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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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well, they certainly look official. fablg posters are suddenly appearing on b.a.r.t. trains speaking out against hate after this divisive election season. good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. the posters have been taken down, b.a.r.t. says it plans on launching its own campaign against hate. let's get right to abc 7 news reporter laura anthony live in walnut creek with the story. laura? >> b.a.r.t. tells us they found a few of the posters on the richmond milbury line this morning, and while they were certainly unauthorized they are a prelude of sorts that the district will be launching on its own in coming months. they were taken down almost as soon as they went up.
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rogue signs on morning b.a.r.t. trains with this message, racism, sexism, islamophone yo, homophobia and transphone why is prohibited in the b.a.r.t. system at all times. get your blink in line. >> yeah, baby. >> this required liked the message as an answer to hate. >> something like that feels like a good positive strong answer. this is not acceptable behavior. >> i saw them on facebook, yes. >> reporter: ryan goldman had already seen the poster on social media. >> pressitty interesting one. i think it's on message. >> reporter: >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. spokesperson says the signs were being removed and they are working on a campaign that can be deemployed on how threats will not be tolerated and we're a community of riders. >> how we treat people is the way people will treat you, just put it like that. you disrespect a person a person will disrespect you and treat
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everybody equally they will treat you back the same way and i always have a smile. >> the person or group responsible for putting up the zions has yet to come forward. in walnut career, laura anthony, abc 7 news. happening now in san francisco, sky 7 is live over the bayview district where a group of people you see there was marching to third and fitzgerald street, the intersection was mario woods was shot and killed last year. woods and his family are taking part in several events to remember him. 26-year-old woods lunged at them with a knife. a cell phone video raised questions boston what happened. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow will have more at 5:00. a new controversial advertisement is out today foucsing on whetheries from san
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francisco police, whether officers will be able to shoot at moving vehicles. that's the center of a heated debate between police officers and the police commission. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkly is live at city hall with the story. leslie. >> reporter: i can tell you reform advocates and the police commission are ready to pass a proposal aimed at restricting officers from firing on moving vehicles so the police officers association has fired right back with a brand new video in a will air 1,000 times this coming week here in the bay area. >> in this dramatization by the police officers association a violent driver steers into a crowd of protesters. the police rush to halt the driver but are prohibited by city policy to draw their weapons against a moving vehicle. >> we have asked for language to protect officer and allow them to discharge the firearm in
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these extreme circumstances. >> reporter: this stems from an incident whether an unarmed suspect was shot as she drove away in a pursuit that. shooting was the last straw for then police chief greg surwho resigned that same day. the department of justice subsequently made 272 recommendations for reforms in san francisco pd, including a proposal to restrict officers from shooting at moving vehicles. no exceptions. >> just been concluded as a best practice moving forward in the 21st century policing that shooting at moving vehicles is something that shouldn't be done. officers want an exception for terror attacks written n.former police chief at the criminal justice incident think overs need the latitude to potentially use deadly force. >> you think the police commission shouldn't enforce the doj recommendations? >> i think not. you know how many people back on
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the panel in washington were street cops. >> reporter: they will take up the proposal next wednesday and the video will air until then and the issue could end up taking ash administration. leslie brinkley, abc news. san francisco's medical examiner has identified the man who died in a four-car crash in san francisco's marina district yesterday. 46-year-old anthony lowenstein of tishon was skilled in the accident just before noon. investigators believe a stuck accelerator on an suv may have led to this crash. the suv was traveling 60 miles per hour downhill when it ran a red light on lombard and slammed into three cars including a white prius that lowenstein was driving. paramedics performed cpr but he didn't survive. five other people were injured including a woman in critical condition. a 28-year-old man is under arrest for keeping a college student against her well.
