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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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for the content of this advertising. good morning, america. breaking overnight, trump's tax bombshell. a "new york times" report showing a nearly billion-dollar deduction. so large, it could have legally allowed donald trump to not pay income tax for up to 18 years. >> it must be something really important, even terrible, that he's trying to hide. >> trump's campaign responding this morning. >> gloves off. trump targeting hillary clinton on all fronts from her health to her husband. >> she can actually be crazy. she can't make it 15 feet to her car. i don't even think she is loyal to bill, if you want to know the truth. >> will these new attacks distract voters from his new political storm? the other breaking news story this morning. matthew's might. ready to dump feet of rain on jamaica, cuba and haiti, all of
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them in the bull's-eye. the rush to protect property and stock up on supplies. rob is tracking this incredibly dangerous storm. will it hit the u.s.? and a fond farewell. the duke and duchess of cambridge wrapping up their canadian tour. the couple shows they are in shipshape. prince george and princess charlotte finally mastering the royal wave, but little george apparently in no rush to head home. >> announcer: live from abc news in new york, this is "good morning america." good morning, everybody. paula's off. great to have cecilia vega off the campaign trail and with us at the desk. we're going to start here in fact with the breaking news at the race for the white house. donald trump makes headlines on several fronts. >> first, this, a big headline in "the new york times" this morning, the paper has obtained what it says is donald trump's state tax return from 1995.
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it shows a loss of $916 million. that is large enough, the paper says, that trump may not have had to pay federal income taxes in nearly two decades. >> and the other trump story this morning, an overnight speech in which he unleashed on hillary clinton. in unusually scathing terms by trumpian standards, going to say she is not loyal to her husband. >> we have it all covered this morning. we will be talking to the reporters who broke the big tax story and george is standing by with his analysis. we begin here with abc's mary bruce in washington this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the clinton campaign is calling this a bombshell. donald trump's taxes and his refusal to release them has been a central issue in the campaign. now, for the first time we get a look at some of his actual returns and how he could have transformed red ink into a huge benefit. this morning "the new york
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times" reporting donald trump could have avoided pay iing federal income taxes for years. fragments of state records sent anonymously to "the times" claim that in 1995 donald trump declared a $916 million loss. the loss of three casinos, his airline business and the new york plaza hotel. the deduction so large, it could have allowed trump to legally avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years. trum didn't deny it on last week's debate stage. >> it shows he didn't pay income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: and he isn't denying it now. his campaign saying in a statement mr. trump is a highly skilled businessman who has a responsibility to his business, his family, and employees to pay no more tax than legally required. >> i tell you what, if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does it make the rest of us? >> reporter: breaking with precedent, trump has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns until a routine audit is complete.
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>> at some point we'll release. there's no rush. i'm supposed to rush like crazy? >> reporter: until he does hillary is hammering him for hiding his dealings. >> it's probably true he hasn't paid a penny in federal taxes to actually support our military or our vets or our schools. >> reporter: now this morning the clinton campaign is blasting trump saying "the times" report shows he avoided paying taxes while working americans paid theirs. they say it's all the more reason why he should release his full returns. dan. >> mary, thank you. joining us now are the two "new york times" reporters who broke the story. russ buettner and megan twohey. megan, let me start with you. who sent the documents? do you have any idea? >> that remains a mystery. a week ago friday, my colleague sue craig went to her mailbox and a week ago friday, there was an envelope typed to her, that came from -- was said to have come for the trump organization.
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and she opened it and there were tax return records for donald trump. >> how do you know these returns are legit? >> there's a reason -- she received those and we published our story last night. so there was a lot of work that went in between her receiving them and us publishing the story. and the big breakthrough came midweek when our colleague david barstow traveled to florida and actually met with trump's accountant, a man whose signature was on one of the forms we received and prepared his taxes in 1995 and can confirm that, yes, in fact, the records are legitimate. >> russ, trump's attorney is threatening to sue here because he says trump did not authorize the disclosure. does the attorney have a case? >> not as far as our attorneys are concerned.
