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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> that's a technical name. i like that. here is a look at that scotsch that's all over. we perused about 15, 20 tower cameras. if you see something, let us know. here is a live look from sutro tower, temperatures running in the mid 30s to 40s at 7:00. we'll be in the mid 50s at noon, and the chance of any wet weather fades. let's talk about warm weather before the chilly spell comes our way. drive times, highway 4 to walnut creek, 11 minutes. still in the green at 9 minutes. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 50 minutes. we do have problems at developing news now. one santa clara jail inmate who
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has escaped, now caught. one still on the lose. >> laron campbell was arrested last night, after breaking out of jail a week ago. matt keller is live in san jose, with what we know this morning. matt. >> reporter: good morning, this was huge for the sheriff's department. a lot of relief. they finally got one of those escaped inmates back behind bars here at the santa clara county main jail, where he belongs. they sent out a dramatic tweet overnight. you can see laron campbell's picture with the word "captured" stamped on top of it. he was arresested last night without incident. a lot of law enforcement officers seen coming out of an apartment complex on james donlon boulevard. >> you're sitting outside and see a whole bunch of cop cars and officers, like in full gear, it is a little nerve-racking. >> reporter: meanwhile, one more escaped inmate remains on the
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run. rogelio chavez, they were in east san jose yesterday, hitting what they call high value targets and associates of chavez. authorities feel like they're close, missing him at the days inn, and arrested emily helping chavez after he escaped. new this morning. two suspects in custody after leading police on a chase in redwood city. the suspects took off from a traffic stop near farm hill boulevard. reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour. after the car broke down, the suspects ran across the freeway into a cal trans yard and that's where police caught them. one of those suspects is thought to be a parolee at large. breaks news from the live desk. the death toll from overnight storms has gone up to five. we just got word, two people were killed in tennessee. three people also died in
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alabama. several more critically injured. this is new video, just coming in from the national weather service is working to verify those. regardless, you can see the widespread destruction from those incredibly strong storms and winds there. these widespread devastated areas are across the south this morning. several states. i'll keep checking for updates. back to you. the list of people who got sick after eating a thanksgiving meal in antioch has grown from 8 to 17. three of the victims died. everyone who got sick showed symptoms within 24 hours of eating the meal on thursday, which was served by the american will he john ha legion hall. some people who ate it said it was fine. >> none of us got ill. none of us. it was wonderful. it tasted good. >> many of the dishes were
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prepared at the hall and some were made at various homes. health officials said it appears to be a food sherry papini targeted. she was missing for 22 days. her husband described sherry as emaciated and covered with bruises. her long blonde hair hacked off and burned with a brand. gma this morning, brad garrett said whoever took her had an agenda. >> to go through the starvation, it is like i'm trying to make you part of whatever you are, extremist thinking might be. and the longer you do that, the person then becomes more dependant on you to survive. that's what they want. >> garrett also said he believes the kidnapping story is true. that anyone who wanted to vanish wouldn't go through all of this
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trouble. police release mugshots of two people suspected of using dogs to hunt and kill animals in golden gate park. they trained dogs to kill animals. police say they posted those photos of the dead animals on social media. johnson pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. marshall is going to be in court at a later date. cal officials are searching for someone to permanently lead the fight against sexual violence on campus. it was created last spring for campus reform lgs, when several reports arose among the campus faculty. including the former dean of the law school, and a former campus vice chancellor. san francisco board of supervisors is waiting to see if mayor lee will veto legislation that puts new terms on short-term rentals. we're talking about airbnb here. they approved the proposal that