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. jose calderon ortiz is accused of false impriss orrinment. she got in the car with him and says ortiz refused to pull over. she was smoking marijuana as well. get out of the moving car and a university spokesperson says she is doing ago. it's been a windy day all around the bay area and in northern california. check out the blowing snow in this video from earlier today courtesy of lake tahoe tv. heavenly mountain resort never opened today and gusts as high as 15 miles an hour were reported. here's a look at tildon regional mark in berkeley hills. the wind howling up there as well. bouncing around on our camera pretty hard. >> still pretty breezy day. mainly sunny skies right now and let's take a peek at the wind gusts and mainly recorded in the
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hours. 39-mile-per-hour gusts are recorded at napa and 37 miles per hour and sfo and 31 to 35-mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay and san jose. it's still pretty breezy in some sports. 25-mile-per-hour gusts at fairfield and it's breezy in other locations as well. here's the wind gust animation starting at 6:00 this evening and notice into the late night hours and breeze along the coast and gusty inland and places like fairfield and the wind will relax a little bit and why not relax, it's saturday and the weekend is coming up. morning lows not quite as cold as the last few mornings. a few locations will drop into the upper 30s and most places will see places in the low to mid-40s overnight and we have a real mild weekend coming our way with the absence of a gusty wind. ama in. >> thank you, spencer. the wind is causing big problems in southern california as well. powerful gusts knocked off this
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fedex big rig in the san bernardino county city of notna. about 55 miles east of los angeles. there's no word of any injuries. today's two performances of cirque du soleil shows in san francisco have been cancelled, this following the death earlier this week of a beloved member of the technical staff. performers are mourning the loss of 42-year-old olivier rochette who was hit in the head by an aerial lift prior to tuesday's show. unclear when the shows will resume. all shows have been cancelled since the tragic accident. san francisco police and investigators have cal osha are investigating. a 50-mile stretch of the north bay coast will reopen to dungeness crab fishing tomorrow, the area between point reyes and sonoma county have been shut down because of high acid levels and test results have found a drop in the levels. fishing grounds north of salt point through humbolt bay will
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remain closed. a major park garage in the east bay is shutting down indefinitely because it's not earthquake safe. right near city hall in downtown oakland and it's leaving workers and a lot of holiday shoppers without a place to shot. amy holyfield has this story. >> that annoying sound greeted customers for the last time today. this marking lot and 3,900 or so spots it provided in downtown oakland is shutting down today. >> oh, no. that sucks. >> the city has decided this 55-year-old structure on clay station isn't seismically sound. word hasn't quite reached all the cut bhoers use this garage. >> oh, really? >> it's so convenient. >> definitely has a prime location. across from the straight building and near city hall and even some customers had a feeling this day was coming. >> it's a danger in the parking lot. >> a city spokesman says the
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oakland city center across the street has room to absorb the customers from clay street and a letter was sent to monthly subscribers letting them know they could move over here. for those who park at this garage for free during city council meetings the same deal is being offered at a lot offer 16th street. still, customers feel a bit worried about the transition. >> i have to find street parking which is really hard or any of the other parking lots which are usually more expensive. >> what are they going to do with in. >> that's the big question. tear it down. rhett fit officials are going study all of the options before making any decisions n.oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> coming at 4:00, san jose police say they will stand up against donald trump's immigration policies. next hear from undocumented immigrants who are worried their families will be torn apart. also, another brazen robbery caught on camera at a bay area apple store. this afternoon police want your
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help to find a swarm of thieves. i'm michael finney live in walnut creek at the broadway plaza where we're taking your questions talking about your consumers questions so come on down and join us. later reunited and yes it does feel so good the old "full house" cast is where it all began for a special announcement. at 4:11, take a look at the afternoon traffic on the golden gate bridge, a spectacular view as you can see right there and traffic is moving pretty anknows how it feelsiabetes to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could...
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concerned immigrant families has flooded city agencies. >> and today the san jose police, the mexican consulate as well as immigration advocates gather to reassure all immigrants. aches 7 news reporter lana riva live in san jose with the story. >> yes, ama and larry this. area where we're standing at guadalupe river park is rich in history, culture and it's where a lot of immigrants settled here in the early days in san jose while today the mayor reminded those families with undocumented and documented immigrants that their rights will be mutually respecteded. >> rachel guadalupe is spending a lot of time indoors and post-election fears surrounding deportation make her very anxious. >> i'm very sad and very anxious, yeah, and i'm afraid. >> guadalupe is one of 180,000 undocumented immigrants living in silicon valley. she came here from mexico 20 years ago.
