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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> temperatures are taking a dip toward the coldest night of the season. winter isn't officially underway. thank you for joining us. the question is how low can we go? drew tuma is with us with a look at the forecast. >> i think ha lot of spots dipping below the freezing mark. even colder air settling in right now. take a look. freeze warnings in effect starting at midnight. those will be the coldest locations dropping into the 20s. a frost advisory along the bay waters. the coldest time between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. widespread 30s. 30 in fairfield. we're at 28 in san ramon.
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29 san jose. freezing mark in santa rosa. chilly under clear skies. 44 in oakland. we'll talk about when we finally see mild air work into the picture coming up in the full forecast. >> looking forward to that. thank you. some local residents made the best of the temperatures while some others barically escaped the danger child temperatures can bring. we are live in walnut creek with more on the story. >> reporter: rather than stay inside bund alled bup by the fire, a lot of people decided to come out to the ice rink. it's 33 degrees out here. and a freeze advisory is in effect beginning at midnight. bring your pets inside, protect your plants, and cover your pipes. it was a frozen-themed birthday party. fitting on an evening with
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temperatures lingering in the 30s that could dip to 29 degrees overnight. >> she is turning 10 years old, and it is freezing out here. >> reporter: these people embraced the chilly weather at the ice rink listening to holiday music. >> it is cold. >> reporter: this one-year-old and her family just moved to the bay area from los angeles. >> we have about four layers on, and we went and got her a winter hat. >> reporter: in oakland this family stood in the cold for hours after a 175 foot tree toppled on their home. it knocked out power and put a hole through their living room. >> we heard a huge cracking noise. it sounded like an earthquake. >> reporter: this woman was inside with her daughter when it fell. they're okay, but i damaged their car and their home. it sits along the creek which is not her property. she wants the city or county to take responsibility. >> they're very old and diseased.
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there's termites in them. you can hear them sway when it's windy. we've been worried about them falling on our house for a long time. >> reporter: she says people in the neighborhood have called the cty to complain about the trees long before this happened. she's grateful they're safe but is worried it's only a matter of time before another one falls. developing news tonight from southern california, a tree fell onto a woman in a wedding party and killed her. the woman and five others were taking wedding pictures when the tree came crashing down. it happened at a park east of los angeles. a four-year-old girl is in critical condition with head injuries. the others have scrapes and bruises. witnesses heard a loud crack and were shocked by what they saw. >> i see something falling. i could not even think what it was, and i looked, and then i see people walking and running, and i see people screaming, and
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i get out of the car and i went running, and i went to see and it was the lady with this little baby. >> experts say the tree may have been weakened by the drought and recent rains caused it to fall. we have confirmed thursday's rain has caused a sewage overflow in oakland. signs are up warning people to stay away from the bay. east bay mud is waiting on tests that should come back next week to make sure the water is safe. they told us every time it rains aging suer piped that are cracked allow rain water in overwhelming the system. the pipes are under a federal order to be replaced. a san francisco family is displaced after a fire. the blaze started in the garage and reached the attic. a mother and father and two adult children woke up to smoke
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and escaped with their dog. the daughter drove to the nearest fire station to get help. >> it was chaotic at first trying to get a handle on it. the down slope houses are particularly dangerous to firefighters, but the destruction was massive. especially on the backside. >> family members have been trying to salvage what they can from the home. they're staying with friends and home over the holidays. the fire was an accident but they have not identified the exact cause. tonight daly city police are investigating the first murder of the year. it's a case of domestic violence. investigators believe a 23-year-old was killed by her boyfriend. lisa is in the news room with the story. >> her boyfriend is in jail tonight. sources say the two have had history of domestic violence even before things went tragically long this morning. friends describe the girl as a
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kind, sweet, and lovely young lady and they worried about her boyfriend, frederick tran who went by freddie. one close friend said he slapped her before, and then overnight, a call todayly city police for a case of domestic violence. >> they appear that they could possibly be blunt force trauma injuries to her upper body. >> reporter: police found the woman badly hurt inside the apartment. medics rushed her to the hospital where she died. police arrested tran on the spot. >> that is sad. a young girl like that, yeah, i can't believe a guy just threw his life away like that. >> she moved into this neighborhood two years ago when she started attendi san franciso state. she worked several jobs. >> it's shocking. nothing like this happens. >> you don't know what goes on