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has a 60 nightcap regardless of whether or not the host is on-site. current city regulations allow up to 90 nights for unhosted rentals and 365 for hosted. mayor lee has not said whether he plans to veto the legislation. the trump transition in full force this morning, with several more cabinet picks coming in. about an hour ago, the president-elect announced banker president-elect announced banker and film financeer, mnuchin, and wilbur ross, king of bankruptcy, for buying broke companies for profit. as for secretary of state, mitt romney met with mr. trump and incoming chief of staff, reince priebus last night. despite attack each other during the campaign, they seemed very upbeat after their dinner. romney saying that he saw signs mr. trump is the man that can lead us to a better future. kellogg cereal is
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pulling its ads from breitbart news. they don't want to advertise with anyone who is not with their values. trump named steve bannon as his chief strategist. they say kellogg is making a mistake, because they have extensive readership. illegal drugs, ecstasy, could have medical value, too. stud bar was at risk of closing, just months ago. now it has received a new designation to keep the doors open. taking a live look outside with abc 7 news now. yep, the metering lights are on. we want to keep weather and we want to keep weather and traffic on the scree
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ask michael nicco. >> here's what's going on. martinez, this morning, 680 between hercules, spilling into berkeley, and eventually, the maze, possibly light showers there. the leading edge is trying to push down into redwood city, woodside, fremont. here is a look at the temperatures, 30s to 40s in the south bay, most of us right now, on our way to mid to upper 50s
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today. upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow and then low to mid 60s tomorrow. gets warmer this weekend. you used your full name there, michael. like you're in trouble this morning. >> don't tell anybody. >> okay. taking a look at the traffic maps, let's see a few problems. couple of them on 680. southbound, near crow canyon, two separate collisions, one involving a motorcycle that has been pushed off to the shoulder. it is looking better now. a rollover crash at jacklin road, hitting a water pipe and it is currently leaking. 92 merge, just reported in the left center lane. next traffic update coming up at 6:20. >> alexis, no way to lengthen your name. i'm reginald. >> you are. stud bar earned business status. they said in july he would have to sell after the landlord raised the rent 300%. sf weekly reports they granted
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the bar legacy business status on monday, that means landlord incentives like grants can be used for leases. it has been the longest running gay bar in that part of the city. disturbing claims about high school students in the north bay and investigation underway. >> also it, could be food heaven. or hell. a new offering from taco bell that has a lot of people talking. talking. we'll leave you with the we believe the world needs atmore love that lasts. love that grows. love that's worth waiting for. love that answers the kind of questions your smartphone cannot. that's a diamond kind of love. it inspires everything we do at zales. it's why we set each diamond in our endless brilliance collection to sparkle from every angle as a statement worthy of your lifetime of love. zales. the diamond store.
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we are back at 6:15. the walmart truck driver accused of tracking into a limousine, injuring tracie morgan has pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter. kevin roper admitted he didn't stop to rest, even though he was tired. before that crash in june of 2014. morgan was seriously hurt and his friend, james mcnair was killed in that crash. as part of the plea deal, he'll be admitted to a three year pretrial intervention program, if he completes it, the criminal charges will be removed from his record and he will avoid any jail time. ecstasy could be used to treat people who suffer from ptsd, popular at raves and musical festivals. the fda has approved large scale trials to see if it can ease the
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symptoms. initial studies have found that it does. the latest trials will include at least 230 patients, and the study is the final step before the fda would consider approving ecstasy as a prescription drug. taco bell, as the kids say, it doing the most. look at the latest creation. look at the latest creation. a cheetos. it has been a big hit in the philippines. no word if the bell is bringing it to the united states. >> no reason this wouldn't be completely delicious. i am on board. completely on board for this. >> who are you? >> give me melted cheese and cheetos, and i'm happy. >> michael nicco, what is happening? >> i get yelled at when i'm
