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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> the breaking news comes from danville a big-rig crash on 680a huge mess. jessica castro storms our coverage at the exit. jessica? yes, it is a huge mess and
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one person has major injuries with a delivery truck that flipped over on its side after hitting a side post here on the freeway, this is 680 southbound at danville and we gist got briefed from california highway patrol and they say the truck was actually on the sidelane here drifted into the side of the road and actually hit an s.u.v. they believe was abandoned on the side of the highway it and continued into the side here, the side area and hit this post. you can see the truck is completely flipped with all of the con continue on the side of the freeway. from everything we have seen on the scene it appears to be a postal truck that flipped. there are a ton of boxes that will unfortunately not be making it to anyone's homes before the holiday season. they are destroyed. this was a very difficult process for them to get the
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driver out of the semi truck, they had to extricate that person. they were taken in an ambulance to a hospital. c.h.p. just telling us that person does have major injuries but one person is hurt. this is going to take and time to clean up. c.h.p. said they believe an hour to is 1/2 -- to 1 1/2 get it cleaned up. there are to lanes blocked on southbound 880 in danville. >> unbelievable scene. >> now over to alexis. how do people fled to get around this situation? >> right now the backup is not terrible. you are looking at a mile but it is slow. that is southbound 680 in danville and using our speed indication tool at anyone miles per hour if you want to skip that you can use danville boulevard that is wide on. an hour to an hour and move for cleanup is optimistic and i would bet we will have that
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blocking for longer and we have another sig-alert northbound 101 on the peninsula, southbound of 92 we have another crash blocking the three left lanes and the tow truck having a hard time getting there because of the backup. it is chilly? >> dangerously cold. the areas shaded in purple are where the most dangerous temperatures are away from the coast, and away from the bay shoreline because we can drop to 24 degrees you have to protect the pets, pipes and plants. to the cost protect the pet and plants 3 to 35 degrees. that is until 8:00. 29 south on 680 walnut creek. low-to-mid 50s at 4:00 with high clouds and sunshine and back in the 30s and 40s at 7:00. we will talk more on the air quality, it is poor, and the chance of rain. >> now, the big chill which is the other big story. >> the coldest temperatures we have soon in quite a while. protect your pets and plants and
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matt is in livermore. matt? >> the last team i saw you i was inside van with the heat crank up and the witnesses rolled up and enjoying the warmth. my photographer thought it was such a good idea and now he is in the van. i need you, there is nobody out here on the streets of livermore. why would they be out here on the streets of lynch? it is freezing. the bank sign said it is 28 degrees and we have a coffee shop that doesn't open up until 6:00 and as we look inside, well, we are not going to look inside we are going do look at another thing in pleasanton feeling like the north pole, the light display has quarter million lights and a fountain that was freezing when the crowds lost. the cold front not a remember for the visitors, the people show up and he is expected 17,000 people to come by during
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december. >> this is sunday night and people are clear down around the block. >> it has been cold. we are bundled up. christmas. so it did not step us. >> at wind is rain would be a bigger issue and that keeps people away. the freeze warning is not long lived expiring at 8:00 a.m. if you walk around here in livermore do not expect to warm up too much. it will be in the low 50s. we hope the coffee shop will open up and rather than drinking it we will climb into the vat coffee and warm up like a s >> cold temperatures may have play add relative in a water main break gushing from a shallow main yesterday morning, and now creating a sinkhole in the middle of the intersection. the highway patrol shut down part of the road. part of the road. electric
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capitol in sacramento hoping to change people to change their vote but they are holding out home for the same in san francisco. >> they gathered in front of san francisco's city hall on the east of the electoral college vote hoping enough will vote for hillary clinton rather than donald trump. >> for the first time in 100 years we have a candidate who appears truly unqualified and this is a chance for the electoral college to prove its worth as intended in choosing more moderate candidate. california's 55 electors will be meeting given ball the theres with temperature contain and hillary clinton but the ballots in or states vary, including one hoping the recent conclusion by united states intelligence agencies that russia tried to
