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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now from abc7, live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is in the south bay where there was panic in a popular shopping mall after a double stabbing. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. mall employees are telling us about the chaos following the stabbings. it happened in valley fair mall in san jose tonight. >> katie has been talking with witnesses and police and tells us about the breaking details. katie? >> reporter: ama and dan, you can see the high end stores of the valley fair mall behind us, but we are in the residential neighborhood where police found most of the suspects hiding in the bushes. look at this video. this is one of five suspects being taken from the scene in handcuffs. police were not able to give us their ages, but they all appear to be young. police say two groups got into a fight and then the fight
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spilled into the bath and body works store. two men were stabbed, one in the hand and one in the back. neither is life-threatening. i talked with a woman who works near bath and body works and she heard a loud commotion. >> i ran over to the door and all i heard was broken glass and a bunch of guys running through the store. i never heard of that before. it is right across from my store. >> reporter: police have not determined what started the fight and they do not know at this point if the fight was gang-related. they tell us they think they have every involved in custody so shoppers and people who live around here are not in any danger right now. live in san jose, abc7 news. breaking news out of richmond. police shutdown all lanes near harbor way to investigate a shooting. they did not say if someone was wounded. 580 was closed for about 25 minutes more. stay with abc7 news for breaking updates on this story.
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now to the bombshell october surprise in the race for the white house. tonight we learned a sexting probe lead to the renewed fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> with 11 days to go, clinton's campaign is firing back. >> and donald trump is enjoying the moment. >> at a short notice news conference hillary clinton called on the fbi for an explanation. >> the american people need the full and complete facts immediately. >> her cam plane blind cited by the sudden announcement from james comey that he has reopened the investigation into her e-mails. in a letter to congress he wrote "the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation world trade." clinton is crying foul. >> we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetime which is why we are calling on the 10 -- the fbi to release all of the
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information it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant so let's get it out. >> the e-mails were found on a device found on the device of anthony wiener, the ex-husband of clinton's aide. >> we must not let her take her criminal scheme knee the oval office. i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to write the horrible mistake they made. >> trump blamed the fbi for failing to bring charges against clinton for unauthorized use of a private e-mail account and server. >> it might not be as rigged as i thought. >> fbi director comey has been criticized for announcing it so close to the election.
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he is a republican uh ponted -- appointed by president obama. and trump is putting money into his own campaign. he pledged to give his presidential bids dwindling bank account $100 million. we have a valuable tool to help you make up your mind on election. it will help you prepare for election day. click on your voice, your vote and you will get a comprehensive resource showing you the candidates and the you are measures on your local ballot. richmond police arrested a man suspected of raping and killing a grandmother in 2012. dna collected from 34-year-old jonathon jackson after a recent ought though theft arrest matched evidence in the murder case. in 2012 police found the 82-year-old severely beaten in the parking lot of big-o tires. she later died. jackson faces murder, kidnapping, rape and several other sexual assault charges. also in the east bay,
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police in el cerrito are trying to figure out who murdered a prominent bay area attorney on a front porch. it included some of the biggest names in silicon valley. sergio is at el cerrito police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: and he was recently named one of the best in the country. he says he had just recently arrived back home to his el cerrito home when some sort of confrontation happened. >> they arrived with flowers to pay their respects. his wife asked for privacy and also asked neighbors not to speak to the media. one man did describe the scene here this morning. he asked not to be identified. >> i witnessed about eight police officers at the house and i assumed something tragic happened. >> two other neighbors told me they heard five or six gunshots before 9:00 last night. the police tell us he was
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killed on his porch and they have little information to go on. >> they saw possibly a white car leaving the area about that time and someone was running around the block at that time. but that's it. >> 62-year-old james was an intellectual property attorney. his law firm released a statement that read in part, jim was an absolute pillar of the law fill. he was a trusted colleague and close friend and mentor and role model to so many. it is a murder that has shaken the otherwise quiet neighborhood. >> what's your biggest concern? >> that the person is still on the loose. >> there are nearby homes with surveillance cameras and police are hoping for further help from the public. in el cerrito, abc7 news. we are still on storm watch tonight. here is a live picture from our roof camera. we are finally getting a break in the rain. that's after widespread
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showers soaked the morning commute. here is how it looked in san jose. expect more of the same this weekend. more rain is coming. sandhya patel is tracking the storm with live doppler 7. sandhya? >> sandhya: we have two more storms coming. one is heading into next week. we'll see where we can expect to see the spotty showers. between the altimont and vasco roads we are seeing damp roads. sonoma, first street west you are seeing slick roads as well. here is a wider picture and the reason i show you this is there is another storm coming and this is different from the last one that came in. what part of your weekend is wet? hour by hour forecast is coming up. dan and ama? >> new at 11:00, the founder of tesla has just announced a way to replace the clunky solar panels you can now see on homes. y -- elon musk introduced the tiles.
