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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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near the front door. grab it again. we do not have a lot of rain on live doppler hd but we have a lot of drizzle for the commute as you can see from walnut creek. temperatures are milder this morning, mid-50s. we will happening out in the upper 50s to low 60s with light rain through 7:00 and a stronger storm tonight and tomorrow with more on that next. san jose student is facing charges for three sexua assaults. he may have committed several attacks. police are investigating three other attacks in the past sex weeks. san jose state said they are adding extra officers along with center security camera and
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lighting. >> san jose high school teacher was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a student. trudy hill is an flesh teacher and released after surrendering to police and posting bail. hill used her position of authority to exploit a 17-year-old male student. the relationship allegedly took place between august and november of this year. >> i was blind sided by the allegation and disappointed it happened in one of our schools. >> terrible, terrible, terrible. cannot even send kids to high school and worry abut the teachers? she is facing two felony charges. both the school district and police are conducting investigations. police do not believe there are other victims. >> now the ghost ship fire a special a.t.f. team will arrive to create a 3-d map of the warehouse. another a.t.f. team from maryland is coming in, mostly electrical engineers to track the exact cause. oakland is end a "state of
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emergency," so it is eligible for state funds to help the victims. fire inspections remain not done at the wear for at least a decade. a man who did not want his face on camera said he did odd jobs at the ghost ship as recently as last week and said there was an upstairs kitchen fire last thursday and he witnessed the founder, derick ion almena, that it was too dangerous inside. >> this was a little bit of fear and we put it out. [ inaudible ] i said people are going to get hurt. >> that is a photo that abc7 obligated from a photographer saying he took it inside the warehouse on saturday after the fire. you can see at the bottom of the screen all the damage to the building. all the identities of two are more of the victims have been released, one known as alana
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kane lived in oakland and a psychology ph.d student. her boyfriend, micah danemayer died. joey matlock is described as aness federal of electronic music was the most gentle of all people at 36. >> people geared at oakland's youth radio to grieve together and to comfort each other. some leaders talked about the victims they knew who died. there was a night of reflection for the arts community and their creative expression. >> a girlfriend is hoping a photograph can hope her heal. she wanted to find whoever took a photo of her and her boyfriend, griffin madden during a trip to new york in june right there. the photographer saw her plea late on wednesday and posted the photo to her facebook and said "miracles happen." >> i remember their faces because they looked so adorable. photography in yen is lick a
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time machine. it is a sad moment but i help she will keep the photograph as a memory. >> she said that the photo helped bring a look of your light back to may light. griffin madden was 22-year-old. >> the oakland museum of california is dedicating the weekly friday midnight event to the ghost ship fire with a moment of silence for the victims at 7:00 p.m. and designate a space to credit a memorial wall to the victims and collect donation to benefit them and their families. you can she support to the els of the trillion difficult by suring our badge on f >> parents say a woman grabbed a four-year-old girl night a trader's trade r joe's. here is the story.
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>> santa rosa police arrested 41-year-old tina szczepanek on kidnapping charge. she entered a trader joe's on an that rose avenue and a four-year-old shopping with her mother went to return a kid's shopping cart and tina szczepanek grabbed the child saying she is mine, and walked out of the store. the mother chased after her. >> i'm glad someone was there to stop her. i could not imagine how that would feel. >> i feel like there are so men people around and it is so busy, we go in there every weekend and i am okay with dominic going a little bit in front me and not thinking anything will happen. even though the carts are by the door you do not think it will happen. >> tina szczepanek made it 30' and put the girl down when the mother yelled. officers arrest her in the parking lot. >> police say the woman is a transient from lake county.
