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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> i mean, he's such a downer, right? >> hillary has nobody but herself to blame. >> a fiery sunday in the race for the white house as we sprint toward election day, just nine days away. i'm eric thomas. we'll get to the race in a few minutes. new at 11:00, more fallout from the on going sex scandal involving agencies. the city of reach moneyed is firing -- the city of richmond is firing four police officers. sergio? >> john burris told me that he believes of the dismissal of four patrolmen and it could go a long way in restoring integrity to the police department. the decision to fire four officers is being applauded by
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jasmine's attorney. >> in the interest of transparency and accountability this is a major positive step. >> the department started firing one of the four officers, but in a statement released this weekend the manager decided to dismiss three others. it is my belief the actions in question have to place in a city department that has worked hard to become a national model for community policing. five have been reprimanded and two left the department on their own. according to the city manager the four soon to be fired officers can appeal. in a statement, the president of the richmond police officers association uh -- uh officialed their ability to defend themselves saying we respect our members' rights to due process and have their version told to an impartial and biased third party. no criminal charges have been field against anyone in the richmond police department related to the scandal. five police officers at other east bay departments have been charged with crimes ranging from having sex with a minor
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to obstruction of justice. attorney john burris is representing jasmine as part of her civil claim for damages against the cities of livermore, oakland and richmond. >> we want to do what is in her best interest because this is a traumatic experience for a young girl to be involved in this activity. in many ways beyond her complete understanding. >> a $30 million claim has been filed against richmond on her behalf. abc7 news. >> and in a few minutes on abc7 news at 11:00, the case rocked local agencies and she may not be the only one. abc7 news is talking with self-identified sex workers who say having sex with cops for money is nothing new in the bay area. >> we're getting ready for more rain tonight. it poured on the peninsula today. abc7 news was on storm watch in burlingame. the heavy rain flooded streets this morning and police say the wet roads may have played a role in this car crash.
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today's storms made a mess in the oakland hills. a small mudslide covered the street with thick mud. in downtown san rafael the rain forced a tree limb to fall on to a pick up truck of the -- pick up truck. the firefighters cut it up. this is the view in larkspur. sheets of rain fell and it made for tough driving. live doppler 7 shows us the next round is on the way. drew is tracking it. drew? >> it has been storm after storm after storm. we still have a few left over sprinkles right now from the system that just brought a morning soaking earlier today. live doppler 7 will get you closer and it is mainly in the hills right now. there are light showers and to the west of livermore and to the north and east of milpitas. that's about it for this system. it is right on the heels of this one and another one moves in tomorrow. it is a light system on the storm impact scale.
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scattered showers on monday evening. it is really the timing that well have the highest impact. hour by hour we go. future weather tomorrow morning and grab the umbrella. you will not need it first thing. we go into the afternoon and there is our next storm system approaching the region. we'll let you know when the system sweeps through your town and go hour by hour on future weather and show your trick or treat forecast in the full accu-weather. >> with just 9 days to go until election day the fbi now has a search warrant to review new e-mails that may be tied to hillary clinton's private server investigation. former attorney general eric holder and nearly a hundred other federal prosecutors signed a letter blasting james comey. the letter says he broke policy when he told congress about the e-mails last week. the policy is supposed to prevent the appearance of prosecutors affecting the election. clinton is demanding the fbi release more information. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right
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before an election. >> at a rally today in colorado donald trump encouraged supporters to vote in person instead of voting by mail. trump said mail ballots may not be counted as part of his larger allegations that the election is rigged against him. >> i know they are saying oh of course everything is so legitimate. perhaps i am a more skeptical person. >> the latest abc news national tracking poll shows clinton's lead over trump has shrinking to just one point. in the bay area clinton campaign volunteers are using new technology to get out the vote. san francisco is one of just four cities where the clinton campaign has launched a new texting program of lilian kim is at the campaign's san francisco headquarters on van ness. lilian? >> reporter: dooring nos and phone calls have been the traditional ways to get out the vote, but texting is something new. much of the texting has been done right here.
