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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the goal is --. [ inaudible ] >> we lost our audio but the important information is the work has stepped temporarily. they made their way through three-quarters of the building so far. >> this is the deadliest fire in oakland's fire. jessica castro? >> city and county leaders are preparing to hold a news conference at 6:00 a.m., when we will get a better timetable of when they resume the certain for victims. there are 33 victims, eight have been identified she far. seven are adults, one is a minor. this morning, this is new video taken from inside the party at the wear husband an hour before the fire started. it is dark and hard to see. if you look closely you can see people standing around with a lot of furniture and a deejay spinning in the last corner. we have an interview with the man who managed the warehouse identified over the weekend as
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derrick ion, and we do have a criminal investigation team on the site, the fire has prompted the mayor of oakland to call for a review of how they handle buildings like this. vigils are being planned today in san francisco and oakland. >> we spoke with the man whoent ready the ghost ship for the party and concert. >> he is staying at a he tell in downtown oakland where we find our reporter. >> yes, good morning, we are standing outside the oakland marriott city center this morning. we learned last night that ian has actually been staying here. last night and abc cruise call up with derrick ian alameda here in downtown oakland. he founded the ghost ship clintonive and ran it at
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warehouse investigation. there are a lot of questions involving ian. this is what he had so say last night, "his worrieds only on abc7. >> people are wondering... [ inaudible ] >> they are my children, my friends, my family, my love, my future. what else and i say? >> people would work for ian say he was warned several times about the place being a fire hazard. in november the city gave him a warning of flight outside the property. those would knew him say he didn't take those warnings seriously. there is a facebook post getting a lot of attention, following the tragic fire "confirmed, everything i worked for is gone, blessed that my children and mika were at a hotel safe and sound as if i have awoken from a dream filled with on license and hope to be standing now in
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poverty or self worth, some >> some are upset he decided to focus on himself rather than fire. the permit official say he needed a special permit for the party on friday night and he did not obtain one. that is the latest reporting in downtown oakland for abc7. >> thank you. as we mentioned eight of the 33 fire victims have been identified. >> a 22-year-old oakland resident and member of the music group "them or us," and friends when her as a tall. ed guitarist. >> 32-year-old brandon chase from hayward goes by the name of next iguala is of art trades. nick gomez was from core not --
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from san diego, and was a counter point press in west berkeley just started doing back design >> the family of 32-year-old donna kellogg of oakland shared this photo, a native of chico and working at coffee roasters in berkeley. >> travis huff was an art therapist for inner city kids and texted his girlfriend before 11:30 and said "baby, there's a fire," the last time she heard from him. 30-year-old sarah hoda a teacher at a school near mills college in east oakland well loved and has a strong support network. 24-year-old david klein was a uc berkeley alumnus graduate with a computer degree and his brother said "david, we love you all." >> each loss is more it will we get to the youngest so far, just 17 years old, the city is
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withholding his name because of his age. the school board has confirmed he was a student at a school the arts. >> alameda county sheriff is asking families with loved ones who are still unaccounted for to save items for possible d.n.a. identification. if it is needs. >> any family members or friends of the victims, if you can preserve any d.n.a. fine of equipment, combs, brushes, and secure them in a brown paper bag. >> the sheriff said not to send the items until the coroner's bureau asks for it. >> so hard to hear that. and equally as hard to hear the tragedy has touched one of the age's involved in the recovery effort, the alameda county sheriff. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency, one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire.
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>> it is unclear in the deputy's son is among those who have already been publicly identified. >> a large candlelight vigil is planned tonight at 8:00 p.m. at lake merritt to on those lost in the fire. on facebook you can see 2,57 people is said they will be going. >> san francisco residents also hold a candlelight vigil to honor the victims. organizers say it will be a safe space for all people to mourn. you are invited at 5:30 tonight at harvey milk plaza and in oakland, the cathedral of christ will start at 6:00 p.m. >> we have more on the fire and the investigation and what may have caused it. >> but, first, a moment to go over for a look at the weather. lisa? >> we have a good deal of fog out there so be came. live doppler hd is showing you will notice the visibility in miles half a mile at petaluma, and napa and over a mile in livermore. the good news, check out temperatures, a few upper 30s, milder this morning and, in fact, anywhere from 6 to 13
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degrees milder. this afternoon, on the cool side when the fog lifts and hopefully you have an easy morning commute. >> yes, i am a talking about the fog this morning, lisa, it is dense. here is a look at the bay bridge camera, we could see quite a few bit, nows nothing. we are socked in. slow down and drive for conditions. it could be dangerously low visibility in many areas. a look at the traffic cameras and the map, the visibility layer is on top around oakland. it is dense. overall we are quiet and we will look at drive times next. >> now back to the oakland fire crews continue the search of the wear husband to find what may have sparked the flames. in photos from the ghost ship facebook you can see contents that are complicated inside. crews have found a lot of inbound items, in fact, saturday midnight we saw what looked like a world war ii bomb. crews have more than 30% left of collapsed warehouse to sit through. >> we have another 60 plus% to
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search. we are finding important homes or trailers where people may have been living inside, they will need to searched. >> the sheriff is asking everyone to be patient as they work through the rest of the building. >> investigators are expected to give an update this only at 6:00 and you can watch it right here on abc7. we will stream it on abc7 and on our news app. >> donations are pour in to help the victims and their families. one fundraiser on www. they surpassed their original goal and it is closer to a new goal and it is closer to a new goal of >> kaiser permanente will contribute $50,000 to the victims and thai families, headquartered in oakland. they said it is exploring other ways to support the city.
