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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> oh, my god. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> wow. look at that. this amazing cell phone video just came in to our newsroom. it's from a passenger on american airlines flight 383 and shows everyone frantically evacuating the plane as the pilot aborted takeoff at chicago's o'hare international airport. that's scary. i'm am at daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. this was complete panic in chicago. one passenger on board described the evacuation actually as coordinated chaos but complimented the flight crew for helping everybody get off the plane, and it only took about a minute. american airlines says flight
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383 bound for miami developed a mechanical problem on takeoff. 161 passengers and nine crew members used the emergency slides to exit the plane, and they were taken back to the terminal, but you can see on the cell phone video, these just terrifying. several injuries have been reported, and more of the cell phone video here from inside the plane as passengers scramble to get off. some apparently were getting yelled at because they tried to grab their carry-on bags off the plane. >> oh, my god. >> go, go, go, go. >> jump and slide. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. slide. >> the faa says the boeing 767 blew a tire and that damaged an engine. another incident now. a fedex plane exploded shortly after landing in fort lauderdale today. investigators said the landing gear collapsed and that caused this fire, and listen to the crowd there observing. it spread to the plane's fuel tank which led to the big explosion. firefighters hosed it down with
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flame retardant so they put out the fire, and both pilots were able to make it out safely. here in the bay area, it was a traffic nightmare for commuters in san francisco today. >> three hours now that i've been in my car. >> bumper to bumper and this guy is not moving. >> never seen this type of traffic. >> yeah. for some it took hours just to get to the bay bridge, and it wasn't just people trying to get in or out of the city. take a live look now from sky 7 where the evening commute is just getting under way. north natalie though, you do see cars moving along. >> yeah. that's pretty -- actually mild right there, although you can see the city streets. >> street traffic. >> still a problem in some areas, and it's all because of this, a big rig crash just before 5:00 a.m. blocked three lanes on the lower deck of the bay bridge. it affected anybody who was anywhere near the approaches to the bridge. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez with more in the financial traffic with more on a traffic jamp epic proportions.
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at least traffic is moving behind you, lyanne. >> reporter: well, as you can see, what a difference really. earlier i tweeted #wte. basically worst traffic ever and people were affected coming into san francisco, leaving san francisco or just staying around. now, we knew we would be in trouble when nearly half of the people from abc 7 news called in to say they were going to be late to work. this accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge had a ripple effect on most of the bay area. >> i've been through like maybe -- this is now my sixth stop, right here right now. it's ridiculous right now. >> reporter: it took this truck driver 30 minutes to move one block. >> i ended up wiggling my way down here. >> reporter: george lives in the glen park neighborhood, typically a 30-minute drive to downtown. >> from glen park to second or little and green, it was like about two and a half hours. >> reporter: this alameda
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resident had been in her car for three hours when he found her trying to cope with the traffic. >> i'm trying to be very zen about it? breathe in. >> breathe in, breathe out. that's what i'm doing >> reporter: big rig spilled fuel on the pavement forcing the closure of four lanes. the driver is okay and the impact as reported was almost immediate. >> this really has spilled over on to northbound 101. >> the on ramp at first and harrison was closed, and the bay bridge was reduced to one lane at one point. that's really intensified traffic on san francisco streets. >> reporter: the san francisco municipal transportation agency typically has parking control officers at three to four on ramps during commute hours. this morning they had 25 officers directing traffic, but by then the damage had been done, unless you launched a preemptive strike. >> never. never in driving. always b.a.r.t. three stops. real easy. >> reporter: many more wished
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they had done the same. in san francisco, ly rah nne melendez, abc 7 news. and many took to social media to complain and gripe about their experiences today. >> yeah. they do. abc 7 news anchor krints y stens here to tell us what people were talking about. >> we saw tweets of people sharing ridiculous drive time. like mr. hughes, two and a half ride from concord to san francisco. we also saw tweets from people stuck on the streets of san francisco. this one at lou and howard and get a look at this. drivers crawling past the accident scene once they finally got on the bay bridge. i'll roll the video shot there. we also see people like becca griping about other drivers, just kind of throwing traffic laws to the wind. she asked this guy right there, why are you in the middle of two lanes, buster? >> today we had traffic gridlock in san francisco.
