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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> matt has been tracking this for two hours and is in brisbane. matt? good morning. this is so news conference to -- so unusual to see a police chase of a tow truck and we have incredible video. this started in san leandro. it went truck went through the toll plaza through san francisco and then the tow truck is traveling southbound 101 by the hospital curve and then we counted nine patrol cars following closely. it ended on the highway as 101 at sierra point parkway in brisbane. the driver parked on the highway in the fast lane. he ran out of rubber on the tires and was down to the rims. he get out. ran across the northbound lane. c.h.p. officers did the same. howization -- how dangerous is
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this? he was captured at an office building, southbound 101 closed for 20 minutes. do not expect issues. but for the normal ones that you with face each morning. thank you. the video of the end of the pursuit is wild. here is another hair raising moment from the chase, we caught this video from our sutro tower camera racing through san francisco. the driver got off highway 101 and getting back on from south van ness. he stops. he backs up on the on-ramp and tries to maneuver along with the c.h.p. officers so they have to try and block them getting out of the their cars to head toward the tow truck and the tow truck takes off with them chasing him
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on foot and they get back in the cars and make it down the highway. the pursuit ends later in brisbane and the driver was taken into custody. >> we are lucky no one was hurt and it happened when the traffic wasn't terrible. >> another cold night across the bay area and we will get to meteorologist mike nicco on what to expect. >> good morning, everyone, not is widespread the frosty temperatures and i asked in alexis governor she heard of black ice, and i is not not, either, no temperatures in the 20s this morning. haze on the second consecutive winter "spare the air" with more sunshine this afternoon, warmer at mid-to-upper 50s and not so heavy a coat needed at 7:00, 45 to 51. poor air quality. it could last through tomorrow. more on that next. >> good morning, the only slow spot right now is the bay bridge
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toll plaza so we have the metering lights on at 5:28. yesterday and last week, i saw it thin out early and therapy off at 8:20. the drive times, okay through walnut creek southbound 680 and when 24, and slight delays out of the central valley westbound 580 tracy to dublin at 48 minutes. >> many of us are wicking up in- weeing up in -- waking up in the 30s and they are taking stephanopoliss it pick sure there is in damage with all of the drinking fountains shuts off because the water lens are freezing and bursting. all counties, the cold weather prompted a "spare the air" alert through wednesday. >> the bay area needs to take action to reduce the particulate matter and not burn wood on winter "spare the air" days.
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you still have to walk your dog, right, even if you have to mutt a jack account on the dog. the ski to walk fast and take on the cold with our news app bien aging the punish alerts so stay on top of breaking news. >> we are tracking developing news in the north bay, staff at santa rosa high school will clean up a rampage of vandalism. he was they thins and -- he was throwing things and making a police. it will cost tens of thousands to repair. >> there is a big mess to clean. they tried to patch it up. they boarded up the front door but there is shattered glass all over at the front door. the president of the school said they were here last night until 10:15 trying to get a start on the clean up process. it will take a while. the damage at the high school, a man smashed windows threw
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objects and tore apart statues inside and outside the building. the fire departments with the first to arrive went alarm system went off. they saw the man being destructive they called in the sheriff. deputies arrested the man without any problems identified as 23-year-old andrew faulkner. officials did not release the potential motive. they booked faulkner on felony vandalism. and being under the influence of a controlled substance. he about $100,000 in damage all by himself. he acted alone it is bel >> terrible for the school. >> from oakland a gunman who opened fire on interstate 580 is still loose. >> we were over the scene after the gunfire and you can see the traffic backup with c.h.p. saying it started as road rage when tailgating the shooter's
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scar and made a rude gesture and the shooter pulled long side of them and started firing missing the two people inside before speeding away. c.h.p. said this was not gang related. >> the alameda county board of supervisors will honor first responders, emergency crews and investigators involved in the ghost ship fire response. more than 300 county personnel are believed to have participated in the recovery. county officials say first responders and investigative teams worked around-the-clock risking their safety and facing extraordinary tests of composure, with the fire in oakland killing 36 people. >> attorneys for the creator of ghost ship art collective, derick ion almena, are defending their client and blaming the city. the fire department said there is no record of ins
