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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 3, 2016 1:37am-2:08am PST

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tossed about. this is the shelter you've got. guys even wearing breathing apparatus inside the shelters. >> as if it isn't already extreme enough expedition, you have to deal with that. >> but that's part of the journey, part of the allure and excitement, that you prepare not just for the journey you're about to go on, but also the logistics to actually survive it. >> well, surviving they did. after this thing started to turn their way -- they turn tail and ran away, but they did leave a camera behind and this is what it looked like when the dust devil ran right over it. that's when you throw up, look, come on, use your words. well, there are adults around the world that need that same lesson. we'll start in china, where this lady is using her words, but
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she's also on top of the x-ray machine. this is at a train station and what's happening right now is just straight up angry pushing at that sign, having a full-on tantrum, as security tries to get it down, starts smashing up the sign. >> all signs are pointing to a possible arrest. >> there's no way they are going to let this woman continue on her journey. >> you see, she's not on her journey. she's making quite the mess, which is ironic. she's employed as a cleaner. she thinks she's underpaid and had enough. don't worry, nobody was injured. eventually she was detained for disruptive behavior, but she'll now get an opportunity to state her grievances to those in charge. >> we head to russia for a sport where usually isn't encouraged. ice hbcu, mostly about using your fists. now in this case it's action, where we are, the helmet cam of the referee.
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i don't speak russian. the ref goes over to the side, gives information, asks who's done what and who should be in trouble. guy in the blue -- going to straight up attack the referee with the hockey stick. just starts chopping at the guy. scuffle ensues. goes back for more. in fact, he clears the camera, goes flying. skidding down the ice rink. video cuts out. no information as to whether he was in the sin bin for five, 15, 20, maybe a week. >> that will get you banned. that will get you thrown out. >> i don't think he's playing for a while. >> animals really depend on us to give them a hand every once in a while and in this first video, i can't tell you how lucky this cat was as these
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people found it. because it was frozen. the problem is, it can't just pick it up because this cat is frozen into the ground. >> no! >> that poor creature. that fur can only keep it so warm and it looks like a domestic cat, not a wild cat. >> these people went and grabbed buckets of warm water and started melting the ice around the cat. >> that's heart breaking. >> maybe the fur that was in the ice. the cat's paws are stuck in the ice. >> these people did not give up. in fact, they worked very diligently to get this poor kitty loose. i don't know how long this thing was out there, but, obviously, it was long enough for the water to just freeze around it. >> didn't get frostbite? >> we don't know details of the condition afterwards, but what we do know is it's going to get a second chance. they wrap a blanket around it and took it home to give it love, probably some milk. from australia, time was of the
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essence. decided to just get in the water when they realized there was a koala in the river about to drown. they believe it had been out there for roughly an hour. at this point, the poor animal is exhausted, so they very carefully take this branch and slowly try to get as close as they can to the struggling koala. you could tell the koala is so exhausted, he decides to grab it and help it back up. fortunately, these guys saved the day. this couple has a gender reveal. you can see they are blindfolded, they are expecting a little wee one and as you can see, they are throwing blue powder at each other, but they don't know. this is a joyous moment for both of them, because they said this is their rainbow baby. a rainbow baby is a baby that is
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born after a miscarriage. so they are now finding out what their rainbow baby is. >> that's really cute. >> you can see how they've done it, the framing, the way they've got it, the lights perfect. it's going to make a really nice picture for the wall. >> honestly, doesn't matter the gender. it's the fact that they are going to have a baby period. probably just a joyous moment. >> in this next video we have a gender reveal. mom knows what it's going to be, but dad's sitting there in the chair, he does not. neither does the family, so mom makes everybody guess, what do you think it's going to be, boy or girl? so people are raising their hands for boy or girl, and now dad opens the box. mom tells him something very significant when he opens the box. >> okay. the number means something, too. >> he starts taking stuff out of the box. takes out two little hot wheels.
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the dad's like -- >> two boys? >> twins, they are having twin boys. >> i think dad was just trying not to come to the realization that there were two babies coming. and now a few months later, here they are. >> a 12-year-old boy gets to blow off some steam in a big way. got a weekend full of fun. the heart warming reason behind his explosive wish. and she's rocking a different kind of dress. >> i'm thinking potato chips. >> why this design is incredibly edible. >> if she got together with lady gaga, she could be a soup. "right this minute" is brought to you by liberator medical.