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he also introduced tesla's power wall 2 that can restore the electricity. it looks like singles on your roof. >> it does. coming up on abc news at 11:00, miracle medicine or poison? the 70s tv star now swearing by a controversial substance that is compared to bleach. >> and incredible video. two different flames bursting into flames causing passengers to run for their lives. we find out what went wrong on the tarmac. >> and row dents shutdown a -- rodents shutdown a restaurant. >> and here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> here is a sample of our show tonight. >> is that a great thing to watch? you are beating people up on camera. >> it is very
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tonight investigators say an uncontained engine failure lead to a fire that forced the evacuation of a plane in chicago o'hare airport. pieces broke off inside the engine and started shooting out. passengers say it happened during the safety present -- presentation. you are looking at new video showing people sliding down the chutes. at least eight people were injured. then watch this. new video shows the moment a fed ex plane exploded in fort lauderdale. its landing gear apparently malfunctioned causing the fire. the crew had already left the plane and no one was hurt. most of the damage was to the exterior of the fuselage. the interior appeared undamaged.
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strange. tonight on "20/20" you saw the medicine touted as the miracle cure for everything from hiv to cancer. you can buy it on-line, but some say it is poison. >> our sister station spoke with a california woman who says it works. >> and you may be surprised to learn the identity of this woman. >> is a the by -- as the bionic woman lyndsay wagner was in difficult situations and was able to pull off super human feats. joined at times by the six million dollar man wagner's character saved lives and saved the day. once even battling big foot. but none of that prepared her for a severe case of hives. >> all over my body m
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wealths. i looked like a boxer. >> steroids helped, but they had side effects and weren't a permanent solution. after eight months of suffering lyndsay was desperate for a cure. >> it would burn and itch like crazy. it is something that could make you go insane. >> through a friend she was put in touch with a woman whose child t child seemed to be cured by something called miracle minute cal solution or mms that is said to work for things including hives. >> though it was odd i looked it up and saw a lot of good things about it and a few scary thins about it. i didn't care. i was desperate and said i am trying it. >> it is made with sodium chlorite. jim humble and mark grenin, self-proclaimed archbishops say mms can cure anything from cancer to the common cold.
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>> are you telling people you can cure breast cancer with this? >> we say it can cure a lot of things. >> aren't you just a con man? >> i don't think so. >> critics including the fda say mms is nothing more than industrial strength bleach. for lyndsay -- >> i was dumbfounded. within a week i was off the prednisone. i was shocked. >> she said within weeks the hives disappeared and never came back. >> not a doctor and not a scientist or chemist. it seemed like this had cured whatever i was reacting to. >> people say it is bleach. it can be used as a cleaner or something like that and people are putting it in their body. >> so is vodka m i dropped vodka on my grandma's vinyl floor and it turned brown. there is a huge spot in the middle. a lot of things we ingest can do bizarre things.
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>> abc7 news. >> wagner wants to make it clear she is not recommending mms for anyone else. she said she followed the directions backing off the dosing if it made her sick and it worked for her. four years later she has not had a recurrence. >> since we talked to you at 5:00 we learned one of two popular south bay restaurants that suddenly closed reopened for dinner. the hometown buffet reopened after a closure. the health department temporarily closed both restaurants because of a rodent or pest problem. hometown buffet has not returned our calls for comment of. one of the top restaurants in the world is being sued. they are named in a lawsuit for pregnancy discrimination. she said she filed for a transfer in new york city. she said after she moved to
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california her position was no longer available. >> now your accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> still picking up a few showers. light returns in the north bay. you notice around silverado trail, not everywhere. we are also seeing light rain around kaw -- camino diablo. most areas picked up three quarters of an inch to an inch of rain. some spots like the santa cruz mountains and santa rosa over an inch of rain. it was welcome news and it did push our season to date up. pushing us above normal. the temperatures are 50s, 60s and as we take a live look from the abc7 news exploratorium camera, we have clouds stacked up. we are looking at scattered showers. the next storm arrives with heavy rains on sunday morning. bringing our storm impact scale we have a one for this weekend. it is saturday night to sunday
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and downpours for sunday morning. this system is different. it is going to be cold. it is going to be windy. we are expecting wind gusts to 40 miles an hour. tomorrow morning if you are taking your dog out for a walk there are scattered showers at 7:00 a.m. widely scattered at nip:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. as we take you to noontime the showers are not as numerous. if you are grabbing lunch you with quite all right. from 1:00 until about 6:00 most of you are looking at dry conditions. about 7:00, 8:00 in the north bay, 9:00 p.m. we start to see the light to moderate rain arriving as the next system comes in. sunday morning heavier pockets of rain and red and orange in the north bay. shifting across the bay area between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. you will have the downpours during the sunday morning time period at 9:00 a.m. at noontime we will see scattered showers continuing through sunday afternoon and even into the evening hours for some spots.
