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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, east bay, let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on thursday, december 1. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> this is jessica castro. it is her birthday today. >>
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don't count. >> alexis smith is watching traffic and mike is watching...muffins. >> barbara made them. >> i had one. >> good. thank you. >> i have eat an lot already. >> i have eat an lot already. >> now, everyone, fog is forming but not at the golden gate bridge, with a dry looking deck. it is chilly this morning, handing out in the mid-50s for better part of the day, 48 to 52 at 7:00. i have one chance of showers in the seven-day forecast. >> i made cranberry orange bars so hopefully you saved room.
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through the bay bridge toll plaza we do not have blocking issues to speak of. quiet start this morning. check out the drive times, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze at 16 minutes and another nine westbound across the bay bridge and heading to the airport, southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is nine minutes. we have overnight road work and we will look at that next. >> bart directors voting today on major responding in the case of a major. all the transbay tube needs upgrade to keep us safe. amy? >> yes, good morning. when your train leaves the station do you think about an earthquake as it heads into the transbay tube? the board of directors will thing about that today. they were set to vote there to spend $267 million to earthquake retrofit the tube. a spokesman told the "san francisco examiner" it is structurally sound but in a large earthquake it is predicted
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to crack. this project would include adding internal lining and a new pumping system. the meeting is set for this morning. >> thank you. developing news in the south bay, both inmate whose broke out of santa clara county jail are waking up in new cells. rogelio chavez was arrested in san jose last night before 9:00, with the facial tattoo, and campbell was taken into custody on tuesday. we were there when officer ended a 7 1/2 hour long stand off at a condo. deputies fired tear gas into the condo and the sheriff said rogelio chavez hid in the attic and was arrested without indent. a friend of chavez who lives at the condo was also arrested. >> keep papini is give the first tv interest of about his wife,
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the redding mother who survived after being abducted for three weeks. he spoke in graphic detail about his wife's account of what she want through and how she was let go 150 mimes -- miles from when she ran to the highway for help drivers passed her by. >> she was coughing blood and trying to get someone to stop, again, another sign of how my wife is, she is so, she say, well, maybe i have a chain and it looks like a broke out of prison and she tried to tuck in the chain under her clothes. >> this story is more incredible with every detail we hear. after two days of intense interviews detectives say show revealed more of the suspected kidnappers saying that the two women spoke spanish most of the time and concealed their fays --
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faces from her. you can hear the full interview with keith papini tomorrow night on "20/20." >> breaking news from the live desk. >> breaking news, stafford, texas, near houston where a business exploded this morning and caught fire you can see nothing is left. it is an underground electrical utility county. our abe station said no one was hurt. no other structures were damaged. i have watched the pictures and can you see they are isolated. that is the good news. the fire is out. the spot gone. there are still plenty of crews out there. it is not clear what caused the explosion. there will likely be a long investigation through the day. they do not think it is suspicious. i will watch for updates and pass them along as they come in. >> we have new details on the session into assault alleges involving napa high school football players. police are saying this could be a ritual hazing that happen over
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several seasons. katie utehs has the story. >> what started as an assault into the napa high school football team may have actually uncovered several hazing incidents related to the rivalry game. this is video of this year's big game. >> if you look at an assault compared to being engaged in hazing the intent is different so that is the an emthe investigation is going. all the initial allegation surfaced on november 19. all the district staff became aware and they alerted police. >> after interviewing players, 140 students are in the football program, it appears hazing took place dug the 2015 and 2016 seasons. >> we are looking at a couple of weeks before big game napa versus vintage high school. few details are being released citing the need to protect
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minors, with only a small group involved. the district is simultaneously investigating and sent home a letter to parents. >> we ask our students, parents, community to let the investigation happen and to try to keep specific -- speculation to a minimum. >> detectives are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> the increase in san jose's minimum wage had a minimum effect on the restaurants according to a study from berkeley reported in the silicon valley business journal, three years ago the minimum wage rose from $8 to $10, and restaurant owners predicted doom but any price increase absorbed the costs. workers ash an average of $10 more a week after the raise. more a week after the raise. athe
