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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, bear. dark and early on tuesday, december 20. glad you are here, i am natasha zouves. >> already the news has us busy. jessica castro and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco and the cold wet. >> jack frost is still nipping
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especially inland so watch out, possibly black ice but probably not a repeat of yesterday. clear on live doppler hd and the warm of the spots the exploritorium in pier 15 is 47 degrees look back at the skyline and a beautiful look this morning. 30 to 42 at 7:00, day planner shows 52 to 56 at noon. and 45 with a heavier coat needed on this "spare the air" day. >> southbound 101 in brisbane area we have traffic stepped for the c.h.p. pursuit and it is thin out and i am looking forward to a report from matt keller in a few moment on the status of that. it looks like the southbound lanes are move again and the sunol area we had a sig-alert westbound 84 before 680, we alternated traffic and it is cleared. we will look at the drive times coming up in less than 10. >> back to the breaking news we
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brought you at 4:30 a high sped chase involving a c.h.p. and tow truck. it ran through several cities before finallieding in brisbane, and that is where we find our reporter. matt? >> good morning, traffic is now open on southbound 101 with all lanes open and c.h.p. had it blocked for 20 minutes. they opened it up 10 minutes ago. that is the good news. here is new video of the crazy pursuit that caused all of the problems this morning. it started in san leandro went through oakland, interest san francisco, and this is blowing here through the toll plaza which is unusual with a tow truck and all ties were flattened. he stopped the tow truck on 101 just before sierra point me. he get out. he ran off, c.h.p. officers ran after him, across the northbound lanes of we we, and they caught him nearby at an office building
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and southbound 101 was closed for 20 minutes and i will show you where the end the pursuit took place and you can see a few flares still in the southbound lanes at 101 the tow truck was 50 yards ahead of where the flares are right now. the good news is, those lanes the good news is, those lanes now are open and it traffic is moving. staff in santa rosa will clean up a rampage of a vandal throw things, and make an expensive mess that will cost continues of -- tens of thousands. amy hollyfield is in santa rosa. amy? >> good morning. look behind me at the school's front door it is boarded up, there is shattered glass all over the front doorstep here, this was broken during the person's rampage through here
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and look at the images of the damage, authorities estimated more than $certain,000 -- $100,000. the alarm was going off so the firefighters were first to arrive. a man was found in black and they pulled back and called the sheriff. the man they took into custody is 23-year-old andrew faulkner of guerneville charged with felony vandalism and being under the influence of a will control substance. there is severe damage inside and outside. they think he did it by himself and no one helped him. the became is set at $125,000. according to the school calendar it shows there is no school today because of holiday break so hopefully it will be cleaned up before the students run next
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year. >> what a strange story. >> developing news from the east bay this morning a gunman still on the laos after opening fire on interstate 580 in oakland yesterday. >> moms after the gunfire, you can see a huge backup that followed, the second time in three weeks shots have been fired on this stretch of the bay area freeway. >> katie officers brought eastbound 580 to a halt searching for bull lot casings and the man who fired into another hoof vehicle. >> probably attempted murder is most likely, brandishing a weapon, i am sure there are other things we will look at. right new we gist want to catch this person. all the incident started as road rage around 1:00 p.m. and on the freeway, west of grand avenue, the driver of a honda tailgate add man driving a black mercedes. then he sped around him. >> at that time, a rude gesture
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was made to our suspect. all the mercedes driver retaliated, pulling into the median and firing through his car into the driver's side of the victim's vehicle. he missed the two people snowed before speeding away. >> this is the second shooting in the past three weeks. the other incident occurred further down 580 at the fruitvale avenue exit and sent two people to the hospital. oakland police are now investigating the november 30 case. in video from sky 7 you can see a car covered in bullet holes. the victims were a man and william and no suspect description was released. c.h.p. said it was road rage and not gang related. >> there is no place to we need go to that urgee if you witnessed the shooting or suspect vehicle call 800-tell-chp. >> the alameda board of
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supervisors are honor investigators and first responders involved in ghost ship with 300 personnel believe to have participated in the of the. first responders and investigative teams worked around-the-clock risking their own safety facing extraordinary tests of composure. the december 2nd fire in oakland killed 36 people. >> tones for the creator of the ghost ship art collective are defending their client and blaming dome and alameda county for the fire at the warehouse saying that fire and building inspectors repeatedly visited the premises. remember, the fire department said there is in record of inspections for 12 yours. his lawyers say our investigation shows in negligence and he should nature be made a scapegoat. >> we heard from those who made their home in a similar