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12 years and the lawyers say derick ion almena committed no conduct amounting to criminal negligence and should not be made a scapegoat. >> we were in richmond and we are hearing from those who made their home inside of a similar warehouse. they are looking for a new place to live. following the ghost ship fire the richmond mayor order a closure of a remaining red tapped on friday, with six people and 15 artists now displaced. >> the mayor has made me homeless. i don't see how that is an improvement. it is the coldest season of the year so it is rough. >> officials say the inspection uncovered a number of safety violates requiring immediate attention. >> san francisco unified makes a bold move to attract new teachers to the district. why future educators may not have to attend college classes. >> a journalist suing a twitter >> a journalist suing a twitter user for an attack and
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>> and now, the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> from mount tamalpais, the north bay will like his have poor air qualitier but looking to the so the it will be cleaner and we are all under the "spare
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the air" for the second day so no burning of wood through midnight. at least. >> freezing cold in petaluma and rohnert park and santa rosa 30 to 32 and novato and guerneville at 34 and tiburon is warmer at 44 and other 40s around alameda, and san francisco and daly city and redwood city freezing code, at 31 in san ramon and fairfield at 36. today, 56 to 60 degrees, and 60 in santa rosa and warmer breeze tomorrow, and low-to-mid 60s for thursday. rain is in the forecast and a last it start on friday and we will fact about that next. alexis? >> we okay and you mentioned the chilly temperatures today we could have black ice but i have not heard any and c.h.p. is not issuing the warnings yesterday, so know that it is a possibility. look at 101 at golden gate bridge, no issues on southbound
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side coming into san francisco we have a light commute from the north bay and we are looking at light volumes with some delays out of the central valley westbound 205 to 580 down to 10 westbound 205 to 580 down to 10 or 15 miles per hour meeting with donald trump. >> what happens when a golfer loses footing during a tee off and we look you with traffic and we look you with traffic conditions including in san jose drum roll please.hing. it's the sing sweepstakes.
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>> all news, all morning. a child psychologist is facing 20 years in jail charged with possessing thousands of images of child porn. investigators found a significant amount of computers at his lafayette home and orinda office. the 68-year-old breslin pleaded not guilty and is out on chairman and ordered not to practice psychologist enough after the trial. >> a political reporter is suing twitter for what he said caused him to have a seizure. him to have a seizure. he is a
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a twitter with flashing strob lights with a defeat that said you deserve a seizure twitter has closed the account. he is pursuing charges. >> and legislature is trying to repeal a north carolina law limiting lgbt protections. under the law, people identifying at transgender cannot use restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity in north carolina until they get their birth certificate changed. north carolina has lost half a billion from businesses that took a stand against the law that will be fully repealed by the end of the month. >> apple c.e.o. explaining why >> apple c.e.o. explaining why he met with donald trump.
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employees wanted to know why cook felt it was important to meet with president to discuss issues facing the tech industry when three was so opposed to donald trump's campaign. he said and i quote, "personally i have never found being on the sideline a successful place to be, the way you influence the issues is to be in the arena only. >> considering get a new doctor, there is a new study that finds that female doctors outperform their male couple step parts. researchers found older patients had a lower death rate than those treated by men. that rate, half of a percent, is 32,000 fewer deaths in the country each year. there are still questions about why this is the case. >> they did not have a theory. they said could it be women are more nurturing and community better and that needs to be studies. >> coming up on "good morning america" how the study could
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affect pay not just in the medical field. >> the san francisco unified school district has a new plan to fix their teacher shortage problem and it plans to offer teacher credential, the one year program will offer courts in training usually add minister on college campuses, to ensure that those hirerd specifically prepared to teach in san francisco. new teachers are able to led their own class with help from an established teacher as soon as next year. the deadline in the program is john -- january 16. >> a guy with a golf club walks on to a frozen pond, it sounds like a joke, but the joke is on him...he falls. exactly what you thought would happen. and exactly what he should happen. he falls through the ice and i guess he is okay?
