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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  December 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. a deep freeze in parts of the bay area. many people are finding frost on their windshields. good morning, i'm chair lynn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 18th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologi meteorologist. >> the sun has been up almost two hours. you're lucky enough to wait it out, you're getting into a little thawing right now. lye dop ner 7 showing the clear conditions and a look at the beach where it was 33 this morning. 43 in san francisco, mountain view is 45, san jose upper 30s,
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half moon bay mid-40s and look at icy see yae y sierra, nevada. a degree above freezing by the dell tan, livermore 41. we have plenty of 20s this morning. we'll look for 40s right on through noon tomb and then by the afternoon in and around 50 degrees by the bay. another chilly night tonight with patchy frost but it will be warmer for the workweek coming up. will be dry? answers coming up. breaking news in the east bay. al immedia alameda firefighters are investigating a fire that left one person dead. the fire was in a town house on san miguel avenue, reported around 6:15 this morning. the flames were knocked down within 15 minutes. investigators say the victim was found in a second floor
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bathroom. that town house is located less than 150 feet from the fire station in sonoma county, both lanes of mark west springs drive remained closed. this is after ice on the road may have caused a pickup truck to crash knocking down a power pole and wires. p g&e are working to correct th problems. the power won't be restords until 9:30 this morning. the country brought in truck to spread sand on the road around 1:00 this morning. the chp estimates that the lanes will be closed to traffic until noon. as lisa said, some of you are waking up to freezing temperatures in the parts of the bay area. some local residents made the best of the frigid temperatures
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last night while some others barely escaped the danger winter type weather can bring. alyssa harrington has the details. >> reporter: it was a frozen themed birthday party for alexa at walnut creek on ice. fitting on an evening with temperatures lingering in the 30s that could dip to 29 overnight. >> she is turning ten years old and it is freezing out here. >> reporter: these people embraced the chilly weather at the ice rink listening to holiday music. >> it is cold. >> reporter: one-year-old mia and her family just moved to the bay area from los angeles. >> we have four layers on and we went at got her a winter hat. >> reporter: in roakland this family stood in the cold for hours after a 175-foot eucalyptus tree toppled on their home. >> we heard a huge cracking noise, it sanded like an earthquake. >> she was inside with her daughter when the tree fell.
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they're okay but it crushed their car and badly damaged their car. the tree sits along the creek which not her property. she wants the city or the county to take responsibility. >> they're very old. they're tzdiseased. there's termites in them. you can hear them sway when it's windy. we've. worried about them falling on our house for a long time. >> reporter: janet says people in the neighborhood have called the city to complain about the trees long before this happened. she's grateful they're all safe but worried it's only a matter of time before another one falls. in southern california today, abarborist will lock at a tree that fell on to a woman at a wedding party killing her. the woman and five others were taking wedding pictures when the eucalyptus came crashing down. it happened last night east of l.a. a 4-year-old girl is in critical condition with head injuries. the others have scrapes and
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bruises. witnesses heard a route crack and then were shocked by what they saw. >> i see something falling. i could not even think what it was. and i would look and then i see people walking and running and i see people screaming and i get out of the car and i went running and i went to see and there was a lady with this little baby. >> experts say the tree may have been weakened by the droith augd the recent heavy rains caused it to fall. thursday's rain in the bay area caused a sewage overflow in oakland. abc news was at jack london square where the signs are up warning people to stay away from the bay. tests should come back this week to make sure that the water is safe. annest bay spokesperson tells us every time it raining ages sewer
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pipes allow the rain to get in. those pipes are under a federal order to be replaced a south san francisco family is displaced after fire swept through their home early yesterday morning. investigators say it started in the garage, quickly reaching the attic and fanning across the two-story house on bay park circle. a mother, a father and their two adult children oak up to smoke and is caped along with their dog. the daughter drove to the nearest fire station to get help. >> it was chaotic at first trying to get a handle on it. the downslope houses are particular lly difficult for firefighters. >> the family has been trying to salvage what they can from the home. they're staying with friends and family over the holidays. investigators say the fire was an accident. daley city police are
