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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight. neck and neck. our latest abc news tracking poll showing hillary clinton's lead evaporating. now slamming fbi director, james comey, for announcing a review of newly discovered e-mails. >> it's unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling. >> as donald trump seizes the moment. >> hillary has nobody but herself to blame. the breaking news. an earthquake in italy. the third in just days. buildings destroyed. the moment this basilica toppled. nuns running for safety. the damage reports coming in right now, and the fear of aftershocks. runway fire. passengers reliving their
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terrifying escape when this plane burst into flames on a chicago runway. >> everybody was already running and screaming. >> this morning the ntsb revealing engine parts were found a half mile away. and one game away. cleveland topping the cubs at wrigley. >> three games to one. >> helped by this big blast. >> it is gone! >> they have now got a 3-1 lead in the world series. can they win it all tonight or will there be a cubs comeback? hello. on a sunday morning, we want to say thank you for joining us on "gma." we do begin with an embattled hillary clinton trying to go on offense. >> overnight she ripped into the director of the fbi, james co y comey, who rocked the clinton campaign with the announcement days before the election that his agency is now looking into a batch of newly discovered e-mails. e-mails that may be relevant to the investigation into clinton's now infamous private server.
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in the meantime, donald trump is on offense as well. there he is overnight, out on the stump, pressing his case with renewed vigor. the latest poll numbers have to be putting an added spring in his step. according to the latest abc news tracking poll, clinton's lead has shrunk to just one point. look at the change over the past week. clinton's lead going from 12 points down to 1. >> this thing is tight. and it is late. and we have team coverage this morning. george stephanopoulos is standing by with analysis, but we're starting here with abc's mary bruce who is with the clinton campaign in miami. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi. good morning. with the clock ticking this morning the clinton campaign is in full attack mode going directly after the fbi director accusing him on being vague with the facts and opening the door to conspiracy theories. >> some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. [ boos ]
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>> reporter: with nine days to go, hillary clinton is ripping into a new opponent, fbi director, james comey. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> reporter: clinton questioning the director's motivation and demanding answers. >> in fact, it's not just strange. it's unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling. >> reporter: and she's getting some backup. top democratic senators drew a line in the sands. in a letter to the fbi director setting a halloween deadline for him to release more information about the e-mails and this investigation. abc news has learned the director's announcement sparked a fierce internal feud at the justice department. sources say senior justice officials strongly objected to comey's decision to go public, and announce its review of newly found e-mails possibly linked to clinton's server. it's been tradition for the agency not to take investigative
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action close to an election for fear it could be seen as meddling. but in an internal staff memo, comey says he felt an obligation to tell congress anyway. even though there's no evidence of wrongdoing by clinton. now clinton is accusing her opponent of distorting the facts for political gain. >> donald trump is already making up lies about this. [ boos ] he is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next and first female president of the united states, hillary clinton! ♪ >> reporter: overnight in miami, clinton tried to shimmy and shake it off at a rally with jennifer lopez. >> no matter what they throw at us, we don't back down. not now, not ever. >> so a big party overnight mary, but one thing that people
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noticed is that a key clinton aide was not out on the trail with her yesterday. >> reporter: yeah. they're so close, she's been called clinton's shadow. huma abedin was absent from the campaign trail yesterday. human abedin, the center of the latest controversy. it was a computer she shared a latest controversy. it was a computer she shared with her estranged husband former congressman anthony wiener that led to the discovery of these e-mails that may be linked to clinton's server. dan and paula. >> that's a big question where she is. thank you very much, mary. and a reinvigorated donald trump is tanking clinton over the e-mail scandal, calling her actions willful, deliberate and criminal, and maintaining his assessment that this is bigger than watergate. watergate. trump is holding a rally where we find david wright. good morning to you. >> reporter: three guesses what theme he'll be hitting hardest at that rally, whether he intended to or not, the fbi director has thrown trump a lifeline and trump has seized it. >> this is the biggest political
