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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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with alexis. we have so many solo crashes so people not driving for conditions. >> exactly. we probably have had ten solo vehicle crashes. many of them when they face sideways are hit by other vehicles. so we have a couple of rollover crashes. lesson of the morning is to slow down. 101 in san mateo we had a serious crash on the northbound side that cleared continue americans ago. on the southbound side we had a crash clear in the last couple of moments with significant resaid you'll delays and slow everywhere. southbound 680 through walnut creek is crawling. a day to leave early or consider mass transit. meteorologist mike nicco, how is the morning commute?
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>> the worst of it. with .5" of rain so far and raining now. on live doppler hd you can see around the sunol grade where the better rain is south on 680 from pleasanton to dublin and the radar returns are developing offshore and the cloud cover means more wet weather through the day. you can see the rain falling at the golden gate bridge but the hardest commute is this morning when we have a lot of rain that will become more scattered as we head into the evening. it will be milder today in the 60s. >> we will get you ready for a rainy commute in the bay area. >> amy hollyfield is tracking the storm in the east bay. >> good morning. nature too bad. the roads are very wet. it is raining all night. the rain, the amount of rain we are getting is not terrible but i will show you westbound 580,
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if you are leaving soon this is a nice break. it is light. it is not a heavy downpour. the cars are moving slowly but cautiously. we are keeping a safe distance from the car in front of us. this is the recommendation from c.h.p. it is very wet. at 3 this morning it was coming down. it has been a steady expect the wet conditions and give yourself center time. i checked with the c.h.p. the officers say it is very busy morning. i want to look at embarcadero in san francisco early this morning. you can download our app and you can get breaking updates.
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>> now in house of representatives as members of congress are honoring the victims of the oakland ghost ship fire. barbara three, congresswoman, is remembering the 36 people who died and thanking the first responders. we will monitor this and bring you more through the morning. >> search for a cause of the oakland warehouse fire will take some time, the city is taking steps to regulate their buildings. >> a.t.f. said it will take weeks before releasing the final report on the deadly of the fire in oakland's history. in a stunning announcement the ghost ship warehouse was not checked by inspector in 30 years. mayor schaaf said they will develop ways to immediately clarify the responsibility of city employees to properly report observation of dangerous living condition or illegal events. >> we will not scapegoat city employees in the wake of this disaster. >> a refrigerator is still being
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examined a.t.f. officials reinforce it is only one of the possible sources that could have started the fire. the names of two more victims are released, jason mccarty oakland, a sound designer. 61-year-old wolfgang renner performed keyboard music from oakland. >> a father in southern california is sharing memories of his daughter killed in the warehouse fire, believing society's treatment of the transgender community may have been part of the republican his daughter, em bohika,s with at the warehouse. >> what i have learned through em and other trans people they can not just go into any bar or midnight club and feel safe. trans people stay together because that is what they have to do to stay safe. >> em bohika moved to oakland about a year ago and grew up in claremont.
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>> uc berkeley will hold a candlelight vigil to honor the victims. it will take place with free tickets to performance of handel's masterpiece, >> we have more on and when new information breaks we will send out alerts. >> for the third time in a week a south bay school is investigating a sexual assault in a san jose state university classroom building. matt? this is frightening on campus, the third in a week, the most recently here on cam. police say the victim was in a stairwell and the suspect sexually battered her and took off up the stairs in his 20s with black smiley hair. two days earlier on monday another incident, police
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released surveillance video and three followed a victim into the student union and sexually battered a woman and seen riding away on a skate board. they do not seem to be connected. the third sexual battery was november 30 and a woman said she was assaultd by a man walking down the northeast stairs of sweeney hall. if you feel unsafe you can go to a blue light phone and request an escort. the search continues for people in the wake of a massive earthquake in indonesia. >> there is a glimmer of home. jessica? we have incredible video of a man still alive rescued 11 hours after the huge earthquake trapped under the rubble and you can see knows are standing around looking into the rubble. i have clipped this video so you can see the moment that the
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rescuers run away with the man, you can see them crawling through the cracks and you can see there he is, still alive, no word on the condition but the fact he survived half a day trapped under the rubble is amazing. the search conditions with the 6.5 magnitude earthquake killed 102 people and hundreds more hurt. >> the youngest commuters in san francisco, new information on how kids getting to school. >> warriors are stepping up the public for victims of the oakland warehouse fire and highway they want you to pitch in. >> you can track the rain all >> you can track the rain all morning keeping weather and
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therand always leave youagic willwanting even more.der because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. >> now a traffic alert. >> i have two rollover crashes on northbound 280 heading into the city. 101 is look better. the first one has a flipped vehicle with several other vehicles involved. that is blocking the these right lanes. sounds like they are closer to clearing it. a lost tow trucks are on scene. also, northbound 280 before geneva we had a flipped s.u.v.