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investigating that city's first murder of the year. they say it involves a case of domestic violence. investigators believe the 23-year-old was killed but her boyfriend. sources tell abc 7 news the two have had a history of domestic violence, even before things went tragically wrong yesterday morning. >> friends drescribe arianna asa kind sweet lovely young lady and they wondered about her boyfriend. one close friend who did not want to be identified said trend had slapped arianna before and then a call to the police for a case of domestic violence. >> they appear that they could be blunt force trauma injuries to her body. >> medics rushed her to sf general where she died. police arrested trend on the
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spot. >> that is sad, a young girl reich that. yeah. i can't believe the guy just through threw his life away. >> arianna moved into-to-the neighborhood two years ago. she also worked several part-time jobs. those who live nearby can't believe what's happened. >> it's shocking because nothing like this hapts. >> you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. that's someone's daughter, someone's son, friends two weeks before christmas. >> trend is being held without bail. abc 7 news. happening today in oakland church is putting on a four-hour musical event to honor people who have died this year, including the victims of the ghost ship fire. some of the survivors of the warehouse fire will perform at the chapel of the chimes. they plan to play music for their last friends and band
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mates. parking is limited. the free musical gathering begins at 8:00 this morning. that ghost ship prior prompted a fire prevention giveaway to members of the creative community. abc 7 news was in oakland yesterday as a group of local artists handed out fire extinguishers and smoke detec r detecto detectors. then they made sure that everyone knows how to use them. >> what we really need to get through now is that we're working as a group where we can get great things done rather than individual spaces or maker spaces, hiding and trying to do their work on their own with their own limited resources. >> the oak land mayor's office partnered with local fire protection agency to provide the equipment. the ghost ship did have fire extinguishers in the build but there were no sprinklers or
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smoke detectors. boy, it has been cold outside. >> and the higher elevations have a bit of a breeze too. 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. it is 36 degrees here and down below it's going to be slow to warm in the north bay valley. still in the low 30s. 38 in concord, as well as san jose. 44 in oakland. it's the coldest day of the week, that's some good news. we'll warm up bit by bit and we have the holidays to talk about. your detailed forecast coming up. also ahead, settling chinatown powerhouse, when her body will finally be cremated months after her death. the president-elect blasts the asian
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welcome back everyone. 9:14 on this sunday morning. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. this is a lye look from the golden gate bridge camera. people always crossing, walking that iconic span. today hopefully they'll bundled up because it's chilly. something of a warmer trend is on the way. lisa along shortly with the fuel accuweather forecast. the two sisters of rose pack has settled their dispute and
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her estate, three months after her death according to the chronicle, the agreement rema allowing for pack's remains to be created within a week. the cysts were argued about how should be the administrator of her estate. he died back in december. pack's body has been this happened at bolling jer canyon in san ramone around 7:45 last night. the teenager was air lifted to the hospital in oakland. a skateboard at the scene less them to believe that the 15-year-old was skateboarding when he was hit. the driver is cooperating with the police. berkeley police are looking for a gunman who fired multiple shots on city streets last
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night. so far no reports of any injuries. it happened on curtis street. shell casings could be seen on the ground as well as broken glass. police believe the car windows were shattered by the bullets. there was at least one other shooting last night. this one at university avenue and moore street. president-elect donald trump wrapped up what he called his thank you tour with a rally in alabama. it comes against a backdrop of fast moving foreign affair developments involving russia and china. members of the electoral college are getting ready to formally cast their votes tomorrow. here's abc reporter mary bruce with more from washington. >> donald trump arriving in alabama for the final stop of his thank you tour. >> boy, did we do well. >> over eight steps he's relived his election night victory. >> donald trump and his great
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movement is president of the united states. >> with his inauguration a month away, trump is facing foreign policy challenges. this morning his team sending mixed messages to china yourself hours after chinese officials said they would return a seized u.s. drone. trump told them to keep it tweeting we should tell china we don't want the drone they 0 stole back. earlier condemning china for taking the drone. and after the chinese officials agreed to return to drone, trump spokesman gave trump credit by saying trump gets it done. trump is still facing questions over russia's involvement in the u.s. election. >> we are going to have a very new policy. it's called america first. >> he had no comment saturday about allegations that russian
