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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, north bay, let's get going. >> pounding rain and wind gusts, the bay area will see all of that and more and a stronger storm of the own is moving in as we speak. >> good morning, it is through, december 15. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. this is jessica castro.
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and we have alexis smith tracking the roads and meteorologist mike nicco preparing for this day all week. >> this is as good as advertised, no hype here. when we upgraded it to a "3" we stuck with it. the leading edge of the steady rain is around santa rosa and north but we have scattered pockets of drizzle to scattered light rain. it is not going to be a dry commute but it will not be like the evening commute either when the batch of rain comes down. here is san rafael an area seeing the wet weather, temperatures today are going to be in the mid-to-upper 50s and upper 50s and nearly 60 heaviest rain this morning through account in the north bay and heart of bay from noon to 4:00 and south by by 7:00. alexis? >> we have wind gusts and high wind advisory for the bay bridge so both hand on the wheel. not the best difficult to haul a trailer or camper. westbound 580 before north flynn is our only blocking issue. heading to the altamont pass we
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have the far left lane blocked. the vehicle respond out. it is fixing the wrong way. in the left lane. >> a major area for concern this morning for flooding and mudslides is the santa cruz mountains. >> up to 6" of rain is expected there just today. this is in the burn area. our reporter is there for us live. matt? >> some days you feel like a human sponge with the drizzle in the santa cruz mountains but if you leave any space on your body for water to get to it, it will take advantage of that and get you soaked heavy rain boots. it is more about getting wet, it can be dangerous if you drive on highway 17, as i was driving up here from the santa clara county side there were two rocks in the
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middle of the road the size of my 50 and i had to make sure i avoided those. be prepared for that. today. especially in the area of the loma fire. in october 4,500 acres of scorched land with no vegetation to hold back the dirt so rocks came tumbling down and there is serious concern about the possibility of rock slides and debris flow and the policy of crashes on highway 17. i am tracking the c.h.p. website and so far so good, i am looking at it here and there is only one incident with a closure of a ready on bear creek and hidden springs lane and that is in the mountains and not where a lot of people are traveling. if you are in the santa cruz mountains be careful. slow down. >> san francisco public works putting out temporary flood
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putting out temporary flood barriers at 17th and full san francisco is the only major urban area in the country that uses this special technique. there are flooding issues in the north bay where amy hollyfield is on storm watch. how is it looking amy? all the storm has moved in to marin county. here is video we shot 101 in san rafael. leave for work earlier. you are going to have a slow commute. leave extra space between you and the car in front of you. also, look for standing wart. there is an urban and small stream flood advisory in place. there will be text alerts about hazards include downed trees and power outages so this community
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has prepared and it is time to see what this storm is going to do to marin county. many of us would like to see reservoirs overflowing after years of trout and the forge is better than this time year at 80% capacity. >> better than average precipitation through the start of the rainy season and including an incredibly wet october. we went more. >> not out of the woods or promising in the sierra right new. the snow pack is still well below zero. >> rain here means snow i the sierra and it began falling on tuesday, in soda springs several foot of snow could fall in the in few days. if you are thinning of ping to the snow we have the latest road and resort conditions at 6:00 a.m. you can track the storm with our news app with live doppler hd on the appen abling
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push alerts for weather advisories. >> the breaking news is international from the middle east. evacuations are underway in syria. the international committee of the red cross said they are attempting to evacuate continue people hurt out of aleppo. you can see plans going and the city. syrian state media reports 29 trucks and ambulances along with medics going to the villages that need evacuation with families trapped. the number is reported that up to 5,000 people could need help. we watching the story closely after a cease-fire daily earlier this week but it is peaceful right new with the evacuation underway. we are getting incredit video -- incredible
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mountain lion and prey happening on the porch of a peninsula home. lilian kim has the story and video. >> mary and peter were sleeping in their hillsborough home and heard loud noises. it was a no one no one on the front porch. i looked through the peephole i thought it was a coyote on the front porch. i opened the door and looked and i said it is not a coyote it is a bigger animal. >> she shut the door quickly and the couple observed the no mounn lion and captured video of the cat capturing a deer it just captured slamming it on the fence. >> it dragged the deer ever the railing and the dogs were not
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intimidated barking pretty crazy. all the mountain lions are not uncommon in hillsborough acceptly along the canyon but this is the first time mary and peter have seen one so close. >> we told the children to be careful and to be aware and to carry a stick or umbrella and to be big and loud if they see something. >> close encounter this couple will never forget. berkeley mess are asking for help to find a woman missing since thanksgiving, last seen sweep the walkway outside her apartment november 24. she is 5 foot 9" and 140 pounds family and trends are worried. >> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> i add on to what amy was talking about a small stream and