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we do not know what happened after this. his name. or where it happened. >> we heard he is okay and that is most important. do not do this. where would you find a place to do this in the bay area, we have 30s. >> our lakes do not trees. all the idiot is from idiotville. >> so early, so harsh. >> the swing was so bad he hit 6" behind the bomb supposed to it down on the ball...he did not even have a good swing he deserved to full in. kidding. not about the swing. >> good morning, everyone, here is what is going on in san jose 280 and 17, it is freezing cold. there is forecast in the south bay, a "spare the air", our second consecutive one with in burning of wood and it will be "spare the air" tomorrow so get that out of the your system burning wood the next 24 to 48 hours, mild are nights and days through thursday and trending weather on friday through monday. look at the winds they are calm
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to 3 to 5 miles per hour so not much of a wind chill. the highs today are going to be 60, san jose and morgan hill and santa cruz at 56 the cool spot and around richmond and and antioch. santa rosa is cool spot and cloverdale is 38 and antioch at 39 and the rest of us 40 to 45. storm-impact scale, the next storm is a "2" on friday, with light-to-moderate rain and breezy conditions, hitting the sierra harder starting at 7:00 snow accumulating and the western slopes and by the time we finish 9" at donner pass to 1/2 foot in kirkwood. for us, influence friday, tapering to scattered showers and breezy on saturday and a break for sunday, and sunday into monday we are look at a "1", which is light on the
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storm-impact scale. how is the commute? >> looking great. we started off with a couple of issues and the end of the c.h.p. pursuit, north of sfo has all lanes shut down and that was the biggest problem long gone now. we have the toll plaza and we have the metering lights on but we will probably see them fund off in the 8:00 hour. that is what has happened the last couple of week days as more and mother folks are off for the holiday. students and folks going to work. looking at mass transit we do not have issues this morning, with bart, ace or caltrain but keep in mind they will change their schedules starting this weekend for the holiday so war on terror will be running a holiday or sentence schedule with no ace rage service and caltrain on the ath is running a sunday schedule and modified schedule on monday. >> coming up negotiation the high-tech upgrade that could come to books at the san francisco library. francisco library. >> how much
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>> have you used all of your paid vacation days? if you have not, you have a lost company. >> there is a survey from a consumer financial services
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company. it shows more than half of us, half of american workers who get paid vacation do not use all of their time. most are not using at least a full week of vacation days. reasons include saving days for next year or having too much work to do. >> that is why the man is making the angry fist. >> and now, time for ask michael finney on bay area food banks. >> my question, how many pounds do the contra costa county today get? >> good question. the food bank of contra costa county and solano gets a million pounds of food through food drives each year. add to that food from the federal government and grocery stores and items bought with cash donation and they deliver 20 million pounds of food each
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year. they receive the most dough -- donation around holiday season. the food bank accepts donation of food, and funds especially can use it during the summer. >> if you is a question is for michael finney share it on social media #askfunny. you can see your question answered here. >> officials have made donald trump our next president and everyone stayed true to the voters. >> next, a dramatic ending to a car case on camera. >> in germany the chancellor has have ited the site the deadly attack on a christmas market. >> winds are creating quiet conditions and driving this, the next couple of days, and, also, creating the potential for fine
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particulate matter. particulate matter. "spare the air" today and again
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> breaking news a high speed chase involving a tow truck, four cities, two counties, one bridge later it ends in the middle of a freeway.
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>> first, a look from our mount tam camera, wake up to another day of cold temperatures. we are getting ready for big changes on the way for christmas weekend. >> good morning, it is tuesday, december 20th. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> with jessica castro. >> we have alexis smith. >> and meteorologist mike nicco bringing us cold. and rain. all the cold is not so widespread and not much black ice so that is good and not so much frost. we will talk about the rain in a couple of minutes. but, first, it is clear. do not need the umbrella. grab the sunglasses. we have sunny start. 33 to 46. by noon we are 52 to 56. total sunshine. 54 to 56 at 4:00. in the mid-to-upper 40s by 7:00. it is "spare the air" day with no burning of wood. again. alexis? >> light this morning. we are looking at 80 in emeryville westbound side has
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filled in. on the east side to berkeley we are hearing we have a part from a trailer in the slow lane so c.h.p. is on the way. other than that, not too bad, a check of the drive time, westbound 80 is looking good and 101 san francisco to sfo back in the green at 10 minutes. >> what a wild chase this morning. from the east bay across the bay bridge into san francisco and into brisbane. we have showed you this video all morning and our reporter is gather new information of the tow truck people were after on 101. matt? >> good morning, sense we last saw you half an hour ago, we have been tracking down new information on the tow truck and called the company, the person would answered did not want to an questions but said the owner was aware of what happened and we should call back later the a crazy morning it has been out here. check out this video.
6:32 am
you can see a crystal clear shot of the tow truck southbound 101 beyond the 80 split by hospital curve and how many patrol are trailing and a short time later, c.h.p. officers getting out of the the vehicle on the highway running across the north lane after the tow truck stopped southbound 101 before sierra point parkway in brisbane and they captured him at an office building and the tire on the tow truck were sledded and the driver rolling on rims for a long stretch of the chase. traffic is moving smooth, do not expect any delays on southbound 101 due to the chase. >> oakland police are investigating a serious crash involving an a.c. transit bus hitting a tree and s.u.v. on oak last night. the bus was empty. the bus driver is hurt. everyone in the s.u.v. is okay.