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>> my husband here has sometimes three jobs to pay rent. we live better than in mexico. >> san jose police and city leaders delivered a clear message to all immigrants living in santa clara county. >> this was a reminder to our community in fear right now to let them know what this police department has done and is doing and will continue to do. >> reporter: president-elect trump has talked about beefing up federal immigration enforcement. san jose police says what will happen is still unclear, but the city and other nonprofit agencies are seeing an increase in calls from families fearing deportation. >> right now i have about 46 messages. >> lillian sandoval works for a nonprofit committed to helping low-income immigrant familiaries. >> even though someone is undocumented there's civil rights that everyone has and should be aware so that they can use that information and they
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hope to bring some comfort to community with a second highest immigrant population in the country. in san jose. l ho nni rivera, abc 7 news. today san francisco police released surveillance videoed of brazen theft. >> both happened at the same apple senator. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze here with footage that police want you to take a look at. >> reporter: police hope you'll help them catch the thieves. hard to believe how fast they work. it was black friday, 5:40 p.m. very busy. three guys enter the store here and get right to work swing iphones and ipads off the table. you can see shoppers and the employees in red shirts. stand there and don't get involved and the thieves are in and out in 11 seconds, boom. now, look at the second incident, the same apple store this past tuesday. look at this the table as four thieves come in. look how quickly they wipe all
4:17 pm
the iphones off. see the employees wiping away the customer there. >> they want you to see the phones so they want you to buy it and play around with the phone so more than likely there may not be any i.d. lock. >> meantime today, we spotted security guards monitoring that store now. police say it may be the work of a theft ring. that's what they think. a similar attack happened touch at the madeira store and the loss there was set at $40,000. if you have any information, contact police. 7 on your side's michael finney wants to hear consumer questions for from you live at walnut creek at the broadway plaza. michael? >> reporter: that's right. it's the same here. we'll be here until 7:00 tonight. the whole idea is to get your consumer questions and talk about your consumer concerns, so
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we have a 7 on your side pop-up. let me show you what's going on. our buddies over here. 7 on your side buddies and the bag we're giving away if you come and ask a question and as long as we're going to be here we might as well do some good as you got the toys for tots box set up. if you have a toy, this is a great place to come drop it off. look alternate. he's asking a question. you'll see what they call a step and repeat banner, almost like we're famous and in hall wood. almost like we're famous and in hollywood and we want you to drop by, having a pretty good time. the whole 7 on your side is here and we'll here until 7:00. walnut creek, broadway plaza at the fountain just right there. reporting live from walnut creek, i'm michael finney. >> thanks very much. spencer christian is here with the weather and i'll tell you how windy it was this morning and it was gusty like crazy.
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he takes two steps out and then he feels the wind and then -- >> not happening. >> i don't want any part of this. >> smart dog. >> we still have pretty breeze conditions all around the bay area and it's milder now than this morning. more comfortable, full. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies all across the bay area. the view from our emoryville camera. gorgeous sunset. 62 degrees in san francisco and money stanview checks in the n at 60 and san jose mid to upper 50s and half moon bay, looking northward under blue skies, 61 in santa rosa and 61 in napa and 61 also in novato and 59 in fairfield, getting cool and the view at the golden gate under clear skies. forecast features and we'll see mild sunny days this weekend. winter-like chill sets in i recally next week and a slight chance next friday. here's the evening plane and you'll be out under mostly clear
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skies and cool conditions once the sun sets and right around the bay temperatures into the 50s and breezy into the late night hours and tomorrow if you're headed out it will be out there under clear skies and certainly sunny during the midday hours and mild into the afternoon with high temperatures into the mid to upper 60s so it's going to feel almost like spring and temperatures will drop tomorrow night after the sun goes down. now we'll have mild weather again on sunday. not quite so mild as tomorrow but still mias highs. mainly in the low to mid-60s and temperatures will drop sharply next week as a cold air mass plunges southward out of canada. that will drop temperatures below average so here in the bay-year it will feel like winter by 2002 highs reaching only into the low to mid-50s and then even achilier on wednesday afternoon and mornings pretty cold on tuesday an wednesday as well. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. very mild weather with highs in
4:21 pm
the mid to upper 60s and a sharp drop in temperatures on monday and further cooling on tuesday and wednesday and mornings tuesday and wednesday very cold with inland lows dropping down near the freezing mark in some spots and temperatures dropping back next week and there's a slight chance of rain next friday. >> all right. thank you, spencer. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, seasons greetings from von. why a denver bronco sent every member of the raid ears holiday gift. plus -- >> never going to like that girly basketball. >> girly basketball called out. charles barkley had over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california,