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from free tickets with able to use it. oakland has free use of a luxury suite through the lease with the warriors. >> with names being thrown out for president-elect donald trump, sarah palin is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs with over 300,000 federal employees with the budget $182 billion. sarah palin has not been to trump tower in new york, she has had discussion with the transition team. >> one of the biggest issues is repealing and replacing obamacare, a study suggests a large number of americans actually support the law even though they voted for president-elect donald trump. in a national poll by the nonprofit kaiser family foundation, original 25% want to
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scrap obamacare. nearly half say though want to expand it or leave it as is. 17% say they want the law scaled back. the poll was taken in mid-november. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> we are waking up to cooler weather in san francisco. the revideo is 43 degrees. ocean beach, at 45. castro, mission, 48 degrees. same in bayview and through the financial district, ferry building, are warmer at 50. santa clara and pleasanton at 51, pittsburg and tracy at 47. petaluma is at 42 and daly city is at 46. san rafael, no fog, south on 101 just partly cloudy. on the water better than yesterday, dry and on the road we have fog and dry if you are exercising. san jose is partly cloudy, and
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all of us are in the 60's tomorrow and more so for saturday with the north bay getting near 70 but this is as warm as it gets with a big cool down in the seven-day forecast. alexis? >> not too much going on. we had overnight road work if you travel between 37 and 101 westbound connection to the northbound side of 101 heading to novato it was closed from 9:30 last night until 10 minutes ago but it is cleared from the board and they wrapped it up on time. we have areas with dense fog. the brighter the white on the traffic map, the thicker the fog is. it is dense between altamont pass and livermore and reare starting to slow down out of the central valley at 24 miles per hour on 205 to 15 at the altamont pass. >> there is a big development in the national guard scandal and why thousands of guard members could be off the hook for
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bonuses to be list. >> and michael finney wants do hear your consumer questions and will be at the p.m. tomorrow in walnut creek and you can ask him questions and you can ask him questions live, or
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>> welcome back. officials of cirque du soleil have not said when or if their san francisco shows will resume
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following the death of a co-founder's son. performers are mourning the loss much the man, 42-year-old hit in the head by an aerial lit prior to tuesday's show. cirque du soleil canceled the performance at at&t park on tuesday and wednesday nights. san francisco police and members are investigating the tragic accident. >> we have detail of what triggered a deadly triple shooting in young city. police released photos of three people charged with murder identified of a texas road house. authorities said there was a prearranged drug deal killing a 21 rather old fremont man and hurt two others. >> major development in the california national guard debt scandal. house and senate negotiators agreed to forgive debts of guard troop whose have been ordered to repay bonuses they received improperly. a provision in the defense policy bill that is being filed today requires the pentagon to waive repayment unless there is evidence that service members knew or reasonably should have
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then they were not eligible to receive that money. >> senator feinstein is scaling for funding to remove 100 million dead trees in california before the fire season, saying the drought, beetle infest vacation and warmer temperature are causing the problem in the southern and central area of the sarah nevada and asking for $38 million to deal with the crisis. >> in "first look," dr. oz is sued for stays he made about olive oil claiming that 80% of extra virgin olive oil could be fake. here are the details. here are the details. >> in the "first look," on not the real deal telling viewers the olive oil could be
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fake. in a suit filed this week, the north machine olive oil association saying that the famous tv doctor gave out false information on olive oil. the doctor oz show tells abc they will aggressively defend the story which was covered by numerous other reputable news organizations adding that the statue the lawsuit is based on is discredited and constitutionally questionable. we will have pore on the legal fight coming up at 7:00 a.m. that is "first look," for abc7. >> we have new details about kayne west now out of the hospital. he checked out yesterday after spending nine days at the ucla medical center for exhaustion. a source said that his wife has been at his bedside each day. he has had meltdowns at concerts last in. he canceled the tour a day before checking into the hospital. there were reports that he had
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paranoia. his representatives have not commented. all the ferry service to alcatraz is getting an upgrade endorsing the terms of a 3 year agreement for the occur rent terminal including options for two ten year extensions giving the park service the opportunity to upgrade the structures between pier 31 and 33. that include as new cafe, we tail shops and exhibits. the agreement also means a third berth is added to increase ferry service over to alcatraz. >> the oakland a's are the official sponsor of three new emojis including elephant and oak trees. it is part of a program that allows anyone to permanently adopt an emoji. >> i want that! >> i do, too. >> a it is run by silicon valley nonprofit that donates the sponsorship money to charities.