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the one good thing is no lines at the food trucks, and you don't find that very frequently. >> from somewhere around third street and 17th. it took about one hour and ten minutes just to get here. >> reporter: and what's normal? >> about 15 minutes. >> reporter: the only ones who didn't seem to mind the gridlock were the canine commuters. abc 7 news producer eric shackelford live tweeted his experience getting from the exploratorium and bay bridge. never a good sign when multiple people get out of their cars and drivers trying to turn around from the right lane and they helped him get through and this gif pretty much sums it up. ama? >> all right. kristen, thank you. let's take a live look from sky 7 again over san francisco as people try to head out of town on this friday with all the traffic trouble spots that we've had all day because, you know,
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adding to the traffic misery this morning there was also a big rig that caught fire on eastbound 92 in san mateo east of 101. the cab and the front of the truck were engulfed in flames. sky 7 was overhead as first responders got to the blaze. traffic was backed up to highway 101 as firefighters put out the fire and cleared fuel from the roadway. multipat lanes were closed for about three hours. the road was finally cleared just before 1:30. and turning now to the weather. it's still raining a bit across the bay area, and can you see the drops on the lens from the mt. tam camera. in concord the rain didn't keep everyone indoors. a few people ventured outdoors for a trip downtown and a very different scene in the central valley. look at this. this is from modesto. can you see the water as high as car doors after the rain came down too quickly and just too heavy. we do have team coverage. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is in the north bay and we begin though with spencer christian. >> and a look at the forecast. ama is so excited she just wants
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to keep going. >> this is exciting weather. i don't blame here. live doppler 7. you can see the weather is calming down a little bit. a few little scattered pockets of very light shower activity, and let's take a look at our storm totals. it has been really wet the last 24 hours and uniformly wet. ranging totals anywhere from .8 of an inch and well north of an inch at santa rosa and mt. st. helena. where do we stand for rainfall so far this month of october? doing well, hover 450% in livermore and we're off to a good start, let's put it the that way. look at the forecast animation starting at 6:00 this evening. though we see the current showers tapering off and giving us a little bit of a break late tonight, there is another storm coming our way that will begin pushing into the area tomorrow so the weekend is, yeah, shaping up to be at least partly wet. i'll give you a closer look at that in just a moment. larry? >> all right. thank you, spencer, and a
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reminder you can get updated weather information on the abc 7 news app, and can you see -- here's what i like. you can scroll across the top here, and you can see hour by hour what's going to happen in the forecast, like we have the projection of rain beginning in the city at 6:00 and then it tapers off a little bit, and you can see it coming back at 10:00. weather is the top story on the app right now along with the plane crash, well, not crash, but explosion at o'hare. you can monitor live doppler 7 on the news app and get weather alerts and be sure to enable the push alerts to get the latest breaking news on your phone or tablet. wet roads caused problems for drivers in the north bay. this accident caused a power outage after a truck slammed into a power pole on the silverado trail in napa county. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in larksboro where the evening commute is just getting under way. wayne? >> and thus far the commute is going along just fine. a lot of people were trying to get out of the city early because of all of the traffic and they may be taking an alternate route and thus far a
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lucky drive getting out of the workman bridge. it's okay. marin county has had rain today and 2 inches for the weekend, and if you're wondering how that totals for a normal year, 260% of the normal amount for this time of the year. that's a lot. >> here comes the drip. >> there are countless drips in marin county which will spend much of today in a cloud, not a vicious or mean cloud but after a week like this a cloud that becomes a persistent unexpected early arriving guest. is it supposed to rain this early in the year? >> no. >> reporter: nor are our streams to begin trickling our our reservoirs to appear so full already or our automobiles so dirty or our halloween decorations so wet. you worried about hall sfwheen. >> worried about it? >> reporter: well, rain is a possibility. >> this is nothing. this is nothing. >> reporter: is this an anomaly or maybe a precursor of the
