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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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police say the shooter got away, so did a key witness. >> witnesses are indicating that the shooter and victim both fled the scene prior to the police arriving. some of the area businesses were hit. windows were broken. no innocent bystanders hit or anything like that. >> now the mall was open at the time. so it was lucky that no one else was hit or hurt. this is a very busy popular shopping center. it's huge. there's a kohl's store dick's sporting goods. since those two people took off, they don't know what the motive was behind the shooting, if this was random or targeted. reporting live, aim my hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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just look at this. this is one of at least 12 reported incidents in malls across the country. this fight broke out at a food court in cleveland yesterday. people running for the exits here. officers actually had to use pepper spray to clear this crowd out. the incident was loosely organized on social media. colorado police had to shut down a popular mall in aurora after word of a fight spread on social media. the snapchat video shows shoppers quickly moving to the exits. 500 people were inside the food court at the mall simply to fight. >> several officers were attempting to make an arrest of two people fighting. the crowd began to circle our officers, our officers had to call for help. >> two people involved in the fights were injured. one of them is seriously hurt. pg&e is investigating what caused a power outage that left 370 customers along san
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francisco's embarcadero in the dark last night it started at 11:00 last night from beach street to washington street. police put flares on the ground at washington forcing people headed to the golden gate bridge to take an alternate route. two men are in custody in hayward accused of stabbing and killing a man inside a target store on christmas eve. the victim was found in the target around 8:00 saturday night. he died at the hospital. he's a 36-year-old man, but police have not released his name. the three men got into a fight shortly before the attack. police are asking anyone who was there to come forward. >> a woman caused a crash that killed herself and a teenage boy. now her family is apologizing to his family. the suspected dui crash happened sunday on capitol expressway in san jose. mourners showed up yesterday to honor the lives lost.
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a 25-year-old mother of one, in the second car, a 14-year-old boy. >> a streetside memorial to 25-year-old jessica zamora included candles, signs, stuffed animals and lots of booze. one of her friends came by to leave a big can of negr negro modello. >> a lot of people might be pointing fingers or whatever, but both sides took a loss. >> reporter: san jose police said jessica zamora crashed and careened head on into a lexus. a 14-year-old was killed, his parents injured. police say zamora may have been under the influence of alcohol. her family arrived here at the memorial to clean up the beer and liquor bottles. zamora's aunt says the family is not happy about this mess. >> we came out here to clean it up. this isn't her. you know what i mean? all their friends said no, this wasn't her. you know, they don't realize, you know, this is what took her life.
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>> reporter: she says zamora was a single mother whose five-year-old daughter is distraught after the crash. the names of the 14-year-old killed and his parents have not been released by police. >> my condolence goes out to the family of the little boy that she took the life of. you know, we're very sorry. it was a bad accident. she made a bad choice. >> she raised concerns about the bar where zamora had been drinking. she did snapchat and said they were giving her free drinks. they should not have been doing that. >> reporter: the business was closed today and no one was available for comment. we asked san jose police about this. police said they had no updates about this case. police are investigating a possibility hate crime in santa monica after someone there vandalized a synagogue. when the rabbi showed up for service sunday, the second day of hanukkah, he found human waste and rice smeared in the entryway. police are not calling it a hate
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crime quite yet because it's not specifically anti-semitic. >> it's so sad at this time people should feel they want to express themselves in such a negative way. >> we should note the congregation has been targeted in the past. a month ago a man stood during a service and shouted heil hitler. and last year someone left a letter with a swastika. the faa and ntsb are investigating a crash that killed two people in fresno. officials say the plane crash shortly after taking off from sierra sky park yesterday afternoon. sierra sky park is a sky community along highway 99. no word on the victims identities. officials say this is likely the first double crash at the airport. 12 people are injured after this jet airways plane skid off a runway in western india. 154 passengers and seven crew