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>> a lot is going on in that story. charities. and elephants. and more. >> put away the umbrella. we will have the sunshine. you can wash the car now. get off the grime. from the exploritorium, the stars are twinkling in the distance. seasonal and sunglasses understoods. breezy and not so chilly as this morning, and the weekend is warmest and then the winter returns. napa at 61. everyone 58 to 59 can cooler at half moon bay at 56. oakland is the agency high of 61. we start off in the mid-40s through 8:00. in the mid-to-upper 50s from noon through 6:00.
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and total sunshine this afternoon. tonight, the breezies that coach us in the 40s with our sheltered valleys falling in the 30s. my seven-day forecast warmest on saturday. we have a change in the weather on sunday into monday. with a sprinkle maybe a stray shower possible but the low-to-mid fits for highs is the biggest change in the seven-day forecast. >> not too much happening in the traffic department. we are not complaining about that. slowly filling in, in the normal busy spots. westbound 80 we have heavier volume but nothing slowing you down. the traffic maps at half moon bay, we had trees down in the roadway, eastbound 92 around main street crews just cleared the scene a couple minutes ago so they have been on the scene for the last half an hour and all lanes are open. it will not be an issue for the commute. over all our drive times are looking great. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek is six americans,
5:20 am
and when -- westbound 24 is looking good, as well. >> now to an emotional reunion in san francisco between a man and a ship. we were at the wharf as 93-year-old of southern california got a look at submarine that he served on in 1944 until the end of world war ii in september of 1945. he is one of only two from the crew still alive. >> it looks pretty darn nice, the overhaul, it wasn't all that pretty during the war. >> can you believe he is 93? amazing. >> he said the highlight of the patrol is when it picked up survivors after the united states sank a ship that had english and australian prisoners of war aboard. >> construction on 280,000
5:21 am
square feet office building in san jose featuring 30,000 square feet of retail space and a plaza. developers say the high-rise is anchoring the southed of santana road known for restaurants and high end stores. construction of 700 santana row will be completed in late 2018. >> thousands lover are technologying a sequel to the event on december 16 to the event on december 16 under a new name, real their name as lucas films issued a seats and desist order over the word. lucas policemen is owned by walt disney. >> seven things you need to know use start your day.
