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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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best captured him. we do not know how this started or in the together was stolen. we will let you known when we get additional information with a crew on the way. >> it was wild to watch that. glad it is over. >> in the north bay, look at the mess that authorities are finding this morning, santa rosa trying to figure out why someone with do this to a catholic hive, which is what firefighters found at cardinal new man high school, a man was snowed trashing the place 689 firefighters call the sheriff and they came out and arrested the man 9 he is 23-year-old named andrew faulkner causing more than $100,000 in damage. they say he was under the influence of control substance. we have a news crew headed that way. >> oakland police are investigating a serious crash involving an a.c. transit bus that hit a tree and s.u.v. at
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oak near 10th. it was empty and the bus driver is hurt. everyone is okay. they were headed in the samey on oak when they crashed. we reached out to the oakland police and waiting ward at driver's condition. >> muni is secretarying the cause after crash in san francisco where a bus hit a woman. we were at the scene on market and 3rd street at 7:00 p.m. the victim was under the 9 san bruno bus when paramedics arrived. she is seriously hurt but expected to recover. >> we will take to you germany with the clean up is underway in berlin as investigators try to figure out the motive behind the deadly trump rampage claiming 12 lives at a crowded christmas market with crews all night working to remove debris and preserve evidence. where is the investigation now? >> good morning, berlin today is a city in shock and mourning as thousands expected to gather for a memorial service for the
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victims of the attack. >> thousands were enjoying the open air christmas market in berlin when it turned to a horror scene. monday night a truck barreled into shoppers a few days before christmas. it missed me by three meters and her by five. it came in the entrance hit the sides of the barriers and carried beyond us. >> the driver, this delivery truck, filled with steel supports, jumped the curve at a high speed and ripped through kiosks and crowds and pop-up shops. official say there were two people in the truck when died in the crash and another fled the scene but was later raptured. police say he was driving the truck with no word on their identity. >> freeway large number of people gather you have the potential for one of these attacks. >> homeland security officials issuing a wanting that holiday
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celebrations lasting through the inauguration could be targeted. in new york city the new york police department on alert at holiday markets with armed guards. >> the white house is calling this a trust attack and donald trump is blaming it on islamic terrorists. all the large team of russian investigators arriving in turkey to look into the shooting the ambassador by an off-duty police officer, the gunman is a member of the turkish riot police and kills momented after shooting the ambassador in the capital city. his parents, and sister and roommate are in custody and are questioned. investigators are vying to determine in the shooter was connected to terror groups or motivated by something else. "good morning america" will be at now and berlin starting right after abc7 mornings. >> family whose son died while
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climbing a tree is suing the city of oakland after a limb broke off and crushed the 16-year-old jack lewis in december. it happened along lake merritt. this morning the family is expected to hold a news conference announcing a wrongful death lawsuit saying the city marked it for removal the oakland has not responded to our request for comment. >> investigators say fatigue and unfamiliarity with the area are likely to blame for a deadly train vs. truck crash last year in southern california. the february 2015 crash killed the metro link engineer and dozens were injured the truck driver turned on the track where the train hit the truck and trailer and the ntsb said the driver was on duty for nearly 24 hours and the driver now faces a vehicular manslaughter charge. >> stanford students were forced out of the their home after a home in a laundry room after smoke before 10:00 last night.
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there was a firearm and the building was evacuated. firefighters did not say what was damaged. >> al qaeda has formally elected donald trump to be nbc president. protesters called for electric tores to vote against mump but it did not work passing the 270 votes winning 304 to clinton. some votes for other candidates hundreds of veries in portland, oregon, took to the streets. it was called for electoral college justice and questioned the qualifications of the president-elect donald trump. clinton won the popular vote by three million around the nation. the elections will be certified by congress on january. >> proof of how crazy the weather has been across a lot of the country. this is a look at a reporter in
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casper, wyoming, showing how it was pushed over by hurricane-strength gusts. temperatures in the upper midwest have plummeted below zero and the wind chill takes it below that with downed power poles threing thousands in the dark. nine have died because of icy roads. in the bay area people are wake up to temperatures in the 30s but nothing compared to what we have across the country. check this out, in one city they are taking extra steps to make sure the cold does not do any damage. to danville, maintenance services shut off all of the drinking fountains because water lines were freezing and bursting and for all nine bay area counties, the weather has prompted a "spare the air" alert which will last through wednesday. >> all the bay area needs to take action and not been wood on winter "spare the air" days. >> we are not in the tundra so people were outside walking dogs. they say the key to keeping warm
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is walking fast. it looks like that dog also has a jack account on and that is a smart thing to do. >> the action with the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> cute. >> good morning, everyone, san rafael look south on 101 everyone has moderate to gory quality right new and it is possible the north bay we could have poor air quality develop on second consecutive and second "spare the air" day. 42 in lake immigration reform let and a last 44s and 45s until you committeer to the water and crissy field at 47. head into downtown 45 and we have palo alto and beyond city at 35, and santa clara and pleasanton, freezing cold and 31 is same in fairfield at 32 and close to freezing at tracy and petaluma at 33 degrees. walnut creek is 32 degrees and we are look south on 680 with a clear sky, frost again, so you may need to remain up the car with black ice a possibility and i don't think it will be so widespread as yesterday. if you are on the bay the activity planner shows good
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height breezes and poor air quality if you are exercising outside. we will talk about what will happen temperature-wise, upper 50s to low 60s, low 60s to mid-60s, and not only tomorrow, but, again, on thursday, and we have a big storm brewing for saturday and for monday i will show you that ahead in the seven seven. alexis? >> breaking news at the end of the a c.h.p. pursuit on 101 in the brisbane area, and it ended right around sierra point, and it does look like we have a couple of lanes closed on southbound 101, we have not confirmed how many yet but they said they would have the two last lanes open and the two right lanes closed so i would avoid that stretch and stick to 280 instead with matt keller arriving to the scene can we will have more information shortly. the bay bridge toll plaza has no issues and we have very light volumes all the way around today. i promised drive times and that is ahead. >> new developments in the
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battle against the city of san francisco with uber as they are posting a big loss last quarter. >> going solar got a big fee with pg&e charging you more. with pg&e charging you more. stay tuned.
