexis? >> we have word of a new problem in a tough spot. we are okay on westbound 80 through emeryville but i will take you to the traffic maps to the central valley, westbound 580 before you get to the altamont pass, west of grant line road we hear we have a two vehicle collision blocking the far left lane and that is a
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solid backup building back into tracy so we will see what it is doing to our drive times if less than ten. >> we are still tracking the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains that has scorched 2,250 acres. it is growing. >> one home has burned. six structures have been destroyed. our reporter is there with that story. matt? >> i have good news. we have one, two, three, now sheriffs deputy cars sitting down at the bottom of the mountain. the good news is they are not in the mountain doing evacuations. yesterday, at this time they were doing evacuations get people out of the houses and homes as the flames came dangerously close to the neighborhoods here in the santa cruz mountains. 300 structures are stuxnetened but the weather is improving and cooler temperatures are a relief although yesterday was hot the
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it is still tough to drive up and around the mountains with fighters hoping people will listen to keep everyone safe. >> it is a danger. our number one concern is the citizens. we want to remind everyone to please heed evacuation advisories. that helps us do our job most safely. >> the fire is 10% contained and 2,250 acres. one hope was destroyed. another damaged. six outbuildings were destroyed. it is hoped the firefighters will have it contained by october 3rd and hopefully the weather conditions will help. >> u.p.s. driver shot video of the fire minutes after it started and you can see the helicopter there that is flying by. he said hear the burning trees pop was scary. after nine minutes it quickly spread. >> we are breaking developments
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with a free news app by enabling push alerts for updates as the news break. we have an update on the saw mill fire burning in sonoma at ten miles east of cloverdale. hard work has put containment at 75%. ,500 acres of brush and frees is burned since sunday. there are 700 firefighter on the front lines. so for, they have not been able to figure out how the fire started. >> switching gears, what in your commute did not include your cell phone? transit officials for the smart frein have a new proposal that is shocking a lot of people especially in this day and age. they want to ban talking on your cell phone on the new trains. amy hollyfield is joining us from san rafael's transit center with more details. amy? >> we have been asking commuters what they think about this idea and they are very opinionated. we have heard a mixed bag. here is a sample.
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>> no. i don't like the idea. i understand people don't want to listen to other people's conversations, et cetera, et cetera, however public transportation. >> good idea. i found out way too many pieces of personal information from other people's lives listening to their conversations. i don't need that information. >> the proposal is to ban cell phone use on the new phone from santa rosa to san rafael according to the "san francisco chronicle" and it is believed it would the first-of-its-kind in the united states. the folks say it would be nice to have a 20 minute ride that is quiet and you do not have to hear someone screaming into your cell phone next to you. it is only a proposal and the train service is set to start in december.
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controversial. thank you. today a suspect confessed to two murders is expected it continue testifying against his co-defendants. sean angold is offering testimony as part of a deal after plead guilty to second-degree murder. in court yesterday, he described how he, lampley and alligood murdered tourists and picked steve carter while he was hiking because he gave them a look like they were crazy. he said they believed carter was trying to avoid them because he parked in a separate parking lot. >> a man accused of sexually abusing three girls is off the street. he is held on $9 million bail. he is accuses of molestng a victim in june and the other cases happened over the past several years. >> good news for teachers in classrooms who live in expensive cities like san francisco. governor brown signed a bill that allows school districts to will affordable housing for
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teachers. until now teachers have been in a tough spot. they earn too much money to qualify for subsidized housing but not enough to afford homes in their communities. san francisco mayor lee said two properties in the city are already being considered for teacher only housing. >> funding is stalled for the multi billion transbay transit center project because of the millennium tower controversy. san francisco county transportation authority commission voted not to release nearly $7 million to the transbay joint towers say they have a duty to vet the project. the developers are blaming the transbay transit center property for cause the tower to sink and lean saying crews have weakened the soil by pump out millions of gallons of water. those behind the project say this is no evidence that is the case. >> today the coast guard plans to start removing a historic river boat that sank in eastern contra costa county over labor day weekend. the salvage operation of the spirit of sacramento is expected to take 24 hours.