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warehouse in richmond and looking for a new place to live after the ghost ship fire the richmond mayor ordered an inspection of an art collection that was inspected and red tagged on friday. man who lives there said six people and a total of 15 artists are now dismissed. >> the mayor has made me homeless so i don't see how that is an improvement and it is the coldest season of the year so it is rough. >> the fire official said the inspection uncovered a number of safety violates that require imediate attention. >> breaking news in the deadly truck attack in germany. jessica? >> yes, berlin police announced they could have the wrong man holding a news conference and say they are try to verify evidence against the guy they arrested in the attack, a major development in just the past few minutes plow through a crowded christmas market killing 12 people is hurting 48 others in
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berlin. the passenger in the truck was killed. they arrested a pan last night who is still being questioned, and they are trying to determine in any other suspects were involved, authorities now workingen the the the assumpt it was an terrorist attack. flags are at half staff as the investigation continues. >> the pentagon is confirmed that china returned the underwater drone that the chinese navy took last week, china's defense ministry trade the drone was given back to the united states after friendly consultations and the incident happened last weak during routine operations in the south china sea near the the philippines. the pentagon said the issue will continue to investigate the incident. >> now the action with the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk about "spare the air" with poor air quality in the north bay, and not only today but, also, tomorrow. so today is our second consecutive wednesday our third,
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and third overall for the winter season so no burning of wood anywhere even in your neighborhood is not under one of the poor air quality forecasts. inland, freezing comet temperatures but for walnut creek at 33 and lafayette at 33 so close enough along with livermore and the forecast is forming look at the warm air on mount diabolo at 55, show how warm the afternoon will be. 40s around hayward and oakland and vallejo and san francisco and pacifica. today the temperatures are in the mid-50's to increasely 60 tomorrow, upper 50s bottom falls out later in the week, with 100%, 100%, more on the chances of rain ahead. >> we are improving in the traffic department and i go back to we in the brisbane area where the c.h.p. pursuit ended, and
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not too long ago, before 4:30 this morning we had all lanes stopped for 15 minutes as matt keller told us and the traffic has been released with no residual delays so it has thinned out and improved. westbound 84 before 680 we had traffic at naturing due to a crash and it is cleared but, still, respond respond traffic. still, respond respond traffic. and westbound no explained to employees why he took the tech meeting with president-elect donald trump. >> next, new research is wanting you about what you should not be feeding your dog. the impact the study has on humans, as well. humans, as well. >> we show you what
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>> we are learning more of the deadly delivery crash that shut down areas around danville where packages spilling everywhere. a next year old sacramento man is identified as driver and c.h.p. said he hit an abandoned minivan on the side of road, overturned and hit a metal pole and was trapped inside the cab and died at the hospital. he was a third-party contractor.
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>> he was deliver mail to us in san jose so we could take ownership and we could deliver the last nile. >> crews spent hours cleaning up the road and all packages were taken to the san jose us perform -- usps facility. >> north carolina governor calling a special session so legislatures can repeal hb2, the controversial house bill limiting lgbt protections. under the law people who identify as transgender cannot use restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity unless they get sex on their birth certificate change. they have last half a billion from businesses who took a stand against the law and it is expected to fully repealed by the end of the month. >> a newsweek reporter is pursuing legal action after claiming that a tweet caused had tomorrow have a seizure. >> we have the details in the
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first look. >> newsweek political reporter is no stranger to contentious attack on twitter and antagonizing television appearances. this appearance on fox was no different. an interview about his social social media claims that trump was not a mental hospital for nervous breakdown, a chairman that is unsupported. >> you say this but how can you defend --. >> stop for a second. after the interview, he is public about his fight with epilepsy said he received this malicious tweet from a trump support are with stroke lights "you deserve a seizure for the posts e he said that is exactly what happened and the tweet triggered a seizure. coming up at 7:00 a.m., the man at the center of the story joins us in times square with the "first look," from abc. >> we have something to say about cars and traffic, the man
