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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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visit today. good afternoon, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. as you can see, pretty gloomy outside behind us. we just started noticing a few drops on the lens. >> we certainly did. we have a big storm heading our way this week. let's take a live look outside right now from our mt. tamm camera. very cloud they now. >> abc 7 news was on 101 in san rafael where some rain was coming down this afternoon. a much bigger storm is heading our way. spencer christian here now live with a preview. spencer? >> larry, just a preliminary event we have right now. here's a look at our storm impact scale which is going to come in very handy on thursday. we rank storms, as you know, from 1 which is loyalty to 5 business severe and the storm coming in thursday ranks 3 on the storm impact scale, a storm
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of strong intensity producing moderate to heavy rainfall and gusty winds gusting 35 miles per hour. likelihood of small stream flooding. it has been a while since we've seen a storm this strong, the last storm ranking three on the impact scale occurred march 11th. let's take a look at what the current conditions are on live doppler 7. you can see scattered areas of moisture and some light scattered sprinkles are occurring right now. no significant rainfall is occurring yet, but as we widen out and show you the flow of moisture coming in our direction you can see thursday's storm is intensifying out to see and moving for thefully in our direction, and when will be its impact on thursday owes afternoon and evening rush? well, we expect heavy rain late in the day on thursday and strong gusty winds and localized flooding and wet and dark conditions add up for travel delays. be prepared to track the storm on your own by downloading the abc 7 news app and enabling push alefrmts more on the approaching
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stormy weather in a few minutes. amma? >> thank you so much, spencer. san francisco city workers are gearing up for storm watch mode once the heavy rains hit. crews like these will be stationed around the city to quickly respond to flooding. abc 7 news caught up with one crew in the portola area as is sucked up debris and sludge that can clog street drains. >> this happens when we hate certain rain threshold that's predicted and we have additional staffing to help with trouble spots around the area, low-lying flood-prone areas. >> the city hopes those trouble spots will be minimized. so far this year crews have been able to deep clean a third of the city's 30,000 storm drains. >> a certain amount of flooding was expected today, and it happened just like clockwork. sky 7 was above the park and ride in mill valley. it will peak today and last near friday. it's prone to flooding when the tide is slightly above six feet
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and rain will only add to all that water pooling. >> in pacifica workers are putting up a fence along a pope lar coastal path that is collapsing into the ocean. caution tape warns walkers to stay away from the path that lead to the ocean below, this after a giant hole opened up on the path this past weekend. this is in the same area on esplanade avenue where several buildings have been abandoned because of the eroding bluffs. >> well, we are one step closer to a deal to keep the raiders in the bay area. today the alameda county board of supervisors voted to approve the $1.3 billion plan. >> tonight the city council is schedule to vote. wayne freedman is joining us now live from oakland with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, larry. still a long way from a done deal and a lot of skeptics on this as well. the group needs two okays, one that it got this morning from the board of supervirusors and another we'll see tonight from the oakland city council.
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why two okays because the city of oakland and alameda county have stakes in the coliseum. the plan would refurbish the coliseum to make it a football-only facility. it would be a $1.3 billion deal headed by ronnie lott and fortress, a private investor group involving $350 million in public money in the form of land and future ref now all to pay for a new stadium, and essentially the board of supervisors approved negotiateses between investors and a the team would fill sneed to make up its mind. our about to hear first from ronnie lott and the supervisor nate miley and lott says we still have a long way to go. >> what is your next big task in this project? >> waking up tomorrow. waking up tomorrow and knowing that we still have a long ways to go. we still have to convince the
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nfl and still convince mark davis. >> had very good relationships with the raiders since al davis passed away so i have much more trust for this franchise now than i would have had let's say when al was alive. s. >> reporter: still unknown would the city sell or lease that land which is worse an estimated $150 mill on and there's the 90 million more they owe on coliseum itself and if it's a football-only facility where would the oakland athletics play? all of those questions and more and asked once this afternoon and likely to be asked again tonight as the proposal moves forward. live in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> way, thank you. >> new information today on the potential cause of the ghost ship fire and what the oakland fire department knew about the illegally converted warehouse before the december 2nd inferno that claimed 36 lives. >> abc 1 news reporter laura anthony is live at the zone with the latest.
