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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  December 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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some of them were in building when the fire broke out so many of these people, the reason they're here is just to honor those who were lost and come and grieve and play. >> the barbecue is holding another tribute to victims in just a few minutes this evening. new details on an accident involving a car and a skateboarder in san ramone, the victim is a 15 year boy in critical can be. a car hit him last night. the driver stopped at the scene and cooperated with police.
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police closed the westbound traffic several hours during the investigation. >> police in little rock, arkansas, are looking for a man who shot and killed a three-year-old boy in a road rage incident the buy was riding with his grandmother when another driver opened fire because the thought she didn't move fast enough at a stop sign. the grandmother was not hurt. the boy died at the hospital. the second time in less than a month a child has been shot dead in a road rage case in little rock. >> cannot have the community where the least protected who are dying these senseless crimes. >> the police chief didn't know if they were related. the president versus the president-elect. president obama and donald trump fine themselves on opposite sides of an international controversy, russian hacking. mary bruce has the story from
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washington. >> the current and future leaders of the united states facing off on foreign affairs. >> it's call america first. >> donald trump spent his weekend wrapping up his the tour, notably absent any talk of russian hacking in u.s. election. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> the official says the evidence is compelling. cyber security experts found the stolen e-mails were sent to an internet address used by russias and the cia has information from inside the kremlin that indicates putin was directly involved. >> unless the american people think that the cia, the fbi, are less trustworthy than the russians, then people should pay attention to what our intelligence agencies say. >> trump has refused to accept russia's involvement. >> there is this conclusive opinion among all of the
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intelligence issues and they should issue a report or stand in front of a camera and make the case. >> reporter: president obama says he addressed the hacking with putin in september. obama says the warning stopped future attacks, but the current head of the dnc disagrees. >> did not stop. they came after us, absolutely every day, until the end of the election. >> the president has promised retaliation against russia, but refused to say what it would be. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> a mixture of wild winter weather has several states in its grip. feet of snow and freezing conditions. hate the storm's impact. what is triggering a big spike in gun sales in california when abc7 news
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>> an actress known for her numerous marriages and hollywood career has passed away. zsa zsa gabor passed away. he was born in hungry in 1917 and came to america in the 1940s. her tv and movie roles lasted into the 1990sed. she was married nine times. she had been in bad health following a accident, infection. >> temperatures are planing, dangerous record low temperatures caused cancellations of holiday festivities in the plains and the northeast. there were delays in new york and chicago.
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the severe weather stretches from chicago to new york. 16 inches of to the fell in colorado and bismarck posted a new regard low of 31 degrees below zero yesterday. a water main break caused a mess in the south bay this morning. we were in san jose where party and mud covered the streets near the san jose state football stadium. a 12-inch main dating back to 1951 broke this morning. water service was shut off for two nearby beens. repairs be made by tomorrow morning. but cold temperatures may have played a role in the water main break in rodeo. it's beginning to create a sinkhole. the highway patrol shut down part of the road. flowing two directions through neighborhoods, cars, and storm drains was the water there. we'll need the extra
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blankets again. we're under another freeze warning tonight. >> temperatures already dropping under clear skies. mild air just around the corner and so is the next chance for rain. i'll explain with the accuweather forecast. >> we can use a little dose of cute. we have it for you. coming up, nhl fans had a rope to cheer even if
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>> gun shops in california are seeing a rush of business before a new law goes into effect. under the law people in california can no longer buy a semi automatic rifle equipped with but'll buttons. shop owners tell "the los angeles times" sales have at least doubled and the state department of justice says the number of semi-automatic rifles registered in california this
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you're has doubled over last year. >> to south bay where generous donors will give thousands of children a happy holiday. volunteers sorted throw piles of donated toys. next thursday and friday parents will come in and has to three toys. >> still short a couple thousand toys. the community all rallies and we had 400 this morning. >> you can drop off new unwrap toys at sacred hard. >> hockey sevens cheered in the red wings game. listen. [booing] >> boo,. >> yea. >> that is two-year-old mason on
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the jumbotron, get. when the picture moved to other fans the fans wering intoing until his picture cap i done came up again. her was named a star of the game. >> accuweather one more night after freezing cold temperatures before mild air works into the picture ahead of the chance for wet weather. live doppler 7 showing you a beautiful day. this weekend was filled with sunshine. today no exception, and tonight, we'll have clear skies and stars. on this sunday evening, live look from san jose, this morning we dropped to 30 degrees in the south bay, and once again, with those clear sky skies we'll drop below freezing freezing freezin, there will be a cold freezing start in many spots. warmer air moves in and then rain moving in around christmas.
