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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and mike nicco with a beautiful day. >> hugging weather. for a select few in the north bay valley, fall is the big issue -- fog is the big issue, half mile in petaluma and east washington street and railroad avenue up to river road. watch out. it is down to less than quarter-mile. you can see we are 43 to 53 this morning on the day planner. low-to-mid 60s at noon and low-to-upper 60s by 4:00. the other big story is how chilly it is. how is the commute? alexis? >> quiet. compared to yesterday. we have a problem in san jose northbound 680 before you get to alum pickup we have three or four vehicles involved in a collision and injuries. we are sorting this out along with c.h.p. we have crew on way and they are scattered across the roadway and to the shoulder. one is down an embankment.
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i will have an update and a new crash in hayward at 6:10. >> developing news in san francisco, bart officials are investigating an explosion that should down the montgomery street station for a short time last night before midnight on the third rail. a train was damaged. the police put out the flames. crews shut down the situation. service is back to normal. in time in the commute much the damaged train is inspected. >> uber is taking swift action after a driver was accuses of sexual assaulting a passenger. matt keller is at police headquarters in palo alto with the story. >> this is a creepy and disturbing story. the uber driver got his own ride in the back after pose car all the way to jail. this is 35-year-old suspect, the redwood city man arrested in his home on sunday morning, taken to the santa clara jail for felony
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sexual battery and misdemeanor stalking. he took a couple to the home in portola valley at 11:00 on saturday night but the couple forgot a cell phone in the car, they called him and he came back, the woman in her 40s went to the car and police say the suspect kissed her and groped her breast. the woman went inside and reported this to uber. an hour later he called the woman saying he was outside their home and the couple called police. the uber spokeswoman responded saying the behavior is "disturbing," and not tolerated on the you are baby platform. the suspect has been banned from driving for uber. an update with jessica castro. >> we track breaking news from iowa two police officers were shot and killed in an ambush style attack and in the last few minutes, police have been able to identify the suspect.
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they are looking for a 46-year-old man from the urban dale, iowa area, where the first shooting took place outside of des moines, scott michael green is his name. they are now looking for the person on a major manhunt in the des moines area. he shot and killed or they think he shot and killed two people, two police officers inside their patrol car overnight the breaking news we been watching all morning. the second officer was spending to help out the first officer and he was killed in des moines a few blocks away from the first crime scene. we have confirmed there were no radio traffic communications between the officers that would have helped but, again, a massive manhunt is underway at the live desk. back to you. >> happening today, to machine accused of beating a disaided homeless man to death in san
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francisco now are scheduled to be arraigned. police say surveillance video from 2014 shows the man attacking a 67-year-old homeless manor no reason. he was sleeping in front of a business. investigators arrested the 21 year old suspect in september and last week 21-year-old david peters was arrested in stockton facing murder, robbery, and emdoor abuse. >> a reward is offered to track down a man suspected of shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. we the suspect is not seen four six months and there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest after he tried to abduct his ex-girlfriend. she resist asked he shot her. the bullet grazed her head. she and the baby survived. he is considered "armed and dangerous e >> the owner of the building in oakland gut by a first denies it is connected to legal issues he is facing. he owns the property and was
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building an apartment complex and people would lived in a previous apartment building at site are sue him claiming he used aggressive and illegal tactics to evict them. he said he doesn't think the fire has anything to do with his past and he wants to manufacture forward with the 41-unit project. >> it is a terrible loss. absolutely a tragedy. we have been working here a year and a half to improve the property and a nice beautiful building we are able to achieve. and suddenly it goes up in flames. >> there is no official word on the cause. >> a just released poll poll has the candidates in a dead heat with only six days left. donald trump is traying to get some of the 28 million americans would have already voted to change their vote. wisconsin and minnesota and michigan have a process in place allowing you to change who you voted for after you voted. neither candidate spent much time on the fbi e-mail probe
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yesterday and clinton tried to bring home the female vote and took on a protester. >> i am sick and tired of the negative we, dark, divisive, dangerous behavior of people who support donald trump. >> trump is schedule for these rallies in florida and clinton will spend time in arizona and nevada. >> if you have not studyied up we have a perfect tool for you with personalized resources on candidates and measures for your local ballot and where to vote. >> shocking video from texas after the break, a driver hanging on for dear life as he loses control of the bus. >> a it is called the clearest picture of what happened to picing malaysian
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>> now your accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> in san rafael the fog is not here south on 101 at 49 degrees. only rohnert park is cooler at 42. danville and san ramon at 43. pittsburg is 51, the warm spot. low 50s and san francisco is warmest at 53 and our
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neighborhoods are in the upper 40s. mid-to-upper 60s today. nearly 70 in antioch and san jose. 70s take over tomorrow. and friday we still have a chance of rain on sunday and again on tuesday. >> good morning, i have several crashes and on the traffic map to the south bay, three to four car crash northbound 680 between jackson and alum rock we have a two left lane blocked and you can see the backup from 101 through the merge. a new problem in the tri-valley southbound 680 toward sunol we have a crash blocking a far left lane and a problem cleared in the hayward area heading to union city southbound 880 we had a multi-car crash in the left lane but it is pushed to the shoulder so you are slow from san lorenzo. >> stunning video from texas after a bus crashes into a home.
