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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and deadly explosion. at least 29 people killed. more than 70 injured after a blast ripped through a market in mexico. packed with shoppers ahead of the holiday, fireworks igniting. sending a massive plume of smoke into the air. rescuers rushing to the scene trying to find survivors. massive terror manhunt. the desperate search right now for the killer who plowed a truck into shoppers at this german christmas market killing 12 people. authorities now saying they detained the wrong suspect as isis claims responsibility. now security stepping up at major landmarks around the globe and right here at home. in this country, the christmas travel alert this
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morning. a major storm brewing in the west and heading across the country. sparking a possible holiday travel nightmare for millions. after scenes like this, now snow, ice and rain on the way right before the big holiday. ♪ wherever you go and celebrity super hero. '80s pop icon richard marx to the rescue, jumping in to stop a violent, out of control passenger on this flight, attacking the crew and innocent bystanders. a rampage that lasted hours. >> it was out of control. >> his wife, daisy fuentes, there capturing it all on camera. what the pop star is saying this morning about his midair heroics, only on "gma." and good morning, america. a lot of news to get to this morning, but we have been right here, waiting for you, david. >> oh. i've been waiting for that since the '80s.
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anyway, i think i'm just here to remind everybody it's four days until christmas. the countdown is on. >> exciting. >> the countdown is on, and we're happy to have you here. if you were on that flight with richard marx, you were glad to have him here. what an incredible rescue by the pop legend really stepping in and helping out on that flight. >> ginger zee is friends with richard marx. did you know that? >> no. we'll get to the bottom of that and check out on this record travel right before the holiday, 103 million americans expected to hit the roads and the skies, and ginger is tracking a big storm, and we'll get details about that friendship. >> i can't wait to get to all of that. a lot to get to this morning. we begin with that deadly explosion that tore through a fireworks market that happened in mexico, killing at least 29 people. injuring more than 70 others. the devastating scene crowded with holiday shoppers and now an investigation is under way. abc's gio benitez is here with all of the new details, good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. right now federal prosecutors in mexico are promising to find out who is responsible for this terrible accident. the video is shocking. mostly because firefighters could do nothing to stop the explosions.
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explosions tearing through this fireworks market, loaded with shoppe shoppers stocking up for the holiday season. huge plumes of smoke wafting through the sky. at least 29 people killed. 72 injured. some burned over 90% of their bodies. 10 of the injured, children. just look at this video in the midst of the search and recovery effort with so much chaos and confusion. you can still hear the fireworks exploding in the background. charred debris everywhere. the episode unfolding about 40 miles outside of mexico city. overnight, the red cross moving to transport the injured hospitals. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: this red cross
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worker saying, there's just too much devastation. everything in the market is in ruins. and this happens to be the third major blast at this market in the last 11 years. it happened in 2005 and again in 2006, but this is the first time the explosions were deadly. no doubt a huge investigation is ahead here. >> yeah, just incredible pictures, thank you. in the meantime, we turn to that apparent terrorist attack in berlin. a massive manhunt under way right now for the person who plowed through a christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring nearly 50 others. let's begin there with abc's matt gutman in berlin with us. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david, and now we know there is there was a target of that manhunt. the interior ministry telling us, it is a 23-year-old tu tees yan man. perhaps he is part of a terrorist cell. that. cost after they released a pakistani man who blew through that christmas market behind he. the interior ministry confirming they are looking for a
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23-year-old tunisian suspect. they are saying the attacker is still at large and possibly armed. the semi, 50,000 pounds of steel from italy was driven by a polish driver originally. seen here on cctv on monday. he was found dead in the truck's cab. german authorities, scrambling this morning after police released the suspect they detained shortly after the attack. german officials say the attacker is still at large and possibly armed. police say the terrorist hijacked the truck at this depot a few miles north of the christmas market. the driver's cousin saying he saw the truck meandering on a gps device and knew something was wrong. the truck then sliced through the market at speed, crushing stalls and people. a christmas tree reportedly stopping the truck's progress after about 90 yards. but by then, it had already killed 12 and left dozens wounded. isis claiming credit for these scenes of horror. in this recent message, the terrorist group encouraged its supporters to use trucks to plow through public gatherings, german chancellor angela merkel calling it an act of terror visiting the smashed remnants of that market. that white powder there to cover the bloodstains.
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merkel like so many germans, laying flowers. despite the isis called to hit venues like the christmas markets a cultural icon in germany, germans urged to go back to normal and today christmas markets across this city open for the first time since the attack. you could say, david, this headline says it all. it says "fear." germans are being urged to go back to normal business, and 60 of those markets are opening up under heavy security today. the interior minister urging to visit them and maybe buy a christmas angel. david. >> matt gutman in berlin. matt, you mentioned the security there. also being stepped up around the world this morning. a new travel warning, in fact, issued to americans going to europe for the travel season and in the uk this morning, buckingham palace now putting new measures into place for the changing of the guard. let's go live to abc's lama hasan. she is there with the latest. lama, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, david. yeah, the threat level remains at severe which means an attack here is highly likely. as we gear up for the christmas festive period, we are seeing
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buckingham palace rush to implement new security plans during the popular changing of the guard ceremony. we're seeing extra security barriers being placed around the palace. the roads leading to the palace will be closed off for two hours during the ceremony. now these new tighter security measures were already in the works, but authorities in this country decided to act now in direct response to the attack on that christmas nrmarket in berl. david. >> in response to berlin. you were saying also keeping their eye on another major event just days away. >> reporter: absolutely, david. yes, another cause for concern, of course, is the new year's eve fireworks display with some 100,000 people expected to line the banks here to watch the display. the london mayor says he is constantly reviewing the security plans here to reassure the public who want to come to the city to watch those displays. david. >> stepped up security across europe this morning. lama, thanks so much. and right here in the u.s.,
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david, as well, we are seeing increased police presence here in major cities, so right to our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas in washington with the latest on that. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the concern is that it's 48 hours out, and no firm suspect is in custody in germany. the key whether the germans have identified anyone they suspect of being involved. do they have names or are they flying blind? also interesting they have not released any surveillance footage that might help the public assist in the manhunt. sources tell me it's frustrating. we don't know who did this even though isis is claiming responsibility. amy, i was talking to a senior u.s. official last night, and he warned that even if isis did inspire this attack on social media, that shows just how dangerous the situation is. if radicals are acting without any direct support from the group. they are saying it is sobering. the threat is really ongoing, amy. >> the threat is real, but give us some perspective. what do authorities believe -- how great is that threat right here in the u.s. where something similar could happen here? >> great, amy. in a bulletin issued just before
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thanksgiving, fbi and homeland security officials warn that they remain concerned that the upcoming holiday celebrations lasting through the inauguration could be targeted. the bulletin cited, isis calls on social media about using trucks to crush people. amy. >> all right, pierre, thank you. we certainly see the increased police presence here in new york city. >> throughout the city. >> absolutely. and another big holiday concern is that major storm that's brewing in the west that could shake up your christmas travel plans, and ginger, you have been tracking it all, and it's rain and snow. >> rain in tucson with the first storm we're watching. two but we've seen so many accidents this holiday season. that picture from washington state, but look at this video out of kansas city. just unbelievable. oh, that car hits the police cruiser. the police cruiser goes up that ramp. we hope not to see a lot more of those, but unfortunately, it looks with the two mild pacific flow lows, we'll see more storms. in the mountains snow, los angeles even gets rain on friday. traveling through st. louis or chicago, on friday night, that
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is something to watch out for and then on saturday, christmas eve itself, first day of hanukkah, 11:00 a.m. you can see there. the rain on the coast. much more coming up but, of course, there's always a storm for the holidays. >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. we move on to an abc news exclusive. the family of that american woman, caitlin coleman, who was captured by the taliban is speaking out after new video was released, showing her pleading for help with her husband, and two children by her side. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross has more on the story. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the fbi this morning is analyzing this new video, looking for clues of the whereabouts of one of the last americans to be held hostage by a terror group. she was pregnant when she was taken four years ago, and seen for the first time with the two children she and her husband had while held in captivity. >> we have waited since 2012 for somebody to understand our problems. >> reporter: her name is caitlin coleman appearing with her husband josh and their two little boys. >> my children have seen their mother defiled.
