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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live where you live, this is abc7. >> neighbors in san leandro are shaken by a fight. one person is dead. the other is in the hospital seriously hurt. detectives are trying to put together exactly what unfolded. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> police received reports of a fight as it was happening. 143rd avenue and east 14th. when the police arrived who people were stabbed. amy hollyfield is in san leandro. amy? >> police say they think someone was walking down the street talking on the phone and someone
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else jumped out and attacked. it happened here at the park at the tennis courts. they do not know in the robber or robber's victim die. they are trying to figure out the details. >> the people living on 143rd avenue inship tremendous -- in san leandro are shaken up to week up to detectives in front of their home and shocked when they heard a double stabbing occurred. >> i have always felt safe. always. it is just odd to wake up and realize somebody was killed right outside your house. >> police think this was an attempted robbery. the two did not know each other. they get a call before 1:30 a.m. a fight was in progress and someone was screaming for help. one person died. the other is in stable but serious condition. the news has people here reaching out to each other. >> i received cames.
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a neighbor from across the street was checking on me to see how i was. >> man who has lived here 24 years has noticed neighbohood has changed. recent behavior he has seen and now this have him nervous. >> i am 81 so i am afraid about different things, at the tonight where i am afraid to walk up and down the street. >> he described the time when he felt comfortable saying hi to people as he passed and now he doesn't feel right going that. police are working to get more details on what happened and hoping to release more information this afternoon. a mile and a half away, young people crashed a jog in front of a thrift store. this is a look at the damage inside the store on east 14th at
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bricktown where a desk used to be. a car plowed into the building before 1:30 with a tow truck called to remove the vehicle. we spoke to the regional manner and said this is a dangerous corner and she has been scared to sit at her desk. >> it could have been bad, this is where i sit. i will check the structural damage. the manager said investigators told her the jaguar was reported stolen. c.h.p. said the four people would republican off were young, possibly in their teens. >> we are tracking a jetblue flight in the air right now heading to sfo. a passenger was removed from the flight after allegedly harassing evan can trump. a senior source in the transition team said ivanka and her children were headed for hawaii for vacation and a passenger started shouting at them of the passenger and the husband were removed from the
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flight at j.f.k. where it originated and put on another flight. the secret service agents were on board but did not get involved. jetblue released a statement saying if a crew determine as customer is causing conflict they are asked to deplane especially if they feel it runs a risk of escalation during flight. trump and the family are en route and right now are over missouri. the flight is scheduled to land hour at 2:30 this afternoon. we will track the story through the day. >> speaking of flying today and tomorrow expected to be the basketball days for the airport during the holiday season and the worst airport to be in right now is lamb with 60 delays as we speak. the most in the country. but today is a piece of cake compared to the long lines we saw yesterday. more than 400 flights were delayed as passengers complained of sifting on the tarmac for
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others. if you wonder, sfo is the 4th most late in the country so we cannot exactly brag but it is not the the warriors. >> we will have issues tomorrow with a storm. we will talk about the storm-impact scale in a second but in emeryville there is a layer of murky air and we have a "spare the air" today, with no wood burning until midnight. it could be poor heading through the day. here is a look from mount tamalpais you can see the haze hanging around, and the good news, today is the last day, tomorrow with the rain coming in, it will bring us refreshing and clone air from alaska. here is the storm-impact scale, tomorrow it will be moderate with moderate rain in the only to showers that will have gusty winds and brief heavy rain and hail and snow at 2,500 feet. >> now, compare tomorrow's storm
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on live doppler hd, you can find this under "weather." you can want for the green where you live. you can download the news app for free. >> a woman walked away from this really bad crash in santa clara county but end up in handcuffs, the scene at highway 17. emergency responders found the woman's car down an embankment. she was trapped. a windshield was smashed and the airbags deployed. officers managed to get her identity of the car and brought her up the hill and gave her sobriety test. she ended up in handcuffs in the back of a squad car is taken away. >> high speed choice involving c.h.p. ended in a first -- fiery crash. officers tried to pull over the suspect for speed on southbound 280 at 11:00 last night but he took off going more than 100 miles per hour. the driver tried to get off the street but crashed and rolled
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the vehicle. as bad as it looks, paramedics took him to the hospital. he only had minor injuries. >> from germany police are sending for the man who killed 12 people at a christmas market. the police have carried out 20 rateds, but, still, have not made arrests. investigators are now more confident than ever they know who the killer is. >> tense raids today in germany as authorities try desperately to track down the terrorist who drove this truck through a crowded christmas market in berlin on monday, killing 12 people in all. their focus is on fining this suspect, anis amri. >> the best national and international connections work hard to quickly catch this suspect. >> an alert going identity across europe for the 24-year-old from tunisia who has used six ailias.