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closed captioning provided by -- irritation, or cortizone 10 gives you the strongest nonprescription itch medicine, plus seven healing moisturizers. now i'm itch-free. [ male announcer ] cortizone 10. feel the heal. my name is declan, i'm 12. >> hey, 12-year-old boy. >> exactly, we love blowing stuff up, everybody loves blowing stuff up. the cool part about this is, declan has the help of lots of people, including the australian federal police and the
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australian make a wish foundation. >> oh, cool. >> declan is 12 and suffers from leukemia for a long time now, he's been in and out of the hospital for years. him and his family wanted to get away from all the treatment and have a little bit of fun. this was his wish and he got it. he got to arrest some people, but, of course, he got to blow some stuff up. in fact, that's what he was there to do. got to fire off charges that breached doorways. >> like a video game, like "call of duty." >> i love they did more than one thing. not just like blew up a car, there you go. they gave him the full experience. >> gave him a weekend of this kind of stuff. but it got even better for declan, because the foundation went above and beyond. throughout the weekend he got to do all kinds of different
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activities. he got to meet the australian prime minister, malcolm turnbull and other heads of state. malcolm had a really great time and a few days away from hospitals, treatments, and that kind of stuff. >> really great. what a great organization. there are no limits to fashion, and this video kind of proves it. this is a very pretty dress, japanese model is wearing. >> she raid big bird's closet? >> no. >> i'm thinking potato chips. >> funny you mention that, gayle, because that is actually an edible dress. the skirt, the orange part, is made of carrots, sliced carrots. >> wow. she got together with lady gaga, she could be a soup. >> she could be.
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>> definitely having some fun with this idea. they are really promoting a kitchen device you can use to slice vegetables and make your cooking easier, but they decided to improve the quality of this thing by slicing enough veggies to make a dress out of and it's actually kind of cool. >> mention anything about how long it took to make? >> no idea of how long it took. it's just fascinating. the video is getting a lot of attention because of the fact that it is edible and when she takes that piece of carrot from the dress and eats it, it's amusing. >> do you have to refrigerate it before wearing it? >> that is one fresh look. there comes a point in everybody's life where it's just going to happen. you're resigned to the fact you have to use a public restroom. and, you know, some people grit their teeth and bare it. other people make lemonade.
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>> it's worse for girls than it is for guys. >> you could just go there and sort of isolate yourself, or you can make friends. >> talking to me? >> yeah, i like your shoes. >> yeah, thanks. >> okay, cool. >> awkward. nice shoes. only in canada. >> they are so friendly, even there, you know -- >> hey, bruh, how's it going? >> going good, man. little awkward. >> i don't know, felt like we're in here for a little while. maybe we could become friends or something, i don't know. >> stop responding. stop the engagement. >> up the engagement. communicate, touch him. >> can we touch shoes or something? >> i'm okay. >> pound with shoes. >> did they touch feet? >> like a high-five but with shoes. >> don't need that. >> they are bonding. >> i don't want to. >> really? okay. >> what's the password? >> then they decide to secure
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their friendship. >> i'm dylan. nice to meet you. >> i'm dylan, too, man. >> nice to meet you, that's awesome. >> kind of like it was meant to be. >> it's like a fairytale in the public restroom, these two guys becoming best friends. i can see them right now -- >> for sure, man. >> all right. >> a puppet and a mannequin challenge from the top of a building. >> so glad. >> next "right this minute". and still to come, a drone's flight gets cut short when -- >> decides to take itself down. >> why a risky mission on the edge is the only way to make the save. plus, she's the fit mamager who says her fam could be the next kardashian. see if they have what it takes to keep up.