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>> reporter: describing what she says are the atrocities her taliban captors have carried out since she was captured. >> obama, your legacy in leaving office is probably important to you, and our lives and those of our children are important to us. >> reporter: her parents, jim and lyn coleman tell abc news they're just grateful to know their 31-year-old daughter is alive, and to finally see both of their grandchildren together for the first time. >> he's a little boy. looks like any american little boy. >> he is adorable. you just want to reach out, you know, and hold him because -- and that's very difficult. >> reporter: christmas was always a memorable one in the coleman family, with caitie the center of attention. as she decorated the the tree. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> reporter: this will be the fifth christmas she has been a hostage and they won't be putting up a tree this year. >> its just aches. it hurts too much. knowing she is not here. >> reporter: u.s. officials say
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her daughter is being held somewhere in pakistan by the same taliban group that captured u.s. soldier, bowe bergdahl, and then released him, and unlike isis, this group of terrorists is apparently not dead set on executing its hostages, and now for the first time in a long time, the colemans tell abc news they have hope this holiday that people in washington may be close to gaining their daughter's freedom. >> i do believe that either the president will get her home before he leaves or will set in motion a process that the next president can do it. >> i would like it to be tomorrow. i would like it to be before christmas. >> reporter: the colemans told me they think president obama has done all that he can. but that they have confidence that donald trump with his much vaunted ability to make deals will be able to bring their daughter home. of course, that will put to a test another long-standing american policy for the trump administration that the u.s. does not make deals or concessions to gain the release of hostages from terrorists.
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amy. >> all right. thanks so much. two children who have never known anything but captivity. >> imagine the grandparents seeing them for the first time. >> tough situation. >> yeah. back here at home this morning, we turn to the manhunt under way in arkansas for the suspect who killed a 3-year-old boy in an apparent road rage incident. the fbi this morning now joining this investigation, and abc's phillip mena is there. >> reporter: this morning, the manhunt for the gunman accused of killing 3-year-old acen king in a fit of road rage intensifying. the fbi joining the investigation, and doubling the reward money. >> they provided an additional $20,000 in reward money. right now, we're up to 40 thousand dollars. we're hoping that this money will make someone talk. >> reporter: but so far no arrests and no sign of that 2003 black chevy impala police say the gunman was driving saturday night when he pulled up behind acen's grandmother at this intersection in little rock. >> i was at the stop sign and the guy blew the horn at me and i blew it back and he shot but i
7:14 am
thought he shot in the air. he shot at the car. >> reporter: she told police she didn't realize her grandson in the backseat was hit until she pulled into this jcpenney parking lot. by then it was too late. pastor terrance long a family relative, organizing a vigil wednesday in acen's honor. >> an innocent child getting ready to really enjoy the first christmas that he probably will be able to remember, and now the family is sitting at their house, looking at these gifts that were for acen, wondering why did this happen and who did it. >> reporter: we're expecting a very emotional scene here later tonight. this is where a candlelight vigil for little acen will take place. here at the same intersection where he was shot, just days before christmas. amy. >> incredibly sad story. thank you very much. well now to the new investigation of a major carmaker over complaints some popular models could roll away on their own. u.s. safety inspectors looking into 1 million fiat chrysler vehicles, including the company's top-selling truck.
7:15 am
abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: another group of fiat chrysler vehicles this morning is under federal scrutiny over gear shifters. the rotary shifters in a million dodge ram trucks and durangos and the problem, some vehicles reportedly roll away even when in the parked position. an earlier recall for shifter problems in fiat chrysler jeeps was highlighted by the death of -- >> ensign chekov. >> reporter: anton yelchin. his jeep rolling back and crushing him against a fence. all these shifters are new and electronic, and some drivers finding them confusing. >> when controls are located in places that we don't expect, or they are different, it's well known that drivers are going to make errors. >> reporter: this new investigation comes after the government has received 43 complaints, including 25 crashes and 9 injuries. in 34 of those cases, it is alleged the shifter was in park. fiat in a statement says, it's cooperating fully and is urging all drivers to use their
7:16 am
vehicles' parking brakes. there are some reports that the cars were actually turned off when they rolled away so investigators will be looking at the human interface with these new gearshifters and, amy, they want to know if there's any underlying mechanical or electronic issue as well. just an investigation at this point. >> all right, david kerley. hope we get some answers on that one. and michael, you have a scary situation rocking the sports world. >> very frightening. very frightening attack on a wimbledon champion lucky to be alive after fighting off a man with a knife. linsey davis is here with the story, and linsey, the man tricked his way into her home. >> that's right, michael. she reportedly allowed someone into her home in the czech republic posing as a utilities man. kvitova is ranked 11th in the world of tennis, but authorities say this was a random crime that no one was targeting her specifically. >> reporter: top-ranking tennis star, petra kvitova is a powerhouse on the court. bringing home both the 2011 and
7:17 am
2014 wimbledon titles. >> it's absolutely amazing. >> reporter: but this morning kvitova is sidelined, recovering for at least three months after she was viciously attacked in her apartment tuesday morning. police say an armed assailant posing as an electric company employee attacked the two-time grand slam winner in her bathroom, hold a knife to her throat. the 26-year-old defended herself, and was able to escape, but not unharmed. the suspect injured all of the fingers in her dominant hand, damaging tendons and two nerves. kvitova needed emergency surgery, later thanking her supporters on facebook writing, i am shaken, but fortunate to be alive. this is not the first time a high profile tennis player has been brutally attacked. in 1993 monica seles was stabbed in the back during a tournament. seles says her game never recovered. >> i just felt like woo, something in my back. >> reporter: kvitova's reps say
7:18 am
her surgery went well, and that the end of her career did not even cross her mind. something she echoed in her facebook post. if you know anything about me, i am strong and i will fight this. according to her publicist, the injury is serious but the surgeon says she is young and healthy and no reason she won't be able to play tennis again, but this does mean unfortunately, that she will have to sit out the australian open next month. the first grand slam tournament of the 2017 tennis season, but she was defending herself, and that's how her hands got hurt. >> just incredible. thanks so much. did you guys feel it 5:44 this morning? >> i felt it, like, for the past week. ginger, what is this all about? >> the winter solstice passed, so you can't say winter is coming at least for a while. you have to say winter is here at 5:44 a.m., december 21st. we have done it. we've crossed over but it won't necessarily feel that way. we're going to angle our way back toward the sun as we get into spring. it's just going to be warmer. a lot of people. let's get to the snowy cities brought to you by burlington.
