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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> almost 5:00 a.m., and it is friday. you made it. obligate 21. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> and and we have meteorologist mike nicco, and jessica castro. and alexis smith, our traffic reporter. >> we will talk about the weather. hopefully a lot of people will do this for the weather. we talked yesterday about fog running. it is not too thick, "4" in napa and "3" in half moon bay our visibility in miles. from the exploritorium at pier 15, can you see 48 to 59. milder. 72 inland. a ton of sunshine but for the coast. up to 78, warmer than average. that will change.
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the weekend forecast is next. alexis? >> we are looking good with traffic. good shot of the bay bridge with no major issues westbound across the bay bridge, only 10 minutes and we are in the green. we are in the green everywhere so far this morning, westbound 580 if we had delays it would be between tracy and dublin at 29 minutes, southbound 680 at the tri-valley and northbound 85 is okay in the south bay. a minor issue in oakland and we will look at that next. >> happening today, there are big changes at sfo this morning. it affects not only those who travel but those who drop off friends and family. >> our reporter is at the airport this morning. matt? >> good morning, i am by myself at sfo at terminal one. yesterday, southwest, down this terminal, can you see a lot of people were dropped off not
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realizing now they have to do a big walk down to where the southwest terminal is now. that is one changes. a lot of other changes are coming to terminal one. what should you expect? boarding areas are remaining open and part of the roads and curb side at the terminal are affected for arrivals and departures so people are being dropped off where the southwest ticket counter used to be and walk the eighth of a mile. the connecting walkway is closed. it will cost $2.5 billion, to be completed by 2024 but construction here is only lasting for two years in this phase. you can check out for more information on how to navigate this. >> new this morning, in cupertino, police are searching for a man who posed as an undercover police officer and tried to lure a woman into his car. the campus police say it
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happened in a parking lot. it occurred on window night. man told a female s.u.v. not to walk alone and she needed to get into his car or she would get a ticket. she was able to get to her own car when another car drove between them. >> breaking news in the fight against isis in syria. jessica? >> the breaking news is the next is saying this morning medical evacuations of ahelp i don't, syria, have not happened because it is not safe. this morning, the syrian ambassador in switzerland said buses and ambulances are ready to evacuate people that need help but they cannot because of the terrorist activity. snipers are attacking the crossing points. they can future help those folks and a top u.n. human rights official is calling what is happening in eastern aleppo
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"crimes of historic proportions that violate humanitarian law." this is video from a couple of months ago when a cornering boy had to be rescued from the rubble after an attack on aleppo and the video becoming the embodiment of the effects of the violence on ordinary people. at this point, there is no word on when the people of aleppo will get help. we will keep you posted on developments. happening today, sentencing takes place for a man who surrendered after san francisco police used the new de-escalation techniques for the first time early this year. officers say the man had a gun and threatened to hurt himself in july. the four hour long stand off forced police to close market street. dyson gave up after police fired bean bags. there had been come mens for shooting suspects. >> the f.b.i. processing surveillance video after c.h.p. memorial in bakersfield was
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vandalized. two suspects trespassed on to the c.h.p.'s new office on tuesday and did this, writing offensive word with blue paint on a fallen officer memorial and on many perimeter walls. the million has the names of every c.h.p. officer in the county killed in the line of duty. the anti-c.h.p. graffiti is painted over and could cost thousands to repair. >> this morning, the cause of a massive rv fire that shut down highway 101 in both directions is "under investigation," and this is periscope video shot while you can see the smoke and the people waiting in the backup dug the evening commute. what a mess. sky 7 was over the freeway as crews sprayed water on the motor home near the holly street exit. the films ignited at 4:30 in the afternoon, the worst possible time. an ambulance just happened to be behind the rv and noticed smoke coming from it. medics got the couple to pull over and they get out just in
