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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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and we should expect flooding. >> abc7 news is helping you get prepared tonight and we begin with spencer christian to explain when the worst of the storm will hit. >> you can see we have areas of light scattered rain at the moment but here is our storm moving into the eureka area now and it's going to be a powerful one. the storm ranks three. we haven't had a three in nine months. this produces gusts up to 50 miles per hour. and flooding and wipd damage are also possible. notice by 6:00 in the morning we'll see areas wide spread of moderate to heavy rainfall into san francisco, then, rain continues to spread and notice areas in yellow, orange, and red and heavy down pours spread
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across the bay area so the commute is going to be a mess. winds will be a problem tomorrow as well. and flash flood watch for the burns car areas to the >> main may have been a factor. the driver of this truck told police he lost control. it spilled 30 gallons of fuel and crews were able to contain the spill. preparations for tomorrow's stoefrm, abc7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live with the story. laura? >> reporter: residents are not the only ones getting ready for the storm.
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he has everything people might need. >> it's a shopping trip to the local hardware store to pick up items that may be essential. like tarps. >> there is bungee cords and ponchos. >> they'll keep an eye on the football field that flooded over the weekend and could well do it again tomorrow. what happens when we have a flood is that it can wrinkle and tear seams of the field. >> east bay mudd had crews near jack east bay mud will continue to monitor the situation as the
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next rains move through. >> better than average, including a wet october. like i said just keep wanting more of it. >> east bay mud reports storage is better than last year, but the snow pack and sierra is well below average. >> 90% of california falls under drought and wayne freedman is live from lucky drive where it doesn't look, or feel like a drought there. >> water officials will say california is in drought but the north bay is decidedly different, especially with the storm blowing in tomorrow. in the north bay, call this the
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gentle, wet storm. >> if we prayed for rain it will come. this is perfect. >> perfect may be a matter of interpretation especially after the king tide did it's number in mill valley. one way the sign says. not to carson hanson who his for a kayak. rainfall is 120% of normal and reservoirs, 83%. if the rest of the state had as much water would there be a drought? >> i don't think so. >> north of the golden gate, the word drought does not eek kuwait. here is a pile of sandbags
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it is also political correct. she's not worried. >> it has to rain for the whole week. >> if we get six inches of rain in >> we'll show it on air and yahoo just announced a massive security breech, the second time in three months. this time a billion user accounts have been affected.
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>> 1 billion users, all of their information could be out there. names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and even security questions and answers. yahoo says it happened in 2013, law enforcement discovered it and this is separate from the breech in september when data was stolen as early as 2014. this is the latest reminder hackers will find ways in and it's up to us to protect ourselves. >> don't use the same log in name and pass word for shopping on amazon. you should have different log in names and different pass words for every site that you go to. a spokes said we'll evaluate
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the situation and we'll review impact of the development before reaching any final conclusions. yahoo shares dropped on news of the breech. it's notifying 1 billion account users if that is you, you will be required to change your pass word. dan? new details about a marin county crash that killed three young men. chp ruled out drugs and alcohol. 18-year-old chance maurer and his two passengers were killed when the car this were in crashed into a tree on october 18th. the chp says he was driving between 75 and 90 miles per hour before the crash. a house fire turned into a murder investigation in alameda tonight. the home is on grove way. investigators say the woman was killed before that fire started.
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>> a mobile crime lab has the street blocked off around this home, investigators are facing some challenges because a lot of the evidence was destroyed in the fire. >> just a horrible thing. >> a widow who lived alone in this house is dead. her body, and home, set on fire. neighbors feared the attack could have been random and nobody feels safe. >> they're being suspicious of everything right now. >> sheriff deputies say the 59-year-old was killed and house set on fire to burn the evidence. the sergeant says the victim's husband died just a few months ago. the victim had no run ins with law enforcement. it doesn't seem they've had run ins with anybody. so that is why this case is
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concerning to us and so baffling. >> investigators have been at the scene of the fire since 2:45 tuesday. their focus was the garage. at one point, they uncovered and searched a storm drain out front. there are several cameras and he has been reviewing the footage but will not reveal what they found. >> in this day and age and the way the world is turning there isn't really. all we can do is make sure cameras are up and running. >> sheriff investigators have no motive. alisa harrington, abc7 news. in lake county it's common to have earthquakes at the geysers but the 5.0 quake that hit that area this morning was the strongest in 30 years.