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urban flooding advisory. the national weather service had it until can this morning and we have been tweeting back and forth and they will extend it but they did not tell me "when." so this is to be determined. when the rain moves in, and it is moving into the unable, but it will get heavier and cause the small stream and unban flood ing. you can see the streets are wet. drizzle is rolling through san francisco. on the road during the afternoon and early evening and windy on the bay and the coast we still have another round of king tides. walnut creek is quieter and more dry than yesterday. temperatures today are in the secretary and tomorrow upper 40s to my 50's and low 50s on saturday. 20 in san carlos, and 22 in santa rosa and the fastest winds are moving in to thing to by as we head to the lunch hour and from anyone to 7:00, 25 to
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35-miles-per-hour gusts for the rest of us, 50 if you are in the higher elevations. >> it will be busy on the roads. we are quiet. and enjoying a quiet start to the thursday morning drive. back to the altamont pass area, westbound 580 before north flynn we had a solo vehicle crash. it is now off on the shoulder. you can see we have a four mile backup back to the 205 merge. some stop-and-go traffic remains. tracy to dublin is 37 minutes. honestly, that deared early enough and we will not see a huge problem. bay bridge commute the mist and drizzle under the street latches a report of a crash on the 9th street off rap and hearing of a new crash in vallejo that is next. >> we have seen this demonstration the christmas tree warning firefighters say you need to hear. again. all the partnership that promises to make your commute go smoother. smoother. stay tuned.
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>> a restitution hearing is held for the man who admitted bilk people out of millions in a wine ponzi scheme. he was sent to six years in prison, owner of a now branch wine store in berkeley. he acknowledged he falsified orders that he never contracted
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to by. prosecutors say at time he weren't bankrupt the customers were over $45 million. >> san jose man is under arrest for threatening to carry out a suicide bombing against the b.t.a. at 9:30 yesterday morning promising transit police to sweep the entire system. the san jose resident complained that they would not give him bus tokens for his mental health visits. >> jury has acquitted a man over excessive force and bart police officers, michael smith was found not guilty of four counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer. they could not reach a verdict on three other couples of battery after police officer and resisting arrest. he physically resisted the officers when they tried to retain him after an armed robbery report. video was posted of the july 29 incident by bystanders showing
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the officers punching smith in the head while restrained at the embarcadero station. the video went viral and viewed 120,000 times. >> police in concord are trying to find three young men accused in an armed robbery posting these photos on facebook, the men in the white, black sweat third and blue d shirt suspected in an arm robbery outside a liquor store on meadow lane earlier this week the. >> today in the first look, closely watched case of a south florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband has ended in a mistrial >> here is the story. >> in "first look," we, the jury, after further deliberation still and not reach a unanimous verdict. >> bombshell announcement in the murder-for-hire case against the wife, the jury deadlocked. >> i must declare a mistrial. >> the man at the center is speaking out. >> i have to be honest i'm real
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surprised. they left so on table. >> that is the now ex-husband of the woman caught on video allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill him in 2009. only the alleged hit man was actually an undercover police officer. >> show has maintained her innocence but one would voted to find her guilty said and i quote, "it was real and she thought he was dead this is what sheshe wanted." coming up, we will have more on her case. that is "first look," from "good morning america" from new york. san francisco mayor lee will announce a gun my back events in the hopes of making city streets and homes safer this holiday season. the group is called united teaming up with police to hold the gun guy back event on saturday in soma $100 is given for handguns and $200 for semi-automatic weapons in questions asked. it is from 8:00 a.m. to noon on
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howard entwo 6th and 7th. >> do you taught want did see this, your holiday tree up in flames. we were in menlo park yesterday as the fire direct -- district shows us how fast the christmas tree fires can spread. remember to water your tree. a dry one can turn into a deadly fireball. >> at least water the tree. if the tree dry out they are vulnerablest having a first and it will video as we stated. >> kitchen fires are the most common holiday danger usually caused by burning oil. remember, do not throw water on it but smother it with a lid. >> meteorologist mike nicco has rain coming down and where are we see it? >> in the north bay with the leading edge of the steady rain moving through santa rosa with heavier rain at guerneville and head over to st. helena but we
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have patchy rain elsewhere looking south and you look to the north, already heavy rain moving into the area sinking to the south although the individual cells are moving southwest to northeast. san jose is dry through most of morning commute and until the anyone hour and it will strange over at 280 and 17. are you ready? mentally? and physically? mentally, the nightmare of a commute is comic this -- comings evening. heavy rain and gusty wind tomorrow but it will be dry and temperatures below average, blooding and wind damage happening from 5:00 to 9:00, the heavy can steady rain and the rest of us seeing light rain of the by noon, it is moving into the heart of the bay, the santa