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president putin interfered to help trump lynn. but on snl a visiting putin claus shared some light on their relationship. all this has the electors vote tomorrow to make trump's victory official. trmp once blasted the electoral college, but now praising the process. >> i never presh quiappreciated now, how genius it was. abc 7 news was at st. francis memorial hospital for a burn survivor's party. all of the children got presents from santa and mrs. claus who arrived in a fire truck. the fire department partnered with the hospital to reunite survivors with their caregivers. >> with a burn injury there's always post traumatic stress. and the anxiety that comes with
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it. and actually being together with people who have had a similar experience is very therapeutic and it's therapeutic for my staff to see them healed. ♪ >> live music crafts and food were all part of the festivities. >> in the high sierra, it's a winter wonderland. the national park service posted this picture of the meadows after the most recent snowstorm. the area recorded up to 32 inches of snow. now your accuweather forecast. >> good morning to you. still it is awfully cold out there. here's some live doppler 7 where we're not picking up any cloud cover but at sfo, no delays here. there are some delays around newark and houston but it's better than yesterday. the midwest was a disaster. but today the northeast will be taking a plunge. but back home we're in the low
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40s for san francisco, mountain view 33, gilroy 3, 46 half moon bay. some numbers taking their time coming up. with all of the sunshine could see a few areas a little fawarm than yesterday. by the delta 39, 38 in concord and 41 in livermore. we had plenty of 20s this morning. and at this hour you're warming up over in livermore but we're still cooler than we were yesterday. and it looks like we'll have some frosty areas tomorrow as well. from the east bay hills camera, pretty sunny out there but the temperatures continue to be below arch. another frosty night tonight. dry through hanukkah, christmas day,
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but rainfall through the year we're above average . 155% of normal at the airport. look at voers, 176 pores of normal and livermore an concord doing well. in the sierra, nevada you saw the snow, 66% of normal in tahoe. 73% of normal for our snow pack. across the state today it will be awfully cold. in the mountains making snow for sure, 32 in lake tahoe. no significant precipitation except could see a passing showers, a few snowflakes by thursday. we still have the frigid night to teal with tonight, about 30 in voez and then temperatures do modify quickly. highs today not a lot different than yesterday, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below average. the accuweather forecast,
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another frosty night tonight. but mild air arrives in time for winter on wednesday. a passing shower on thursday. but overall we could stay dry right through christmas and after that could see some more rain and snow which would be a nice thing. you never know when it stops around here. sometimes it's over. >> with the rain, yeah. well we're such cray babies when it came to the cold weather. >> the big freeze across much of the nation. >> we i'll be talking about that later in the newscast. thank you, lisa. just ahead, seasons greetings from six babies. the
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there were lots 0 children enjoying the holidays in the east bay as toys for tots handed out gifts. we were in berkeley as police and firefighters teamed up with marines to give back. every child was allowed to select two gifts. caleb came along with his great grandmother to check out the toys. we've just moved here from michigan not too long ago. when hi heard about toys for tots here, i quickly jumped on board. >> there were more than 3,000 gifts for the kids to choose from. a small town in oklahoma is getting worldwide attention because of six new babies all of
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them were born this year to firefighters at one fire station. the durant fire department put out christmas cards showing all of the bundles of joy. they hope that the cards show everyone what's at the core after their department, their families. still to come on abc 7 mornings, an ak tick blast is hitting much 0 tf country right now. when you see what it's like in some places, you might not think it's so cold here after all. and a charger hog crackdown. a new plan from tesla means it could cost you m
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welcome back everyone. we're starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. >> good morning to you. still very very cold out. we're going to start out in the east bay where you can see the temperatures trying to come out of the 30s right now. it's 38 in concord, 39 in lafayette, 40 in dublin, san a ramone, 44 in pleasanton. look at the north bay and the south bay, still miz md-30s. in oakland yub eel climb to the 50s by 11:00 and then a quick cooldown right after 4:00. the rest of the bay area under sunshine and light winds. it will be in the 40s for most
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of you by noontime. a quick hit into the low 50s and we'll look fsh the early sunset again. we have the rest of the year where we're hoping for more prespr presip. we''ll talk about it? a minute. a snow and ice storm barrelled across the country causing accidents and pileups in several states. here's abc news reporter eva pilgrim. >> from the rocky mountain to the east coast, millions of americans hit with dangerous weather. horror on the highway. watch as this tanker truck slides off i-95 in baltimore, flipping on its side before bursting into flames. >> what is going on? >> two people killed, 20 others injured in a nearly 70-car chain
9:31 am
