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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is 10% contained the one home and six structures are destroyed and cooler temperatures are on the way. they hope to have the flames contain by monday. here is meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> committee out the latest numbers. down in the valley, it is 48 degrees and the humidity is 86%. that is a sight. 72 and cooler on the mountain and the humidity is 31%. the winds are calm. check out the temperatures, we were in the 90s and now we are in the mid-70s into the mid-60s by the time we get to sunday and monday. we do have cooler temperatures and increasing humidity. unfortunately we value shifting and faster winds fan the flames and push the smoke into the santa clara valley the next several days. the roads? >> we have local road closures from c.h.p. for the fire so we get to that list. it is not impacting any of our majority roads and highway 17 is is not impacted yet.
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summit between san jose at highland road is closed and uvas and casa loma, and people line road is closed and croy road we had the evacuations year and now it is open but open for local residents only. >> of course, fires have been working an the clock to try and stop the flames. >> we will get back to our news reporter who has been live near the fire lines all morning. >> i have good news some morning. this is what it looks like, one, two, three, four sheriff deputies cars park the here. why is this good? the good news is they not up in the mountain evacuating people because this is no fire threatening any new homes. what a difference a day makes because yesterday they were up in the mountain, on little uvas road and croy evacuating sever
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homes. it is not only the firefighters and deputies, but we spoke with a family calling their neighbor a hero, moving into the house on august 1, and she said their neighbor rescued her dog and cat. i would be a mess if i did not have my dog and my cat. i don't ever want to thank about it. he did everything he could. he put our needs above his and when he got what we needed and stopped pack his stuff and it is incredible the we have only known him...two weeks, three weeks? >> she is not sure a she will find when she runs home like a lot of families, it is amazing that no one has been injured in the fire. we expect an update from cal fire and the progress later this morning. >> hopefully people will be spared. >> u.p.s. driver took this video of the fire minute after it started and you can see a helicopter flies by and he said
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hearing the burning treeses with a scary thing and after nine minutes it had quickly spread. we have an update on the sawmill fire burning in sonoma ten miles east of cloverdale, hard work by fires there and they have contained the fire at 75%. 1,500 acres of brush, frees, publicked since sunday when the fire break out. there are roughly 700 firefighters on the front lines and so far they have not been able to pinpoint a cause. breaking developments on the loma fire and the other fires burning, download our agree news app and enable the push alerts. >> what in your commute did not include your cell phone. transit officials have a new proposal that is shocking many people especially in this day and age, and they want to outright ban talking on your cell phone on their new trains. our reporter joins us from san rafael's transit center with more details.
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>> i thought people would hate this idea but we are finding that it is 50/50. listen to commends from commuters. >> i like the idea of no cell phones. people are going to try to connect business, but it is supposed to be relaxing. make it relaxing. >> i don't think it is something they can stop everyone from use the phone. i don't know how they would. but, yes...i would not like that but...all the police officers would not necessarily cite offenders, that is what the smart police chief said but would be reasonable, and passengers would be allowed to make emergency calls. this is a proposal for the new train line from santa clara to san rafael and the service will start in december. in the ban goes into place officials think its would the first-of-its-kind in the
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country. >> interesting concept. >> today a suspect confessed to two murders is expected to continue to testify against the co-defendants, sean angold is offering testimony as part of a three deal after lead guilty to second-degree murder. this court yesterday, he described how he and lampley and alligood murdered tourists in golden gate park last year, and they bid their second victim, steve carter, while he was hiking because he gave the rio a -- the trio a like like they were crazy and he was trying to avoid them. >> good news for teachers and classroom mates would live in expensive cities like san francisco. yesterday, the governor brown signed a bill into law that allowed school districts to build affordable housing for teachers. until now temperatures have been in a tough spot earning too much money to qualify for subsidized housing. san francisco mayor lee said two