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apply and rinse 24 hours of moisture with no sticky feel. then get dressed and go. delight your senses with in-shower cocoa butter. available in the body lotion aisle. >> here are the seven things you need to know. sheriff deputies re-capture the last of the two inmates that broke out of the santa clara county jail. rogelio chavez was arrested in san jose before 9:00 p.m. a a 7 1/2 hour stand off at a condo. >> keith papini is giving the first interview since his wife was found on thanksgiving. he goes into graphic detail of what she went through. investigators are still searching for her captors. >> from the live desk a 12-hour standoff is over in takoma washington, the 38-year-old man
5:25 am
suspected of killing one of their own, a 45-year-old takoma police department died after being shot multiple times responding to domestic violence. >> in need to worry about wet weather today, with fog and visibility is quarter-mile. we will talk about a cool day today and warm temperatures coming in the seven-day forecast. >> talking about the fog in traffic, it has been dense from the central valley into the tri-valley lifting a bit in livermore. so far be not slowing you down too much down to 22 miles per hour. >> bart directors voting on whether to spend a quarter billion to retrofit the transbay tube and discuss a budget shortfall. voters approve $3.5 billion measure to repair the bart infrastructure. >> apple is celebrating world aids day with the apple turning
5:26 am
red. we wearing red and invite you to do the same. what are you doing for world aids day? >> consumer advocates say advertisers are hiding ads on instagram and they want it to stop, including celebrity posts that show brand names and products saying the ad companies are paying the celebrities to show products. the federal trade big has a policy saying advertisers must disclose any paid endorsements. the agency has not responded to requests to crack down on the product displays. >> california has ten new members of the hall of fame inducted during a celebration last night. it includes secretary of defense and stanford professor, william perry, and harrison ford maria schriver. maria schriver. >> my parents were
5:27 am
my roots are deep in the soil. >> the california museum in sacramento hosts the hall of fame featuring momentos from the honorees. >> a full meant - news ahead. >> a absolute out tied up traffic during the evening commute. if you were caught, police want you to check director car. all the redding mother recovering after being kidnapped. we hear from her husband who we hear from her husband who reveals new details about her
5:28 am
5:29 am
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> we are coming up on 5:30 on
5:30 am
december 1. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> and jessica castro is our birthday girl. alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco bringing a chill today. >> you are welcome. >> so cold! >> yes, it is chilly this morning as the clouds are clearing they take away the threat of wet weather but we have fog forming. it is dry on live doppler hd. from the camera you can see how quiet the weather is for the commute. temperatures dress for mid-30s to mid-40s through 7:00. we hang out in the mid-50s with increasing sunshine from noon to 4:00 and a breeze developing this morning keeping up in the upper 40s to low 50s. i will show you what the breeze will do to the temperatures and how everyone warmer it will be. alexis? >> we are still quiet but all of our typical areas are starting to fill in. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights on at
5:31 am
5:27, earlier than normal. westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the yellow at 41 minutes. westbound 4 an technical to to con -- antioch to yellow at 22 americans and southbound, in the green at 17 americans. we have fog out there and we will look at that in a few minutes. >> could escaped inmates are back in custody. found a week after breaking out of santa clara county jail. matt is at the jail on what was a wild story. >> it is. this morning, the sheriff got their man. inside the santa clara county jail but a wanting: if you helped the inmates after they escaped they are coming after you. the inmate could run but they could not hide. can you see their mug shots now covered with the word "captured," in red.
5:32 am
rogelio chavez was the latest to be arrested after 7 1/2-hour standoff at a condo near it could drive in south san jose. our cameras were there as tear gas was fired into the condo. deputies say chavez was under the influence of drugs and in possession of crack cocaine and marijuana. a woman, carla fernandez was arrested as an accessory. a gun was found inside the condo. the sheriff offered $20,000 reward after the two escaped last week. >> we will analyze who helped, but we believe we will be paying out. we will be paying out to people for the reward and we thank the community for their help. >> this was less than 24 hours after the other escaped inmate, cam be, was arrested in antioch at his sister's apartment and while this was happening, more hacksaw blades were found inside the jail yesterday.
5:33 am
if you have the news app you knew when the authorities took rogelio chavez into custody to know as soon as the breaks where you live download the free app and enable the push alerts. >> oakland police are working extended shifts investigating the freeway shooting that crippled your commutes. someone fired several shots on interrogate 580 -- shots at interstate 580. it hit a man and a woman in a car. c.h.p. closed all eastbound 580 for more than an hour and a half to investigate. the gridlock stretched nine miles. to university avenue and i-80. oakland police have a message this morning for anyone who was stuck in the traffic. >> check your vehicle. check to see if you have been a victim of one of the rounds hitting your vehicle. the man and woman who were shot
5:34 am
were in "stable." >> a 12-hour standoff is finally over in takoma washington. police shot can killed the man suspected in a deadly police shooting overnight. >> disturbing details coming in. we have learned the 38-year-old suspect used two kids as human shields during the long stand off. that is according to the sheriff would just provided more details in the past hour. we have also learned they were a boy and a girl ages eight and 11. both of those kids were unharmed and now are being checked at a local hospital. they were in a stand off with this person, the 38-year-old man, since yesterday evening. they say he shot and killed a takoma police officer. the officer died overnight. he was 45 years old on the force for 17 years and responding to a domestic violence call. we have learned the officer was shot multiple times. more on this throughout the day as we get more details.
