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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> time to g up and get going and get to work. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro. >>ue is he for alexis smith. >> meteorologist mike nicco is bringing us the drizzly commute. >> still wet. but it will dry. it will lead to warme temperatures by t weekend.
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we have drizzle to light showers keeping us wet and even the south by. heaviest during overnight with sannrancisco at pier 15 at .06". the shower chance tapers by luh with the day planner in the mid-to-upper 50s. sue has the commute. >> we have an update eastbound 80 at university a car that flip over the guardrail or a truck want or the guard rail and this is guardrail repair and caltrain will need to close down two lanes to get the overturned truck up and righted and that will happen in the next few minutes with an update. theestbound is the commute direction and it and moving getting thick but it is move nicely >> we will turn to the trump transition, election officials in wisconsin are expected to meet to discuss a national timeline for a recount, which are possible in pennsylvania and
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michigan. >> aeries of tweets from the president-elect after the push for recounts saying serious voter fraud in virginia, n hampshire and california association why isn't the media reporting on this?s? seriris bias, big problem. "i won the popular vote if you deduct millions who voted that is unsubstantiated providing no proof after jailstein is forcing a recount in wisconsin and hillary clinton is joining the effort. clinton lost pennsylvania by over 100,000 vote and it is unlikely a recount would change that. trump calls the effort a "scam," adding so time and money will be spent, same results. sad. trump spent months warning the election would be tainted. >> it is a rigged election. believe me. we know it is rigged system.m. >> 1.8 million dead people are
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registered to vote. >> clinton saying their own investigators have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to change the vote technology say we are getting aunderstand for participating in a recount that we did not ask for by the man who won the election but thinks who won the election but thinks there was massive fraud. >> a gubernatorial for fidel castro is get under way right now. jessica? jessica? [ inaudible ] >> any celebration, right now, what is happening, i want to show you this video...we are having trouble. can you see how man people are
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mourning. this is in relation to fidel castro who died over the weekend. weekend. we are seeing they will is with music and dancing banned for nine days to on the 90-year-old former cuban president dying as i mentioneded this weekend. now the country officially is in mourning, he transferred power to his brotherut the passing is making the end of an important chapter in cuban history. fidel castro was the man would led the nation's revolution, cremateded on saturday. here is something important t note: what will happen, the body will be taken to east of havana in santiago with the funeral next weekend. that is the latest from the live desk. >> we have learned the shasta county sheriff will re-interview sherri papini this week, the
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34-year-ol mother of two vanished four weeks ago while joggin and found thanksgivingg mornrng in yolo county, bound and beaten the she gave authority as vague description of her captors, two his pan females, but not much else. a former f.b.i. act talked aut what could be the key. >> the real key is the small details she can remember. what was t room like? what did it smell like? was it nea a barn? did she hear animals? did she hear track. were people on cell phone? she will listen to accents. though clues and social media could find the guys. >> the sheriff officials say they have no reason not to believe her version. >> aofundme to help the family of an injuredouth san francisco police officer has surpassesed the goal. officer is in critical condition with a major head injury after being hit on thanksgiving day.
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a 28-year-old hit him in the head with a skate poor, knock him unconscious. ramos was, booed on suspicion of tempted murder and the gofundme page has collected $103,000 surpassing the goal of $100,000. recovering after being eninjured in a dru smuggling book nor of santa cruz. the injuries were unrelated to the scene at the state park. he was assisting anutside agency at the time. dispatch calls captured the confusing scene. >> my partner has beenit. i don't know by what. >> it may have been a booby ap. all the deputy's injuries are not life threatening. the arrests three people connected it a drug smuggle boat. >> $20,000 reward is offered for information leading to the capture of two escaped inmates.