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an update from abc7 mornings. >> we have developing news coming in, korean lawmakers have voted to impeach their president over her alleged links to a corruption scandal. we received this video where people are celebrating in the streets. there were many days of protest calling for the president's removal. the court now has six months to determine whether to formally end the presidency of the president. until that time she is suspended korea's prime minister will handle the duties, local media reported a series of scandals including taking advice from a secret confidant on a variety different topics. she has since apologized to korea for "negligence." we will watch the story. san francisco mayor lee has vetoed legislation to put
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element on short-term rentals particularly airbnb. the mayor said the proposed 630 night limit on short-term rentals would drive more hosts to rent illegally. right now you can have 9 nights for unhosted and a year for hosted. >> transportation agencies have an open house to learn more of the property citizenned to relieve traffic congestion on richmond-san rafael. a third eastbound lane on interstate 580 is scheduled to open mostly planned at night for closures and early morning. some closures could extend to 8:00 am on the morning. the shoulder will be the third lane. the open house is held at san rafael city hall from 6:00 to 9:00. >> and the continue knell at devil's slide will close shutting down the tunnels on the cost to conduct a mandatory six hour emergency response drill. the exercise starts at 10:00
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tonight until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow including fire, crash, and smoke simulations. detours are in place for the tunnel closure from pacifica, then, you go northbound on highway one and southbound 80 and from half moon bay east on 92 to northbound 280. >> i have a leds us at live doppler hd along 242 and 680 in martinez down to the respond valley you can see danville boulevard, also, out 24 to lafayette we have a better radar run, for the rest of us it is , with the temperatures up to 12 degrees warmer than we were. we will go back to the east bay in the low-to-mid 50s in most neighborhoods, the cool spot, concord, and pittsburg at 49. dress differently this morning. look at the mid-to-upper 50s elsewhere but for los gatos. 101 and 80 and san jose is a
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spot, wet at times because of the scattered rain on water, light breezes and exercising it will be damp but mild. here is the fog that is forming, temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s, and nearly 60 tomorrow, and 50s on sunday. we have height rain today, moderate rain tomorrow and dry on sunday. i will look at that hour by hour and the fog that is forming. but, first, alexis? >> we have a new traffic alert a rollover crash southbound 101 in sausalito a pickup truck solo vehicle crash. we still have wet people. it sounds like somebody was going too fast and local crest. southbound 101 before spencer avenue the vehicle landed on the roof and is on the shoulder. emergency crews arrived and are blocking the two right lanes so they issued that sig-alert. you can see the sheen on the
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pavement. you will want to slow and drive for conditions. the update is coming up in 10 minutes. >> can you hear me now? airline travelers are unhappy with the shrinking seats and rising fees could have something else to be pretty upset about. >> don't mind the odor, water officials say the musty smelling water coming from san francisco taps is safe to drink. taps is safe to drink. stay
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because even one attack is one too many.
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look at the flames shooting from a home in san jose. it looks bad. the two alarm fire started at 6:00 p.m. last night in the vista park neighborhood. sky 7 was above the scene as crews worked to knock down the fire. two brothers and their elderly parents got out safely. one was treated for smoke inhalation. >> president-elect donald trump is continuing the thank you tour as he announced a new to the cabinet. here are more on the president-elect's promises to create jobs and slash regulations. >> donald trump headed to ohio to vest families and victims of last week's attack at ohio state university. then he headed to iowa on the victory tour. in des moines, president-elect
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was back to business announcing governor branstad as the ambassador to china and announced a fast food executive as pick for secretary of labor who is a millionaire one of nine millionaires and billionaires named to the trump cabinet so far and a vocal opponent of raising the minimum wage to more than $10 and expanding overtime elogyibility to millions of americans. in iowa, he was appealing to middle america, promising to eliminate every regulation that hurts our farmers and workers and small business. >> regulations, by the way, will be cut down to a traction of what they are new. >> this as democrats are still preparing for a tough nomination fight for some of the pecks including oklahoma attorney general scott pruett a climate change change denier head of the e.p.a. >> with control of e.p.a. he could do immense damage to the air and our children.
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>> we are find out that donald trump will remain an executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" a reality tv show that begins in new season next month. >> bay area dog owners are disappointed with new rules for a popular park after years of negotiation, the golden gate area released new rule for dogs. off leash walking is limited to six areas, including crissy field and ft. mason and rodeo beach and in san mateo county. dog owners are losing 90% of places to let their dogs republican free but said has to be done. >> dog was stranded orderer on a cliff and the dog owner then got stranded and a good samaritan get stranded. this resulted in a rescue
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involving three law enforcement agencies. >> we should note this is not no one am step because the rules still need to be approve by the national park service. it with not go into affect until march. >> water customers in san francisco have noticed a funny taste in the tap water. the public utilities commission said it is the result of a harmless natural chemical that did not get unusualed out at the treatment laboratory but the water is safe to drink. the problem came from the reservoir at yosemite, and the agency has switched over to reservoir on the peninsula instead. it could be up to a week in some areas before the water is back to normal. >> what will be a polarizing proposal regulators are considering allowing phone calls during a flight. >> i can not take this. >> federal restrictions ban calls but the united states department of transis proposing to let each airline decide in they allow phone calls using the
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wi-fi. airlines would have to tell customers about the policy before they bought their ticket, and there is a 60 day comment period so take note of that and i am sure those comments will be lively, so which side are you on. do you want to hear the woman next to you talk to her boyfriend for four hours? boyfriend for four hours? let us know, by using #abc7. francisco, what is going on? >> for folks in the north bay get interest san francisco we have a sig-alert on southbound 101 in sausalito before spencer avenue we have a pickup truck that flipped. that is on the roof right new. it flipped on to the right hand shoulder and we have message crews blocking the two right lanes and the good news from c.h.p. the driver is okay and made it out of the vehicle all right but it is a matter of uprighting the pickup truck.