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officials plan to rotate the vest with the crane and raise the boat to dewater it. the boat will then be towed to sausalito where oil and fuel will be removed. the boat capsized september 3rd hours after the new owners bought the vessel at an auction for $1,000. >> now your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will start inland, waking up to 64 in danville a warm spot until antioch at 64, we have 60s around brentwood and 63 and livermore at 62 and pittsburg is 62 and everyone else in the upper 60. mountain view and san jose at 61. 74 in the hills of los gatos and 40s in novato and santa rosa. 54 in san francisco, and 51 in pacifica. our roof camera shows the flags blowing to the east, the sea breeze is returning, and that means it will be alcoholy if you are on the water not of the bay bridge and cleaner air for exercising and, still, warm enough inland in the pools are open you can use them. temperatures from the 60s at
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the coast and green and 70s in yellow and around most of bay, and the 80s you can see orange inland and we are going to be average inland east bay to below average elsewhere, and, just be 60s and 70s. it will feel like fall on friday. san jose has temperatures averaging 79, and you will only be 69 on sunday because of a chance of showers on the way. that is in the seven-day forecast. we will see in there are hot spots. alexis? >> westbound 580 tracy to dublin all the way up to one hour and four minutes, due to a crash right around the altamont pass on westbound 580 beyond grant line road, two vehicles blocking the left lane, and they have called for a tow truck but it is a tough spot to have anything blocking. southbound 680 look okay with northbound 85 in the south bay and a check of the bay bridge toll plaza, still nice and light and another 20 minutes or so until they get the metering lights on and another blocking issue, northbound 17 the at off-ramp for summit road, we never confirmed in it was
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blocking c.h.p. said they did not think so. look out for that headed through the area. we will look at mass transit in a few. >> breaking news from the live desk, the breaking news is about flight 17 from malaysia that want down over the ukraine two years ago. international investigators announced it was a russian-made missile that shot it down. investigators have proof that the missile was moved from russia to ukraine into rebel territory and moved back into russia. however, russia is denying the claims and they are point the finger the other way say it was ukraine that did it. you remember plane went down two years ago above rebel territory. it was on the way from amsterdam to malaysia in july of 2014. all 298 people on board were killed. most of them were dutch citizens. that is the newest at the live
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desk. >> sacramento mayor and the man who threw a pie at him come face-to-face with fire resolution words at city council meeting. >> as in popping the question is not nerve wracking enough the embarrassing moment caught as a man tried
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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>> a 12-year-old girl has been honored with the highest award saving her father's life after a violent attack.
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we explain how the quick thinking made all the difference. >> it is my honor to present to you this award. sarah avalos is beaming as she received the good citizen award, for her bravery on march 15. >> where are you? >> at home. >> the family came to hayward's ochoa middle school to meet a man they thought was selling his car on craigslist. the man had other plans. he robbed them and shot her father. bleeding, the father of two sped away while his 11-year-old daughter died 9-1-1 and describing buildings and passing signs and in minutes, police found them. >> dad was not in very good shape and the mother was hysterical and the brother was securing and she was calm in back seat and is amazing young woman. all the sergeant nominated sarah avalos for award. she is the first recipient in more than 20 years to say her
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parents are proud is an understatement. >> it makes me happy they feel proud of me and that i am getting more successful in life. >> she save my life. that is all i can say the she was able to give directions and guide the dispatcher. >> an arrest has been made in the case, and sarah avalos is considering a career in law law enforcement. >> you can tell sarah avalos is a sweetie. >> and parents take credit for raising a girl who stayed calm and collected. >> today in the first look new detail on the boat crash that killed miami marlins pitcher hernandez. thank you could have been text suggest he was upset about something before the crash and we explain. >> in the "first look," the families of ace pitcher hard