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the san francisco office of the clinton campaign it is all about instant gratification. get out the vote messages are delivered in a matter of seconds although volunteers are learning that the insults can come back quickly. >> people will say stop texting me. some people will say i am voting for trump and other things about hillary and benghazi. >> san francisco is one of four cities using the texting program and it is built by the clinton campaign. volunteers are given cell numbers of swing state voters allowing for quick one touch texting. >> it is the first time it has been used in a national campaign which is fantastic. it is a brand-new way to reach out to voters who were not previously answering the phone calls and the e-mails. >> san francisco is said to be a lock for clinton, but it has not dissuaded people. more than 87,000 people have already cast their ballots. 17% of the city's registered voters.
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those encouraging numbers are why clinton volunteers are devoting their time reaching out to voters in battleground states. >> i used to live in florida and i have family in arizona. it is a way i can do something without traveling. >> a little more than a week to go. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> we have a full set of voting resources to help you get involved in election day. click on the your vote, your voice election guide and it will show you the candidates and the measures on your local ballot. new details in a sonoma county homicide. they have identified a pair of suspects. the -- they issued no bail warrants. they are both originally from philadelphia and believed to be there or in new jersey. they are suspect testified killing two people during a marijuana robbery on october 15th.
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investigators believe they took a large amount of cash and marijuana and set it up to be shipped back east at a later date. bart police arrested a man accused of molesting a boy with down sin is drop in the east bay. the officers say peter followed the juvenile into the bathroom at pittsburgh bart station last night. he allegedly assaulted the boy while the mother was waiting outside. she called for help and the boy was taken to kaiser hospital. he was booked into a martinez detention center on six counts including suspicion of committing a lewd act on a child and public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. the 49ersersers are denying claims taxpayer money is being spent on levi stadium. they say the organization is not cooperating with an audit and they are refusing to turnover reports that would determine whether stadium funding is coming out of the general fund. a 49er spokesman issued a statement that the mayor's accusations are false and irresponsible. the funds are flowing into the
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general fund from the stadium. the team pledged to hand over the financial documents to the uh debtor tomorrow. to the auditor tomorrow. >> there is still more to come. oakland sex workers say sex with cops is nothing new. they spent the night on international boulevard in oakland. >> and turning a tragedy into an opportunity in the east bay. how the family of kate steinley is giving back. that country is dealing with another powerful earthquake. and winter is coming in the sierra. stay with us. ab
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we're back with a look at devastation from above after a
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massive earthquake early this morning in central italy. nearly 8,000 people are seeking government help after the 6.6 magnitude quake was centered in the mountainous area. miraculously no one was killed or seriously hurt. many residents had not returned home since the major earthquake nearby in august. prostitutes and cops. jasmine's case rocked local law enforcement agencies, but some women say having sex with cops for money is nothing new in the bay area. melanie woodrow spent a night on international boulevard speaking with self-identified sex workers. >> reporter: these oakland residents could be any number of places on a friday night. but for the last four years they have come here, to the fruit veil district of east oakland. >> every friday, rain,
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whatever, we come out. >> here even the smallest deliver a big invitation. >> even if it is taking one girl off the street at a time, that's what we got to do of the. >> the women of victory out reach church march on past sunset looking for the one girl who will consider stepping out of the life. >> that's what we want to give these girls is dignity and belonging and destiny. >> one of the first girls agrees to talk. she knows the women are with the church and i am a reporter. >> she knows she got in the game when she was 17. >> when she was underage a san francisco police officer paid her for sex. she says she initially told her he was in the army. >> it was very surprising to hear that. >> it is less surprising to gallo. >> jasmine was a self-identified sex worker who said she had sex with more than 30 police officers from seven agencies and some while she was under age. several are facing criminal charges and administrative ago. the former contra costa county
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sheriff deputy and oakland police officer seen here both pleaded not guilty. the next girl we meet says she began at just 13 years old. she says while she was still underage an oakland police officer threatened to arrest her if she didn't do him a favor. >> kind of backing her up to a wall. >> she said she ultimately denied him and he left her alone. >> but there are times these girls are manipulated mentally to the point they have no choice. worried keller said she was one of them. >> no wasn't an option. >> she received a settlement from the city of oakland 16 years ago, but was prevented from talking about it until recently. >> i had to perform oral sex on the officers that were there and there were six there total. >> she said it went on for two years. >> it didn't stop when it happened to me. it didn't stop. >> another oakland police officer, officer ryan walter house pleaded not guilty to prostitution and obstruction of justice charges.
