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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> good morning, guys, it is raining on berkeley. it is pretty. all lit up for the holidays but it does a nice job of showing you how wet the streets are. what you can prepare for as you head out. i want to show you what it lose like on the freeways. this is what happened overnight while you were sleeping and could happen while you are driving this morning. this is 580. an hour and a half ago. in dublin. westbound. coming down good. not a downpour. not a white out. but not a drizzle. a good moderate rain. we are still getting it in berkeley. it is light now. it is not too cold. the last two mornings were colder than now. it doesn't hurt to put on extra layer to keep the happens warm. i am happy to have my mittens. don't forget the rain jacket and the barack obama. it will -- and the umbrella.
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prepare for it and get ready it will be here. we will show you picture through the morning. >> now the rain coming down the bay bridge as you can see it is slick. alexis just said, drive carefully and give yourself plenty of extra time with pockets of instanting waters with vehicles that could hydroplane. we were in emeryville as the steady rain came down last night not the kind of weather you want to be out and about in. you can track the storms on live doppler hd with our app by downloading the app free. enable the push alerts for breaking news updates. >> now the oakland warehouse fire a shocking announcement from the building services department. they admit the inside of the warehouse has not been inspected by them in 30 areas! >> it could take weeks before we see the final report on the cause of the fire. it is the deadliest in oakland's
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history. >> mayor schaaf is creating a task force with national fire protection officials to create new regulations do keep our buildings safer. the city is planning a build report after finding it has been 30 years since anyone in the warehouse despite complains of interior problems. >> families want answers, they need answers. >> the fire started on the first floor and trapped people on the 2nd floor. officials say there was no evidence of a fire alarm or sprinklers inside. >> the oakland city council is expected to ratify a local state of emergency clearing the way for aid to reimburse costs incurred by the fire. the state of emergency was declare on tuesday to get those impacted on their feet. >> we know the identities of 29 victims and to more are were named last night.
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jason mccarty, a san francisco art institute graduate and a sound designer. >> 61-year-old wolfgang renner performed electronic key board music, charming and intelligent. >> hundreds came together in the rain in san bruno to mourn two more victims, the young couple killed in the fire. katie marzullo has their story. >> the lord is with you. >> prayers broke through quiet of a cold night outside the vega home in san bruno, alex vega and his girlfriend, michela gregory. >> i am sure they were going to get married, not going to wait for a little baby to run around. >> his brother expressed the heartache overwhelming both family friends of the couple more were shaken to the core. >> amazing friend. she had such a beautiful heart and soul and cared about
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everyone. everyone adored her. the most amazing person i had the pleasure to know. all the crowd grew people spilled on to the small street in san bruno and at some point they actually parked cars at either end of the house to block the street. those who knew alex and her were not surprised. >> he would operate were your day even if he felt back, he would crack funny jokes. >> she was such an old soul and touched so many people's lives with a smile. she would never not be smiling. >> michela beaming in this picture, she and alex together in life. and in death. in 90 minutes, oakland congresswoman barbara three will lead a moment of silence at the house of representatives speaking on the house of representatives floor to honor the victims of the fire and to thank first responders. >> a benefit show to raise money for the fire victims and their families drew quite a turn out
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in oakland, hundreds of people paid $10 to attend the event at starline circumstantial club on martin luther king boulevard with a singer songwriter, originally scheduled for a venue in emeryville but was moved to accommodate the large crowd. >> unfortunately we could not make it to the candlelight vigil on monday so we wanted to be around people and listen to music and be with each other. >> all the proceeds are going to the oakland fire you caring campaign having raised $5,26,000, and another $415,000, one has been a campaign by the oakland a's the raiders and the warriors and now close to the goal which they have to keep changing the goal. can you share this badge on facebook by showing support on our page. >> we have breaking news in south carolina. >> a manhunt underway for an
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escaped inmate. all the manhunt underway gore this escaped inmate serving a life sentence for armed robbery and assault and battery with attempt to kill. he is michael allen williamson and brock out an maximum security prison. authorities are trying to determine if he is the same person who stabbed a female officer at a wal-mart 80 miles away. the officer was responding to a shoplifting call and stabbed several times. she is substantially at a hospital. the police department say they are grateful for the public's are grateful for the public's prayers and well wishes. >> pittsburg police need your help to track continue two suspects in a deadly highway shooting. look as these photos, the two are still on the loose.