reaction crash that followed. hundreds of wrecks across the country. take a look at the mangled vehicles in this 23-car pileup in sma r virginia. temperatures taking a nose dive, 50 degree drop in parts of texas and new mexico as a cold front brings the arctic chill from texas to wisconsin. >> well it looks like 13 inches. >> major airports take a huge hit on what's expected to be a record holiday travel season. take a look at this plane that slid off of the runway at chicago o'hare, slid off into the grass. hundreds stranded trying to get home for the holidays. >> i'm not spending another right here. >> abc news new york. in venezuela, chaos has the president postponing the currency. yesterday fires, yelling, pushing shoving from passionate demonstrators who do not want to
9:32 am
take away the currency bill. 40% of the country's citizens do not have bank accounts. so they found themselves unable to pay for food, gas or christmas gifts. the president decided the bank note would temporarily be restored until january 2nd. similar protests are going on in indy where there's a plan to remove some of its currency from circulation by the end of the month. the surgeon who created the life saving heimlich maneuver has died. dr. henry heimlich died yesterday in cincinnati. he was 9. his son said heimlich suffered a heart attack early in the week. in 1974 he devicsed the treatmet
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for choking victims that made his name a household word. more than 2,000 people gathered yesterday at an ohio state university auditorium celebrating the life of ohio native john glenn. vice president joe biden was among the dignitaries who attended the service. glenn a former astronaut, fighter pilot and senator died december 8th at the age of 95. first year doctors could soon be working 28 hours straight. a private group that oversees physician training proposed the longer shifts. right now first year residents are restricted to 16-hour shifts. the restriction put in place five years ago because evidence showed exhausted doctors were putting patients and themselves in danger. one trial shows interns who worked more than 24 hours straight made 36% more serious medical errors.
9:34 am
some surgeons say current limits can force residents to leigh at critical times during a surgery which they say is even more dangerous to patients. a valiant rescue attempt in upstate new york was not what it seemed. someone called police saying an elderly woman appeared frozen to death inside a car. officers could not get her to respond so they smashed the window and that's when they discovered it is no woman. this ended up as an extremely realistic life-size man quinn that the car's owner used for his job in medical equipment sales. tesla wants to make sure electric car drivers don't has hog the network of chargin stations. the palo alto company says anyone who leaves their car sitting at a super charger station after it's fully charged will have to pay 40 cents for minute to leave it parked there. right now a recharge is free to
9:35 am
tesla owners. tes tesla's app will tell you when the car is about to be charged. elon musk says the idle fee will only be charged if all chargers at the location are full. a pilot's union says poor working conditions at amazon may cause holiday packages to arrive late. but the retail giant is quick to dispute the claim. here's abc news reporter adrian bancard with the story. >> millions of amazon customers are getting a startling warning of what some claim is a holiday doomsday scenario. >> we want all of the young kids out there, to make sure they get their presents on time. >> pilots are using the company's trademark review format to give a one star review at their pilot's contract. at this rate there may not be
9:36 am
enough pilots to deliver for amazon during the holidays. >> the airlines are so under manned due to us not having an industry standard contract. >> amazon reassuring shoppers saying it can promise no delays during the season. the pilots' union, in november disgrund ld workers walking off the job. a judge quickly ordering them back to work writing in his ruling, imagine christmas without amazon from the court determined in this particular case that what the pilots were disrupting was a quote unquote minor dispute. still ahead on abc 7 morning, star wars fan turned movie director is living his dream. we hear from the creative forces
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behind the new film "rogue one". here's a live look from our east bay hills camera. the east hills trying to break out of the 30s this morning. it's the big chill, cold for us here. lisa will b
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welcome back everyone. 9:39 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our santa cruz camera. it's 39 degrees right now and there are people out there walking on the beach. this is one of the warmest locations around these parts today. during the commercial break we were talking about muck lucks. but it's not cold enough to be wearing something like that. maybe some ugs or just some nice sneakers. and talking about sneakers, warriors forward dre mon green
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leads the team in assists. today he'll be leading the effort to help 50 inner city kids at his private holiday party in oakland by giving them two pairs of nike shoes. dre mon will not be dressing up as santa like he did last year when he met with an 8-year-old shoot survivor. today's guests are affiliated with the boys and girls club of oakland, ymca as well as two middle schools. there will be a deejay and lots of food at the party for those young people. and lisa is here talking about dry weather this week. >> for the most part. although i just looked at a brand-new forecast model and they're bringing in clouds for christmas. maybe a little more than that. but lake tahoe right now 12, 20 at the tahoe valley airport and at south lake today, a balmy 32 degrees. of course they're making snow, doing pretty good in the sierra there. but mother nature, she's not done with us yet for 2016.