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and other vehicles hit it and blocking the right lane. not good on northbound 280. that is only the beginning. we have a lot of wet pavement. >> everyone will be wet. through the morning. the good news you do not have to fight with kids and get the heavier clothes in the north bay temperatures are 20 degrees warmer, or 15 to 20 degrees warmer in the low-to-mid 40s. even the peninsula in the low-to-mid 50s. san mateo bridge on the east side we have had a third of an inch of rain. heaviest rain is this morning and on the wart it will be breezy and wet. exercising outside, stay inside today. san jose .0 5" but slick and temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60 the next few days. >> this could be a vice if you have kids would you get that half of parents in san francisco drive their children to school in it is a far cry from the number of adult whose commute.
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56.5% of students k-5 are driven to school. there are 45,000 children in that range attending public and private schools in the city. >> still ahead honoring the victims of the oakland ghost ship fire and where you can go today to pay your respects. >> san francisco skyline is about to change. again. when work will be underway on when work will be underway on the newest skyscraper ♪ ♪ come seek the royal caribbean.
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>> the warriors are stepping up and pledging $75,000 to relief efforts after the oakland warehouse fire. >> we are devastated by the fire that claimed so pan lives and affected so many others. >> on behalf of the warriors our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their loved one. >> steph curry and other teammates all want to you contribute through a special page on the warriors website with a lynch to the page on >> two more fundraisers are held in oakland with knewcy performing at karibbean city
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from 8 to 11 p.m. to pay for funerals service and a benefit is held on 14th street with is held on 14th street with several live bands bands caring fundraiser. >> we have a facebook badge for every victim identified and can you share your images and thoughts. >> a fatal fire in san mateo last month, with gators saying it was deliberately set breaking out early morning the day after thanksgiving day, the house was fully involved when the fires got there and inside a car a 70-year-old woman who died from the injuries. having determined the cause the san mateo police are looking for who did this and why. all the ground breaking for what will be san francisco's second tall of the tower, look at the artist republic doorings for
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ocean wide center, two toy we ares located at 1st and mission and at 910' it will be the second largest, ocean wide center will include a hotel, farms, a million square feet of office space and a left greenery with the tallest building the with the tallest building the new sales force tower at >> and a popular portland ice cream though is popping up with dollar scoops expanding here next year. they will be on hayes street from noon to 300 and on fillmore and sacramento at 6 all proceeds going to the ymca family resource center. >> traffic with alexis smith. >> here is the toll plaza
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heading interest san francisco, it is wet, it is windy, it is slow going. the potential for hydroplaning is out there. we have had a ton of solo spinouts. you want to drive for conditions and live doppler hd is on our traffic maps and if anything it is soggy than displaying today. the peninsula had a couple of serious crashes on 101 north of knot and they both cleared at 25 or 30 minutes ago and stop-and-go traffic and you can see we have rain in the stretch. iened to show you 280 northbound two rollovers, two separate crashes that are not related, one near geneva. we have three lanes down on the first and two lanes down on the second. one hour and four minutes tracy to castro valley and this is
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rollovers included and northbound 280, highway 1 to san francisco is 27 minutes and in the red. >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco, what can we expect? >> you soggy. hopefully, in more wrecks. we immored everyone to slow down. you cannot drive like you normally do and you cannot fly. sfo has arrivals averaging 1 hour and 32 minutes delayed. walnut creek south on 680 half an inch of rain, and misty to light but wet. rain, steady rain, to showery nature and milder temperatures today, pockets of light are rain because it will be moist the flow coming off the ocean and another push of energy brings us another push of moderate rain, pockets on saturday and the southern part of the peninsula at menlo park and palo alto and
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stanford and 101 and 280 wet to san mateo and millbrae and south san francisco and colma and also, san francisco, pushing off to the east like we are seeing from vallejo and crockett and el sobrante and richmond push to the east. you can see the moderate rain is hang around through noon and you can see the yellow going away and only grown as we head into the 500 hour. they will continue to be fairly light but notice an onslaught overnight into tomorrow and it is not until tomorrow evening through saturday evening a slight break. saturday is looking wetter. sunday is dry. monday is dry. slight chance of rain on tuesday. wednesday is looking dry. >> "7 on your side" and michael finney is next with the if you rules to fight the super annoying robocalls. all the new transit system in
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the bay area could be free for a while to get people on the smart train when it launches next year.