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>> from san antonio the bus driver is hang on for dear live after being t bond by a truck that ran a stop sign. somehow the 59 year old because driver was not badly hurt despite the crash and the home is badly damaged. the 18-year-old driver in the pickup did not have insurance or a driver's license. >> crazy. >> after the break the newly released ought yes capturing the frantic moment that a football player's wife called 9-1-1 where player's wife called 9-1-1 where abuse charges in shoes and shoe boxes. impeccable taste; so they choose new meow mix bistro recipes, made with real chicken to make mealtime taste like a reservation for two. no wonder it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp
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and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. >> malaysian airlines flight plunged out of control to the sea when it made the last satellite communication. this is according to a new report by the australian transport safety bureau. official state report gives the clearest picture of the missing jet's final moments in march of 2014 as it descended up to 25,000 feet a minute. it rules out theories that the pilot was still flying the plane in the final moments. >> new details in a tour bus crash this killed 13 people near palm springs last in. it is reported that electric company southern california had a permit that let them stop traffic on the freeway for five minutes, give time as day. however, no signs, lighting or
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reduced speed limits were required to get the work done. remember, the bus never slowed down before hitting the back of the semi. the permit took affect five hours before the crash. >> a hearing for bill cosby's trial will finish today, the 79-year-old arrived for the pretrial hearing in philadelphia. the attorneys argued office the effort to have the case dismissed. he charged with three counts of aggravatessed sexual assault over an alleged incident in 2004 and the trial will not begin for at least eight months. president obama said the administration is considering ways to re-route the controversial dakota access oil pipeline after a week of profits including this one on monday in san francisco. the route has the pipeline cut right through the sacred lands of native americans. >> how is the weather looking today? we starting off cooler. >> a lot of us have a hard time get up as it is but with this, we want to stay in bed longer.
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it is honey-hugging weather. >> sunday we will have an excuse to stay in bed longer because daylight saving and we get the center hour. east bay hills temperature is 50 degrees as we look at the fog slipping out of the north bay across san francisco. we have chilly spots this morning and a lot of us in the 40s in san francisco. sunny and mild this afternoon. warmth through saturday in the afternoon. the sunday showers are shifting north. we have the high surf advisory at 6:00 tomorrow morning trillion this time 23 hours later to 5:00 on friday o and 15' waves with sneaker waves and rip current, you know the drill. up to 70 today with antioch and fremont and morgan hill reaching 70. the storm-impact scale shows mostly a storm up to quarter-inch possible through sunday morning start at 1:00 ending at 8:00. temperatures that day are
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falling into the 50s and 60s and slightly warmer for monday and tuesday but look at friday we could be near 80 inland. >> we will take it. our traffic map this only shows a remember in vallejo unfortunately of having vehicle and motorcycle. at least when lane is blocked. we have minor injuries to the motorcyclist westbound 80 before the 780 merge. we have they miles of backup through vallejo. a check of the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on through the maze. a check of the drive times, tracy to dublin, westbound 580, an hour, and southbound 680, a crash in the pleasanton area. dublin and mission boulevard south 24 minutes. we have a block situation in san jose and that is ahead. >> we hear the 9-1-1 call from nba legend scottie pippen and
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his estranged wife. their 20 year marriage appears to be over. >> can you send someone over here my husband is being aggressive. >> is it verbal or physical. >> that was first call early ok. she tells police not to come. >> three days later, this. >> my husband is crazy again with me. >> what do you mean he is crazy with you again? >> he is breaking things. he is scare me. >> two we woos later scottie pippen filed for divorce claiming the marriage is broken and is asking the court not to award alimony they have four children together. more on the story including what she wants from the divorce. >> pope francis closed the door on women ever becoming priest in the catholic church saying the ban is standing forever. he made the declaration after a female reporter in sweden asked if he thought women would sever