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scandal since watergate and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. >> reporter: this surprise encore of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal came not a moment too soon. >> hillary has nobody but herself to blame for her mounting legal difficulties. >> reporter: this time, the scandal includes the sexting investigation into disgraced former congressman, anthony weiner. >> haven't we had enough drama with the clintons? >> reporter: trump sure hasn't. now there's new vigor to his claims of clinton cronyism and back room deals. >> the department of justice is fighting with the fbi. that's because the department of justice is trying their hardest to protect the criminal activity of hillary clinton. [ boos ] >> reporter: suddenly fbi director comey is no longer part
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of the rigged system trump rails against. he also gets to say i told you so about wiener. >> we don't want perverts elected in new york city. no perverts. >> reporter: wanting to pass tweets, calling him a sicko, and a calamity. >> it's called instinct folks. i had no idea i was going to be that accurate. boy, that was right on the nose. >> reporter: the anthony weiner component has brought this race right into the gut er. at trump's rallies the chance of "lock her up" have a new intensity. dan and paula, remember when the presidential contest was about the 3:00 a.m. phone call at the white house? now it's about 3:00 a.m. messages of a very different sort. >> yeah. i think uyou could argue this race has been in the gutter for a while. david, thank you very much for your reporting from vegas this morning. as promised, abc news george stephanopoulos. he will be hosting "this week" later this morning. good morning, sir. if you combine this news out of the fbi with the dramatically tightened abc news tracking
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poll, are we now looking at a situation where donald trump who was written off by some people could come back and win this election? >> can't rule it out. there's no question about it. on thursday night before this news broke, hillary clinton was on offense. she was on track to victory. probably more than 300 electoral votes, but everything stopped dead in its tracks when this news came out on friday. our latest polls show that about 30% of the people say this makes them less likely to vote for hillary clinton. most of those were for donald trump anyway. but the question is will this energize his supporters even more? depress her supporters. we don't know the full answer to that yet. we need to learn a lot more abo about what exactly comey is looking at, whether her partisans come back and say, wait a second. this doesn't seem fair, but it makes it possible no question about it. >> speaking of her supporters and members of congress feel there are concerns this could unfairly influence the election and they are pushing comey to be more transparent and release some of this information. do you expect him to acquiesce?
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>> it's hard to know what's going through james comey's mind right now. you remember back in july. he broke tradition in july when he gave the press conference. rather hand closing the investigation, he said he was doing it because there was intense public interest in this case. you would think that same standard would drive him to release more details, and of course, you now have that request from members of congress and a few senators right now to have them out by tomorrow. but he has shown over the weekend, it appears he defied his colleagues at the justice department who said they believed she should not come out with that report, and he did it anyway. only he knows what he is going to do. >> doesn't have a case? he's getting pounded for releasing this letter close to the election. if we had found out after the election he learned about these e-mails and didn't say anything, until after the election, he would be pounded for that. >> no question. he was in a tough spot because in part, he had come out publicly in the past. what we need to get an answer to, did he know what was in the e-mails when he wrote the letter?
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>> i think he's saying he doesn't know. >> there's indication that he doesn't know the full scope of it. but might have had no idea at all. so that's what's creating the criticism for him as well. but no question about it. he was in a very, very tough spot. probably going to get criticized no matter what he did. we'll see what he does in the coming days. >> it's almost certain to affect the election in some way. thank you very much. a reminder george has a big show coming up, going one-on-one with the democratic vice presidential no, ma' nominee. that's tim kaine. and stay with us, for complete coverage on election day led by george and that's just nine days away. >> next tuesday. thanks dan. we are going to move on to some breaking news this morning with a powerful earthquake that has hit central italy. close to the same location as the quake back in august. damage reports are coming in and getting word of cathedrals collapsing, and jennifer eccleston joins us with more from london. hi, jennifer.
