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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 16, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's december 16th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman hops on an escalator. what happens when she takes a tumble and can't stop. >> she would have been there all day. nana gets a gift that needs unwrapping. >> she's taking her sweet old time. >> why what's inside needs out fast. slippery conditions makes slow going. the bold moves of an e great on ice. we have christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing the best on the web, including a husband making a video. why it's putting money in his wife's pocket. >> clean breeze. >> even though he's broken the rules, he's now in the clear.
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>> every time i step on an escalator i think about this very thing. this woman in china steps on the escalator. she loses her balance. and starts tumbling from there. and she never quite catches herself. instead, she tumbles and tumbles until a person cleaning walks up and hits the emergency switch. >> she would have been there all day. like she was in the tumble dry, constantly going. >> that had to have hurt. >> not clear what exactly happened, but it all went downhill after she lost her balance. the woman in this next video, she's doing it wrong. she looks like she's on a stair climber. >> that's the thing, you're misunderstanding, she's doing that training pre-christmas. she's thinking about the big christmas meal. if i'm going to do my shopping, might as well spend 20 minutes on this. >> yeah, i'm with you, oli.
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i think this is intentional. she's getting a workout in while she shops. >> you can think what you want to think, but you clearly see that the other escalator is going up and going down and she's walking up it. so she's not going anywhere fast. >> gift surprises are the absolute best. this grandmother in arizona is getting a very early christmas gift. it's on her front porch, and it's pretty sizable. >> i love how she wants to analyze it instead of opening it. >> she's just taking her sweet old time. >> you have to open it now. >> urgent gift. she continues opening it up. >> surprise! >> that's actually her granddaughter. she was supposed to be in germany with her fiance's family for the christmas break. >> they broke up?
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>> they did not break up. in fact, she decided she was just going to take some time to spend time with grandma. >> so they are breaking up. >> surprise her. no! these are actually friends of one of our producers. person recording is her long-time friend. >> tell them to turn the phone sideways. this is a birthday gift in the next video. this 13-year-old girl is celebrating a big day. now a teenager. she's getting a little gift. it's headphones. she doesn't seem particularly excited or ecstatic, right? >> in reality, the gift they could not wait to give her is in the other room. this was just a decoy. before they even finish opening the box, mom says, honey, come on, we have something for you over here. now, her excitement level goes from zero to 60 in a split second. she's excited about a kitchenaid
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mixer, a food mixer. >> i can feel her excitement. what's she going to bake? >> cool thing is, she can make her own birthday cake. >> are you crying? this requires just five minutes for you to see three dash cams, roads out there are scary. >> this video you can tell this mom is prepared. look at her stroller. it's got skis on it. that was my favorite part of the video. she makes her way off with the baby, just in time, as well, because not long after that, that is way too far. in fact, that is fully out of control. starts skidding his way around, heading towards -- bang, right there. stays on its wheels before leaving the shot. i do not know what happens next.
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>> let's hope mom and baby are out of the way. >> you watch the video, a minute before the truck turns up, so i'm hoping that mom was well out of the way by that time. >> our next video we head to singapore. >> known as the garden city because all through the city, huge trees are out there. very, very cool. except when -- >> bang. two huge trees come down. >> didn't land right on top of the car. >> it doesn't appear there were any sort of injuries or anything like that. it's going to take a while before it can get out of the tree. >> hopefully that car can back out and leave. >> our next video we head to the states, riding in a tesla model s. >> oh! stupid! stupid! stupid person. >> that person obviously decided they wanted to take exit 26-w. the guy that posted this video credits the warning system that this tesla comes with to
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actually preventing an accident. you'll hear the audio warning. >> i got your advertising right here. you don't need to spend a dime. >> you see all the police lights. an emergency situation on the a3 in sur ree. this is a busy roadway, but they had to call in a specialist for this operation. >> he's already talking smack to these guys. >> my friend, simon cowell, has been called in because of that swan that does not want to go with him. so simon carefully and most dangerously risks life and limb to crawl through the bushes to capture the swan. simon carefully picks this juvenile swan up and carries it away. >> thank you very much. these nice people, look, thank you very much. >> what's really cool is what wildlife aid does. he takes it back to the center,
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gets his own cage, an enclosure for the night. the very next morning he puts it in the straight jacket, actually it's a swan coat, and carries it back to his car, takes it to be with other swans because he says this one was at the age parents are kicking it out and it needs to make its own way. this video is just plain funny. watch and behold the majesty, the beauty of an egret on ice to show this probably is not going to. >> it's like a woman in high heels in winter. >> yes. >> i can't argue against that. that's exactly what it's like. >> i have to say, ten points for not falling. this woman's about to take on a steamy challenge. >> she is going to eat eight bowls. >> see what happens when she gets to slurping. and puppets are breaking
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down. >> one of the things you shouldn't do while on the plane. >> on, off. on, off. >> why avoiding some of their suggestions is easier said than done. >> i just want to see the slide inflate. brought to you by -- mucinex. start the relief, ditch the misery. let's end this. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. also try fast-max multi-symptom for a powerful rush of cold symptom relief. let's end this.