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who wants to put a human on mars filled the world with driverless cars and build super speed trains is focusing on traffic congestion. elon musk said traffic is drive me not ill build a tunnel-boring machine and start digging. he tweeted it shall be called "the boring company," boring that is what we do. and i will actually do this. tunnel before machines are used to excavate tunnels and he wanted to build underground roads to improve the business he now edited his bio, exploration and tunnels. >> apple crow is explaining why he met with president-elect donald trump one tech leader from the develop to attend the from the develop to attend the round table
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never found be on the sideline a successful place to be and the way you influence the issues is to be in the arena." of course, a last that is because he was a vocal supporter of hillary clinton. not donald trump. >> you have used all your paid vacation days? if not, you are alone. a consumer financial services company shows that more than half of american workers who get paid vacation do not use all the time they are entoiled to. company said most workers are nottizing at least a fill week of vacation days. reasons for not taking paid time off include saving days for next year, or just having too much work to do. >> not me and meteorologist mike nicco. you will not see us next week. >> no, as i get old are i use every drop of it. better believe it. when i was younger i was in the same bet. good morning, everyone, here is a look at san jose 101 and 880,
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clear and 33 degrees. we do have parts of the south bay freezing cold, again, on this second consecutive "spare the air" so milder highs today be not only today and mild are nights and days through at least thursday and it is trending wet for friday through monday. wind chill is nature much of when but are not coast gusting to 17 at half moon bay and the rest of us are calm to five miles per hour. if you get five miles per wind it will feel like 25 or 26. santa cruz is warm at 60. 56 in richmond and vallejo and fairfield and antioch. now, tonight, nothing freezing, 36 in stand southeast -- in santa rosa is as cold as it will be. on friday, someone is coming to sfo or try to get out of town light-to-moderate rain and gusty winds, a "2".
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moderate storm on the storm-impact scale lasting through saturday morning and another chance on sunday night, christmas night, through monday, and it will be a weaker storm, a "1" on the scale. alexis? all the roads look better. this morning we had a couple of significant issues. they are gone. the light conditions through the bay bridge toll plaza really light so for. yesterday we only had the metering lights on and they were turned back off. a lot of folks starting to be off for the holidays. baby 84 before 680 recover from an earlier sig-alert with a crash with traffic alternating before 680 and still at 11 miles per hour, but it is thinning out and the southbound 688, a terrible drive yesterday and with the delivery truck that crashed 14 ins this morning, but no issues. southbound 101 santa rosa to san francisco is 523 and northbound highway 17 into los gatos is 21
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minutes. the north bay is. coming up. >> for years, we heard about the health risk of b.p.a. and kit threaten the health of our dogs and other pets. 14 cause were in the study used to eating food stored in a bag when they ate canned food their blood levels of b.p.a. want up. >> interesting. >> if you want to make someone's holiday brighter kids in san francisco can use your help, walgreens in the city are still accepting donations for new toys. you have until 10:00 p.m. tonight to drop one off. san francisco police say officers will district 6,300 toys to children in need a 150% increase over last year. officers are distributing toys to kids through friday. >> next the seven things you need to know as you start the day. >> and next, how this man get away with taking a driver's
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license with the horns on his head. >> what is happening? >> we leave you with a beautiful >> we leave you with a beautiful look at the design in
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and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. >> these are the seven things you need to know. breaking news, a suspect is under arrest after a c.h.p. chase involving a tow truck ended, that went across san francisco before ending in brisbane with the driver in custody. >> wood burning ban again, today, our second consecutive and second overall winter "spare the air" day with air quality good to moderate but it could be moderate to poor later, and, again, tomorrow. >> three, we do not have major issues to report right now, here is a look at the golden gate
5:25 am
bridge and if you are traveling in the north by this morning, yesterday black ice was an issue, and, today i do not have reports of that. >> developing news in santa rosa police have arrested a 23-year-old guerneville man for vandalizing a private catholic high school, and he caused $100,000 in damage. he was under the influence of a will asked substance. >> five, from the live desk a gunman who hurt three people at a muslim center in switzerland was found dead overnight and according to reuters swiss police confirmed the attack had no link to isis and the shooter is identified at 24-year-old swiss man. all the public will say good-bye to beloved sports castser with a memorial scheduled in georgia this morning after dying on thursday after two years' battle with leukemia. >> berkeley received for freshman, a report for the
5:26 am
campus. >> man who wears horns pat of his religion said it took months to get the photo i.d. because of his horns in the state of maine. >> the man goes by the name moon song and got a new state photo i.d. and said he was told he had to provide a photo without the horns, which he said are actually goat antlers attached with fish line, moon song said he went to the dmv in portland which he said agreed to take his photo with the mondays on, and i want to stress this is portland, maine, not portland, oregon. they don't do that stuff there, they just have birds. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including breaking news in brace bin. >> in brisbane, on 101, a crazy police chase and we will show