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time. the couple telling firefighters they had a 50-pound propane tank and small 5 to 10 pound rockets inside. firefighters were forced to battle of the flames from a distance and shut down the freeway. commuters stuck there for hours in the cars. >> really confusing. ugly. people did not know what to do because it happened fast. and it was rush hour. >> if you wonder, rockets? there is a picture, the couple posted it on facebook telling authorities they were headed to oregon for a cancel model rocket show that happened in last. >> firefighters in los angeles have been searching for a person feared trapped in a burning mansion. you can so the flames rising above the 9,000 square feet home in the mount washington neighborhood. 125 firefighters raced to the scene after it broke out last night. they managed to rescue a 74-year-old woman in fair
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condition after suffering smoke inhalation. >> san ramon mess arrested four people suspected of beating a professional snowboarder, the victim nearly died outside of his home. the suspected attacker include two teenagers. katie marzullo shows more. >> his feet, knees, hands, face, lacerations everywhere. the black eyes, fracture know, fractured cheek, bruises, all offer his kidney and back. >> he is grateful his son is alive, the 23-year-old snowboarder when outside the house on friday at midnight to tell guys to be quiet, other neighbors had called police say the young men were screaming on certainties. before officers could get there the machine attacked casey, beating him unconscious. jennifer is a neighbor who called police and said it was another neighbor who stopped the attack and saved casey's life. >> they were stomping on his head and kicking him in the back and i federally believe that if
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he did not come out worst have killed him. police arrested four people, 20-year-old zachary kennedy, 19 year old jordan manabousen, and two 17-year-old. they face assault with deadly weapon, and it was just happens and feet. >> a shopping crime in a neighborhood that is very safe, a place that casey calls "home." >> he respects and loves his neighborhood and the people in it and he wanted to get them to leave. >> nays believe the suchs were using drugs or alcohol. police are investigating. >> a firefighter is being called a hero after jumping into action during a gas line explosion in oregon. peter st. john was thrown 20' in the air with eight people hurt. no injuries are life threatening but it demolished this building,ing flighting a fire and sent a plume of smoke over
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the city. the chief said st. john ran into the building to pull fire alarms and calls for him "hero." i did what everyone else would have con. it is our job. to go in. and protect the citizens. >> he said he now recovering from three broken legs and he feels humble and grateful. all the right name, st. john. >> and now accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> mount tam is couple at 2,600 feet up and 66 degrees. you can see all the way to the san mateo bridge. temperature are west portal 61, sunny side is 62, financial district is 63 and cooler at lake merced at 52 and ocean beach at 54. we have 49 in santa clara, a cool spot along with pleasanton, and 51 right now in petaluma and 50 in american canyon.
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redwood city has average highs at 74, starting off at 58 at 8:00, 67 at noon not too bad, high clouds and sunshine and temperatures holding in the low-to-mid 70s in the afternoon. this evening you could need a light coat. the warmth is starting to slip honk the coast in san francisco. can you see the green returning 60s, and 70s for the rest of us and 80 hold on in antioch and cloverdale. the cooling spread, mid-60s to mid-70s. and mid-60s to mainly low 70s by sunday. we have seen a change in the forecast. that sets the stage for wet weather on monday and tuesday. more on that when we run. but, now we go over to traffic. >> after the rv fire we had the bomb threat situation in san francisco with 83 closed and 101. we deserve a smooth commute. the golden gate bridge shows zipper truck out doing their thing this morning.
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the southbound side has more room. mostly green on the traffic flows. i want to take you to southbound highway 13 beyond the 24 interchange, we have a disabled pickup and it is partly hanging over into the left hand lane with no delays. we will talk about changes next. >> remaining up, how much trouble is twitter really in? there is a great outlet for the future of the san francisco-based company. >> a new twist in the battle to keep the raiders in the bay and
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>> the death of a riverside woman when a technical cad airbag exploded driving a 21 honda, the 11th fatality attributed to the takata airbags. deaths and injuries sparked the largest ever united states recall, where 69 millionaire bags here and 100 million around the world have now been affected. >> in first look new information on the shocking death of "playboy" model and queen of snapchat, katie may. >> in the first look, new information about the sudden, shocking death of "playboy" model and called queen of snapchat, katie may. >> the coroner in los angeles telling kabc the 34-year-old mother's cause of death in february was mechanic