5:35 am
>> only on abc7, keith patch pan -- keith papini is describing what his wife went through, he spoke only with abc and goes into graphic detail on thanksgiving when she was fund near sacramento 150 miles from home. shasta county sheriff spoke about the investigation saying she is courageous and cooperative. the sheriff confirmed she was branded saying it want a the full interview with keith patch pan is tomorrow night. all the father of a concord high school student said his daughter was raped after a football game with the rival school. >> definitely rape. i would hate to see it happen to anyone else's kids. >> the girl was a student at the high school and at a november 18 playoff game at dela sal high school and another student
5:36 am
lined her away and assaulted her. police arrested a 15-year-old in connection with the crime and the administration at both schools sent notices to parents and address the incident. >> i'm hurt. i did not realize something like this could happen. how many girls live this life? >> a full interview with the teen girl's father posted on >> a man is in custody after hitting a pedestrian and taking off. police found a 42-year-old man unconscious on the roadway at 2:00 a.m. yesterday. the driver was suspected of hitting him drove away. a few hours later 42-year-old man was arrested in south san francisco for felony hit-and-run. the man suffered "significant," injuries. >> 49ers will meet with auditors to prove they are not using taxpayer dollars to pay for we veterans at levi stadium. the 49ers were given a
5:37 am
of service letter. the city council wants the team to prove they have not used taxpayer dollars to cover the cost. the city threatening now to take over the stadium if the team does not comply. officials say the documents have always been visible for the city to you have. >> this morning, bart's board is slated to discuss a budget shortfall they are facing for next year. the top topics include seismic retrofit at quarter the agency is getting 80% of revenue from ticket fares. how do you feel about bart? why is ridership down? share your message # dearbart. we could use your comments here. >> today is world aids day and
5:38 am
several events take place in the bay area and around the world to remember those who have passed on. also, an opportunity to separate victories like increased access to treatment and prevention. the aids walk san francisco foundation will present a check to local aids organization and at noon, a ceremony to honor those who have lost their lives at the aids memorial grove in golden gate park. >> you flow is no more room to carve in names of those who have lost their lives as the grove has the 25th anniversary the executive director is reportedly looking into new places to memorialize victims. according to the organization they are looking to build a sidewalk of engraved bricks in the area. one activist said the goal and to make sure that everyone gets tests. watching the clouds clear from north to south and look at the temperatures dropping in response. seven degrees cooler in santa
5:39 am
rosa and 11 in napa and it will happen in places like mountain view and san jose and livermore the next hour or so. we will go back to the not bay, 33 right new in american canyon and budget plume and rohnert park at 36, santa rosa 35, napa 38, mill valley 39 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40s. 48 in lafayette and san ramon, and 37, newark at 41, san carlos at 43 and slow at 44. temperatures today run around 58 to 60 and cooler at half moon bay, and 56. 60 to 64 is our video tomorrow. 60 to 70 saturday. it is december. this will not last. cooler weather in the seven-day forecast. we will see if it brings rain during the transition. >> traffic is looking great and it has been all morning but that will not last. we will enjoy it while it lasts, here is a look at 680 southbound through walnut creek you can see a few brake lights filling in as
5:40 am
folks slow down but that is it so far. we are keeping an eye on the faith. it has thin out in the immediate bay area. we had dense stuff along 580 altamont pass into livermore. not so dense as it was half an hour ago and it has not added to the drive time. those are average. maybe a little bit on parts of the peninsula into the south by. a bit of that reduced visibility around sunnyvale. ace trains one and three on time. on the web site you can see only ace three is out, ace one is working fine and the auto reporting is down and they hope to have the system back up tomorrow. we will look at the drive times ahead. all the race against time account weather at sfo with a repair job on a crumbling seawall has to be done right away. >> recovering from the deadly fires in tennessee. wait until you hear what dolly
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robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough.