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>> commuting in the north bay could be cheap for some of you next summer or free. according to the press democrat, a proposal was unveiled to cut fares for the new smart train in half or do away with it altogether. the max daily fare before the discount is $23.50. the reason for cuts is to give people time to learn the new system and payment methods and should be up and running in spring. discounts would under by labor day. >> if you thought christmas crowds were a nightmare last year you are not going to be happy this year with the travel forecast. according to airlines for america, there will be a 3.5% increase in travelers from december 16 through john -- january 5, 45.2 million people in the air. the busiest travel days day
6:25 am
december 22 and december 23. >> now, ask michael finney on the do not call list. >> i would like to know in someone especially in congress is doing anything to revive the do not call list. i had one junk call every hour. >> great meeting you at our ask finney event. the do not call list is still a live and well but it is the bad guys are ignoring it. the federal communities mixes is working with the phone industry to stop this. by this time next year we will have protection in place. real protection. between now and then if you have a voice over internet phone you can download "no mo for cell phone download "you may," it is free and it helps.
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>> if you have a question for michael finney record it on the smart phone or tablet and share it # askfunny. or go to >> we can use the rain. we are getting it. as we speak. next, what the storm is doing to your morning commute. all the disappearance of sherri papini bringing back memories of another mystery that captivated the city. >> we are looking at the wet weather with live doppler hd through the next half hour. i want to give you an idea of what to expect, this is a moderate storm and the shes we are having this morning the storm will taper as we head into the afternoon but expect it to be wet the better part of day. tomorrow. and saturday. >> the rain is cutting done on
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>> the rain is cutting done on the bay bridge.
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> it is 630. you will notice soon you have the rain is falling across the bay area. we have wet conditions on the golden gate bridge and walnut creek camera is showing you what
6:30 am
to expect in the east bay, a slow commute. there have been problems on the wet roads all morning. all the south bay? rain again. not so hard but you are still dealing with rainy conditions out the door. >> we have team coverage to help you out and start with alexis smith. more than a dozen solo crasheses? >> it is ugly. slow down and use caution. hydroplaning is possible. if you can stay away from the out are lanes and stay in the mill it will be better. i have for news northbound 280, a rollover crash and now i have word all lanes are back open. you down to 14 miles per hour ahelping the scene. we are still blocking northbound 280 before geneva but this is in the clearing stages. you are crimestoppers through daly city for three miles. do not want to end up in that. we will look at traffic cameras
6:31 am
and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the wet weather yesterday, this is the bay bridge where it conditions to rain you can see the drops hitting the camera .5" and as you look at live doppler 7 hd it is rainy everywhere even in the north bay where you do not see rain. in richmond two-thirds of an inch, 39 to 51, milder and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s through the afternoon, and moderate rain to lighter at noon and only showers in the afternoon and evening. regular joy? natasha? >> amy hollyfield has been on the move tracking rain all morning. she is in dublin. amy? >> good morning, guys, rainy here, still, raining all morning and not let up. we caught up with people as they head out to start day so they are just getting a look at it
6:32 am
for the first time. one person was prepared with the rain jacket. the other did not get this yet. a rude akickening -- >> i don't have a good feeling where we are heading. >> why? >> traffic will be a mess. >> on my way to work! i have a long different. >> what do you think? >> hoping it will not be bad. we need the water. mother nature has been had at work all night while you were sleeping, it was raining, and raining on us for our entire shift and we have been at it since 300 this morning, nothing too heavy, but a light rain. we have future hit standing water, no surprise puddles, and we have covered a lost ground, gone from berkeley to dublin, and encountered slow traffic, wet roads, but nothing too dangerous or treacherous just