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authoritiesre looking for chavez and campbell after escaping on wednesday night. this ishe cell where they cut the bars on the window and got down the rope made from sheets. both are considered "dangerous." >> san francisco police are trying to determine what caused a driver to lose control of a vehicle and hit a natural gas meter caught causing a leak. he crashed i into the front card of a home at mesa avenue yesterday. pg&e crews were called in for repairs. no one was hurt. all the search for a new oakland school chief i getting underway. last weekhe superintendent wilson resigned to take a similar position in washington, dc. the board of education will hold a special meeting where members intend to discuss naming an interim superintendent and seleing a permanent replacement. under wilsoson graduate rates re and suspension fell payg more than $300,000. a area. >> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will look at one area that
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isot wet, with a few stars over san jose and 87 near the shark tank, and we will look at live doper hd and put it in motion, you can see the northwest to southeast flow is going to bring in dry weather and we will have to wait until the afternoon hours so get in your mind it will be slick. even the south bay could get a sure or two. temperatures i you wake in san francisco or hding this way, about 48 to 51 is the spread where we have drizzle following. bayshore to upper 40s headinghe inland to 51 around walnut creek. today, the temperatures are going to be some of the coolest this week with temperatures in the upper 50s to nearly 60 and maybe coor at 56 in petaluma, and a degree or two bump with a cooler start with the sunshine pushing us into the upper 50s to slow 60ss and the coolest is wednesday, mid-to-upper 50s what i will show you when we come back are a couple of chances of rain, today and
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wednesday and thursday and real warmth on saturday and sunday. >> we 8 look at our traffic map, the green is good and we have slow traffic in the central valley, tracy to dublin, at 45 americans, the big stretch of red you can see right this. and whave a couple of other problems westbound 24 the wilder off-ramp is closed because of an earlier accident pushed off. they are expecteted a tow truck. the sensors have returned to green with no major delays. first reports of a an accccent northbound 280 in san francisco near ocean avenunue blocking the left lane. weill come back in a few minutes with an update. >> cyber monday is here and a lot of you have sight on digital deals. amazon is expecting t busiest cyber monday. ever. amy hollyfield is in tracy.
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amy hollyfield? >> good morning, reggie. look at size of this place, it is humming right along. early this morning. 1.1 million square feet and they are expecting to be the basketball day. they say lasast year they had 69 orders per second. they think it will be bigger this year. they hired more employees to get through the season. look what sells giving employees a boost robots are bringing the pructs helping to keep the place moving. >> it will take minutes from when a customer place as order to weapon it is going out the door. opposed to hours. it speeds up the these robots do not sp moving. it is constant. i asked, is cyber monday still a "thing," people are so mobile
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now they don't have to wait to get to the officeo order. they say, it is more of a season new. people are so mobile the orders are other days as well including thanksgiving day, and yesterday, but it will be busier tn last year, and last year they had more than 54 million orders placed from around the world on this day. can you imagine that? >> i thought there is a fence there. we have a complete cyber monday shopping guide on right front and center on the web page. >> concord family said their
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home was targeted for political views. who they say is to blame for vandalism. >> bonding with raider nation young fans get a treat because of special people from the silver and black. stay tuned.
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breaking news. >> it is 5:14. a con toward family will install a home surveillance video after a terrifying political views. they found 56 american flags with pro trump messages planted if their front yard. and the home owner who los blocs about liberal political views thought its with rank and then the power want out. he believe as neighbor with whom they have had past disputes targeted his home. >> our conservative neighbors and liberal neighbors is all stepped up and they have all agreed this is out of line and they are vigilant and expertive so we are feeling safer and not feeling like we are in danger. but at the time, shutly. >> the police say this they are investigating. >> we hearing from the mountain
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view man who tried to pill two people out of a burning car after it crashed into a tree. it happened on saturday night on central express way. kevin lee would works for the city of san jose was drive home from a basketball and he saw a crashed car in the medicine an with the hood on fire. he stopped, got out of the car and called tout others for help. >> i believe if i had family or friends on the side of the road i wish someone would stop so my instinct kicked if to go and help. >> the sunnyvale department of public safety said both the driver and passenger died. they are investigation the cause of the crash. >> today in the first look, this is a bad weekend for wong way drivers involved in several fatal car accidents across the country. here is more. >> in this morning's first look, a state of deadly wrong way accidents over the holiday weekend. in arizona.