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>> reporter: paula, good morning. another terrifying event for central italy. this is the same area that was hit wednesday with back to back earthquakes. this morning, just after k a.7: a.m., it was a powerful 6.6 magnitude, and it was centered outside the historic town in umbria. people sent running into the street as clouds of dust and stones from falling buildings filled alleyways and roads. emergency crews on the scene in minutes, rescuing the elderly and some of the town's clergy. this is home to a community of american monks. they tweeted they're all okay but their 14th century basilica is destroyed. italian emergency services say there are some injuries but no reports of death so far but they're still assessing. emergency crews have a huge presence across the region after that deadly august earthquake in nearby amatrice,
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which killed nearly 300 people and because of that huge quake, thousands have evacuated the area. those that remain know when they start to feel shaking, get outside and that saves lives. dan. >> jennifer eccleston in london. thank you. now to the harrowing moments caught on camera. panicked passengers on board an american airlines flight rushing for the exits when their plane burst into flames before takeoff. this morning some passengers are telling their stories saying they are lucky to be alive. this as the investigation gets under way, and abc's eva pilgrim joins us now with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: the plane has been removed. the runway is still closed. it is expected to open later this morning. investigators now saying that something broke on that plane. the question now is why. some answers this morning as to what led to this terrifying scene at o'hare international airport in chicago. >> examination of the engine has revealed that the stage 2
7:13 am
disc of the high pressure turbine failed. >> we thought it was going to blow up. >> reporter: federal investigators blaming the accident on uncontained engine failure. >> inside the engine you see blades turning around in there. pieces of the engine came apart and disintegrated. >> reporter: parts of the plane flying in every direction. one piece found roughly 1,600 feet north of the accident. another in a ups warehouse almost 3,000 feet in the opposite direction. inside the plane, panic and chaos. >> the plane started shaking and finally came to a stop and everybody was already running and screaming. >> reporter: flames shooting off one side of this american airlines boeing-767 with 161 passengers onboard. people pouring out the emergency exits down the slides. investigators say the fire never made it into the cabin, but the smoke was everywhere. >> about halfway through getting out, the smoke started to get a little bit heavy, and that was the scariest part of the whole thing. >> reporter: now investigators
7:14 am
looking at the evidence collected, as well as kmning the plane's maintenance records. still not sure what caused the right engine to fail. and if you're one of those people worrying about an upcoming flight, experts say it's overwhelmingly safe to fly here at o'hare airport. they say that they haven't had an accident in at least eight years of this magnitude. >> that's really good and useful context. thank you very much, especially with the holiday travel season coming up. >> you think what would have happened if they would have taken off. >> absolutely. ron, let's check in with you. i know you are tracking the other headlines around the globe. govern -- good morning to you. >> good morning to you paula, dan, diane, robert. good morning everyone. we begin with a toxicology report that found the miami's marlins' star pitcher, jose fernandez had alcohol and cocaine in his body when he died in a boating accident last month. his blood alcohol content was
7:15 am
nearly twice the legal limit. the 24-year-old was killed along with two friends when their boat crashed into a miami beach jetty. it's still unclear who was driving that boat. and in prince, georgia's county maryland, an uber driver is charged with kidnapping and assaulting a female passenger. he picked up the woman outside assaulting a female passenger. he picked up the woman outside of a bar but instead of taking her to her home in virginia, he took her to a hotel room where the alleged assault a occurred. that driver has been fired. this morning, a warning. the u.s. state department, diplomats in istanbul saying to leave the country, saying it is unsafe. it cites the the increased threat of terrorism targeting u.s. citizens for kidnappings and a possible as is nation assassinations. there's also a travel warning for private american citizens traveling to turkey. here in new york city, here a man was seen sprinkling something to an orchestra pit.
7:16 am
during intermission. this happened on saturday. the performance did not resume. it was investigate and turned out the substance was the cremated remains of a friend of that man who wanted to pay tribute to him as his mentor by sprinkling his ashes inside the opera house. the man did not realize he had done anything wrong. >> okay. and in virginia, security video capturing what police say looks like an abduction outside of a walmart showing two men holding onto another man, and looks like he's trying to get away from them. they stuff him into the trunk of that car. get in the car and drive away. that's bizarre. and finally, more heartbreak for cubs fans. like paula faris here, is the cleveland indians, yes. they won again at chicago's wrigley field. the indians now one game away from clinching the series. paula gave me the evil eye.