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4:24 pm
finals, barkley continued his crusade against the ws before they lost in double overtime. steve kerr named western conference coach of the month respond topped sir charles. >> we different talk about it, but it's getting to the point where i -- i feel like if the whole team walked in front of charles' house he would just yell get off my lown. that's how i feel about it. >> i think actually he might. what's the deal? he's outlandish. >> it's -- it's a tv show. he's doing a television show and he knows he gets a rise out of people, especially here, when he says craze stuff about the warriors. >> that's true. >> but, you know, he prefers old school fiscal style basketball and that's what he believes is the way to win championships, and he was right with lebron last year so part of this is an act and i've talked to him about it and we joke and argue and saw him at the exmiss aspys and it'
4:25 pm
being chuck beyond the age. was at all-star game with draymond green and this was after the game and charles was walking out. they were walking out and draymond had stopped and charles turned around and came back when he noticed it was draymond standing there and he went over and said, hey, young fellow, i love what you're doing, keep doing, it all right, and i love what you're doing. >> that's cool. >> manned they had a few words. he likes draymond and likes steph hand not against the warriors. it's a bit. it's a tv show, a personality. >> it's a thing, and so the warriors get irritated and fans get irritated and it's not a big deal and charles is fun. likes getting a rights out of people. let's move on to the raiders, fans and local labor unions are launching an all-out blitz being headed by half famer ronnie lott. fans are using social media and
4:26 pm
making phone calls and urging the al immediatea county banknorth board of supervisors to back up a plan. a land deal like this needs approval from four out of five supervisors. sources tell abc 7 news that lott himself mate personally with board members to lobe support. santa came early this year for raiders players courtesy of the afc west foe von miller. denver broncos linebacker gifted every player in the division a bott lutolf custom whine and a thank-you note, more than 200 bottles. the wine is called the setting which has a picture of miller's signature glasses and each bottle has a note from miller telling his foes it's an honor to compete against them. >> yes. >> here is some wine. now i'm going to crush you. >> yeah, pretty much. >> coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00,". >> but i know -- already know
4:27 pm
it's her. i can tell it's her voice. >> what keith papini said to his wife sherri in the first conversation since she disappeared three months erler. >> a man nicknamed the warrior monk is now in the lead for a key administration spot. >> and a popular bay area tourist attraction but n did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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and here's what's making headlines at 4:30. b.a.r.t. has removed all unauthorized posters have use the profanity to push for harmony on public transit. they appeared this morning confusing riders. the posters said racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are prohibited. b.a.r.t. is not sure who put up the science. reporter melanie woodrow tweeted it's the one-year an vertsry of mario woods' death. san francisco police killed woods after he stabbed a man. the killing led to protests and reforms in the city. today mourn efforts marched to the site where he died. abc 7 news tweeted video taken by a firefighters battling a large wildfire in tennessee. flames and smoke surround the vehicle. the fire has killed 13 people and destroyed about 1,000 buildings. investigators believe it was manmade donald trump's transition team rejected calls
4:31 pm
for all nominees to release his tax returns. he still hasn't released his. the move comes as the president-elect works to fill his cabinet posts. >> reporter: it was back to transition business at trump tower friday, a parade of officials in the lobby and even the street performer the naked cowboy was spotted and also on the is list former secretary robert gates. >> a wide-ranging conversation. >> reporter: and gates also endorsed retired general james mattis known for his tough and military tactics. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have, and it's about time. >> made the surprise announcement at a raucous rally in ohio. >> this campaign proved that the old rules no longer apply. snoomt trump toulted a deal to
4:32 pm
save carrier air conditioning jobs from going to mexico with millions in state incentives but parent company united technology is sending 1,300 jobs south of the border. the speaker-elect promising to build a dream team keep jobs in the u.s. his. economic post billionaires and millionaires and senator david perdue met with trump on friday. >> certainly you've got big fwhis there and we're trying to get the free enterprise system going again. why not pick a few people from the free enterprise system. the next big announcement secretary of state. trump is back on his thank-you tour and is expected to be on the road for four days hitting four states. ch. >> mr. trump took an unusual step today when he spoke with the president of taiwan. analysts say it's rare, perhaps unprecedent, for a u.s. president or president-elect to speak directly with the taiwanese leader since the u.s. cut diplomatic ties with taiwan
4:33 pm
in 191. the transition team said the teams noted the tight political and economic ties that share. >> hand now to the abc news exclusive with sherri papini's husband and sharing details on the incredible moment he heard his wife's voice for the first time. >> the regd mom is safely home and abc news reporter matt guttman was the first to sit down with her husband. >> my home phone rask. i pick it it up. and it was a very mixed emotion and it was my wife screaming in the background. yelling my fame. >> it was the first time keith papini had heard his wife sherri's voice since she disappeared three weeks earlier. >> and chp officer, sea hid i need you to be calm. ive need you to be calm.