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lisa? >> we are looking at reduced visibility in oakland and petaluma at quarter-mile. san jose is in good shape. as far as temperatures we are in the low 50s. comfortable. upper 30s in the north bay. canadian air is on the way bringing a chill to the atmosphere the next several days. we have a warmer day today. tomorrow and wednesday you have increasing clouds, the highs are cooler and cooler. by wednesday we will add a few rain drops into the forecast and the second half the work week is locking quite wet. we will add up the rainfall totals with the full weather and the seven-day forecast. alexis? >> the roads this morning show the fog is going to be a major impact for the commute and that is all i have going on. no incidents at this hour. a bit of a lineup in the cash lane on the left side of the toll plaza and another area from
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oakland into the san francisco area slow down and keep it easy. that is the dense of the areas i am seeing on the cameras. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is filling in from central valley at 33 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission is in the green at 15 minutes and quiet in the south bay. northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino only 16 minutes. i will show you a few traffic cameras in less than ten. >> the tragedy in oakland is drawing new attention to an old problem. coming up the hundreds of other buildings in the city with dangerous code violations. >> another bold heist at a bay area apple store but police get area apple store but police get a big
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and simply belonging had a profound effect [julia] freeing the children to reach beyond their illnesses and discover new strength. [bruce] from that one camp the seriousfun children's network has grown, serving 30,000 kids globally every year. at no cost to their families. abc7 news all news all morning. >> woman who was supposed to go to the party on friday night is vowing to make sure such a tragedy does not happen again, having been to man similar parties in the bay area, saying it is a close knit community. they said the allure is the underground feeling and that makes it tough to put safety first. >> there are no sprinklers and it is dangerous but it is not top priority. top priority is fun and music and family gatherings. >> she said she will dedicate
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her time to making sure the promoters focus on safety and using social media to contact family members of those still missing so they can share photos and personal information about their loved ones. >> people living in fruitvale saying the file is everyone's fault that we collectively turned a blende eyed to code enforcement. there are-dreads of other warehouses that could be just as dangerous. >> we have documented, we have turned it in, called it in, i have brought the police to shut the place down and to get them to remove the debris. >> noel has lived here his entire life and said oakland needs to hold landlords more accountable. in oakland we have a "catch me if you and." he said there could be 200 other wear husband type buildings not up to code many with marijuana manufacturing operations. members of the church marched to
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the wear husband to say prayers and clean up the neighborhood like they do every sunday. they described the inside the warehouse as a tangle of electrical cords, with several rvs parked on the bottom floor. >> couple of families lived on top of the building. >> many believe they would have been sleeping despite the noise from the concert. people out here told me that is just part of life in a city where high rents are forcing some for make do in crowded and unsafe buildings converted illegally by landlords. they turn a two bedroom into a give bedroom and do their own wiring and the fires happened. >> this man said it happened when his roof caught fire and he was charged $550 a more for 10x10' space and now living out of his van but he said the landlord is still collecting rent from new tenants. >> we should understand be waiting, we should be more
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acting in our community residents say it is sad to take a tragedy like this fire to spark a discussion on code enforcement. >> if you like to show your love for oakland and the people combatted by the warehouse fire we have a special badge on facebook by searching for abc7 news bay area to share it. president-elect donald trump announced he planned to nominate ben carson for second of the united states department of housing and issue cuban ventment and said they have talked at length about his urban renewal agenda and they have talked about reviving the economy in the inner cities. he said this oakland ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and part often sure this is a presidency representing all americans." >> ben carson's nomination will have to be confirmed by the
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senate. >> thank you. the read deck country get together to celebrate the turn of sherri papini with hundreds of residents gathered in read conditioning to welcome her back. she was fund on thanksgiving day, three weeks after disappearing while on a jog. she is becaused, and branded, and obviously still trying to process. everyone wanted to get together for a group photo and will send it to her as a surprise. >> we never lost hope, we kept working, we made it happen, we are so proud of our community and thank you so much. >> a lot of people are wearing pink because it is her favorite color. the mayor said she spoke with both her and her husband and they have a lot of healing to do >> palo alto police arrested four suspect in the third smash-and-grab robbery in two weeks at bay area apple stores, and the two face felony burglary
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charges part after team who drove an s.u.v. through apple's university avenue store front at 4:30 yesterday morning. up to ten people ran in, stole a large number of items, two of the four people arrested are juveniles. police are not naming them. they are trying to figure out, if the crime is connected to two recent robberies with yam in many that neighborhood. >> now, lisa is here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have a foggy start. the visibility is reduced in the north by where it is usually not so great there at half moon bay but in oakland at quarter-mile and livermore so be cave and give yourself extra time. temperatures are milder this morning. in most areas. 59 in oakland and san francisco and fremont. at golden gate bridge, you can see it is not bad. it could change. coldest air of the season arrives on wednesday. wet weather on wednesday, as well. here is the leading edge of a cold front that will push