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manipulation by chiropractor with two million instagram followers before her death and was very active on social media. a short time before her death, she tweeted pinched a nerve in my neck on a photo shoot and got adjusted. it really hurts. days later tweet, it still hurts, back to the chiropractor tomorrow and more on what officials say really went wrong during the session. that is. coming up at 7:00 a.m. twitter could turn to laying off employees as the san francisco-based company has faced trouble finding a potential buyer. they continue to has money. blogging service has thought it could post losses as long as its gained new users and now the growth has stalled at 300 million. reuters reports some believ twitter could cut so% of the workforce or 4,000 people
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working at twitter. >> some say samsung is trying to get out of damage caused by exploding galaxy note 7 phones after several people have similar stories saying samsung is not interested in hoping those whose homes were damaged by fires started by the phones, some left uninhabitable. avisitors in san francisco airbnbs spend big bucks dining at local restaurants. arab guests poured $107 million eating out in san francisco over the last 12 months. visitors spent the majority of that money out of the so-called urban core where usually tourism dollars are usually spent. airbnb attributes much of the impact to the help of the host, with 97% suggest local restaurants. >> and a major development of treasure island and the the city wants to credit a financial financing district on the
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island. the district will gather property taxes generated for reinvestment in the area. the re-development includes 8,000 homes, acres of parks. a vote is expect the next week from the board of supervisors. >> you can see where a vehicular recreation area is located with bikers would want to expand the trails to the 3,100 acre tulsa area, and several groups oppose the plan, claiming it would harm an environmentally sensitive area. open popes include the sierra club and the alameda county board of supervisors. meeting is at 10:00 a.m. in sacramento. >> "never las vegas," the message of die hard raider fans, to hire a plane to fly a banner over the coliseum staying "las vegas, governor you build, we will not come," and they hit the
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goal say davis is promoting the false notion the fans will accept the move if it wins approval. the mayor schaaf announced a new plan to keep the plan is released in the coming week. to check out gofundme page we have a link at >> opening ceremonies will set bright the official going of the maverick surfing season at half moon bay. the titans of move ribs competition can take place between november 1 and the end of march. they are on call. organizers call the best big wave surfers on very short notice when the waves peak up to 60'. the ceremony is open to the public and runs from noon to 2:00 p.m. >> what surf conditions look like today? >> higher than yesterday. not very great. we still have high pressure over the top of us. not a lot of wind generating waves. they will be bigger through the
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weekend. >> here is a look at sutro tower. it is clear. we will have a few high clouds. sunny this afternoon. not so warm as the sea breeze and temperatures tumble below average and a couple of charges of rain next week. the storms will stay north the six hours and the sea breeze develops and our temperatures, especially at the coast, we have clouds developing along the 66 at half moon bay, and 68 in san francisco, below average, and mid-70s around the bay, san jose is 78, and 77 in napa, and concord and livermore at 78. tonight, the same as this morning, a sprinkling of 40s and a lost low-to-mid 50s. our first storm next week, comes in on monday afternoon and into the evening rush hour and lingers through tuesday morning start to look like it i don't be a "1" own the storm-impact scale but look what it does not do to the south bay, no rain. in the north bay? possibly a third to two
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two-thirds of an inch of rain. my seven-day forecast shows the next chance of rain, next thursday and friday. >> alexis? >> word of a disabled vehicle westbound 80 in emeryville near powell and i saw flashing lights on the right-hand side. they gone. it was minor. that has cleared. the friendly reminder: chains are coming to the westbound 80 bay bridge commute. if you are trying to exit treasure island or yerba buena island it will be on the right-hand side tomorrow. this morning we had the colma bart station closed because of something on the tracks. police determined it was nothing threatening and removed it and everything is on the way and the bart trains are on time. we will look at our drive times next.
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>> we have the results from a new poll from social research institute predicting results in california. they say hillary clinton tops donald trump by 30% in the presidential race, and finds that attorney general kamala harris will beat her charlie, loretta sanchez. more surprisingly, 14 of the 17 initiatives on the november ballot will win arrival by a wide margin including prop 64 localizing pot. prop 59 calls for bilingual education. there is a notable exception. >> not likely to repeal the death penalty other than a couple of exceptions that may not quite make 50% but they will pass. >> a proposition that could go either way is the ban on plastic bags. 600 likely voters were polled between october 7 and the 13th. >> one job.