7:17 am
would you stop? the tribe broke it open in the seventh inning. with that home run, you see by jason kipnis. final score cleveland 7. cubbies, 2. game five tonight at wrigley field. >> i'm actually going. >> and paula faris will be there to reverse the curse. >> listen. it's a best of seven, right? we have three game es left. it's not over until it's over. >> how many times does a team come back? >> twice in the world series and the cavaliers -- >> why are you pointing your finger at me. point at diane. >> the cavaliers came back. >> isn't that a different sport? >> it's a different sport but i'm talking about the city of cleveland. the cavaliers had to come back. win three straight to beat the golden state warriors. >> filibuster faris. keep it going. >> safe to say cleveland has the hot hand. >> they do. they do, and congrats to them if they do win. speaking of hot, not. take a look at mt. washington. the top of the mountain there showing in the foreground but the background there is the aurora borealis, the northern
7:18 am
lights. beautiful stuff there shot friday night. we take you to the other coast. the leticular clouds. cinto mountains creating those. we don't have extreme weather. when we start with pictures like that, you know that. good news. extreme heat though. look at the records. montgomery, alabama, 92. %-p. 85 in atlanta, georgia and the heat is going to stay. take a look at the high pressure that's going to stick around the southeastern u.s. 88 degrees in jackson, mississippi and similar numbers tomorrow. 88 in montgomery. similar tomorrow and the day after that. next three to four days you will see record-breaking temperatures. could see dozens of them from the 50s in new york city to the 60s and 70s in d.c. that's a quick check on the national outlook. the northeast good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist lisa argen. rain and wind developing throughout the bay area this morning and it will take us
7:19 am
through the early afternoon and then scattered showers through the evening hours. here we are the next several hours looking at the heaviest rain and the gusty winds as we go through the early part of the day. temperatures today in the 60s. breezy winds and we're still going to see more rain for halloween. we will have the forecast for game five of that world series later on in chicago in the broadcast. >> and lenticular clouds. you made that up. >> i did actually. sounded cool. >> sounds cool. but i don't believe you. >> it's the real deal. >> it's actually a thing. >> i thought service sarris clouds. >> sportsman ship. we saw a great display of that. >> paula is trying to keep the . we saw a great display of that. >> paula is trying to keep the train on the tracks. so we'll head to the world of college sports and diane, you have a great story for us. >> i do indeed. talk about sportsmanship here. this happened at the acc cross country championship. madeline adams says she not only started the race feeling great
7:20 am
but ran at one of her best times and then all of a sudden, her legs just gave out, but luckily, she found some unexpected help. >> reporter: you're looking at a true show of sportsmanship. >> you've got an athlete who can't make it. >> reporter: just 20 yards from the finish line. boston college runner, madeline adams goes down hard and is unable to get back up. but instead of sprinting past her, two rival runners team up to carry her to the finish line. >> they didn't need to sacrifice their race for me, but they did. >> reporter: clemson university's eve tate says she did what she had to do. >> i was going to do everything i could to help her finish the race. i have always said, the only way i don't finish a race is if i'm unconscious. >> when i saw that girl on the ground, i was, like, what a better thing that god put in my life to serve this girl. she needs help and i was strong enough to give her help. >> reporter: adams now says she is recovering well and feeling so thankful for that help.
7:21 am
>> there are amazing people like rachel and eve who are super selfless. >> reporter: they say their actions came with no hesitation. >> she just thanked us and we just kind of said we would do it again and good luck in your seasons. >> and she did go to the hospital but is fine and planning to run again in the next few days. >> really? >> she says she has seen this happen to other runners, but thefr thought it would happen to her. one second she was up and another second she was on the floor. >> she probably will in the future. >> who knows? >> they sacrifice their own time. you guys know a bit about that, right? you guys are very sacrificial. >> because she went to boston time. she must be a great person, so she had great karma coming to her. >> says the bc alum. one more reason to love you. >> doug flutie wouldn't have done that. >> doug flutie. coming up on "gma" this morning, a family's lawsuit over a hoverboard. they say it burned down their home. why they say internet giant, amazon is to blame.
7:22 am
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good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. levi's stadium is hosting its third annual 49ers rush with a 4.9k run and challenge course. it gives fans the chance to run on the field and do the same kind of grueling physica challenges nfl players do each
7:28 am
week. organizers say they want to encourage people to get in shape. it all starts in about 30 minutes at 8:00 at levi's stadium. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast now. here's lisa. >> carolyn, the north bay has been getting the rain everyone experiencing some gusty winds and check out clover daily. geyserville and hills -- we're getting heavy downpours. lighter rain from inverness. it is on the way. it will be with us throughout the morning hours. carolyn will track it for you in rain tomorrow.