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gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. if you can't shut down at you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. the bridge in austin, texas, pretty cool bridge. pretty cool place, as well. especially as the sun's going down. place to go to get yourself some beautiful footage. drone footage. look at that, already looking incredible. you know what's going to happen, going to take to the air, going to go oh, ah. >> it is lovely. >> except this drone doesn't want to cooperate. exciting, skidded its way down. off it goes. >> kind of durable, so hopefully it's not bad. >> it's at the top of a cliff
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now. no great convenient way of getting it back. spent about an hour looking for it, maybe it went all the way down, but no, it's right up there. now the video suddenly cuts, the sun has gone down, it's nighttime. you see now as he starts climbing up the same cliff, has pretty good friends, fans of rock climbing. one of his buddies starts making his way over the cliff edge. >> how much power do those things have? >> enough. makes his way down to the bottom of the cliff, but the dangers are not over. don't worry, his buddy right there, shining light. ta-da! all good, no problems, gets it back. rescue complete. >> looks like one of the propellers broke off. >> easy fix. now we can look forward to great drone footage. >> move over, kardashians, because there's a new money making brand coming to town. this is nita marquis and she is
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determined to become the newest, late late latest mamager to her kids. she has three kids of her own. >> all three kids are in the entertainment industry. our family will be bigger than the kardashians. i fully intend to blowing this up to be as big as, if not bigger than the kardashian clan. the marquis claim is coming to you. >> can we handle another family like that? do we need another family? >> grew up in poverty and her mother abandoned her when she was a teenager. >> i grew up with a mother that was a crack addict and i didn't know my dad. and being surrounded by poverty, living in poverty definitely made me want me. >> mean dogs tv, sounds like the girls may have some musical talent. in fact, one of them is putting
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out music. >> five seconds of watching the video to realize this one daughter has more talent than literally the entire kardashian clan. >> the amazing thing about my mom is she's always the best lessons she's taught us have been through example, i feel like. >> whether they get to the polarizing level that the kardashians have managed to get to, doesn't matter, because it sounds like they are still driven, it's given them motivation, given them passion. >> do they want to do this, or is mom making them do this? >> no, sounds like this is something they are all excited to be a part of together. >> seems to be more positive. >> i absolutely agree with that. >> one day hopefully my girls -- it's the ladies turn to scope out three types of guys. >> they put on some goggles that
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track where their eyes move. >> see if they are into the muscles, the hipster. >> or personality.
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>> they weren't. >> typical. there's a famous saying, what do women really want? they don't know, but they get mad if they don't get it. however, when it comes to body types, women are different. we're all over the place. do we like a guy with big muscle, do we like a guy that's lean? yes. well, male online decided to find out, got three guys that represent three different body types. you've got mr. muscles right there on the left, the guy in the middle, and the hipster. they got ten women and put on goggles that track where their eyes move. they didn't tell the women the dudes won't be wearing much. >> i'm olivia, nice to meet you. i'm trying not to look down here. so awkward. i got to try not to look below the beltd.
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>> glad they didn't invite me to do this. i'd be shamelessly looking everywhere. i would do it for the research. >> also something of a test. you have three guys, two are different, but all in pretty good shape. you haven't exactly got the rainbow of body types. it's more which type of guy do you like. >> didn't bring the dad bod in or the cheeto bod in. >> seen more than a few targets. >> notice they go right back up. >> the final results are in, and they are all kind of close together. mr. muscles got 29% of the most stares, whereas women looked at the hipster 31% of the time, but the tall one in the middle, the boyish one, 40%. >> i was trying to keep it even. make one feel less love than the other. boo, that's the end of our show.
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we'll see you next time on "rtm". >> announcer: next, a paid presentation from perricone md featuring a lively discussion on aging with some of television's favorite faces -- peri gilpin... tracey bregman... gloria reuben... and your host, courtney thorne-smith -- brought to you by trusted guthy renker. ♪ [ indistinct chatter ] >> [ laughs ] >> they're ready for us. come on! >> everybody ready? >> action! >> hi, everybody. i'm thrilled to be here with a group of absolutely gorgeous women. and today, you are going to get an inside peek at one of the most groundbreaking anti-aging treatments on the market today. it's a beauty secret that all of us now swear by because it can truly help you look years younger. >> and we're not talking about
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something that's only available in hollywood or something that's going to cost you an arm and a leg. it's something that everyone at home can use. >> that's right. it's got a very scientific name -- cold plasma sub-d. but you may be surprised to hear that the formula inside this jar is not made for your face. it's made for the skin below the chin. most women actually forget to take care of their neck and chest until, one day, they notice a change. >> and if you are a woman of a certain age, you know what we're talking about. the wrinkles start appearing. the skin gets a little looser. and that chicken neck thing -- it starts happening to you. >> right. you see it in the mirror and you see it in pictures for sure. or you catch it in your cellphone when you get, like, that unflattering angle and you're like, "aah! my neck looks older than my face!" >> exactly. and cold plasma sub-d helps with all of that. >> announcer: when you look in the mirror, what signs of aging are you seeing below the jawline?