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properties in the city are already being considered for teacher only housing. >> breaking news we are getting word of a possible deal that could keep the government running and avoid a shutdown. >> jessica is gathering that from the live desk. what did you know? >> how democrat leader and california representative nancy pelosi and house speaker paul written have come to an agreement on how to help out flint, michigan's water problem which is good news not only for the residents of flint, but, also, preventing a government shut down that was on the horizon and now, money to help the crisis. it has promised a stalemate in conditioning but this morning, the agreement could clear the way to aprove a spending bill this would keep the government running until december. here is a look at the vote that failed yesterday but again, this morning, getting word this an agreement could be reached. the spending bill would have money included to fight zika virus in the united states. the agreement promising $170
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million i to help flints and other cities with water messages, the newest story into the live desk. >> face-to-face, sacramento's mayor confronted again by a man accused of tossing a pie toward him. >> more controversy on the lean
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>> hello to san francisco neighborhoods and the air mass from 53 at presidio and mid-to-upper 50s but pittsburg is 60 and healdsburg is 48 and daly city is 52. from our east bay hills camera, it is choppy north of the bay bridge if you are on the war, nice for exercising and cleaner and cooler air but, still, the pools are open when the temperatures hit the upper 80s inland and the sea breeze runs today and it will hit hasser tomorrow and fall on friday, with the weekend looking cooler and a chance of a shower in the seven-day forecast. >> look at the south bay right now, we are pretty light, still, if you are heading out along 280 at highway 17, so no major problems, just filling in, still
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enjoying mostly green traveling conditions on our traffic maps. back up to the martinez bridge we had reports of a motorcycle down in the far left lane, we had a little bit of a backup forming arm the toll plaza and it is starting to filter out. we do not have the all clear yet but this is a light route northbound 680. that looks to be clearing. >> tell me a story, alexis. >> well, i had a fun experience yesterday, i told a story, i got to read some books with the san francisco unified school district students at bryant elementary. this was part of their dedication ceremony so the school district along with the generous partners and donation, year, include first book and our parent company disney donated 3,000 books and they are working to get classroom libraries in every single one between kindergarten and 5th. >> does she have take on our
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mouth? >> maybe. don't pretend you did not do that. >> she was being a good listener. >> did you not do that? >> i did not do that, they are great and fun. i handed out a book to each student and they took it home. we got a thousand of books donated in the name of abc7. how cool is that? >> they weighing up early to watch and how asked how many wanted be to be a traffic reporter or meteorologist, or newscastser and a few hands when up. we have future broadcasters out there. >> or doctor or lawyer. >> next the top energy savers in the country and
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>> now, an update with jessica castro. >> actress and comic am amy schumer is at the top of the list by intelligence security so if you follow her listen up, the group that put together a list claims if issue seven for her in any of her work on any website, you have over a 16% chance of getting a virus or malware. list of dangerous celebrities comes out each year and who else is on it? she is joined by justin bieber
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and will smith but amy schumer at top of list and the first female comic to be in the top spot. that is the newest at the live desk. you buried the lead someone is searching for carson daily? sorry, the man accused of throw the pier in face of the sacramento mayor addressed him last night, shawn thompson is charged with throw the my at mayor johnson last week and thompson called it a political protest. the mayor took him to the ground and a scuffle ensued. thompson spoke to the mayor saying the city council has ignored the difficult's home less and struggling working class. >> this arena has been your circus, it has been...a joke. you have been the ringleader and the lead clown and that is why i threw a pie at you. thank you.