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behind closed doors. that's someone's door. and two weeks before christmas. >> tran is being held without bail. lisa, abc 7 news. a collision between a vehicle and pedestrian has a major intersection in the east bay. still closed tonight. it happened at volunteer canyon and blue heart drive. one man was air lifted with serious injuries. a skateboard could be seen at the scene. investigators are not confirming if it's related to the accident. the driver stayed and cooperated with police. the road is expected to reopen in a little while. berkeley police are looking for a gunman who fired shots on city streets tonight. at least one car was hit. no reports of any injuries from the gunfire. it happened on curtis and bancroft way. police believe it was shattered by the bullets. there was at least one other shooting this evening at university avenue and bore
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street. the ghost ship warehouse fire prompted a give away. a group of local artists handed out 100 fire extinguishers and 120 smoke detecters and made sure everyone knows how to use them. >> we really need to get through that we're working as a group where we can get great things done rather than individual art spaces or artists or maker spaces, hiding and trying to do their work own their own with their own limited resources. >> the mayor's office to provide the equipment. tougher permits after the ghost ship warehouse fire. tonight's film was expected to bring about 200 people. the 3,000 square foot warehouse has long hosted fundraisers,
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camps and concert without city permits. after the fire that claimed 36 lives on december 2nd at an unpermitted music show, many events without approval have been shut down. still ahead, taking on china. next the president-elect blasts the asian country on twitter. and later, currency chaos. a cash shortage in venezuela prompts action by the government. but first, it was not your typical police chase. authorities step in to help a bear in need.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. donald trump is taking on the chinese over twitter. while president obama is finding
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himself on the defensive. mary bruce has the latest now from washington. >> reporter: president obama defending his response to russia's hacking in interference with the u.s. election. >> everybody had the information. it was out there. and we handled it the way we should have. >> reporter: the president all but pointing the finger at vladimir putin saying he told poout to knock it off at the summit back in december. >> i talked to him directly and tell him to cut out or there were serious consequences. >> reporter: obama said that stopped future hacking. russia intended to sway the hacking in trump's favor. the fbi and u.s. intelligence agencies agree putin was personally involved. much of the proof is forensic discovered inside the computers of the democratic national committee. >> they get in by what's called a spear fish attack. >> reporter: cyber experts say the russians first planted a beacon to send material back to moscow, and it had a telltale
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russian signature. it was written in moscow's time zone and had gaps on russian holidays and transmitted to an internet address overseas. >> it was an ip previously seen. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed place. >> reporter: trump spent saturday morning taking aim at china after that country seized an unmanned american drone during routine operations. trump called it an unprecedented act. mary bruce, abc news, washington. in san francisco there was some healing holiday cheer. we were at st. francis memorial hospital for a burn survivor's party. all the children got presents. the fire department partnered
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with the hospital. >> there's always post-traumatic stress, and the anxiety that comes with it, and, actually, being together with people who have had similar experience is very therapeutic and it is therapeutic for my staff to see them healed. >> live music, crafts and food were part of the festivities. there were lots of kids enjoying the east bay holidays today. police and firefighters teamed up with the marines to give back. each child was allowed to select two gifts. kale m came along with his great grandmother to check out the toys. ask. >> we just moved here from michigan. when i heard about toys for tots, i quickly jumped on board. >> there were more than 3,000 gifts for the kids to choose from. sheriff's deputies usually deal with people.
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but a deputy had to step in to stop a crime involving two coyotes. the deputy jumped into action driving toward the animals to scare them away. the bear ran off safely and another deputy went to find the bear and make sure it was okay. from a distance, i hope. it's a winter wonderland tonight in the high see era. the national park service post third down picture today after the most recent snow storm. the area recorded up to 32 inches of snow. >> wow. >> we got the cold, not the snow. >> yeah. they got a ton of snow in that same storm system traveling across the u.s. and bringing very cold air, even here. you can feel it out there. it's been cold all day. you thought last night was chilly. get ready for tonight. even colder air. right now the clear skies helping any heat we remain the
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get out of here and cool us off. a live look from the camera. top pier 15 looking at the skyline of san francisco. the buildings lit up for the holiday season. it's chilly out there. you need the winter jacket, the hat gloves and scarf, and it will be a cold day to finish off the weekend. calling for the coldest night this season. temperatures cooler than last night. a freeze warning and frost advisory at midnight, and a quiet pattern the next seven days. no soaking storms on the horizon. the temperatures taking south south bay, cold. 36 in santa clara. 37 coopupertincupertino. widespread 30s across the region. 30 in fairfield. 39 oakland. 37 san jose. san francisco one of the mild locations at this hour. it's called the urban heat island effect.