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cruz mountains and from noon to 4:00, sinking and met of the bay 4:00 to 7:00 move through the south bay and by 9:00 to noon or midnight it is over. how much rain should we expect? the south bay will get the rain but it is dry through the morning commute and then you are up to 1 to 2". my seven-day forecast shows chilled sunshine, breezy conditions tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s and dry the rest of the weekend. alexis in. >> today is a from day to telecommute if you want to make the arrangements, it is highly recommended. we are okay right new for most of the bay area and i will take you to vallejo, westbound 80 beyond magazine street four vehicles are involved and one of the cars rear ended a semi-trailer and a couple others followed blocking the fast lane and they are working to 20 the cars pushed off to the toll
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plaza for the cartinez bridge and the debris is cleared. bay bridge in delays westbound into san francisco we had a crash on the 9th street off-ramp that cleared the last few minutes and if you are plan on taking the san francisco bay ferry, hold on to your hat it will be breezy and they are monitoring this storm and possibly have to a service because of weather. >> a possible trillion for outsmarting traffic, a data share panship -- partnership for better real time traffic. ways will share information collected by user on cell phone apps and the ftc will share the similar situation during the morning and evening computes. all the most searched subject on google? it will surprise you. more people in the united states
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googled powerball than any other topic in 2016. that stuns me. >> want to win the money. >> people are thinking about leaving their jobs and dreaming. the jackpot was a record $1.6 billion in january. prince, in surprise, was second highest after his death. and peck monday -- pokemon go the most searched topic worldwide. that says a lot. i don't know if it is good but it says a lot. >> how california's new rules could set a new standard for computer makers everywhere. we are specificking major weather to come today and we weather to come today and we went to keep you informed.
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daddy!! did you get my surprise? ♪ it's the little things that make life rich. ritz. here are the seven things you need to know. first, the weather. a major storm moving in, "3" which is strong on the storm-impact scale. light rain in the north bay but noon to 5:30 it will be heavy, wind and treed downed with power outages. >> rough day on the roads overall. not too bad now. we have a your leaving westbound 80 before the cartinez bridge three mile backup. you are down to 16 miles per hour. approaching it. it should be clear soon.
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three, dmv ordered uber to stop testing self-driving cars hitting the road yesterday. dmv said uber does future have the permits and uber said they do not believe they need them the. >> this affects so many, bridge tolls but for the golden gate bridge could go up by $3! according to the marin independent journal it will be used to fund several progresses, with the idea still early stages and they hope to get it in front of lawmakers soon. >> five, breaking news from the live desk, people in corpus christi, texas, have in water. it could be contaminated with a serious chemical. do not use any tap water. >> video from hillsborough home shows a mountain lion drag a deer away from the family front porch. it was fascinating and frightening. they are using it as a lesson for their kids to be aware of
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surroundings. >> seven, gaming fans, have mark ohio launches on the iphone today you can play parts of the game for flow but unlimited access costs you $9.99. >> california now the first state to approve energy efficient requirement force listen tops and desk stops and monitoring, with the manager commission approving new standards to require computers to draw less power when idle. the new york reductions are expected to equal the annual energy consumption of every home in san francisco. >> an actress in a hollywood family is in san francisco to star in a musical of "cite christmas." she is the daughter of judy garland and first performed this several years ago and this is a "feel good christmas
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production." >> this was written by a man who adored our country. can you not get more american for drill. ♪ i'm dreaming ♪ i'm dreaming ♪ of a white crime >> and now, how the rain is impacting the drivers. >> flooding is possible you can get sandbags. >> big investigation underway at an airport in boston and what is happening and how it could affect your flight to the city. >> right now the rain is already coming down in some areas and can you see the drops on the lens in california and we well lens in california and we well keep weather
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good morning, east bay, let's get going. it is here. look at live doppler hd showing us the leading edge of the major storm moving into the bay area right now. brace yourself for flash flooding, mudslides and dangerous traffic conditions. good morning on thursday december 15. i am natasha zouves. >> i am rogue regular. with jessica castro and traffic reporter alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco getting us ready for the "3" on the storm-impact scale. >> you have the flavor of the day down so now, a look at live doppler hd you can see the leading edge of the steady rain from st. helena santa rosa to bodega bay. we have spotty drizzle to scattered showers even in the santa cruz mountains. we have an early start for up to 4 to 6" of rain. not dry in san francisco from pier 15. the north bay through 7:00 and winds and the intensive rain hit the central bay through 4:00 and move into the south bay at 7:00.