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members were on board when it happened at goa international airport. the jet airways veered off the tarmac during takeoff. happening today, shinzo abe and president obama will make history at pearl harbor. abe arrived yesterday morning in hawaii and later laid wreaths at the national memorial cemetery of the pacific. today abe will become the first japanese prime minister to visit pearl harbor memorial. that honors the sailors and marines killed in the 1941 attack. in may, president obama visited the hiroshima peace memorial in japan. it is current versus future president. president-elect donald trump is responding to president obama's claim that if he had ran for a third term he would have won. president obama said that he's confident if he ran again in articulated it, he believes key have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. the president-elect took to
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twitter saying no way, leaving, isis, obamacare. mr. trump also said he is shutting down the trump foundation to avoid the appearance of a conflict. the new york attorney's general office has been investigating the >> good morning to you. despite the national weather service's freeze warning, we are warmer this morning due to the cloud cover. 3 to 6 degrees warmer here. and the reason being is that we have some insulation 34 in santa clara. 35 in alum rock. in the bay, mid 40s. with that cloud cover moving in, hopefully you don't have to scrape off that frost. today temperatures coming up. mid to upper 50s. plenty of sunshine. look at tomorrow. low 60s in our east bay and
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south bay. by thursday, we're even warmer. so the trend is for warmer days, milder nights, if we extend this for the next couple of days, we'll be adding some rain into the picture. in fact, we have new year's eve to talk about. we could see light scattered showers and a cooldown as well. don't put those jackets away yet. maybe dig out the umbrella. for today, certificate lit coat out there. good morning to you, alexa. any action out there? >> no. i do have one issue on altamont pass road near carroll road. sounds like we have a two-car crash blocking the eastbound lane. everybody is okay. there are no injuries reported. keeping a close eye on that one. i don't think that will turn into a big issue. we are wide open on all of our freeways. here's the plaza, no metering lights. coming up, new detail s
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emerging about george michael. the acts of kindness the pop star kept secret. and a breitbart editor is supposed to speak at uc berkeley. what the college wants him to do or else they're canceling the event. it's still pretty light at the bay bridge toll plaza, looking good. looking good. as we go to break,
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as fans mourn the death of pop star george michael we're learning more about the acts of kindness during his life. >> he gave millions of dollars to charities to help children as well as people who suffer from cancer and hiv/aids. ♪ baby i know you're asking me to stay ♪ >> what an iconic song. michael walden is a three-time grammy winning artist and producer. he worked with some of the biggest names including george michael. walden lives in san rafael now and describes the singer as a brilliant perfectionist. he said as a talent he was one in a million. >> george had it all. sex appeal, dance, great stage presence, recording, great production, everything. he is one of those people who had everything going on. so, it's a great loss.
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>> along with millions that george michael donated in secret, he's also known for helping his village in north london get a christmas tree and helping a homeless shelter. he died on christmas day at 23 years old. "20/20" will have a full hour dedicated to george michael and his life tonight. it airs at 10:00 p.m. that's followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. a uc berkeley student group is required to pay the security bill when an editor for the right wing website breitbart comes to town in february. the berkeley college republican club invited milo yanopolis to visit the campus. his visit is controversial. some students say his stance against feminism and islam cultivate bigotry. if they don't pay for security the event will be canceled. he is scheduled to speak at cal on february 1st. the lyrics in the church
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bulletin shocked people at a service featuring christmas carols in sri lanka. instead of hymn, they found the lyrics of tupac shakur's "hail mary" printed. a priest said a young boy working for the printer downloaded the hail mary instead of the christian prayer of the same name. happening today, mayor ed lee will take part in the 11th annual kwanzaa celebration. look at video from last year. yesterday marked the beginning of the week-long sell break. it will continue until new year's day. mayor lee will lead the event at city hall at noon today. the winter storm has swept through the great plains has moved east. it continues to hamper travel. authorities issued no travel warnings in some areas, other areas were at risk for tornadoes. >> it's been awful. we have a breakdown of what is
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leading to the post-holiday travel woes. >> reporter: treacherous travel across the country. in the dakotas, over a foot of snow falling, near whiteout conditions leading to more than 500 miles of highways getting shut down. authorities issuing a no travel advisory. in north dakota, cars careening off roadways. in nebraska, winds gusting up to 75 miles per hour. flipping this semi on its side. bringing traffic to a standstill, backing up cars for miles. those dangerous winds putting about 3 million people in arkansas, missouri, kentucky and tennessee at risk for isolated tornadoes. in minnesota, high winds knocked out power leaving more than 19,000 customers in the dark and grounding flights. >> across the country more than 3,000 flights were delayed and hundreds more canceled. travelers may not be out of the clear just yet.