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wrong way driver ran into a bus. all the wrong way driver was killed a dozen on the bus were injured. a college football player in massachusetts killed going the wrong way on thanksgiving day. and sunday two kills on long island, five deadly accidents over the holiday. we have soon it before capture on video. vehicle on the wrong said of the road speed asking wrong way crashes make up 3% of citizens, one instead difficult said they are 27 times more deadly between 300 and 400 degree as year. and 60% involve drivers who have been drinking. coming up at 7:00 we will have tip for staying safe on the roads. that is "first look," from "good morning america" today. >> a group east bay children have special memories of the raiders huge victory over the carolina panthers. >> abc was inside oracle arena
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where students from san leandro's bancroft middle school held a pep rally yesterday before the game. hall of famer and ambassador gave them advice on the importance of staying in school and being part of the community. >> some of the things we do... [ inaudible ] it is important they know we care about then. we love them. [ inaudible ] >> they provided kids with lunch before they head on to the seats at the coliseum. >> i remember the field trip lunches, a back of chips. >> we never got to go to a football gale. >> to the science pew seem and things like that. it would be a nice balance to go to a raiders game. >> did you see the drops on the bay bridge toll plaza camera, ien what dead show you how wet the approach is to the bay bridge, it will be that way through 9:00. we still are watching showers to the north sliding southeast and
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this chance will hang around through noon but the drizzle taper around 9:00. can you see with have drizzle around walnut creek at 680 whether you are south or coming north it is wet. wet or, dry afternoon, today and tonight, clearer and calmer and breezy this afternoon and chilly, 30s and 40s and the weekend, warmer-than-average for this december, and a look at the lows, mid-to-upper 30s and upper 30s to mid-40s around the bay toward the coast. watch the green dots from action until 9:00 you can see they taper but not so much as they do from 9:00 to noon and as we head into the afternoon hours you will want to have the sunglasses, the clouds will open up overnight and we are going to be chilly tomorrow morning with more dry air. a bit of rain possible in the south bay the next couple of hours, enough to keep everything slick. a slight chance of random sure on wednesday bringing a chilly thursday and whether it is
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morning or afternoon and the low-to-mid 60s being conservative with the highs on saturday and sunday. guess who i listened to all weekend? christmas music. with sue. that is right, we flipped the christmas switch a week and a 456 ago. all the east more freeway has an update, a car flipped over the guard rage and the eastbound 80 direction at university the truck will need to be uprighted and caltran is closing or calling for a hard closure with two lanes shut down and it is in the reverse commute and we 8 follow that. slow traffic out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass and the wilder off-ramp set to be reopened in just a couple of minutes westbound 24 they had to push an accident off the freeway and to the off ramp. it will be reopened shortly according to the c.h.p. we will look at the bay bridge in a few. >> many people are going online for cyber monday and "star wars"
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fans are in line for move ticket on sale this morning. the fans have been eagerly awaiting days about the first stand alone film for the series debuting december 16. look was film is owned by disney the parent company of abc7. all the seven things you need know and why the government agency in charge of a transfers am pipeline project does not plan to forcibly remove protesters. >> and cruise is...sailing to the top of the box office. >> we let you keep tabs on live weather and traffic where you weather and traffic where you live weather and traffic where you live ♪ ♪
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series of storms moving through for the commute. it will be wet. through 9:00. a chance of showers through noon. >> two, we are following your back-to-work commute with the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights but coming up at any time and traffic is light. we have a couple of hot spots. that is ahead. >> three, sheriff deputies could be closing in on finding one of two inmate whose escaped from santa clara jail after tips that chavez was spotted at a days inn in gilroy but he was not there. he and campbell are still lose. >> from the live desk american airlines making history with the first commercial light into havana, cuba, in decades the it took off from miami international airport 45 minutes ago and will land shortly. others will follow suit in the nex few weeks. >> five a man is recovering from gunshot wounds fired by security guard outside a movie these