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>> i am meteorologist, meteorologist mike nicco from abc7 mornings. sunshine this afternoon the third "spare the air" day with wood burning ban. above average tomorrow, wet and windy on friday and lesser citizen on monday. today the temperatures are from 58 in san rafael and richmond and 61 in morgan hill and antioch to scrows. tonight is cooler than this morning, mid-30s inland to mid-40s. my seven-day forecast shows we have rain, moderate-to-heavy at times and coming up next, grammy
7:20 am
winner, richard marx's super hero moment, in the sky helping restrain an unruly passenger. his wife, daisy fuentes, capturing it on camera. what he is saying to us about the flight this morning. and a murder mystery. a reality show contestant missing after a birthday party, seen leaving with her student. now a major confession coming up. up. with her student. now a major confession coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come on r2! we gotta go! ♪ woohoo!
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good morning. a mother and son recovering after a freak accident along 680 and a 17-year-old was having car troubled his mother for hechl when she was arriving, she crashed, plowing into her son's car. taking a look at the roads, we have been lighter than average today. we did have a report of a crash and looks like that maybe as you approach 80 there. so i'm not seeing any major delay due to that, but be on the lookout on the left hand side.
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22 minutes, highway 4 maze. just 16, southbound 101 towards sfo in the afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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let's talk about current concer conditions. no frost as we spoke about yesterday. we have some upper 30s in the north bay. low to upper 40s elsewhere, even a few 50s show upg aren't los gatos and mown town view look at this beautiful sunrise. i am running a time lapse on it. i'll post it later on social media. today, we're going to be around 56 to 58 with increasing sunshine. we have moderate the to heavy rain friday morning through the afternoon hours. jessica? >> mike, thank you and coming up, the story behind the photos of richard marx talking down a passenger on a plane. he is speaking out to gma and
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♪ wherever you go whatever you do ♪ feel like i'm back in 1989. >> you're swaying, too. >> welcome back to "gma." i'm swaying. that is '80s pop star richard marx with his hit song "right here waiting" and he was right there to help out on an overseas flight taking down an unruly passenger. this morning he is telling us about those frightening moments only on "gma." but it has sparked so much reminiscing. ginger and i discussing our favorite richard marx song "hold on to the night." >> those images were stunning but another image that's even more stunning. >> involving ginger. >> all right. that's coming up. also right now there is a massive manhunt under way. we're tracking that story overseas after that terror attack in a christmas market. germany authorities now say they have detained the wrong person.
7:31 am
isis claiming responsibility. security now being stepped up at landmarks around the globe. we're going to follow that. also that holiday weather alert. 103 million americans expect to hit the roads. many flying, as well and now a new storm moving into the west. >> that's not going to make you smile, i got something that will make you smile. remember this mom who won over fans and the internet with this dance? yes, golden state warrior fans is getting it in. look at those moves. well, mom was back in action. this time center court with backups. and she's wearing a christmas sweater and all. >> i love it. >> i love it too. they can't even keep up. the background dancers. >> she's great. >> she really is. >> could you imagine, you go from the stands to center court. >> she deserved it. she's got moves. >> she deserves it. >> can you imagine being in the locker room, that is my mom out there. >> yeah, being given better tickets. you know what? that's exciting. what is also exciting, is we have our own holiday christmas
7:32 am
sweater showdown coming up this morning. this is really my first time being here. >> i'm bringing my "a" game. you're bringing your aa game. a little hint. okay, sorry. >> no competition or anything. we're going to talk about that pop star superman moment, all caught on camera. grammy award winning singer richard marx taking down who he said was a violent passenger during an international flight. his wife, daisy fuentes, capturing the terrifying moments and t.j. holmes is here with that story. good morning. >> row robach, you and i have been in the business long enough that you know every once in a while, you get a story that writes itself. wherever you go, whatever you do, richard marx will be right there waiting for you if you act a fool on an airplane. >> reporter: these pictures show korean air flight attendants in an all-out struggle with an unruly passenger. at one point the flight attendants can be seen pointing
7:33 am
a taser at the man allegedly attacking crew members and passengers finally detained with the help of this guy. ♪ wherever you go whatever you do ♪ ♪ i will be right here waiting for you ♪ >> reporter: grammy winner, richard marx, known for his sultry hits in the '80s and '90s was on that flight from vietnam to seoul with his wife. former mtv veejay daisy fuentes. >> hi there, i'm daisy fuentes. >> reporter: when they say a man sitting nearby began pushing the all female staff and pulling them by the hair. >> we caught up with marx at l.a.x. >> it was just chaos. this guy just -- he was out of control. and he was attacking passengers, yeah, he attacked the crew and a couple of passengers were trying to calm him down and he was whacked out. >> reporter: and after being right there for the four-hour ordeal -- >> i'm just exhausted. >> reporter: they shared the stories and pictures on social media. in one of the pictures, one he can be seen holding a rope used to restrain the passenger but also shared criticism of the airline.
7:34 am
marx wrote, the all female crew was clueless, and not trained as to how to restrain this psycho. korean air should be sanctioned for not knowing how to handle a situation like this without passenger interference but korean air lines released a statement saying its flight attendants subdued an unruly passenger according to response protocol, and that the passenger was turned over to police upon landing in seoul. ♪ should have known better ♪ than to fall in love with you ♪ >> reporter: but perhaps that passenger should have known better than to mess with richard marx. >> all his songs are like should have known -- >> i've been two years. this is as engaged i've had the anchor team -- ever in any story than i have ever done. >> even the crew. >> everybody is into this story. >> what's your favorite richard marx song? >> that one he had that year -- [ laughter ] that time. look, okay, i grew up in memphis. i was an elvis guy but we don't know what the deal was with this guy.
7:35 am
if he had some serious issues there, but everybody was okay. they say richard and his wife, they have video of it that they are going to release at some point so might see that later but everybody -- >> anyway, one of those songs you played "should have known better" perhaps ginger should have known better. look at this picture of ginger zee this morning. that is ginger zee and richard marx. come out from behind the weather map there. >> hold on, hold on. >> what's going on there? >> don't mind the extensions. i was in a beyonce number. >> we weren't looking at the extensions. we weren't. we were not. >> every year with richard marx we did music palooza and sold tickets and raised money. it was a charity event. it was awesome. he is such a great guy. i totally believe his story and love his music. >> stop showing the shot. >> thanks, ginger. >> your body language is speaking volumes, t.j. >> all right, another '80s flashback in the next hour. in the meantime, we turn to other news this morning. we are following that
7:36 am
interrogati interrogation, the police interrogation involving that oklahoma university football player caught on camera and we'll get the latest on that now from abc's ryan smith with us. hey, ryan. >> reporter: hey, david. good to see you. joe mixon has been embroiled in controversy since the world saw a tape of him punching a coed in 2014. this interview, showing his account saying the situation got heated when a racial slur was hurled his way. this morning, newly released police interview, showing oklahoma state running back joe mixon's side of the story, after this shocking punch of an oklahoma coed in 2014. the sooners star seen here being interviewed by police three days after cold-cocking this student, mia molitor, breaking her jaw and fracturing several bones in her face. telling authorities molitor started the incident while she was smoking a cigarette outside a restaurant. >> she intentionally came in my face and blew it in my face. >> reporter: mixon says molitor and one of his teammates started exchanging words. >> she got scared or what, she went up inside. she was talking about how we were trying to jump her.