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laura? >> reporter: ama, the the atf told us today they still don't have a specific cause for this fire, and the oakland fire department explained why this building wasn't on their radar before the fire. >> to clear up the concern over the fire cause being elect call -- >> reporter: atf agent jill schneider insists no specific cause for the ghost ship fire has been determined. >> fire investigators are looking at and determining the cause of the fire. the investigation is still ongoing though and at this time no final determination has been made as to the exact cause of the fire. >> we have no records of 1315 31st avenue being inspected. >> oakland fire chief says there was no legal requirement for her to inspect the ghost ship because it was not considered a residence or an act of business.
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. >> nor do we have any records of them applying for a special permit or a change of occupancy, none of the areas that would trigger this facility to be in our system. >> not only were there no inspections there were no service calls to 1315 31st avenue dating back 12 years. that's despite an arson fire outside the building on the lot next door in september of 2014. >> all of a sudden we see flames. >> when abc 7 news interviewed ghost ship found er derrick ion al meena. >> there was a vacant lot next door and whether individuals from that fire entered the building, i'll have to look further into that. >> reporter: of course, many of those lost in this fire were artists and here at the warehouse that has become a gathering place for artists like
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this gentleman here as well as members of the community to come and honor and remember the victims. live in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. alameda county firefighters have turned the investigation of a fast-moving house fire that killed a woman in castro vale over to the sheriff's department. that fire now being investigated as a homicide because the victim had injuries consistent with a possible murder. we have a live look at the scene from sky 7. you can see officials are still there. abc 7 news reporter amy hollifield has more. >> reporter: this picture taken by the alameda fire department shows how big the fire was that killed a 59-year-old woman in her castro valley home. neighbors were shocked when they came out here to see this. >> it was quite scary. the flames were quite high and coming out of the front end of the garage, so it was -- it was really frightening. >> they were especially upset when they realized their neighbor was inside the burning
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home. >> we were devastated. i mean i think it was -- we always hoped that she would be somewhere in the backyard and even looked in there to see if she was there and when we heard it was just unbelievable. firefighters got the call to come to this home on groce way at 2:45 this morning. they found the victim in her garage. >> so it's unknown what she was doing in the garage. the area of the origin of the fire is the attic, so right now a joint investigation between the alameda county fire department and alameda county sheriff's department is taking place. >> neighbors say the woman was a widow who lived alone and she has two adult doubters. >> one of the sweetest people you ever want to meet. just a genuine wonderful lady so we're going to miss her a lot. >> when they went outside they didn't see fire and they didn't know where it was coming from.
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that's because they saw it was burning in the attic and then when they saw flames it was too late. >> two children are believed to be dead after an overnight fire on the mendecino coast. it happened just before 2:00 this morning at a house on biaggi lane in manchester near point arena. most of the family got out and then realized that the two kids were in the house. crews are still searching for their bodies. >> san jose negotiators are talk talking with police negotiators before walking jose lopez to a squad car. he was in his house with a 6-year-old daughter and armed with a gun. it took six hours to defuse the situation and convinced lopez to come outside. he's facing charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest. police in oakland had a downtown high rise cordoned off for hours. the former pg&e building on webster street is being remodeled and abc 7 news was
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told two suspected burglars scaled a chain link fence and broke a window to get inside and wouldn't come out when discovered. one suspect was eventually arrested without incident and suffered a minor injury. the other got away. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, an alarming new report out today that should concern anybody who may be going to the hospital any time soon. why patients may be at risk. >> and there's a major recall of a kitchen staple found in many of your homes. a look at concerns involving the popular quisinart machines. >> doughnuts and do-gooders. the sweet benefits to pep people in need during this holiday season. >> a look at traffic through walnut creek. this is much heavier than traffic on the right-hand side. stay with us. we'll be back after a break.