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very mild. temperatures in the upper 60 with plenty of watches and an ondate on that next. >> we have the metering lights on now and filling in. you can see our spider web is shake around with a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and above hands on the wheel and other slowest spot westbound 80 a crash before you get to the cartinez bridge that cleared to the last shoulder and hercules will take you 29 minutes so this is 10 minutes longer than normal. i will show you the soggy cameras in less than ten. >> half a foot of rain is expected in the santa cruz mountains. >> this is a serious situation in the loma first burn area. matt is trafficking the risk for flooding and mudslides. >> good morning, science i last saw i have unlessed traffic on highway 17 is picking up and i
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have noticed the winds picking up the drizzle is going sideways and it has been drizzle all morning but the relative problem it is collecting on the road, all the water and it is kicked up by the tire on highway 17. this should make for an interest , commute. hopefully not dangerous. this video is scots valley. driving in the mountains will be dangerous with a threats of a crash when it rains and the possibility of rock slides and debris flow which is a relative threat in the area where the loma fire burned. those areas were stripped the having station and 4,500 acres burned and several answers assessed the area to person point the vulnerable spots so people living in the area have to be extra careful. and we will, too, driving conditions slick. slow down, in safety is not a
5:33 am
big concern i will give you another reason for why you should slow down this morning, when i was driving up here on the santa clara county side i saw c.h.p. officer park on the side of the road so there is a poll you could get a ticket. many bay area cities have set up sandbag filling stations ahead of the storm and some clue palo alto and menlo park and richmond and martinez and walnut creek and you do need to bring your own shovel with a list of all the locations on >> east bay mud crews prepare for the next round of rain testing sewer sensors in oakland testing sewer sensors in oakland at thes new and this is the first time we have seen this disconnect want the instruments and we want to make sure there is no
5:34 am
overflow. there is in physical evidence of an overflow. >> officials will continue to monitor the levels as the rains move through. >> the city of pacifica is holding a news conference to discuss plans to demolish another cliff side apartment because of coastal erosion. it was yellow tagged in january and residentsed that move out. the owner has neglected the building that now is at risk of crumbling over the cliff and a threat to publicist. two neighboring apartment buildings were torn down. can you track the storms with our news app enabling push alert s to get advisories. >> failing shooting last two people dead in east oakland at a gas station at 98th at 9:00. a women died at the scene account other died at the hospital. no word on suspects or a motive. >> a search is under way for a
5:35 am
man who is "armed and dangerous." a dispute over a day may have led mark weber to attack his neighbor with a baseball bat. the two live next door to each other in morgan hill. a neighbor called police saying the men were fighting, officers could not find anything and they came back to the scene later they looked through a window at the victim's house and saw a lot of blood. police say the man was taken to the hospital with major injuries to his head, bow, arms and legs. >> the suspect mark weber, told a family member, he had bludgeoned his neighbor to death with a back and now proceed to hurt himself. >> i think he is scared, not armed and dangerous, he is a not a bad man. >> to clarify, police say high is armed andization and police are saying he reasonable is still in santa clara county.