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neither in concord. the man and guard got into an argument and the guard chased him into the street the he is expected to recover. >> planning for the presidential election recount in wisconsin is underway. the green party's jill stein will file for a recount in pennsylvania. the president-elect tweeted this was voter fraud in other states including california but no evidence of that. >> shoppers still have a few items to tick off get a chance today with 12 million americans are expected to take to the smart phone and computers to snag bargains for cyber monday up a million shoppers compared to last year. >> hundreds of holiday shoppers shunned the mall to look for a special gift on-line. we are at pier 70 for the holiday shopping with 200 local crafts people showed off creations and everything is made from recycled materials by one. i sell bags, wallets that i make
5:26 am
mostly from re-purposed items. one source a company that manufactures seatbelts and they send me their scraps. it is saves things from going to the landfill. >> he run as global online marketplace for hand made items and hosts several evens in san francisco. can you buy gifts and items for the home. >> disney story of a mythical journey tops the thanksgiving day box office. moana grossed $55 million offer the five day weekend. disney is the pain contain of abc7. j.k. rowling fell to 2nd with $45 million and then "dr. training," and then brad pitt. >> a cubs fan is celebrating the world series win and the holiday with a brilliant creation. a copy of wrigley field made from gingerbread and candy
5:27 am
weighing more than 400 pounds. seats are made from crackers and the witnesses made from jell-o. only the players are not edible made from legos >> 90 minutes of news ahead including the hack that targeted muni and what you can expect when heading to the train this morning. >> crash in the east bay left one person seriously hurt and the driver could now be facing charges. >> officials at wells fargo face another round of questions. we are glad you are awake and look at the bay bridge with look at the bay bridge with weather and traff
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system
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so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco. good morning, bay area, welcome to what was probably a
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long and wonderful weekend. glad you are here. >> why are you reminding me! i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and sue hall with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco with the weather. >> not like this all day? >> just damping your spirits this morning. scattered shower but a lot of drizzle. we have had .0 8" in san francisco. showers and drizzle through 9:00. then a chance of showers through noon. then it is breezy with the sun breaking out. temperatures are hanging out in the mid-50s to upper 50s this evening with the clearing conditions we will drop into the 40s by 8:00. grab a coat. sue? >> we back to the east shore freeway eastbound 80 at university. we had a truck over the guardrail, caltrain will be out there to is a hard closure two right lanes are shut down to
5:31 am
upright the truck and get it out but right now you are thick and slow on the east shore toward the macarthur maze in the commute direction and the metering lights are on in a couple of minutes. >> oakland police believe they have detained the person who stole a car and crashed it early this morning at 1:15 near the coliseums. the driver hit several other cars. the wrecked car was stolen. >> now the donald trump transition meeting with more potential cabinet picks in new york including paul atkins, currently the transition team point person for financial policy. he served as republican member of the securities and exchange commission. also, today, election officials meet in wisconsin to talk of the recount plans, former green party presidential candidate jill stein has raised enough money to fund recoins in wisconsin and pennsylvania and
5:32 am
now less than $800,000 away from meeting the goal for minute. a california group is holding a news conference today calling for six battleground states to hold off certifying election results. brent turner from the voting officials said letters were spent to states where there were unprecedented discrepancies between exit polling and final vote count. >> i don't think it has anything to do with the candidates but it is the membership want telling know what really happened in the 2016 election. >> president-elect donald trump had this to stay on twitter: serious voting fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the media reporting? serious bias, big problem. there is no evidence of widespread fraud anywhere. >> did you see what is happening with the shopping? we used to fact about cyber monday which is today but on-line sales were so big starting on friday that black friday was more like cyber monday. for the first time internet
5:33 am
sales were above $3 billion on friday. amazon is getting fulfillment centers ready including in tracy. we will find out today how many saw gives ordered on phones. it was up 33% often friday. if you were shopping look for big discounts on electronics with currentlies ordering 54 million items breaking down to $629 items per second. now, the democrats, a complete cyber monday shopping guide on it is right on the front of our home page including links to the biggest online deals we are seeing today. >> now to the developing news, concord police have thing a shooting outside a popular movie theater that left a man injured at the movie at 7:00 last witnesses say the shooting started as an argument gene a