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closed captioning provided by -- pot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. i know where to find a pair of fantastic beasts. estonia. ron and torre. they have a couple of slack lines in their hands, and when you see what these guys are capable of, it will boggle the
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mind. >> i'm already impressed and we're only seconds into this video. >> tandem synchronized slack lining, okay? >> oh, wow. >> they are treating the slack line like a trampoline, except it's only two inches wide. >> what? put socks over his shoes so he could slide down the slack line. such a creative video from the minds of these slack liners. it's the cinematography, as well, smart about where they decided to choose with all those trees. look at that. >> yeah, they set the lines up perpendicular so one could jump over the other. watch this, boom. one bounces, the other bounces. >> yeah, they've thrown the gauntlet down. notice the way they are shooting, the production of it, cinematography of it, it's a fantastic video. >> you ready for the cue degras, the grand finale? three slack lines stacked, ax in one hand, boom, cut the line.
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boom, cuts the second line. bounces, rebounds, cuts the line, and sticks the landing. well done, wow. >> the holidays are a time where a lot of people travel around to other countries, so just in case there are people at home that aren't comfortable at home, this is going to show all the things you shouldn't do while you're on a plane. >> making us a little uncomfortable. this way we can both see out the window. >> yeah. step-by-step guide, you know, that first one, maybe don't sit on that. >> unless you're a baby. >> speaking of babies, don't do this. >> won't stop. put it in checked luggage and i'll get it at baggage claim. >> oh, so you're not supposed to
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do that? >> no. >> i just want to see the slide inflate. i'll shut it again right after that. >> who wants to test that out? why? >> looks like fun. i want to slide down. >> i'm telling you, this is really good glute workout. >> that's the worst. trying to catch some shut eye. oh, you're right. >> could i have everyone's attention, please? if you see a ferret, it is mine. he escaped when i opened his cage to give him his diarrhea medication. >> we're all set for holiday travel. if you want to see all the things you shouldn't do on the plane, go to, click on tv show, or use our mobile app. this is sarah. she calls herself an amateur competitive eater.
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i say she's made it to the competitive class, because she's going to eight eight bowls of lordy me. and i'd like to have some. >> is it a soup? >> looks like a bowl of delicious soup. there are eight bowls right there. let's see how she does. she's done with one in under two minutes. part of food league singapore, posted this video. she starts making her way through bowl two, three, four, and five. did i mention she's a flight attendant? she's got extra baggage, i don't know where she's putting it. >> that's the thing, they are all rail thin, it's so weird. >> one bowl left, you guys. will she make it? of course, she will. >> that's incredible. >> here she is doing another food challenge, the beef burger challenge. check out this burger she manages to eat. >> wow. >> yeah. and, oh, it's burgers and fries. >> manhole cover.
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>> you guys, there's a little timer here. that timer is going backwards. >> not sure what makes her an amateur. eating all of this stuff, that seems kind of professional to me. >> get paid. >> i say she's a professional, because she made it all the way through that and ate the fries, too. well done, sarah. i think i need elastic pants watching that. >> that burger could have been split between the four of us. it's a rescue, but is it a wolf, coyote, or dog? >> been out there for ages. >> happy ending next "right this minute". and still to come, a bride and her dad enjoy a slow dance, but -- >> things are about to change up. >> see how they turn up the beat and bring down the house. plus, heading into the frigid water for some surfing. >> under -- do you see that? see the green light? >> northern lights. >> why catching a wave has never oked more spectacular.