6:33 am
the bus and s.u.v. were headed in the same direction on oak when they crashed. >> muni is still investigating the cause of a crash in san francisco. a bus hit a woman. we were at the scene on market and 3rd at 7:00 p.m. and the victim was under the bus when paramedics arrived. she is seriously hurt. she is expected to recover. officers shut down part of mission street during the investigation. >> we have new information in the deadly truck attack in berlin that killed 12. officials are preparing to the possibility that pakistan man in custody may not be the suspect. officials say they do not know if they are dealing with more than one person involved in the attack at the busy christmas market. berlin police say they need to crosscheck d.n.a. with d.n.a. found in the truck. they have not been able to confirm the man in custody was the driver. a witness describes a grizzly
6:34 am
scene. >> stunned people, screaming people, and i started walking to the exit again to see if there was a way out and i saw bodies on the ground. >> prosecutors are treat this attack as act of terrorism. so far, known has claim responsibility. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> german chancellor visited the site of the attack and laid roses and signed condolenses and looked at destruction. she said and i quote, "we must assume it was a terrorist attack," and said it would be difficult to learn in the attacker was a person who sought protection and asylum in germany. she has been criticized for the government's policy allowing thousands of refugees from syria and middle east to come into germany and was horrified, shaken and deeply sad about the
6:35 am
attack. >> now the other big international story the one that played out on this video, we are told that russian investigators are in turkey this morning looking into the shooting of the ambassador by the off-duty police officer. the gunman is 22-year-old member of the turkish riot police killed moments after the shooting that happened at an art exhibit in the capital sister, and his parents, and roommate are being questioned by police. "good morning america" will be in now and berlin this morning starting at 7:00 a.m. after abc7. >> a family whose son died while claiming the tree is now suing the city of oakland. a large tree him broke off and crushed the 16-year-old jack lewis last december. it happened on lake merritt. the family is expected to hold a
6:36 am
news conference announcing a wrongful death lawsuit saying the city knew the tree was diseased and had even marked it for removal, the city of lobby has not responded to our request near comment. >> investigators say fatigue and unfamiliar airport with the area are leak throw blame for a deadly train and truck crash last year in february, killing the met tremendous link engineer and injured dozens more. the truck driver town on to the tracks where the train hit the truck and the trailer. the ntsb said the truck driver was on duty for 24 hours. the driver faces a vehicular manslaughter charge. >> stanford students were forced out of their homes after the a fire in a laundry room. these are photos from a student would shows smoke outside one of the we we residences before 10:00 p.m. last night. students heard a fire alarm and got out. no one was hurt. officials did not say how it started. audit electoral college has
6:37 am
formally elected donald trump to be the next president. protesters called for electors to vote against mr. trump. it did not work. he surpassed the necessary 2730 -- 270 votes. seven faithless votes fore other candidates. procedures in portland, oregon, took to the streets calling it a march for justice and questioned the qualifications of the president-elect. clinton won the popular vote by three million ballots. the results of the electoral college are now certified by congress january 6. >> this will make you grateful you live in the bay area. check out this reporter in wyoming showing a semi knocked offer by hurricane-strength gusts sustained winds are so powerful people are having a difficult time walking, walking into a wal-mart and barely holding on with temperatures across several states plummeting
6:38 am
below zero with downed power lines leashing thousands in the dark and nine people have already died because of icy roads. >> teens at soccer practice last night in pleasanton, not when you want to be out in shorts but the game must go on and we were in men, check out this family brave the almosts to celebrate a birthday with a frozen treat. >> i am shivering. it is cold. really cold. frozen yogurt makes it colder. obviously. >> have cute. >> shivering but smiling. that is what that treat will do for you. >> meteorologist mike nicco? >> i am hungry and i need to exercise. good morning, everyone, the cleanest air and in san rafael where it is good and the rest of the neighbors are moderate to "poor," and, again, tomorrow. everyone else is moderate but
6:39 am
under the "spare the air" alert so no burning of wood. in the south bay, santa clara is 31, cupertino is 31 and campbell and sunnyvale at 33, and san jose at 36 and 40 in milpitas, and 35 in newark and redwood city at 33 and the coldest temperature is danville at 30 and same in rohnert park, 45 in san jose. walnut creek is 32 degrees and on the road, caution, with frost, and light breeze on the bay and exercising poor air quality, 36 in san rafael and look at sunshine the next few days temperatures from the mid-50s to mid-60s. cooler weather, wet weather, coming this weekend. >> the san mateo bridge had a report of a crash east of the toll plaza so we cannot see it but it is on the shoulder and not blocking situation. te westbound side has filled in to before the mid-span and just heard from c.h.p. we have a semi that hit the pair area on -- bay