5:27 am
you incredible video of how far c.h.p. officers were willing to go to catch their man. >> we follow international breaking news after the did the of the russian ambassador and how the united states is take extra precauses. >> a dangerous stunt in sonoma streets after the recent rain. streets after the recent rain. >> we keep a look at your
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> and alexis smith. >> and meteorologist mike nicco? >> we will have rain, but that will bring travel troubles
5:30 am
friday, saturday, sunday and monday. but clear on live doppler 7 hd so roll out mount tamalpais at 45 degrees at 2,600' and 33 to 46 is the temperature at 7:00. chilly with frost. especially in the deepest valleys. hanging out at 52 to 56 by noon. 54 to 56 by 4:00. warmer than yesterday. mid-40s to 51 at 7:00. you need a coat but not so heavy as yesterday. we will talk about rain next. alexis? >> we had a new minor issue in >> we had a new minor issue in the south bay on 8 pa -- on is now cleared and looking better. westbound 92 san mateo bridge is great, and we had early trouble but we are light the we will check on the bay bridge in less than 10.
5:31 am
>> a high speed and high intensity chase involving the c.h.p. and a tow truck that ran through several cities before finally ending in brisbane and that is where we find our reporter. the video is wild, matt? >> wild video everything is become to normal on 101 in brisbane and c.h.p. wrap up the investigation quickly trying to get all of the lanes on southbound 101 back open and they did that and traffic is move spottily, what a crazy pursuit this morning, crystal clear shot of the tow truck at the 280 and 101 split in san francisco. check out how many patrol cars are trailing behind him. and a short time later, this, scary moms, c.h.p. officers getting out of the their vehicle on the highway running across the northbound lane after the tow truck stopped and the fast lane of southbound 101 before sierra point parkway at brisbane and they captured the driver at an office building.
5:32 am
check this out the tire on the tow truck were shredded. the driver rolled on rims for a long stretch of the chase. the traffic is moving smoothly so date no expect any after affects of the police pursuit and chase on 101. >> the video is so dramatic. thank you, matt. this morning, oakland police investigating a serious crash involving an a.c. transit bus hitting a free and s.u.v. at oakland near 10th. the buss with empty at the time and the bus driver is hurt. everyone in the s.u.v. is okay. >> police say the bus and s.u.v. were headed in the same direction on oakland when they crashed and we have reached out to oakland police and waiting for word on the condition. >> muni is investigating the cause of a crash in san francisco where a bus hit a woman. we are at the scene on market and 3rd at 7:00 p.m. the individual was under the nine san bruno bus when paramedics got there and is seriously hurt,
5:33 am
but is expected to recover. officers shut down part of mission street as they investigated. >> this morning, police in better lend say they have not been able to confirm if the man they detained in connection with the deadly truck rampage is really the driver. crews have been cleaning up for hours after the suspected terrorist attack last 12 people dead at a crowded christmas market. authorities have detained a man who they say is 23-year-old still be questioned right now, and a witness said she was and a witness said she was responding to >> myself and a few other people hid behind the stall until we thought it was clear. >> she is lucky. officials say they have no knowledge of a claim of responsibility from isis bebut do not know in the person instead is the guy they are look for. >> russian investigators have
5:34 am
arrived in turkey to hurricane into the shooting of the ambassador by the off-duty police officer you see in the video. the gunman is 22-year-old member the gunman is 22-year-old member of the turkish ambassador. the parent, sister and roommate are in custody and are now being questioned. this video is scary to watch. investigators are trying to determine in the shooter was connected to any terror groups are motivate by something else. >> now, jessica? yes, the united states embassy in ankara is closed because of the death of russian ambassador and, also, because shots were fired outside the united states embassy a few hours after. no one was hurt in the second shooting. regardless, the embassy is closed as a precaution, and united states consulates in istanbul are closed, as well,
5:35 am
for any normal operations and for any normal operations and are rescheduling the visa@%-apn
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>> two bay area businesses facing criminal charges. they everyone soling jewelry and statues made with endangered animal parts. dozens of pieces were seized in chinatown from jewelry to statues all made from ivory. a new law prohibiting the selling, buying and trading of
5:43 am
ivory took affect july 1. >> $500,000 worth of ivory which is egregious amount of ivory to sell. we will proceed with the investigation that will likely end up being prosecuted here in the district attorney's office. >> they are not naming names yes but it goes beyond the bay area. 400 pieces of ivory jewelry were sized at l.a.x. and those in violation could first a year in jail and up to $50,000 fine. >> today, richmond city council members will certify aprils of november 8 election including protecting renters from price gouging and eviction for profit. half of the houses are occupied by renters. the new rent protections take the new rent protections take effect in december 30.