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winter to come, a drop at a time, a storm at a time. in marin county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. meanwhile in the south bay, the rain lasted through the night slowing the commute for drivers who were trying to get to work. one woman managed to do this. oh, my. car ending up on the wall separating highway 87 and the vta track. fortunately, she is okay. >> once it starts raining, the call volume increases exponentially. we have crash after crash after crash, spinouts and then secondary collisions when a car spins out and then gets hit. >> this pg&e pole caught fire after-8-kamm and that blew out the transformers. if you look closely there you can see the small flames still visit iible. a remainder, rads are likely to stay wet in fact throughout weekend probably so be careful when you're heading home or heading anywhere for that matter. abc 7 news viewers have been sending us their pictures of the stormy weather. send us your pictures using
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the #abc7now and you may see your photos on the air or online. >> coming up at 4:00, just days before the election. there's an unwelcome e-mail distraction for hillary clinton this afternoon that has her campaign blasting the fbi. also a double standard for san francisco's sinking skyscraper. one city official says the city new the millennium tower site was dangerous and did nothing. and sustainable coffee. the next cup of
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking.
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a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. that sinking 58-story millennium tower is stirring up more issues in the city of san francisco. >> and now city officials are looking at issues with a nearby project that was actually scrapped years ago because it was projected to sink 11 inches. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joining us live in san frncisco investigation into the sinking skyscraper. vic? >> reporter: well, larry, of course this is certainly troubling to supervisor aaron peskin who is trying to get to the bottom of all of this. what happened to the sinking at millennium tower?
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and this revelation, of course, has huge implications. why was one building approved and the other scrubbed? i mean, how many feet asmart 301 mission street? >> reporter: the committee's second hearing is still focused on whether developers himmium partners concealed information about the tilting and sinking from those who bought luxury condos. the 45-story high rise on 301 mission is sinking 16 inches and tilting several inches to the northwest. supervisor aaron peskin's other target is the city's department of building inspections. did the city agency know about the unexpected settling? if so, when did it know and what did the agency do about it? peskin asked a range of questions to building inspection officials who said they recently issued two notices of violations on the millennium tower which peskin called minor. the supervisor said he's still waiting for the agency to take
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corrective action and report back on which other buildings in the area are also settling more than expected. peskin said he had learned that a planned high rise at 80 natoma was scrapped by city inspectors in 2004 when they learned it would sink, some 11 inches. >> everybody knew that 301 mission was suffering from all the same technical problems that 80 natoma was suffering from yet at exactly the same time that the city turns down 80 natoma the same set of players actually approve a building with a very similar foundation just a few hundred feet away. >> then there was this revelation. >> interestingly enough some of the geotechnical engineers that were used in that project are the same geotechnical engineers here. >> reporter: well, the hearing which was held here, of course, at city hall adjourned after about two and a half hours. three building inspection
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officials testified. now, there were some new documents that were released today by the building inspection department of -- department of building inspection% and we will, of course, go through them and we'll comb through them to see if there are any nuggets to report later on. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, since the story broke in august and then we had the haitian by peskin and they began, have there been any changes of the department of building inspection as to how they deal with developers proposing projects? >> reporter: well, there was one significant change, one recent significant change, and that is in the past all of the peer reviews were done by a panel which also included a consultant that was hired by the developer and now there's changes that all of the consultants on that panel will be hired by the city and not -- no consultant from the developers. >> all right. well, that would seem to make