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thousands of people in georgia want answers after a postal worker dumped their mail into the woods. piles of checks, bills, letters, turned up on tuesday and a neighbor recorded video of a part time worker dumping several bins into a ditch and driving away. it took two hours to gather it up. no charges have been filed. that is a federal offense to throw it away. >> next, seven things you need to know. >> you you will now see the most terrifying video a shark breaking into a
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and my cold medicines' ugh, iwearing off.chtime i'm dragging. yeah, that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours? guess i won't be seeing you for a while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. these be the seven things you need to know: people will be returning to the tow yard in san francisco to get their cars today. it was shut down yesterday after a white car was towed with a
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note saying there was a bomb or incendiary material. a robot did not find anything. >> from the live desk, a powerful earthquake hit western japan. we were able to get new images of the shaking during the 6.2 earthquake. seven people were reported injured. the tsunami threat alert was canceled. >> oakland police officer try yarn walterhouse will be arraigned for paying for prostitutes, sex, and tipping her off to police activity. the case is not related to the sex scandal of soing several bay area law enforcement agencies. a man who rendered to police after officers used the new techniques to deescalate will >> give yourself extra wiggle room if you are using terminal
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one at sfo with a last construction and ticket counters have been closed and moved part of a $2.2 billion airport that will done by...2024! >> wow, anticipation. now, a cooling trend, mother nature bring us create check four to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday with half moon bay the biggest drop 77 to 66. rain is on the way next week. >> it is a friday light commute address to castro valley is only 42 minutes. northbound 101 to san jose is 12 minutes. the sharks getting smarter? >> or are we getting dumber? all the cages are the same. it hand again a shark broke through a shark cage caught on camera. >> what did i tell you? i said it was time to stop doing
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this. >> whoa. >> people saw the agree white off the cot of mexico and we showed it, the driver got out of there without getting seriously hurt. it happened again. this morning. at the same location. now we see what it looks like inside the cage. it was deeper in the water and the shark is stuck and able to escape. several divers were trapped. one said it was the most frightening things that ever happened. >> was there something more frighten increasing what was that? no one was hurt. stop. diving. there. >> we have the reason that san francisco police are facing a new lawsuit after an officer involved shooting. >> source found: new details of an oil spill in the north bay. >> i have been tracking three astronauts including an american arriving at the iss space and we
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are working on getting you
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>> good morning, east basement let's get going. >> good morning. it is friday, october 21. at 5:30. >> glad you are here. we have jessica castro and i am natasha zouves. >> alexis smith is here working the roads. and mike nicco is in the sky. >> tyke to wake up! >> the coffee has kicked in. >> he is with us. >> yes, and with you. now a look to show you what is going on. good morning, everyone, i will try not to shout. a look at live doppler 7 hd, the clouds are gather along the coast as the sea breeze and change in the temperature is the big story and it lacks gorgeous from the east bay hills camera and the twinkling lights and the city and the bridge, 50s this morning and fog along the coast and developing in the north bay.
5:31 am
by noon, we are cooler and 60s and the rest us in the upper 60s to low 70s. 60s at the cost at 4:00, and now, the 80s, grab a light jacket, 50s and 60s. cooler weather in the weekend forecast. >> yesterday, the commute did everyone in. there are not that many folks on the road. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes are starting to stack up and no metering lights, a few minutes later than average, because of the friday light volumes and if you take mass transit we had early issue with police activity temporarily closing the colma bart station and it is back open and we have 43 trains on time this morning, ace one and use 3 about to leave stockton on time. all the central valley is next. new questions this morning of the bomb square in san francisco yesterday. >> police delegate with the suspicious car outside, an unknown liquid was creeping into a room inside.
5:32 am
our reporter is live with that story. amy hollyfield? >> a tough day at work for people in the 50-year-old building. they were forced to stay inside while a questionable liquid seeped into their work space. this building is known to have problems. the police department moved out a year and a half ago because of rodents and leaking pipe. the "san francisco examiner" reported a mysterious liquid in a room on the 5th floor and people could not leave because outside there was a bomb scare going on. people were told to shelter-in-place after a was in a tow truck lot said there was bomb inside. so life came to a stop even if you were trying to pick up towed car. i showed up to pick up my towed car and there was a bomb evacuation in the same lot where my was war sitting. so i am he for the long haul.