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supporters of free community college in san francisco used an unusual tactic to try toib fluns the mayor. o cf1 o >> they want him to follow what they say was the will of the voters who backed the funding in november. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us live from city hall with more. carolyn? >> reporter: well, the supervisors overwhelmingly approved funding for city college this afternoon, but they can't force the mayor to spend that money. traditional christmas carols became protest songs for this crowd, pushing for city lawmakers to endorse a budget measure to make city college free starting in august. after danny glover attended city college back in 1964 and sees it
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as a pathway to higher education. >> education is continuous, is an important step. >> reporter: voters apparently agree. last month 62% approved prop "w," a tax on luxury properties believing nearly $13 million each year will go towards a tuition-free city college but the mayor wants to use a portion of that money for other purposes, including homeless services. >> we didn't fight for, campaign for and door knock for this to solve other problems. we campaigned for it to make city college free for all residents. >> reporter: the college could use a boost in students. officials learned they will have to repay the state nearly $39 million for what they call accounting errors in online courses. >> our budget is based on the number of students that we serve and so our main way of addressing that is looking at ways that we can grow.
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>> if fees which average about $630 a semester are waived, that would eventually help this woman who is enrolling in january. >> it won't be free then, but hopefully by the time i finish my degree is will be. >> reporter: the mayor says he heel budget just half a million of the 9 million the board approved for this fiscal year. in in san francisco, carolyn tieler, abc 7 news. oakland's housing crisis was on the agenda at a meeting held by housing had and urban development secretary julian castro and oakland's mayor today. secretary castro and mayor libby schaaf met with housing planners as well as members of the arts community and tech sector. the meeting was closed to the press but both believe companies like facebook, which has spent millions on housing, could help. >> i think that's going to be different things that the tech sector is doing, either following facebook's lead and deckcating actual money to this. >> government cannot do it
4:17 pm
alone. that we have opportunities to engage the private sector, the philanthropic sector in the solutions for the challenges that the entire bay area has. >> mayor schaaf claims in recent years the bay area has added half a million new jobs but only a small proportion of housing units. nancy pelosi standing up to president-elect today. san francisco supervoicer john avalos and others delivered a mold of a human back bone to pelosi's local district office wanting her to use every tool at her disposal to fiercely oppose donald trump and her agenda. pelosi's office pledged to fight the trump administration in a statement that was given to us here at abc 7 news. a pelosi spokesperson also accused the supervisor mr. avalos of being, quote, very misinformed. a new report out today should alarm anyone who might need a hospital visit. >> the it finds that a state
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board that was charged with investigating complaints about nurses is not doing its job. in fact, it's putting patients' lives at risk. >> kristen sze is here with more. >> the state auditor's board of register nurses is slow to investigate complaints and bad about overseeing the resolution. there's some stunning examples. one case, a nurse mid wife did not consult with an obvious trace during a woman's labor and that baby was born with neurological damage. the board took no action for two northamp years. another case, a toddler died after a nurse alledgedly gave a wrong dose of medication. it took 39 months for the board to finish investigating. in fact, three-quarters of the complaints took longer than 18 months to developing. the state auditor's office says we should all worry about the delays. >> the reason we should worry about that is because sometimes if a complaint takes too long to -- to resolve, you may have a nurse that's continuing to practice that could be posing a
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risk to patients. >> the state auditor is recommending a deadline of next march for the board of register nurses to deliver a plan to better train investigators and track investigations. if it doesn't comply, the board may lose some of its powers or funding. larry and ama? >> all right. kristen, thank you. sweet success today for an effort to help the homeless in san francisco. a coalition of groups including the police department handed out free doughnuts at doughnut dolly to anyone who brought in a new or gently used coat or shoes. the items will be donated to homeless families. in all more than 200 coats and shoes were donated. co-organizers credit the captain of the san francisco police department for her continue to effort to help the people of the tenderline. >> all right. spencer is back with a look at the forecast. we don't get many these on the storm impact scale. >> last time we had one was march 11 and now another one nine months later.