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as leasts and bishops since the head of sweden's lieu ran's church is a woman and he said no and this is the deck hardation of pope john paul ii who ruled it out in now measure. >> "good morning america" coming up 7:00 and her is what is ahead. >> good morning, great to be with you on "good morning america"s, two iowa police officers ambushed and killed after responding to a report of shots fired, one of the officers killed while sitting in his car, and the manhunt for the suspect is underway this morning. and the race for the white house , new u polls showing the candidates in a dead heat, and hillary clinton ramping up attacks on the trail as the surrogates are out in full force and it is will tied up in baseball the cubs have a huge wind over the cleveland indian with the cubs hitting the first
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grand slam in a decade in cleveland we are ahead of the final showdown and larry is in nashville in the cma with two award winners this morning and two performances, not one, but two from dierks bentley. >> happening tonight in san francisco a celebration that i valued halloween, hundreds are people will take part in the "day of the dead," with the march honoring ancestors and loved ones that passed part of the scene in the district since the 1970's. if you want to take part the procession is at 7:00 on 22nd and bryant street. >> the new. me joy on -- the new emoji is on the way and we will show you what it looks like. >> everyone want whats something you saw on insurance grant for yourself? a new fee tear that could be
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>> now, time for ask finney on non-service animals, from our ask finney event in fremont. >> when i go into a store and i run into someone who has decided to bring their pet in that is not qualified service animal, because i have allergies and i could actually die. >> great to met you in fremont. a lot of people do not know this, but it is a misdemeanor if someonelies about the dog being a service animal but in is a lot of three way on what is a "service," animal for you the best course of action is to ask the store manager to handle it. the americans with disability act said business owners can ask, is this a serviceman? what is it trained to do? in california a non-service
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animals are not allowed in food facilities. good question. thanks for asking. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it and share it with us or go do our website where the question could be answered right here. >> a fresh batch of emojis is visible to the iphone users of apple. the preview for the new emojis show fingered crossed, and avocado and male and female in olive tones for professional emojis and mouth watering...ios the year. >> uber ride gone terribly wrong. the unsettling claim for a palo alto passenger that prompted police to get involved. >> oakland police officer filed a lawsuit again the city. why he said he is tires of being
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targeted by the department. >> i watch the latest from the live desk on the breaking news we have been see through the morning. a manhunt is underway for whoever killed two police officers overnight, shot and killed them in their patrol cars. >> we have a collision still blocking in the south bay, northbound 680, around jackson and am hum rock and the jackson off-ramp is closed along with a lane on main line, we are working on cleaning it up and good news in
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good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning to you at 6:29 on november 2nd. time to get up. i am natasha zouves and jessica is here and alexis smith and mike nicco is bringing us a beautiful day. a little bit of fog. >> that is the big concern. we will look at live doppler hd. you can see in the north bay from petaluma less than quarter-mile. dangerously low visibility. up 101 to santa rosa at half mile. the rest of us it is looking clear from mount tamalpais. here is the day planner starting off in the 40s. the cool conditions came to fruition and by noon we are in the low 60s is total sunshine is a trifecta at 62 and staying 62 at coast and hit the upper 70s around the bay and inland is warmer than year.
6:30 am
mid-50s to low 60s, grab a coat head out at 7:00. we will look at our chances of weekend rain next. alexis? >> we have good news if you are traveling in vallejo a crash westbound 80 before you get to the 780 merge. it involved a motorcycle. the rider had minor injuries but we got the all clear and all lanes are back open. heavy for three miles. hopefully we will recover with the all clear. the bay bridge toll plaza shows meter lights on at 5:28 and a gulf hour and only the car poolers are move loan. crabs in the tri-valley and south bay. that is ahead in less than ten minutes. >> marin search-and-rescue crews will look for a missing 74-year-old map, jay nelson vanished in mill valley suffer ing from dementia. friends are worried. he is 6' tall.