7:37 am
>> reporter: mixon, following them inside the restaurant. then butts into the conversation. >> nobody was trying to jump her. we had no problem with her. she was just being disrespectful you know coming smoking in my face and getting crazy. >> reporter: that's when he said things got heated. he says, one of the the woman's friends called him a racial slur, and he responded. >> he was like [ bleep ]. i was, like, what? you got me messed up. >> reporter: he says molitor shoves him. >> she came in my face, pushed me and then my glasses came off and then, like, i had, like, jumped at her, like, to watch out, and i was, like, watch out, and then she came in my face, and i put my head down, and she swung on me. >> reporter: then hits him. >> i was so shocked because she hit me so hard it felt like a dude hit me. >> reporter: that's when he says he retaliated with that now infamous punch. >> you thought it was best to go and get out of there? >> yeah. >> reporter:. >> reporter: now the woman punched, mia molitor, now suing
7:38 am
him in civil court. her lawyer is not commenting on his statements saying the incident has caused her, quote, a great deal of emotional distress which continues to this day, guy. >> more to come on this. all right, thanks, ryan. let's get right over to michael at the big board. kbha what's going on, michael? >> david, coming up on our big board, exclusive interview with the uconn soccer star who lost her scholarship over an obscene gesture. why she is suing the university. plus donald trump's inauguration just weeks away. who could we see perform at the event? we'll find out when we come back in two minutes. thing nice back. maybe your aunt sent you a crocheted scarf, you sent a thank you note... and the crochet just kept on coming. well, at carmax, you don't have to return the favor. they'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from them. because feeling obligated is uncomfortable. and tight. in places it shouldn't be. carmax won't make you feel that way. lucky you. i feel like a quilt.
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all right. welcome back to our big board. welcome back to our big board. it's time now for us to break down more of the morning's top stories. cecilia vega is here at the table with us. good morning, cecilia. >> hey, guys. good morning now. how are you? >> we'll get to you in just a minute. before we do we have former
7:41 am
uconn soccer star, noriana radwan, who made an obscene gesture at espn cameras on live tv while celebrating a huskies win. uconn then took away her scholarship and now she's suing and she's joining us live. i guess two questions for you. why have you decided to sue and what do you hope to accomplish from the lawsuit? >> well, hello. it's great to be here. i decided to sue to get my voice back. and have due process in the federal judicial system. i'm doing this so all the other student athletes don't have to go through with this. this happens a lot to women especially, and student athletes around the country. and i feel as if i have a chance to change it. >> noriana, do you feel your gender had something to do with it, and male students receive more lenient -- >> yes, i do. i believe men get away with a lot more, football players, basketball players and women get treated with more harshness. >> and noriana, when this first
7:42 am
happened, you were punished for it, but did you think it would go this far? did you think you would lose your scholarship? >> no, i did not. >> did they indicate that -- >> i didn't think i would over something -- >> did they ever indicate it could go that far when you were first punished for this? >> no, i did not. i did not think that i would be punished this harshly for such a celebratory act. >> noriana, it's interesting. when you watch the video in slow motion, you flip the bird, but then you -- i can see an expression where you look like, whoops, maybe i shouldn't have done that and change it to a peace sign. tell me what you were thinking when you were celebrating, and, you know, if this is something that just kind of happened by accident, and just kind of walk us through what happened in those moments. >> yes, the camera caught me essentially. we just won the conference championship, and i was super excited, happy with hugging my teammates. jumping up and down, and the cam are just caught me doing something. i just made a mistake.
7:43 am
and it was purely celebratory. >> do you regret making the gesture? >> yes, i do. but i didn't make it with mal intent, or intent do offend anybody in particular. it was just something i did out of impulsion just a mistake. just being happy and celebrating with my team. >> all right. well, noriana, thank you for sharing your story. we will continue to follow it. we have the inauguration just less than a month away. everyone is wondering who will perform. well "saturday night live" last weekend poking fun at reports that donald trump is struggling to attract a-list talent for that task. take a look first. >> i put together a list of people who have agreed to perform at your inauguration. it's -- [ laughter ] >> so many great names here. really. i love them both. >> all right, cecilia vega joins us now.
7:44 am
one of the names that's been floated recently is andreas bocelli, the italian vocalist. what do you think about that? >> i don't think he's on that little piece of paper that the fake kellyanne conway handed to donald trump. i don't think that "snl" clip might be that far off. it turns out, so far, there aren't any a-list celebrities that have signed on, at least at this point to perform at the official events, and andreas bocel bocelli, what we're hearing is it he is not going to be there so the back story is there were these reports he was going to perform and then he got all kinds of public backlash. there was this boycott, bocelli movement on the line. his fans lashed out. donald trump's team says, look, it wasn't andreas bocelli, that donald trump said we're friends, you don't have to do this but he definitely won't be there. i look at the past inaugurations. i was at barack obama's second one. there were beyonce was there, all kinds of celebrities were there, we're not going to see that this time around. donald trump says, look, this one is about the people, not about celebrities. different tone entirely, i think.
7:45 am
>> but that week, his sons are linked to an event, inauguration weekend. what is that? >> this is getting a lot of pay. there are accusations that they're trying to sell proximity to the white house and it doesn't look good. ethicists are very upset by what they are seeing. we got this invitation. it was a brochure that was posted early on, and initially, the two trump sons, adult trump sons' names on it. this is a high dollar fund-raiser that said if you donate a million bucks you can go out hunting with the two trump sons and, you know, their names are right there on that invitation so people are saying, what does this mean? you're trying to sell access to us, sell access to donald trump? the trump administration is saying, hold off here, guys. the family didn't know about this. donald trump didn't know about this. the family certainly isn't pushing for this. but you know the reality is the
7:46 am
two trump sons' names were on -- they're connected to this organization and the filing papers so a lot of big questions. doesn't look good. >> fine line. very fine line. thank you. >> thank you very much. noriana, thank you as well. coming up, missing reality show contestant and a suspect's confession. still ahead, the couple ending their 24-year marriage with a divorce party. that has everyone talking, and they are opening up here on "gma." stay with us. stay with us. i wrote you a love note... ...without writing a single word. introducing a new way... create a gift from the heart... ...that could only come from the new pandora boutique at jared. a world of pandora... ...including exclusive pieces designed just for jared... ...ready to be mixed... ...matched and stacked... ...with help from jared's own pandora expert. the one gift that speaks volumes,'ll both treasure forever. that's why he went to jared.
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7:49 am
show, "bridalplasty" in 2010. >> my name is lisa marie and this is my fiance derek. >> reporter: competing for a chance to win a plastic surgery makeover before her wedding to derek harryman. >> someone that can wave their little wand and change me. i would did -- be, like, yes! >> reporter: but this morning authorities investigating how the 36-year-old reality star who worked as a nurse and was still married to harryman ended up murdered in a shallow grave in los angeles after a night out with friends. she was last spotted on surveillance camera, leave a birthday party early sunday morning with nursing student, jackie jerome rogers, and texted her husband saying, she was getting food on her way home, but never arrived. >> i felt helpless, lost, miserable, sad, angry, just wanting answers. >> reporter: police found naegle's body behind rogers' house. wangers rogers has been booked on suspicion of murder, and held on $2 million bail.