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this is a significant storm. areas of green indicated on the radar screen. not a lot of this is hitting the ground and we do have scattered sprinkles and light and scattered showers. tomorrow's storm ranks one on storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity. it will confine the rain to the north bay and the coastal areas in the santa cruz mountains. we expect a quarter of an inch of rain from this system during its visit through the bay area. here's our forecast animation. 6:00 tomorrow morning cloudy skies all over the bay area and a few damp spots for the morning commute and most of the rain falling at that hour will be confined to the north bay and that's where the rain will remain confined most of the day tomorrow. spotty sprinkles and this is mainly a north bay and coastal event tomorrow and late tomorrow night we see the stronger one beginning to push into the north bay. this ranks three on storm impact scale, a storm of strong intensity producing moderate to heavy rainfall and winds gusty to 35 miles per hour and fires
4:21 pm
during the fire season. forecast animation beginning early thursday morning. by 7:00 we'll see rain beginning to spread along the north bay and down along the coast and into the mountains of the peninsula and south bay. by midday wet all across the bay area and tuesday afternoon it will be a mess. we'll see widespread areas of downpours and heavy rainfall. strong gusty winds and that pattern will continue into and through the afternoon and evening commute. finally we'll see the rain beginning to wind down in the north bay thursday night after about 8:00 but still wet in other parts of the bay area at that point and finally the storm winds down and gives way to at least partial clearing on friday. i talked about rainfall totals being significant with this storm. they will generally range from one to two inches and maybe above two inches and farther north in places north of sonoma under co. winds gusting on thursday afternoon and evening between 35 and 45 miles per hour. thus the threat of wind damage,
4:22 pm
of downed power lines and freeze, isolated power outages are possible. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a light storm tomorro and ranking one on the storm impact scale. ranking three on the impact scale and partial clearing on friday and then calm weather through the weekend into next week. innins have a. possibility of power outages it's a good idea to keep fresh batteries in your flashlights. if you burn candles do so with caution and if you have foods that need to be refrigerated protect them during power outages as well. >> dreaming of a "star wars" world. it's a dream come true for the director of "rogue one." >> and a granny grinch. this little old lady caught on camera stealing packages off
4:23 pm
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it's going to be bittersweet night for the family of a texas
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woman. she will appear on tonight's edition of jeopardy but it comes a week after she died of colon cancer. she told producers about her swaying. her episode was taped in august. she did producers to donate any winnings to kasper research. >> "star wars" fans are eagerly awaiting the latest installment of franchise "rogue one," a "star wars" story. it will hit theaters in the u.s. on thursday. the cast is one. most diverse ever including forest whitaker, diego luna and felicity jones. the direct orthoof movie says this is a film for fans by fans. >> as a kid it was kind of i thought the world was full of tropical storm troopers and x wings before i realized it was full of cars and guys in suits so it was kind of an anti-climax to realize, you know, life
4:26 pm
wasn't like that. >> "star wars" is produced by lucas films which is owned by abc 7's parent company disney. coming up tonight at 6:00, our very own "star wars" fan jonathan bloom sits down with cast members about the making of "star wars" magic. now to a woman dubbed the granny who stole christmas, a home surveillance camera recently captured a 65-year-old woman in missouri grabbing three packages off of a front porch and then just taking off. investigators believe she staked out the house driving by in a black hummer four times in less than five minutes. just two minutes after that last pass she made her move. police tracked her down and arrested her. they believe she's tied to three other cases of package theft as well. grandma, huh? >> wow. >> did not see that coming. >> nope. >> coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," celebrities taking center stage at trump power. >> a good man. had a good conversation. >> from can ye west to bill gates, the big names link up to
4:27 pm
visit donald trump. >> plus, a jury is trying to decide the fate of a woman who was caught on tape trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. >> and things get heated in a pennsylvania courtroom as comedian bill cosby prepa