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interfere in our election will give members of the electoral college pause. >> i have been trying to promote the idea we should get an intelligence briefing and the public should be briefed but i not tell someone how to vote their conscience. >> one electoral will defy his party and not vote for mr. trump but the lockly hood others will are slick. >> there have to be flee dozen others, abilitiesive in their local parties deciding not to vote and that is unlikely. >> they know it is a long shot but they say speaking out is better than doing nothing. east bay mud should eve text results after a sewage overflow on thursday, the storm caused overblow in oakland prompting warning signs to stay away and a spokesman said when it rains
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aging sewer pipes that are cracked allow off the rain water to get in overwhelming the system. the pipes are under a federal order to be replaced. >> utility crews in san jose expect to complete repairs on broken water main by 9:00 a.m. look at the mess yesterday. water and mud cover the streets near the san jose state football stadium. san jose water said 12" main is 65 years old and it is the likely age not the weather that caused the break. >> happening today a san francisco man accuses of running online escort service will appear in court. 43-year-old me known as joey noble faces nine charges, some involving a child. he was scheduled to appear in court on wednesday but the rainment was pushed back today. he used websites to advertise and there could more victims. >> firefighters are sharing the
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holiday spirit with a family forced out of their home after a garage fire word afternoon. investigators say the family with they children will have to live elsewhere through the holidays. they are staying with friends from church. firefighters plan to give toys to the these kids for christmas through the marine corps toys for tots program. >> if you need to drop off a package today, you not alone. this is the busiest mailing day of the holiday season. post offices expect to see 611 million pieces of mail and that includes more than $30 million packages which is a 12% increase from last year. in order for the cars and packages to reap their destination by christmas, it is emready you sent them first-class by the 20th and priority bit 21st and priority mail express by the 23rd. >> the san francisco 49ers lost a franchise a row. it was suggested they will replace the c.e.o. with someone more experienced but the team
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owner, his father, tells our persons that the report is completely false. he declined to say anything else after the game. his son has not talked with the media since the opener the only game they have won this year. >> a traffic alert from abc7. >> we will take you to our situation in danville, from our crew on the schedule on southbound 680 we still have the two right lanes blocked just before this area with the major problem where the delivery truck crashed this morning. it happened before 3:30 and you can see the mess. we have serious injuries to the driver and he was transported to the hospital. we have to have a postal inspection with the packages minutes to be delivered to someone for the holidays and this is something that will take a while to investigate and get clean up. it will not be cleared any time soon.
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i show you the backup on traffic maps over a mile at this point. can you stick to danville boulevard to get around it. it is heavy. i have another sig-alert on northbound 101. i will check with meteorologist mike nicco and a look at the forecast with reports of black ice. >> i request see why most of us are around freezing in not well below. in san rafael the temperatures are 36 degrees and the north bay could have poor air quality today, and everyone is in the moderate category but the north bay could jump up to poor so we are under our first winter "spare the air" for the season. look at the temperatures, 38 in lake merced and glen park and presidio at 41 and west portal at 4 to and 40 at ocean beach and through the ferry building, dropping to 42 and freezing cold temperatures palo alto and union city and saratoga at 31 and santa clara at 28 and pleasanton
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and crack crack 29, petaluma 28 and richmond at 37 and daly city 38. 32 at 87 near the shark tank so freezing cold. watch out frosty morning and light breezes on the bay and walking the dog. another look at san rafael temperatures are in the my 50s and upper 50s tomorrow and 60 shows on wednesday with rain in the forecast. >> a fire burns under a street in massachusetts and the explosive situation it created for drivers. >> a meant he is cruising down >> a meant he is cruising down the road and the next he i
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>> check out the flames and heavy black smoke from a manhole them is what firefighters faced after an electrical fire and the first caused several manhole explosions knocking out fire to dozens in the neighborhood. that neighborhood vatted after the time and no injuries were reported, authorities believe the wires that caught on fire were 100 years old. >> police hope an autopsy will help determine the cause of death a mummified body found in a fort bragg apartment. officers found the body during a welfare check of woman who lives there, dead at least a week. on friday police talk to the caretaker and took her into custody. police fond no signs of abuse but this was neglect.