5:44 am
grid charges will cost, starting in january to help cover cost forelock families and those who have singled installed before thursday will not face any of the new charges so you do not have a lot time. >> the fight between san francisco and uber is getting more serious. the mayor lee has directed the city attorney to look into joining the state attorney john in legal action. california has threatened to sue uber if they do not get proper permits for the self-driving cars and immediately step picking up passengers. uber contend they do not need them because there is still a driver behind the wheel. even in they are not touching the wheel.
5:45 am
the mayor is conditioned the cars are not safe. uber finances are rebounding after selling the chinese business in august, reportedly losing $800 million in the third quarter. >> only on abc, dozens of residents in south by have had no running water for more than a month now. we were in san jose yesterday where 40 resident whose live at twin creeks properties, converted resort in rural area of the city say they have been out of running water since early november when the state said the landlord was illegally getting their water from twin creeks and it was contaminated. a tenant spoke but did not want to be identified. >> the neighbor i have next door has a child and he can nature bathe or get ready for school. >> the secretary providing residents with bottled water and the set said they are considering administration sanctions again the landlord. >> a viewer told us of the story and if there is something happening where you live let us know on twitter or facebook or
5:46 am
e-mail us. >> call me not adventurous but if it floods in my neighborhood this is not the first thing i think to do but these folks have...a spirit? they went waterskiing. after the recent rain. this video was taken on the 15th near the charles schultz sonoma county airport covering the low lying roads and made it possible to pull off tricks. i don't recommend it but it made it possible. >> it is cold here, even colder in the midwest. look at this, meteorologist in south dakota wanted to show how cold by blowing bubble on the frying pan and shattering them. the temperature was minus 24 degrees. in another cold weather experiment a pot of boiling water was tossed into the air and turned interest steam
5:47 am
instantly. >> but it is a new one. i'm impressed. >> don't try this at home the. >> do not do it, if it is cold enough to have what happen here, mike? >> not often close, and it will not turn a banana into a hammer. we have done that, it freezes and it is amazing what the cold will do. sfo, if you trying to get in, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, expects delays. right new it is quiet with clouds at 41 degrees. more sunshine and warm today on the second consecutive winter spire spire with inned with burning and quiet and warm through thursday with the offshore below zero. we are not venting our pollution to other areas of california which is why we have the "spare the air" and now, the storm a.t.m. -- is well to the north, it will fall us apart and bring us more warmth and high clouds so a lot of sunshine today, 60, and they stick out this, san
5:48 am
jose and morgan hill and santa cruz. no frost tonight, coolest in santa rosa, and antioch to san ramon valley and gilroy around 40 to 45. storm-impact scale is ranking from "1" to "5", and on thursday it will be moderate with half an edge to" and gust breezes. here is a look at what will happen, lingering through saturday morning, and it will be breezy on saturday afternoon bringing the cooler conditions bringing the cooler conditions and we have storm-impact scale. >> emeryville is spilling in westbound 80 with flashing lights on the shoulder and nothing on the boards, and, really, nothing new pop up in the last 45 minutes, is we had a busy start but the earlier trouble has clear asked now we are just seeing our typical slow
5:49 am
areas fill in. 25 miles per hour westbound highway 4 through pittsburg and 50 mills in bay point, you get the idea more folks are on the roads if you are heading identity and drive times are good, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze is the emory as a result stretch at 21 minutes, and westbound 80 is 17, and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is where we had all traffic stopped earlier and everything is move along fine and you are in the green at nine minutes. >> a live desk update. >> this is breaking news, a czech tennis star was attacked in her apartment in her home country attacked by a man with a knife on her left hand and she is a hefty. she is the number 11 player in the player and won wimbledon twice in 2011 and 2014 and took to twitter saying and i quote, "in my attempt to defend myself i was badly injured on my left
5:50 am