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>> disturbing. >> an investigation at boston logan airport. >> in the past 24 hours at at least seven flights have been hit by a laser near the airport and the f.a.a. is having. crews from united, spirit airlines and ups were all hit and two of the flights were headed to the west coast a dangerous situation. it blinds the pilot and the crews. as mass state police are alerted. shining a laser at an aircraft is a liberals crime. police are investigating reports of the lasers coming from the m.i.t. campus area but did not cause delays. just heads up if you are flying there. >> maddening that people do that. >> as oakland recovers from the deadly of the fire in its history there is unbelievable amount of show with fundraisers and benefits on-line and in
5:37 am
person held for those impacted by the ghost ship warehouse fire. $1.6 million has been raised will the money will help families of the 36 victims and the 20 artists. we saw venues each night holding fundraisers after the fire on december 2nd. >> if you drive across the bay area bridges, tolls could go up by $3. according to the marin i.j., to fund several projects including all of our bridges but the golden gate. a $3 toll hike brings in $381 million each year. the idea is in theerly stages. they hope to get it in front of lawmaker soon. mayor schaaf said the money would be better spent on affordable housing. what do you think of the proposal? sound off on social media using #abc7now get up. >> uber is not putting the brake on testing their self driving
5:38 am
cars in san francisco. >> this is shaping up to be quit a battle because dmv said these tests are illegal and they ordered uber to stop the experiment on the self-driving cars that started yesterday in san francisco because the d.m.v. said uber did not get the proper permits. uber said they do future need permits because the driver is still in the car monitoring what is happening from behind the wheel. according to the "san francisco examiner", the traffic division should have been notified. a reporter is not surprised by the way the company has rolled this out. >> that is kind of their m.o. with uber, launching things first and sort out the regulators' question later. >> d.m.v. is threatening legal action. so for 20 other companies have received permits to test self driving cars.
5:39 am
>> and dash camera, the uber self driving car ran through a red height yesterday and uber said this was due to human error with no passengers inside. the driver is suspended. i would love to see how the cars do in adverse conditions like today. keep an credit on sfo especially for you, they do not let us know of delays until 6:00. there will be major delays into sfo today. no doubt. our early chance of flooding is streets, parking lot, small extremes. the heaviest rain is not here yet so it will be extended. winter weather advisory, southern wins with gusts at 50 miles per hour and 10:00 this morning to 7:00 this evening in the north bay starting at 1:00 around the bay until 10:00 and we could have the damaging winds
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we could have the damaging winds from tree leans coming down an0
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco.
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if you have lived in the bay area you know that sfo will most likely report major delays for arrivals and departures, with the "3" hitting san francisco international airport hardest from noon to 5:00. when you take heading in your direction use #abc7now. we will find them and post them here and on-line. >>ia what's newest supreme court breach -- security breach could affect the sale to
5:45 am
affecting a billion users. now they have had two of the largest hacks ever months of each other verizon could back out. verizon acquired yahoo in july for $4.3 billion and a respond said they would review the back of the new development before reaching a final conclusion. >> united states intelligence officials say russian president vladimir putin was directly involved in the election hacking scandal. a spokesman called the report "funny nonsense," and a chairman of the senate foreign foreign is culling for a hearing next month over the accusations, and president obama has ordered a full review to be completed before he leaves office and when it is finished intelligence folks will release details. >> unexpected move, president obama declined to sign legislation renewing sanctions against iran, letting it become law without his signature. the president was expected to
5:46 am
sign off on the renewal of sanctions created in 1996. sanctions created in 1996. instead he let the >> cable tv host with deep ties to san francisco could be joining the trump administration as press secretary. >> "politico" reports that fox news home kimberly met three time about the gig and once married to former lieutenant governor newsom and was a district attorney would prosecuted the dog mauling in 2001. the oakland school board will appoint an acting will appoint an acting superintendent, expected to name
5:47 am
superintendent but her roots remain in the class. >> i consider missile a techier first in this work even as i sit as interim superintendent. all the district is lunching a nationwide search to find a permanent school chief. >> we are bracing for a sizable storm but other places around the country are seeing this, a deep trees. you are, althoughing at cleveland, ohio, a live shot driving long the highways there a little of snow is causing a lot of issues. the harsh weather is happening from coast to coast and further east rare thunder sky lit up the sky in new york, a very cold blanket of arctic air affecting parts of the midwest from new england could physical like continue to 30 degrees below zero with the wind chill and closer to here in portland drivers were stuck for hours including a bus full of
5:48 am
children. >> my feet were frozen by the second hour. we were terrified and i was freaked out. i want the to make sure my kid was safe. >> it is fought nearly as cold as what we see on the east coast but we are about to get hit with a last rain. >> now to meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have height rain in all neighbors but the south bay and east bay valley. at sfo light rain is falling now. this is because of the low clouds. not because of the big clouds. they will bring heavy rain and wind gusts. you can see it is rain on the bay bridge toll plaza with showers near the coast. cool breezes tomorrow. chilled sunshine this weekend. we are looking down to 116 heading into rohnert park where the radar is showing our better and steady rain with steady rain around san rafael and places like mill valley.