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no, you commit a crime, if you steal a document like that but opening your mailbox is not a crime. >> trump has said when confronted with the possibility that he may not have paid federal income taxes, that makes him smart. from the perspective of a businessman, does he have a case there? >> it's open to judgment. it's a line of tax avoidance that is open to people in partnerships and he would be smart if he had access to do it. i think people who -- a paychecks a portion of them go to the federal every week whether they do anything or not might view that differently. >> russ, thank you. megan, thank you. appreciate you coming in this morning. over to you. >> just as the tax story was about to break overnight, donald trump was on stage unleashing a new round of attacks on hillary clinton. he is targeting everything from her health to her marriage. abc's devin dwyer from washington with more. devin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump had been hinting about more aggressive attacking on mrs. clinton on her character, and he did, even questioning her fidelity to her husband.
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in pennsylvania overnight, donald trump's campaign against hillary clinton got even more personal. >> she could be crazy. she could actually be crazy. >> reporter: with attack after attack. >> she's an incompetent woman. i have seen it. she's an incompetent woman. >> reporter: trump even going after clinton's marriage, saying without evidence clinton is unfaithful to her husband. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill if you want to know the truth. and really, folks, why should she be, right? why should be? >> reporter: trump stirring up a political storm as he bragged about arriving in his helicopter in the middle of one. >> i said are you crazy? land the helicopter. >> reporter: and mocking clinton for her recent bout of pneumonia and impersonating her stumble on 9/11. >> she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. >> reporter: still battered by his reviews of his first debate, trump's doubling down on his blame of the mike. >> they gave me a bum mike.
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>> reporter: trump telling the crowd watching his performance on stage is like a night at the movies. >> right now, you say, let's go to a movie after trump. but you won't do that. because you will so high and so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responded to his barrage of attacks overnight, spokesman fallon saying trump's speech was particularly unhinged, that trump was quote sweating the looming "new york times" story on his taxes. dan and cecilia? >> for more of all of this, let's going in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. >> good morning, guys. >> as you know there is an enormous amount of pressure on trump to release his taxes. will this story in "the new york times" force his hand perhaps? >> i think it all but guarantees why he won't. the loss of $918 million that he could write off for up to 18 years. here's what we already know
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about his taxes. the tax returns had been released in the late '70s showed he paid no federal income taxes. records from two years in the 1990s, showed he paid no income taxes and now the document suggests he could have gone for up to 18 years on the first $916 million in income. which does at least point to trump's historical resistance to release the tax returns. he seems to believe that information in them is quite damaging. and note in that statement he put out last night, it did not say that he paid federal income taxes. >> neither confirmed nor denied. basically, right? also this attack unleashing on hillary clinton. even now questioning her own fidelity in her marriage? what's going on? is this a sign? is he basically laying out the ground work for the debate to come? >> well, donald trump is being donald trump right there. one of his advisers, rudy giuliani said he should get tougher in the next debate. mr. giuliani is going to be on "this week" later as well.