5:34 am
man and a security guard. >> security chased the man with the gun hemmed in the hand. the suspect ran toward the parking lot and we her a shot, ten seconds after that we heard a shot. >> the suspect ran out of the theater and the security guard chased him. the suspect threated were the security guard. >> the guard shot the man several times and the injuries are not life threatening. we will find out in a north bay father is considered mentally comp distant to stand trial in the murder of his four-year-old daughter. prosecutors say ordaz drowned his daughter at the baptismal pool and he was found naked at police headquarters holding her body. there is no motive revealed. all the missing mother from reading was found bound and beaten on thanksgiving day, and
5:35 am
share happen happen was found 150 miles from where she disappeared three weeks earlier. show said she would dropped off by two armed hispanic women in an s.u.v. the shasta county sheriff said there is no reason to doubt her story but he plans to re-interview her this week. investigators are looking into her past including a previous marriage to see in there is any connection. "good morning america" will have more on the, expanding investigation from redding this morning. >> investigators this morning are trying to determine what is to blame for a house fire in saratoga. three people were rushed to the hospital with minor crews got it under control in half an hour. >> the hack we whose gave free rides to thousands of san francisco muni riders over the welcome may not be done. media outlets are reporting they are giving muni until today to pay a ransom of 100 bitcoin
5:36 am
return of control of the agency computer which is $73,000. on friday, muni's underground stations displayed "you hacked." passengers could not buy tickets and get got to ride for free compromising 25% of the network including payroll and maim servers, fare machines and fare gates are operating normally. >> breaking news from albuquerque an emergency landing and a crowded jet. >> overnight an american airlines flight landed safely at albuquerque international after losing an engine midair. machine airlines flight 1693 was en route from dallas to las vegas reported the engine failure and requested the message landing this is video we have in our live desk and cell phone video taken by a passenger from inside the plane landing last night. the plane burst into applause
5:37 am
when they made the safe landing and everyone was very happy to be on the ground. it is not clear in the passengers are at the airport or if they got their conducting flights. we believe her to new in las vegas but it is not confirmed. there are no reports of injuries. it is unclear to know what happened. >> happening today, wells fargo is the target of a new round of questions over their questionable banking practices. the san francisco bank has admitted thousands of bank employee onlied up to two million unauthorized accounts to meet unrealistic sales goals. a hearing was set for 9:30 this morning and law mays want to know who should be held accountable. >> the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are off to a wet start. it will not stay that way. this afternoon 115 miles per hour jet stream is pulling down the dry air and bring us dry
5:38 am
conditions and sunshine. and significantly cooler temperatures tomorrow morning. we are 15 degrees cooler with a lot of mid-30s in the north bay in the upper 40s to 50 at petaluma and mill valley and tiburon. and 50 in san carlos and redwood city and san jose, and upper 40s around san leandro at -- san ramon at 48. tracy at 48, too. walnut creek is drizzly and wet on 680 south to 24 which is wet. caution if you travel. fog is forming. we have slick streets. it will be breezy this afternoon. if you are exercising it is better this afternoon when it is dry. you can see it is wet on the golden gate bridge. mid-to-upper 50s today. upper 50s to low 60 tomorrow and more sunshine with the chilly start. wednesday, a slight chance of a random shower in mid-to-upper fits. i show you that chance and warm weather this weekend. next.
5:39 am
sue? >> looking at the walnut creek picture, slow traffic with a 10-minute drive time from concord to walnut creek. we have slow traffic at the babe bible metering lights on at 5:25 and stacked at the maze may for a continue meant backup to get to the toll plaza and we will look at the riff times slow and go from the central valley, westbound on pa 80 up and over the altamont pass for an hour and five minutes. westbound 4 from antioch to concord under 30 minutes and traveling from san rafael to san francisco that is a nice drive across the golden gate bridge with four lanes in the southbound direction 20 minutes from 580 to san francisco on 101 southbound. an accident in the dale city side in san francisco. that is heed. >> trouble for bart's $480 oakland airport connection and why it could be losing big bucks and riders >> the sent for the person who opened fire inside an east bay
5:40 am
bar over the weekend. how this surveillance video could lead police to a suspect. could lead police to a suspect. >> stay tuned.