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>> are you willing to meet these charges head on and discuss what the real truth in this situation is. >> uh cord together complaint walter house asked a known prostitute how she would repay him for the information he gave her. the oakland police department said the alleged conduct occurred off and on duty. >> this does not define our organization. >> the first alleged encounter just one day after we were out with the women of victory out reach church. on this particular friday night at least two girls say they will consider attending a halloween party at the church. cell phone numbers are exchanged and a significant victory for these women. >> through our conversation of be friending her and texting her and loving on her. >> i don't see them what they are now but what they can become. >> no matter how many friday nights it takes of the in oaknd la, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> a race called good for the soul was held today to honor
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kate steinley. she was the woman who was killed on the em bass -- killed on the embarcadero. proceeds from the 10k run will help athletes with special challenges, a cause close to her heart. >> we wanted to do something that gave back to the community. at the same time, remember kate and what a positive person she was. >> and an undocumented immigrant is accused of shooting steinly. steinley's family is hoping it will become an annual event. >> one of the first signs of winter in the sierra. you can see plenty of snow coming down. take a good look at this picture from sierra and tahoe. they posted it with the caption "welcome back old friend and keep it coming. and take a look at this over the bay bridge earlier tonight as the storm passed. we saw it in realtime here at abc7 news. a special treat for otters
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in seattle. we will tell you about that later. right now we will tell you about -- i know you can't. more about the weather. that double rainbow we saw was actually one rainbow, but was right there behind us. >> and october has been so rainy. how appropriate the last day we are tracking another storm. we will add to these totals. live doppler 7 is showing the majority of the region is tracking just a few left over showers of storms that brought us the morning dune pours. the morning downpours. they will wrap up in the next hour or so. overnight it will be a quiet night on the way. rainfall today is pretty good. a so -- a soggy sunday morning. oakland is one of the wettest spots. a little less at moffet field and san francisco is over a third of an inch of rain. you add these totals to the already wet month we have had. over 300 percent and
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282 percent and santa rosa is 349% of normal. we will add to these numbers as another storm moves in on halloween. you won't need the umbrella first thing. i will grab it as you head out the door with work and school. there is a little fog and overcast skies midday. it is not until the afternoon 4:00 first in the north bay. we start to track some showers. and then by 7:00 in the evening, anyone is fair game for a light shower. the storm impact scale, we bring it back to the storm, it is a light storm moving in on the second half of the day. total rainfall is a 10th of an inch to half an inch of rain. it will be breezy with winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. hour by hour we go on future weather. here is the time stamp. 4:00 in the afternoon we are starting to see a few drops in santa rosa as we advance the time to 5:00 and perhaps a light sprinkle in san francisco. most of the action is confined to the north bay north of the golden gate.
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what we are noticing by 6:00 is this front may take its time getting out of the north bay. what that means is it is not until 8:00 on monday evening we start to see the showers pick up in the heart of the bay area before then sinking into the south bay by 10:00, 11:00. would i not go trick-or-treating because of this? no. getting free candy is amazing. what i would do is take the umbrella with you and download the abc7 news app to your phone. there you can look at live doppler 7 anytime while you are out and about tomorrow. see where the rain is and avoid the drops as they are coming down. this storm success stem will be with -- this storm system will be with us before exiting on tuesday morning. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. let's plan the next seven days on monday. evening showers move in and it is a one on the storm impact scale. perhaps a lingering sprinkle early and otherwise a lot of cloud cover and then we start to dry out. by wednesday it is a fine fall day. partly cloudy on thursday. we turn mild on into -- we turn mild on friday and then saturday into sunday morning.
