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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a peninsula family forced out into the cold for the holidays after fire rips through their home. i'm eric thomas them flames were intense. the family was sleeping and had to run for their lives. leslie brinkly is live. >> reporter: right behind me you can see the house that the fire broke out in, on the hill. i'm a block away at the fire station. when the fire triggered at 4:00 in the morning the adult daughter drove her car down here and pounded on the door, asking for help. investigators say the fire
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started in the garage, and quickly brunched up into the attic and across the whole torn store home. a measure and father 0 two children awoke to smoke and escapedment -- escaped. >> it's problematic, access is a major issue. we're the first couple of companies. they're the ones who stopped it. >> reporter: by morning the devastation was overwhelming. family tried to retrieve some belongings. there were two classic cars in the garage. the owner burned his hand on a super heated door to the garage as he escaped. the adult son told me they wanted privacy as they support thing out but have friends and family to stay with. fire investigators say the fire was an accident but have not pinpointed the cause. abc7 news.
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>> developing news now out of daly city. police are investigating a young woman's homicide. officers responded to call of a domestic dispute after midnight they found 23 year are gallon hatami with severe injuries and the died. her boyfriend is the suspect. fred ric tran of san francisco faces charges. we'll have an update at 6:00. volunteers took part in a fire prevention giveaway today for membered of the creative community in the wake of the ghost ship warehouse fire. local artists handed edextinguishers and showed them how to use them. >> we really need to get through now we're working as a group rather than individual art spaces or artists or make are spaces, hiding and trying to do the work on their own.
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>> the mayor's office partner witness local fire protection company to provide the fire equipment. this ghost ship had fire extinguisheds in the build. >> a firer in san francisco state university left two students homeless. it caught fire last night. san francisco state university students didn't realize the severity of the situation at first. they have a lot of false alarms in the building and investigation into the cause of the fire continues. an overturned big rig caused serious driving delays in the east bay. hires 680 with traffic still slow. i tweeted out a few photos. you can see the overturned truck right there. it happened east of pleasant hill road in lafayette on westbound 24. no one was hurt but had a severe impact on the westbound lanes.
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at 3:00 this afternoon, residual delays stretched to 680. lanes are now all open and traffic recovering but it's still stop and go. abc7 news learn that two of the five people admitted to the hospital following a crash at bus stop are recovering at home. a car ran into a group of people in san francisco's chinatown. three others in the hospital. still photos taken by a witness show the aftermath of the accident. a total of ten people were hurt. investigators are determining while the car ran into the bus stop. new details now on a deadly shooting in el sobrante that investigators say it has crime. a third suspect hat been captured. daniel ore take go were arrested and are accused in the beating and shooting of a 28-year-old william sims. sims is black the suspects are white. sims' body was founds on
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november 12th. gunfire outside other bowling alley left a man badly wounded. police are investigating the shooting that happened at the bowl on olympic after knew on san mateo. a man was shot several times and is in serious condition but expected to survive. police have not yet made any arrests. instant appears the victim was targeted. now reaction to the latest fall out of an excessive use of force investigation involving two alameda county sheriff's dep toes. we reported yesterday 59:00 p.m. that deputy paul weaver and will you iowa santamaria know longer work at the department. authorities for petrov released a statement, quote, hope this sends a message to other cops that vinal plant tee street justice can cost you your credibility and your career and your freedom. surveillance video captured the
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beating that happened after petrov led the deputies on a high-speed chase. he is in custodier on unrelated gun and drug charges. no thank you arctic blast. heading live outside, look from the east bay hills camera. it's clear and cool out there drew tuma has details on a new round weather advisories. >> tonight temperatures plummet to the coldest readings this season. the freeze warnings in effect in inland locales. some of the coldest spots in he 20s, around the immediate bay waters a frost advisory. temperatures into the 30s by 10:00 tonight and the numbers will drop. so remember, widespread 20s in and 30s, bring in your pets. they want to stay warm. and cover the plants. we'll talk about when we warm up in the accuweather forecast.