7:50 am
authorities investigating whether the two had a romantic relationship. >> i feel like this man had something to hide. why he didn't tell us and be forthcoming knowing every one of us just wants her home. that's what i don't understand. >> reporter: rogers' car has now been impounded and is being searched for evidence. unclear if he has an attorney yet and naegle's family deserves a lot of credit and started this investigation. they tracked down that surveillance video on their own and also questioned the suspect themselves. >> wow. >> all right. >> thanks, mara. coming up in our next half hour, robin going one-on-one with supermodel, ashley graham. we'll have robin's story and lara, let's head upstairs. >> hello, david. we are getting ready for the biggest ugly holiday sweater showdown ever. it's insane. we have a star-studded lineup of judges from "project runway jr." here to crown the winner. you don't want to miss it. they are tough. we are bringing it. ly road trip! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english,
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. let's get a check of the forecast with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s. a few 50s. we're going to top out about 58 to 61 with increasing sunshine today. remember, no wood burning through at least midnight. by seven-day forecast, friday morning to the afternoon hours, moderate rain and windy. we're looking light still as far as our commute is concerned with a lot of folks off for the holiday. westbound 580 before livermore, we had a crash. as you can see, the back up unwinding quickly. >> coming up, one couple shows they don't have hard feelings after a failed marriage of 24 careers. they are throwing a divorce party. interesting. their story is next on gma.
7:57 am
we'll have another news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app. there's a live look and nice shot there of the golden gate bridge this morning. we are here every morning from 4:30 to 7:00. we hope you can join us tomorrow.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. fatal explosion. a blast rips through a fireworks market in mexico. at least 29 people killed. more than 70 injured. rescuers racing to the scene, an an urgent hunt for survivors at this hour. it's the split shaking the internet. the couple that turned the tables on their divorce by celebrating it. >> happy divorce. >> now behind the headlines with the couple, and the daughter that helped them plan it out. why they say their marriage is really over, and how they are all putting their family first. ♪ time to get the chains out "game changers," robin goes back home with ashley graham. >> what was it like here growing up here? >> growing up here, i was called the girl that was pretty for a big girl.
8:01 am
the fat model. >> one-on-one with a woman who is a role model to millions encouraging everyone to celebrate their bodies. what she reveals about ditching the sizes and her one demand about her very own barbie. ♪ it's the final countdown and it's the most wonderful time of the year. "gma's" annual sweater showdown. who will win? weeks in the planning, it's the morning the sweaters go head to head. super stylist judges here from "project runway junior" and mark ballas and bc jean, and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. [ applause ] and we do say, good morning, america. so glad you're with us on a wednesday morning. and check out this crowd that's gathered with us. all of them with their favorite ugly sweater. you know, i did not get the memo. nobody told me this was happening today. they said, hey, david, want to top by? >> we were all, like, shhh. don't tell david.
8:02 am
>> don't tell muir. >> how appropriate. it's just four days until christmas, right? there has been intense preparation, i feel like we need to say, for this annual ugly holiday sweater showdown this year. >> the fifth annual? >> yeah, and everybody stepped it up this year. >> oh, yeah. this is going to be big. and now strahan, you professional athlete -- >> i'm being quiet because i plan to take it home. >> oh! >> well, well, well. look at that. >> funny because i do too. >> and the weird thing is i do too, so we have got viewers tuning in. watch parties in ohio, there they are, and in pennsylvania also wearing their best holiday sweater. i don't like to call them ugly. i like to call them special. >> yeah, very special. >> very special. and they are definitely in the spirit, and here in times square, the countdown is on the our showdown, everybody, and sara haines is getting ready in our sweater workshop with some help from our judges. there they are getting sara together. [ cheers and applause ]
8:03 am
>> i literally -- we don't know what each other is wearing so i can't wait to see everybody's outfits. i will admit that. >> did you see sara haines' hair? >> it was hard to miss. >> awesome. >> now the whole situation is judged. all right. let's get downstairs to dan harris with the latest morning rundown. we'll begin with authorities in germany identifying with tunisian man wanted in berlin with that christmas attack that left 12 people dead. that comes after isis credited attack. matt gutman is right there in berlin. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. there is now a dragnet for this man. they had detained a man after that semi crashed through this market behind me. now they say there is a tunisian man in his early 20s they are looking for. he is apparently known to authorities, had a criminal past. has had ties to radical
8:04 am
islamists. his asylum request has been rejected, and he has been living here for 8 to 10 months. there is possibly a terrorist at large, and perhaps this sums it up. this headline says fear in german. still 60 christmas markets opening up under heavy security. >> thank you, matt. in mexico, where they're searching right now for what set off this chain reaction explosion at a fireworks market. at least 29 people killed. more than 70 injured including several children. some of the injured have burns over 90% of their bodies. this market north of mexico city had been packed with shoppers buying fireworks for the holiday. it had been packed with hold tay shoppers. searches of the arctic and atlantic oceans off the west coast. president-elect trump has vowed to increase oil and gas production. investigators in colombia are analyzing this cargo jet and
8:05 am
why it crashed just after takeoff killing five crew members. it was headed to bogota when it skim thad fence there and slammed to the ground. one crew member survived. police have identified the thief they say stole a pot of gold from this armored truck in new york city. that bucket of gold flakes is worth $1.6 million. police believe 53-year-old julio novelo may be in los angeles. and now this fedex truck filled with holiday gift was hijacked. you see the driver clinging to the truck, and thanks to a tip, the truck has been recovered. the driver was not hurt. and finally, a police officer's work is never done. check out this officer who stopped trevor keyny for speeding. he had a presentation, and he needed help with his necktie. the officer gave him a warning for speeding, and then he helped
8:06 am
him tie his tie. the police chief invited him back to the station for further tie-tying instructions. he plans to go back for his dating advice, and homework. >> he has the best ugly sweater i bet. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, dan. >> what is one of my favorites. we'll begin with hollywood legend dick van dyke. he stole the show as bert, the chimney sweep, in the original "mary poppins" alongside julie andrews, and now 52 years later he'll be back in "mary poppins returns" starring -- i love that they cast him. and he'll be alongside emily blunt, lin-manuel miranda, meryl streep is in it and angela lansbury. a great cast, and the premise is still under wraps but lin-manuel miranda was on the show recently and i spoke to him and he is so thrilled about where the story is heading and
8:07 am
just being part of this legacy. anyway, the 91-year-old actor will not be reprising his original role of bert. instead, he'll portray the son of a greedy banker who causes the main family in the film a little trouble. it's set 20 years later and scheduled to be released christmas day 2018. >> that's exciting. meryl streep, angela lansbury. awesome, thanks. >> and lin-manuel. >> yeah. also in "pop news" this morning, espn getting into the game of love starting a "bachelor" fantasy league. >> oh, no. >> what? >> i'm sorry. did i say that out loud? >> all right. here's how it works. each week, "bachelor" nation can put their intuition to the test on the fantasy league app where they can challenge other fans to predict nick's final four, the recipient of the final rose and how specific romantic events -- is that what they're calling it these days -- play out. players will earn points for each spoton guess to go towards
8:08 am
a grand prize. two tickets to l.a. a visit to disneyland and taping of "the bachelorette" after the final rose. next summer. the next season by the way, it begins just around the corner. january 20th. >> sign up, man. me and you, baby, let's compete. >> espn thinks it's going to be huge. >> a lot of people -- >> can you believe they're getting into the game? >> yeah, i mean, i'm not a fantasy sports guy, so i don't understand it, but a lot of people do. good luck. have fun. >> i'm surprised you're not a fan. >> i did reality so i don't need to do fantasy. >> i hear you. that makes sense. finally in "pop news" this morning, it turns out humans aren't the only ones that can go gray. from stress and anxiety. a brand new study suggests that dogs, too, go gray prematurely as a result of a terrible fright or stress. researchers examined the muzzles of 400 pups aged 1 to 4 and they interviewed their owners about their behavior, what they've been exposed to, signs of anxiety. it turns out the dogs who demonstrated higher levels of nervousness along with fear of loud noises, other animals and humans had more gray fur. guess those guys have just had more of a ruff life.