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now storm totals with this one are so different. it is coming out of the gulf of alaska. it brengs the north bay higher totals over an inch. and the south bay won't get a lot. it is a quarter of an inch of rain. temperatures will be in the 50s. you with i will see the scattered showers. wiper weather if if your kids have soccer and baseball games, the fields will be on the wet side. low 60s to low 70s in the afternoon. in the sierra the winter storm weuch goes up -- watch goes up. the snow level will come down to 6,000 feet. that means the passes will be getting snow. six to 12 inches and one to two feet above 7,000 feet. for all of you taking your kids out trick-or-treating, here is your halloween planner hour by hour. mostly cloudy at 5:00 on monday night. clouds thicken at 7:00 and then rain in the north bay. light rain at 11:00 p.m. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s so quite comfortable. accu-weather seven-day forecast one on the storm impact scale for tomorrow and
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sunday. the next system is lighter. monday night into tuesday. and halloween is going to be okay. midweek we have another slight chance. >> thanks, the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote.
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here is a cute reminder that kids aren't the only ones who like halloween. the san francisco zoo posted on its youtube page. you can see some muir cats scratching and clawing at pumpkins. one managed to get inside. >> look at that. >> you can see more animals gobbling the gourds at the annual boo at the zoo tomorrow and sunday. boy those little guys are going to town. >> good eats. >> on to sports. >> lawyer -- larry beil with a bag of treats. >> those little guys have some teeth. i noticed that.
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a lot of warrior fans were in pan neck mode after -- panic mode after the season opener. how did things go on the
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proposition 61 is a very, very important step forward. for tand i thank the people of california for putting it on pharmacepathe ballot.ry. e... it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> after a 71-year wait the cubs finally hosted a game in the world series and they are still waiting to score a run after game three against the indians. the old bills coach was at the 45 world series. he was back watching a score less game into the seventh. it is a former a, coco crisp. michael martinez scores and it is 1-0 indians. the only run of the entire night. bill murray sang "take me out to the ballgame" and injecting some daffy duck in which was a
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little weird. brian shaw gets baez on a grounder and the indians' bull pen was stellar. the cubs with two on and two out and cody alan with some high heat. baez strikes out to end it and cleveland winds it with a 2-1 series lead. >> we want to do something that can possibly help the team. fortunately for me today it was the hit. >> we say it all the time we want to be one run better. that's about as true to form you can get. >> we are capable of making the adjustments necessary and we have to do that moving forward. i don't think it was the residue of our guys being overwhelmed by the situation. >> it was the start of a three-game road trip tinkering and experimenting with lineups. steph curry is getting deep tissue work done. kevin durant is showing up and showing up angry. he had 18 points at the half.
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anthony davis had 50. 45 tonight. the therd quarter and davis for three. we are tied at 68. they briefly took the lead and then steph curry got serious. the drive and one. and then the deep three as the dubs go on a 26-11 run in the third and fourth quarter. the pellicans kept coming and kd with a block helping us seal the deal. it was a much needed 17 rebounds. warriors get their first win. how about kd's old team. russell westbrook went off. another triple double. what else is new? he was a machine. he was the first player with 50 points in a triple double since kareem in 1975. still this game went to over time. westbrook put it up with seven seconds left m. they are now 2-0.
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westbrook is letting everybody know about that. >> is he wearing a jet pack or something? >> he is amazing. >> changing directions midair. thanks, larry. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. >> our
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live doppler 7 is tracking some showers. lisa argen is here starting tomorrow. download the app to track the upcoming rain. ama and dan? >> that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i ama daetz.
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tom cruz coming up. >> have a good weekend. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, tom cruise. from "dr. strange," tilda swinton. music from x ambassadors and tom morello. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: well, that's very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching, thank you for coming. oh, how nice. you picked a fine night to join us.


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