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>> we have overnight road work westbound 80 on the babe inside the tunnel so a delay is building approaching down to 37 miles per hour. we have quite a bit of fog with the light drizzle in some areas so not so soggy as yesterday but slow down and take it easy. >> mike? >> beings, everyone, live doppler hd shows the visibility layer and it is so moist this is more drizzle and mist hanging in the air that will be thing fog develop as we head through the morning hours. can you tell where the drizzle is heavier around concord and half moon bay and across the north bay. here is a look at what is going on as far as live doppler hd the moisture plume is coming in and what you are developing are scattered light showers and the possibility of drizzle which is more likely near the coast in
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the higher elevations. san mateo bridge is still wet. scattered light rain and heavy rain tonight through tomorrow and a series of storms next week. now the highs today, 5 in santa rosa to san jose, concord and livermore at 63, and tonight we are in the mid-to-upper 50s again. now, how the moving into the heart of the bay by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and exit the south bay toward 9:00 or 10:00 with rain hitting the south bay again. scattered showers through the afternoon on saturday. sunday is drier wednesday and thursday, more rain. new this morning, we just received video released to the
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public of a police shooting in iowa that left a black man paralyzeed. the k9 officer pulled over jeremy mitchell novembe 1. you can see them scuffling and the k-9, as well, and mitchell is become into the pickup truck and that is when we are told the officer jones opened fire. a grand jury decide not to indict jones saying the video shows that mitchell did not complyd with ons. you can see them scuffling and mitchell, the man pulled over, claims officer jones was the aggressor during the confrontation. >> next, the rues of the road uber has for passengers. >> gaming goes green with classic arcade game playing for cash. >> a long journey to get here and a dream come true.
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>> 17 hours in the operating room a serious surgery to separate conjoined twins but first, the techbytes. >> time could be running out for samsung galaxy note 7 users recalled after several caught fire and most have been turned in but there could be a update that permanently disabled the phone. >> and on thursday, have mario day buts that will bring a lot of coin. analysts predicts it will raise $70 million to nintendo in the first month putting it third among top earning games. >> a high end department building in san francisco is trying to lure tenants by offering high-tech amenities including robots that driver including robots that driver champagne and desserts
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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>> 2-year-old twin girls have a chance at a normal life. >> doctors operated for 17 hours to separate the twin girls who were joined at the police officer and shared most of the pelvic organs. they carefully mapped out the big operation. their parents want their doctors to live healthy and individual
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lanes. >> i want for go chasing after one that way and chase after the other. that is something that i do look forward to doing. >> the twins were born with an normal third leg and doctors removed the bonds from the leg and used the skin and muscles during the operation. the twins will be at the hospital for the next month so doctors can closely monitor their recovery. >> cute little girls. >> for the first time, uber is outlying the rules of the road. this is for you. telling passengers what can get them banned from the platform. they are assumed, i would think. you are not supposed to damage drivers or other property. check. physical contact with the driver or rider frowned upon. use of inappropriate or abusive language. not okay. unwented contact with the driver or passenger after the truck. and breaking local laws like bringing open containers of alcohol or drugs in the contact. this whole contact thing with
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the passengers, if you are with the other passenger, there could an issue. >> alexis? >> we have a traffic alert in the north bay. we saw a bit of a backup forming southbound 101 but fault too bad at the moment before spencer avenue with the pickup truck on the roof. c.h.p. issued a sig-alert 15 minutes ago so the two right lips are -- right lanes are blocked and it will be cleared. right new we are looking at the richmond-san rafael bridge on the richmond side with quite a few puddles, slow down. we could have slick spots. mike? >> good morning, everyone, the storm-impact scale today is going to be a "1" less than .25" of rain but keep it wet through the day. drizzle and low visible. it is kauai around around the
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state and 45 today in lake tahoe with rain and all the 60 from sacramento to san diego. it will be windy in the mountains. and breezy. look at the rain. next weekend we will try to mix the snow in tuesday and wednesday and thursday. >> playing video games for cash, i an not talking about e sports but a new game platform that lets gameers challenge friends for real money, where play classic arcade games and bet against your friends. you pick a game, choose stakes, real or tokens and compete against opponents of similar skill. do you think this is gambling in sports say it is not. >> it is not about win or losing but the fact that having a dollar on the line makes games more interesting. it is not gambling at all, gambling is about wagering money for a game of chance. >> well...some gyms are
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businessed on skill but they say to make sure this competition is legal they deliberately take the "luck," out of the games. >> we have breaking news in san francisco a water main break turned a downtown intersection into a lake. we are at the scene. >> allegations of cheating in the olympics and putting gold the olympics and putting gold medals the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make:
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breaking news here in san francisco, water is pouring into the street near the moscone center. we are at the


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