8:09 am
>> oh. >> nice. good one. good one. >> they earned it, right? >> distinguished look. >> there you go, gang. [ applause ] >> for the sweater. >> mine is very elaborate. >> you getting your game face on? >> yeah. i have won two of them. ginger has also won two. >> i think some other people are due. i never win anything, michael. have you not figured that out yet? it never happens. >> this sympathy thing you're doing right now, not working. >> i was trying. all right. coming up next, we also have the couple making headlines for celebrating their split with a divorce party. they are telling us why they did that just ahead. and we're counting down to our fifth annual ugly sweater showdown. [ cheers and applause ] our audience, they are all in. look at these sweaters they're wearing, and the competition is heating up. [ cheers and applause ] [ applause ]
8:10 am
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and we are back now with a new way to mark the end of a marriage. divorce, of course, can be difficult for many, but one couple has made headlines by throwing a divorce party. abc's nick watt sat down with them and joins us now from l.a. with their story. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, lara. well, the brutal truth is nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, and most of us do it very badly. plate-smashing, name-calling, grudge-holding. but jeff and michelle from berkeley, california, decided to say "i don't" very differently. they threw a party. >> happy divorce. >> reporter: 24 years of marriage, over. you're celebrating the death of something. >> no, we are not celebrating the fact we're getting a divorce. we're celebrating the way in which we did it. keep the friendship that we have and keep as much of a family group as we can have together. >> we just did a lot of self-examination and realized we had fallen out of love. >> reporter: when it happens to a singer --
8:15 am
♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: -- they warble mournfully. not this pair. >> the first day of being divorced we had the party. >> reporter: two kids, by the way. bittersweet at all. your parents are getting divorced. >> no, i mean, i didn't feel sad at all. i just thought it was fun. people that know them, you know, understand that this is something they would totally do. >> reporter: were there any sticking points, maybe like an old crosby, stills and nash album -- >> none. >> you know, we all -- we figured out that we didn't care about that stuff. >> they're just things. this girl and her sister, who is not here, are the most important things to us. i think there's a lot of animosity when couples separate due to the finances. >> reporter: they "war like the roses." >> i'm the one that bought this house. i bought everything in it. >> with my money. it's a lot easier to spend it than it is to make it, honey bun. >> we're both much poorer than
8:16 am
we used to be but, again, just things. >> reporter: they actually exchanged gifts. you gave her a toaster oven? how do you make this work? >> with a lot of work. >> yeah. >> and humility and sacrifice and discussion and careful thought. >> and professional help. >> reporter: they're still finishing each other's sentences. any chance of reconciliation? >> no. he is super cute, but now available. >> reporter: now, i realize a lot of people believe that marriage is forever and divorce is always a bad thing, but is it worse to throw a divorce party or stay in a loveless marriage and then throw a party to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary? i'm not mentioning any names, guys, a purely hypothetical situation. >> we hear they threw the party really not just for themselves but for their friends so that they'd feel comfortable. >> reporter: yeah. i mean it was -- when people get divorced normally you have to decide who you're going to be friends with. they wanted everybody to know we're still friends and you can
8:17 am
be friends with both of us. but they said at that party, everyone said congratulations as sort of a question rather than a statement. >> it is a congratulations. i think it's great for the kids to see that, too. just to know that everybody can still be friends. i think it's remarkable that they did that. i applaud them. [ applause ] >> yes, i applaud them too. and i think it also goes to show they did an evaluation and they realized, we're going to be happier apart than we are together. >> what happens when the party goes so well they get back together again? >> they burst out laughing. >> she said, he's still available. nick, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," robin going one-on-one with supermodel ashley graham. how she's redefining beauty. "game changers." that's coming up next. i used to ask if you could hear me now with verizon, but i switched to sprint because their network reliability is within 1% of verizon. and get this, sprint has this crazy deal on their new unlimited plan with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line for free. yep - unlimited data, talk and text for your whole crew.
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8:22 am
yes! who doesn't want more? in fact, there are actually ugly sweater cities. argyle, texas, yarn lake, minnesota and look at sweater bay. 23 degrees. isn't that fun, frank? >> i am meteorologist, meteorologist mike nicco from abc7 mornings. sunshine this afternoon the third "spare the air" day with wood burning ban. above average tomorrow, wet and windy on friday and lesser citizen on monday. today the temperatures are from 58 in san rafael and richmond and 61 in morgan hill and antioch to scrows. tonight is cooler than this morning, mid-30s inland to mid-40s. my seven-day forecast shows we have rain, moderate-to-heavy at times we turn now to the inspiring people who have changed the game in 2016. robin has been crisscrossing the country to go one-on-one with extraordinary people who have really redefined our world this
8:23 am
year including supermodel ashley graham. robin took a trip right to her hometown. ♪ >> reporter: i traveled over a thousand miles to lincoln, nebraska. >> number 34. >> reporter: the proud home of the cornhuskers. >> touchdown, nebraska. >> reporter: and this woman, supermodel and body activist ashley graham. who shattered barriers earlier this year by becoming the first full-figured model to land the cover of the coveted "sports l illustra illustrated" swim suit issue, shocking even herself when she found out live on tnt. >> i am so -- i'm shaking. i'm so honored. i'm sorry. i just took the mike out of your hand. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: and take over, she has, from magazine covers to designing her own clothing lines and recently being honored as one of "glamour's" 2016 women of
8:24 am
the year. >> don't let your body hold you back. don't let your body insecurities hold you back from doing anything that you want to do. >> reporter: ashley is a role model to millions. constantly redefining what it means to be beautiful and encouraging a new generation of women to celebrate body diversity. we're popping in ashley's grandfather's old pickup to see the town where it all began. >> i haven't driven this car in 12 years. >> good to know. >> yes. >> okay. this is so great. >> here we go. >> ashley graham driving a pickup in nebraska. this is great. >> in my fur. hello. >> it doesn't get any better than this. >> i think we're going to pass my high school. >> what was it like growing up here? >> growing up here, i was called the girl that was pretty for a big girl, the fat model. >> ooh. >> for years, i cut all of the sizes out of my pants, because i was, like, a 16/18, and it
8:25 am
just -- it hurt my feelings to have to look ate, and looking back on it, i'm, like, why was i so caught up on a number? i was looking good. >> reporter: ashley's just getting started. even mattel, the creator of barbie, recognized her influence this year by collaborating with ashley to make a barbie in her likeness. ah. >> ooh. >> wow. >> let me fix her hair a little. >> i like -- >> you want to hold her? >> i love her -- >> see those hips. >> yes. >> and those calves and the belly. you can feel her stomach kind of goes out a little bit. if you lift up her dress, her thighs are touching. >> that was very important to you, though, wasn't it? >> it was really important for her to have touching thighs because little girls need to know perfection doesn't exist. >> you resonate. >> honestly, at the end of the day, i want women to know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and it should not define who you are. >> absolutely. so many ways to define beauty. "2016 game changers with robin roberts" airs tonight. [ applause ] 10:00, 9:00 central right here