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unanimous degrees and his friends are sending the young men off. >> he died being a friend. he dade being a relative good friend. >> so far, authorities are blaming only speed for the crash that sent the speedboat hurling into the rocks. [ inaudible ] >> a boat struck the jetty. >> friends reveal fernandez was upset in the t early in the night between a friend in town and another friend with fernandez, he is being them not to go on the boat trying to keep them close to the shore if you go out. trust me it is not my time. i know, but try to keep jose cool. tell him what i said. >> we have the latest with "first look," for abc7 in atlanta. >> it is a shame. >> moving now to 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick saying he watched a little bit of the presidential debate on monday and does not think hillary clinton or donald trump
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will help change racial injustices in the country. we were at 49ers headquarters in santa clara when he spoke to the reporters the he said it is embarrassing that hillary clinton and donald trump are the two candidates. "both are proven liars, and it almost seems like they are trying to debate who is less racist." camp cap accused san francisco police of being racist. a reporter asked him in three would meet with local law enforcement and talk about concerns. >> there are a lot of shes that need to be addressed in the san francisco police department. there is blatant racism going on there that hasn't been addressed. >> kaepernick expressed support for other athletes taking up his cause including high school football players across america. >> the man who is accused of throw a pie in the face of sacramento mayor addressed him again at a city council meeting last night. sean thompson is charged with throw the pie at mayor johnson last week.
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thompson called this a fill protest and spoke to the mayor near the end of the meeting saying that the city council has ignored the homeless and struggling working class. >> to me, this arena has been your circus. it has been a joke. you have been the ringleader, you have been the lead clown and that is why i threw a pie at you. >> who are these people applauding? scattered applause. thompson does not regret throwing 9 cream pie but adds he will never do it again and facing felony charges for an attack on a public official. >> he got beat down. >> marriage proposal during a baseball game turned into a very stressful situation for the bride-to-be at yankee stadium. leader is what happened. the lady with the red hair? she cannot find the ring. her boyfriend dropped it during a red sox yankees game so when people relied what was going on they start helping her find it and then...she finds it!
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yeah! the crowd goes wild and clears and he gets down on the knees and pops the question and she said "yes." the espn announceers are going crazy that ring was found and alexis added this detail, she tells us that the fiance found the ring in the cuff of her pants. >> she pulls the ring out of cuff and like a woman she saved the day! >> like a woman! >> mike, you have ever lost your ring? >> no. no. but i first got married i took it off at the, no, no, no. don't do that. i can get away with that now but not then. >> i am new to this, but i appreciate that advise the >> now, live doppler hd is show you what is going on the manner laser back at a thousand feet and it will not make it inland
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east bay neighborhood but elsewhere we are seeing cloud cover and fog especially around petaluma at quarter-mile. where smoke is poll as the winds will shift the next couple of days from the southwest and west and that is going to keep us right there next to the smoke line. keep andre on that and i will, too, on twitter. more clouds and mist the next several nights and scattered light showers. today we need the air conditioning inland, mid-to-upper 80s like pittsburg at 88 and in the south bay, watching the smoke temperatures are close to average with upper 70s to low 80s like san jose is 82. in the north bay it will go from fog to sun and breezy an the bay so sausalito is 68, and santa rosa is 84 and along the east bay shore, to you by a sea breeze, 74 in oakland and the peninsula, average at 74 in san mateo to 78 in redwood city and our last stop is san francisco, cooler-than-average at 66, daly city is 62, and south will be 6.