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. preparations are under way throughout the bay area ahead of a series of storms that are expected to douse the region with wet weather. in san francisco workers from the public utilities commission prepared storm drains to make sure they don't get clogged during the rains. king tides affecting parts of the bay area. lyanne melendez was in the north bay to show the immediate traffic impacts of the king tides. abc 7 news reporter vic lee was at a real near mosconi center challenging president-elect's position on climate change. this wasn't just your normal crowd of gatherers. these were scientists attending the american geophysical union's fall meeting here in the city. today was a busy day for the president-elect. he announced his choice for secretary of state, also hosted a wide range of celebrities at trump tower. abc news reporter karen travers in washington with more now. >> good afternoon, larry. we couldn't take our eyes off of
4:31 pm
that live camera at trump tower lobby as a steady treatment of motorable guests came in for meeting with the president-elect. were these legitimate meetings? sure, but perhaps they were also a very clever distracton from some of the criticism donald trump is getting about his cabinet picks. >> the lobby of trump tower tuesday buzzing with star power. president-elect donald trump coming downstairs for a morning photo on with kanye yesterday. >> vogue editor anna wintour and philanthropist bill gates. >> a good conversation about innovation and how it can help in health, education, impact of foreign aid and energy, and -- and a wide ranging conversation about the power of innovation. >> trump also sat down with former nfl star ray lewis and football legend jim brown who admitted he didn't vote for trump but wants to work with him to help african-american communities. >> couldn't have been a better
4:32 pm
meeting. the graciousness and the intelligence and the rezipgsception we got was fantastic. the resolving door of celebrities comes on the day trump announced exxon mobil rex tillerson as his pick to be secretary of state. tillerson doesn't bring any military or government experience to foggy bottom, but as the head of of one of the world's most valuable publicly traded oil companies he's brokered major international deals. now the spotlight is on tillerson's deep ties to russian president vladimir putin. the two seen here sharing a champagne toast. >> i've invested a lot of money, our company has invested a lot of money in russia, very successfully. >> some republican senators publicly expressing concerns about tillerson's potential conflicts of interest. >> and there's a general sense that his direction on russia would be different than the one that in the judgment of the senate is the right way to go. he could be a referendum on the donald trump foreign policy. >> but even those lawmakers who have raised questions about tillerson say he deserves a fair
4:33 pm
and thorough nomination hearing, but at the same time he is going to be sitting on the hot seat, larry, getting tough questions from not just democrats but republicans, too. larry? >> karen, mr. trump is set to appear tonight in wisconsin. what's he doing there? >> reporter: this is that ongoing post-election thank-you tour where donald trump is going to placed where he said helped carry him to the white house and give him that victory so tonight he's there with his vice presidentp-elect mike pens and also going appear with house speaker paul ryan. larry, this is the first time they have appeared in public at a rally together, not just those meetings on capitol hill that we got a quick photo spray at, and i think we're going to hear a lot of talk about a united republican party that will be taking over washington in january. >> all right. karen. thank you very much. karen travers in washington. we're getting word now that mr. trump has offered montana representative ryan zinke the job of interior secretary, according to two people with
4:34 pm
knowledge of the offer. still unclear whether the 55-year-old former navy s.e.a.l. has saepd the post. >> all military action in eastern aleppo has ended and the syrian government that is re-established control over the former rebel held area. other reports out of syria say the assad government has reached a cease-fire and evacuation agreement with rebel forces. the reporter covering the situation says civilians and rubbles will get safe passage out of the area. >> most of the them are going to go either to the north or to the west on buses and in return for that what's going to happen is the syrian government is going to get control of that entire area, and with that there will no longer be a foothold for the opposition forces inside aleppo. the syrian government will have full control >> while some people have already startled leaving eastern aleppo, reports say the organized evacuations will begin tomorrow morning. >> the obama administration is
4:35 pm
terminating some sales of military arms to saudi arabia over concerns about the killing of civilians in yemen by a saudi-led coalition. >> the sales being cancelled involve precision-guided weapons. white house officials say the decision reflects deep u.s. concerns about the way saudi arabia is choosing targets. an investigation is under way after place in bakersfield shot and killed a man with dementia. police say 73-year-old fran so serna didn't have a gun when he was shot just after midnight. when police arrived police fired several rounds on him killing him. >> a jury is trying to decide the fate of a woman who was caught on tape talking about hiring a hit man to kill her husband. she's been out on bond since 2011 when her first conviction was overturned.