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a lot of concrete in the city of san francisco and that retains heat. it's slow to cool off. right now sitting at a temperature of 45 degrees. overnight tonight, it is chilly. 34 the low. 27 in santa rosa. 34 in oakland. 28 in livermore and 29 in an yok. areas in purple, freeze warnings means at or below 32 degrees. the waters help to moderate temperatures. no not as cold as the freeze warning but temperatures in the mid 30s. a chilly night on the way. a good idea to take the pets inside. they don't like the cold. they want to stay warm. cover the plants and the coldest time frame right before the sun gets up between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. hour by hour into oakland. starts off chilly.
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35. 34 by 7:00. only 48 degrees by 11:00 and by 3:00 in the afternoon you'll want the winter gear. a chilly high of 52. widespread 50s. a lot of sun shine. it's nice but brisk. 52 the high in fremont. 52 san jose. and 51 in vallejo. san jose, overnight chilly in the 30s at least through monday and when mild air tuesday and wednesday. not as cold with temperatures bottoming out only in the mid to low 40s. the next seven days a frigid morning on the way for your sunday. just step outside to wake up quick. monday it's cold in the morning. bright in the afternoon. mild air arrives on tuesday. just in time. wednesday winter not looking too much like winter like right now. thursday a slight chance of
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sprink sprinkle. bundle up tomorrow morning. >> you know i love you like a brother, right, but i'm going for the coffee. still ahead, season's greetings from six babies. next the story behind this far from typical holiday card. who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking.
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zblanchts small city in oklahoma is getting worldwide attention because of six new babies all of them born this year to firefighters at one fair station. the durant fire department put out christmas cards with all the new bundles of joy. the dads say they hope the cards show everyone what is at the core of their department, their families. and one calendar apparently between them. now a look at sports. >> well, warriors are getting
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bored with their competition. they man handled tonight. they
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>> warriors and trail blazers tonight with two of the best guards in the nba. one man does not make a team and the dubs showed us just that. dogs performing tricks. if only i could get my producer to play along. clark, a new career-high. 23 on 9 of 21 shooting.
11:29 pm
durant 22 points through two quarters. dubs shot 58% in the first half. no let down in the second. curry rebounds. up to draymond. kicks it out to klay. a catch and shoots the three. he finished with 19. durant 34 points in 31 minutes. 11 of 13 shooting. dubs win by 45. largest win of the season and all time against portland and now 24-4. >> being home for a few days and having yesterday off, i think the guys looked like they had that spring in their step again. it's good to see. >> this league has so many games. when you have one game, you want to keep building, and go from that game and hopefully as a group we do the same thing. it was a really solid game for us all the way around.
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>> playsing with these guys gives you so much confidence in yourself, especially when you go down the floor and they encourage you to be who you are. it's fun. >> cal hosting cal polly. looking for a record setting 27 straight wins. 18 points completes the alley-oop. a pass picked off. layed in. ten points. bears lead. a little reverse. cal into the half on a run. second half, a streaking bird. cal wins 27 straight at home. that's a new school record. santa clara hosted by washington state. broncos get an 11 point second half lead. then they went ice cold. hawkenson, bucket and foul. 21. calson lays it in. santa clara two points in the final six minutes trails by one.
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no foul called here. come on. santa clara called 69-68 the final. texas and stanford for volleyball. stuffed block here to win the first. texas to win the third. match point in the fourth set. katheri katherine plumber, one of her 16 kills. this sports report brought to you by river raqqah se-- rock casino. >> much more ahead. an arctic blast hitting much of our country right now. when you see what it's like in some other parts of the country, you probably won't think it's so cold anymore.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening, tonight's headlines a woman is dead and a four-year-old girl is in critical condition after a tree fell onto them in southern california. they were among a group of six people taking wedding pictures at a park. ann arborist will look at the tree to figure out why it fell. >> in oakland a 175 foot tall tree toppled onto a home. it crushed a car and put a hole through a living room. the homeowner is looking to the city to take responsibility because the tree is on public
11:36 pm
property. and you can see your breathe outside in parts of the bay area. people ice skating saw temperatures hovering in the 30s. drew will join us to tell us which areas could dip below freezing overnight. and winter weather east making for miserable conditioning. slick roads causing accidents and this is just the first blast of a nasty storm system. we have the story. >> reporter: millions of americans are in the frigid grip of a cold weather system sprawling from the midwest to the northeast. >> i'm prepared. i have my gear on. >> reporter: but snow, ice and freezing rain turned roads deadly. a gas tanker overturned and burst into flame. cell phone video capturing the moment it went across the pavement tipping over and exploding. it looked like an auto graveyard with nearly 70 cars across the accident scene. at least three people are reported killed.