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he likely carried out the attack saying his i.d. and fingerprints were found in the cab of the hijacked truck. officials from germany have monitored him for months because of suspected ties to radical. that is why the request for asylum was rejected as a new federal and local law enforcement bulletin lays out the need for added vigilance at new year's eve celebration in times square noting the attack in germany and heightened concern of similar attacks being copied in the near term but saying there is no specific threat. >> the christmas market in berlin reopened today for the first time since the attack. of the 48 people would were injured we have learned that two are machine including a man from texas would today is still in intensive care in germany. the president-elect's senior advisor kellyanne conway will be counselor to the president, the
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news broke moments before kellyanne conway was on "good morning america" playing a keel role -- a key role in turning his campaign around and has worked closely with president-elect on the transition to the white house. >> this morning she explained where he has not had a formal press conference 44 days after being elected. all the record speed which they have done their can't is something to behold. we are way ahead of schedule even of george herbert walker bush who was sitting vice president. >> he will have traditional press availability when he is in the white house. she also said they will name a press secretary soon. >> still to come, santa arrives early in the so the bay with the last minute push happening to make the holiday memorable for thousands of kids. >> a parking lot showdown parking conversation from coast to coast as the photo
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>> a community tonight make this one to remember for thousands in the so the bay. months of planning the most important moment, picking the just right toy. matt? >> how exciting is this, parents are shopping for kids now and they now the only ones who are
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benefiting. 600 value materials are also helping out and they are getting a big pay off, as well. >> christmas spirit is filled up sacred heart community service in san jose. >> look at that, dinosaurs. >> volunteers sorted toys for the toy box program. >> i'm helping out with holiday cheer. >> smiling faces of the families getting toys and the volunteers and their enthusiasm. >> why not be enthusiastic about this, set up like a toy store, 6,200 kids signed up and parents get to pick two toys and one book per child. >> for my girls, they love birds. so i know they are going to be happy so happy. >> it seems like you are emotional? >> yes. i'm so excited. i am. >> happy to get these for your kids? >> yes. >> she has three kids, two girls
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and a boy. sacred heart helps by taking away a big expense that is helpful in silicon valley where some families pay up to 75% of >> it will be a good christmas? >> it is. >> sacred heart is holding a raffle for bicycles. they have 900 to give away. along with the helmets, of course. >> bikes are always so popular. thank you. inen extra, lefty o'doul's is ready for the toy drive start tomorrow bright and early, value materials will accept dough in additions from drivers at 6:00 a.m. in front of lefty o'doul's union street location until 11:00 p.m. value materials are there on saturday starting at 7:00 a.m. and adding an extra day in hopes of collecting more toys they say they need 12,000 in all. they are taken to places around the city to ensure children in need have something to open
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christmas morning. >> so many helping out. i love that. next, parking cheaters, watch out, bart will mack it -- make it more expensive if you are caught stealing a spot across the area. >> meteorologist mike nicco is come up with the the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things.
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golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
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>> hope you are ready for this? >> look at this. there is a lot of conversation surrounding the photo you are about to see. >> is this parking lot justice? a shopper in me noticed a car double parked in handicapped
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spot so he trapped it with parking lot carts. he said they slid in because it was so icy. we have a poll on twitter and you have spoken and overwhelming majority believe well deserved, 72%, can you vote, too, the poll is still up. >> is that passive aggressive or just aggressive? >> i don't think it is passive anymore just aggressive. >> i don't recommend doing that. >> if you can report the reaction from the person from afar so they did not see you i would love to see that. >> what happened when they walked out? >> exactly. they slid into it on kayne west and you can -- they slid into it on ice, and after the show at least three cars will be parked just like that. at least three.