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>> abc7 news all news arm couple. >> it is cyber monday. we are bringing you at look at
5:43 am
robots moving around packages getting to you. the amazon gulf fillment center is busy in tracy ready for the busiest cyber monday. of. we will bring a live report in 15 minutes. >> never seen this before. it is interesting. >> now the federal government agency that said they have in plans to forcibly remove the protesters trying to stop construction of the dakota access pipeline. the army corps of evening nears gave demonstrators until december 5 to move off the land. the 5,000 protesters say they not going anywhere. a native american tried said the pipeline could affect the drinking water and put the community at risk from crude oil leaks and spills. >> no warm welcome in miami for 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> you can hear the crowd. >> that is dolphin fans booing colin kaepernick yesterday. he defended wearing a t-shirt
5:44 am
featuring fidel castro and malcolm x. he denounced distremendous' oppression but raise the the focus on education two days of budget federal cuban president's death. man cuban americans despised castro and celebrated the news of the passing. >> two men shot and wounded inside a benicia bar are recovering this morning and the search for the gunman continues. it was early on sunday the suspect walked into the bottom the fifth bar at east 5th and pulled a gun. he waved it at the >> we have never seen him before the he was not drinking. he just walked in. the bouncer came up and asked for the i.d. and that set him off. it seemed random. not like there was any...rhyme or reason. >> a customer wearing a baseball cap confronted the armed man and
5:45 am
off camera two were shot and wounded. the gunman ran away before police arrived. authorities hope someone recognizes him on the surveillance video. >> police hope you can track down a gunman who walked into the bottom of the fifth bar on east 5th and military. no, we did that story. bart is losing money on the people mover, that carries passengers between the coliseum and oakland airport. it was st.ed to make $2 million the first two years but it has lost $860,000 according to our meat partner the east bay times. riderships with down 4.5% over the summer as uber and lyft began operating at the airport. bart spokesperson is disputing the report saying the connection is breaking even. >> today, federal, state and local officials will press the case for full accreditation of city college of san francisco.
5:46 am
there will be a panel hosted at college from 11:00 to 12:30. there will be an update on the acredittization and explain why it is so important to the education system of the city. college city is currently acredit's on restoring status so the school has two careers to demonstrate they meet the standards for accredidation. >> there is thank for all the snow produced by the holiday weekend storms up to 15" of snow falling northeast of fresno. the crews were working over time to clear the roads heading to the area, and hotels and ski resorts were swamped with calls from people ready to hit the slopes. >> we have had our phone going off nonstop today and e-mails coming in. so, it is good. >> the people who run the hotel say this winter is the busiest time of year. this weekend alone they had 100 guests show up to fill out most rooms and cabins.
5:47 am
>> it looks charming. >> people were excited about the snow this weekend. >> hopefully you got up got back. we do not get much the next week and i will have the lake tahoe seven-day forecast in seven minutes. we will look at what is going on now, there is a little bit of snow showers showing up and heading up to eureka, but the rain is going to bring us through lunch this storm a chance of wet weather and if you look at san jose and 101 and 880 it is broken dry. wet morning governor us, dry and breezy this afternoon and chilly and patchy fall this morning, and weekend is trending warm and upper 60's for december, and upper 60s for nearly 60 today and oakland is right at 60. tonight, the temperatures are going to be cold. extra blanket is needed. or turn the heater up a bit. mid-to-upper 30s inland and upper 30s to mid-40s to the bay and the coast. now a look as we head from pack
5:48 am
until 9:00 you can see the chance of showers diminishing with drizzle starting to diminish at 9:00; by noon it is over and that will open us up for sunshine and our wets weather enough to keep things slick through the commute. shear my seven-day forecast, temperatures are near 630 tomorrow and wednesday, and coolest on thursday morning and afternoon and you can she the low-to-mid 60s to the coast for the weekend. >> good morning, we have an update this eastbound 80 accident near university avenue. we have the access to a truck that flipped over the guardrail and they have accessed it from the frontage road which is great news to the right of the screen you can see the lights set up. it will not be recover on the freeway side. westbound is very slow. you can see from golden gate field through the macarthur maze into the toll plaza you are looking at a solid 25-minute drive and when you are on the span it is sluggish on the
5:49 am
incline section to san francisco. an update in daly city, northbound 280 near the geneva observation avenue exit with the accident cleared on 280. we will look at the mass transit options if you traveling from the central valley where it is slow on 5th. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> a huge explosion at factory in brazil the financial center. an image from twitter put out by the country's largest news outlet. they are reporting it is a they are reporting it is a mattress factory with no word on of fuel because if it is mattresses in the factory we have huge flumes, a lost flames reported. numerous cruise are on battling
5:50 am
this. smoke and flames can be seen for miles. i will keep an eye out for information as we get word on injuries. new at 6:00, a big breakthrough that could become the cure for h.i.v. infections around the world. >> troubling numbers on package thefts. how they are changing the behavior of a lost shoppers. >> newly wed couple town as traffic jam into a moment to remember. we will take >> quick break. stay tuned.