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abc news, washington. >> a lot of people dealing with snow right now. here at home, we are just waking up to cold mornings, right, lisa? >> that's right. our freeze warning extends into the inland east bay valanciun valanciunas valanciunasvalanciunaleyvalleysd the southern salinas valley. highlighted in purple here, you can see areas where you could go at freezing or below freezing. but overall temperatures this morning are hovering into the low to mid 30s from danville to livermore. 32 in novato. 37 in san mateo, los gatos, morgan hill chilly at 35. a look at temperatures in the single digit there's in the sierra nevada. freezing cold and frost this morning. it will be a sunny and cool afternoon. temperatures are coming up a few degrees, milder days ahead. here's how oakland looks. you'll be climbing to about 57 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. and then overnight lows in
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livermore once again below freezing. but temperatures will modify over the next several days. highs around the bay today, mid 50s in san francisco. 57 in oakland. 59 in san jose. that will be the trend, the next several days, sunny, warmer, dry. slight chance of showers going into the weekend. a little more action this morning, right? >> a little bit. the biggest thing all day yesterday was some horses that were running around on some rural roads. today we do have a new collision on one of our main highways. this is southbound 680 in the concord area. we can start to see red filling in here. just before you get to concord avenue. sounds like one vehicle was stalled out, another vehicle hit that. that is blocking the slow lane. we'll try to have more information in about ten minutes. overall still looking at light volumes. 101 at 880 in the south bay doing okay. that northbound side coming towards us. the next traffic update just about 5:00. >> maybe with these cold temperatures you're dreaming of that summer vacation.
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if you're taking one overseas, bring some food for the flight. foreign carriers like lufthansa are doing away with the free in-flight meals. there's no word u.s. airlines are plan doing the same. but trends like this in air travel cutbacks seem to run through the industry quickly. the race is on to build floats and bring a lot of colors alive in time for the 128th rose parade. some volunteers sliced oranges to decorate one of the floats that will glide through pasadena next monday. others painted and polish the trying to make everything shine. i've done this before it's really tedious work. some vow they'll do whatever it takes to make next week's parade a reality. >> on the 31st, if we're not done, we'll go through the entire night until the 1st. >> you don't sleep. you just get it done. >> just get it done. >> i feel very excited. i've never done this before.
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>> it's a lot of work. a lot of volunteers as you can see in the background. people coming from all over the world doing this. >> a lot of hands on deck. the 2017 parade will take place january 2nd instead of the 1st. new year the falls on the 1st, it's a sunday. full coverage at 8:00 a.m. hundreds of residents are blaming a bad batch of tamales for ruining their christmas tradition. angry people, customers unleashing their feelings demanding refunds after buying the tamales from this market across l.a. county. generations of families down there relied on the chain for more than 50 years to provide the holiday staple. this year something was wrong. >> they're not made right. i don't know what they did. it got some people sick in our house. >> we were waiting for the tamale for over seven hours,
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they didn't cook. >> we've been processing refunds all day long. we will continue to do that tomorrow. >> the store managers say they're trying to figure out what happened with the tamales at four of their locations. >> oh, no. yuck. tamale is a big deal for a lot of people. a lot of paychecks are about to go up. different increases in minimum wage here in the bay area once we hit the new year. and steph curry is in the giving spirit today, but it's what the referees did not give the warriors on christmas that everyone is still talking about. the nba is addressing it now. first the tech bites. >> hello, streaming services stay fans can't get enough of george michael. >> since his death, streams of his music skyrocketed by more than 3100% on spotify. >> the top tunes, "last christmas" careless whisper, faith, freedom 90 and wake me up before you go-go. >> don't believe sony's music tweets yesterday saying britney spears has died. it's not true.