4:34 pm
>> talking to sherri. >> i think he's talking to me, too. . >> i can tell her voice and oh, my god, hone, very screaming and emotional, i love you, i love you. you're here, you're back, where are you. >> super quick. >> he heard his voice and keith rushed to see his beloved. finding her in the hospital with bruises to her face and long blond hair chopped off, a message branded into her skin. . working feverishly to piece together the clues of what happened to sherri. >> she related that both of the subjects smoke in spanish the majority of the time of her captivity. >> share of describing her abduction in excruciating detail. >> held against her will and isolated. >> i will confirm that the suspects did brand her.
4:35 pm
>> my sense is if you combine all of the things going on with sherri of human branding, starvation, shackled, eyes covered is you're really thrown all of the variables you would use to break somebody down to destroy their previous identity. >> but she won't destroyed. instead she has reunited with her family, keith rergt moment he got to tell his son sherri was coming home. >> i was standing up and i said, you know, buddy, i found mom. and he got the biggest grin and he started -- like where is she. >> abc news, regd, no question was off limits. >> a lot of people have sensed
4:36 pm
some skepticism in the community and i'm wondering how much you were table talk about that with keith. >> skepticism before and after she was found and that's one of the reasons that keith did the interview. this is a very private family. they don't have twitter accounts. they don't do facebook so for him to go on national television and bare his soul is something that is not really in his nature, but i think he felt he had to do it to put out all of these conspiracy theories that either he was involved in his wife's disappearance or sherri herself maybe had something to do with it. >> just wonder what the motive was in all of this. matt asks keith papini tonight about the markings left on his wife and how she was table find a tiny bit of comfort during her ordeal that. airs tonight on "20/20" 10:00 followed by "abc 7 news at 11:00. the suspect in the killing of an ex-nfl player joe mcknight in an apparent road rage
4:37 pm
incident was released from custody today, a move that outraged mcknight's loved ones. the man has been identified as 54-year-old ronald gayser who was field without charges. he was arrested on suspicion fatly shooting the 28-year-old former jets and chiefs running back yesterday. investigators now consulting with the district attorney's office on whether to formally charge gayser. mcknight was a standout player at usc and grew up in louisiana. still ahead at 4:00, a breakfast with santa for a teenaged girl in need of some happiness, and an eight alt grade every battling cancer needs your help as she prooepd prepares for another round of treatment. >> love these beautiful sunsets so much i have to share
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we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto®. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto® with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto®. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. there's going to be a very special breakfast with santa tomorrow, but it's not santa who is making it so very special. kayla androty is just 14 years old and has been battling rare immune tissue disease all her life. abc 7 news was at the crutch of christ in pleasant orrin where kayla and her friends were getting ready for a breakfast with santa. kayla noted even her little sister was helping today. >> whether he like it or not, she definitely is helping us. >> we are doing a pancake breakfast with santa.
4:41 pm
we are opening it up to the community to come on in and enjoy pancakes with santa and do krach crafts and meet kayla and our family. >> the brake fast will be just $10 tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. at the pleasantview church of christ and there's also a gofundme page. we have the link on our site if you would like to help. as the weekend approaches we have mild spring-like weather and sunny skies. that pattern continues into the weekend. overnight clear skies and temperatures will drop into the upper 30s in some of the coolest inland locations and the coast will see lows in the mid-40s in most locations and tomorrow check out how mild it's going tonight. highs in the low 50s at the coast and maybe higher than that. mid to upper 60s and that's pretty mild for december weather. milder on sunday as the raiders take on the buffalo bills at the
4:42 pm
coliseum and gametime 1:05 and sunny and 64 degreesch the accuweather seven-day forecast. the 9-2 raiders tied for the best record in the afc with the new england patriots. turning cold tuesday and wednesday mornings with temperatures down near freezing in inland spots. >> i heard a former sportscaster coming through in spencer christian. >> i'm a sports dude. >> remember back in the day. >> wabc. >> that's it. >> new york city. >> yeah, yeah. >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead at 4:00, bay area skating stars set to take the ice this weekend. we have a behind-the-scenes look. >> i'm michael finney live in
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
the bay area is well known for launching a long list of ice skating superstars and this sunday afternoon some of them will be right here on abc 7 for a holiday skating spectacular. >> it's going to be good. abc's news anchor dan ashley has a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what's in store.