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called michael. michael timothy nicco. >> sorry, mom. >> we'll have to try it if it comes here. >> i ruined my mojo completely there. >> bring us good news, mike. the good news, most of the rain isn't reaching the ground as we talked about yesterday. it is evaporating. if you get one of those, will you share it, please? >> i will. >> thank you. walnut creek, we're looking at one of those areas that had a shower, but it looks pretty dry at 680. today, scattered light showers. clearly, getting chilly tonight and warm this weekend before cooler weather next week. you can see oakland, al media, right there, heading toward ban kroft avenue, moving out of the burlingame, but heading down to the south on hillsborough boulevard, californiadrive and trying to move into say redwood city in a second. scattered and light showers to the north. even when we get through the initial push, we'll keep the
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chance in today. it couldn't get lower on the storm impact scale. it is a one, the rainfall amounts will probably be less than 0.05 of an inch. morning to noon and then into the afternoon hours, the cold front sweeps through, another slight chance. by 9:00, it is gone. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. low to mid 60s and then 50s next week. taking a look at the bay bridge, the technician flipped the camera around, before the treasury island tunnel, a lot of brake lights. we have a report that there is a disabled tractor trailer dropping the far-right lane. it may be inside the tunnel. not sure yet. we do have a problem in the hayward area, southbound 88 0rks right at the connector to 92, that's reportedly in the left center lane. you'll notice the bridge as you get past the tollbooths there for the san mateo bridge on the
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westbound side. we had a disabled vehicle right lane. stop and go traffic remains. wall net creek, you could run into wet pavement there. we are exactly at an hour, westbound 58 0r0, tracy to dubl "good morning american" coming up at 7:00. good morning, amy. >> hey, good morning to you reggie. coming up next, the deadly tornados in the south, three people have died after one ripped through alabama, multiple injuries reported after a daycare was destroyed. we'll continue to track the path of those storms this morning, and then donald trump's dinner last night making headlines, after he sat down with mitt romney. this, as speculation grows, romney will be chosen for secretary of state. the possibility sparking controversy among some republicans and top trump aides. the team is here to weigh in on that. plus the tennessee 20,
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coworkers in tennessee, who have bought powerball tickets together for eight years have now won over $420 million. we're going to speak with them live. we've got some of the lucky group on this morning. we'll talk about the big win, plan for the money. who will stay at work, who won't. it is all coming up next on gma. >> that sounds fun, amy. thank you. seven on your side, michael finney, and he is going to talk about ways to make extra cash. plus, new details about the samsung controversy. could the exploding funs eventually be put back in use? >> let's look at the east bay hills camera. this morning at 6:20 in the a.m., you can always see during the commercial break what is happening with weather and traffic on the side of your screen. screen. we'll be
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last year. we could finally hear from samsung about what went wrong with the galaxy note 7. they'll have results by the end of the year. samsung pulled all of its galaxy note 7s last month after reports that they caught fire. they say depending on the results, samsung may reuse the note 7s. that means big environmental and financial savings, because the devices won't have to be destroyed. time to ask finney. we have a question from twitter about consignment stores. >> michael finney has the answer. >> hey, michael, recently i dropped some clothes off at a consignment store, and i didn't feel like i was getting a very good deal. for consumers out there, how do you know you're getting a good deal? >> hey there, i want to thank you for sending in your video question. it is a good question. tough but good. here is way want you do. start by going with the star that specializes in what you want to sell. so a clothes store for clothes,
6:25 am
furniture for furniture. then i want to you check references, with friends and family. then go online to review sites like yelp and see what the store you're looking at, what kind of results and reviews are they receiving. another good starting point, the national association of resale and thrift shops. it has a list of trusted consignment stores. i'll post the link on our website, abc 7 and you'll find the one closest to you. thanks for the video question. >> good tips. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it with are you looking for a new pet, head over to city hall or call it kitty hall. >> oh, i can match that pun. a lot of cat puns. supervisor katie tang is turning her office into a cat adoption center until december 9th. we aren't kitten around.