8:26 am
on abc. now i want to check in on our ugly sweater workshop. sara, with our touchup. where is sara there? [ applause ] >> hiding behind the "project runway junior" judges, you know them, kelly, tim, christian and right now our team, michael, lara, amy, ginger, have been racing around getting ready. some interesting costumes coming up. >> there's a reason i am holding my jacket like this. >> yes, there is. you don't want to see me yet. there is a big reveal coming up. stay tuned. squoo
8:27 am
good morning. a mother an son recovering now after a freak accident in san jose. a 17-year-old was having car trouble, so he called his mom for help. you're not going to believe this, but as she was rooifing, she crashed into her own son's car. it looks like they are going to recover from their injuries. >> thank goodness. >> yeah, just a terrible crash. we did have a pretty serious one in the mountain view area. to highway 85 wclosed. they just got the far right lane open nd this situation, so some of the back up is recovering, but
8:28 am
at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. temperatures up to ten degrees warmer than this time yesterday. rest of us in the 40s and 50s. fairfield at 39. here's a look at clouds. increasing sunshine thanks to a dry cold front. 56 to 58 this afternoon. moderate to heavy rain. most of the day friday. reggie. >> thank you. another ab 7 update in about 30
8:30 am
minutes and always on our news app and okay, here's the question, america. how could "gma" ever top last we're epic ugly sweater showdown? >> nobody does it like we do. >> get ready. >> watch out. >> because it is on and not and santa will believe what we're wearing. "gma's" ugly holiday sweater showdown starts now. >> welcome back to "gma" live from times square. here's your special guest host, sara haines. >> look out. ♪ >> our fifth annual ugly sweater showdown. the looks are crazy sen the competition is fierce and partnered with "project runway jr.," tim gunn, christian siriano, hannah jeter and aya kanai, oops, to judge the showdown and thanks to the designers i won't have a blue
8:31 am
christmas this year. now, let's get the showdown started. everybody ready? [ cheers and applause ] first up we've got gingerlita. her past sweater looks including christmas eve and santa's sleigh ride. can she top it? come on out, ginger. ♪ >> hey. >> mwah. >> we got a big one. >> this is our meteorologist. and her "dancing with the stars" pro mark ballas. it may be cold outside but ginger is bringing the heat. this hot look could melt the frozen tundra, but don't kiss her, she doesn't love it. she does not. stay away. that's why the mistletoe is away from her.
8:32 am
thank you so much, ginger. our reigning champ, robin. you'll see -- there are her past ugly sweaters amazing christmas tree. she isn't here but sent this special message. >> i am so bummed that i can't be with you on ugly holiday sweater showdown day. one of "gma's" favorite traditions. but don't worry. i have a big assist. i'll pass the ball to some very special guests who are jumping in as my entry. hit it. ♪ >> now come on out, special guest. it's the harlem globetrotters and robin. whoo! they're putting a spin on our sweater showdown. will the judges think it's a slam dunk? we'll find out. ♪ >> whoo.
8:33 am
>> you can have my sparkly ball. it's more fun. now it is time for lara. she was the belle of the holiday balance and always brings it. let's see what she's got this time. come on out, lara. ♪ but i probably should not >> you can't reiin her in heading to the north pole in an outfit led by the one, the only rudolph and she's even got a pop-up collar and she's in it to win it. oh, lara. >> whoa, whoa. >> let rudolph go, okay. keeping the carrot working for her. lara spencer. now we can't forget about next amy, always a fierce competitor. now you're going to take a look at her past looks but i have a feeling this year she's going even bigger literally and
8:34 am
better. come on out, amy. ♪ let it go let it go ♪ can't hold it back anymore >> her sweater is snow good, amy is rocking the runway in a hot couture holiday creation but hopefully not too hot. will her look melt the judges? we shall see. last but not least, michael who tackled our showdown for the first time last year, let's see what sweet look the candyman is wearing today. ♪ i'm hot stuff baby this evening ♪ ♪ i got some hot stuff >> he certainly added on to his costume with a special guest, dan harris. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ there's nothing subtle about these from the top hats all the way to the tails. michael and dan bringing meaning to dashing through the snow. now, ladies and gentlemen, your ugly holiday sweater submissions
8:35 am
for 2016. okay, guys, we're going to turn to our -- let's take a look. one last look. we are going to turn to the powerhouse "project runway jr." judges. are you ready? don't be nervous. tim. >> everyone looks amazing. how can we pick anything. >> because you are professionals. kelly, you've got this. tim, what do you make of the duo on the end, michael and dan. >> they're sore torially s expecting somethingidays. this is believable holiday. >> thank you. >> and for that reason i like it very, very much for making it work. >> believable. like the time that arnold schwarzenegger and danny devito did -- >> exactly. can barely tell you apart. >> i wouldn't mind them caroling outside of my house, put it that
8:36 am
way. >> i would like to see dan harris sing. kelly, does amy's snowman leave you hot or cold? >> i'm going to say both because if it's cold outside i'm definitely wearing that. but it looks really fun. it's so cute. i love how you paired it with the rain boots with studs on it to give it a bit of punk rock and your little dance. i would totally -- [ applause ] >> you sold it. you sold it. >> i love it. >> you know what, if you are ever having a day where i'm having a fat day, i feel like my butt is really big, i would just wear that. >> no one will know. >> now, christian, you are the king of old school style. that's what i've been told. >> some day. >> what do you think of rudolph and his -- lara spencer. >> listen, lara, it really is all about the details. we have a lot of details in this outfit but it's really about that. [ applause ] and you look amazing.
8:37 am
>> also, you get a friend all day long you get a friend and that's the best part. >> have a seat. >> have a seat, take a break. have a little snack. >> and those ears really look good. >> i don't want to be embarrassed. >> i don't want to influence the judges. >> it was this. when you walked out it was like i've got this. >> that's how she gets rudolph to go. >> hannah, you know what looks good on sports heroes so what do you think about our globetrotters? [ applause ] >> only, only robin could bring the harlem globetrotters here to fill in for her so i think that's pretty major. i love the detail on the pants and you guys are just adorable. so amazing, i love it. >> only robin could pull it off. >> i know. >> i didn't notice that. >> we do it for robin. >> okay. and finally, you are a fashion
8:38 am
director for "cosmopolitan" and "seventeen," aya. >> the holidays are an important time for friend, family, romance. so i like that ginger is really bringing the love into the room and into the holiday season. >> thank you. >> it's perfect. >> love it. [ applause ] >> because one wasn't enough she wore three. >> now our judges have hard work ahead of them. >> yes, they do. >> this competition is getting fierce, people. spread some cheer for the holidays, all right. we're going to find out who will hold the ugly sweater trophy when we come back and later a live performance and mark ballas and bc jean here. we'll be right back with more
8:39 am
8:40 am
zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. you have to be pretty amazing to make this list.