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more sense. vic, thank you. moving on, green day's bass player is celebrating a major green milestone for coffee lovers. abc 7 news is in richmond today as the first ever fully compostable organic whole bean coffee bags in those single-serve pods were unveiled at costco. mike durnt was there and is excited what this means for coffee going forward. he and green day and the front man billie joe armstrong, they own oakland coffee works which is introducing this new compostable coffee packaging. >> so we put our money down and we said we want to do this. let's get everybody together and let's launch the first bag. all of our bags are made from corn starches and plant-based plastics, bioplastics >> for now the sustainable coffee is available at some bay area costco stores as well as on amazon. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there today. he'll have much more on this coming up tonight at 6:00. >> wow. all right. we want to talk about our
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weather because, wow, what an impact we have had. storms, spencer christian. >> it's been quite stormy the last couple of days and more storms coming our way. a little bit lighter though over the weekend and into early next week. into quite a rainy period. live doppler 7 and at the moment conditions are relatively calm. we just have a few widely scattered area of very light showers so mainly dry at the moment but we may not remain that way very long. check out the view of dramatic western sky from our emoriville camera. currently 65 degrees here in san francisco. 69 across the bay at oakland and low 70s in mountain view and san jose and 69 at gilroy and 63 at half moon bay. this is a much milder view of clouds over sfo. current temperature readings right now of 60 in santa rosa and mid to upper 60s at napa, novato, fairfield and livermore and clouds over the golden gate bridge and it appears to be dry. we'll see scattered showers overnight. our next storm arrives tomorrow
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evening and we'll have showers and periods of rain from that storm through sunday. maybe even some gusty winds as well. right now we're looking at overnight conditions. again, spotty scattered showers will push through the area. it won't be weather where. overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 50s. okay. here's the storm impact scale and we rank the intensity from 1 which is light to 5 which is severe and the approaching storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. heaviest rain will be sunday morning accompanied by winds gusting 15 to 35 miles per hour at times and the highest rainfall totals in the north bay. animation starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see whatever scattered showers are break up and becoming even more widely scattered going into late afternoon and early evening and then tomorrow night we'll see a wave of steady light to moderate rain pushing into the north bay and by late tomorrow night or early sunday morning, 6:00 sunday morning, we'll see a wide path of heavy downpours represented by these dark orange and red colors moving through
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the north bay first and swinging quickly into the central part of the bay area, all up and down from north to south through the entire region and then breaking up and moving out by early sunday afternoon, so it will be a rapidly moving storm, but it's going to dump some rainfall. the totals we project will be half an inch to an inch and a quarter through the north bay. and then down in the south bay in the inland east bay .1 to .3 of an inch of rain. tomorrow's highs mainly in the 60s up to about 70 and the mildest inland locations. the accuweather seven-day forecast. each of the systems coming our way next, the one for the weekend and one on late monday, halloween evening, will rank 1 on the impact scale so we'll get more wet weather and we don't expect turbulent storms and by mid-week things will calm down a bit and we'll have a couple of partly cloudy days. >> so early trick-or-treaters should be okay. >> early trick-or-treaters should be okay. >> a good point, but late -- well, early evening to late night will be a little bit wet
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perhaps. >> okay. >> good to know. >> okay. >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. coming up, the warriors have a new super fan. his big prediction for this year. >> plus, could it be the most expensive sporting event ever?
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the world series has returned to chicago for the first time in 71 years and the city is going insane. imagine paying $250 for a seat, not so bad, except that's for a
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seat to watch the game in a bar. you have to reserve your seat in a bar for 250. it's thousands of dollars for actual seats at wrigley field. abc news reporter janay norman reports. >> reporter: history in the making. >> go cubs go. i'm going to root for you more than ever. >> reporter: from the oldest fans like mabel ball born two months before the cubs last world series championship in 19808 to the youngest indian tribe members donning world series wunsies and blackhawks and baseball jerseys. hundreds of thousands of frenzied fans are flocking to one of baseball's most iconic ballparks from all over the country. the world series returning to the windy city for the first time since 1945. back then tickets going for around $1.20. now, costing 2,000 just to get into wrigley field and going for upwards of $30,000.