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torch syed muzzafar he does not regret throwing the pie but added he will never do it again and he is facing felony charges for an attack on a public official. >> funding has stalled for the multi-billion dollar transit center project because of leaning millennium tower. the san francisco county transportation authority commission voted fought to release nearly $7 million to the transbay joint powers authority and said they have a duty to thoroughly vet the project first. the developers are blaming the transit center property for cause the tower to sink and lean more than expected saying crews have weakened the soil by pump out millions of gallons of wart. those behind the project say there is no evidence that is the cause. >> happening today the coast guard plans to start removing a historic river boat that sank in eastern contra costa county, the operation of the spirit of sacramento is expected to take 24 hours. officials plan to rotate the vessel with the crane and then bring up the river boat to
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dewater it. it will be towed to sausalito where oil and fuel are removed. the boat capsized september 3 are, just hours after the new owners bought vessel at an auction for $1,000. >> california is at the top of list of the most energy efficient states in the country but there is a catch. we have to share the top spot with massachusetts, the american council for energy efficient economy scored all 50 states and looked at policy, regulation and government led initiatives. vermont and rhode island were third and fourth and new york and connecticut tied for 5th. >> now, let's make us number one in weather. >> where meteorologist mike nicco by our side, we are number one. >> like what i have to say today? i appreciate that. if you tired of the heat wave are it is over. the deepening marine layer shows you can see it is get up to a thousand feet and it will touch at the love the bay and the coast. in the south bay we have san jose right here where it is 61 degrees and clear right now, but
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the smoke, the winds are shifting and you can see more smoke the next several days. more clouds and mist the next several nights and scattered light showers. that is. coming up next. do you need the air conditioning? mid-to-upper 80s far cry from the 100s we had and 86 in concord and in the south bay are hazy, and get closer to average with 8 at san jose, milpitas is 78 and santa clara at 80. in the north bay it will be breezy near the water and that is why places like san rafael and vallejo at 78 and deep are inland from fog to sunshine and 84 in santa rosa and along east bay shore, a difference touched bit sea breeze and the average high of 74 in oakland and 76 in san leandro and as we head to the peninsula we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s but pacifica and half moon bay in the 60s and low-to-mid 60s throughout san francisco. here is my seven-day forecast, get used to fall like temperatures, 60s and 70s, and a slight chance of a shower on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> set felling like fall or
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closer to it and it is look like it, check out the golden gate bridge with fog out there the first morning in a while. drive for conditions with dense fog in some areas so use the fog lights and flip the wipers on a time or two this morning. dill not an major issue. pretty socked in, with the metering lights on since 5:30. we the drive times, too, tough get out of the central valley, westbound 580, tracy to dublin and improving at an hour and six minutes, westbound an together to concord in the red at 41, and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, okay with the fog at 17 minutes. we will check on mass transit next. >> "good morning america" is in 40 miles right here. >> we are in new york city with a look at what is ahead. >> good morning, great to be with you, next on "good morning america," hillary clinton taking a victory lap after the first
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presidential debate. donald trump immediately on the defensive telling voters he went easy on hillary clinton and doubling down on criticism of former miss america who is speaking out how she said trump publicly shamed her. and we will have the latest on the chelsea bomber, our chief investigative correspondent sit down with his father who said he is certain ahmed acted alone and new detail on the track ice -- tragic accident that killed jose federal unanimous goes and two friends and text that shes there could be more to the story. >> looking forward to it. thank you. >> uber and lyft, how to figure out which app is best for you. >> warning after popular item that could be in your lepe's foods is a locally owned family company, here in santa rosa. as a small business, we're always looking to save money, and pg&e was able to help us. i help the small businesses save money and energy. it feels great. we looked at their lighting, their refrigeration system,
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and with just those two small measures, they were able to save a good amount of money. i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i could save $1,500 a month. with the savings that we get from pg&e, we're able to pass it on to our customers. it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california.
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>> and now a voluntary recall of 132,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after reports of hard white plastic be found in some of nuggets. a small number of consumers contacted tysons after finding plastic. no injuries have been reported. now, ask finney.