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>> this started at 1:30 in the morning, traffic halted at bryant street because people blocked off streets, just in case. a police robot searched the suspicious car but did not find anything. everything was deemed safe and reopened but three hours later. thank you, amy. a family is filing a federal lawsuit against the san francisco police department after a sarge empty shot and killed a woman early this year. her death came hours before former chief greg suhr resigned. the 29-year-old jessica williams was driving a stolen car in may and hit a parked truck. she movedded car back and forth and a sergeant fired say he feeder for his safety. the city attorney has not commented on the suit and the "san francisco chronicle" reports her family is seeming an unspecified amount of money. >> we have learned more after shooting outside a san francisco high school this week, police is
5:34 am
arrested two people in "gang relationed shooting," at june jordan school on tuesday. sources say the officers captured the suspect shooter and suspected get away driver. four students were hurt including a 15-year-old. >> no more parties at uc berkeley fraternities and sore reports after sexual assaults with two women claim they were attacked in separate incidents this weekend. there are no arrests. the council said they have decided to voluntarily suspend all social events while they reevaluate the risk to members and other constitutes. >> new details the coast guard has completed analyss of oil samples collected from the send found in san pablo bay that matched the gene to light arabian crude oil transferred from the vessel "spirit," to the philip 66 refinery in rodeo. it is confusing but they could not determine in the product
5:35 am
originated from the "spirit," or the philip 66 facility, so the costs are split between the two. the coast guard could not determine the cause of the odor people were smelling. >> we have progress for a san francisco police officer who was shot in the line of duty. kevin downs is out of the hospital and in a physical therapy facility. the incident where brown was injured was the subject after community meeting last night in the sunset district. local residents expressed sympathy for the officer. [ inaudible ] we would like to know what we can do for officer downs. >> he was shot on friday after responding to a report of a man described as mentally ill and threatenening people. the 26-year-old was armed with a revolver and opened file on the officers. he was later killed by return gunfire. new images of the crew that
5:36 am
just arrived above soyuz aircraft. >> jessica is at the live desk. >> i have watched live images from nasa's website. hopefully they go back to the three astronauts here. we have watched them talk to houston live and answer questions. they are aboard the international space station. this is live from space. the american is speaking, and he is shane kimbra on right with two russian astronauts on the international space station. i want to show you images from moments ago. we have the imaging of them getting this and opening the hatch, getting ready to have the big press conference. and you see the first moments of them aboard the international space station and they will be there for four months so we will track their journey in space and the work they are doing.
5:37 am
the american is from texas. they got there but finally we had the images coming in and it is cool to see. >> seismic experts believe there is no risk of tsunami this morning after a strong earthquake rocked western japan. this is surveillance footage captured. it hit at 2:10 p.m. japan time with in reports of injury or major damage. you can see where the 6.6 earthquake was centered at 430 miles west of the biggest city of japan, and the capital, tokyo. >> oakland police officer arrested on wednesday will be arraigned at hayward hall of justice. officer walterhouse is accused of paying a recent institute for sex and tipping her off for police activity. he faces two counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice and engaging in prostitution. walterhouse has been with the department since march of 2014.
5:38 am
officials say the case is not related to the ongoing launch sex scandal involving say bay area law enforcement agencies. the woman at the center of the sex scandal has a new attorney this morning. she formally called herself celeste guap claiming she had sex with numerous bay area officers some when she was underage. the tone filed claims against self bay area cities including oakland and that attorney is in longer on the case. we have learned that attorney john burris now will be representing her. >> a mother and her three children are hurt after a car crash in san ramon. we were at crow canyon road last night where the minivan went off the road and slammed into a traffic pole. the four-year-old boy has a skull fracture, with a helicopter flying him to children's hospital in oakland. a dog in the car was killed in the crash. >> iraqi forces are fighting isis this morning after they attacked several security
5:39 am
buildings and police stations in kirkuk. officials is not released the number of those killed or wounded. the reason behind the attack is to show that isis can deploy forces behind the frontlines of mosul. >> i have an image from space that shows the size of the typhoon moving away from hong kong after fires rains and 73 miles per hour winds and 750 flights have had to be canceled or delayed in hong kong. it slammed into the northern philippines with deadly force and 13 people are dead, killed mostly in floods and landslides. high winds ripped through the homes and sent understood waters down the city streets. >> now your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> temperatures are milder along the east bay shore than yesterday, fremont, and union city, castro had the cool spots at 53 and our warm spots, 59,