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here is my seven-day forecast, temperatures are getting cooler and now a chance of a scatter showers sunday and monday and tuesday and we will dial in on a timeframe as we get closer. alexis? >> not a lot of fun getting out of the central valley and this is always our tough spot this early and i want to get you on the traffic map, two issues, westbound 580 beyond grand line road we got the all clear on this two vehicle collision in the left lane but they pushed it off to the center divide. and beyond that, westbound 580 before north flynn we have reports of a disabled box truck and that, again, is sitting in the left hand lane so still working to clear both of those. quite a bit of fog this morning, and check out the golden gate bridge camera, no major delays if you are coming southbound on 101, but, it has been a new days since the dense fog. >> alexis i hear you went on a special field trip involving really cute kids? >> i got to hang out at bryant elementary school in san
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francisco yesterday. it was a wild bunch and we read stories. this was all for the dedication ceremony in some new libraries that are going into san francisco elementary school so they are trying to get a library in every classroom, kindergarten through giveth parade and it take as lot of books so 3,000 books were donated because of the generous donors and it was first book, our partners and parent company, disney, and we do a last evens with them. they were third gradeers and they can read on their own at this point but it was fun. they all want to know if i was famous and in they were going to be famous. >> they are! >> they are famous. they are rockstars. >> they promised they would be up early watching. >> good morning, guys! >> the seven things you need to know use start your day. >> time to think the halloween
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when your symptoms start... distracting you? doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. >> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. a dozen families are waking up out of the their home after a fire damaged 13 homes in petaluma. four have been red tagged. the flames broke out at highway 101 and winds brushed them into the neighbor. >> fires hope the cool winds will help the loma fire that is now only 10% contained. one home can six structures have been destroyed. it will be breezy bringing the cooler temperatures so i will have the latest on the loma fire. the heat wave is over. look at this, temperatures are close to average today. if you going to stay with us through the break i am tracking
5:25 am
fog right now, and a chance rain in the seven-day forecast. >> four, it is a rough start from the central valley today, and westbound 580 tracy to dublin, we are already up to an hour and eight minutes, with two issues, one is clears and the other is still blocking and i will talk about that in a few minutes. >> a roast is planned for this morning -- a protest is planned in the area of san diego after an unarmed black man was shot. he appears to be holding an object while taking an aggressive stance against the officers. say the funeral for former address heard shimon peres will happen on friday. according to the israeli foreign ministry, president obama, the clintons and prince charles will attend. peres was 93. >> seven, pittsburg/bay point's family situation is keeping him off the dd much seven, brad pitt's family is keeping him off the red carpet. last week news broke that his wife, angelina, has filed for
5:26 am
divorce. >> home deboy is apologizing for a halloween decoration they are pulling from the canadian stores. video from scary peeper shows that the decoration we talking about, a man's head that mounts on windows and looks like a peeping tom. >> people complained. i was pulled from the shelves. hmm >> if you are planning your child's costume for halloween or you have not started we have insight into the topics. kids are letting princesses like anna and elsa go in favor of have heroes. three million will dress in super hero costumes. princesses have been de-throned at number two and animal costumes are third. the survey said that 67% of people celebrating halloween plan to buy their costume. >> coming back with a federal 90 minute -- a full 90 minutes of
5:27 am
news and how the straight treasury now is involved. >> we are stay on top of the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains and matt keller at the fire line working to get new detail on the effort to save hundreds of homes. great america theme park pull the plug on an adult attraction meant for halloween season. meant for halloween season. stay tuned. at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. our partnership with habitat for humanity meant for halloween season. stay tuned. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california.