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with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, deeply troubling. that's how hillary clinton is describing the fbi's decision to renew its e-mail investigation just days before the presidential election. clinton calling on the agency to release what it has. donald trump seizing the moment, slamming his opponent. this as the polls show the race, which was already close is getting even closer. also right now, mission accomplished. three astronauts one american back home this morning landing in kazic after a 115-day mission aboard the international space station. the astronauts readjusting to
7:31 am
gravity after almost fou kazakhstan kazic the 450 room resort having rooms in the king's style, already sold out for elvis week 2017 which is next august. i know you know that ron because you're a big elvis fan. the price is $150 to $3,000. >> huge. >> what do you get for $3,000? >> not sure. but i'm sure you can google it and figure it out. you won't get elvis but the experience. >> there's news you can use. i don't know. just google it. coming up on the show this morning, colin kaepernick's revealing public statements. he is opening up now about his controversial stance against the national anthem on the field, and whether he was prepared for all the backlash coming at him. first, the family that says a hoverboard destroyed its
7:32 am
million dollar home. >> and now they're going after retail giant amazon blaming them saying they should never have sold that hoverboard and abc's marci gonzalez joins us. good morning, marci. >> reporter: the family says they suffered psychologically and lost everything they owned because of what they call a counterfeit product that came with no warnings. this morning online retail giant amazon is facing a massive lawsuit. just as millions of their customers start working on their holiday shopping lists. a tennessee couple claims the company was negligent for selling them this hoverboard which caught fire, torching their million dollar home. >> the fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, yeah, it's just wrong. >> reporter: brian and megan fox bought their kids the hoverboard for christmas last year, and a few weeks later, it burst into flames, destroying their home. >> when i got there, i was kicking in the doors and i thought i'm going to lose two of my four children today. >> reporter: the fox family is seeking $30 million in damages,
7:33 am
claiming amazon knew the dangers of the products. the suit alleges the family thought they were purchasing with a samsung ion lithium battery. but instead were sold a counterfeit product. >> we hold most manufacturers, distributors, and sellers responsible. for defective products. >> reporter: they have been long under fire. the consumer product safety commission has investigated more than 60 fires and recalled more than half a million of the popular product from ten different companies. and amazon was not among the companies named in the july recall. we reached out to amazon to respond to the fox family suit. the company's spokesperson told us they do not comment on pending litigation. >> thank you very much. let's check the forecast once again. get it back over to rob. what's happening, man? >> 'tis the season for trick-or-treating and for pumpkin carving. we take you up the hudson valley noshtd op north of sleepy hollow, where they carved 7,000
7:34 am
pumpkins. putting on these amazing artistic displays from chinese dragons to three witches brewing something. check it out either this year or next. next storm in the west coast, we have one today. another one tomorrow. and this will lower the snow levels to about 6,000 feet and winds all the way into las vegas and utah and snow one to two feet potentially, above that 6,000-foot mark. chicago, game five tonight. last night weather was not a factor. mild today. temperatures will drop. much, much colder. light winds and clearing. perfect october baseball weather for the fall classic. ooh, there's the ghost of sara haines i believe. hi, sara. good to have you back. more for your trick-or-treating across the country. some showers tonight but i think they'll exit. the only sore spot good sunday morning, i'm lisa argen. waking up to gusty winds in the bay. the rain will accompany heavy downpours throughout the morning hours. 60s today and more rain for halloween.
7:35 am
>> this weather report brought to you this weather report is brought to you by target. to clarify, sara haines is not dead. >> yes. >> that was a joke. >> by the way, as ron would point out, her ghost is much louder than that. we would have heard her ghost, right? >> so quiet here this morning. >> a much bigger smile on his face. >> exactly. >> smiley and loud. coming up here on "gma, "-- >> and cuddly. >> we love you, sa sara. the 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick talking about his decision to take a knee during the national anthem and taking his movement for social and racial justice off the gridiron. also ahead, the proud pooches getting ready to show off their halloween costumes shade ahead in "pop news." or should we say "pooch news"? >> "pop news." >> "pop news." >> let's hope it's not "poop news". >> diane, you are on it. p news."