6:26 am
there is even a party on the last day. but they ask that you you can't pick up a kitty meow, but you can pick up it at 9:30 this morning. >> five cat puns in that story. well done. a big win for a plan to bring the warriors to san francisco. the fight isn't over, though. san bruno, where police are searching for a hit-and-run driver. more on the deadly plane crash. fans from the small town where they played are paying tribute. i'll show you that video, coming in next. storm watch today, ranking a 1 on the impact scale. you can see on live doppler 7, more impressive than what is reaching the ground. i'll let you know what folks pect, coming up. remind you during commercial
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come join us this season,orld at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort. >> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. almost 6:30, about 28 seconds left to snooze. >> i hope ayou're dreaming abou something great. jessica is here, and alexis handling your traffic. mike, how is it doing this morning, cold?
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>> not as cold as a couple hours ago. the clouds are trying to drop some wet weather, especially on the east bay, better dhachance making it down to the hills. so far, nothing measurable. golden gate bridge, looks dry. we'll hang out to the mid 50s at noon and mid 50s at 4:00, and any wet weather fades into the evening. alexis. mike and i just got excited when we look at the golden gate camera, we thought we saw a sprinkle. it is tough to find here this morning. but there definitely could be slick spots out there. we've had our fair share of collisions, too. southbound hitting a water pipe and leaking. earlier collision as cleared at southbound 880 at the 92 merge. we want to bring you up to
6:31 am
speed to developing news in san bruno. a serge is on right now for a hit-and-run driver. >> abc 7 news reporter, amy hollyfield it live this morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. we have calls into the san bruno police department to get the latest on their investigation. we also have video of when they were out here doing their investigation. they were here on el camino in san bruno, and had to shut down a section of the street while they helped the victim and searched for evidence. a pedestrian was hit by a car around 2:15 this morning. the driver that hit the person left the scene and didn't stop to help. the victim was alive when police arrived and was taken to a trauma center. officers got el camino opened about 5:00 this morning, but at this point, no arrests have been made. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thanks for the update. we're waiting to hear if we're waiting to hear if tonight's show of
6:32 am
soleil will go on. they released a statement overnight saying they're still gathering information about what happened. the show last night was canceled and ticket holders were offered a refund. >> i don't want to drive yet. i can't even believe this happened. somebody in this show was injured. >> cal osha has been notified. this is luzia's premiere, it will head to san jose after san francisco's show. we have checked the website and they were still selling tickets. investigators in shasta county say they are disappointed with sherry papini's husband about revealing key details about her kidnapping. he released key details that described how his wife looked after she was found.
6:33 am
now, he said in the 22 days she had been gone, she was emaciated, covered with bruises, that long blonde hair you see in the pictures was gone. she had been branded. investigators say many of those details would only be known to her captors. >> there is some unique information in there that was put in his press release today that, you know, we're hopping to kind of keep, again, a tight rein on as far as what we were going to release to the public. >> keith papini said he released the details to put rumors to rest it may have been a hoax. the sheriff's department says it doesn't have any reason to doubt her story. the search is over this morning for one of the inmates who broke out of santa clara county main jail. >> after a week on the run, he is back in custody. let's get to matt keller live in san jose. >> reporter: reggie and natasha, one down, one to go.
6:34 am
laron campbell is back in jail and you better believe, they're going to be keeping a close eye on him. the santa clara county sheriff's department must be feeling relief this morning. this a tweet they sent out overnight. big letters saying "captured" over campbell's face. sources told abc 7 news he was arrested in antioch without incident last night. a lot of law enforcement officers were seen coming out of an apartment complex on james donlon beautifoulevard. they were hitting high value targets and associates of k chavez, both inmates escaped a week ago. the sheriff's office said they'll talk about it later today. reporting live in san jose, matt keller abc 7 news. brazil has declared three days of mourning for the plane crash which included members of a soccer team. a candlelight vigil was held in
6:35 am
the stadium where they were supposed to play a championship game today. both of the data recorders have been recovered, and they're hoping it reveals why the plane crashed. the death toll was lowered when it was discovered four of the people on the manifest didn't make it on board. a live update with jessica castro. this just coming in, paying tribute to their team. this is video posted on instagram. you can see those folks standing, holding hands there in the stadium, where they play. they clapped, cheered. the caption on the video translates to a lot of pride, love and strength. it is a really small city in brazil. about the size of fremont here in the bay area, surrounded by farmland, tight-knit community. the team had made a cinderella run in the tournament, and soccer is the biggest sport in bral zil. you know i'm from there, this is the area where my employer grew up. again, they're very close-knit.