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the question is, is raising the question on her marriage going to get any voters he doesn't already have? and it's especially tough in a town hall meeting kind of debate that is coming up next sunday, as you know, is co-moderated by martha raddatz, you will get questions from actual voters. if you don't answer the questions in that kind of forum and just go on the attack, it could turn voters off. >> you have a poll that shows just how well hillary clinton did in the last debate in terms of public opinion. what is her strategy going in to the next one? >> i think the clinton team believes they should do in the next debate exactly what they did in the last one. answer the questions as best they can. bait trump when they can. going back to my earlier point. in these kind of town hall style debates, the most important thing for any candidate to do is to establish a real connection
7:11 am
with the voters on stage asking questions. >> and not check your watch. >> good idea. george h.w. bush. 1992. >> 37 day to go but who is counting? >> spoken like a campaigner. >> 37 days go by pretty quickly. >> yeah. >> and a reminder that george has a big show coming up later this morning on "this week." including bernie sanders and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. the next presidential debate is seven days away. it will air live here on abc. of course our own martha raddatz is co-moderating that. and first up, the vice presidential candidates face off this tuesday. and george will be anchoring the team coverage. our team will be there live at 9:00 eastern on abc. a very busy week to come. >> no sleep for george or cecilia for a month. we will move on to the other breaking story this morning, it's hurricane matthew barreling through the atlantic. rob is tracking it all and the question whether it will hit us. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dan. matthew really has not moved much in the last 24 hours. nor has it lost its powerful
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punch. a storm of 150-mile-per-hour sustained winds and a huge expanse of convection on the front. it will be pass over haiti as a category 3 or 4 storm and eastern cuba and then bahamas and turks and caicos wednesday and thursday. we will discuss potential impacts for the u.s. later in the program. for now we have hurricane warnings for eastern cuba, haiti and jamaica. the center of this thing will be on the islands as we go through the next 24 hours. the core of the strongest winds is pretty small. there is going to be wind damage but the biggest concern we have right now for haiti is torrential rainfall, potentially 30 or 40 inches that will have devastating mud slides in a very poor country. jamaica also will feel the impacts in the next 36 hours. that is where we have gio benitez live for us in kingston. >> reporter: good morning. you know what this is like. the calm before the storm, where very little is moving. we are getting a breeze right now. i want to show you the front
7:13 am
page of the sunday paper. take a look at this. matthew the menace. it is menacing indeed. the people here of jamaica understand just how powerful this storm can be. they have been preparing here several days now. they tell me about the other storm that hit some decades ago and that was a category 3. they remember how powerful that was. the damage that did. they know this storm is more powerful. it's already killed a 16-year-old on the island of st. vincent. very, very powerful. people here in jamaica are preparing and of course as rob said, we are going to start feeling the wind and rain very soon. >> gio benitez in the bull's-eye of the storm. thank you and stay safe. there is a lot of other news this morning. and for that as always we kick it over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> dr. ron claiborne. >> that's right. >> sorry. >> good morning to you, dan and
7:14 am
cecilia. rachel, good morning, everyone. we begin with new developments in the investigation in the deadly computer train that crashed in new jersey and killed one woman and injured 100 other people. the national transportation safety board saying there were no signal problems or issues with the track at the hoboken terminal at the time of the crash. it was disclosed that nj transit was under a federal audit before the crash. investigators finding several safety violations system wide just several months ago. just days after congress vetoed president obama's bill, a that allows americans to sue foreign states, a woman who lost her husband on 9/11 has filed a lawsuit against saudi arabia. in documents, she claims the country is partially responsible. for her husband's death by providing material support. and sad news out of south carolina. a 6-year-old boy who was one of the victims of a shooting spree earlier this week has died. jacob hall was shot in the leg and suffered major blood loss. the 14-year-old suspect in that shooting is in police custody.
7:15 am
and for the first time in this country, bees have been placed on the endangered species list. the u.s. fish and wildlife service saying years of research showed seven species native to hawaii are threatened. new protection rules will take place on october 31st. in delaware, a trolley carrying wedding guests crashed, injuring 12 people. it was being pulled by a van near dewey beach when it swayed and toppled over. the injured were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. police are investigating what caused that accident. and a stunning last play in georgia where the texas -- tennessee, sorry. sorry about that, ravchel. took on the bulldogs of georgia. georgia led 31-28 until four seconds left. that is tennessee's quarterback josh dobbs firing up the hail mary pass to the receiver made the leaping catch. good news. >> oh, yeah.
7:16 am
>> and tennessee wins 34-31 and head coach butch jones did a happy dance afterwards and then broke down in tears, we believe. and finally, just as countless binge watchers are ready to indulge in "luke cage," on netflix, the unthinkable happened. their tv screens went black. netflix suffering a massive outage saturday in the afternoon for about three hours. so no netflix. what do you do? take to twitter with users posting 13,000 posts about the blackout. >> i thought you were going to say, what do you do? read a book. >> yeah. >> imagine that. or go outside. listen to music. talk to someone. >> talk to a human being. >> they are radical ideas. we're not quite ready for that. >> i have to binge watch through the weekend. >> i will back you up, that is a great show. thank you. appreciate it. let's get over to rob. rob, another look at the weather.