5:40 am
and oakland is 57, and alameda and hayward at 58 degrees. in san jose, 55, and 56 in mountain view and san francisco is 59. santa rosa and leften, at 49. in livermore more to the wine country, above average with the average at 76. we start off at 62 at 8:00. at noon we are 72. we will hang out in the upper 70s in the afternoon and drop into the mid-60s by 8:00. at golden gate bridge the winds calm. flag at the flag, barely moving. faster breezes on the bay if you are sailing. cooler at the cost by ten degrees. moderate amount of uv rays and 51 at 280 and 17 in san jose. cooler conditions and increasing clouds but dry through the weekend. that changes on monday. >> we are looking good for the friday morning commute with a new problem in the last few
5:41 am
machines in fairfield you can see the red on westbound 80 we had a crash before you get to the 80 split headed to cordelia junction cleared from the boards and we are granding. but you are stop-and-go beyond highway 12 in the fairfield stretch. that cleared early enough with light enough value to recover from this. pretty good from the central valley, westbound to 5 to westbound 580 through the altamont pass, averaging 23 miles per hour. that is good for this time of day for that stretch. we get the bay bridge metering lights turned on at 5:34. it is filling in. >> coming up a new list reveals the worst airports to go to dug thanksgiving day break, and two are in the bay area. >> donald if you don't like what i am saying, feel free to stand up and shout "wrong," while i'm
5:42 am
talking. >> this event was uncomfortable, a night to put employees aside as both candidates exchanged jabs but the crowd did turn on one of
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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michelle obama give as speech and everyone loves it. it is fantastic. my wife, mel 19, -- mel 19,
5:45 am
gives the exact same speech and people get on her case. >> abc7 news all morning. >> that got the biggest laugh. hillary clinton and donald trump shared the stage at the charity dipper a day after the final presidential debate. both candidates took towns roast -- turns roasting each other. it benefited catholic charities. he tried to knock her on corruption and e-mails and the crowd turned on him. interrupt him with boos. man say that is a first at the event. >> here she is, tonight, in public, pretending not to hate catholics. >> donald looks at statue of liberty and sees a "4" maybe a "3" in she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.
5:46 am
>> the event ended with a handshake. >> awkward! >> is the presidential race stressing you out? "good morning america" did their own unscientific stress test on wednesday and ten voters use an app that rates the level of raised heartbeat is effect of stress, and heart rates want up as the debate conditioned and the biggest response was during the discussion of trump's treatments of women and even split 20 both candidates. >> tight. >> it is in my shoulders. >> it is like a pressure. >> tightness in the chest. it hurts hard. >> the rated stress averaged 6.8 out of ten.
5:47 am
trump supporter had slightly hire stress than clinton supporters. >> we have a valuable tool but hopefully it will help you prepare for election day and calm your nerves, the election guide, just enter your zip code with a comprehensive resource showing the candidates and measures and information on where, when, and how to vote and create a list with the choices and keep track of personal bat -- your ballot. >> sheriff smith is being paragraphed for an inmate hunger strike after they stopped eating five days ago. they complain of the food, lack of clean clothing and the prices at the commissary. the sheriff's association said that they agree with the striking inmates and blames the sheriff smith. other her lackluster response to
5:48 am
the serious hunger strike is another example of her incompetence." the weather events have caused wine reduction to drop to the weakest levels in 20 years, floods, forecast, drought, hail, all cut global wine production by 5% particularly in south america hit hard by rough weather. england reported they have had a fantastic year, and wine lovers, do not worry, plenty of wine, just 5% less. >> a list we do not want to be on, two local airports among the worst for delays during thanksgiving day. >> sfo is the first-in-the-nation, the most delayed during the holiday during the last give years, 75% arrive on time at thanksgiving day, and you can see the list, number two is houston, hobby, and then oakland is another local at number three. two of chicago's airplanes are tied for four. >> now to meteorologist mike
5:49 am
nicco and the weather. mike you tell us it is sunny but, still delayed at sfo. >> that happens. the fund theming of the clouds through the san bruno gap gets sfo. right now it is clear. we keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way because of calm conditions on the ferry. the sea breeze is picking up. it will bring us a cooler trend. it will feel like fall but it will remain dry when we have a couple of chances of wet weather. high pressure dominating us on live doppler hd with the light and variable winds and the sea breeze pushes up the clouds at half moon bay at 6 and 68 in san francisco, and mid-70s around the bay and upper 70s headed into the south bay and north bay. tonight, clouds and upper 40s to mid-50s. monday morning is okay, and monday evening not of the san mateo bridge we could have wet weather and tuesday morning, it could ship into the south bay and by tuesday afternoon it is