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breaking news from a few moments ago. a c.h.p. chase involving a tow truck. matt keller is on scene where the chase ended. matt? >> good morning. this is not good sign for the commute. the drivers heading southbound are stopped. completely. the traffic is stopped and we have a couple of people outside of the cars trying to figure out what is going on. earlier this morning, c.h.p. got into a chase with a tow truck and there is the together before the sierra point parkway exit here on southbound 101, you can see the c.h.p. officers have flare pattern with the help to open up the lanes to get a tow open up the lanes to get a tow truck out here to tow we will bring you updates.
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>> in san francisco, two businesses are facing criminal charges, authorities say they were selling jewelry and statues made with endangered animal parts. >> fish and wildlife investigators seized dozens of pieces in san francisco's chinatown, ranging from jewelry to statues believing all are made of ivory, with the new law prohibits the buying and selling of ivory. >> $500,000 worth of ivory. we thought that was egregious amount of ivory to sell. we will proceed with the investigation that will likely end up being prosecuted in the direct attorney's office. >> inspector confiscated 400 pieces of ivory jewelry at an air cargo terminal at lamb -- shop owners it is an adjustments. one of dozens of fires that fish and wildlife investigatorses visited but the own are said he
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only carries those made of plastic and bone after selling all ivory before the ban. >> i sold some of mine 20 cents on the dollar and some for below cost just to get rid of them because i knew there would not be anything to do bit. >> others could face $50,000 fine. and a year in jail. all the city council will certify results of the november 8 election include the passing of measure "l" protecting renters from price gouging andviction for profit screams. according to zillow over half of the housing units in richmond are occupied by renters and richmond has more ever surprise than any -- more everies evictions than any other county. >> san jose mercury news pg&e now plans to charge you $145 to
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connect your solar system to the grid. before this, it was free. peg said the new fee helps to cover grid maintenance costs and there be a new monthly charge estimated to add 5% to the bills, to help the company cover costs for loci families -- low-income families. if you are connected before thursday you will not face charges. >> uber could build sued over self-driving cars with the mayor looking into joining the state tone john in legal action. california has threatened to sue uber governor they do not get proper permits for the self driving cars and immediately stop picking up passengers. uber said they do not neat the ps because they are not fallly autonomous because there is a driver. the mayor is concerned the cars are fat safe and the uber finances are rebounding after selling the chinese business in august losing $800 million in
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the third quarter. >> dozens of residents in the south bay have had no running water for more than a month now. we were in san jose yesterday where 40 residents would live at twin creeks properties, a converted resort in a rural part of the city have been out of running water since november. that is when the state told them their landlord was illegally getting their water from twin creeks. it was contaminated with e. coli. the tenant spoke with us but did future want to be identified. >> the neighbor i have next door has a child and he cannot bathe or get ready for school. >> the county is provided residents with bottled water, considering administration sanctions against the landlord. >> a you viewer reach out to us and told us of the story, in there is something happening where you live, let us know. where you live, let us know. you can reach abc7 listens at
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>> beyonce reminded us to make lemonade with what life gives us, check out the local waterskiing in sonoma after the recent rain. the video was taken on the 15th near the airport and you can see the rain covered the low-lying roads and they are living their best life. >> now, i want to take you to the live shot from matt keller and the photographer, i watched them release traffic north of sfo as reggie mentioned, in brisbane area, a few minutes ago all traffic was stopped for continue moments, heading it at c.h.p. pursuit and i can show you on the traffic maps we have the solid line of red and the map showing purple because it was a full closure, so i will keep a close eye on this and make sure they do not stop traffic at least the forbes who were stuck there were able to
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get released. they filtered them out. i have a new sig-alert westbound highway 80 before 680, we have a crash that involved a pg&e pole with one way traffic control and an upstate on these. now, meteorologist mike nicco has a little bit warmer weather for news. >> a little. four to nine degrees with some areas with property. in the back of your mind if you have people coming to sfo on friday they will be delayed. now, looking at sutro tower more sunshine and warm the today and another "spare the air" with no wood burning, quiet and warm through thursday and storms friday through monday. right new you can see the storm track, well to the north and that is where it will stay until friday, so warmer weather, and offshore breeze and that puts a cap on our atmosphere and that is why the pollution levels could get higher. 60 today, san jose, morgan hill, santa cruz, 59 in santa rosa and the rest of us are 56 to 58