4:36 pm
abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: dalia dippolito who chose not to testify in her trial maintained through her lawyer she was innocent. >> give her that freedom back to go home to her family and her infant son. >> reporter: during closing arguments, the defense even revealed for the first time the 34-year-old is now a mother insisting back in 2009 the police set her up. >> i'm confident, like 5,000 percent sure. >> reporter: that's when she was caught on tape talking to an undercover officer posing as a hit man to kill her husband of six months. >> is your husband michael? >> i'm sorry, to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> reporter: defense tried to convince the jury that the police department staged and recorded this video for the reality tv show "cops." police denied those claims and prosecutors told the jury the video speaks for itself. >> 4,700 bucks, wanted two bullets put in her husband's head for nothing.
4:37 pm
>> in 2011 dippolito was convicted of solicitation to commit first-degree murder, but that verdict was thrown out on appeal, and dippolito later told our amy robach she did nothing wrong. did you want your husband dead? >> no, absolutely not. >> the did you hire a hit man to kill your husband? >> no. >> reporter: dippolito was sentenced to 20 years the first time around and this time a guilty verdict again carries a possible 20-year sentence. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. a heated courtroom argument erupted today pitting prosecutors against defense attorneys for comedian bills could bit. cosby faces charges of slaughting a woman at his home near philadelphia back in 20804. prosecutors plan to call as many as 13 women to say that cosby also assaulted them over the course of several decades. cosby's defense team wants them barred from it everything. the 79-year-old entertainer is due to go on trial next year. still to come on "abc 7 news
4:38 pm
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'each? stands to reason fewer accidents would rul. that's what the department of transportation is banking on. either that or they would smack talk each other. today the department issued a proposed rule that would require vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology on all new light duty vehicles this. technology allows cars to transmit speed and direction information and receive the same info from cars around it. so when somebody breaks a few cars ahead of you, you would get a warning and you would hopefully not end up like that. >> so this story probably won't come as a big surprise. a new study reveals california is the worst state in the country for drivers. all 50 states were evaluated based on several factors including commute time. annual premiums and other categories. among allcality gris call is the would. which state is the best? iowa. as low insurance premiums, short commute times and less expensive auto repair costs.