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>> north bay man who work for be better is behind a new lawsuit against the company saying they fired him after blowing the whistle on the again for violating consumer privacy rights. according to the man, he told executives about lack of security on customer data leading to employees tracking high profile names and perps natural acquaintances, including ex-es. he was fired lamp -- last year the. >> george lucas was has been a generous donator in marin and giving the county a cattle tunnel creating the technology so his cattle two move between pastures and used by hikeers and bicyclists. the county wanted ownership to maintain the area. >> gun shops in california are seeing a rush in business before a new law in january. under the law people in california can no longer by a
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semi automatic rifle with bullet buttons that enable the quick removal and replacement of ammunition magazines. shop owners say sales of the guns have doubled. the state department said the number of semi automatic rifles registered in california this year has more than doubled over last year. >> a bicker in florida caught a dramatic scene on camera as the driver swerves on-and-off the road suffering from a medical emergency. >> in the first look, these are the moments caught on a florida highway, a car out of control coming dangerously less to catastrophe. >> what the [ blank ]. >> the driver is having a medical episode, crashes through the streetlight, and keeps going. >> what are you doing? pullover. >> despite blown out tires, the cadillac picks up speed, crisscrossing the highway.
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>> my god, slacking into a guardrail. >> you need to step. before finally coming to a stop. >> you need to stop. stop. stop. >> the driver appears disoriented but is somehow okay. >> get out of car. it is smoke. all the car is smoking. >> we will have more on this harrowing story with the first look from "good morning america" today. >> the video is really clear. amazing. >> we will switch goers now, and if you enjoy par taking in adult benefit rans, at disney, there are four more restaurants serving beer and wine december 23rd. it will not be on the rides just the restaurant, so they are jungle, skipper, and cinderella's royal table, not to go, but only getting beer or wine at a table. on so calm down.
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be our guest, became the first to serve alcohol in 2012 and everyone will ask, will they have this at disney land? right now, disney land is not serving alcohol until you blow too the club, then if you do, call me. >> in danville, we have an issue. >> i will step out of way so you can see what is happening, southbound 680 in danville before you get to this area, we have a major crash that happened before 3:30 a delivery truck crashed and the driver was extricated and cleanup is north dakota under way. they have to wait in the postal inspector with authorities taking measurements so the two right lanes are blocked a mile and a half back young, so stick to danville boulevard. it is wide on. this is going to take you 10 or 15 minutes. that is one of two sig-alerts.
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on the traffic maps we have another crash blocking the three left lanes on northbound 101 south of 92. it sounds like the tow truck is on the june and the backup is better. we getting close do clearing. we got a new problem for bart. track maintenance is slowing you track maintenance is slowing you down, fremont and bill i imagine it will continue through 8:00, and at look at live doppler hd, we are starting off freezing cold and clear but we will have high clouds and it will dim our afternoon sunshine and keep us from warming. on the east side of the may years ago bridge it is 35. but it is dry. high clouds, sunshine, "spare the air", no wood burning today. minor warming through thursday and friday and sunday trending wetter. the temperatures today are 53 in
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san francisco, richmond and livermore and san jose at 56. tonight we could have trusty conditions in our inland valleys the rest us in the mid-30s to mid-40s and san francisco. my seven-day forecast shows you will notice a minor warming trend on tuesday and winter starts on wednesday interest thursday, and rain is looking more impressive on friday evening and, again, on christmas day. >> they were predicting this in the new "star wars" movie rogue one had the second highest december opening in box office history $155 million, for the 12th biggest opening of all time, and "office christmas party," was third, and "collateral beauty," flopped. it got terrible if reviews. and "fantastic beasts." rogue one is before the first "star wars" movie which you probably know. the crew stills the plans for
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the death star so luke can blow it up. >> the "ragtag," crew. we are from the 40s. >> the only film to beat that was "the force awakens" last year earning a quarter billion during the opening weekend. >> seven things you need to know use start your day. >> not quite the work out that people were expecting, this people were expecting, this story