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sunday we turn our clocks back as daylight savings begin. he will have an update at 4:30. >> wanting back one hour. i know the clock kept going back and back and back. i will be 32 when this he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives.
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the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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a special treat for some otters in seattle over the weekend. 5* jack-o-lantern filled with worms. they hit a go pro for a terrifying perspective. the otter's arms are reaching through to try to grab their snacks. otters think it is cool. shu is here with a look at sports. >> the cubs refuse to lose. they are forcing a game six in the world series. their lumber came out of the slumber.
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> cub fans on the edge of their seats at wrigley field facing elimination after a 108-year wait for a shot at the world series title. they rallied and we will have a game six in cleveland on tuesday night. bill murray, the best cub fan ever. they had their ace on the hill and he struck out five in six innings. but carlos santana pop itself up to the visitor's dug out. he misses it. rizzo is there to back him up and makes the catch. heads up play. chicago down 1-0 in the fourth. desperately needing some momentum and chris bryant
11:30 pm
delivers. see ya. solo shot and ties the game at one. that kickstarts a three-run inning. a few batters later and a slow rollery to third. jose ramirez can't make the play. the cubs close and he had a two and two-therd inning save. still hits triple digits on the radar gun. the cubbies force a game six in cleveland with a 3-2 victory. >> i like to believe we are going to gain some momentum. it is baysed on your starting pitcher. with these guys we saw how good the bull pen was. it is really important to grab the lead. >> we'll show up whatever day is the next day and see if we can beat them. >> the raiders ended their trip in tampa with an over time win. 626 yards to 270. a franchise record 23 penalties made this game a lot
11:31 pm
closer than it needed to be. you know this play was drawn up earlier in the week. the former buck ties the game at 10. his fourth career touchdown catch. a franchise record 513 yards and four td's. 34-yard to cooper. he had a career high 12 catches for 173 yards. oakland is up seven. caps off an 82-yard drive of his first td in over 32 years. after the two-point conversion the raiders respond. 3 got the ball back. janikowski and 50 yards for the win and he missed. also missed a 52-yarder in over time, but it did not cost oakland. fourth and four and carr to seth roberts and the kid out of tallahassee goes 41 yards for the first time since 1977. the raiders are 5-0 on the road and 6-2 overall of the 30-24 the final. >> we have such a long way to
11:32 pm
go as a team. we see the end goal in sight. what we want the team to look like, but we are not there yet. we have a long way to go and we'll keep working until we get there. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. warriors are in phoenix where they handled the sun and our tour of the nfl coming up in our plays of the day.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas and tonight's headlines a man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy with down syndrome. bart police say last night he
11:36 pm
followed the boy into the bathroom at the pittsburgh station. the boy was taken to the hosital. investigators have identified the suspects accused of killing two people during a marijuana robbery earlier this month. robert randolph and maria lebron are from philadelphia and are believed to be back there or in nerming. there was damage to the front passenger side. early this morning the driver hit a uc santa cruz student on highway 1 between river and mission street. the woman was walking home from a halloween party and was not in the crosswalk. she has critical injuries. >> to the race for the white house, we are just 9 day usa way from election day and both candidates are encouraging them to head to the polls or vote early. abc news president arer richard cantu has the story from new york. >> the fbi has obtained a warrant to review e-mails for
11:37 pm
huma abadene. they didn't inform the fbi director until last thursday. the next day in a letter to lawmakers he revealed the renewed inquiry that has throwned the campaign for a loop. hillary clinton now fighting donald trump. >> i mean he is such a downer, right? >> and james comey. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> the justice department officials advised against alerting congress citing department tradition of not talking about on going investigations and not doing anything that would be seen as influencing an election in its final days. for donald trump it is a late game wind fall. >> now it is reported that the department of justice is fighting the fbi. that's because the department of justice is trying so hard
11:38 pm