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>> this may be the most expensive sporting event in american sports history. >> reporter: together the cleveland indians and chicago cubs have a combined 176 years without a championship. now the teams are split one game each looking to take it all, and a little baseball trivia. both teams are said to be cursed. the cubs by a goat kicked out of the 1945 world series and the indians by a traded home run champ. one of those teams will finally put an end to the superstition. janai norman, abc news, new york. >> well, president obama is golfing buddies with steph curry and sounds like a member of dub nation. o sirius satellite radio the president predict the the warriors would win the nba title this year because they got kevin durant and they have a lot of firepower. the president did say he's sticking with the prediction even though they got, quote, spanked in the first game. ouch. the warriors are in new orleans tonight taking on the pelicans.
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>> all right. coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00." new allegations against authorities today after dozens of pipeline protesters were arrested in north dakota. a bombshell in the last days of the presidential election campaign. the fbi today says it is once again investigating hillary clin
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here's a look at what's making headlines hat 4:30. the chp say speed and wet roads contributed to that big rig crash just before 5:00 this morning on the lower deck of the bay bridge. that crash caused major gridlock on the i-80 freeway and on san francisco streets for most of the day. we're not done with the rain yet and in only a few minutes spencer christian will join us and will tell us how much more to expect throughout this weekend. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie tweeted this picture of the flooding that took place on center road across from kelly park in san jose. more impact from the rain in the south bay coming up at 5:00, and also at 5:00. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will tell us about rodent and bug problems that forced two hometown buffet restaurants to suddenly close the doors. >> reporter: and now a new bombshell from the fbi. the agency once again investigating hillary clinton's e-mails, and we've just learned the new probe was prompted by
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the sexting scandal involving former congressman anthony weiner. abc news worther marci gonzalez with the late on the presidential campaign. >> reporter: just 11 days before the election the announcement creating shock waves. the fbi reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail use. director james comey explaining in a letter to congress in connection with an unrelated case the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. this just months after the initial investigation into the former secretary of state's use of a private e-mail account and server was closed. >> i see evidence of great carelessness, but i do not see evidence that is sufficient to establish that secretary clinton or those with whom she was corresponding both talked about classified information on e-mail and knew when they did it they were doing something that was against the law. >> reporter: on the trail today in iowa, her running mate tim
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kaine only with this to say. >> want to comment on the fbi reopening the investigation? >> just got to read a little more. got to read a little more. >> reporter: while trump on stage in new hampshire wasted no time applauding the announcement. >> i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. >> reporter: and sources confirm to abc news this was all project by an unrelated federal investigation into clinton aide huma abedin's estranged husband, former congressman anthony weiner. clinton's campaign director saying he's confident that this investigation will again find that clinton did nothing illegal. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. minutes ago hillary clinton addressed the fbi's letter to congress today about new e-mails she took three questions in iowa. one reporter asked her if she's
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spoken to her aide huma abedin about what may have been in those e-mails. >> you know, we've heard these rumors. we don't know what to believe and i'm sure there will be even more rumors. that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they are talking about, jeff, because right now your guess is as good as mine and i don't think that's good enough. >> clinton does take planes -- take questions on her plane quite often, she doesn't usually answer in a press conference. get a comprehensive resource showing you the candidates and measures on your local ballots at abc 7 news vice presidential candidate mike pence was back on the plane on a different plane one day after his jet slid off the runway at laguardia airport. the plane was kept from
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barreling off the runway and a new york highway. no one aboard the plane was injured. pence is using the same plane that the san francisco giants flew on this season. police arrested more than 140 people at a protest in north dakota. those demonstrations are against an oil pipeline project on what protesters considered to be tribal land. abc 7's lauren lyfter with the latest. >> reporter: protesters and police facing off in north dakota. the tensions building and then arrest after arrest after arrest. thursday's total 141. >> this is not okay! >> reporter: authorities say activists have been using aggressive tactics like fires, throwing things and establishing illegal roadblocks. >> block this perimeter asap. >> reporter: chairman of the standing rock sioux tribe saying law enforcement has overreacted, attacking peaceful protesters with pepper spray and rubber bullets. >> stand in peace. >> reporter: demonstrators including reportedly hundreds on
4:36 pm
private land are protesting a four-state crude oil pipeline project on what activists consider tribal land. their concerns include a league polluting a crucial water source. the situation escalating for weeks. earlier this month actress shailene woodley arrested while protesting and more of hollywood getting involved. actor mark ruffalo seen here on twins and lawrence owed delve msnbc. >> cops standing around with ar-15s and really afternoon tagnistic and violent towards these peaceful protesters. >> reporter: tribal leader has asked protesters to remain peaceful and for the justice department to make sure their first amendment rights are protected. lauren lieser, abc news. >> it is a tour like no other. a tour of the international space station, a place where only a few hundred people have ever been inside. >> i'm michael finney.