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the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® >> these are the seven things you need to know before you go, this break news a look at the huge mess on southbound 680 in danville, a delivery truck hit an abandoned s.u.v. near the exit and it hit a signpost and flipped over. you can see all of the packages spilled over and we are hear the
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driver has major injuries. >> that is still blocking the twaite lanes and that is not our own sig-alert we have a problem on the peninsula northbound we at holly street, still trying to get this crash cleared block the three left lanes with the tow truck arriving any minute. look out for black ice. >> if you did not put a shot or newspaper on the windshield you have to get out there earlier and scrape the ice. it is freezing cold. it is a "spare the air" alert our first of the winter season. burning of wood have been today. most locally tomorrow, as well, and, again, on wednesday. >> the highway patrol is warning drivers to look out for black drivers to look out for black ice blameed for two >> san jose police searching for the gunman who shot a man in the head near winchester boulevard before midnight and
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rushed to the hospital where he died. >> six, electors in all 50 states cast ballots and make progress' victory official. protesters in san francisco and across the country hope 37 republican electors will change their vote which is highly unlikely. >> oakland raiders going to the playoffs the first playoff appearance since 2002 and they still have two regular season games left play the cold on saturday with kick off at 1:00. >> most people need a membership to work out at any gym but that is just for people. want what happens here when an animal taxis over this deer decides to crash through the window and hits weight room in and son, south carolina, on friday. can you imagine being in there? some of the gym members, is this actually happening? it got out on its occupy going out, surprisingly, the same way it came in and it managed to
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follow its steps. it did not pay for the damage. however, it did get a protein drink. >> is it okay? >> don't necessity. don't know. >> willing to budget you have not seen a investigation of the "nutcracker," this heart working. children inry are teaming up with two dancer whose have down's syndromes, and 18-year-old. >> he is ham bone and he loves to dance and be on stage. >> it was emotional to is a child with special needs you are very hopeful she will the. >> it mays parents feel good to take the two under their wings leak a christmas dream in a way that was never imagined. >> cool. >> a full 90 minutes of news including breaking news in danville and we are with jessica
5:28 am
at scene of the crash >> developing news in san francisco after two people were killed in the mission district. >> trouble for travelers at l.a.x., the two problems that l.a.x., the two problems that caused delays for people las
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>> breaking news. it is 5:30. on 680 give yourself extra time. a big-rig accident causing a huge mess. jess yes is near danville. jessica? >> good morning. we got an update from c.h.p. telling us the mess is likely to be here until 7:00 or 7:30. i will show you what they are dealing with, a large semi crashed at 3:30 this morning and it drived on to the shoulder of the freeway, crashed into a
5:31 am
parked abandoned s.u.v., and continued going and hit a large signpost on the side of the shoulder and wraps around there. they had to space extricate the driver out of the semi. the person has major injuries. he was ice thatten to a hospital a short time ago. what they are dealing with all of the packages that have overflowed on to the shoulder of the freeway. the information we have is they are usps deliveries, packages for the postal service but the driver is not believed to be driving for the post office and it could have been a private carrier. we have learned this is all incoming mail to the san jose area. unfortunately, a lot of people who are expecting packages in san jose may not get them best holiday this week. we have seen a lot of target, wal-mart packages out here, and i can tell you the driver had
5:32 am
very major injuries and was alive when taken out of the semi-truck and now they are saying this mess will not be too bad to clean up when the firefighters are out of area but they have work, still, investigating the truck and the scene so the clean up will last until 7:00 with a worker that just got to the scene reviewing the packages and hopefully can sort out what folks could be getting this week. >> bad story all around. >> now, over to alexis any improvement? >> in, it is getting worse. southbound 680 into the heart of the danville area, that is where we have the two right lanes down with a two mile backup and slow at this point down to five miles per hour. you can take danville boulevard off to the west of the main
5:33 am