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a question from sunnyvale regarding ride share companies. michael finney has the answer. >> i have taken both uber and lyft and i don't know which is better. >> there is a lot to thing about. uber is in more cities but in lyft is in your area it may not count for us, uber has more choices with car pools and takes and large s.u.v. but lyft is considered more casual, so, now, the big one: cost. for a basic ride, not much difference they compete head to head. to make sure that is true in your area because prices do change from place to place, check their on-line price calculations it will take only a couple of minutes. >> the biggest difference is that lyf testimony has -- lyft has tipping option and uber does
6:26 am
not. >> a san francisco supervise report is wanting to build the first universal scholarship for child care. the supervisor's proposal would provide grants to child care providers serving from newborn to three years old the backers believe it would expand child care services for parents would live, work or attend school in san francisco. he claims it would close the gap for families needing care for infants and toddlers. >> new detail on a deadly police shooting in southern california. >> we are tracking developing news in the santa cruz mountains and the test stop a quick moving fire. >> burglary suspect with an unusual disguise in the so the by. >> much more on the decision by great america and knots barry farm to cancel an attraction made for adults. >> he is back, we will open up a
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>> good morning, east bay let's get going. this is abc7 morning.
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>> good morning on wednesday, september 28. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui the we have the weather and traffic in a second but first we get to the late on the loma fire still burning in the santa cruz mountains. >> matt keller is at the few lines with the efforts to stop the flames. matt? >> something a lot of people will notice this morning when they are way up you can smell the smoke a lot more than yesterday. even in san jose. i am sure in morgan hill and gilroy, as well. it is also much, much cooler out here and i can see my breath and my photographer drove from santa cruz over to this side of the mountain and said there was fog on the west side of the mountain. that is great news for firefighters. they can use all the help they can get. >> this fire has been a challenge since it started on monday they had to deal with the mountain. it is tough to dry here and get to the fire lines with all of their equipment and engines and there is the drought conditions and the hot continues but the cooler weather coming our way can shorten the firefight.
6:31 am
we have estimated containment date. we also have a weather pattern changing, the days are continuously cooler, as we progress, and we hoping that, coupled with the resource we have through the state we will make a good aggressive we fight against the fire. >> california fire's numbers have the loma four at 10% containment with 2,250 acres burned and a he was destroyed and another was damaged. we do have sheriff deputies who are sitting out here, parked, they have been here all night. and that is good news because instead of being on the mountain evacuating people they are waiting do find out in they are needed and they have not been needed all night long. maunderstory evacuations orders are in affect and set up at the santa cruz fairgrounds, and jewish community center of silicon valley and at the morgan hill presbyterian church.
6:32 am
where the people are going, animals need to go out and her they are sheltered in santa cruz county at the fairgrounds. there is room for a few more. >> it depend on the fire and how long the fire goes and how intense the fire is and how populated the area of the fire, it can be hundreds, for some, it means the difference between staying in their home and evacuating to safety. some owners will not leave their animals and we want to make sure everyone gets out. facilities across the area have been opening doors for evacuees and their animals. >> now to meteorologist mike nicco tracking the weather conditions. any help for the firefighters? >> some good news. we will start with that. right to the graphics and what you will see are the temperatures are cooling and the winds are calm. my biggest concern moving forward, the shifting and fast are winds granted will bring a
6:33 am
cooler temperature and increase the humidity but the shifting of the faster winds mean embers could ridge jump and spread the fire. the winds are going to start coming from southwest and west which means we will push the dangerous smoke into the south bay through the next couple of days and into the weekend. alexis? how are the roads? >> we have road closures all local roads and highway 17 is still looking okay and 101 is not impacted at this point and i will get to those, loma is closed and summit road is closed between southern california and san jose and pole line, and highland at mount bache is closed and casa loma and mount madonna and pole line and at uvas, on today for residents. >> high fire dangers is forcing the closure of alum rock park, officials will reevaluate this
6:34 am