7:17 am
when in doubt, do a little trolling. that's the new way it is. pacific storm coming in. this is a strong one. we're getting into the time of the year where we start to strengthen the pacific lows. and the pacific northwest getting in the rainy season. it will also bring wind, to the on shore variety to california and in through parts of las vegas. critical fire danger with strong winds in the mountain passes. could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. and relative humidities in those areas are low. beautiful sunshine, above average temperatures. we spoke of it yesterday across the midsection of the country. big ridge pumping up here. 70s and 80s in some of these spots including minnesota where the ryder cup is happening. final rounds today. go, usa. it will feel like late august as opposed to early october. temperatures will cool with the front coming through. the pacific northwest. good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist lisa ar jen and you can see the clouds on
7:18 am
the peninsula scatterd throughout the bay area. the amounts should be light and partly cloudy and breezy through the rest of the evening and another chance tomorrow. and so the rainfall amounts feature the north bay and then we will get into the nice afternoon. although, temperatures continue to be below average, we are will look at another chance can of rain tomorrow and then sunny and warmer the rest of the week. >> more on the changing seasons and hurricane matthew and i will be trolling on twitter here. >> i will look for it. he will actually be trolling you, ron. >> shocking. >> i have done that before. >> unimaginable. >> awesome. next to a royal farewell from will, kate, charlotte and george as they finish their first overseas trip as a family of four. the duke and duchess thanking canada for all the happy memories. the finale of their canadian tour. >> reporter: good morning to you, rachel. it's been a jam-packed week for the duke and duchess, and george
7:19 am
and charlotte. they spent the last day of the tour focusing on something of utmost important to the royal couple. before bidding a royal bon voyage to the great white north, william and kate devoted the final hours to shining a light on mental health care and support. one of the royal couple's highest public priorities along with prince harry. >> i think it's quite poignant they chose the last day of their visit to address that in quite a serious way. >> reporter: hours after unveiling a statue dedication at a nonprofit offering support with survivors. they hit the harbor in a sailing program. which encourages young people to end the stigma around mental illness. the couple putting in some elbow grease with cause with kate at the helm as the ship cruises back into port. the highlight of the first official interest trip abroad
7:20 am
for the familiy of four, of course, the little royals as they master their roles abroad. george and charlotte mingling with military families, the center of attention. royally ruling this garden tea party and the official farewell, frantically waving at the crowd. even if little george with his nose pressed against the plane's window may not have been ready to say good-bye. after the official farewell, the cambridges traveled by sea plane to the airport before boarding a canadian air force plane and jetting back home. dan, cecilia? >> those kids are the cutest. thank you. >> absolutely. i'm always disappointed when george is not wearing his ascot. >> i feel this is the most intimate view we have seen of the royal couple. you know, seeing kate and will just interacting with the kids and loving and blowing bubbles with little george. it was a cool experience to see them. >> canada will do that to you. >> good fashion too, right. we have a lot more coming up
7:21 am
on "gma" this saturday morning. police in philadelphia fire more than 100 shots at a suspect accused of going on a violent rampage. the investigation this morning and what the police commissioner says may have caused the barrage of bullets. travis rice, his epic snowboard film years in the making. what he is saying about it this morning. and that is coming up. and "pop news," rachel has gifts for all of us. >> wait for it. >> it's allegedly true.
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good morning, everybody. i'm carolyn tyler and the blue angels will arrive in the bay area for fleet week. yesterday, the blue angels had to cancel their show in sacramento, because the flight le leader was sick, but the san francisco show is expected to
7:28 am
gob on as planned starting thursday. the blue angels will arrive at oakland international airport at 6:00 tonight. let's check at the accuweather forecast and here is lisa ar je jen. >> hey, carolyn, a cold front is on the way, and it could spread showers in your neighborhood. it is 54 in mountainview, and 55 in half moon bay. the clouds will favor the north bay just in time for the giants' game and also the 49 game, and upper 60s in the south bay. carolyn? >> thank you,
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welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." happening right now, donald trump's taxes. this morning, we are getting a first glimpse inside a portion of the tax returns he has refused to make public. the documents sent anonymously to the "new york times." the paper reporting that a $916 million hit to his earnings in 1995 may have allowed trump to legally avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years. also happening right now, height ened alert. in california, an official warning of a threat of an earthquake there after a series of small tremors under the sea along the san andreas fault. the heightened alert is in effect until tuesday. and time for football in london. the jacksonville jaguars and the indianapolis colts facing off at wembley.