4:37 pm
"ask finney" is just ahead. still taking your questions on twitter and facebook and i'll answer your questions right here j lust a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian. these clouds look threatening and actually our weather is getting a little calmer for now. i'll have the accuweather weekend forecast coming up in just
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oh, take a look at this. a new nasa ultra high definition video shows you what it looks like to float around the
4:40 pm
international space station. the fly-through tour takes you into the orbiting research station using a fish eye lens. the video shows several of the pods used by the astronauts including the biolab and cargo block. also sealed the tubes, wire bundles and even the trash containers. the entire journey takes about 18 minutes. >> and here we go looking at live doppler 7 showing little spots of green on the screen. scattered light showers and our rainstorm coming our way tomorrow is going to be a snow storm for the sierra and as a result a winter weather watch is in effect for the central sierra to saturday evening. snow levels down to 6,000 feet and expect 6 to 12 inches of snow up over the passes and one to two feet of snow generally above 7,000 feet and snow accompanied by windy conditions. trick-or-treat forecast for monday. starting at 7:00 in the morning hon monday. we'll have a pretty calm day of weather throughout the day but into the early evening hours we'll see some rain sweeping
4:41 pm
down from the northwest so if you get your trick-or-treating in in the afternoon or very early evening you'll probably do it under dry conditions, but by evening and late night it will be getting wet so we'll have a few wet ghosts and goblins out there. better carry their little ghostly umbrellas. accuweather forecast, storm coming in late saturday and sunday and accompanied by wind ranking 1, a storm of light intensity as does the next storm coming in late monday into tuesday and the remainder of next week pretty calm. clouds will linger, but it looks like the rain will leave us alone for a while. >> all right. thanks, spencer. >> okay. still ahead on "abc 7 news at 4:00," a different kind of flight for operators of a haunted house in san jose. vandals stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but the owners say that is not going to keep them from opening. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael feeney, from rising rents to feeney, from rising rents to buying a important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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feeney, from rising rents to buying a so when drug companies spend $100 million dollars lying about how prop sixty-one will affect veterans... i get angry. sixty-one will help lower costs for everyone, including vets. believe me. not them. vote yes on sixty-one. in san jose, vandals broke into a haunted house on blossom hill road stealing thousands of dollars worth of props and equipment and now the rush is on to make some repairs before the doors open again tonight. here is abc 7 news reporter
4:45 pm
chris nguyen. >> it's been a halloween staple in san jose for nearly 20 years. >> what originally started in the barrera family's backyard has now grown into a commercial enterprise, a $4,000 square foot haunted house in its first year at westfield oak ridge mall. >> every day we wake up pinching ourselves that we did this. >> abe and his son mike are the masterminds behind the burnell scream and have poured nearly $1 million of building the attraction. >> when you see someone go in terrified and knowing that they have the time of their lives, the facial expresses is priceless. >> this year has been somewhat frustrating. early wednesday morning someone broke into the haunted house stealing thousands worth of sound equipment and decorations. >> something that we worked our whole lives at, you know, just in seconds gone. >> reporter: the past 24 hours have been tough as they have tried to fix the damage that was done. >> we're going to stand up, and the show is going to go on and
4:46 pm
we've got four more days to please as many people as we can and share our passion with them. >> >> reporter: a gofundme account has been created to cover some of the repairs and they are hoping more people come out tonight and through the weekend to show their support. >> we've laughed and cried and yelled and shared the most amazing memories for the duration of this journey. i wouldn't change it for the world. >> reporter: a family not letting the setback preventing them from showing their spirit for all things halloween. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> okay. we've -- you got me. i'm scared. posted a link to the gofundme page for the burnell scream on the website and if you want to help them out go to >> guests visiting the white house will get a special treat, actors portraying abe lincoln and tendy roosevelt can be seen throughout the white house and the white house is also decorated with choirs providing