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theytheir accomplices were arred yesterday in antioch. swat officers can be seen he coming out of the house. 25-year-old was killed in the shooting this past may, and she was pregnant with her 5th child. the other four were under the age of six. a man in the car with marie was hurt, and we were over the scene on highway 4 near railroad avenue, the shooters got away in a white mercede. an argument led to the shooting. all the parents of an 18-year-old man found buried in a shallow grave on the sonoma state campus have established an award nearly $5,000 has been raised for information leading to the arrest of whoever murdered curt kimberly. the sonoma county sheriff has established a separate reward of $2,500. his remains were discovered november 2nd. an autopsy determined he kid of several stab wounds. >> look at your screen, a man
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will undergo a mental evaluation after he is seen running on the tarmac at sfo be chased by police yesterday morning. witnesses say they saw him pass out at the southwest ticket counter, he jumped up, ran on to the tarmac and started running around with officers chasing him. he finally got tired and officers caught him. >> he got tackled, and handcuffed and put and black s.u.v. >> he was taken to the hospital for a mental ever value. >> a special meeting is help to get an engineer involved in the get an engineer involved in the construction of the sinking one man refused to testify at a previous hearing looking into the searching building starting at 1000 a.m. at city hall.
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>> now, your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yes, it is raining. >> that looks bleak. >> bleak. >> we just had a computer crash so we will flip over and show you the cameras as our director hopefully can switch to the other source. what we are seeing as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza is the height rain. you can see spray coming from the tires, and ponding on the roadways. it is slick. temperatures are milder. are running in the mid-to-upper 40s. not nearly as cool as it was yesterday morning. you can see on live doppler hd right there, there is green showing up in at the had of areas and even where it is not showing you have drizzle to light rain and the radar could be overshooting it because it is a shallow will move water. what is going to happen today, we will have light-to-moderate rain, pockets of it through the morning commute and until noon we will have light rain and that
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will change over to scattered light showers as we head into the later part of the afternoon and into the evening hours. we will have warmer weather today with temperatures pushing nearly 60 degrees. i've got about five of the seven days in your seven-day forecast with a chance of wet weather. i will have that coming up next. just necessity it will be wet through the commute this morning. alexis? >> yes, it will be busy. i have three issues already. theism area, westbound 580, we have a crash involving a semi and another cezanne. the backup now is over to vasco, two miles. emergency cruz blocking the two right lanes. i have a couple solo vehicle spinouts. that tells me folks are driving too fast. northbound 80 before 7, that is facing the wrong way in the far left lane. we got one in for the peninsula. southbound 101, before you get to the san mateo bridge, we have
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a spinout crash, one vehicle involved blocking the two history lanes and a secondary crash now has occurred. update on that and outside conditions in less than ten. >> a home break encaught on video and the home owner who watched it go down and the one image police hope will put these guys behind bars. >> trouble in the air, the emergencies that forced two planes headed to houston to make unscheduled landings two days in a row. >> at look at the commute and >> at look at the commute and the wet weather
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make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. it is 444. for the second consecutive difficult a southwest airlines flight bound for houston was forced to make an emergency landing, returning to dallas 45 minutes after take place after a cockpit indication of a pressurization issue. the plane landed safely. southwest airlines said it is taken out of circulation. on tuesday, there was an emergency landing after taking off atlanta, after losing cabin pressure causing oxygen drop down. >> caught in the act, check out the surveillance video of a home burglary in campbell. the woman want home at the time
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but watched et all go down on her cell phone. police hope this recently rehissed footage will help put the three behind bars. it was taken saturday november 26 at 200 p.m. the suspects ransacked the master bedroom before taking off with computers and jewelry. the suspects appear to be in their late teens and most likely got inside through a side door that was last unlocked. >> how agonizing to watch that happen. all the oakland city council will approve a land deal to keep the raiders in the city next week. the city council met in closed session yesterday to review the latest terms offered by the group headed by hall of famer ronnie lott. the city council will have enough votes when it is voted on according to sources. they will need approval from four of the five alameda county supervisors. >> the transition team of president-elect donald trump has a choice for head of the environmental protection agency, some business leaders are thrilled, and environmental groups horrifyied.
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>> man called "time" magazine president of the divided states of america, continues to split the country. a new poll shows that donald trump's favorability rating at 50% with 49% of americans polled believing the country is heading in the wrong direction. >> i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the all-time great cabinets that has ever been assembled in our nation's history. >> so fares many of the choices for key roles have come with controversy, including latest, his choice of oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to leader the e.p.a., drawing sharp criticism from environmental advocates and democrats would say he denies the science of climate change and has chosen the big oil and coal industry over the well-being of his state whens. >> the announcement of pruitt cop as at trump met with
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leonardo to talk about climate change and focusing on renewable clean energy could create millions of jobs. >> how did the conversation with almost eo go? i would like to be a fly on the wall. >> now, it is wet. we can expect wet roads. bring your umbrella. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking it all. mikeyou need patience, as well. now, we are looking at live doppler hd showing a lot of green right now. and it will continue to do that as we head through the day. we will move on and talk about the temperatures as the rain will decrease as we head into the afternoon. turning over to showers and temperatures from 56 in santa rosa to a last 60 around the pay into the south bay. i want to talk about what will happen tonight. we are going to have temperatures tonight that are going to be mild again.