7:36 am
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as you know, the football star colin kaepernick is spar as you probably know, the football star, colin kaepernick, is spark a lot of controversy
7:40 am
a and controversy with his protest of the national anthem. >> and he's speaking out with the work he's doing off the field to help kids. and ron is here with the story. >> the 49ers have no game this week. it's their off week. colin kaepernick has what he calls a "know your rights for children," and he talked about his commitment to social issues and of course, his continuing personal protest. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with espn's the undefeated come kaepernick, opening up about his refusal to stand during the national anthem. the protest of racial injustice in america. >> it was something that was really just a personal decision where, you know, i didn't agree with what was going on. >> reporter: kaepernick who took over as the starting quarterback for the 49ers just two weeks ago, making headlines. and coming under criticism from some quarters when he began his protest during preseason. the 49ers quarterback not surprised by the backlash. >> part of the oppressive system is you're going to have that backlash for trying to fight for people. and that was something i was fully prepared for. >> reporter: now kaepernick is
7:41 am
hosting the first ever, know your rights camp for underprivileged children in the bay area. the 28-year-old starting the program taking his drive for social and racial justice beyond the gridiron. >> this might not be something i personally can create the change that this system needs. but together we can build this and help organize and create the change that we need. >> reporter: about 100 children attended the sessions, where they were counseled on non-sports related topics such as how to handle interactions with police and maintaining healthy lifestyle. >> we want to bridge that gap and give these kids resources to try to help them advance in life so it's not something that is related to football. football just allows a platform to have conversations on a greater extent about these issues. >> and kaepernick is having a pretty bad year on the field this year and the 49ers suffering through a terrible so far, but he says what's more important to him is what he does
7:42 am
off the field like the session that he sponsored this week for those kids in oakland. >> he took heat at the beginning. people say you can do this but what are you actually going to do about that and we're seeing he's being an advocate. >> it has been for quite a while. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. coming up on "gma," how to keep your kids safe on halloween. there are apps to protect them and track them and you need to know about them. they won't work for you, dan. >> why not? >> because nobody can keep tabs on you. >> that's true. i can always slip. plus one dog's fantasy comes true when her chew toy comes to life. you got to see this. it's coming up in "pop news" after the break. ♪
7:43 am
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welcome back, everyone. ♪ welcome back, everyone. in today's weekend download, advice on keeping your kids safe on their search for treats this halloween. joining us is parenting expert, erica suter. happy halloween. halloween is tomorrow, erica. what should we be looking for? >> your kids should trick-or-treat in groups and you know there's safety in numbers. you should go over their candy at the end of the night. to make sure nothing is unwrapped or tampered with. and lastly, you want to make sure they know not to enter a stranger's house. for any reason. >> never go in a stranger's home. my kids are 9, 7 and 2 and hard to keep track of them. they like to go in different directions. but you say there are high tech apps where we can track our kids. >> our moms rave about this app called mama bear. it tracks your kids using gps. it allows them to check in on the app with you when they get to a certain place and also allows you to know when they have left, you know, an area. they have gone into a restricted area, and it can send you an
7:47 am
alert to let you know, we need to be picked up right now. >> so smart. i love that we can track our kid. >> footprints which is similar. it let's you set up boundaries for your kids in the neighborhood. when they have left those boundaries, you get an alert skpur, and we also like this app called next door. it's a private social network and they have a tool where you can have a halloween treat map and know all the neighbors giving out treats ahead of time. >> what about costume dangers? >> because of all the reports of people in creepy clown masks terrorizing children and neighborhoods, a lot of towns and school districts have banned clown costumes. so parents should keep that in mind. >> let's use common sense and keep the tricks out of the treat in halloween. happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> thank you, erica. we'll be back with more "pop news." ith more "pop news." my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves.
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♪ "good morning americ ♪ this the halloween "good morning america" is brought to you by lyrica. >> is that after thanksgiving,
7:52 am
or? >> hey, we're on the air. >> are we? >> pipe down. it's diane's turn to take the floor. it's halloween. we got dogs, cakes, cookies. >> and we have sweets as well. it's a very special "pop news" for you, and halloween is one of my favorite holidays as we all know. i'm not alone here. look at halloween by the numbers. the national retail federation says american's will spend almost $8.5 billion on this holiday. costumes can get pretty costly. shoppers will spend over $3 billion getting all gussied up, and you can't have a successful halloween without the candy. apparently we will shell out $2.5 billion. >> it's worth it though. >> i think my wife spent $1 billion of that for our 2-year-old. >> your wife and i may be the ones responsible for the boost this year. i also go all out. >> you do? >> especially when it comes to costumes. >> i do. i was avatar. i think we actually may have a photograph of it. >> that was you? wow. >> did you do your own makeup? >> i did.