6:33 am
the wanting do slow down. we have soon that drivers are taking this seriously and being careful. c.h.p. said it has been a busy morning owe nothing major or serious. slow down. that is the warning. >> thank you. we have been seeing a lot of this, in emeryville the heavy rain came down last night. not the weather you want to be out and about in. traffic the storm where you live with the news app, by downloading the app for free by enabling push ale >> now the oakland warehouse fire shocking announcement from thing department. they say the inside the wear has not been inspected by them in 30 years. the a.t.f. said it could take weeks before we get final report on the cause of fire and mayor schaaf is creating a task force
6:34 am
with national officials to create new regulation for safety. the planning department the entrepreneur manager said it has been three decades since anyone went in. >> families want answers and want to know where their loved one was when they perished. >> it started on the first floor and trapped people on the second floor, a.t.f. officials say this was no evidence of a fire alarm or sprinkler inside the warehouse. a benefit show to raise money for the victims and their families drew a big turnout, hundreds of people paid $10 to attend the event on martin luther king boulevard in oakland. the show featured a singer and song writer. it was moved to starline to accommodate the crowd. all res going to the oakland fire you caring campaign that has raised $526,000 and another continue raising campaign by the a's, raiders and warriors raised
6:35 am
$415,000. you can show your support for the victims of the tragedy by sharing this badge on >> police need your help to track done two suspects in a deadly highway shooting. authorities say two suspects are still on the loose. their accomplices, marcus gaines and kevin carter were arrested yesterday in antic. 25-year-old mother was killed. she was pregnant with her fifth child and the other four children are under the age of six years. the passenger got away. an argument led up to the shooting. the suspects going at nowhere a white mercedes. >> the parents of a young man
6:36 am
found buried if a shall bow bray have established a reward leading to the arrest of whoever murdered kirk kimberly. sonoma county sheriff has established a separate reward of $2,500. his arms remain discovered november 2nd and he died of several stab wounds it was determined. >> sherri papini's disappearance is bring back bad americans in redding found on thanksgiving day and thousand is recovering. in 1996, 16-year-old tara smith also vanished in redding and the disappearance is a mystery. both have similar looks, want missing while on a jog and went to the same high school at the same time. keith papini spoke with her parents. >> you want to know how to get by day to day and how to deal with law enforcement. >> smith's father said they knew who was responsible for the
6:37 am
disappearance since day one and that person has never been charged and difficult lives in redding. the cases are not related, just to be clear. >> man will have a mental evaluation after a wild scene a sfo with cell phone video showing him run on the tarmac after he was passed out at the southwest airlines ticket counsel they, he suddenly woke up, ran on to the tarmac and officers pursued him. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> we have breaking news a manhunt underway right now for an escaped inmate who was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and assault and battery with intent to kill in south carolina. michael allen williamson broke out of a maximum security prison last night. authorities are now trying to determine if he is this person, the same person they think stabbed a go mail officer at a
6:38 am
wal-mart 80 miles away. the officer was spending to a shoplifting call when stabbed. she is stable at a hospital and the police department have been sending out tweets through the morning and are grateful for the public's prayers but they have not sent out a new update but saying she is hospitalized. >> now, a traffic alert. >> i have a little bit of good news in last couples minutes, northbound 2 credit we had a couple rollover crashes, not too far from each other, the first cleared a few minutes ago and we talked to which were, northbound 280 where an s.u.v. flipped, and two or three other vehicles hit and it is cleared. all lanes are back open. we are bouncing back quickly, south of there, northbound 280, we had 2.5 miles of backup but we are slipping back into the green. we will take it. but you have to slow down and take it easy.