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>> you can help children who lost a place to play. flames gutted the recreation center on saturday morning. the building house as computer laboratory, dance studio and also hosts inclusion camp for children with desalts. the mayor schaaf is call on the community to donate money to rebuild the center. if i would like to help go to abc7 news you can donate. >> homeowners are having more and more pack actions stolen by thieves. 42% of the website users say they have had a package stolen and half have had multiple items taken. 1% rethought having pangs -- packages delivered because they were worried. >> just married, an ohio couple making the best of the
5:54 am
situation. they are dancing in the street, there was a big traffic jam and they sat in a traffic for an hour, on the ato reception. and decided to start the party early. no one in the crash was seriously hurt. they turned the situation into a bit of romance in the middle of the highway. at one point can you hear someone saying are removing and the grandmother said i don't think so and kept dancing. >> so sweet and lovely about this. >> what song is playing? >> i like it, a country...pop beat...a bit bass. >> hes no the words. >> love it! love it! >> congratulations to the happy couple. >> a mice start the best they could with what they had. >> good morning, everyone, flight arrival delays at dallas-ft. worth, and denver and salt lake city, and chicago has
5:55 am
wet weather and if you are at him, tomorrow through wednesday morning, large swells, sneaker waves and rip currents are possible. snow showers this morning in the sierra and partly cloudy in the afternoon with showers around san diego early and that was it as for as good will be chilly tomorrow through sunday. >> that is fine. a look at walnut creek southbound 680, a few brake lights around north maine headed to 24 if your travels take you from highway 4 to 24 you are looking at eight minute drive, so not too bad and we will look at mass transit muni is on time back after their hacked weekend so far, so good, we have 47 bart trains all afternoon schedule and ace train number one and three running on time this morning with in problems and we will look at the not guilty bay drive in a few minutes. >> san francisco is marking the 38th anniversary of one the
5:56 am
characterrest hours -- darkest areas in its history honor the legacies by candlelight vigil of george moscone and harvey milk murdered by former supervisor man white. one man marched to city hall with throughs of others hour after mass con and milk died in 1978. >> back then there was no e-mail, no way to community with each other. there were no cell phones in 1978. it was all accidental in a way, some organizations going on but it was word of mouth. >> manners walked to where milk ran a camera shop, the first openly gay man emelected to a local office in the united states. >> a teen in minnesota milking headline force what she did at the beauty pageant. the 19-year-old is muslim. the first to wear a hijab for
5:57 am
the entire competition. dug the swimsuit she wore a burkini a bathing suit from the income down the 45 total contestants and she made it to the top 15 but not to the final five. she said she just wanted everyone to embrace the person they are. >> next at 6:00 we are tracking breaking news in the south bay, police raided a gilroy hotel overnight in a seven for two inmates who escaped jail. >> big announcement from tesla on a major update to the autopilot system when car owners can expect the change. >> at the live desk i am keeping a close eye from images from havana, cuba, where the country is in mourning with thing in at is in mourning with thing in at half staff and
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, let's get going. it is monday, november 28. back to work. and cyber monday. there you go. i am natasha zouves.
6:00 am
>> i am reggie aqui. >> with sue hall here for alexis smith and member member. >> are we really working in it is cyber monday? >> you can multitask. >> have hand free for umbrella with a few showers showing up in contra costa county and alameda and drizzle in san rafael with .0 4" the last 12 hours. the difficult planner is temperatures running in the 40s to low 50s and we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s as the chance of shower tapers at noon. this afternoon, grab the sunglasses. we will hang out in the mid-to-upper 50s. by 7:30 we are in the 40s with chilly night on the way. sue? all the san mateo break westbound is looking great with tail lights headed to the high-rise from the causeway at 17-minute drive from 880, hayward toward 101 and san mateo


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