9:41 am
we'll talk about it coming up. also ahead, the warriors dominated the blazers in a blowout win at or
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welcome back everyone. 9:43 on this sunday, december 18th. thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule as you prepare for hanukkah, christmas and kwanza.
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this is a live look if our roof cam. you see the flag blowing a little bit there. hey, santa baby bring me some sunshine. no sports the 49ers and the raiders are on the road today. the 9ers facings the fall comes hoping to end their 12-game skid. kickoff in atlanta, 1:05 this afternoon. oakland battles the chargers in san diego. kickoff at 1:25 this afternoon at qualcomm stadium. the warriors are off until tuesday when they play the jazz. last night they blew out the trail blazers for the sending time this season. >> good morning. the wauriers and trail blazers tipped off last wenight. but one man does not make a team pep let's get to the highlights
9:45 am
including dogs performing tricks. a little something for everybody. new career high last night, 23 on 9 of 11 shooting. kevin durant, 21 points through two quarters. one-handed jam. no letdown in the second half. damian lillard, steph curly, to dre monday and clay, splash. steph, deep catch and shoot the 3. he finished with 19. clay had 16 points and to mcgee for the alley hoop. doves win by 45, largest win of the season, improving to 24-4. >> just now being home for a few days and having yesterday off i think the guys look like they had that spring in their step
9:46 am
again. it's good to see. >> this league, so many games. but when you have one game you want to try to keep build and you know go from that game and hopefully as a group we do the same thing. it was a solid game all the way around. >> playing with these guys gives you so much confidence in yourself, especially when they encourage you to be who you are. it's fun. >> cal hosting cal polly, bears looking for a record setting win at home. sam singer looks like a db, picks up the pass, lays it in. 10 points, bear lead. minute left in the half. cal tends half on a 23-3 run. second half, throwing it down, cal wins their 27th straight at home, a school record, 81-55 that final. santa clara hosted by washington state, jarod brown had 25 points, helped give the
9:47 am
broncos the lead. but they went ice cold. charles drives, lays it in. the kug gars take the lead. santa clara two points in the final six minutes, trailed by one. can't get a shot off. no foul called. 69-68 that final. ncaa finals, women's volleyball, texas and stanford, block her to win the first. texas wins the third set. but now match point. four freshman starters win their seventh national title in four sets. today, 9ers and falcons, raiders and charge eers, those highlights tonight at 5 o'clock. have a great day. live doppler 7, our sweep on
9:48 am
mount st. helena taking a break on the precipitation. emeryville, nice and sunny, 44 in oakland, 43 in mountain view and 30s from san jose to gilroy, half moon bay 467 degrees. some of the upper elevations reporting 200 to 30-mile-per-hour winds out of the north. it can be breezy. santa rosa 33, 35 in napa. and these numbers were down in the 20s through nevada, fairfield, concord was in the 20s as well as livermore, 41 right now. and the temperatures compared to yesterday, everyone colder but livermore warming up a little bit. a chilly afternoon and a live look outside, temperatures continue to be below average today. another frosty night tonight and then we'll look for dry weather through parts of the holiday weekend. it's kind of a stuff call whether or not we're going to
9:49 am
bring in a lot of cloud cover on christmas and whether or not we can keep the rain away on christmas day. but right now we're looking for cool weather, upper 40s, tomorrow a milder afternoon, you'll feel the difference. it will still be sunny. tuesday we're near average. but temperatures across the nation. check out washington, d.c. at 62 degrees. well that's not going to last. they're going to be in the 30s tomorrow. the arctic air has descended into the nation's midsection. 14 in st. louis. it's all heading to the east. look at that, 32 in dallas. it's going to warm up quickly after today. but all of these numbers taking a big hit, 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. speaking of our cold numbers, how about overnight lows still on the freezing side, 32 tonight in san jose, santa rosa -- oakland i should say, still very cold. you're in the 40s.