6:39 am
it is west ofry where. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the left-hand side of the tollbooth is the we to go and the cash lanes are moving along better. the south bay, as well, northbound 101 around 80 we had a crash but it is new cleared. 59 americans, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, when 4, antioch to four is 46 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is the only one not in the red and that is at 18 minutes. mike? >> good morning, everyone, remember the 1.5" rainfall total? there it is in front of you on dap dap. you can see along 237 up to fremont and 680 we are seeing a better radar return and at the bay bridge toll plaza up 24 and 980 and 24 and back to walnut creek, our better radar returns. here is what is happening with
6:40 am
our wet weather, but the computer has frozen. what we are dealing with, moderate pockets of rain, steady through the morning commute, and then we will deal with scattered showers heading into the afternoon hours. temperatures are great, in the mid-40s to 50 right new, for most of us, and that americans no need to worry about frost. we will top out in the upper 50s to sick. heading through time, the steady rain will taper to showers in the afternoon and evening. we will have waves of light showers during overnight hours through tomorrow, and tomorrow morning, wake up looking like this and you have a secondary storm coming in on saturday and i will show you that next. >> it is confirmed, president-elect donald trump will nominate oklahoma's attorney general as head of the e.p.a., a man who once sued the
6:41 am
agency. scott pruitt has spearheaded efforts to get the v.p. to -- to get the e.p.a. to scale back factory and power plant emanythings. business could not be heavier. >> this is not just oil and gas business but every person this is trying to conduct business in the united states. >> best people believe a kit in regulation could three a better economy for everyone but senator bernie sanders said brew it is a climate change denier who worked with the fossil fuel industry calling the nomination both "sad," and "dangerous." >> facebook is taking a step to fight fake news and you could be asked to help. >> a warning for students at san jose state university with campus attacks having authorities on high alert. all the rainy commute is getting more rainy through the
6:42 am
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>> in the south bay a college is investigating a third sexual assault in a week. the latest incident happened at san jose state university classroom. matt? this is scary. all three indenes took place in broad daylight. in the afternoon.
6:45 am
most recently was at duncan hall. the female was in a stairway and the suspect sexually battered her and took off running. he is in his 20s. two days before on monday another incident. surveillance video was releases of the suspect following the victim into the and sexually battered her. in a third, a woman was assaulted by a man while walking dare the stairs. any student can go to a blue light fine if they have tips or need an escort. >> a new development in the recovery of aen injured police officer, with the escort leading officer robert chon from the hospital to rehab center. he was discharged yesterday the on thanksgiving day he was chasing a suspect when the patch hit him in the head with a katie
6:46 am
board. -- with a skate board. >> the facebook battle against fake news is taking shape. it of involves you. jane? >> facebook users have reported they have started a survey on the qualities of the news appear on the news feed. facebook is under a lot of criticism of the fake news stories that showed up during the election. facebook has not revealed the details. (o) how many users or what they will do but they are making the first step to get rid of the fake news stories. retailers bracing for more returns with post holiday period bringing a spike in returns but surging onlane sales have complicated things for retailers. with return rates exceeding 30%. google's parent company plans to build marketplace online for $6
6:47 am
drone delivery of food according to the "wall street journal" and has medicine with whole foods and dominoes and other restaurants. >> stocks are higher. again today. the dow is up 10 committee with have only slight gains but less than 500 from 20,000. >> i am not physically or emotionally or spiritually ready for the drone delivery. >> i know! >> it is too much. but i'm excited at getting my domino's pizza faster. but i understand it is too much for you. >> when you get a lump of cool in your stocking it normally means you are naught. but what if you get a rock? that is treat because a lot of people are getting one this year. >> there is crazy. >> nordstrom sold out of pet rock a smooth, los angeles area
6:48 am
zone wrapped in rich vegetable tanned american leather secured by contrast back stitching. >> this reminds me of real estate listing that calls a terrible home as "quaint," with "great sun." >> a rock in a leather pouch and the small version costs $65 and the large version costs $85. if you say no one will buy that let me tell you, they are sold out. both. it is future clear in nordstrom will restock the rocks. >> alexis smith? >> if you are heading out for holiday shopping or heading and work or school, drive for conditions. amy hollyfield and her photographer are on 680 in pleasanton and san ramon area. they have slow down the last now