to protect hillary clinton. >> comey is now caught in the cross fire. >> i think this is a terrible error in judgment by the director. >> in a scathing letter the senate minority leader harry reid accuses him of being partisan and says he may have broken the law. comey has started to brief lawmakers on the e-mails. the latest national tracking poll shows clinton's lead down to one point. richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> trump said bay area social meed yea companies are so-called hiding information about his opponent. clinton said, wow, -- he said wow, they are clearing the case for hillary clinton. they say the fbi has known about the additional e-mails about her private searcher. it was -- private server. wiener is the estranged
11:39 pm
husband of the top clinton aide. wiener's computers were taken in late september and the connection was made in early october. the fbi publicly announced the existence of the e-mails on friday. investigators busted an illegal pot processing facility set up in an airport. photos from the sheriff's office in san andre yeses. an an an -- san andreas. they were paid reportedly $100 a day to process the pot and many of the doors were bolted shut. the investigators say they found numerous fire code and safety code for the facility and they confiscated two and a half tons of marijuana. earlier in the week deputies seized more than three pound of pot and 23 people were aired. deputies found significant environmental problems at the grow area spy residents -- residents came together to
11:40 pm
save lives after one of their neighbors narrowly escaped tragedy. abc7 news was in burlingame as firefighters taught 250 community members cpr. today's session was inspired by the burlingame resident who suffered a heart attack three months ago. his 14-year-old daughter saved his life when she immediately gave him cpr. >> he kind of started coughing really hard so we are like, daled, are you okay? then we look over and he was passed out so i didn't think and i started chest compressions. >> i had a massive heart attack. the doctors gave me a 1% chance of survival given all of the circumstances. >> the training session focused on adult cpr and the use of the exter national do fib defibrilator. >> we are hearing from kate ruebens after she got back to earth. she spent 115 days at the international space station. she will arrive tomorrow.
11:41 pm
she was the first person to set up a docking adapter that the space x will use to transport crews to the space station. ruebens talked about the incredible journey that brought her back to earth. >> the entire vehicle is going from 17,500 miles an hour down to animpactonlanding,so it%-@im
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jayden hayes went out like this. a u.s. army soldier, a costumes inspired by real life and close to home, jayden's dad, jermaine. he has been stationed in iraq. >> it was hard for his dad not
11:46 pm
to be around while deployed. >> that's why jayden wanted to go out in a tribute to his father. here is what's coming. he was in this crowd. >> it was a surprise that my wife set up and he was supposed to meet him while he was out trick-or-treating and it just showed up. it was a surprise for me. >> and here it comes. >> and what it means is the fictional mouse and the real life soldier will be out trick-or-treating together tomorrow because dad is home. and feeling like this. i can't dress that up. abc news. >> welcome home. let's get a check on the weather and find out when the next round of rain is coming in. >> we are tracking a quiet start to your monday and then it is different as you go into the evening with showers moving in. it is a light storm with a scattered shower. a 10th to a half an inch of rain.
11:47 pm
the impact is going to be the timing. showers beginning to make their way into santa rosa. perhaps a sprinkle in san francisco by 5:00. the action really holds off until 6:00. by 8:00 that's when we have the best shot in the heart of the bay area and then it will sink into the south bay. so highs are on your monday and it will be a cool day. limited sunshine and a lot of cloud cover. 62 in san francisco. 65 in oakland and 66 in san jose and santa rosa about 61 degrees. the accu-weather seven-day forecast is going to show the evening showers at a 1 on the storm impact scale. lingering sprinkle on tuesday morning and clearing out by tuesday afternoon. wednesday more sunshine and a nice fall day. partly cloudy on thursday. it is sunny and mild on friday before we can track our next storm moving in and that would arrive on saturday night and perhaps linger on sunday morning. just some light showers. we will put those clocks back one hour on sunday at 2:00 in the morning as daylight saving
11:48 pm
time ends. that means the sun will go down about 5:00 on sunday. >> so just in time for the weekend. more rain! >> more rain! you're welcome. >> i was going to say thank you. let's find out what happened in sports. >> busy day. your plays of the day. always a crowd favorite. the warriors made sure the sun did not set on their parade. hear from the
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the warriors' second stop over on their three-game road trip is in phoenix to face the suns. the dis ubs are now -- the dubs are now 2-1. the dub had 15 turnovers combined with four shootings on a 22-2 run. it leads to the lay in. 30-22 after one. kevin durant heats up in the second.