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through the area tomorrow and maybe a few sprinkles and the frosty start tomorrow morning. interest thursday. the clouds increase and we will feel warmer but look what happened by mid-30s at 2:00 in the morning, we have good rain heading our way and it will last into friday and we end the totals impressive and we are looking at perhaps nearly 2" in san francisco, over 1" in the south by. today, no umbrellas, 60 in fremont and san jose and the seven day outlook is looking good today and umbrella weather comes back. alexis? >> nice and dry. we have the fog. looking outside at the emeryville camera, can you see the haziness increasing when you get to the toll plaza and cross the bay bridge interest san francisco. we have several areas with fog, walnut creek is not one of them, looking at the 680 be we still look okay as for as visibility. another spot that i wanted to focus on, the brighter the white the denser the fog with the visibility layer on the maps,
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dense around altamont pass into theism area. not slowing you down too much. 25 to 21 miles per hour getting out of tracy but slow down and drive for conditions. a minor issue in the dublin area. that is ahead. >> a long time bar in walnut creek is underfire from city hall and police, the major restrictions city leaders could impose today. >> this is not how a flight to mexico is supposed to end. why it was forced to make an emergency landing. but, first, the techbytes. >> today, more hints apple is work on a self driving car. >> they have confirmed interest in the technology by way of a letter to the united states regulators but it is their first public statement on project tighten shrouded in contractcy for areas. >> new detail on the blackberry new gadget trying to come back in 2017.
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>> the smartphone will be engaged mercury and run on droid with blackberry's signature khobar. >> those are laptops and tablets last at check moments in new jersey, the t.s.a. posted the photo positive the popular instagram saying all the temperature was left behind in november alone. they advise taping your information for the device so you can ♪ america's service members and veterans are strong. forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever.
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>> happening today changes could be coming to a popular swimming
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spot in love yet. neighbors is had enough of noise, trash, parking problems and voiced frustration to the planning commission. the commission is expected to vet on possible changes tonight. one idea could be limiting the number of people who are able to go to the pool, also, cutting hours and strter noise rules, other options are on the table. >> the walnut creek city council will vote whether to change the hours of a well-known bar after a history of violence. the sports bar has been in downtown walnut creek since 1978. police say they have responded to 700 calls over the last four years, over incidents of violence, including murder. officials want them to stop serving liquor at midnight and close by 12:30 rather than 2:00 a.m. the city council will vote tonight. >> custody would have been disney's 115th birthday. to celebrate you get a present. free admission to the family museum in the presidio.
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if that is not enough, mickey mouse will appear, and of course the museum was founded by his daughter who lives in the bay area. disney is our parent company. >> good morning. it is foggy. try to get yourself extra time in the north bay. and in oakland. quarter-mile. seven miles is not too bad in mountain view but in livermore, a mile visibility and half mile in napa and petaluma. the temperatures because of the cloud cover, milder and low 50s, fremont and oakland and san francisco and upper 30 in napa. heading out of town, today is dry north to south and 45 in the sierra nevada and inism a high of 60 but the temperatures are tumbling and it will be dry the first half of the weak, but, cool. alexis? >> we are kauai tote kick off monday morning, in the tri-valley, the when 580 ramp to northbound 680 a report of a disabled trail and it is in the
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far right lane but clearly not slowing you down. the other thing, the fog, clearly as lisa pentagonned, we have dense areas and this is a look at the bay bridge camera. you cannot even see it. increase the following distance on a day like today. we will look at the drive times at 5:00. >> 55 people walk away safely from a plane whose nose gear collapsed in texas. the plane was flying from houston to mexico on sunday and the craw got a red light indicating a gear malfunction. the flight diverted to san antonio and landed and the nose gear collapsed. 51 passengers and four crew members evacuated the emergency slides. the plane was operated by sky southwest under an agreement with united. >> gas prices are holding steady the last two weeks and at $2.20 a gallon. analysts say expect higher gas prices after they decide to cut production. the current average for a gallon
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in san francisco is $2.80 and in oakland $2.65. >> it is a somber monday morning in oakland where community is still trying to come to grips with the devastating ghost ship. we have just learned of another set back for firefighters. >> at 5:00 a.m., the danger cruise are facing that has forced them to success special the search. >> he has evaded cameras but we will hear from the man who rented the warehouse space. rented the warehouse space. stay tuned.
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>> we have breaking news in oakland, the work crews have been pulled out of the charred warehouse fire as being deemed not safe enough to resume work. >> it is 5:00 a.m. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. officials say the work stopped 35 minutes ago. our reporter is at the scene with more on what happened. >> the fire chief said it is tough for the workers to be told they cannot go inside and do this search. they wanted to make good progress overnight and that is not safe. workers from the consulting firm they hired to help them with the recovery of the were on the roof of the willing next door when they noticed the front of the warehouse was lending. they decided at 10:00 last night it


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