6:40 am
area at 680 blocking the entire ran but it is not impacting the main line but you need another main line but you need another entrance to get on we have reports of crashes and at vineyard avenue skit it is blocking the slow lane. maybe this is our first sign we have ice with so many choices in the same spot. i will check with mike nicco and find out if we have any reports. >> next, a major development in the sent for san francisco's next police chief, at the live desk with new information coming in. >> $100,000 is how were damage one person caused at a local high school, we will take you to the scene with more on the investigation. >> plus, the clock is ticking fast when you need to get the packages out before paying extra fees to have gifts arrive before
6:41 am
christmas. christmas. >> stay t
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>> mayor lee will announce william scott as the new san francisco police chief according to the "san francisco chronicle" a veteran of the los angeles
6:44 am
police department and deputy police chief for the lapd at 52. we have learned the foil -- official announcement is scheduled for 11:00, and scott be there as lee introduces him as the new leader of the department. the announcement happens at city hall and we will bring that to you when it happens. you can watch it use are our nausea on the phone so you can take it and stay up to date. >> thank you, jessica. >> developing news in the north bay, staff at a santa rosa high school cleaned up a vandal's rampage which is a disaster. dill cost tens of thousands to repair. amy hollyfield talked with the school president in santa rosa. what did the president have to say? >> this is very upsetting and she said it feels like their sense of security has been violated. they tried to patch up the mess
6:45 am
you can see where they board up the front door but they have a lot of cleaning up to do, and here is a look at the damage inside at the high school in santa rosa, investigators say the person who did this break windows, threw things, and destroyed statues at 7:00 p.m. last night. they hope to put students at leave for final day of exams. >> mostly i feel sad someone felt like they had to make a statement this way. i'll concerned that today my primary job is to make sure that our fact u, staff, and students feel safe. >> authorities say one man did $100,000 worth of destruction by himself. they say they arrested 23-year-old andrew faulkner of guerneville and charged him with felony vandalism and being under the influence of a controlled substance. the president said she does not
6:46 am
recognize him and authorities did not give any possible motive in the attack but will be asking fact the today in then recognizes this man. >> only on abc7, dozens of residents in the south bay say they have had in running water for more than a month. we were in san jose yesterday where 40 residents would live at twin peaks properties say they have been out of running water since early vehicle when the state told them their landlord was illegally getting their water from twin creeks and it was contaminated with e. coli. the tenant spoke with us but did not want to be identified. >> the neighbor i have next door has a child and he cannot bathe or get ready for school. all the county is provides residents with bottle the water and the state said they are considering sanctions against the landlord. >> a view are reach out to us and told us of the sorry so --
6:47 am
story so if you have something where you live let us know on twitter or facebook or e-mail us. >> happening today, richmond city council will certify result of the november 8 election including a measure that protects people from price gouging and eviction for profit screams. over half of the housing units in richmond are occupied by renters and they have more evictions thank any other city in contra costa county. the new rent presentations take effect december 30. >> solar customers prepare to dig deeper into your pockets according to our media partner, pg&e new plans to charge you $145 to connect solar system to the grid. i was free. peg said the new fee will cover grid maintenance costs, and there will be a new monthly charge estimated to add 5% to bills to help the company cover
6:48 am
costs for low-income families. those who are connected to the friday before thursday will not face new charges. all the san francisco library will revive a plan to have microchips in the backs to keep track of the books. it was shot down a decade ago because of we concerns but now they are revideoing the technology. >> u.p.s. and post office expect double digit growth and uber is losing hundreds of millions. jane has that story and more in the money report. >> good morning, incredible that uber is still losing so. we will have that store in a second but the countdown is on, u.p.s. and fedex fighting to stay ahead of the christmas
6:49 am
packages, u.p.s. anticipating delivering 30 million a day and fedex has seen the busiest days since thanksgiving day. >> uber has another quarter of staggering losses with the information showing they lost $800 million in the third quarter after $1.27 billion in the first half of the year. uber losses are bigger than a year ago and a last it is to pay the driver bonuses to get them to work. >> facebook messenger lets you chat with up to 50, and industrials every camera to each other in a grid view and after six, they display over the dominant speaker so it maybes messenger video chat one of the most robust.