4:46 pm
♪ >> reporter: flashy lights, fabulous tricks and some hometown heros. it's all coming together here at a dress rehearsal at the stockton arena. skaters and camera crews are blocking their shots and testing their moves with just a few hours left until showtime. ♪ bay area champion kristi yaum goochy will host the moll day performances recorded to run this weekend on abc. it features live mike and the skaters and singers don't get to practice together until the last minute. >> the only music i've had to train, to like every day in the rink, is just a piano track. >> reporter: the bay area's own bryant pointno is perform with the four fantioms, four singers who starred in "phantom of the opera" and even for a gold medal winner like brian it's a lot of
4:47 pm
fun. >> it lifts you up automatically. ♪ >> one of the fantioms, frank d'ambrosio says singing in this kind of a show can be a real challenge. >> just make sure we don't get distracted by watching the great skaters conley continually. >> to me skating is christmas shows. >> kim and her partner brent beaumontry are two-time bronze medalists. kim learned to skate at santa rosa in the ice rink owned by cartoonist charles schulz. >> my first professional i was woodstock and i would put on yellow eye shadow because i wanted the element of showgirl
4:48 pm
quality. >> reporter: she and other skaters are ready to get you in the holiday spirit. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> looks neat. the skating spectacular airs this sunday afternoon at 2:00 right here on abc 7. officials in australia are still trying to figure out how a little baby penguin ended up all alone in the streets of sydney. >> the people and he was taken to a zoo for a checkup. >> look look how the. >> he's slightly underweight but overfall good health. >> he's adorable. >> yeah. >> the baby ping win, only a few months old. he'll be returned to his colony as soon as he makes a full recovery and they figure out which colony is his. i don't know how they do that. >> must have a way. >> i don't know. good luck. >> 7 on your side's michael finney wants to hear your
4:49 pm
consumer questions. >> back with us live at broadway plaza. >> we're having a great time. weather is actually very, very nice. great time to be out holiday shopping and drop by to the 7 on your side pop-up. taking some questions and mutting this right now. >> how is the housing market looking for the next week and i guess in a couple of months is it going to increase or decrease or maybe stabilize? >> locking to get in the market. >> hopefully to save you a little money. >> it's tough in the bay area, always has been since i was a kid. not any worse now it's just the same really bad, but good news is you can work your way through the system. what's happening right now is
4:50 pm
san francisco got up so high their rents have dropped 3.5%. out here in contra costa county they have actually gone up and the last number i saw was nearly 7% so up here it's beginning to rise and in the city it's beginning to go down. what do we expect to happen in the future? nobody has a critical ball and make sure you understand that and what we're looking right now and what the general belief is housing prices will continue to go up nationwide for the next two years. 2019 they think they are going to start coming down. that doesn't necessarily mean that's going to happen, but there's not a lot of good news other than in the city right now they are building a lot of units. marcus, thanks a lot for your question. >> appreciate it. >> we'll be here until 7:00 tonight and come out and say hello and we'll take your picture and say your question and have some giveaways and finney's friday free stuff. we'll have some of the items. i'm michael finney and reporting live from walnut creek. >> if it's free a lon of people
4:51 pm
will be rushing over in the next 15 minutes. >> today's wellness report, new warning about the health impact from white wine. >> and xwrakt could one day be prescribed by your doctor to help keep you healthy. >> there's evidence white wine may increase the risk of melanoma, the most deadly type f skin cancer. 200,000 adults were followed for 18 years and it showed that each drink per day of white wine increased the risk melanoma by 13% in white men and women. parkinson's has been linked to gult bacteria. a team of scientists from several institutions in the u.s. and europe showed you how changing the bacteria in the gut affected the symptoms of parkinson's disease. one. researchers said there could be a day when patients are prescribed drugs made of xwrakt to protect from us disease. smoking will be prohibited in public housing residences nationwide and officials are the department of housing and urban development said the ban would
4:52 pm
take place in a couple of years q.self" magazine will close its print edition. it will cut about 20 jobs as a wealth. the wednesday i'm the will continue to publish stories. from the nasdaq. i'm jane king and here's to your health. the gang reunited at their old stomping grounds. the cat of "full house" made a special announcement where it all began. >> a look at what's coming at 5:00. coming, "shape shift," satellite images show how one bay area city is rising and why city officials say that's a good thing. >> and why you may want to think about piling another set of light on to your christmas tree and forget the swimsuits. tropical hawaii has turned into mountains of snow. these over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a