9:50 am
so maybe upper 30s to near 40. and today not a lot of change out there wu some of the wind protected areas by 3:00 in the afternoon should feel pretty good. but the accuweather seven-day forecast, freezing tonight in some spots, tomorrow chilly. as we get into the milder air, winter arrives on wednesday, thursday is nice, christmas eve, all looking dry. but it looks like christmas day which is not on the seven-day outlook we'll see increasing clouds and maybe a sprinkle. stay tuned, download our app and as things change we'll have them update it for you. >> that's how you roll. the star wars universe has expanded with the release of "rogue one, a star wars story." jonathan bloom sat down with the director and the cast to talk about the force and the making
9:51 am
of star wars magic. >> the world is coming undone. >> not just the world but a galaxy far far away. >> i shouds up to start shooting. it was hundreds of storm troopers stood there onset. >> action. >> and you're in your childhood fantasy. >> he grew up a star wars fan but the biggest fan onset was the director. >> as a kid i thought the world was full of storm troopers and e wings before i knew it was filled with cars and guys in suit. >> star wars has one guy in a suit. >> being onset with darth vader is hard to beat. >> it brought back childhood nightmares. >> he comes back to me and talks to me at night. it's kwies scary. >> this is the first live action star wars few movie that's not part of the saga. you might say this film is the rogue one. it's the story of what happened between star wars episodes 3 and 4 and the characters are new.
9:52 am
jen grows up to be the heroin played by felicity jones. it's a physical role. you really quicked some butt in that scene. >> storm troopers' butt. >> his character is blind. >> he's connected to the force. >> a grittier vision of the far away galaxy where good and evil are not so clearly designed. >> they discuss it as are we doing the right thing. >> from the critics point of view we very much are doing the right thing. >> christianic is the villain we meet in the first scene. >> audiences are asking to be represented on screen and i'm proud pto be a part of that. abc 7 is supporting toys for tots toy drive in cooperation with rogue one and the nissan rogue. today donate a new unwrapped toy
9:53 am
at a nissan dealer to make the holiday brighter for children everywhere. a holiday fun run in the south bay.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. check out the winning numbers from last night's $119 million powerball drawing. 1, 8, 16, 40, 48, the powerball number 10. a ticket purchased in delaware matched all six numbers winning
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the jackpot. wednesday's jackpot resits to $40 million. here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus, 10, 24, 32, 34, 40, mega ball is 10. wednesday's jackpot increase to $62 million. happening today all sorts of holiday characters will be taking over the streets of downtown san jose. thousands of runners or walkers dressed as santa, mrs. claus or other holiday favorites, maybe a rudolph or two thrown in are expected to take part in the 5th annual santa run silicon a 5k run/walk that starts this afternoon at 3:00. a kids' reindeer run for the young ones age 2 to 7 starts at 2:00. and they might want to throw a coat over some of those
9:57 am
costumes. >> 2:00, 3:00 start time they'll be in the 50s. >> that's better. >> check it out, though, come on, still in the 30s for los gat gatos, we're in the 30s from san pablo. 42 san francisco, 46 in al media. some low 50s, another cool afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast will warm up bit by bit through the first day of winter and beyond. still looks dry for the next seven days but we're expecting some rain for the last week of 2016. so everything going according to plan. >> thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa. we want to thank abc news viewer bernardo for this picture of the bay bridge, really nice. you can share your pictures with us on social media, use the
9:58 am
#abc7now. the news continues online, facebook, twitter and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. enjoy your holidays, hanukkah, christmas, kwanza, whatever you celebrate, get out there and enjoy. have a great sunday, everyone.
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