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right now all about the numbers and they're dropping rapidly as the sun has set. we have 49 right now in oakland. a cool 49 in san mateo. temperature shows you ahead tonight, 9:00, you do notice the majority of the region following into the 30s and then the early morning hours on monday, we'll start to see some spots drop below the freezing mark. so for that fact another freeze warning is in effect for the areas in purple. this goes into effect at midnight, lasting until 8:00 in the morning. that means lows in the regions will drop below 32 degrees. protect the pets, cover the plants. next an extra layer monday morning. have the jacket, the gloves and scarfs and hats. overnight the start are temperatures. 30 in concord, 38 in san francisco. 30 san jose, 25 in napa and
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santa rosa. the day planner, if you liked toy you'll love tomorrow. a carbon copy forecast on monday. we have the freezing start bit of sunshine on the way it feels brisk and by the afternoon it's chilly and temperatures holding in the 50s. so across the region, highs on your monday, 55 on oakland, 53 in san francisco. 55 napa after the start in 20s, and 54 your afternoon high in antioch. the future tracker temperatures, monday, we're chilly. tuesday morning, though, we start to see the 30s get erased and replaced by warmer numbers. future weather, we'll track the next chance for rain. christmas eve we look drive but christmas, the early call looks for light showers moving across the region in evening. that's our next chance of wet weather. in the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow is a chilly start. not as cold on tuesday.
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mild air moves in. a nice afternoon on thursday. friday is partly sunny, cooler on saturday, and claim right now, just slight chance of some hours out there. looks light in nature. >> this is not baseball weather, not baseball weather at all. >> this is football weather. >> uh-huh. >> let's talk football. >> actually golf weather. thursday, okay. niners are not im'ving week to week under chip kelly, losing their 13th straight today in atlanta. the raiders take the lead with a win in san diego. what a great and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira.
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the raiders sit to go a -- sitting in great position. chiefs lost to the titans to the silver and black retake the lead. raider nation taking over in san diego. first drive of the game, rivers through for two tds. just like that,, 7-other chargers. raiders answer. derek carr, lone td pass. 10-10 at the break. third quarter, chargers regain the lead. river -- 16-13 pending the extra point. josh lambeau misses, raiders down a field goal. in the fourth, tied at 16. carr on third and eight. going to take off and reap for -- reach for the first down.
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a 44-yard janikowski field goal. just inside in the uprights. raiders up 19-16. chargers have one last chance. fourth and 15. nelson picks off rivers, raiders win, 11-3 heading into the playoffs for the first time since 2002. >> proud of us awaying our way back -- earning our way back. we have earned a postseason berth and over the next couple of weeks will determine where that happens to be. >> chiefs and titans. kc haded the lee into the fourth. the 53 yarder for the win but it was short. but andy reid tiesed the kicker. this time he nailed it if. raiders are a game up on kc in the west. 49ers and falcons. first quarter, freeman, five
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yard touchdown. then 14-0. another three after the td pass. 21-0 after the first quarter. niner had 15 in the first, kap, 16 yards, 21-7. the momentum quickly stopped when freeman drives through the niner defense. 139 yards rushing. kap, 20 of 33. five yards here to rod streeter. niners down 28-13 at the half. that's the closest they got. niners lose their 13th 13th straight. they're 1-13 overall 41-13 the final. >> stanford women visit -- erica mccall, 13th for the cardinal.
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nice feed and then samuelson had three. hits the three from downtown, but stanford trailed by one at the half. tennessee went on an 8-0 run. middleton with the three and%-
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>> at 6:00, locking out illegal callsful how california's prison system will keep cell phones out of the wrong hands and why health groups are going after the state's pension system. a woman in sacramento is sharing the gift of giving. she is offering to pay for every adoption this month at the city of sacramento animal shelter which is full. the fee runs from $65 to $58 and their 900 miles available. more than 200 have been adopted. the shelter posted this individual on facebook. the video received more than 12 midge views so far. -- million views so far. great offer elm that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're tracking a fatal freeze. more than a dozen deaths blamed on the snow, ice and cold. this tanker truck exploding on an icy highway. the passenger plane skidding off the runway. and now thousands of flights delayed or cancelled. wedding horror. the 100-foot tree crashing down on a bridal party taking photos. one person killed, five hurt. road rage manhunt. police searching for the driver who opened fire. killing a 3-year-old boy riding with his grandmother. shipping shortcuts. time running out before christmas. the secret ways and new apps to make sure your packages arrive on time. plus, tonight, meet the one ups worker you don't want handling your deliveries.


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