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>> my neck was aging much quicker than my face was. >> stretched out, like, almost looking turkey neck going on. >> i started to develop a lot of the fine lines around my neck and my chest. >> i just looked old. everything just looks yucky. >> announcer: if your neck looks old, now there's something you can do. take a look at this transformation. so smooth! how about this one? looks like a new neck! and those wrinkles? incredible! these mind-blowing results were all achieved using the product that everyone's talking about -- cold plasma sub-d. >> i'm looking in the mirror all the time now going, "wow!" >> i feel like it's pulling everything up for me and keeping it in place. >> i want to wear a little badge that says, "sub-d." "neck by sub-d." >> announcer: cold plasma sub-d is actually designed for the submandibular, which includes
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the chin, jawline, neck, and décolleté. this is the area that most women forget to take care of, even though the skin here is especially fragile. but sub-d is designed to help battle the look of sagging jowls, crinkly skin, and increased wrinkles. >> my chin looks firmer. and i'm not like the little rooster anymore. >> i'm elated to find sub-d. no one's gonna be looking at my neck in the future and thinking, "that really shows her age." >> announcer: this miracle product is the brainchild of one of the most famous dermatologists in the world, dr. nicholas perricone. dr. perricone is the living embodiment of an anti-aging pioneer, and his accomplishments around healthy aging are legendary. you've read about him in just about every major beauty publication in the world, including vogue magazine, who named him "one of the best dermatologists in the u.s." and he's the author of five new york times best-selling books that address aging in a
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whole new way, including "the perricone prescription" and "the wrinkle cure." dr. perricone is also a board-certified nutritionist celebrated for his theory of inflammation, and he's the founder of the global skin-care line perricone md. >> this is truly the future of beauty. dr. perricone's steadfast commitment to learning more not just about skin but the human body in general is really placing him light-years ahead of his competitors. >> announcer: dr. perricone likes taking on the beauty industry and has been called a scientific rebel. so it was no surprise when he met the challenge of treating an aging neck. >> the neck is a very fragile area. and the skin is very delicate, so we will see changes there fairly rapidly. that makes you look a lot older. i thought, "well, no one really approached this problem." i just had to come up with a formulation. >> announcer: he selected the very best cosmeceutical grade ingredients, then figured out a way to suspend them in a revolutionary delivery system
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that he calls a liquid crystal. when sub-d is applied, the liquid crystal collapses, delivering nutrients to the skin in a one-of-a-kind way that helps the neck look much younger. >> like, you'll just catch yourself in a mirror and go, "oh, my gosh, i cannot believe how much better that looks." i can't believe the smoothness. i don't see crepey skin anymore. i just feel and know i look better. >> announcer: with reviews like these, sub-d has become a breakaway hit with women across the country. it's so good that newbeauty magazine gave cold plasma sub-d the coveted "beauty choice award." >> i was having a very serious conversation at lunch yesterday with a girlfriend of mine, and she literally said, "i'm sorry. i cannot concentrate anymore until i ask you what on earth are you doing to your skin." i told her i'm using dr. perricone. i'm using the sub-d for my neck, and i barely got the next bite of salad in and she was on the phone ordering. >> announcer: if you're interested in seeing your neck look years younger, then keep
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watching. you'll hear how sub-d has become a favorite of hollywood celebs who used to worry about their necks giving away their age. >> you could almost just use it and be great from here to here. >> but it's even better to be great from here to here. >> announcer: plus, what happens when we ask people to take part in a selfie study? turns out there's some cheating going on to avoid that problem neck. >> yeah. you have to lift the phone up. >> announcer: and find out how a secret promo code gets you in on a brand-new collection of perricone products that's never been available before and is not available at retail. you'll only get it through this exclusive television offer, so stay tuned. >> we're back talking with peri gilpin, gloria reuben, and tracey bregman about one of our favorite skin-care products of all time, cold plasma sub-d. what i want to know from you ladies is, before you found sub-d, did you or any of your friends have a time when you felt self-conscious about your neck? >> yes.
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>> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> do tell. >> well, my tv husband and i are at the age where we both fight to be on the bottom of the love scenes. you know, so we're looking up. we literally fight over, "you were on the bottom the last time." >> my real-life husband and i do that now. >> yes, indeed. selfies have to be made from a very specific angle. >> i am looking up, always up. >> that's why i think texting can be so bad. >> exactly. >> when you see the reflection of yourself in the glass. >> oh, it's so bad when you think you are taking a picture but it's facing you. and you're like, "oh, oh, god." >> right, exactly. >> does anybody know somebody who took really great care of the skin on their face but completely ignored their neck? you do? gloria. [ laughs ] >> but also, you know, i remember growing up, or even in today's time sometimes, i see advertisements for just the face, do you know? the message has never really been to include the neck. >> well, i also think your neck changes, you know, as you... >> quickly. >> know, as you get older, so it's not something that you notice when you're younger. >>


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