7:31 am
the first of three games nfl teams will be playing in london. this is the fourth year that nfl teams will bring american football to london. >> i think you need to read that in a british accent. we'll do that again next. >> it would not be pretty. i can't do it. i can do a boston accent. >> it always goes back to a boston accent. >> that's all i can do and it can't even do that very well. speaking of sports -- famed snowboarder travis rice straps on his snowboard and heads to the back country for his new film. what it look to get the incredible shots for the ride of a lifetime, coming up. first, authorities in philadelphia launch an investigation as to why police fired more than 100 shots on an unarmed suspect who went on a violent rampage. >> the city's police commissioner raising the possibility it was due to something called contagious gunfire. and eva pilgrim is here with more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. philadelphia police say they thought he had a gun responding to a call for screams and shots fired. eventually shooting and killing the suspect. the shooting raising concerns this morning. the issue, the number of shots
7:32 am
fired that has even the police commissioner disturbed. more than 100 shots fired, police ending a terrifying series of attacks. this morning, officials say the actual number of shots fired to christopher soul still being tallied. >> as of now, that count is 109 shots fired. >> reporter: police are now identifying the nine officers who opened fire but are not saying which hit and killed the 32-year-old. suspected in a series of violent attacks on three people. attacks on five people. investigators say he stabbed two children, including his 8-year-old son. >> on the little kids. and it's -- i mean, it wasn't fair that the cops shot an unarmed man that many times. >> reporter: the philadelphia police commissioner says no gun has been recovered, multiple weapons used to slash and attack his alleged victims were found. >> it's of serious concern to us
7:33 am
the number of shots fired. >> reporter: according to the commissioner, one factor may have been what he called contagious fire at the chaotic scene and is promising more training. >> it's about whether or not police officers are trained how to recognize when someone is mea mentally ill and how to de-escalate the situation. on someone who is violent and trying to hurt them. >> reporter: the officers are being interviewed and the victims injured in the attack are still hospitalized and police say their conditions are improving. >> thank you very much. let's get it back to rob for a look at the weather. >> we have a beautiful shot for you. the aspens are in full bloom. as you say, i guess. steamboat springs, colorado. maybe tomorrow, the ski trail will have a bit of white. we have a strong storm coming in with more cooler air for the pacific northwest, the sierras. for the cascades. temperatures will fall to near the freezing mark. cheyenne, close to 80 yesterday and probably will do it again today.
7:34 am
a strong trough in the plains and i think we will see a significant weather event here on tuesday and wednesday. we will watch for that. and it may push off to the east and may have an influence on what is now hurricane matthew, as far as will it hit the u.s. it's going to be a battle between this front and the big blue "h" which has been steering matthew. if the "h" wins out, matthew will get closer. if not touch the u.s. if the front wins out, and the odds are on the front, it should nudge it out to sea. hopefully. that is a quick chec good sunday morning, i'm lisa ar jen waking up to partly to mostly sunny sky. showers throughout the day and the temperatures once >> this weather report is the >> this weather report is the brought to you by fage crossovers. saying that correctly, right? >> yes. yes, yes. >> i have some in the fridge. >> you checked with me. i know this because i have to
7:35 am
make smoothies for a 1 1/2-year-old. >> bobby flay says it fage. >> i go with flay. thank you, sir. going to extremes. travis rice takes us on his latest journey scaling new heights for "the fourth phase." his heart-stopping new movie. what those of us on the campaign trail have been waiting for. alec baldwin as trump on "snl." that is coming up on "pop news." alec baldwin as trump coming up on pop news.