4:47 pm
mood music. the mood now is for "ask finney." >> 7 on your side's michael finney answering questions sent in from facebook, twitter and e-mail. which month, if there is one, is the best to buy a home? >> depends if you want selection or price. if you want selection go spring, late spring and early summer. that is when the majority homes go on to the market, but you'll pay up to 10% more if you're shopping at that point, so when is the best time to buy for a price, here in the bay area right now. now it's not try true back east. here, late october, early november depending on the community you live in and that's where you get the best price in the bay area. >> not the best to choose from but the best price. >> how can a landlord increase rent from $1,800 to $8,000 and demand a person get out in 30 days? >> actually they weren't allowed to do that. here's the deal.
4:48 pm
we don't regulate much in this country. most americans don't like regulations and that's how they can do it. you vote against it so we don't have very much regulation but there is a rule in the state of california that if you increase the rent by up to 10% you have to give somebody 30 days notice what is what you're saying. however, if you're going to raise a rent more than 10% which is what you said, then they have to give you 60 days so you can report them to the state and they have to back off for 60 days. >> so they can get it. >> there's a few location, san francisco it's not true. depends on where you're living. >> okay. malt two in los gatos asks which internet browser is the best? >> that's having. "pc world" was just looking into that and they say for your personal compute fer it's kind of new then you want to go with google chrome and now you say if you're on an apple you want to go with their system which their name is safari. they like safari, and if you have an old computer then they prefer that you go with the one
4:49 pm
that microsoft installed on it. they said that's the best. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. in today's wellness report, a natural compound shows reduced signs of aging in mice. >> and a popular nutrition powder being pulled from store shelves. here's jane king. >> scientists from washington university say injecting mice mnn can make them feel younger again. the compound reduced typical signs of aging like weight gain and lower energy levels and the compound must grow through years of testing before it's even considered for human consumption and it's found naturally in foods like broccoli, cabbage, edamame and colorado. cranberries and cranberry juice and other products are recommended as a way to prevent urinary tract infections but a new study says they may not help at all. the study in the "journal of the american medical association" says nursing home residents who took high potency cranberry capsules did not have fewer episodes of urinary tract infections than those who took a
4:50 pm
placebo. took weeks away a meal replacement company stopped with the sale of their soylent bars and powder as people are getting ill. and apparently lying gets's yesterday hour do it. a study says lying once makes the second and third time easier and the researchers scanned the brains of people knowingly not telling the truth. the more light less activity in the brain so the more we lie the less we have qualms about doing it. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king and here's to your health. "abc 1 news at 4:00" continues. >> i'll hold the ball and you come running and kick it. >> oh, brother. >> holiday classic back on tv tonight. but what keeps "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown" so popular after 50 years. >> and sudan here with a look at what's coming up on "abc 7 news at 5:00."
4:51 pm
dan? >> i love that show. a murder mystery in a quiet east bay town and prominent bay area attorney shot to death on his front porch. what's going on? also two popular south bay restaurants closed for now. we'll have a live report on what health inspectors found inside. those stories and a lot more when kristen and i see you for "abc 7 news at 5:00."