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>> donald trump is taking on the chinese over twitter, while president obama is finding himself on the defense. mary bruce has the latest from washington. >> come on. >> appropriate appropriate defending his responsible -- president obama defending his response to russia's hacking and interference in the u.s. election. >> everybody had the information and we handled it the way we should have. >> the president all by pointing the finger at russian president vladimir putin. he told putin to knock it off. >> i talked to him directly and told him to kit out. >> reporter: obama says the warning stopped future hacking. russia intended to sway the election in trump's favor. the fbi and u.s. intelligence agencies now agree, putin was personally involved. much of the proof is forensic, discovered inside the computers of the democratic national committee. >> they get in by what's called a spear fish attack. >> reporter: experts say the
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russians first planted a beacon to send material back to moscow and had a telltale russian signature. written in moscow's time zone and had gap gaps on russian holidays. >> an ip address in other russian attacks. >> trump continues to deny u.s. intelligence, like in this fox earlier this month. >> have no idea whether it's russia or china or somebody, somebody sitting on a bed someplace. >> reporter: trump tum was on twitter, taking aim on china, after that country seized an american drone. trump called it unprecedented. abc news, washington. >> the surgeon who created the life-saving heimlich maneuver died. dr. henry heimlich died at the age of 96. he suffered a heart take this week. heimlich was director of surgery
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at jewish hospital in cincinnati in 1974 when he devised the treatment for choking victims that made his name a household word. >> escort. attention. >> more than 2,000 people gathered today at an ohio state university auditorium to celebrate the life of ohio native, john glenn. vice president joe biden attended the service. glenn, former astronaut, marine corps fighter pilot and nor, died december 8th at the age of 59. next, a look at heavy fire power taken off bay area streets today. investigators close fog in on a cause of this massive fire. and college football players abandon their plan to boycott a bowl game over the sexual
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>> a roaring fire that destroyed at least 150 cars in the east bay may have by an electrical problem. firefighters were called to an auto yard yesterday morning. the fire spread quickly between the vehicles and sent off thick black smoke that could be seen for miles. firefighters have not yet determined the cause of the fire. 113 guns now off the streets following the san francisco police department's gun buyback event. the police department tweeted pictures of rifle is, handguns and semi automatic weapons. police say homicide, deck domestic violence and suicide by gun increased.
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the pays 100 to $200 no question asked. >> the minnesota golden gophers are going to the holiday bowl. the team announced a boycott of all sporting activity his week, after ten players were suspended in connection with a sexual assault investigatier o criminal charges. members of the team and their families are upset with the university administrators. >> we wanted answers. been making calls. no callback. that's why i show up at the facility. i'm going to your front door. i want to know what's going on. >> the team announced it would play in bowl game following a meeting with the board of regents and the university president. the holidays are a bit brighter for a group of children in the bay area. >> look over there. look at the ship. >> the search for the perfect holiday toy brings smiles of approval. ahead, the secret santas who
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made this event possible. >> freeze warnings andst
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all seems beautiful to me. developing news here. frigid weather across the country has caused hundreds of accidents on icy roads. six deaths are being blamed on the slick roads. in baltimore a gasoline tanker skidded off a highway, leading to 55 car pileup. >> it's pretty bad. this roads are slippery and you have to pull over to get the ice
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off the car. this is my second stop pulling over. hopefully i'll get home evenly. >> it's a nightmare. winter weather advisories from denver, colorado to banger, maine. airports are reporting flight delays and cancellations now. a lot of happy kids in east behave as toys for tots handed out holiday gifts. kalin came with his great-grandmother. >> we just moved here from michigan. not too long ago, and when i heard about toys for tots here, i just quickly jumped on board. >> there were more than 3,000 gifts for the kids to choose from. >> accuweather a cold start this morning but even cooler air will filter in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. one of the coldest starts all season. the live doppler 7 showing you head nothing but sunshine. a beautiful day, and testimony we'll have to the clear skies.
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outside we go. san jose, live look, just gorgeous right now as the sun has set. we have clear skies, and those clear skies will help to cool us off. right now, look at the current numbers. widespread 40s. san ramon, 30s, hold agent 40. 48 right now in hayward. a chilly 44 in fairfield. out on the town later on continue the winter jacket needed. no weather worries in term's precipitation but by 10:00 we have frosty spots following into the 30s and by midnight tonight, we'll have rather cold temperatures under plenty of stars. here are you morning lows. 29 tomorrow in napa, dropping to 4 -- 34 in oakland. 38 san francisco and a cold 29 overnight in concord. so for that fact we have the freeze warning in effect at midnight tonight. away from the coast we'll see coldest temperatures. bring your pets inside.