highway or take stone valley and longer of a detour. right new the surface streets or kay and you get another 30 or 45 minutes and they will fill in. i will keep an eye on that. we have another sig-alert and two new crashes in the south bay. >> the cold temperatures are the biggest story. all the areas you see in purple away from the shore and the cost freeze warning, hard free at 24 to 32 degrees until 8:00, the pets, plants and pipes, around the bay and to the coast, 30 to 35 so watch out for the presidents and plants. our warmer spot is 41 degrees in the 20s and 30s, and 44 to 50 at noon, and 49 to 53 and a few high clouds at 4:00, and 41 to 47 at 7:00, a "spare the air" with more on that ahead. >> now, the cold, some of you are waking up in the 20s and
5:34 am
30s. >> that is better than the midwest where it is eight degrees below zero. matt keller in the coldest spot matt keller in the coldest spot for us, like it is peet's coffee shop. they have workers here and someone at the counter and a guy we looks nice and warm, and i don't know why i am standing outside. much better in here. this is more comfortable. i will enjoy it in here. i want to show you from my news app this is in livermore they say it is 29 degrees and it is cold but it is fought too bad in peet's coffee. i talked to a guy who lives in livermore ands his family lives in a cold house and makes them
5:35 am
wear sweats and knit caps. >> it doesn't bother you? >> it doesn't bother you. >> are you from the midwest? >> ohio. >> i knew that. >> thick skin. >> good guess are right? >> a warning to everyone in livermore, temperatures are not warm up much today getting to the low 50s in livermore so bundle up if you can avoid being outside you can hang out inside, do that, it is warmer inside peet's than outside. all the one customer in there, i will make him "chuck e. >> i want to know about his life story. >> he does not care. >> he does not care. >> he cannot be bothered. >> the cold chill is creating tough driving conditions so, be careful, and investigators say a
5:36 am
driver lost control, likely due to the ice on highway 37 in vallejo yesterday morning. she is okay. the car rolled on the off-ramp to columbus parkway. paramedics took her to the hospital as a precaution. >> the snow fell at lake tahoe this morning highway 267 with chains not required. now. it is expected to be mostly sunny today. many of you will see this when you step outside this morning, we got photos showing frost on cars in san jose over weekend. how are you dealing with the weather? snap a photo #abc7now so we can find it. >> there was a shooting in san jose police were call to winchester boulevard in williamsburg drive before midnight the man was shot in the head and rushed to a hospital where he died.
5:37 am
police say if anyone saw anything possibly related call 9-1-1. >> we have developing news in san francisco where police are looking for the suspect in the mission district that left a young man and woman dead, shot near a homeless encampment at 16th and south van ness before 9:00 and officers flat they found the woman dead and injured machine was taken to the hospital but he later died. police say both victims appear to be in their 20 or 30s and one person would histories near said the victims were live on the street and police do not yet have a motive for the shootings. >> pet are trying to figure out if there is any connection to the second shooting a few blocks away, and it happened near 11th less than an hour later a man is hurt but is expected to survive. >> the electoral college will cast their ballots and make the
5:38 am
win official of track -- president-elect donald trump but not stopping people cross the countries making a last ditch of the hoping they will change their minds, and have to pursuade 37. the chance of that happening is very him. many electors are refusing to switch side buzz upset anyone is trying to change their mind. >> it show as lack of understanding of our democracy. it shows an honest lack and disalmost. >> some say they wanted more information before they vote. 80 asked for a briefing on russia but intelligence officials declined. >> two silver alerts are issued for two machine missing from different areas of the bear. gino was last seen at his home in antioch, 82 years old, suffers from a medical condition. he was wearing blue jeans, a
5:39 am
blue polo shirt, black jacket and a black hat. if you have seen him call antioch police. >> there is a search underway for a missing man in the south bay, 83-year-old collin last seen last night 180 pounds and 6' driving away from a 2007 four door saturn suffers from a medical condition and be disoriented. all the oakland raiders for the first time in 1 years are headed for the layoffs after beating san diego chargers, they improved to 11 and 3. >> one team is doing well. the this minute snapping the second long of the playoff drought in the nfl. oakland is now in first place. the quarterback carr said it is
5:40 am
great to be there but we have the regular season games. >> it means there are two games were left and we have to take care of business, on our shoulders, on us, and going forward, that is all that matters, we cannot think of anything outside of that and we have to get rid for the comets who are a -- for the colts who are a great football team. kick off is at 1:05. >> a traffic alert. >> i will take you to the scene in danville, you can see the shot of southbound 680. before you get interest downtown danville you can see we have a huge mess a delivery truck crash before 3:30 with a lot of new details from jessica castro. the postal inspector arrived and they say this is a quick clean up when they are able to move the boxes and getting the tow truck hooked up