6:49 am
few minutes. you have standing water. i was next to a double trailer semi so those kick up water and reduce visibility more. we have had two rollovers. we will had solo vehicle spinouts. i have live doppler 7 hd on our traffic maps and i want to zoom in to the south bay. you have been quiet in the san jose area and northbound 101 we had a crash not last center rain and it has been cleared. the backup is beyond the 280 and 680 merge. some are normal delays but it is due to the crash. the drive times we will look at in a few minutes. >> now meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> necessary to see amy shot twice, you get a feel for how the rain is coming down
6:50 am
everywhere. the golden gate bridge shows the winners are on soon and it is hard to see again with the rain rolling through. from the exploritorium three-quarters inch of rain in san francisco. steady. moderate at teams the pockets of rain later today through friday. another storm arrives on saturday. that is a containing -- a change from yesterday. radar is out and showing you there are pockets of moderate rain but we have rain and notice the clouds to the east or west heading east meaning more rain is on the way. from 700 to account -- from 9 we did not see so much rain. in the afternoon, you can see waves of drizzle to light steady rain at times and we will call it pockets of rain continuing
6:51 am
overnight when the drizzle is more likely and light rain is less widespread. tomorrow you can see through 500 still a chance heading into the evening and it tapers to a drizzle. saturday, looking wet a "1" on the storm-impact scale different from year. sunday and monday looking dry, tuesday a slight chance of a storm and wednesday is dry. >> from waiting barbara lee honoring the victims of the oakland warehouse fire and thanking first responder for service in the recovery operations and hold a moment of silence on the house of representatives. [ inaudible ]
6:52 am
you the list of top safety picks for 2017 vehicles is out with a glaring difference, headlights. the qualities of headlights are being included in the evaluation, not factored in for top safety picks but they must have a good headlight rating to get a top of the list. we have posted the entire list at >> oakland city council is expected to approve a land tell trying to keep the raiders in the city next week. the city council met in closed session to review the latest continues offered by the group head by hall of famer ronnie lott. the city council will have the votes in favor of plan when it is voted on, on tuesday. it will need approval from four of the five alameda supervisors. >> we have seven things you need
6:53 am
to know in 90 >> the storm-impact scale today is a level "2" and that means is a level "2" and that means moderate
6:54 am
these are you need to know before you go. it is going to be a wet and slow commute this morning. and we have had several rollover crashes, spinout crashes and this is a look from amy
6:55 am
hollyfield on 680 in the pleasanton area, and slow going. give yourself extra time. >> no avoiding wet weather this morning as alexis showed you. what you are going to see are radar returns. they are everywhere. 39 to 48 this morning. 56 to 59. waves of rain. not so steady this afternoon. >> three, oakland's building department admits they have not inspected inside the ghost ship in 30 areas that caught fire on friday killing 36 people. fining the cause of the fire could take weeks. >> officials released the identities of to more victims, 35-year-old jason mccarty from oakland and 61-year-old wolfgang renner, there is a candlelight vigil today to honor all victims. >> breaking news from the live desk police in new york are in a stand off with a man who killed a u.p.s. driver at a wal-mart parking lot. here are pictures from the area.
6:56 am
the suspect ran into a home and the entire neighborhood is being evacuated. >> a third female student is sexually assaulted at san jose state. three sexual batteries have taken place in less than a movement >> felling under the weather, your fellow employees want you to stay home. 74% of employees want their boss to send six coworkers home. 80% of workers admit they went to work when they were sick because they felt they needed to be this. >> a lot of pressure. to go do work. even when you are sick. >> the whole office is sick. >> it is tough this time of year. slow down. slow down. we will see you in 25
6:57 am
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it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. good good morning, america. breaking news. an urgent manhunt for this escaped inmate accused of stabbing an officer at a walmart overnight. caught on surveillance cameras as he makes a run for it. >> we'll pursue this person and bring him to justice. >> police in hot pursuit right now. arctic blast. frigid temperatures spreading from the rockies to the east coast creating a travel nightmare overnight. now 20 states are on alert as windchills dip 30 below zero. up to three feet of lake-effect snow on the way and a major storm moving into the west. chaos on campus. a high school student armed with knives. >> back up. back up. >> threatening classmates until a school officer steps in taking one shot to stop him, then jumping in to save him.


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