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>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> 5:29 in the morning on wednesday, september 28. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have the whole team, jessica castro, and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco and the
5:30 am
fog. >> people are asking where the fog has been? he take time off during the fire. >> he has vacation to burn. auburn off is what he did the last couple of days he is back. in petaluma and bodega avenue, and eastman lane if you traveling 101 visibility is quarter-mile. there he is encroaching on san francisco from our sutro tower. we will talk about wall happen today, temperatures from the upper 40's in the north bay valley to 50s and nearly 60 for the rest us and clouds are back at the coast keep youing in the upper 50s and it is delightful at noon, 71 to 82 an the bay and inland and 79 to 86. the 90s are gone. 80s are gone soon and the chance rain is coming up in the seven-day forecast. alexis? >> good morning, it is not so great getting out of the central valley, but i do have some improving conditions here. westbound 205 to 580 we had a collision involving two investigations beyond grant line road and at not flynn a disabled box truck that has cleared from the board so it looks like no
5:31 am
longer a block issue. i show you the drive time, damage is already done. we will do that in a few. >> firefighters have been on the represent lines all night trying to get a handle on the loma fire. so far, 2,200 acres have burned. hundreds are out of their homes. >> our reporter is near the fire zone. good morning, matt. >> i am 8:00 feel a difference out here this morning, the weather is much, much cooler and i can see my breath which is good news for firefighters. my photographer drove over here from santa cruz and he said there was fog on the west side of the mountain and that is great because fires can use all of the help they can get this morning fight the fire. the fire has been a challenge sense it started on monday, first they are dealing with the mountain, and it is tough to drive up here is get to the fire line especially with all of their equipment and engines. there is the drought conditions, and the hot temperatures, but the cooler weather coming our way can shorten the firefight.
5:32 am
>> right new we have an estimated containment date of october 3rd. but we will have a weather pattern changing. the days are going to be cooler and we hope that with the resources we have coming we can milk a good aggressive fight. >> the latest numbers have the loma fire at 10% containment. 2,250 acres have been oned. one home destroyed another damaged. that is remarkably low considering the fire conditions that started on monday afternoon. we will get another update expected to come from cal fire at 7:00. >> mandatory evacuation orders are still to affect. evacuation centers are set up at the santa cruz county fairgrounds, jewish community center of silicon valley and the morgan hill presbyterian church. >> it is not only people being evacuated but animals, mores and other animals are sheltered at
5:33 am
the granted hill show grounds in santa cruz county. there is room for a few more and owners are grateful. >> a it depends on the fire. how long the fire goes. how expense the fire is. how populated the area where the fire is going to be. it can be hundreds. for some it means the difference between staying in their home and evacuating to safety. some owners will not leave their animals. we are here to make sure everyone gets out okay >> because of the limited space falls in the county are opening their cars for evacuees. >> fairs face hot but not windy conditions so far this week. >> we are hear that is about to change and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking that. >> matt mentioned it is cooler this morning. we look at what is gone on with the latest numbers and what the fighterred had to deal with overnight. it is only 48 in the valleys and 86% humidity.
5:34 am
there is more moisture in the air and the temperature is 73 on the mountain at 37% relative humidity. two of the three are good, cooler temperature on the way and humidity increasing. but, the one that is on the not so good side, shifting and faster winds meaning that this storm could video rapidly starting later this afternoon when the winds kick up. and the road closures? alexis? >> we have plenty. they are all local roads and highway 17 is fought impacted. we will get to the list an extensive list, and summit is closed between southern cal and pull line, and we have our second list this morning, a few more than yesterday, casa loma, and mount madonna and this we could have more or fewer.
5:35 am
break developments on the loma fire enable push alerts for updates as the news is breaking. >> three other fires popped up year. look at map, it stretched resources, the devastating was a grass fire that left dozens looking for a new place to stay with flames breaking out at a field north of marina. a shift in the wind set the fire streaming into a unable. and sky 7 was overhead as the fire hopped from house-to-house and 13 homes in all were damaged and four were red tagged. officials say hot and dry conditions fueled the situation. >> it want into the trees and the winds were blowing it down the side of the freeway. all the police came here and told them to get the hell out here. >> it is on fire you have to get out. they went. they did not grab anything. >> scary situation. fire investigators are searching for what sparked this anything from a small spark from a passing car to a lit cigarette.
5:36 am
>> novato police is cited a teenager for starting this small grass fire that left one home damaged. police say a 1-year-old boy playing with matches is to policemen for fire that broke out in novato boulevard. the fire spread to northbound by brush ask power lines and the back side of the house. >> the grass fire blackened the ground in alameda county, sky 7 was over a fire in dublin yesterday near the camp parks army training area. it burned 25 acres before crews could get it out. >> new details on a single car crash in martinez. police confirm one person died. you can see in the video how badly damaged the car is after hitting a tree reports of the crash came this at 7:30 last night, and police have not said in the you have was the driver. >> the suspect at the center of a bizarre vallejo kidnapping case is set to appear in federal court today in sacramento.