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abc 7 news viewer describes what he felt. >> well, we're all standing around talking and felt a shake. then, floor started to twist. the christmas tree started swaying back and forth and light fixtures swaying. >> this have been two dozen after shocks and no reports of damage or injuries. stay with us, uber's self  driving cars hit the streets today and they've received more tension than expected. >> next, michael finney explains why the dmv ordered uber to stop it's illegal activities. and a flight simulator like no other but not just for pilots. we're going to take you inside future flight, nasa's virtual control tower and explain how it's making flying safer. a week ago, it seemed they'd never see eye to eye.
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california department of motor vehicles ordered uber to stop operating self driving cars immediately. the cars hit the road for the first time today but without approval by the dmv. michael finney joins us now and michael, it was quick to take action. >> the day started well for uber with plenty of attention but the cars welcome wore out.
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if hoping to be a media darling, it was disappointed. this video appeared to show a car running a red light. a car appearing to have uber markings drives past. uber says this is a case of human error and it was not in self driving mode when it ran the light. posted this headline, uber's robo car test is a middle fing finger. >> i think these are renegade cars that aren't complying with laws. >> these are a list of company that's have permits and uber is not on the list. the dmv saying it's illegal for the company to operate the cars
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and warned of legal action if uber doesn't get permits require forward putting the vehicles on public roads. jamie court, however, has plenty to say. >> uber can't makeup it's own rules but this is an important point is that robot cars can't get a ticket. you can't put a robot car in jail. >> consumer watch dog calling on police to pull cars over and the city attorney to prosecute. >> san francisco city attorney should say the ceo of uber if if you're going to have unlicensed cars i'm going to charge you with drive wouth a license. that is a misdemeanor. that is punishable by up to six
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months in prison. >> i've reached out to the district district attorney. >> mixed signals out of today's nfl owner's meeting about the raider's future in oakland. the commissioner says there aren't a proposal he thinks addresses issues in oakland but he says the league will continue to work on it. >> relocations are painful and it's something we want to avoid. >> raiders owner mark davis did not comment on the statement or on yesterday's vote which gave ronnie lott's group approval to try to negotiate a deal with the raiders, davis is maintaining his commitment to move the team but can't apply for relocation until completing a deal in vegas, which he hasn't done. the deadline to file is
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february 15th. >> we have clouds and light, scattered rainfall but nudging in the way of stormy weather yet. it's just hours away. let's take a look from our roof top camera here looking toward embarcadero center. it's 58 degrees in san francisco. also, 50, upper 50s in oakland and mountain view. and 61 in san jose. this is the view from emeryville looking west across the bay. you can see clouds in the sky there. but this location is calm. temperatures mid to upper 50s in santa rosa and fairfield, concord and livermore. another live view where there has been light rain. you can see the pavement is wet but traffic seems to be flowing freely. these are the forecast features. a strong storm coming in in the early morning hours, windy and
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raining tomorrow. and there is a possibility of flooding and power outages. the approaching storm is strong, ranking three. strongest storm we have seen since march will bring winds gusting to 50 miles per hour and 1 to 2 inches of rainfall will accompany the storm. 2 to 5 inches in coastal hills and flooding is possible with the later in the day, rain continues to spread and we'll see wade spread areas of moderate to heavy rain and the evening xhus will start to wind down. and rainfall totals to nearly
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two inches in concord and up in santa rosa, over two and a half inches of rain. winds will be the gusts weakening into friday morning. in the sierra, storm will produce snow and look for 1 to 2 feet of snow over the passes and low visibility and travel delays likely. here is the accu-weather forecast. stormy day, high temperatures low 60s. friday, showers tapering off, it gets sharply cooler, highs into
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low 50s on the coast, mid-50 inland. and winter begins on wednesday. >> continuing, tech and trump. how many big names from silicon valley met with the president-elect today and which was left out of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out
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today, flags are flying in half staff to mark the fourth anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. 20 students and six adults were shot to death. the 20-year-old gunman, adam lanza later killed himself. newtown doesn't typically hold a memorial on the day of the tragedy. donald trump held a round table with the titans of the tech industry today, some of the most influential names from silicon valley attended the meeting, including cheryl sandberg, and peter teal. also, jeff bezos and
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spoke a consill preparatory tone with the group. >> everybody is talking about the bounce, everybody has to like me, at least a little bit. >> absent was twitter ceo jack dorsey. mr. trump is known for his heavy use of twitter. the president-elect confirmed he's nominated former texas governor rick perry to lead the department of energy. the federal reserve decided today to raise interest rates. >> it is a vote of confidence in the economy. >> rates will move up by a quarter percent and fall between 0.5% and 0.75%. by comparison, they were above 5% in 2008. officials plan to raise rates three times next year.