5:41 am
do the investigation on the cause and the driver has serious injuries possibly life threatening injuries and they have to do that investigation. in the meantime the backup continues with a line of red stretching north southbound 680 before this area up to three miles and more than three miles, so, still, danville boulevard or stone valley. a couple of other trouble spots northbound we at holly street the early sig-alert just cleared and all lanes are back open and two new problems in the south bay, northbound 280 before highway 85 we have the two right lanes blocked and northbound 17 before this area we have the slow lane blocked our second crash of the morning in that location and we hearing it is icy so take it easy. danville is cooler at 26. san rafael is 38. other areas include walnut creek
5:42 am
the neighborhood has 24. and republic rope is 26. pleasanton and novato and napa and woodside at 27. those are the coolest neighborhoods. also, it is a winter "spare the air" alert, our first of season, and no burning of wood, all neighborhoods are moderate we have good air quality. the north bay is poor and that is why we are under the wood burning ban. the north bay is 26 at republic rope, 27 at petaluma, another area of novato said 30 another area is at 31 and you can see in the cities we have microclimates and 39 in tiburon and 33 in can saturday rose and 28 in cyber monday, today our temperatures are hanging out at 53 to 56 with high clouds and sunshine and same tomorrow, upper 50s, and we will hit 60s on wednesday before cooling trend and a couple of chances of rain.
5:43 am
>> major changes coming to sped up one of the busiest light rain lines and what it will mean for lines and what it will mean for drivers looking for fortified.tored. lines and what it will mean for drivers looking for
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abc7, all news all morning
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>> this were two power out averages, officials say they were momentarily outages impacting the central terminal in some areas, and it took an hour for commuters and security equipment to run again, with flights delayed at 20 minutes to an hour. >> police in little little rock, arkansas are offering $20,000 reward who shot and killed a throw-year-old boy over road rage incident the he was riding with his grandmother and police say another driver extend out of the his vehicle and opened fire on the grandmother's car because he shot she did not move fast enough at a stop sign. grandmother drove to a shopping center, called police. she was not hurt by the boy died at hospital. this is the second time in less than a month a child has been shot dead in a road rage case in little rock. >> can you not have a community where the least protected among us being infants dying senseless
5:47 am
creams in our city. >> you can imagine the police chief is very frustrated and investigators do not know if the shootings are related. >> several groups are coming together in gun san francisco taking peaceful action in support of those still at standing rock, north dakota, and the am cops of engineers will look for an alternate route of the access pipeline. thousands protesterred saying the oil pipeline threatened drinking water with several groups meeting to support those still at standing rock in north dakota. both are preparing for court next year. >> next month, there will be changes to make one muni line faster for part of the muni forward roth to improve service. the biggest changes you will notice the loss of 80 parking spaces where this are several businesses. the project calls for the removal of stops that will make
5:48 am
service fast are because the trains will not stop so often. >> we have freezing temperatures and brutal arctic air across the country is causing chaos. conditions are responsible for the horrific 67 vehicle crash near baltimore. two people died in the crash. the cold front has broken record lows in two dozen cities in the dakotas, kansas, nebraska and all the way down to texas. >> it feels like i am in the arctic the. >> got through security. my flight was canceled. >> travelers will face another day of weather-related disruptions after 5,000 cancellations cross the country since thursday. >> we have a big sig-alert in danville causing problems for people and their commute. >> we lost quit a bit of light on southbound 680. we have jessica castro reporting with her photograph you are and folks have been moving around
5:49 am
the last few minutes and that is because they are starting to wrap up the investigation stage and it looks like we have a tow truck possibly getting ready to move the trailer that flipped over jest before 3:30 this morning so we have a significant backup and i will show that to you on traffic maps up to a solid four miles, and this is before getting to downtown victim can you instead over to stone valley instead, so far, the officers streets are look okay, but, clearly, aid provide southbound 680 that will be worse as we get further into the commute. also, i have a problem in the santa cruz mountains northbound 17 before this area we have a slow lane blocked and we have a the love black ice with a crew on the scene and good news with traffic maintenance slowing you down on the richmond bart line but it is wrap up with continue meant delay. it will be improving. mike? >> good morning, alexis.