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she's very much alive. sony's twitter account was hacked. >> later in the day spears posted photos of herself on her own account. sony deleted the fake messages and apologized to spears and her fans. did you get gift cards that you don't really want? you can sell it or trade it. >> cardpool buys and sells the cards so there is no use tore user interaction. >> card cash buys and sells the cards and allows swaps. cards and allows swaps. >> and
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welcome back. if you were at the stores yesterday for the post-christmas sales, using gift cards, returning a gift that was maybe the wrong size or one you just hated, you weren't alone. experts predicted monday would be one of the busiest shopping days of the season. they said because shoppers continue to spend the total amount shelled out this holiday season could top a trillion. retailers are helping staying open later, offering deep discounts, too, especially on clothes. happening today, warriors star steph curried a his family will distribute boxes of food and other items to help families. it's part of the fourth annual curry feed the children event. 1200 families will receive a 25-found food box and a 10-pound box of personal care items. the give away starts at 12:00 in oakland. the christmas day match-up between the warriors and
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cavaliers wasn't the outcome fans hoped for. but the nba did say lebron jams should have been charged with a technical foul for hanging on the rim after a dunk that would have given golden state a free-throw and the league also said richard jefferson should have been called for a foul with three seconds left for making foot contact with kevin durant. a foul would have given durant two free-throws and a chance to win the game. >> that game hard to watch. there are a lot of changes coming in the new year including an increase in minimum wage in many places. starting january 1st, minimum wage statewide will rise 50 cents to 10.50 an hour. cupertino, los altos and palo alto will pay $12. mountain view goes up to $13, as does sunnyvale. san francisco's next increase is not until july. good morning. live doppler 7 showing a bit of
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cloud cover out there. that's keeping temperatures around freezing. but we are looking at that freeze warning still in effect for the north and east bay valleys through 9:00 this morning. temperatures could drop to the freezing point. as we look at the numbers in danville, concord, livermore, low to mid 30s. 31 in santa rosa. 32 in novato. closer to the water in the 40s. with the cloud cover, temperatures are a few degrees up. numbers will be mild in tahoe. 46 there. 68 in palm springs. we'll see a few 60s around here. not today, mid and upper 50s for a slightly warmer afternoon. a look at your extended outlook coming up. alexis? >> checking in on the traffic situation. we have one collision in the concord area. i did see a bit of a backup form. but that seems to be thinning out. southbound 680 before concord avenue a disabled vehicle and another car hit that disabled vehicle. this is contained to the far left lane. i think they're getting close to pushing that off to the
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shoulder. overall, light volumes. that's our only significant blocking issue. 26 minutes out of the central valley. that tells you how light it is 15 minutes out of dublin. northbound 58 between 101 and cupertino, you're in the green at 16 minutes. thank you. now to a weary little traveler, a sweet little kitten made a trip across four states under the hood of a pickup truck. the driver found her after he stopped at a gas station in virginia. he then realized it was the same kitten he had seen at his home in ft. drum, new york, about 600 miles away. apparent lit fur ball was in the engine all along. >> he was just sitting down here, around the air box area, just on top of the master cylinder. me and her wrestled for a bit. we got her into a cardboard box and brought her to the emergency vet. >> the kitten was little dehydrated h a few scratches. someone in the driver's family has adopte her.
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>> she still looks shell-shocked. coming up at 5:00 a.m., thieves take a giant menorah from a san francisco park. that's not the only incident that's happened there this weekend. and muni riders will need to dig deeper in their wallets. the price changes coming to the transit service. and a live look outside, we're keeping weather and we're keeping weather and traffic up
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5:00 a.m. on the dot. it's tuesday, december 27th. i'm jessica castro. >> i'm


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