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>> challenging doppler. we have widespread scattered sprinkles right now but they will be a little steadier rain tomorrow and our rain chances tomorrow. 70% as the light storm comes in ranking one on the storm impact scale and 100% on thursday as a much stronger storm comes in ranking three on the storm impact scale and after that the chances of rain taper off significantly. let's talk about the thursday scale. moderate to heavy downpours. strong gusty winds gusting from 30 to 45 miles per hour at times and there's a -- i shouldn't say the danger but the possibility of flooding in urban and burnt scar areas. let's take a look at those areas north of cloverdale and south bay and south of parent yeah. these areas could produce rain of 3/4 of an inch an hour and
4:43 pm
flash flooding is possible. winter storm warning in effect from thursday afternoon to friday evening. we could see one to two feet of snow over the passes and whutious conditions possible and, of course, travel delays. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. scattered showers tomorrow and heavier rain and gusty wrinds on thursday and lingering showers friday morning and then a sunny pattern beginning on saturday through next tuesday. a little bit cool with the sunny pattern but at least it will be dry. >> that's good. thanks, spencer. >> still ahead at 4:00, the apple glitch that hits siri read your password out loud and what is being done to fix that problem. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finali. you didn't get the
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apple says it's fixed another bizarre error on the iphone. the latest problem comes in the form of a startingly simple bug, one where the iphone reads users' private passwords out loud. a turkish patent attorney found it and he selected the password on the mail settings and clicked on the voice options. suddenly the secret password
4:47 pm
sounded. the vulnerability has been patched in ios 10.2 which was released yesterday. a major recall today involving a kitchen staple found in millions of homes. the government recalling 8 million cuisinart food processor. i might even have one of these. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with information you need to know. >> 8 million. that's an amazing number. if you don't have one of these food processors there's a good chance you know someone who does. millions are being recalled today and officials are urging consumers to act now. they are simple and convenient but now potentially dangerous. >> imagine having broken bits of a metal blade in your food and in your mouth. >> coneric the maker of cuisinart and the federal government issued a recall of more than 8 million food processors. >> these are in millions of american homes, including my own, and they are really dangerous products. >> reporter: cpsc and conair asking consumers to immediately stop use the processors riveted
4:48 pm
blades that look like this with fourrists and a beige center plastic hub which over time can crack and send small metal pieces into processed food. >> we've seen serious examples of cuts to the mouth and damage to people's teeth. >> there's been 69 reports of broken blades and 36 reports of mouth or tooth injuries made over the past 20 years so now 22 different models of food processors are being recalled. >> i think the injuries have come to light more recently as it goes back 20 years. we have one of these and it's probably more on the 20-year-old side and so we don't want consumers to be complacent. >> now to be sure. check to see if you own one that's been recalled. if that's the case the company is offering a full replacement blade. yankee candles is recalling 31,000 candles from its lumionous collection fragrance line.
4:49 pm
the jar can crack when the candle is lit posing a laceration hazard. they were sold from september through november. you should stop using product and return it to yankee candle for a full refund. a warning to be aware of counterfit tickets being sold to the hit show "hamilton." in just one day all the tickets for the tony award-winning play were sold out for the upcoming san francisco performances. people determined to see the show are being forced to buy tickets at inflated prices on the second market and some fear counterfeit tickets will flood the marketplace. >> so we've seen reports in new york and in chicago where it's been a big approximate hundreds and hundreds of people are complaining about ending up with tickets that are counterfeit. they go to the theater and realize that the tickets are not valid. >> reporter: double check the spelling of the url when buying online. don't buy from strangers tigz on
4:50 pm
social media or selling on the street. be spishts whenever you're offered a price significantly below the going right and don't fall for the lottery skarnlgs an e-mail that information you you've just won the tickets. one lottery that's legitimate is being held at the orpheum theater and winners will get a chance to purchase a ticket for $10. there's a whole ton of people hanging out there but you can win. >> somebody is going to be lucky. >> thanks, michael. in today's wellness report, america's teens are abusing fewer drugs than previous generations. >> and rural babies are the biggest victims of america's opiod endick. here's jane king >> reporter: rise in infant drug dependence is felt most in rural areas. for the first time increase in drug-dependant newsbrorns been d disproportionately higher in urban areas and this straining