11:52 pm
this jumper with only one shoe. despite everything the dubs down two. durant throws it down 57-fave 5 phoenix. steph curry in foul trouble. got it. he finished with 28 and durant doing what he does best. he finished with 37. durant completes the alley-oop fromy go do law. from iguadala. >> i am glad we are slowly getting into it. we are good. >> while we are going through this early part of the season, sorting through rotations rotations and offensively get going, we have to compete and pick up our share of wins and we will find our stride eventually. >> week eight of the nfl season is in the books. here are your plays of the day. the niners' next opponent the saints hosting seattle m hawks down five and in the end zone and he is out of bounds.
11:53 pm
saints win it 25-20. broncos and chargers and travis benjamin with the catch of the day, one handed on this touchdown. the champs come away with a 27-19 victory. the pick six here and raiders and bronco are one week from tonight in a battle for first in the afc west. the defending nfc champ panthers with their second win of the year defeating arizona. they opened it up with a 46-ready yeah fumble return for a touchdown. cam newton has been roughed up all year. late hits, high hits, low hits and many uncalled. he let the nfl know he is not happy. >> it is not fun. it is really taking the fun out of the game for me, honestly. it really is. at times i don't even feel safe, right? and enough is enough. >> alex smith with the chiefs took a beating against the colts. he hit his head not once, but twice and the second knocked him out with a concussion. his replace threw for two td's and 34 yards here and the
11:54 pm
chiefs go on to win it. tom brady had this one to set the all time td record with 69. pats are 7-1 with the victory. washington faced the bengals in london. the game went to overtime. they end it in a tie. after the game washington corner back major norman went off on the officials. >> who is 88? i have to know. i just have to know who is official 88? he sucked. >> speaking of sucking, the browns had a half time lead over the jets, but theyy were out scored 24-8 in the last few quarters. browns are now 0-8. sunday night football went to over time. cowboys hosting the eagles. two rookie quarterbacks. prescott finds witten for the game winner. matt ryan of the falcons beat out aaron rodgers.
11:55 pm
he hits him in the end zone with 30 seconds remaining and atlanta wins it 33-32 and those are your plays of the day. nascar sprint for the cup continued today in martinsville. johnson and hamlin went at it all day. hamlin bumping jj out of the way here. johnson's car slowed to a stop, but they are switching off the electronic control unit and luckily he got it up and running and even passed hamlin for the lead on lap 409 taking the checker flag on lap 500. securing a spot in the final four and a chance at a 7th championship title. final round of the world golf cheep in shanghai. rory mcilroy and he vaults into fourth place. he was the first asian winner in the 18-year history. he closed out with a six under 66 thanks to the long par putt on 18. 23 under on the tournament. cruising to a seventh shot
11:56 pm
victory over sten son -- hen rick stenson. cub fans are rejoicing. you don't want to lose the world series on your home field. they will go back on game six with their ace. it will be interesting and we have a die hard cubs fan upstairs and grew up following him. i told him they are going to win because they have to and now they will be interesting and the pressure switches to cleveland and we'll see if they can close it up at home. >> question for you, how much does it cost to say a referee sucks after the game? >> that will cost him about $20,000. >> what? >> i thought so. >> and we'll see what it costs me for the follow-up. >> first amendment rules don't quite apply at post game interviews. >> will be at the principal's office. >> i'm eric thomas. see you tomorrow.
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some three hours ago, president grant was shot. (gunshot) previously on "scandal"... the fbi is issuing a high alert, and they--they do have a description of a suspect. ms. pope? yes. are you-- back? yes. i'm back, for as long as you need me. the vice president is making a play. she spent the last two hours lobbying cabinet members about signing over the presidency to her. she what? (reed) president sally langston makes history today as the first female commander in chief.


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