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tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins, like tresiba®, may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ it's become one of the most popular locations in san francisco. tourists take as many pictures
4:56 pm
of the "full house" home has they do of the "mrs. doubtfire" house and some of the cast members attended a party at the house. lyanne melendez streamed their pictures on facebook live and not everyone is happy with the arrangement. >> i don't care. >> i have no interest in this. >> a neighbor had a bad tempered interaction with the location manager of the show "fuller house." residents here are not feeling the love for the hollywood cast and the creator of series jeff raglan who now owns the home. the same neighbor didn't like that we were taking pictures. >> go somewhere else. why don't you go film mr. franklin. >> reporter: this is what infuriates neighbors, double parking while people get out of their cars to take pictures and the total disregard for the people who live on that street. it's especially bad on weekends. >> no, it's not pleasant to live here with all of this going on. it's an attractive nuisance and it's gosh it's going to get worse because the word eats out
4:57 pm
that he's wrought it back. >> a few months ago franklin took a picture of himself sitting on the steps of his house hand posted on twitter he was in the market for a home. that was after the ceos show's revival on netflix. now more tourists than ever drop birks but one of the mistakes people make is believing that the house is one of the painted ladies. the second assumption that some fans make is to think that the kitchen and other parts of the house actually look just like the ones in the series. now, i know for a fact that some people have actually knocked on the previous owner's door asking to take a look. >> looked it up online actually and it looks totally different. beautiful. >> i don't think danny tanner would have furnished it in that way. >> the new owner and neighbors have to come up with a sensible way to co-exist. have mercy. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. thanks for joining us for "abc 7 news at 4:00. "i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil.
4:58 pm
"abc 7 news at 5:00" starts right now. we are getting our first look at two men who escaped from jail. tonight the escapee with a face tat looks like his old self again. san jose's police chief plays on the line. his mission, to make sure people know his department is not a deportation force. >> and one year after the killing of mario woods, critics why ask have no charges been left? >> a van gets ransacked and why hundreds of people may be left in the cold. >> and from the city to the sierra to southern california people are wond wherg is the wind going to die down? good evening. i'm kristein sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us tonight. the two inmates who made a daring escape from a south bay jail are back where they is that righted a week ago, in jail and now in even bigger trouble. rohelia chavez and laron
4:59 pm
campbell broke out and appeared in a san francisco courtroom for the first time since being capped tour. vic lee joins us from outside the courthouse with the story >> reporter: prosecutor says the two men individually faced 30 to 40 years in prison saying, and i quote him, the two men were an extreme danger to the community. they felt with all the prison time they were facing it was worth taking the risk and now they face an additional 15 months. i arraignment capped a ten-day manhunt for the two men. they escaped from the county jail thanksgiving week break out of their cells by sawing through the window bars and are a peeling down bedsheets. campbell was arrested tuesday at his sister's home in antioch. chavez on wednesday at a female friend's house in san jose. he appeared in court with his distinct face tattoo fully visible. chavez's mug shot after the
5:00 pm
capture appeared to show he covered it up during his freedom. the prosecutor released details of the charges he faced at the time of his escape. >> extortion, armed robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and armed robbery and carjacking. >> goodberg added that the kidnapping victim was chavez's former victim. >> during the kids napping he actually shot through a door to get at his victim who was cowering under a bess. >> laron campbell escaped just before he was to be sentenced. >> mr. campbell is currently face sentencing after being convicted of multiple home invasions wild armed. >> carla fernandez, arrested and charged with hiding chavez in her apartment, also appeared in court. >> when police tried to search that home, she lied to police, told them no one was present. >> reporter: that resulted in a seven-hour standoff and the s.w.a.t. team tearing up the ceiling looking for chavez


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