8:41 am
>> you are a game changer. >> now tonight -- >> oh. >> it's robin roberts with the amazing game changers of 2016. >> so nice to meet you. >> and just wait until you see what they reveal now only to robin. >> it was like wow. >> and what good is changing the world if you can't have a little fun. >> i swear i didn't do anything. >> along the way. >> can't change this. >> do you hear the crowd? >> the robin roberts event special. >> doesn't get any better than this tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> we are back now with members of the world famous harlem globetrotters. we've got ace, thunder and we have -- >> yeah. >> you guys have a special announcement. >> yes, the harlem globetrotters are partnered with the american red cross and it's a great thing we're doing and we're happy to be with them and it's a special thing because the harlem globetrotters is a cool thing, you know. >> getting those two together is so great. >> so people can get involved. >> yes, people get involved. all they have to do is harlem
8:42 am
globetrotters will donate $10 to every ticket sold to -- [ applause ] >> there you go. >> to the red cross, american red cross. all you have to do is go to >> can we spin one? all right. right now as we >> i am meteorologist mike nicco. temperatures are milder, to start, and increasing sunshine, and "spare the air" today, do not bun the wood. we have moderate-to-heavy rain on friday morning through the afternoon [ cheers and applause ] all that weather brought to you by sprint. michael, you look good. >> thank you, ginger. you owe me a kiss by the way with that sweater on. you know, there are ugly sweater viewing parties all around the country. they've got their favorites and in just a moment we'll crown our winner here on the set of "gma" but first tomorrow, it's a big day for our judges. it is the season two premiere of
8:43 am
their hit show "project runway jr." [ applause ] and we're happy to have them. thank you all for coming here. it is a big day coming up. tim and hannah, such a funun id to take junior designers and give them an opportunity but are they a little easier to deal with than their grown-up counterparts and are they more emotional secondly. >> we are certainly more emotional anthem. easier, i think so. i haven't worked with the adults but i just love working with kids because they're so receptive to our critiques and they're like absolute sponges and so sweet and you'll fall in love with them. >> watching them grow from each other and knowing that most of the young designers don't know anyone else like them and being in a room filled with people who are like you for the first time is a really beautiful experience for us to watch. >> are they intimidated by you, tim? >> oh, no, michael. i was intimidated by them at the
8:44 am
beginning and worried about how they would take critiques and how open they would be. they are as hannah said they're sponges. they're so open and so receptive and know if you're pandering to them they're beautiful souls i have to say. >> i love the idea you say they look around and feel like they're a part of something like fashion designer high school. christian, i want to ask, do you see yourself in some of these young kids between the ages of 1 and 17. >> yeah, no, it's amazing. i could not make what they make on the show at 13. like they're so talented. that's the best part like to see them and we're judging them like, you know we're judging anyone like i'm looking at somebody who is competition in a way but that's the best part that we're judging them as like real designers that could have a great career afterward which is really exciting. >> i love aya's reaction. you said it's competition. she said it sure is. >> when you work with all these designer collections of the highest quality and see these young people operating at the
8:45 am
exact same level as some of their grown-up adult counterparts it really is shocking and will blow you away. >> will you tough them as tough as you judge them? >> yes. >> well, you know what, "project runway jr.," it premieres tomorrow night on lifetime. make sure you guys check it out. let's find out what these ups think of our fashion. it is time to announce the winner of our ugly holiday sweater showdown. i know who i think it should be. but let's be fair and we will go to you, sara. >> i'm completely not biased or a part of the judging so tim. >> well, sara, just as the case on "project runway jr." this is extremely difficult. >> i'm sure. >> a lot of deliberation and each individual look is just that. i mean, a definite point of view and very inspiring. and we have a tie.
8:46 am
>> wow. >> it's rudolph, isn't it? okay, wait. please proceed. >> we have a tie, lara and ginger. [ cheers and applause ] >> you guys, the trophy. the trophy. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, well, thank you guys all. thank you. are you crying? >> no, i'm a -- >> she's not. we are. >> sorry, guys. >> they got robbed. >> you guys look very handsome and the best-looking snowwoman i've ever seen. >> ah. >> stay with us. we have an amazing performance.
8:47 am
two of our favorites, mark ballas and bc jean perfo
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are back now with mark ballas from "dancing with the stars" to broadway now with his new bride bc jean. their band alexander jean debut ep "head high" hit number one on itunes, they'll sing for us in a moment. congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> what a year. >> i know. >> you guys are on fire. so did you guys know bc jean wrote "if i were a boy" for beyonce and write music together. you're married. you live together. you tour together. how does that all work. >> we're not sick of each other yet. >> it's been amazing. i think we balance each other out and fun working and creating together and we're excited about the new married adventure. married three weeks. >> you look so hot. >> thank you. >> you guys got married with all
8:50 am
your pals from "dancing with the stars." >> yep. >> but came right back to new york to be on broadway starring as frankie valli. that is tremendous. great experience. >> yes, it's incredible. it's been one of my favorite shows a long time and to be able to play frankie is a huge honor. >> will you sing for us. >> alexander jean with their spin on a christmas classic. take it away. ♪ ♪ god rest ye merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay remember christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ ♪ to save us all from satan's pow'r when we are gone astray ♪ ♪ oh tidings of comfort and joy comfort and joy ♪ ♪ oh tidings
8:51 am
of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ in bethlehem in israel this blessed babe was born ♪ ♪ and laid within a manger upon this blessed morn ♪ ♪ the which his mother mary did nothing take in scorn ♪ o tidings of comfort and joy comfort and joy ♪ ♪ o tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ whoa whoa oh
8:52 am
whoa whoa whoa oh ♪ ♪ whoa whoa whoa oh whoa whoa whoa oh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ♪ ooh ♪ god rest ye merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay remember christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ ♪ whoa tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ whoo ooh ooh [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
>> thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by new drug-free aleve direct therapy. the power is in your hands. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. mark ballas on broadway in "jersey boys."
8:56 am
their album, alexander jean, thanks, you guys. our audience is decked out in ugly sweaters and voted on their favorite and it is john and karen in the double sweater. there you go. >> we want to thank our "project runway jr." judges and thanks for watching. >> watch their show. watch their show. [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs.
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good morning. mike standing by with a look at your day. >> hey, everybody. astronomical weather. 2:44 this morning, still warmer. hows and oos right now. it's a spare the air day. upper 50s to low 60s. get your umbrellas ready. a lot of rain coming friday. we had an issue if you're heading to sfo. it looks like things are starting to clear up. it was on eastbound 380 east of 280. it's not clear, it should be clearing any minute. you can see the delays approaching. >> thank you. time now for live with kelly. i'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for the abc 7 midday news.
9:00 am
our reporting is always continuing on our news app. we'll see you tomorrow morning bright b and early from >> announcer: ho ho ho! it's time for "live"'s christmas party! 'tis the season to kick up your heels and enjoy the famous radio city rockettes. and get ready for a special holiday duet from country superstars garth brooks and trisha yearwood. and some lucky members of our studio audience could come away with some christmas cash, when we play our holiday games. and the man in the red suit is here: santa claus. plus, actor christian slater is kelly's special holiday cohost. all next on "live"'s christmas party. [festive music] and now, here are kelly ripa and christian slater. [cheers and applause] >> kelly: wow. >> christian: amazing. >> kelly: the rockettes! >> christian: hey! >> kelly: oh, my goodness. hi!


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