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degrees, tonight, no frost with temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s to san francisco and the coast. on friday, i added this to the storm-impact scale as a "1" and said i was border line "2" and now i have up gridded it to a "2" because there be a lot of turmoil get around on friday evening, and ill two be gusty. my seven-day forecast shows did you see that? what you will see is it will be wet on friday into saturday. sunday, most of day is dry, sunday night into monday we will have another chance of wet weather. a lot of snow coming to the sierra. that is next. >> it is a breaking news update, the united states ambassador in ankara, turkey is closed related to the death of ambassador and
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shots were fired outside the united states embassy a few hours after. in that second shooting, no ones with hurt. regardless, the embassy is closed as a precaution. united states consulates in istanbul also, closed, as well. a travel advisory was issued for men citizens telling people to avoid traveling to turkey in possible. >> tonight the warriors can honor an all time great with his own limited bobblehead, big nat. was an analyst on abc7 "after the game," dying in jail after long battle with leukemia. he will be remembered tonight by wearing a special shooting shirts. >> he would walk around and say i am better than you and by the way he could have absolutely played in this nba and been tremendous. >> i remember what a dignified presence and how respect he was,
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when he spoke our players were wide eyed and listening to everyone. >> the first 10,000 fans at the warriors game will receive the bobblehead of thurmond. >> 'tis the season of giving and you can help kids in need. >> local professional is calling out a new study of the amount of sugar we eat a day, and how much is too much? but, first, the techbytes. >> today, a new mass form for the popular video game mine craft available on app with the new version for $19.99 coming with seven pieces of downloadable content so you can customize your creations. >> if you look to grab the nintendo, there are 30 classic games, today, available for $630 in limited supplies at "best buys," online. >> it is no accident that the number of iphones that are dropped, smashed or broken goes
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up sharply when there is a new model. it is called the upgrade affect, users subconsciously need to justify getting the new version so they get more careless with the old one. the old one. >> is there is an excuse.
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] ...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) >> how much sugar is okay? the american heart association recommends in more than t
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teaspoons for women and nine for women, a and of coke has nine! a study said the guidelines should be taken with a grain of salt. researchers say there is not convincing evidence to support cutting consumption to any specific amount. a professor at berkeley is disputing this, especially in light of the fact that the review we are tag about was funded by a nonprofit organization with ties to coca-cola and other food companies. >> our parent company disney continues to share the joy of the holiday season with a chance to bring cheer to bay area kids in need with the marines toys for to thes with $7,000 cash presented and our staff collected 300 toys this area for the 35,000 children the foundation serves. >> we cover marin, san francisco, and san mateo county and all the toys stay local and the local community and help less fortunate children in the area. >> the sergeant, a pleasure to meet him. the marines will pick up toys this weekend at drop off
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locations around the bay area and if you want to fend one goh to for a link. >> what i learned yesterday, if you give them money, they actually get a discount at toys 'r us and do not have to pay taxes so the dollar goes further. i gave them money because we forgot the present this day. >> i did the same thing. >> so you did better. here is a look at what is going on around the state and head into eureka a few showers 50 in lake tahoe, and the low-to-mid 70s in southern california, now we have sunny on the way on friday evening through saturday morning and it will be heavy, look at that, by 2:00 p.m. saturday, already 1 1/2 foot snow and 9" at donner. for lake tahoe, heavy snow on friday through saturday morning, snow showers on sunday, and moderate sunny moving in on monday, and it will be light
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snow not a base building. alexis? >> i think i owe you $10 for that i was not on my game that morning. hooking at southbound 101 in the brace bennett area we had all lanes fully blocked a short time ago because of the end of the pursuit by c.h.p. the stolen tow truck earlier this morning and it whos hike we have lanes moving again but i have not seem them stop music by we have a few residual delays, so take 280. we have a sig-alert westbound 84 before 680, alternating eastbound and westbound traffic because of a collision and it does not sound like too much damage to the manage peg poll and it should be >> 100,000 dollars in damage is how much chaos was caused at a local high school before christmas break. >> breaking news, better lend police speaking out moments ago on their investigation into the
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deadly attacks at a market. >> and artists were evicted from an east bay warehouse feared to be the next ghost ship. be the next ghost ship. >> at break you have a chance to
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>> good morning, bear. dark and early on tuesday, december 20. glad you are here, i am natasha zouves. >> already the news has us busy. jessica castro and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco and the cold wet


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