4:51 pm
hospital neo-natal units. who wants to feel less stressed? here's one group's surprising suggestion. give time away and while it seem chount intuitive saying those who tend time on others had m e more -- marijuana use is down among eighth to tenth graders and drinking is down from 52% in 2001 and nike training three top runners to make history, money a marathon in two hours or less, that's a pace of 4.34 a mile. nobody has come close to that. the current world record is 2:02.57 and nike will help the three world class runners in their training. from the nasdaq imi'm jane king. >> if you're running a marathon you need better wings, no
4:52 pm
woman turned 114iers old yesterday. reports say dunlap did not appreciate all the fuss, and she told everybody she was only 105. let's get that straight, kids! her family says it's her habit to -- the abc 7 news hat 4:00 continues. up next, lots of graffiti and lots of tranchlt the effort to clean up the south bay and why officials say a look ahead for what's coming up at 5:00. >> chemical spill in the north bay. the everyday -- tech workers uneed and what they arener going
4:53 pm
to do and why the bank is facing for sanctions. that's when on the "abc 7 news at 5:00." afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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coming up on abc 7," the middle" followed by "american housewife with the "and at 10:00 "jimmy kimmel live" and a conversation about "rogue one," a "star wars" story and then don't miss "abc 7 news at 11:00. ? trash and graffiti along the highways, now a continuous problem in san jose. >> and now city officials are asking a state agency to pay more attention. abc 7 news reporter l eer lonnia
4:57 pm
shows us their solution. >> reporter: when you drive into the city of san jose it's hard to miss this view of trash scattered along several highways and the persistent problem hassan jose officials calling for a state agency to step up. >> the basic issue is caltranz says they have a lot of vacancies in their maintenance crews and that's why the freeways look awful. they pay everyone the same amount throughout the state. >> the same pay structure in an expensive city has forced many caltrans workers to move so now san jose has a solution to speed up cleanup efforts. >> today we'll see a contract approved for $3 million approximately with the san jose conservation core. >> cleanup is a good step and senator jim bell says it's not a long-term solution. >> just putting it into a law enforcement mode and a constant cleanup and cleanup and cleanup mode doesn't solve the problem. the real answer is to provide some of housing for the homeless. >> he says much of the litter is
4:58 pm
left from abandoned homeless encampments. >> we can't keep pushing the homeless from one place to another. >> caltrans is having a hard time staying on top of these trash highways and just in the 2015-2016 the south bay regional office took more than 7,000 calls for maintenance service requests. the city's proposal also includes public input on different ways to clean up graffiti. city solutions backed by state dollars in an effort to make these highways cleaner and safer. in san jose, lonni rivera, aches 7 news. >> pop quiz. what's wrong with this sign? all right. if you're familiar with the north bay, then you know there's no such word in marin. the exit sign on northbound 101 should say mill vale, not mill valley road. caltranz acknowledged the mistake and promised a fix in the coming days. caltranz is in the process of changing out signs throughout the county to ones made of a better reflector material.
4:59 pm
>> thanks so much for joining us for "abc 7 news at 4:00. request "i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. "abc 7 news at 5:00" starts right now. the bay area fights back against the incoming administration on two fronts tonight. in sfris coat rare move by scientists to protect environment. while in silicon valley, tech workers unite. their vow to never help the president-elect do something many of them fear. also ahead, the search of a south bay home after finding chemicals that could be used for making bombs. and water, water everywhere. despite the drought, we've got too much of a good thing. rushing to clear the drains as 'power toll storm heads this way. in san francisco officials are trying to prevent flooding by sucking up sludge in storm drains. >> and crews try to fix a drain getting ready for the next storm after the previous one turned their field into a lake.
5:00 pm
and in marin county, the king tide is peaking and local roads are at risk. >> less than 48 hours from now we are in for a big storm. lieian melendez is high near 101 in in mill valley. >> well, dan, it's not just about the storm. it's about the storm plus the king tide plus the runoff from places like mt. tam. all of that happening basically at the same time. the king tide caused flooding in the usual areas of marin county and cars tried to navigate through the waters and caltrans closed the exit towards highway 101 near mill vale and conditions made it dangerous for some drivers and despite the roadblocks some decided to take their chances. even bicyclists had a rough time when riding


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