5:50 am
emeryville is looking at headlights from the north so that is southbound is looking easy at 34 degrees in emeryville >> it is freezing cold morning for all of us. "spare the air" alert, our first, with no wood burning this winter season. frost inland tonight. a chance of rain friday and on christmas, sunday. the winds are three, to five, to six miles per hour so you can shave five degrees off the the highs, 55 in richmond and 56 in santa rosa and san jose for warm spots. tonight you will see the 30s, low 30s in the values in the north bay and east bay mid-30s to mid-40s around the bayshore to san francisco. my seven-day forecast is smooth sailing through thursday and on friday evening rain rolls in, dry on saturday and sunday
5:51 am
trending weather so that noon as lot of snow in the sierras and that is next. >> still need to ship a christmas gift? >> not me. this year. nordstrom could have the answer turning toward electronic gifting. pick an item from the website, you e-mail the option to someone, that person can accept the gift, personalize it, modify the color or size, or just cash it in for a card base they are like, this is not what i wanted at all. you doesn't know me. this will not alert the person who originally sent it that you may the switch. >> you know who you should do that for? you. you are not right for that system. because you need to fine the perfect gift, right? >> it shows we have a relationship. >> can you give me the nordstrom thing all day long.
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>> a hollywood actor said to be a leading spot president-elect donald trump's cabinet. cabinet. >> remembering zsa zsa ga
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> in the enter designment, mourning the loss of an actress known for her roles as her number of marriages, zsa zsa died of a hurt attack yesterday at 9 -- of a heart attack yesterday at 99. she game to america in the 1940s with movie roles into her 90s. she was married nine times.
5:55 am
she was in poor health for sell years following a car accident, stroke, and lung infection. >> the race against self-driving roads on the road conditions and chrysler and google are prepare new minivans for testing, retrofitting 100 minivans with sensors and panning with google self-driving company that will license their technical to automakers with road testing starting next year. >> a lot of issue on the roads. first and for most we get you to danville where we have our sig-alert the two right lanes blocked southbound 680, a major crash a delivery truck crashed and flipped before 3:30 and the driver has serious injuries with more and the update from jessica castro at scene at 6:00. northbound 17, we have the slow lane blocked two crashes there this morning and we hear of a lot of black ice in the area and bay bridge toll plaza has in issues just typical slow downs
5:56 am
and the metering lights on as of 5:29. mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone, we will start with what is going on around the rest of the state, 50s along the coast and dry to lake tahoe at 47 and upper 60 with total sunshine in southern california. that bumped us from 55% of average to 73% and it hit the south sections of the sierra with the greatest impact. here is a look at lake tahoe, rolling out the seven day, and it will be quiet until thursday, if you are waiting to get up there friday, the heavy sunny through saturday and sunday is looking quieter. >> a woman in sacramento is sharing gift of giving, offering to pay for every adoption this month at the city of sacramento front street animal shelter now extremely full. the fee runs from $65 to $85 and there are 900 animals so it could be very expensive. more than 200 people have taken
5:57 am
up her offer so far, and the shelter posted this video on facebook and the video has now received more than 12 million views. >> we are still tracking the breaking news from the east by with a big crash blocking 680 in danville. >> time is running out to mail the christmas gifts. >> breaking news in southern california a crew is tackling a fire. fire. stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> we are wanting a mess right now in the area highways, the danville this morning, christmas gifts all over the roads. a crash at 680 and packages all over the freeway with our news reporter jessica castro on 680 with how long the mess will be there. jessica? >> good morning.
6:00 am
this is supposed to be here until 7:00 or 7:30 with a huge clean up underway and i will show you a tow truck attempting to flip the s.u.v. become over after the truck spilled the con departments on to the side of the freeway, and the driver has major injuries and taken to a hospital after the crash at 3:30 this morning, c.h.p. tells us the driver drifted from the 4th lane, hit a parked s.u.v. and they believe it was abandoned on the side of the freeway and careen on to the side of the road, the shoulder, hitting a large sign, wrapped around the sign and they had to extricate the driver from the s.u.v. they looking at the possibility there may have been black ice on the road or the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel but they are not sure what caused the crash. there was a usps inexpector that


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