6:31 am
he usually carries two walking sticks. the search was calmed off at 2:15 starting at first daylight. >> good news if you take bart: it is become on track. a problem last night after an explosion in san francisco at montgomery street location. amy hollyfield is there with commuters arriving. >> all back to normal. good news at montgomery station. bart said this is a cautionary iary tale, there is a bart measure on the ballot. they had to shut down the montgomery station last night before midnight because of an explosion on the third rail. the train passed over the spot. smoke was billowing from it. the train was damaged. passengers on the train say there was smoke, the lights went out, the riders say they did not notice a thing. >> scary. i have a new born baby to get
6:32 am
him to. i did not know anything about it and bart cleaned up good. >> the fire department came out do check out the situation and the train was taken out of service because it was damaged. the track has been repaired. bart has said problems like this continue to plague the 44 year old system if up grades are not made they needs the measure rr to pass $3.5 billion bond to go to upgrades. however critics say the measure rewards bad behavior rather than holding bart responsible for financial mismanagement. you will have a say if you live in san francisco, contra costa county, and alameda county it is on your ballot. >> look at this man, police arrested him, trying to force a young girl into his car. he was taken into custody, mark
6:33 am
soliman and he was arrested yesterday. the girl was walking down hickey boulevard on monday and low attacks her. she was able to break free and run away. >> no word on the three finalists for san francisco police chief. last night the san francisco police commission called a special closed door meeting to make the final recommendations and the first half of the meeting was open to the public with a dozen people attending. they argued against selecting interim chief toney chaplin saying only someone from the outside could reform the department. the final decision is made by mayor lee. >> the police sergeant has won a bunch of awards as you can see in 20 years as a oakland police officer and has been targeted, harassed and disciplined, for blowing the whistle against fellow cops who are behaving badly. in june the mayor accused him of violating regulations by having
6:34 am
a friend transcribe documents from an investigation. the d.a. later cleared him. he was then placed on leave this year for domestic dispute with his wife. he feels it is another excuse to punish him. >> when you step over a lynn, you become an outcast. obviously i have citizen over the line because i have not been brought back to work. i am outspoken but i am for what is right. >> he said he wants to clear his name and reputation. >> an update with jessica castro. >> the breaking news we have been tracking all morning from the live desk a manhunt is underway in iowa for this man, described as for instance-year-old scott michael green wanted for shooting and killing two believes in des moines, overnight, the two officers were gunned down in ambush attacks inside the patrol car a few loss away from each other. the second officer was responding to the call for the
6:35 am
first officer shot when he was killed, police just wrapped up the news conference say he is believed driving a blue ford farook and they put his description out across several states, all over the internet right new and they say it is a publicist issue and they have closeed schools in the area. reggie? >> six more daze until the election and abc and the "washington post" have a president showing candidates are in a dead heat. hillary clinton is in arizona and las vegas today. the maim investigation, it is confirmed fbi director james comey met with attorney general to talk about the seriousness of the e-mails. supporters fire back with their wallets raising a record $11 million in the past three days for the campaign. trump is scheduled for they rallies in florida today, to continue the promise to repeal and replace obamacare. >> 28 million americans have cast their ballot and trump is
6:36 am
telling the early voters legally able to do so, it is not too late to go back and change their vote >> the republican national committee has a deadline today regarding ballot security, the democratic national committee filed a motion to hold the rnc in contempt for violating a court-approved agreement in 1982. the rnc pledged not to be gage in ballot security activities or intimidate voters. democrats allege the rnc was intimidating minority voters a judge is giving the rnc until 5:00 p.m. to hand over documents showing dials with the trump campaign and the supporters standing watch. >> it is official, recreational marijuana sales are banned in san jose even if the california voters make it legal next week. we the city council passed an urgency ordinance, to avoid what happened when medical marijuana was legalized. more than 100 pot dispensaries popped up around san jose.
6:37 am
the mayor said the concerns of duis and cultivation in the city had to hit "pause." the state would allow any resident to grow marijuana in their backyard but not everyone wants to live next door to the odor of marijuana growing in someone's backyard. >> supporter say the proposition covers san jose's concerns and the ordinary tans was unnecessary. in prop 64 passes a person will be able to locally use recreational marijuana in san jose and elsewhere but you cannot sell it. >> if you have not studied up on the election we have the perfect stool at with personalized resources on the measures for your local ballot and where to vote. all the accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we will open up the weather window on 101 and 880, it is dry, it is clear, the temperature is 46 degrees. the rest of our neighbors in the south bay, alum rock is 45 and
6:38 am
the cool spot is saratoga and cupertino and san jose downtown at 48 degrees and 45 in redwood city, and lafayette is 45 and danville is 43 and novato is 40, alameda is 55 and san francisco is 53. the golden gate bridge has in fog and it is not making it south of petaluma. northeast wind at five miles per hour. at the coast, it will be calmer. we have a high surf advisory. the bay is good with a light breeze. chilly this morning. as far as the temperatures, moving forward we will have a lot of mid-60s to nearly 70 south bay and east bay, and everyone but san francisco and you close in the upper 60, today , tomorrow and friday in the low 60s. a wet and cooler sunday. that is ahead. alexis? >> we have had a crash phone an- for an hour. three vehicles are involved.