5:37 am
mathew muller is scheduled for a change of plea hearing, the current three is not guiltiy so if he take as deal the case will not go to trial in january. muller is on medication so the court has to make additional inquiries make sure he is of sound mind. muller is charged with kidnapping denise huskins and vallejo police dismissed her story saying it was a home similar to "gone gill e -- "gone girl." now he she has filed a civil lawsuit. in san diego police are admitting officers shot and killed an unarmed black man and a protester scheduled for 9:00 this morning, this picture is a still frame from cell phone video shot by a witness. it appears to show a man with object to his hands taking an aggressive stance against two officers. the officers were responding to reports of a man acting erratically. >> at one point the male drew an object from his front pants
5:38 am
pocket, placed both hands together on it and extended it rapidly toward the officer taking what appears for be a shooting stance. >> police say the item in the man's hand was not a weapon and that he ended up not being armed at all. the man was mentally disabled and his identity is not released. all the complicated relationship between race and policing is discussed in san francisco. there will an panel of leaders in the criminal justice field, panelists include san francisco public defender, and the police chief toney chaplin. you can register online. >> a we are hearing from the son of former israeli leader shimon peres on his father's legacy. he died last night after suffering a major stroke two weeks ago. he was nobel peace prize winner the most admired leaders and the
5:39 am
last surviving link to the founding fathers. he held virtually every senior legal office including three times as prime minister over seven decade career. >> i have in interest other than serving the people of israel in whom he had great love. >> according to the israeli foreign ministry president obama, the clintons and prince charles will attend the funeral on friday. >> we have word that great america is pulling the plug on a new hall wasn't atraction. >> the details are just coming in. >> it is california's great america in the bay area and the attraction could be "hurtful to those who suffer from mental illness." there is a screen grab of the website from the farm early this or, and it is on great america's
5:40 am
website saying "page not found." it is deleted information. here is why: mental health advocates in southern california have profits the attraction which was supposed to have a virtual reality story line of a patient who is possessed and terrorizes the hospital. the park goers would be trapped into chairs and told to press a panic but the continue in it got too be too much for them. the parent company of the amusement parks had issued a statement saying it was never supposed to portray mental illness and they have said they have decided to close the attraction amid all of concerns. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco >> you are going to notice a difference when you step outside temperatures are up to eight degrees cooler than yesterday morning a. and we will look at some of the temperatures and what you are going to see are...and feel are 40s and 50s.
5:41 am
even some rare 60s, or 59 is as good as we get in belmont and 49 in mill valley and santa rosa at 47. 61 in san jose. when talking about san francisco we want from summer to fall from 90s to 70s in one day and we are dropping into the 60s below average and staying there all through the we next seven days. and the rest of us? yes, look at that, 60 at the peninsula by friday and barely 70s in thing so bay and east bay and inland east bay north bay and the coolness this week and update on a shower for sunday, monday and tuesday. alexis? >> getting busy through the bay bridge toll plaza and we do not have official word the metering lights are flip on. i am wondering in they have been turn on. usually they are an 5:30 and it look like they are filling in. on the traffic maps i want to get you to the martin news
5:42 am
bridge with reports of a motorcycle down in the far left lane. the car pool lane at the north end of the bridge, near the toll plaza hear we had debris in the lane and that possibly caused the collision with the motorcycle going down. i will have more details next. a check of the slow of the drive time westbound 580 tracy to dublin a up of early issues are gone and an hour and 12 minutes from central valley. >> more political punches flying after the presidential debate. coming up the war of words for hillary clinton and donald trump and the record-breaking ratings from their showdown. >> more fallout from the wells fargo fraud controversy after
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
abc7 morning all news all morning. >> fallly, both donald trump and hillary clinton are claiming they won the monday night debate and each taking victory lapse on the trail. >> did anyone see that debate last night? >> he made it very clear he did not prepare for that debate. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. big league. >> hillary clinton spoke to a crowd in north carolina that was donald trump in florida. both are highlighting their best moments of debate night.