afternoon to determine in it can open tomorrow. >> look at your screen three other fires have pop up, including a grass fire at petaluma at stewart drive north of marina, and a shift in the winds left the fire streaming into a neighborhood. sky 7 was overhead as fire popped from home to home and 13 houses were damaged and four were red tagged. officials say that hot and dry conditions fueled the situation. >> the winds were blowing it down and down the side of the freeway. >> at police came and told them to get the hell out of here. >> it is on fire you have to get out they went. they did not grab anything. >> investigators are searching for a cause, anything from a spark from a pass car tore a lit cigarette. >> novato police have cited a teen for starting this shawl
6:35 am
fire that left a home severely damaged. a 14 year old boy laying with matches is to blame for a fire that broke out in novato boulevard. sky 7 was over the scene after 6:00 last night. fire video to brush and power lines and then the back side of the house. the teen also is referred to the city's youth first center program. >> grass fire blackened the ground in alameda. sky 7 is over a fire in dublin yesterday near the scamp park army training area. it burned 25 acres before it was out. >> new details on a single car crash in martinez, police have confirmed one person died. you can see how badly damned the car -- damaged the car is after hitting a tree. reports of crash came in at 7:30. police have not said yet in the victim was the driver. >> check out the video that san jose police just released of a home burglary, it looks strange and surveillance caught the suspect on wind store and the
6:36 am
man broke into a window to get support house and last with jewelry and, also, nor a time, with his shirt pull offer his head. if you recognize the man, call san jose police. >> first officer charged in the underage sex scandal affecting multiple believes has turned himself in to police. oakland police officer bunton was booked into jail. he posted bail. this is video from friday when he pleaded not guilty to felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor engaging in an act of prostitution. he warned jasmine abuslin of a prostitution sting in exchange for sex. all the suspect in the center of a bizarre kidnapping case will appear in federal court in sacramento with a change of plea hearing. the plea is not guilty. if he take as deal it will not go do trial in january. he is on medication so the court has to make additional inquiries whether he is of sound mind.
6:37 am
mull certificate charged with kids napping denise huskins. police originally dismissed her story as a hoax. it became similar to the plot in "gone girl." huskins has filed a civil lawsuit against the city. >> developing news from the san diego area, a rest is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. outside the police headquarters after they shot and skilled an unarmed black man. this picture is a still frame from video shot by a witness taken before shots were fired. it appears it show a man with an object in his hands taking an aggressive stance with two officers. a witness who did not wish to be identified became emotional. >> i am in high school and i have autism so...that could be me. or one of my friends. >> police say the item in the man's hand was not a weapon. he was not armed.
6:38 am
witnesses say the man was mentally disabled. his identify is not released. >> the complicated relationship between race and policing will be discussed in san francisco. there be a panel of leaders in the criminal justice field including san francisco police department interim chief toney chaplin and the san francisco public defender open to the public at 3:30 p.m. you can register on-line to attend. there is a lincoln >> a 12-year-old girl just was given one of the highest honors in hayward, a good citizen award for her bravery on march 15. she helped save her father's life after he was shot in the arm. the sarah avalos family wasn't to the ochoa middle school to meet a man though thought was sell his car. the man robbed them and shot her dad. as her dad sped away, sarah avalos called 9-1-1 and
6:39 am
described street signs and thing to dispatch and police were able to find them in minutes. >> we are happy they feel proud of me. and i am getting more successful in life. >> an arrest has been made in the case. sarah is considering a career in law enforcement. >> love her. aword that great america pulling the plug on a halloween attraction with days at the live desk. >> i have an update, great america in the bay area and knotts berry farm is shutting down "fear v.r.," that could be hurtful to someone that deals with mental illness. a petition is going around "stop stigma against mental illness," probably hard to see on the tv with 503 people is signed the petition. also at the live desk a brand
6:40 am
new photo of what the scary ride was looking like. it is scary. look at the screen, knotts berry farm on their website should down the page that talk about the read that was supposed to have a virtual reality component to it. you would wear the goggles and be strapped into a chair given the goggles to the experience the virtual reality and you would press a panic button in it was too much. the parent company issued a statement saying it was supposed to -- it was never supposed to portray mental illness. that is not the point of the road. never. they have shut down the attraction in the bay area and in southern california that is the latest in the live desk. back to you. mike? all the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, we will start on the east bay with temperatures at 56 in oakland and hayward and fremont at 58. 60 in livermore.