6:50 am
most robust. >> stocks are close to 20,000 at lifetime high. >> thank you, jane. meteorologist mike nicco, it is cold but not is widespread. >> frosty in a few areas. at the exploritorium it is 46, a warmer spot and it is breezy on the bay this morning calming down in the afternoon. more sunshine and warm today the second consecutive "spare the air" day and quiet and warm through thursday and storms on friday, saturday, sunday and monday. ill is well to the north and that precipitation comes in tomorrow, the form of a few more high clouds. temperatures from 56 to 60 is the range and three to four degrees warmer than yesterday, and mid-to-upper 30s in the deep of the valleys and mid-to-upper 40s around bay and to the coast. i am not expecting frost, "1" el
6:51 am
nino is -- storm-impact scale ad lake tahoe this morning, if you can get there before 5:00 or 6:00 on friday, you are good but then, heavy snow and blowing snow, 1-to-2 foot of snow on saturday, and monday, moderate snow certain at way. get ready for the snow. no pace building like last time. friday into saturday is a "2" and then a "1" on monday. in san jose we had report of a issue southbound 880 on the overpass of 101, checking out the camera, not seeing too much, so that will not be a major issue, i will let you know. check out the green on the traffic flow maps, mostly holiday "lite" with 10th on-ramp
6:52 am
to southbound 880 closed in oakland. a semi hit the bay heavy drive times from the central valley an hour tracy to dublin and an together to concord is 24 minutes. san rafael to san francisco is not bad in the yellow. it is 19. >> to make a holiday brighter, kids in san francisco cannize your help. walgreens are accepting donations for new toys and you have until 10:00 p.m. tonight to drop one off. san francisco police say officers are distributing 6,300 toys to children in need. officers are distributing toys to kids through friday. >> we are back in 90 seconds. but, first, our instagram photo but, first, our instagram photo of the day.
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6:54 am
>> number one, breaking news, a suspect is under arrest after a c.h.p. chase involving a tow truck came to a wild end. this started in san leandro. it went all over oakland. it crossed the bay bridge. you can see here the end of it, the driver taken into custody in brisbane. >> two, from the live desk mayor lee will announce this man, william scott, the new san francisco police chief according to the "san francisco chronicle"
6:55 am
a veteran of the lapd. we will bring the official announcement live at midday. >> three, weather. today is the second of three consecutive days of "spare the air" alerts. in burning of wood. we are good to moderate but we could even be poor in the north bay. >> fur, traffic has been much better this morning when you compare it to yesterday. we have a new collision southbound 880 the location is moved and the collision is at the alameda and blocking the center lane with no backup. >> five, the president of cardinal newman high school is make sure that students and staff feel safe after a vandal attacked the school. police arrested a 23-year-old man would last $100,000 in damage. >> six, german officials say the man instead for a berlin truck attack may not be the suspect.
6:56 am
12 people were killed. official say they do not know in they are dealing with more than one person but are treating it as an act of terrorism. >> it is getting harder and harder to get into uc berkeley receiving 85,000 applications for next fall's freshman class a cam record. the university said they have 3% increase from last year's numbers. >> it is already hard to get into that school and i am trying to figure out the math of what emergency you have, chance of getting in. >> slim. >> slim. >> slim. always a chance. >> now, cold this morning, we have rain in the forecast? >> friday evening. >> friday evening. a lot snow in the sierra.@%-trl
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good morning, america. holiday terror attack. at least 12 killed. dozens more injured after a truck plows into a christmas market in the heart of germany's capital. >> i think it missed me by three meters. >> we're learning more now about the suspect in custody seen in this new video. and only on "gma," the woman at the heart of the terrifying attack, how she survived with just moments to spare. in cold blood. a gunman assassinates the russian ambassador in turkey in front of a terrified crowd. [ gunfire ] with cameras rolling. the killer shouting about the war in syria. the latest on who was behind the brazen attack, as russia vows to crack down on terrorism. abc news exclusive. the "newsweek" political reporter who says he was the target of a malicious attack on twitter that used flashing


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