5:50 am
gone. we do not have storm-impact scale because it will not impact most of us. the rain totals are small until the north bay. maybe a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain. the seven-day forecast shows a break on wednesday and another storm will roll in on thursday and friday. i have the winter outlook next. alexis? >> i will start with traffic with changes on weekend. it is quiet this morning. zooming in to the bay bridge, westbound 80 tomorrow you will notice a big difference, the exits to yerba buena island and treasure island are going to on the other side of the road and you have seen the construction the last two years, rather than the left-hand side you are going to exit on right and it could take a few weeks to get used to. the friday morning commute is great and southbound 680 between highway 4 and walnut creek is only six minutes and another nine minutes westbound 24 walnut creek to highway 13 and
5:51 am
westbound 580 tracy to dublin is the only one in the yellow, it is coming up in 35 minutes. >> now, from abc. >> an update on the fight against isis in syria, i told you that humanitarian aid and not going into aleppo because of terrorist activity, against teams going in and they have been seeing mortar attacks on the humanitarian aid corridor. i was able to get you more information, the u.n. spoke out but the european union is also speaking out. the united nations said the attacks on civilians amount to war crimes and moments ago the european union said they would be willing to consider all options according to french media getting help, there, to the folks in aleppo. last night, russia announced a pause in the fighting to get help to san franciscos in aleppo
5:52 am
but we have to wait-and-see if it will happen. there is no indication there is a pause and any help can get in. we will watch the developing situation. that is the latest at the live desk. >> details on a free health fair in the south bay. >> pet life has fired snoopy. now we are lending it is not the end of the road for the legend. >> nasty surprise at best buy
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> a travesty. snoopy lost one of his high profile jobs but another boss said he is employed. >> metlife fired snoopy yesterday after 30 years of hard work helping to advertise their
5:55 am
insurance. now the good news: macy's parade promises a snoopy balloon is floating above manhattan next month at the thanksgiving day parade. >> part of the world is still good. happening today a free health fair for those that do not have medical insurance in downtown san jose running from 9:00 a.m. until this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. and take place at st. joseph's cathedral at 80 south market street and services through health screening, flu shots, showers, not baths, lunch served at noon and 300 people took part in the health fair. >> the cal football team is consistent, win loss, win loss, win loss, win loss, so grant to win. 64 at 7:30 over memorial stadium and dropping to 59. lake tahoe, dress warmly, upper 30s for lows and mid-60s to nearly 60s at the end. we will be warmer-than-average and unfortunately we have equal
5:56 am
chance of being below, above, offer average for wet weather because of la nina. alexis? >> we have a quiet morning. at the fairfield area on the traffic map. we had a collision westbound 80 before 680 we had a solid backup for two miles beyond highway 12 for a short time. it is long gone. we are looking good all the way around. westbound 80 through emeryville stretch, the drive time between highway 4 and the maze, during the peak commute it is over an hour and only 18 minutes. we joe it -- will enjoy it while we have it. >> tesla released video of a fully autonomous model x driving around the bay area. a man is behind the wheel
5:57 am
because a driver has to be there legally. the car is driving by itself. the most impressive part is when the car parks. the cameras read all of the signs so it skips the handicapped spot and find as legal space on the street. seeing the wheel turn by itself is freaking me out. >> at 6:00, new information on vie con's plan to yahoo and the data breach could impact the deal. >> major changes taking place at sfo this morning. >> we have been talking about kirkuk in iraq and i have an estimate on how many may have been killed. >> incredible sight in sonoma,
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, bay area. let's get going. >> the alarm going off in three, two, yes, it is 6 a.m. on friday october 21. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. >> don't hit the snooze. please. >> we have weather. >> i did not wake up happy at times at 1:30 in the morning. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing the increase in clouds along the coast. the sea breeze is developing. it is coming our way. that means from the east bay hills gorgeous clear sky over san francisco it is not staying that way. 60 at the coast, 72 inland, and a ton of sunshine and 60 at the coast at ten degrees cooler than yesterday, and 78 inland. signs of fall returning, and it will be cooler this weekend with the forecast coming next.


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