6:36 am
so this is devastating, a devastating loss for them. natasha, back to you. we can only imagine. thank you. president-elect donald trump has named four new members to his cabinet. but all the talk this morning revolves around his dinner with mitt romney. they dined with incoming chief of staff, ryeince priebus. there has been vocal opposition who want him to stay away from romney. he is a candidate for secretary of state now. romney was a top critic of mr. trump during his campaign. but he now praises mr. trump. >> his vision is connected with the american people in a very powerful way. the last few weeks, he has been carrying out a transition effort, and i have to tell, i've been impressed by what i've seen in the transition effort. >> this morning, the president-elect named steven mnuchin as treasury secretary, and served as the president-elect head of fundraising. he also picked wilbur ross for
6:37 am
commerce secretary. mr. trump and mike pence are in indiana tomorrow, officially announcing a deal to keep about 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the u.s. nine months ago, air-conditioning manufacturer, carrier, said they planned to some day send all of the jobs to mexico. the company employs about 2,000 people in indiana, where mr. pence is still governor. carrier tweeted last night that a deal with mr. trump and mr. pence means they'll keep about 1,000 jobs in the state. local officials say carrier is going to get financial incentives to keep those jobs. happening today, house democrats will be deciding if they want to keep nancy pelosi as their leader. they're voting by secret ballot for minority leader this morning. pelosi is being challenged by ohio lawmaker and long shot, tim ryan. it will be an uphill battle for the 43-year-old, only six of the houses 194 democrats are publicly supporting him this morning. the golden state warriors plan for an arena in mission bay is now a step closer to reality
6:38 am
this morning. the state court after peels has uphold the impact report on the project. the warriors are ready to begin construction next year and open in 2019. >> this is a nearly universally beloved idea. it is going to be reality. and it is time to get moving with it. >> the project's opponents are vowing they'll keep fighting. in a statement, they say we believe the proposed warriors arena will result in blocked access to hospitals, dangerous air pollution and traffic gridlock throughout the community. let's talk raiders now. they have a plan that could keep the team in town by the end of the year. council members discussing the project in the closed door session yesterday. they've made very few details public so far. the council is expected to vote within two weeks and presented to nfl owners next month. accuweather forecast with mike nicco. live doppler 7, street
6:39 am
level, blackhawk, camino, danville boulevard, san ramon, up into mount diablo, what you see right there, that's where the best radar returns are, a sprinkle to light shower there. temperatures, 41 in menlo park. foster city, we've got 46, half moon bay, 46. pacific ca, same thing in san francisco. ran ramone and livermore. check out t check out gorgeous sunrise. isolated showers on the water, we call it fair. on the road, it will be coolest today. no delays into sfo. mid to upper 50s, few 60s tomorrow. everybody in the 60s tomorrow. warmer weather this weekend. alexis. all right, taking a look at the bay bridge here, westbound drivers, we saw quite a bit of heavy traffic about ten minutes ago. that's because we had a disabled tractor trailer blocking the far-right lane. we confirmed with chp it has
6:40 am
cleared and i think even if we didn't get the official all clear, it is gone. it is looking better than it was. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we're seeing heavy traffic and we have the metering lights really early this morning, 5:24. also, wanted to check out some of the drive westbound 58 0rks tracy 61 minutes. filling in at 26 minutes on highway 101 to cupertino. we have a crash in the milpitas area. disturbing allegations out of a north bay. coming up, the investigation now centered around a high school football team. also, go pro making a big announcement this morning. layoffs are coming to the san mateo company, details next. we have a live shot, that i've been promised, look
6:41 am
beautiful. director, scott, does not lie. this is from santa cruz. did you see that bird flying did you see that bird flying over?