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how does a combination of 8 and 6 equal five? it becomes the fifth largest air line in america. >> how many aspects of air travel are not going to change after virgin and alaska team up. >> christmas coming early for children in the tender loin. and cheryl jennings takes you on a journey to show what happens to these donated medical supplies from the bay area to peru. stay with us.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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it's a marriage of equals for now. alaska airlines and virgin america are an item, but will continue to separate separately until they decide what the merger will look like. >> more on what it means for customers. >> alaska airlines
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were greeted by future co-workers. the flight made it official. together as one, they'll create the fifth largest carrier in the country. for now, their slogan is more to love. >> another thing i love is that we're not done. >> the airlines will continue to separate separately. the details will be hammered out next year. alaska air group purchased the group for #$.6 billion. with a combined fleet of 19,000 employees. >> to you like the music? >> the plane was decided for this flight. when asked if it will adopt mood
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lighting and food to order program, alaska says it has a lot to learn from virgin. >> i think alaska is going to do cool in its own way. >> the ceo promise no layoffs in front line positions. >> i think you'll see expansion of the route >> this south bay tennis coach is in jail accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with a girl. authorities arrested matt montana last week, charged with sex abuse of a child and counts of looewd acts on children.
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>> this is something you don't want to see this holiday season. your tree, up in flames. a fire district demonstrated how fast fires can spread. a dry tree can turn into a deadly fireball. >> if water retreats you can't just expect it going to live with no water for a period of time longer. if it fly -- drys out, it's going to be vulnerable to having a fire. >> kitchen fires are a common danger, usually caused by burning oil. remember, not to throw water on it. smother it with a lid or use a twier extinguisher. >> oakland temperatures rescued someone from a burning house. flames coming from a home east of lake merit and firefighters
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rescued him. doors p for a concert that will benefit victims of the ghostship warehouse fire. proceeds will benefit the gray area a complaint was filed after the ghostship taj di. it appeared people were living in that building. refrigerator, and food, beds and a stove were burned. a moment of silence in memory of the goepship fire victims happened at everett and jones just before we learned how neighbors have come together.
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>> our emotions were kind of high. said i'm so proud we've talked about readopted our next door neighbors. >> we've come to realize we have the same goals. >> fire inspectors looked over the site today and artists admit they're not totally in compliance. we've dedicated a section of our website to coverage of the tragedy. you'll find the information on >> santa came with toys donated by a owner touched by a story
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abc7 news. >> for these kids they were in for a there was christmas in the air and hugs and lots of toys which he gave to each >> i got a painting and a book. >> what do you think about santa? >> what i like is that he gives toys. >> this is the fourth year santa has come to city academy.
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it started with a story that touched hearts of many, including nick. >> in 2012 we heard a story of heart breaking journals about the challenges in their lives, like this one. my mom and dad were on drugs. when i was little i was homeless and poor. and living with out my dad is like living without a heart. no emotions come through me without him. >> it's been a rough environment and tough times. if we can just make them happy, we did a good job. >> >> talk about the spirit of christmas. right? one of the strongest storms of the year will be over the bay area. >> we're keeping an eye on the
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weather and spencer christian will be back with the forecast in less than 15 minutes. >> it may be the only airport tower where you can make it rain on command. inside nasa's future flight simulator, head on abc7 news.
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>> here, weather and low clouds were delaying flights by
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an astronomer from san jose, california... a law student from greenwich, connecticut... and our returning champion, a science content developer from austin, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. a science content developer and a very smart lady. that's our new champion.
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susanna and edward, you are the challengers today. i welcome you and wish you all good luck. we're now starting the jeopardy! round, with these categories in play. we will give you the literary lines. you give us the literary work they are from. those two letters coming up in each correct response. off you go, champ. much bigger than a breadbox for $200, please. edward. what is a blue whale? blue whale -- right you are. do representin' for $200. cindy. who is newt gingrich? yes. much bigger than a breadbox for $400.


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