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>> maybe i will put it on speed. >> enough of the fun, we will talk about issues in los angeles, rain, construction at l.a.x. and over to las vegas. look at the cold air. with this really rough look to the clouds behind it, you know you are pulling in the cold air from the arctic. look at this, we are less than 16 hours fromening soaked. it is sunny and calm, our 4th "spare the air" with in wood burning, hazy sunshine, and rain to showers tomorrow and hail and snow are possible and christmas is trending dry. today's temperatures are on the warm side with santa cruz at 61 and palo alto and morgan hill at 60. on -- in antioch, it is coolest
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all that sunshine for christmas. notice we are nearly 60 at 2:00. dropping into the 40s by 8:00. continue, try to focus on the temperatures before you look at the yellow and orange, in the 40s. now, the timeframe at midnight, to heavy rain during the morning treasure hour at 6:00 in the, stream east bay in the south bay and it turns over to waves of showers which will have brief and heavy downpours and small hail and gusty winds and snow level down do 2,500 foot, santa cruz mountains and north bay and diabolo range all dusted with snow heading into friday night and saturday morning. our rain totals, we have more rain shadow in the south bay quarter to half an inch, and 1"
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in the north by and i would not recommend at all traveling in the sierra tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. through saturday at 4:00 p.m. with 1 to 3', white-out conditions, and look at that, 2' at donner pass and the same in kirkwood, just gorgeous, right new, though, it is quiet. we will talk about our seven-day forecast, the warmest day, and could be frosty cold on christmas morning. our the showers are moving in the night and not all day. >> we could get away just with limited showers. >> keep that coming. >> right off the coast. the coast is the area post likely to be wet. >> bart is tired of people illegally parking in their lots and will make them pay with fines up by $20. the penalty for not paying is $35 and it goes to $55.
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but if you take a permitted spot, you are fined $75 from the current $45. people are willing to risk a ticket because $35 is cheaper than driving and parking in the city and they hope the fine will change but not everyone is convinced. >> i don't think it will make a difference. the price of parking in the city and everything else they will park and pay the fine. >> if they can get away with it, they will, and if they are caught that is the punishment, what is $55. >> to be clear, the cost of parking at bart is not going up, just the fines for those who don't pay. the changes go into effect january 2nd. >> getting an onion for christmas would not make people very excited unless it gets you out of a ticket. >> what
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>> developing news regarding the san francisco police department "use-of-force" policy, the police union just told abc that it is filing a temporary restraining order to block those new rules from being implemented and the commission unanimously voted to adopt the new guidelines last night. those rules bar officers from using restrains to subdue a suspect, something that the police officers association did
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not agree to. it said that those holds should be left in until. [ inaudible answer ] lethal method replaces it and the commission changed the wording when officers can shoot at moving vehicles without approval. leaders say they will file for the restraining order tomorrow, and we have reached identity to the police commission but have not heard back, we will have more on this developing story this afternoon. >> switching gears without like an onion or a ticket? that is the option officer grinch is giving to drivers in florida. >> do you know what you did? you went a bit fast. wee bit. >> no! >> onion is good. the officer stopped the drivers going too far near a school. aonion or citation? >> i go with the onion.
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>> he gave me an onion rather than a ticket so i'm very grateful. christmas spirit. >> to be clear it is an offer only good for drivers five miles over the speed limit. >> scary custom.
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>> today on our show, contestants will be playing for the kind of money that can change their lives in an instant, and we're about to find out if one of them can make it happen. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, and welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] me too. you know, people come to vegas for a lot of things, but at just 20 years old, the only thing on our contestant's mind is winning $1 million on this show. from the bronx, new york, please welcome back paul papantoniou. [cheers and applause] what's up, paul? hey, buddy. good to see you again. welcome back. [cheers and applause] >> [sighs] >> what's a 20 year old gonna do with $1 million? >> well, chris, i want to buy a farm.


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