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6:44 am
nasa's satellite captured this from space. the smoke from four different wildfires in georgia, north carolina and south carolina, but this particular image doesn't show the fires that ripped through the smoky mountain this is week in tennessee, killing three people. more than 10,000 residents have had to flee, and are still in shelters this morning. north bay police are investigating an assault on the campus of napa high school committed by men's of tmembers football team. they won't say if it was a hazing incident. it is serious enough for the police to be involved. >> members of the napa high football team were assaulting other teammates. grabbing them and basically holding them down. >> the school has not notified us. they haven't told us if people who assaulted these young men have been arrested. are they still in class with my daughter? >> the napa valley school
6:45 am
district is doing its own investigation and hasn't taken any disciplinary action against the players. the man accused of injuring a san francisco police officer is set to be arraigned today in san mateo court. this surveillance video, 28-year-old luis ramos, being chased by an officer. he faces five felony counts, including attempted murder. robby chan was hit in the head with a skateboard on thanksgiving. he remains in critical condition. police say they are cautiously optimistic after showing positive signs. san francisco are investigating a really scary incident at the theater. a man started yelling, acted erratically just before 8:00 last night after movie. movie goers confronted him and he pulled a gun on them. people ran out of the theater
6:46 am
and he sat calmly in his seat. officer desattained the man and found the handgun on him. kanye west remains in the hospital this morning, after several meltdowns at northern california concerts. >> we are learning more information now about how his wife, kim kardashian west is trying to help out. now, doctors are trying to figure out how to medicate him. he is dealing with paranoia. gma this morning, talking about how kim is handling this with her two kids. >> it could be very traumatic, especially for their daughter, north, to see their dad in a hospital bed. so she is keeping them away for now, but it remains to be seen how much longer he is even going to be in the hospital. >> you'll hear more about this as they discuss it on gma, starting at 7:00 a.m. we have new details on san francisco's sinking millennium tower, the board of supervisors tower, the board of supervisors have subpoenaed an i
6:47 am
mike mala refused to testify, and he said the buildings were sound. in august, engineers revealed the 58-story building is now leaning two inches. they have sued the building's developer. you're happy about this next story. another sign the bay area housing market is starting to cool off. according to the california association of realtors, pending sales across the region dropped 11.6% this october, compared with a year ago. our media partners at the mercury news spoke with an economist saying home prices have risen to the point that they're eating into demand. pending home sales are down 21% year over year in october. one of the pacific northwest favorite ice cream shops will be coming to san francisco. >> is anyone more excited? portland based ice cream shop,
6:48 am
salt and straw will be opening on fillmore street. it should be opened by the spring. salt and straw is known for i creative flavors. both portland and l.a. have four stores, hugely popular there. >> people wait in huge lines for this. it is worth it. i'm telling you. >> there is a thanksgiving dinner themed flavor as well. >> yes, for halloween, a bug flavor with real bugs inside. i posted a video of it on my facebook with me trying it. if you want to see my real reaction. it is quite real. >> you'll have to check it out. let's head over to mike nicco, not much rain hitting the ground. >> just not much hitting the ground outside of some of the higher elevations. it looks a little fuzzy, as we look towards hayward from the roof cam. let's check live doppler or the highlights first. cloudy sprinkles today, warm and dry pattern tomorrow through
6:49 am
sunday and then colder days and frosty nights possible next week. you can see the best radar returns, mount diablo, san ramon, eastern sections toward livermore, if it was opened, sheer a look at the 84 going into livermore. even it looks like across the pass. this is what will slide down during the better part of the day. another chance of some light showers. couldn't be much lower on the impact scale, it is a one. we're going to get 0.01 or if you're one of those that get caught under the showers, you're going to be glad we talked about it. you can see how scattered in nature the green is, and no yellows or orange as we head from 5:00 until about 9:00, you can see they fadeaway completely. let's look at the rain totals, not impressive at all. a lot of goose eggs, too. 0.001. lows in the mid to low 40s.