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we are back with cleanup and recovery in eastern tennessee. new 24 hours of rain has stopped the deadly wildfires. seven people were killed since the fires started on sunday.
5:44 am
can you see how much people lost. more than 15,000 acres near the great smockcies have been burned. dolly parton's theme park was established. she established a my people fund through her foundation. >> we want to provide a hand up to all the families that have lost everything in the fires and to recover we want to make sure that the dollywood found provides $1,000 a month to all of the families that have last their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> to be clear, miss dolly is giving $1,000 to each family, a month, to those affected. it damaged 700 buildings and forced thousands out of their homes. >> those are her people. >> five people are dead. a dozen are injured from severe weather across alabama and tennessee with 13 confirmed twisters with winds up to 140 miles per hour. uprooted trees and downed power
5:45 am
lines and damaged buildings stretch crude several communities and trailer homes were ripped apart. >> colombia's civil aviation authority said the plan that crashed on monday with the brazilian soccer team on board ran out of gas. investigators say the plane was required to have 30 minutes of reserve fuel, on top of the gas it feeds to get from place to place. 71 people were killed. just six survived. it is amazing they did given the wreckage. investigators are trying to find out why the crew allowed the plane to take off without the necessary fuel. >> san francisco is poised to spend more than $1 million to fix what officials are calling im70 net to sfo. yesterday, the budget and finance committee approved the emergency declaration. federals say time is critical. there is an eroding seaworld. the section of the seawall in question is near two runways with a look at the erosion.
5:46 am
damage so severe engineers say the wall is in critical condition and likely to fail and cause flooding. >> i do believe for the safety of everyone who is flying in and out of sfo this work absolutely should be done. >> the group hired to do the repairs i don't start next month done from the water. crews will use barges, boats and koreans did sure up the seawall. the work is expected to take two or three months. >> a year and a half after the deadly balcony collapse the agency is calling for the general contractor who built it to have its license suspended or revoked. segue construction did not preparely pressure treat or water previous the materials used. segue has continue difficults to file a "notice of defense," in they do not do that their license will be revoked. six people died when the balcony gave way during a
5:47 am
birthday party. >> survivor from the attack on pearl harbor is getting a warm send off before heading to hawaii. united isfully the five known survivors of uss arizona to honolulu for the 75th commemoration of pearl harbor. this man put out flames and rescued others. uss arizona sank and died. >> can't wait to see the video from the reunion of the five people. it will be incredible. >> sheriff deputies responded to a call about a destructive customer who was looking for something to gnaw. a beaver came into a dollar general store and rummaged around. he was check out the christmas decorations for the lodge. the lodge is where the beaver makes his home. deputies call animal control who
5:48 am
shared the little guy. he did not give them a fight and released to a wild life rehabilitation. >> anything better than a little beaver looking at an art federal crime -- an art official christmas tree. >> i see a 3 minute special coming on. >> your beaver crime. christmas. >> christmas beaver? >> half mile visibility in napa up to four in livermore and three in mountain view but there is patchy fog for the commute. walnut creek is clear at 39 degrees. sunny and seasonal. a washington welcome before the winter chill that san jose will reach at least 60 the rest of us are 58 to 59, no microclimates today.
5:49 am
56 at half moon bay. tonight we will have a ton of microclimates, in the 50s in the hills with the winds and mid-30 in the valley and most us in the 40's. my seven-day forecast shows low-to-upper 60s and possibly a 70s-degree mark in santa rosa on saturday. we cool off on sunday. the real chill is next week when we could have 20s and 30's for the lows. >> the bay bridge shows a report of something unusual, burlap bags are all over the road and that is westbound on the bay bridge on the other side of the treasure island tunnel, west of the tunnel. we can see the debris but we can see a lot of brake lights approaching. expect stop-and-go traffic and you have to get through this. the bay bridge toll plaza has had metering light on 22 minutes, earlier than average. but not so bad as majority on at 5:24. the drive times are still okay.