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mainly in the 50s. we when from the 30s yesterday to the 40s this morning, to the 50s tomorrow. we will move on because i know you want to know how the rain will play out. we will talk about the golden gate bridge you can see the rain right new and as we head through the morning hours, light-to-moderate rainfall with yellows to oranging hanging around law 900, pockets of it and by noon you start to see them taper over to green by action. that will continue to play out overnight and through tomorrow pockets of light rain will continue. now, the seven-day forecast shows the storm is still a "2" through the morning and we will transition to a "1" for friday and saturday. that is the difference from yesterday, saturday is wetter and sunday and monday, looking dry. >> alexis? >> wet and windy so a look at the san mateo bridge coming doubt over state route 92, slow down, drive for conditions, the
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best advise. i have a handful of crashes. this is reasonable the worst right now, westbound 580 in livermore area we have a crash blocking the two right lanes and three vehicles are involved. a crew is on the way. the backup is 3.5 miles, beyond vasco road. the drive time will affect you coming from the central valley, westbound 580, tracy to dublin up to 44 minutes and i have a feeling that will be going up quickly. we have had some solo vehicle spinouts. >> breaking news. a spokesman for the turkish government is in talks with russia this morning regarding a cease-fire in aleppo, syria, according to reuters. they report the deal could allow for humanitarian aid to reach the city. the ceasefire talks remain called by syrian rebels.
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there are early indications if it goes through it would last five days and allow for evacuation of civilians and wounded. reggie and natasha? >> new details of a bay area police officer attacked by a suspect. the big step he is taken toward his recovery. >> tired of paying sky-high ticket prices for shows like "hamilton." >> i was number 35,000 in line to get that ticket. >> i was 80,000 in line and neither of us got tickets. >> meteorologist mike nicco will be back with the hour-by-hour forecast. but, first, the techbytes. >> apple wants to give you an early access to movies in talks with studios to release film on itunes before they are in theaters streaming two weeks before they hit the big stream with a big price tag.
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level "2" to gather up and drive safely. track the storm, any time on the abc7 news app. a new development in the recovery of an injured police officer. this photo from the south san francisco police department shows the escort leading officer chon from the hospital to a rehab center. the officer was chasing a suspect who hit him in the head with a skate board on thanksgiving day. he suffered critical injuries. the attacker faces charged including attemptedded murder. >> in san jose this is ashipping spree like no other. law enforcement from all around the bay area are paired with 100 underserved children for the 9th annual shop with a cop heros and helpers holiday shop spree. afternoon child received $125 guest card to buy gifts for themselves or family members. matt keller is emceeing the amazing event.
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>> look forward to that. >> it could be easier to get tickets to popular events. like hamilton. >> so bitter. >> i am not seeing it. >> some brokes use computer software that searches and snags as many tickets as possible and they re-sell them at a were high are price. congress just sent a bill to president obama that would make using this unfair and deceptive practice under the federal trade economics act. that would let the f.t.c pursue the cases. all the $500 ticket is now $1,400 for resale. >> all is something nice you do not see a super pod of dolphins. check it out, several hundred long beaked dolphins put on uncommon display on tuesday in monterey bay. our professional wildlife photographer shot this on a whale watching treat. the theory they do this because
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several pods have abundant food source. >> now you know. >> we will look at rainfall intensity, it will be most intense during the morning commute for the heart of the bay. you can see right around 600, the yellow means it will be moderate at times. can you see the rain making it all the way down to fresno and a lot of the snow turning over to rain in the mountains where we are only 51% of average with a lot of rain and wind on thursday and friday and snow is mixing in again on saturday and tuesday and wednesday. not expecting a lot. alexis? >> not good, we have a lot of crabs, and first none is in the tri- valley so we have the two right lanes block, westbound 580 we have several vehicles involved and overa these mile backup and another crash with injuries started with a spinout and hit the center divide and hit by another vehicle. northbound 880 headed to the place and we have a couple of
4:57 am
problems now on the peninsula so the southbound side of 101 is where we had our first crash at poplar, and northbound 101 another crash and they running the traffic break. all happies are stopped. we will move again shortly. an update at 500. >> former senate and senator john glenn is in the hospital this morning. an ohio state official said he is actually hospitalized for a week but they are not commenting on his condition or the illness. he said he was losing eyesight because of macular degeneration and a small stroke. the 95-year-old was the first men to orbit the earth in 1962. he served as a united states senator from ohio from 1974 to 1999. >> we need the rain. we are getting it this morning. you will see all the green on live doppler hd telling the story, and next at 500, what the rain doing to the commute. >> coming in a new threat from
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isis against united states military personnel. i am gathering details. stay tuned. >> there is a warning going out this morning as san jose state university the assaults that have female students on edge. stay tuned.
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it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> a slow challenging commute. you are looking at the reason why. >> rain making for a wet drive to work or school. everywhere. we here to get you influence it. it is thursday, december 8. i


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