7:53 am
>> you are so talented. >> and i have the video to prove it. >> your eyes are still yellow. >> are they? >> you forgot to take your contacts out. i'm kidding. >> keep going. we'll eat. on to the sweets. >> very important as well. we have lots of sweet tweets provided by lots of different areas. jolly rancher gave us caramel apple lollipops, and also lollipops in their flavors. and how about cookies and cream skulls. white chocolate butterscotch. m&m created candies that you can get at target. and hershey's rolled out their milk chocolate and skittles has a cauldron mix with spooky flavors. if candy is not your thing, there's always donuts and ice cream, as dan is learning. >> dan is hacking the cake. >> he's mangling it. >> i'm not mangling it. this is for you claiborne. >> yes. >> i'm cutting a piece for ron. >> have you ever cut a cake before? >> no. >> he usually sticks his hand in
7:54 am
the cake. >> sometimes i stick my hand in the cake. >> we're just impressed. >> good looking cake. >> thank you. now we have to get to the most adorable video maybe ever on the internet. comes from emily from california whose boyfriend dresses up as her dog's favorite chew toy. first the dog doesn't know what to make of this giant gumby that just walked in the room, but it doesn't take her long to become absolutely smitten. >> oh, my gosh. that's adorable. >> a whole other level of excitement. luckily emily caught the whole thing on video. let's listen in. [ laughter ] >> jolene, he's real. [ barking ] >> the other family dog tries to get in on the action and jolene just turns to him, like this is my gumby. back off. >> funny how suspicious he looked. >> she's loving it. halloween isn't just for humans. >> no, it's not. >> we have some pups ready to strut their stuff here.
7:55 am
haley, mitzy, and more. and they are all here from the humane society of new york. to be our models this morning. their outfits are available from petsmart. we have dogs dressed as cats. this is a fashion show. we have a lady bug in the house. >> so dogs walking the catwalk. >> we have a devil in the house. and don't want forget, "gma's" mission pawsible. adopt-a-thon. is under way right now. we are live-streaming three great events. those happened yesterday but you can follow along for the whole month. the journey happens every day where pets will find their furever homes. go to a website and join our mission. >> you deserve some cake. excellent job, diane. >> adopt a pet. you can save a life and improve your own. i say it every time. thank you to the humane society and diane for doing a great job in "pop news." >> thank you. for doing a great job in "pop news." ane for doing a g
7:56 am
in "pop news." good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. a race will be held to honor kate steinle. the woman from ples anton killed on san francisco's embarcadero. downtown will host the first ever 5 and 10k race dubbed good for the soul to remember her. steinly was shot to death in
7:57 am
july 2015. proceeds will be donated to students rising above and the challenged athletes's foundation. it starts in about 30 minutes at 8:30 this morning on main street. let's get a check now of the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning. not everyone seeing the rain yet. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. it has been raining in the north bay. moderate rain in santa rosa. westward, some of the yellows indicate moderate rain. lighter rain and flipping through marin county now, just off the shore in san francisco. the san mateo coast. by the 9:00, 10:00 hour, it marches across the bay area. we've had wind gust this is excess of 30 miles an hour in the highest elevations. we'll continue to see the sweep across the bay throughout the day today and it looks like your morning will be much wetter than your afternoon. here are the wind gusts right now. up to 23 miles an hour.
7:58 am
hayward, mountain view and half moon bay. we'll get into scattered showers. the possibility of a thunderstorm this afternoon. we'll do it again tomorrow with more rain showers in the middle of the afternoon for halloween into the trick-or-treat hours and then we're dry as we begin november. we could see an additional inch here in san francisco over the next two days. carolyn. >> lisa thank you. thank you for joining us. this week with george stephanopoulos is up next. we'll see you again at 9:00. have a good sunday. happy halloween everyone.
7:59 am
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> any reaction to the fbi reopening the investigation? >> october shocker. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> donald trump gets a big boost thanks to the fbi. hillary clinton fighting on two fronts. >> some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. of course, donald trump is already making up lies about this. the fbi and justice department in open warfare over the timing. of the e-mail announcement. can clinton recover from the bombshell revelation. will it influence the outcome of the election? we're one on one with clinton


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