11:37 pm
in virginia as many as 30 vehicles were caught in this chain reaction crash. a man's body was found here the scene of this mashup believed to be a victim. in new mexico another multicar pileup. this one on i-40 which was covered in snow and ice. about 40 vehicles involved in this crash. salt trucks did their best, but even roads that electric safe can be dangerous. black ice making for scary spinouts. air travelers were grounded by the wicked weather with thousands of flights delayed or cancelled. but the bitter weather can't kill the holiday spirit. >> it's pretty cool that there's snow before christmas. >> reporter: temperatures are plummeting across the central u.s. as a blast of arctic air moves in. windchills expected to reach 30 and even 40 degrees below zero in some races. let's check in with drew for
11:38 pm
more of the frigid conditions tonight. >> the same storm you just saw was the one that brought us the rain on thursday. now it has strengthened. our radar is showing you just an impressive storm system. you have a severe thunderstorm watch which is very rare in the month of december in the deep south for strong storms on the back end of this system where the cold air is. you have snow showers. you throw on the temperature contours ahead of the front. we have temperatures well into the 70s behind that front we have temperatures that are dropping below zero. this is a very visions you front. let's look at the watchings and warnings. a windchill warning in effect for numerous states and a windchill advisory. behind the system it's going to get cold. futurer tracker windchills shows you tomorrow morning, 36 below zero what it feels like in des moines.
11:39 pm
by monday morning it feels like 2 in burlington and 20 in new york city. we have our own freeze warnings and frost advisories to talk about. we'll have an update tonight in the full forecast. all right. thank you. in venezuela chaos and protests caused the postponement of their currency. there was pushing and shoving from demonstrators against taking away the paper bill. new larger bills were available at banks and atms. 40% of venezuelans don't have bank accounts. the president decided the bank note would temporarily be restored until the second of january. similar proprotests have been going on in india where there's a plan to remove some of the currency by the end of this month. a surgeon who created the heimlich maneuver has skiey die
11:40 pm
the age of 96. his son says heimlichs had a heart attack earlier in the week. he made his name a household word. >> escort. attention. >> more than 2000 people gathered today in an ohio state university auditorium to celebrate the life of john glen. joe biden attended the memorial service. glen, a former marine fighter pilot died at 95. >> a rescue attempt in new york was not what it seemed. someone called police saying an elderly woman appeared to be frozen to death inside the car. officers wouldn't get the woman to respond. they smashed the window and discovered this was no woman. it ends up it was an extremely
11:41 pm
realistic life size man can that the car's owner used for their job in medical equipment sales. it's the effort that counts. tesla wants to make sure e lick trick cars don't hog the charging stations. they say people will have to pay a fine to leave it parked if they're charged. a recharge to free to tesla's owner. the app will tell you when the car is about charged. th ceo says so-called idle fee is only charged if all chargers at the location are full. it can be hard to tell when elon musk is joking. today while he was stuck in traffic in l.a. he made comments ant tunnels through the earth. he tweeted traffic is driving me nuts. i'm going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging. it should be called the boring
11:42 pm
company. i'll actually going to do this. he mentioned digging tunnels before. he said you could have layers of tunnels under cities to alleviate congestion. he has tunnels listed in his description. in theory, tunnels could reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions. up ahead, a flight simulator. we'll take you inside future flight.