6:39 am
it is northbound 680 between jackson and alum rock. we have the far left lane blocked. possibly the would left lanes are blocked. they are working to get the vehicles towed. we have minor injuries. in the tri-valley, southbound 680 through the pleasanton area we had a crash blocking the left lane pushed to the shoulder. a couple of secondary crashes and that is red from 580 merge. westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch is typical at 31 minutes between highway 4 and the maze, slow through vallejo and we have a four mile backup because of the early motorcycle crash before you get to 780 split and bart is reporting 10 minutes delay on pittsburg bay point line and sfo direction because of the early problem on the track in north concord. it has been resolved for quite some time so almost back to
6:40 am
normal. >> happening today the holiday season kick off in san francisco, a special opening day ceremony for the holiday ice rink is held at 9:30, open from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. benefiting the san francisco recreation and parks department. the holiday ice rink is open today at the plaza at 10:00 a.m. and is open until january. >> 270,000 a area. -- a year for a janitor raking in tens of thousands in overtime.
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- the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. >> an uber driver was accuses of sexually assaulting a passenger. we have that story from palo alto. matt? >> an uber spokeswoman camed this behavior "disturbing," and said the driver is banned. he will have to get out of jail first before he stars to look for the next job. we took the route he took on saturday night. police say he took a couple to their home in portola valley and
6:44 am
the couple forgot the cell phone, they called and three came back. the woman in her 40s went to the car and the suspect, 35 -year-old, kissed her and groped her. the woman want inside and reported the incident to uber, and an hour later, the suspect called her say he was outside the home and the couple called police. the man was arrested at the redwood city home and taken to the santa clara jail for felony sexual battlery and misdemeanor stalking. uber said they are working with police in the investigation. disturbing. >> bart is defending a janitor who made more than $276,000 in salaries and boyfriends last year. the researcher who discovered this said the manager is not to ballistic missile but bart is. the fund profit researcher said the bart packages of outrages. the average janitor makes $50,000 a year but this john
6:45 am
tornado $162,000 in overtime and logged 114 hours each week. >> again, there is that many hours available for overtime? that is indicative of a staffing shortage. >> average janitor in california makes $28,000 a year. bart experience insists it is cleaner to dole out overtime rather than hiring more employees. the situation is not just isolated to one employee at bart. we checked the same website transparent california, and we found they other employees would all make more in overtime than the base salary. the men all work for bark as police officers and employees in other departments made more than double their base pay. we have a link at so you can look the at numbers. >> city attorney called the state's cash bail system is unfair to the poor and said the
6:46 am
system should be abeneficialed. suspects have to stay in jail zika virus they cannot afford bail but credits say it skim fates again the poor and the attorney will not fight the lawsuit challenging the current bail system. >> what we need is an even handed fair enforcement of justice to make sure all cases are individually reviewed by a judge who makes sure the person does not pose a night risk. the lawyer is accusing half rather and the sheriff of violating their oath by failing to support the law. >> tonight, at 11:00, cold shock treatments are hot in the bay writer and what behind this grow phenomenon where people subject their bodies do temperatures as let as 180 degrees below zero. we "7 on your side" and michael finney take a closer look at a special report tonight at 11:00.