6:41 am
san jose is 62. the warm spots and cool spots in santa resolution at 47. napa is 49. from sutro tower you can see the fog is trying to move in but take its final and not overbearing but he is going to be an influence. look at temperatures, 60 at coast, 71 the at bay to 82 inland. mild to warm and comfortable to outside. 60s at the coast at 4:00, and 77 to 86, for our bay and inland temperatures so no more 90s in the forecast and look at the temperatures by friday, 60s to barely 70s, and even cooler this weekend and i update the weather in the seven-day forecast. any warm spots, slow spots? alexis? >> you have pretty figures it show and i have not so pretty pictures and this is westbound san mateo bridge on nato, and it is not terrible, we are seeing the typical stop-and-go traffic. in another spot we see it always, and slower than average, westbound 205, just getting new reports of a collision before you get to the 580 merge, at the parkway, we have not confirm how
6:42 am
many vehicles are blocking but it is obviously slow hing tracy area and this is a spot that had two other issues this morning that are long gone. but a tough time bouncing back. we have reduced capacity on the san francisco bay ferry at 6:47, and 8:50 out of alameda and 6:30 and 7:30 and 8:40 from oakland with reduced capacity. >> are you ready for a quieter commute? officials where the newest commuter train say they are. the proposal that could have a lot of you voicing some concern. >> stanford researchers get a new unique look into the lives of whales, with technology helping them track the
6:43 am
they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out.
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please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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astand ford republicaners have strapped themselves to the back of the whale to look at what happens deep underwater with small cameras with technology using suction cups and they can fin out how whales feed, mate, swim. they now know that blue whales feed using specific attack patterns that vary depend on the fish they are going after. the sound is aid mazing. a proposal could make the bay area's commuter train the quietest of all. amy hollyfield is in san rafael.
6:46 am
this could ban talking on your cell phone? >> that is right. believe it or not we are hearing a lot of support for this idea. commuters would like it say they don't need to hear everyone's personal conversations when they are riding to work. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the proposal is to ban talking on cell phones on the new train service that will run teen santa rosa and san rafael. nose who do like the idea say they really do not know in it could become a reality. >> it is a if idea but i don't think it will pass. this are reasonable too many people that are having their cell phones attached and want to be on them. >> police would not necessarily cite people but allow emergency calls and use discretion. that is what the people told the surveillance camera surveillance camera and in it passes it would be the first-of-its-kind in the
6:47 am
country. the train service will start rolling in december. >> reporting from san rafael i amy hollyfield for abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. this morning we hearing from the son of former israeli leader shimon peres on his father's legacy. he died after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. he was a n appeal prize winner the most admired leaders and the last surviving link to the founding fathers and held every senior political office including three times as prime minister over seven decade career. >> three worked tire leslie for israel from the first day to the last day of his life. >> according to the israeli foreign ministry, president obama and prince charles are expected to understand and bill clinton will be there and hillary clinton will not. shimon peres was 93. >> happening today, state treasurer will make a major
6:48 am
announcement of san francisco based wells fargo bang. the announcement is at city hall at noon. moments ago we learned that wells fargo c.e.o. and set to tell congress that the bank will end their aggressive sales goals on saturday october 1st. that is earlier than expected but comes after the sales goals were at the center of a scandal where wells fargo employees opened millions of accounts without customer permission to reach the goals. the bank has agreed to pay $185 million to settle allegations. >> they announced they will end some of controversial sales goals practices on saturday. >> now revelation of a massive security breach at yahoo and more fallout. >> jane king and "wall street journal." >> lawsuits are filing up against yahoo with a data breach affecting 500 million and a handful of lawsuits have been file asked senators want to know when yahoo found out and in they
6:49 am
acted fast enough that could impact yahoo's pending merger with spray done. facebook is ready to make work addictive as socializing, launching the enterprise communication and collaboration network called facebook at work in the next few weeks. it will charge companies peruser and facebook at work others audio options. get ready to see more super heroes at halloween, including have heroes especially female super heroes. >> that is from times square. back to you. >> sad i don't really know who harley quinn is... >> what? you have some comic reading to do. >> now, talking about weather, i know who mike nicco is. >> thank you. in everyone only knew...