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>> flight delays could be a thing of the past thanks oh to research in the bay area. jonathan bloom has a look inside the one of a kind lab that's exploring the future of air travel. >> most flight simulators put you inside an airplane, only this one puts you above them as
11:46 pm
they take off and land. >> it simulates an air traffic control tower. >> reporter: airport views with detail. >> the more realistic, the more they'll perform like they would in a real tour. >> reporter: it's not for training. working air traffic controllers come here to test latest innovations. >> initially controllers would operate the airport with their current technologies. and then we would introduce new technologies, possibly a step at a time. >> reporter: real control towers operate 24 hours a day. they can't just stop and install something. they also can't do things like change the weather. if there's a snow storm in l.a., nasa will be ready. >> we can sim you late rain, snow, sleet. >> they would file a flight plan that avoids the weather. the weather may have moved away. >> reporter: they're working on a tool to suggest better flight
11:47 pm
plans. >> almost 8 minutes oh of flight time savings and 900 pounds of fuel. >> reporter: weather can cause delays on the ground. >> it's a manual process right now. a lot of times it's people picking up phones and talking over radios to other people. >> here again computer science could come to the rescue. >> we have the ability to predict the future locations of aircraft and apply sophisticated algorithms to help schedule aircraft. >> this shows exactly when each plane should leave the gate to get to a runway and into the sky. >> you can get more planes and people in and out of the airport faster. >> reporter: jonathan bloom. >> it's clear out there. that will help temperatures to cool off. beginning in about 13 minutes a freeze warning going into effect. that's the purple you see mainly away from the coast. a frost advisory along the coast
11:48 pm
and around much of the bay for temperatures dropping well below the freezing mark in a lot of spots. out there right now, a ton of 30s on the board. 39 in oakland. 34 in freechlt. 32 -- fremont. san francisco at 45. overnight tonight, it's cold. 34 in oakland. 32 in san jose. 27 the overnight low the santa rosa. we are just topping out in the low 50s. the seven day forecast, it's a cold morning tomorrow. then we start to warm up tuesday to wednesday, and then a straight chance of sprinkle on thursday. all right. thank you very much. let's talk a little football, college and high school. >> a little of both. 41 bowl games on tap. at the high school level, state
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we kick off with high school state finals. now, st. johns won in the 2013 title. this match had a familiar ring. first indicator kyrie robinson, 7-0 spartans. however 35 points in the half. flowers bounces off a defender here. then mitchel. 16 yard toss to the middle to berkeley holeman. st. johns wins for the open state title. >> it's pretty special to come up here to the north and play one of the premier programs in the country if not in the history of high school football.
11:53 pm
it's very special for my kids and program. and i'm proud of the effort. high school division two. sierra. missed a two point conversion. cole was too much to handle. 30 carries. trail blazers 520 rushing yards. a perfect season at 16-0. they're state champions. also locally bishop o'dowd wins beating valley vow. and mcclymonds won their first state title. college football, 14 bowl games. we start off at the las vegas bowl. as tech running back is now the al time leading rusher. cougars led but the wheels came
11:54 pm
off. this touchdown, 13-10 lead to san diego state. ron smith, 54 yard pick six. four interceptions, in the fourth making history passing ron dane for most rushing yards. 6400 and five in his career. new mexico and san antonio playing. 30 quarter, gibson. a ten yard touchdown run. 16-6, new mexico. bob davey, the former notre dame head coach gets a gatorade shower. 23-20 the final. third quarter after the rockets tied it at 21, an ensuing kickoff picked up.
11:55 pm
94 yards downside lines. 2:00 left in the game. fourth and two. they take a delay of game penalty. a 30 yard kick, and they miss. probably would have been good if they were closer. air force reserves celebration bowl. north carolina central. 2:00 minutes left. 10-3. celebration here. an unsportsman like penalty. eagles move 15 yards back and it's blocked by joseph mcwilliamson. grandmotherabling staining -- g state wins. >> sanders five catches, 127 yards. arkansas state wins 31-13 that
11:56 pm
final. youngstown state and eastern washington. look at this catch. wells hits raider behind the back catch. that would be the game winning touchdown. 40-38. youngstown state will make on james madsen in the champ game. in the nfl, miami and the jets, mat moore, first start since 2013. no rust. four touchdown passes in the first three quarters. moore 12 of 18 for 236 yards. only sacked once. dolphins win. improving to 9-5 keeping their playoff hopes alive. this sports report, 49ers in atlanta and the raiders taking on the chargers. raiders when, they're back in the playoffs since 2002, and if they win out and kansas maybe lose one, raiders might get a
11:57 pm
home game and a by. >> point of order, that's legal? >> i've seen four in the last two years. it's a catch as long as you come down with it and have control, it's considered a catch. don't see them often. >> they'll be running wind sprints were not turning around. that's it for tonight. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. thank you for joining us. have a great evening and a better morning.
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