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famed snowboarder travis rice appeari famed snowboarder travis rice appearing to risk life and limb to make his new documentary called "the fourth phase." his crew overcoming incredible obstacles to film escapades that are both exhilarating and terrifying. they are calling it the expedition of a lifetime. >> the cycle we ride. >> reporter: snowboarding legend travis rice and his team of death-denying snowboarders take us to where no boarder has gone before in the next chapter of their epic evolution. >> finding that terrain and geological oddities to play around with, it gets a lot more
7:40 am
fun. >> reporter: in this larger than life quest dubbed "the fourth phase," his team and riders had a journey on the north pacific slopes, tracking from the frozen beginnings -- >> at 11,400 feet. >> reporter: -- until it finds the sea. the sports documentary takes us to environments so remote, the team and crew had no option but to hike their way to the top. >> come up the same way, just hike up. >> reporter: or chopper in before the shredding can commence. it also meant they were at the mercy of mother nature. >> all right, travis. when you're ready. three, two, one. travis dropping. >> reporter: it's the crushing moment for travis rice and crew where time stops and his reckless optimism would have resulted in his death. a heart pounding ride down ice and snow in valdez, alaska, ends with a terrifying avalanche
7:41 am
leaving travis hurt but alive. travis cheating death but the fall ending the four-year trek for the man who friends say knows no limits. wow. you can watch the premiere tonight on red bull tv. >> my heart is pounding watching that. >> i don't know what to think of that. i know why you do it. it's really thrilling. >> the thrill. >> these guys are wired differently. i have done a lot of shoots with red bull productions and they are different from you and me. they take hucking your carcass, as he says -- >> hucking your carcass? >> yeah. that is what he is doing. throwing his body -- i'm probably behind in the vernacular. i'm about five years behind. i still go with it. >> i'm not picking up what you're putting down. >> i like that. >> so many bold phrases from you today, dan. >> i woke up like this. >> oh, my gosh. coming up on "gma," the mom who almost threw out all of her children's toys.
7:42 am
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>> okay, time now for the weekend download. a mom from arkansas took drastic steps after deciding her kids' playroom was totally out of control. she chucks all of the toys. she has four kids, and that means a heck of a lot of stuff. when she was done, everything fit in one toy bin. most importantly, she says doing this gave her her life back. >> i was becoming the mom i didn't want to be and stressed out and just yelling so i started to get rid of everything that didn't feel necessary that didn't feel like it had a purpose, or feel like it was really needed or loved. everything has changed with this and i was able it to have all this free time where i was sitting with my kids and playing with them, doing puzzles with them. we started home schooling. and we were just able to breathe. >> okay, joining me now is genevieve shaw brown. abc travel and lifestyle editor. okay. let's talk about this. we all have way too much stuff.
7:47 am
she says it changed her life. what's wrong with having this stuff around the house? >> we all want to give her kids everything. turns it it might be doing more harm than good. kids are overwhelmed by too many toys. they can't make choices and focus. and the ucla study found that too many possessions in the home can lead to increased stress for mom. that's not a good thing. >> this stuff is causing us all of the stress. so what is it about this? less is more? is that what the good thing is for kids? >> i spoke to a lot of moms including allie for the story. less can be more. we found a common theme, kids can focus, they can pay attention to what they do have. they get along better with their siblings and they treat the things they do have with respect. >> sometimes you want to say i want to throw it all away. what is the right way to do it? the right way and the wrong way? >> i spoke to a professional organizer about this. and there is one rule of thumb, this is all you need to know. if you don't love it, use it or need it, get rid of it. >> great advice. i'm going go home and clean right now. >> me too. >> we have more coming up. "pop news" is next. we have more coming up.
7:48 am
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♪ ♪ all right, what are we doing now? oh. "pop news." rachel. >> what's up, guys? >> i'm excited about this one. >> you should. this first one is quite the doozy. all of them are. alec baldwin making his big debut as donald trump on "saturday night live," doing his best impression of the republican nominee during the first presidential debate. check it out. >> i have the best judgment and the best temperament. she's the one with the bad temperament. she's always screaming. she is lying. her hair is crazy. her face is completely orange except around the eyes where it's white. >> i cannot get enough of this because it's so spot on. the debates show the premiere.