6:50 am
mid 60s through sunday, and then low to mid 50s as we head toward next week, with temperatures in the 20s and 30s, alexis. we do still have a roverover crash in the milpitas area on southbound 680, just before jacklin road, everything pushed off to the shoulder at this point. but another little twist in this situation. that vehicle that flipped hit a water pipe that's leaking. cal trans crew will have to come out and take care of that. live look outside, the inbound side, definitely stop and go at this point. the carpool lane moving better. just as i was walking up here, we got reports of a new crash on northbound 101 past tully, blocking the slow lane. if you're inbound on 101, there will be delays. walnut creek, brake lights for some time. i checked out the drive time,
6:51 am
southbound 680, that will take about 22 minutes. i know it looks slow there, but it is starting to move along. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma, castro value to the maze, 17 minutes. highway 85, you're in the yellow at 18 minutes, guys. say good-bye to the eastern span of the bay bridge. they're hauling away a 1.7 million truss yesterday. the truss being lowered onto the barge, taken to the port of oakland for recycling. they'll be taken down over the next year. pursuing eminent domain near half moon bay. negotiations to buy access to martin's beach have ended in a stalemate. venture capitalist, veono is refusing to sell the land.
6:52 am
beachgoers used the road for years, until they blocked it with a gate. lieutenant governor says the odds the commission votes to use eminent domain is pretty slim, because it doesn't have the money to buy the land. this story is the most fascinating of the morning. uber, already as you know let's people pay strangers to dry them around. would you let strangers in your home so they can do their laundry? according to the financial times, home appliance company, electrolux, basically knock on your door and use your washer and dryer. or you could conversely pay someone to use their appliances. it appears it is in early testing, a lot of legal and technical hurdles. i want to apologize. i said i wouldn't you allow you to do so. >> i was very hurt. >> i'll amend that.
6:53 am
but i'll say you are allowed to come and pay me for it. >> so sweet. thank you so much. >> you can use a dryer sheet or two. >> back in 90 seconds, with seven things to know before you go. first the instagram photo of the day. follow us at abc 7 news, you can follow us at abc 7 news, you can share your own, using
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follow us at abc 7 news, you can share your own, using lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
6:55 am
seven things you need to know. this morning, president-elect trump promised to remove himself from all of his businesses, and the announcement came in a series of tweets. his children will take over. he'll reveal more details december 15th. number two, the santa clara sheriff's office is holding a news conference to give details about the recapture of an escaped inmate. police caught laron campbell in antioch. they're still looking for chavez. investigating an accident that killed a cirque du soleil the technician was hit by a telescopic lift under the tent in the parking lot at at&t park. the show was canceled and no word about tonight. number four, a former fbi agent believes sherry papini was kidnapped by a group of people who use torture to brainwash
6:56 am
her. brad garrett believes she was not targeted but randomly selected. storm watch right now, just sprinkles out there on live doppler 7. scattered showers are possible as we head through the afternoon into the early evening hours. 38 to 50 at the bus stop this morning. 56 to 59 this morning. storm ranks a one on the impact scale. number six, we're hearing about a new hit and run collision within the bay bridge toll plaza that is up on the right hand shoulder. right hand shoulder. if you are approaching that the hercules area, it will take you a while to get there. go pro shutting down the entertainment unit, struggling to gain traction with the new camera and drone. we're hearing 200 position also be cut. i still have my version one. i've taken in water, mountains, it is still good.
6:57 am
>> i have one too. it has lasted a long time. it has lasted a long time. >> all right, we'll see
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forcing thousands to flee through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction. now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. and the major news this morning about what


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