5:49 am
look at this, the low that will come up and all of this moisture ahead of it we are in the warm sector of this storm, and that is how you get heavy rain and it will push us up to a "3" today with gusts up to 50 mill so wind damage and power outages and flooding is possible, and now through 9:00 the yellows and the oranges in the north bay and the rest of us are seeing light rain. bien few, the yellows and the oranges, moderate rain moving in to the central bay and santa cruz mountains and by 4:00 moving into the east bay and the south bay but dead center in the hat of the bay. by 7:00 it is in the east bay and south bay and it slowly moves out by midnight. 1 to 2" of rain, 3 to 6" in the mountains. alexis? right if you we are looking at decent conditions around the bay bridge toll plaza and it is windy with high wind advisory across the bay bridge
5:50 am
a couple slow spots. westbound 80 through vallejo is 24 miles per hour. we had an earlier four car crash and westbound 80 at highway 4 reports of wood in the tracy to dublin 54 minutes. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco still okay at 19 minutes. new at 6:00 a new silicon valley company hoping to take on tesla. >> but, first, a new plan for san francisco parks and other green spaces coming underfire and some city leaders say thousands of trees have to go. >> ever find yourself asking, is this if to eat? washington wants to make that answer easier to know. stay tuned.
5:51 am
stay tuned. clear
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the storm-impact scale is "3" today, a strong storm. look out for flooding, hazards and possible power outages. stay ahead of the storm with the news app. it is 5:53. look at this, the wet approach to the toll plaza, richmond-san rafael bridge. you will likely wake up to wet and rainy conditions. send us a photo where you live, we want to see it or video #abc7now. we can show it on air. >> san francisco park leaders
5:54 am
are voting on a land that includes cutting down 18,000 trees in the bay area. the recreation and parkment proposal focuses on eucalyptus trees cutting 15,000 in shark park and pacifica that is own by san francisco. nine other areas would be impacted. the proposal said many of the eucalyptus trees are not healthy and should be replaced with native tree species instead. activists are upset arresting adding you need to plant three adding you need to plant three trees for each you remove to all the usda issued new exceedance on labeling foods for the sell they want to use one phrase
5:55 am
"best if used by." it covers mostly fresh produce and meat and dairy. packages goods fall under the f.d.a. so that is another system. >> "star wars" fans have been longing for this day. >> rogue one hits theaters tonight. fans are already picking up tickets, lining up, late at night, check out these guys, we checked this morning and there are still ticks available in the bay area. "rogue one," will have the secondist biggest december morning ever after "the force," last year. it does not have hands so likely going to be less but we get to see darth. $2.1 billion around the world last year and we will see what happened this year. >> i only saw one dude dressed up. step up your game bay area. >> abc7 is supporting toys for
5:56 am
tots and saturday and sunday if you bring an unwrapped toy to the nissan dealer you can make the holiday brighter. meteorologist mike nicco, man of the hour, take it away. >> we will get thunder snow in the sierra this afternoon at 1-to-2 foot at passes starting at noon today through 6:00 tomorrow. if you are traveling until 4:00 it will be windy but don't try to go up there this afternoon. this weekend, gorgeous on saturday 36 and sunshine. chilled sunshine and only 30 on sunday. alexis? >> i have live doppler hd on my traffic maps and not too much around san francisco of the rain but santa rosa and north you get steady rain around san rafael and novato as a fog, a drizzle we have had. it is wet on the traffic
5:57 am
cameras. sprinkles along the embarcadero. we will check out the drive times at 6:00. >> we are tracking the storm moving into the bay area with rain and wind making the commute difficult and how the rain is impacting the roads. >> mixed signals on raiders' plan to move to las vegas. >> we are watching weather at home and watching bad weather all cross country, i will tell you how that is affecting your travel plans. >> cheers and...tiers? what could be the most intense gain of rock, papers
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> it is 6:00 a.m. and we are tracking the storm arriving in the bay area as we speak. people have been seeing wet weather in the not by for hours. afternoon this was the scene on
6:00 am
highway 101 in san rafael. do not worry if you have not seen rain it is head your way. it is thursday, december 15. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco and jessica castro. the "3" storm is here. >> yes and the rain more intense than overnight. live doppler hd is showing the best radar returns and steady rain over to petaluma hill road in santa rosa. we have steady rain down to san rafael and kentfield and pockets of rain and drizzle but the heaviest rain in eureka is to the north. the best wet is in the not bay, noon to 4:00 in the industrial bay and moving into the south bay at 7:00 hour.


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