7:53 am
alec baldwin will be playing the trump role for the season. thanks to a big idea from former cast member tina fey. pretty cool, huh? dald win baldwin is no longer to the set. he has hosted the show a record-setting 16 times. >> those impressions are both so spot on. >> and the hillary clinton campaign loves it. i mean -- >> they do? >> oh, they love it. they have fun with it. >> we haven't heard from them yet. >> interesting. next up, guys, we've got from the small screen to the stage, the great white way, the internet sensation known as grumpy cat. you will love this one here, dan harris. >> i love grumpy cat. >> grumpy cat can now add broadway to his resume. the disgruntled kitty making a one night appearance with the cast of "cats." she was clearly the cats' meow. in true grumpy cat form, she said she would have preferred to
7:54 am
play the phantom of the opera. she does have beautiful memory. >> well played, well played. >> i challenge dan to make grumpy cat 10% happier. >> actually, i met grumpy cat because she showed up on the set of "gma" a couple years ago. she is really, really friendly and cute and purry. everything like that. she just has a face thing. >> i didn't know grumpy cat was a girl. >> it's her resting face. >> yeah, a resting face. a lucrative resting face. >> abc is kicking off its choose kindness campaign in honor of bullying prevention month. featuring abc stars to inspire kids, families and changemakers around the world and the country to put an end to bullying. >> shut it down. >> we're all beautiful. >> we are strong. >> we are powerful. >> be loud. >> be proud. >> we have the power to put an end to bullying. >> so go ahead, be you.
7:55 am
>> be bold. >> be different. >> be inspiring. >> i love that. we're inviting you to participate on social media showing how you choose kindness using the #choosekindness. >> i like that. >> i do too. it's a great campaign. and the national bullying prevention month has been around since 2006. hopefully it will inspire people it to get out there and choose kindness more frequently. all right, this is scary. we are already hearing mariah carey? ♪ >> no. >> it's beginning to look like christmas in october. and according to a new survey by, 34 million people have already started holiday shopping. >> what? >> i take it you're not one of the 34 million. >> no. christmas eve. >> bah humbug.
7:56 am
>> ron drops by 7-eleven on december 25th. >> i have a jump-start. >> here we go. >> these are empty by the way. just so you know. thank you. thank you. appreciate it. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tieler. searchers are looking for a missing kayak. crews found his kayak, but no sign of him. reported missing just after 6:00.
7:57 am
he was just off of oyster point in south san francisco. the rescuers are searching from candlestick point to the san mateo bridge in foster city. emergency crews are not sharing many detailss about the kayaker yet. it is not clear how long they plan to keep up the search. happening today, a san francisco tradition, the 43rd annual castro street fair. it is back. h hundreds of local vendors and plenty of food booths will line the streets in the castro to celebrate. attendees are asked to donate $5 to $10 and that money is distributed every year to dozens of organizations that provide essential services to the community. the fair runs from 11:00 to 6:00. what will the weather be like? here is lisa ar jen? >> well ax chance of showers across the bay area, and lining up right now, live radar 7 is picking up showers around ft. ross and we have thunderstorms off shore. right now, it is looking nice in
7:58 am
san francisco and it will take several hours to see a few showers here and by noontime, perhaps, 54 degrees and 48 in nevada. carrying an umbrella today, because you may need it. and the then we are clear for the rest of the afternoon looking at the breezy condition, and turning sunday. the accuweather forecast is showing another chance of showers late tomorrow, and then we will clear out and warm up throughout the rest of the week. a chance for the giants and the niners. carolyn? >> thank you, lisa. thank you for - i was diagnosed with parkinson's actually in early 2013. it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump's taxes revealed. after refuses to release his tax returns. >> when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted, i will release my tax returns. >> must be something really important, even terrible that he is trying to hide. >> a brand new report reveals the document showing how trump could have paid no federal income taxes for years. and after round one in the ring, trump plays the blame game. >> boy, were they dishonest on the debate. man! >> and pounces on clinton's past in the run-up to round two. >> i don't even think she's loyal to be, if you want to know the truth. folks, really, why should she be, right? >> we talk with top trump adviser rudy giuliani and clinton supporter


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