4:52 pm
4:54 pm
we have a good lineup on this friday night come up at 8:00. catch questions it's the great pumpkin charlie brown. "at 9:00 "shark tank" and then
4:55 pm
at 10:00 it's twept 2010 followed, of course, by "abc 7 news at 11:00. it has been 50 years since "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown" first aired. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman spent some time looking into the history behind this special and discovered it's just as alive trade as when it first aired in 1966. >> reporter: monday at the charles schultz in museum, $5 admission and 2-year-old olivia walls, is on it. the continuation of a peanuts family tradition, her mom tells us. >> i just like the simplicity of it and how it still resonates today. >> reporter: it has for more than half a century as a most recent exhibit demonstrates. >> all hands are on and all hand painted. >> reporter: that's craig schultz looking at the museum's greatest finds, a few remaining frames from 18,000 of them used in the making of "it's a great pumpkin charlie brown," a seasonal institute that only gets better age. >> dear great pumpkin, i'm
4:56 pm
looking forward to your arrival on halloween night. >> the message is the children can continue on, even though they don't get what they want to get. >> you can't possibly reach the mailbox. >> as the story goes, linus messes up his holidays and confuse adds mythical great pumpkin with santa claus. he sets out to create the world's most sincere pumpkin patch as an act of faith which includes staying behind as a lookout on halloween night while everyone else goes door-to-door including his older sister lucy. >> can i have an extra piece of candy for my stupid brother. he couldn't come with us because he's sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin. >> i had no idea when i was a child that this was going to be still popular 40 years later. >> reporter: in the san francisco bay area peanuts roots run deep. robin glazer of mill valley has the memories of a 10-year-old girl who began a continuing voice acting career as one of 27 children to play lucy in the specials and films. >> come on, charlie brown, i'll hold the ball and you kick it.
4:57 pm
>> that's her. >> i knew she was kind of this bossy, crabby little girl that was mean to other kids. she was very mean to charlie brown and her little brown linus. and i didn't see myself that way, but it was kind of fun to play a character like that. >> this time i'm going to kick that football clear to the moon! >> worth noting. schultz based a bossy and lovable lucy on a real person. >> actually my older sister. >> reporter: and one with a heart, you might add. as you may remember from the end of the great pumpkin when lucy goes out into the cold night and brings in her brother and tux him in. >> sort of. >> i think it's gentlemen very wholesome, you know. it's kind of timeless. >> spoken like a grown-up peanuts fan with lucy on her resume. from the north bay, wayne freedman, abc 7. >> does get you in the holiday spirit. >> yeah, for sure. >> all right. thanks for joining us for "abc 7
4:58 pm
news at 4:00."
4:59 pm
next at 5:00, a frightened passenger and american airlines plane on fire and this wasn't the only jet in flames this afternoon. >> it's three hours now that i've been in my car. >> they went nowhere fast after a big rig accident on the bay bridge crippled the morning commute. it was ugly. >> plus, they are not getting in. two popular south bay restaurants shut down all because of what health inspectors found inside. >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel. one storm down and two more to go. how this impacts your weekend plans coming up. >> oh. >> a plane explodes at a florida
5:00 pm
airport today just hours after another plane burst into flames in chicago. tonight federal investigators are headed to similar scenes 1,300 miles apart. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for being here. fort lauderdale international airport had to be closed after the incident this morning. >> it started when a fedex plane's gear collapsed when it was landing. that sfarkd a fire which spread to the fuel tank. hundreds of people watched as the fuselage exploded launching chunks of plane into the air. >> fire crews rushed to the plane and put out the fire. the two pilots on board, the fedex plane escaped unarmed and airport officials reopened the airport an hour ago. one runway is still closed for the investigation. >> now take a look at this cell phone video from chicago's o'hare international this afternoon. it was a scary scene as everyone on board had to evacality when an american airlines plane caught fire on the tarmac. one passenger described the evacuation as coordinated chaos, but complemented the flight crew for helping to get everybody offer the plane in


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