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cover your plants. along the water, the water helps to moderate temperature. so not as cold as inland but still rather chilly. a frost advisory in effect for mid-up to pours. it could be worse. i these are future tracker wind chill inside the bay area, but look at this up in, sioux falls, 40 busy zero, 1 below zero in minneapolis and feels like 2 in detroit. so if you see these numbers, not that bad. it's a frigid morning, slow to warm by noon but another beautiful looking day but by 4:00, temperatures only in the upper 40s to lower 50s. so highs sunday, a duplicate forecast of today. 50 in san francisco, 52 san jose, the same in oakland. 47 lake port and 51 the high in livermore. looking at oakland tomorrow. stat starting out at 34. monday, 38, and then temperatures moderate.
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mild air moves in here and by tuesday and wednesday, not too chill use. theirs the seven-day forecast. the frigid start on sunday. do it again on monday, then tuesday, mild air arrives just in time for winter starting on wednesday. thursday, a slight chance of a shower. not too excited about it. by friday and saturday, bright skies and temperatures. very winter-like. >> thank you. time to talk sports since wore all back together again itch had a couple days off. >> didn't even notice. >> thank you very much. the warriors rested. >> they have a big game tonight. trail blazers in town. while the college football bowl season kicked off today and don't want to be the guy that influences a (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> college football kicked off the bowl sewn today. 41 of them to be exact. we start off with the las vegas bowl, houston and san diego state, major applewhite replaces tom herman who left for texas. the wheels came off. 19 carries, 115 yards and this touchdown. 13-10 san diego state. then ron smith read the play all the way. 534-yard, pick six, off ward.
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who had four interceptions. then pump pulp fry makes history. 6,405 in this career. senate state wins the las vegas bowl, 34-10. and six san antonio playing in the new mexico bowl. 16-6 new mexico. fourth quarter, mcfarley iced it. second td run of the game. the former notre dame head coach gets the gatorade shower. 23-28 the final. >> air force bowl, central and -- atkinson takes off his helmet, gets unsportsmanlike penalty. eagles moved back on the point
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after and blocked and grambling wins, 10-9 the five. >> high school school, sarah had one ten straight to get here, trailing by eight in the fourth. they missed a two-point conversion, 35-33 game. bobby coal was too much to handle. 30 carries 220s yards. trail brazers 520 yards returning and sierra canyon completes the perfect season, 16-0. state champions with the 42-40 final. warriors back on the hardwood hosting portland in what has become a west coast rivalry. dubs coming off a win over the nix nicks on thursday. but recent fortmentser here. recalled from santa cruz. >> have to show up on the road
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or at home. how explosive they are. so we obviously know them very well from playing in the playoffs last year. and the battles we head in the regular season the last couple of years, so they're always energetic, high intensity games. >> college hoops, santa clara hosts washington state. the went ice cold, allowing wsu to come back. the could you goes have a lead, part of a 14-0 run. santa clara, two point in the file. trailed by one. no foul called. santa clara falls to 5-7, 69-68 the final. >> at 6:00 p.m., warriors head coach steve kerr talks about the blazers and lilly got his jersey retired at oakland high school so he will be fired up. >> ahead, story that
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a valiant rescue attempt in upstate new york is not what it sealed. someone called police saying an elderly woman appeared to be frozen inside a car. they discovered this was no woman. it's an extremely realist ying live psi mannequin. i think she is okay. that's it for us at 5:00.
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thank you for your time. see you again at 6:00. >> hey, everybody. welcome to this special "bay area life." we've got a great show ahead for you, and it has an island theme. we'll take a look back at a recent trip we took the islands, but first, let's check out disney animation's newest movie, "moana." ♪ >> for generations, this peaceful island has been home to our family. but beyond our reef, a great danger is coming. legend tells of a hero who will journey to find the demigod maui. and together, they will save us all. ♪ >> the story actually takes place 2,000 years ago, and it's the story of a teenage girl named moana, the daughter of a chief, who grows up in this village where they haven't voyaged for 1,000. and she ends up going on a quest


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