5:50 am
albany to the maze westbound 80. southbound 880, looking good, and at 6:00, the hack attack that i don't affect you if you have a drone. >> the hottest broadway show in the country and it is coming to the bay area, we know when you the bay area, we know when you can by tickets
5:51 am
the bay area, we know when you can by tickets i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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breaking news from the live desk, buzz aldrin is part of a medical evacuation at the south pole. he is in stable condition.
5:53 am
i got that update seconds ago. he was there administration part after travel group. he is now 86. he is known for walking on moon as part of the apollo mission. as part of the apollo mission. he needed a medical flight he posted this photo before he went on the trip saying south pole here i come, no further details at this points on exactly what could be wrong with him. when we get new details, i will pass that along. reggie and natasha? >> new details in the development next to at&t park, and here is what the parking lot looks like and here is what they hope it will turn into. dramatic. the giants own the land and want to add 1.4 million square feet of office and retail space along with 1,500 rental housing units and does san francisco need it.
5:54 am
and eight acres of public parks. the percent an say they will integrate packing into the neighborhood and present it to the commission on monday. >> concord renters will not get a break on rent during the holidays. the city council turn down call force a moratorium on rent increase over 3%, with opponent saying it is rent control. 40% living in concord are renters. the city council approved a hotline so renter could report the rent hikes. there will an landlord tenant mediation board. >> this is the hottest ticket in town, people have been waiting almost a year for this, to be able to buy "hamilton," tickets coming to san francisco through august 5. a long time. tickets for american express cardholders are on sale on monday and everyone else get as shot a week later. this is a hip hot adapting of
5:55 am
the life of alexander hamilton but i know i don't need to tell you that, the hottest thing on stage since i don't know what. ever. >> talked about for years. >> can't wait for it. and then i don't have an american express card. >> i can hook you up. >> i heard you bought some stuff for >> average high is 61. we will 44 at 8:00. by noon, 56, hanging out in the upper 50s through 4:00 and back to 50 at 8:00. 50s and 60s with a chance of snow showers on monday but, otherwise, dry in lake tahoe. >> close look at bay bridge and if you look closely you can see the flashing lights, they are running a traffic break to pick up burlap bags that are
5:56 am
scattered all over the highway. i will keep a close eye on that. our drive times are not terrible but it is impacting you, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is great at 22 and heading to the airport, southbound 101 coming in at 16 minutes. coming in at 16 minutes. >> spending reports for charity giving. last year $117 million was donated to organizations around the world and this year $168 million, with 100 countries taking part. americans studying abroad in australia wanted to cage dive with great whites and the shark breached the water, grabs the
5:57 am
bait, it caught everyone by surprise and sharks jumping from the water is not shocking unless you are standing a few feet away in it. and you are just planning to go in the water. all the changes that bart said need to be made to the transbay tube to keep you safe during an earthquake. >> a an incredible interview, an exclusive with the husband of the missing read deck mom found alive -- missing redding mom found alive. >> a massive explosion and how
5:58 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get going. >> a it is thursday, december 1. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is jessica castro's birthday. >> thanks. >> alexis smith is tracking the roads and meteorologist mike nicco is bringing the chill.
6:00 am
>> yes. all those candles... >> only 21 on my cake! >> at look at live doppler hd and it is bone dry this morning. and getting cooler by the moment. the clouds are clearing. you can see how nice and dry it is. 36 to 49 is the temperature spread at 7:00. by noon, 53 to 55 with increasing sunshine. dry air this afternoon. 55 to 57. a minor breeze develops at 7:00, 48 to 52. we will look at how much colder it will be next week after a big warming trend, seeing possibly 70 this weekend. atraffic is moving along interest san francisco but you have to get through this. we are looking at heavy traffic, stopped right now, westbound 80 approaching the treasure island tunnel. it is because we have a report of burlap bags all over the roads. c.h.p. is running a traffic break to get it cleaned. i think all lanes will be o


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