6:50 am
>> you want to be outside today, later this afternoon. but are first, get through the fog. half moon bay is where it is thicket. around petaluma, and into napa we are up to a mile and three-quarters and three-quarters at napa. watch out for shifting thick fog with the kids headed to the bus stop. from mount tam, can you see the cloud cover is what bring us the cooling. the marine layer is back at a thousand feet. more clouds and misty spots the next couple of nights and tracking showers in the forecast. today, 78 in milpitas. 82 in san jose, a warm 87 in gilroy. mild temperature on the peninsula and most of us in the mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is the exception across the north bay, 78 to 84 is the spread and the east bay shore, 7 to fremont. and 85 to 90 inland and after
6:51 am
today, 50s to 70s and 80s, and only 50s to 70s next week with a chance of a shower next week, sunday, monday, and possibly on tuesday. alexis? >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows we have the metering lights flipped on right around 5:30 this morning. we are kind of at the strain point of day where the fast track lanes moving slower an the cash lane and car pool is all that is move along. westbound 205 we have a report of a collision before you get to 580 near mountain house parkway but not able to confirm that with c.h.p. so it is slow. looking at drive times, southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma is 37 minutes and westbound 580, castro valley to the maze is not bad at 15 minutes, still in the green. north 101 between the 280 and 680 split stop-and-go at 19 minutes. >> listen to this, a boost for the apple watch, two health insurance companies have announced they will subsidize
6:52 am
the cost of apple watch for select large employers and individual customers. according to the silicon valley business journal aetna will provide apple watches to all 50,000 employees for flow in they participate in the wellness reimbursement program. vitality also announced a similar program and aetna is getting many applications to work there, but a benefit. we will be back in 90 seconds but, first, the instagram picture of the day. stay tuned.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> number one, cal fire hopes cooler temperatures help gain the upper hand in the loma fire burning in santa cruz mountains. the fire now is holding at 2,250 acres. with 10% containment. >> seven homes and outbuildings have been destroyed. >> investigators in petaluma are looking into the cause of this grass fire that damaged 13 homes including four that had to be read tagged of the the flames pushed by winds and moved quickly residented barely had time to leave. the heat wave is over now the bus top forecast, dressing the kids is warmer this morning at 46 to 60 and fog across the north bay with the bus stop and the sun is strong but the
6:55 am
temperatures are not, 59 at coast to 86 for the afternoon after-school activities. four, it is a bit of a tough morning as you get out of the central valley, we are hearing about two chicagos -- collisions westbound, at grant line is the newest and before mountain house parkway, no injuries but trying to confirm. i will tweet more details. >> five, protesters near san diego will demonstrate this morning in front of police headquarters, and they are protesting the shooting death of an unarmed black man with cell phone video show the man holding an object and point it at officers. >> organizers are working to rename sharon meadow at golden gate park after robin williams. the "san francisco chronicle" said local people are behind this effort and they need to raise $100,000 to cover costs. >> seven, it is "national drink beer day." accord to the national calendar you are encouraged to use # #drinkbeerday. then kickback a cold one.
6:56 am
do not confuse this with "national beer day," which is april 7 of course. >> it sounds like a reason to have two special beer days. >> i guess it is 5:00 somewhere. >> you wait an hour and a half to tell us this. >> should have started the newscast that way. cheers. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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donald trump on defense after that dramatic debate. >> and i was also holding back >> takes aim at the moderator, the media, and even his mike. >> my microphone was terrible. i think -- i wonder, was it set up that way on purpose? >> clinton fired up, take a victory lap. >> one down, two to go. >> as trump doubles down on his criticism of the former miss universe saying her weight as a big problem. what the beauty queen is revealing on "gma" this morning. breaking news. a deadly police shooting in california. sparking protests overnight. the image from the scene showing officers confronting an unarmed man, then opening fire. >> shots fired. sending an ambulance. >> the investigation right now. marlins mystery. the disturbing new text messages


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