5:46 am
a record 84 million people watched it all unfold. that beat the ode record of 80.6 million in the debate between jimmy carter and ronald reagan. >> san francisco has become the first city in the nation to been public spending in states that have passed anti-lgbt laws. the board of supervisors unanimously approved the legislation that targets north carolina and mississippi and to ten. those three states recently passed laws that limit lgbt rights. the new law does not affect the existing contracts with companies based in the states but it will likely ban the city from reanything them. >> happening today state treasurer plans to make a major announcement of san francisco's-based wells fargo. yesterday, wells fargo c.e.o. john constitutional agreed to forfeit $41 million in stock awards and bonuses for 2016 immediately and wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million over employees opening millions of
5:47 am
accounts without customer permission to meet sales targets. >> los gatos letter carrier honored for saving a woman. steve walker heard a woman calling for help from her home the she had fallen the night before and could not stand you. she told walker where to find a spare kay he left him helpful in called 9-1-1 and stayed with her until paramedics arrived. he then want on to deliver the rest of the mail that day. he will be honored on friday at the los gatos post office and we always wither we had a post person like that. >> looking out for his customers. i love that. >> we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about the weather and the drop in temperatures. >> you will love that. especially san francisco. no need to worry about the heat. at sfo it is partly cloudy and 55 degrees. we do future have any delays, fingers crossed. more cooling, cleaner air, still watching the smoke in the south
5:48 am
bay from the low in fire as the winds will shift the next 24 hours and bring more your way. more clouds and misty spots and showers in the back half of the forecast. we will start in the south bay, warmest around morgan hill and gilroy and money 80s and the rest us in the upper 70s to cupertino at 82. mild on the peninsula, mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is only 69, cool along the coast low-to-mid 60s and downtown san francisco is 66 degrees. if you are going to the game, take two from the rockies, 60 degrees at 7:15 dropping to 58 and breezy at the beginning of the game. breezy in north bay hold up in the upper 70s to low 80s and mild loan the east bay shore and mid-to-upper 80s and our last stop is inland with mid-80s to low 90s. you may not need the air conditioning. my seven-day forecast is getting cooler with sunday, monday and tuesday, a slight chance of a shower especially cross the north bay and near the coast. alexis? >> good morning. you will feel the changes in the temperature out there this
5:49 am
morning and you will see the difference if you travel on the golden gate bridge. we are socked in this morning, and a little bit of stop-and-go traffic starting to fill in and one of those days you want to be prepared for the reduced visibility with low beams and flip wipers on. back to traffic map the martinez bridge we talked to c.h.p. and they have a motorcycle down in the far left lane. in word in debris caused it but you can see the backups there on the south approach to northbound 80 crossing the bridge and the collision is at the toll plaza. back to mass transit, no issues today, bart on time so far, ace train is also on time, and we are not hearing problems with caltrain. mass transit a great option. we will check our drive times before 6:00. >> new at 6:00, the reason internet search for amy schumer could leave your computer with a virus. >> the impact of the yahoo hack.