6:47 am
>> general motors is day butting a car rental pilot program for uber drivers and stocks get more volatile as the elections tight en. >> jane? >> yes, we good morning, we are lower this morning, the dow is down 26 points at the moment and we have the s&p 500 and the nasdaq trading down, as well, and general motors is doing a partnership with uber where they will lease some of their brands to uber drivers to use and this is interesting because general mores has a deal already with lyft so they dealing with their rival. they will allow the drivers to rent the vehicles at $179 a month to do that. it includes inand the extras. general mores and uber and lyft will be watched for the deal,
6:48 am
for personal and work use in san francisco. >> lyft has deals of its own, announcing a partnership calling a program a door-to-door solution for travelers on the backgrounds and in the air and through the partnership passengers have the ability to earn the true blue royalty points and tap into exclusive travel perks and discounts by linking the two accounts. instagram has a new feature to buy products you see in brands. instagram partner brands, it includes 20 companies, where items can be tagged only visible if you tag them but you can buy them. we have a federal reserve meeting wrapped up today but in changes in interest rates are expected. >> jimmy kimmel did it again. upset a lastcies on halloween,
6:49 am
the prank that he does where he challenges parents to precontinues they ate all of the halloween stash and take a video and post it. >> we ate your halloween candy. >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> you are joking. >> nope, i ate it all. whoa! i hate you. we worked so hard to get it. i still love you! >> that is sweet. >> glad we ended with that because she had the right attitude. the other kids were broughts. thousands of parents have submitted video and you can catch it at 111 o'clock -- 11:30
6:50 am
>> look at this. mike, that is not right. [ inaudible ] >> we talk about mavericks and the opening, this is just a high surf advisory, nothing to do with mavericks topping out at 15' in 16 to 18 seconds, large breakers and sneaker waves from 6:00 tomorrow morning until 5:00 tomorrow morning and it is quiet on live doppler hd. it is looking quiet from sutro tower, from mount tamalpais where it is only eight to ten miles per hour, and sunny and warmer and the dangerous surf on thursday and friday moving north in the mid-60s to 70 in antioch and fremont and palo alto and san jose and morgan hill, as chilly as this morning and a last mid-40s to low
6:51 am
50s at san francisco and richmond and oakland. we go from "1" light to "5" severe for sunday and mainly across the north bay up to quarter-inch of rain is possible before we get do that, how about mid-60s and mid-to-upper 60s and it will cool on sunday but an extra hour to sleep in. we will take it. >> the traffic map shows a couple of problems in the south bay, first there nor an hour northbound 680 between jackson and am lull rock trying to plane up the three car crash, delays on northbound 101 and 680 coming up from the 280 split and extra heavy traffic on northbound 280 there is a fire reported right around lawrence expressway some folks is said it looks like a pressure fire and we have a first crew en route but obviously we have heavy onlooking delay northbound side. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows the cash lanes are faster than fast track explosionive with the car pool cruising along
6:52 am
as usual, and westbond 580 tracy to dublin an pleasure and eight minutes, and westbound 4, antioch to concord 46, and southbound 101 from san rafael, only 18 minutes to san francisco. >> pedestrians and bicyclists in the south bay will be happy to hear about this, a ground breaking ceremony this morning to extend access to the santa clara caltrain station, cruise are extending the current tunnel running under the rage road track connected to embryo ask road -- to brokaw road with light fixtures for safety. >> this is what is left of $300,000 sports car that was togetherred in los angeles, a 2015 sports car, street racing played a role in the crash involving the exotic car an audi and two other cars. no word on the condition. >> we have the seven things you need to know in 90 seconds but,
6:53 am
first, the instagram photo of the day with a lot more great pictures on our website.
6:54 am
>> these be the seven thing you need to know before you go. bart trains are running now through the montgomery streetization in san francisco. this is after an explosion shut down service last night. a fire broke out on the third rail and damaged a train, this word on the cause of the explosion. >> two, up to 15 degrees cooler
6:55 am
this morning, here is the bus stop forecast, from 42 to 51 and fog across the north bay from petaluma to santa rosa, and sunny and comfortable, so bring the hoodie home with temperatures in the low-to-upper 60. >> if major issues. we have a blocking collision 680 northbound side between jackson and alum rock, a long-term blocking crash with two vehicle tow away and c.h.p. will reopen the roadway shortly. hopefully the residual delays will thin out soon. >> break news from the live desk a manhunt across several states is underway right new, for this man, michael scott green in connection to the am burn style attack of two police officers, they were shot and killed inside their patrol car overnight, and green is considered "armed and dangerous." >> five a search-and-rescue time about to resume their search for a missing man in mill valley. the 74-year-old jay nelson disappeared yesterday suffering
6:56 am
from dementia. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are in a dead heat this morning. the two are tied now at 46% of vote, and only six days until the election. >> seven, it is all down to game seven of the world series tone, with the indians and cubs facing off for the final game, the winner going home in glory and the other in misery. the two teams have the biggest championship droughts in history, 174 years come bind. >> history either way. "good morning america" is next.
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good morning, america. breaking news. urgent manhunt. two police officers ambushed overnight targeted and killed while sitting in their cars. >> possible rifle rounds. there is an officer down. >> a suspect on the run. a massive search right now. our new poll shows the race for the white house remains neck and neck. as hillary clinton brings out all the big guns. >> this guy? don't be bamboozled. >> hoping to turn attention back to donald trump and away from that bombshell fbi investigation as trump makes his case to be president. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we are the bright future. >> both sides crisscrossing the country with just six days to go until the election. nba hall of famer, scottie


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