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promotional considerations provided by -- to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. it appears. is that a dark spot? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. tweet us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. nick fanning is a three-time surfing champion. the guy is good, but this video highlights something that even he can't believe he was able to do. and that is surf in the frigid cold waters of norway under -- do you see that? green lights. >> northern lights lighting him up. he's got like a head lamp on and
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surfing. >> look at that moon, it's so bright. you can see so clearly out there, as well. that's just like bucket list out there for surfers. >> absolutely. and even he says it. he had a number of times where he could have come back to shore and he couldn't do it. he had to stay out in the water, even though he was freezing cold. >> like riding on mother nature's magic carpet, huh? just totally tuned in to mama nature. >> yeah, they were able to spend some time out there, get some great shots. this amazing video with that incredible backdrop. and even mick said that featured video is an event that is a highlight in his life. >> that man right there is just giving away his daughter, holly wolf, into mattery moin. this is the father-daughter
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dance. as you can hear, they are dancing to "because you love me." but things are about to change up. oh, yes, father-daughter dance time. because it is a wedding. this wedding happened in ohio back in october, but it is going viral because they segue into some movie musicals, and this one, i have to say, is a first i've heard at a wedding dance. that's "time warp" from "the rocky horror picture show." this one oli is going to love. if there's one thing oli and i like, a little "hairspray." ♪ ♪ and the world keeps spinning round and round ♪ as do i. that song, "you can't stop the beat" from "hairspray." they get a little 'n sync in
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there. because she got married, so she's got to move out, so bye-bye, baby. ♪ nothing but a good time >> that's poison "nothing but a good time." >> looks like they had nothing but a good time. shaun's wife's away, so he's going to break the rules. >> it's still going to smell like smoke when she comes back. >> oh, no it ain't. see why lighting up has actually made for a
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interesting video on the history of eyebrows. and the snow dog. ♪
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ladies, do you ever wonder what your man does when you leave him alone in the house for a little while? >> she don't know i'm doing this right now. see, she has went to her mama's. >> that's shaun, he's smoking in the living room against his wife's request. >> it's still going to smell like smoke when she comes back. >> oh, no it ain't. >> this right here, as a matter of fact, my wife don't let me smoke in the living room. but i'll show you. i'm not scared, because i do it all the time. she just don't know it because of this great stuff. >> shaun is using his wife's crystal cell phone and her products to cover his tracks. >> look, i'm not scared. usually i squirt two sprays. sometimes three. >> his wife crystal sells a product called scentsy, it's a bunch of candles and smelly good stuff. >> this right here is where it's at. >> while she's out of the house, shaun made his own sales video as a way to make her laugh.
3:28 pm
>> goes everywhere with me. authentic scentsy scent. >> but this video is getting a lot of attention and getting some sales going for her. >> that's the genius of what he's pulled off. >> even though he's broken the rules, he's now in the clear. >> look, guys, i know, we hate doing stuff like this, but if you go on the internet, i have these little things hanging all over my house. >> i like what he did here. he's telling his wife, look, i value what you do. >> well, shaun and crystal are big fans of "right this minute" and i'm here to tell you that he's not in trouble. she thought this was super endearing, very funny, and she's very grateful to the attention it's bringing to the products she sells. >> see, she came to her sense. >> he turns bad sense into good sense. >> y'all have a good night and maybe i don't get in too much trouble. hopefully i get brownie points, but you never know how it goes. have you seen
3:29 pm check it out, lots of great videos and awesome content to share with your friends. see you next time on it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a troubled woman sits on a ledge as a firefighter sneaks up. >> like a ninja. >> how he pulls off the perfect rescue. >> oh! >> wow! >> they look happy as can be at an animal sanctuary. >> but the poor creatures were brought in as orphans. >> the remarkable story behind one strong bond. a woman at a rogue one showing gets special attention from darth vader. >> getting saucy with her. >> see who's really under there with something important to ask. >> sound like this? >> and -- >> how do you do this to me? >> look who's strapped in for a ride on -- >> a virtual roller coaster. >> why aunty joyce better grip
3:30 pm
those rails. >> these two videos are insanely wild, but at the same time rescues in china, whoa. >> super heros. >> in this first video, that woman there sitting on the ledge, she, according to reports, is very depressed, can't find a job, and apparently she has had it. there are three units there, one on the ground holding a tarp that she could potentially fall into, one in the unit of her apartment, which is right below her, and one unit in the apartment above, a firefighter climbing out of the window above her. watch what he does. >> oh! >> wow. >> hold her, hold her, hold her. >> like a ninja move right there. >> like a ninja. watch this again, he barely finishes stepping out of the window and he just jumps on her, grabs her, and pushes her in the window of the unit below them. it's incredible. >> they definitely


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