5:50 am
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for naturally-beautiful, nourished hair. garnier whole blends avocado oil & shea butter. >> organizerers need your help to change the name of a park to robbins williams. they want to trend sharon meadow after williams but they need political and financial support. san francisco's comedy day has been held for 36 years at sharon meadow and they say williams anonymously donated money to hold the free annual event, even financing the entire budget one year. they need to get approval from the board of supervisors and raise $100,000 to cover the costs of changing signs in the
5:53 am
park. if you want to make a donation we have a link at >> happening today a federal car driver paralyzed after a material crash will be the first person to receive a license for a semi autonomous vehicle. he was paralyzed from the income down after a violent wreck 16 years ago. today, he is get his license in nevada for a specialized corvette. he breathes breathes into a tubo accelerate and blows out when he wants to break. cameras track his head movement and relay that to the tires for turning. >> the next story is beyond regular sportsman ship two middle schools in north carolina came together to create a memorable touchdown for lou born with cerebral palsy and loves football. he looks forward to one of the biggest rivalries in north carolina. this year, the coach drew up a lay to include the school's biggest fan, a hand off to lou and he did not just only score a
5:54 am
50 yarder but on his biggest rifle. >> right. we said no fumbles against wages victim -- wagesville. >> his mercede that he could not stop smiling. both made his day and of course, a lost tears in the crowd. >> love that story. >> massive yahoo hack could affect other users, as well. according to the report at&t customers my have to worry because of their partnership 15 years ago and at&t customers have the option of using a yahoo account for home, broadband and pay t. now, at&t is waiting do hear which specific customers could be affected. this stems from last week's announcement half a billion yahoo accounts with user names and mail and passwords were leaked. >> check it out, the fog hack our heat wave.
5:55 am
it is over for all of us. winds if you are on water are 14 do 4 -- to 42 at angel bay. brentwood and antioch around 90. breezy north of the bay bridge at 1:00 to 10:00 this evening. the 24 to 38 miles per hour kicks in. notice it is not a great chance of showers and we do not data great chance in october but there are some sunday evening and, again, monday night into tuesday. it is going to be cooler. seven-day forecast is next. alexis? the bay bridge toll plaza, we talked to c.h.p. and asked about what was going on, so locking like they are on this morning and they confirmed they flip on at 5:30 and we have the congestion through the maze with the car pool lanes looking good. mostly green with a few exceptions and i want to take you to owe only blocking issue,
5:56 am
northbound 680 at the bay bridge toll plaza, the north end the benicia and martinez bridge a milk is down in the far left lane hearing that there was some debris that caused the rider for go down. our other tough spot tracy to dublin is grabbing from a couple of early issues, an hour and 10 minutes, westbound 4 antioch to concord at 30 minutes and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, you have fog in the cell let at 19 minutes. >> google is working to bring free internet across the globe and is launching a new initiative called good station. the goal is to bring free fast wi-fi to the world. the platform builds on the work in india a partnership with indian railways. >> a new proposal could ease child care burden for people in san francisco. >> rage wildfire in santa cruz
5:57 am
mountains is burning out of control and matt have new details. >> a proposal that could leave some commuters speech with a ban considering for the newest commuter train. >> this was a government shut down on the horizon but we are just lending that democrat nancy pelosi and paul ryan have reached a deal centering around the water crisis in alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer.
5:58 am
it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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was mr. bonejanglesny expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. >> good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> final to get up at 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, september 28. i am reggie aqui. >> jessica castro is here and i am natasha zouves, and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco. after all of the heat we are welcoming the fog back into the morning. >> the fogging help with the fire and our heat wave. we will show you that in just seconds. >> 300 homes are threatened by the loma fire burn in the santa cruz mountains, 2,200 acres have
6:00 am
been blackened. it is 10% contained the one home and six structures are destroyed and cooler temperatures are on the way. they hope to have the flames contain by monday. here is meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> committee out the latest numbers. down in the valley, it is 48 degrees and the humidity is 86%. that is a sight. 72 and cooler on the mountain and the humidity is 31%. the winds are calm. check out the temperatures, we were in the 90s and now we are in the mid-70s into the mid-60s by the time we get to sunday and monday. we do have cooler temperatures and increasing humidity. unfortunately we value shifting and faster winds fan the flames and push the smoke into the santa clara valley the next several days. the roads? >> we have local road closures from c.h.p. for the fire so we get to that list. it is not impacting any of our majority roads and highway 17 is is not


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