hand, i am shaken but fortunate to be alive." the injure is severe and she will need to see a specialist. it was random and not far get. >> scary incident. >> tonight the warriors will honor one of their greats, the late nate thurmond one of the best players ever and he was an analyst here "after the game," dying after a battle with leukemia. he will be remembered by the warriors with special shooting shirts. >> he would walk around and say when i played i was better than these gays and he could have played in this n.b.a. and been tremendous. >> i remember what a dignified prince three was and how weaponed he was. when he spoke our players were listening to every word. all the first 10,000 fans at the game are receiving the
5:51 am
bobblehead with doors opening at 6:00 with tip-off at 7:30. >> raiders wide receivers are used to being on the receiving end but they are busy handing out special gifts to underserved children. we were at jefferson elementary school and kids got free bicycles and helmets try to win the last two game of the season to get a by in the >> it is great when you get the big gift. >> tackle d.n.a. -- dan williams but the gifts and food for 15 east bay families. all the "star wars" movie, the new one, took the number when spot for the weekend.
5:52 am
action packed. the only movie to outearn that for first day opening was force awakens" last year. >> how were sugar is too much? next, we will hear from a local professor who is calling out a new study of the a sugar that we and eat each day. >> and a different approach to the teacher shortage in san francisco with some spending less time on college campus gone forward. >> we leave you with a chance to >> we leave you with a chance to see our weather information
5:53 am
people spend less time lying awake >> we leave you with a chance to see our weather information with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see.
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>> how much sugar is okay, the
5:55 am
american heart association recommendeds no more than six teaspoons a day for women and nine for men. a can of coke has more than nine teaspoon over the limit. a new review said those guidelines are a problem and sugar should be limited but there is in evidence with a specific amount. officials are not happy with this and a physician at ucfs is pointing out the review is funded by a nonprofit with ties to coca-cola, hersheys and other food companies. >> so i should eat this or i should not? >> probably not for breakfast. maybe split it later today. >> now, a gift that does not require californias, these are toys for tots and we are proud to be able to bring some kids in the area who are in need of cheer. >> yesterday we presented the marine toys for tots foundation with $7,000 and the big check, our staff also collected 300 toys for 35,000 children the foundation served in our area.
5:56 am
>> we cover marin, san francisco, and san mateo, and all foods stay local and go local community and help less fortunate children. >> the marines are picking up toys at drop off lobs and you can go to for a link. >> you and give money, too. in california, 70s in the south, and 50s through the central valley, and lake tahoe at 50 and dry. a new flurries tomorrow, and on friday evening, get there early. feet of snow will fall by noon on saturday and that is only the first of the storms. the seven-day forecast shows heavy snow on friday through saturday morning. it will be breezy. snow showers on sunday. moderate sunny on monday into tuesday. it will be powder. not heavy, wet snow. alexis? >> walnut creek southbound 680, nothing like it was year, but we are starting to fill in and starting to see a lost brake br-
5:57 am
a lot of brake lights, and san jose is down to 22 miles per hour but lit traffic heading out the door. we will look at the drive times at 6:00. >> we are tracking breaking news a crazy chase with a suspect that led police from the east bay into san francisco and south to brisbane before feignally getting caught the. >> should you visit a male doctor or a female surprising findings of a new study that could have you looking for a new physician. >> you can keep track of what is >> you can keep track of what is happening weather-w
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ >> breaking news at 6:00, a wild chase ins with law enforcement officers running across highway officers running across highway 101 in brace
6:00 am
>> matt has been tracking this for two hours and is in brisbane. matt? good morning. this is so news conference to -- so unusual to see a police chase of a tow truck and we have incredible video. this started in san leandro. it went truck went through the toll plaza through san francisco and then the tow truck is traveling southbound 101 by the hospital curve and then we counted nine patrol cars following closely. it ended on the highway as 101 at sierra point parkway in brisbane. the driver parked on the highway in the fast lane. he ran out of rubber on the tires and was down to the rims. he get out. ran across the northbound lane. c.h.p. officers did the same. howization


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