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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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blocked part of the interstate 280 in san jose. >> the crash sent car parts flying across the roadway. it's a nasty scene to look at. matt kelser tracking the story for us all morning matt? >> reporter: we have moved here from 280 on to bird avenue. that's because southbound 280 was opened up about 20 minutes ago. what a horrific crash but amazingly, no one was killed. > i can tell you what a fire captain told me. he said they got here and heard the lady in the red car screaming as a good sign. she is screaming. she is still alive because when you see the injury on the car, you don't expect that. that's a good thing. >> reporter: yeah. what a hoerrific crash, a wrong way crash. a driver of a red car hit head
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on by a gray voex baggen. they believe the gray car was driving the wrong way. the driver of the gray volkswagen had a broken ankle. the driver of the chevy aveo taken to the hospital with serious injuries and another car involved, rear ended the gray volkswagen and that person was able to go away from the scene, picked up by their boyfriend and taken away from the scene. they were not injured at all. southbound 280 is back open. that's a good news for commuters this morning as people have been waiting for about 50 minutes when this whole freeway was blocked off for an hour from 3:30 to 4:30 this morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we were watching this at 4:30. alexis, it looked so bad and cleared it up rather quickly. >> sure did. right around 3:30 this morning and then matt able to get to the scene for us and give us a lot more information so just
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thankfully everyone is going to survive that. we have sere yious injuries andr your compute looking much better. here's where it was. southbound 280 at bird avenue before 87. we are totally back in the green so as matt mentioned that did fully clear out. i'm not seeing any residual delays and light system wide with the holiday week here. look at the forecast now with meteorologist lisa. >> hey there. good morning to you. freezing and sub freezing temperatures in the inland east bay and the north bay. check out that 29 degrees there in danville. lafayette 32. concord, the rest of the bay area, north bay, freezing. sunny, high clouds, warmer. it is a beautiful day. and we will look for changes in your extended outlook. holiday weekend. i'll have them for you coming up. jessica? >> thank you. this morning, we are hearing from the family of actress carrie fisher who will be forever known for playing princess leia in "star wars."
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fisher passed away yesterday morning after cardiac arrest last friday aboard a flight from london to los angeles. her younger brother todd spoke publicly of her sudden death and her struggles with addiction and mental illness. >> we have just seen her pull out so many times and survive so many things that there was no way to talk. i hope people don't think our silence was anything more than just praying for the best. we have really been close our whole lives and it's a very strange place to be looking at the world without her. >> carrie fisher was 60 years old. abc 7 news was there as movie fans just hearing about the loss of carrie fisher. some to see the latest "star wars" future "rogue one." >> one of the main ingredients, elements of "star wars" think of princess leia and carrie fisher. she is an icon. >> absolutely. this man says he met fisher at a
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convention and remembers that she was happy to meet with the fans and treated all of them with grace. we first told you about the passing with a push alert on the phone. you can get news updates as they happen with the app and enable push alerts. a gunman is still on the loose this morning after killing a former marine monday night in oakland. happened right around brookdale and 35th avers. police say the 23-year-old kristopher killian was visiting friends when he was killed. neighbors say it's usually safe and quiet a. resident who doesn't want his face shown describes what he heard. >> four shots. evenly spaced. pause. about four more shots evenly spaced, pause. about eight shots evenly spaced. keep my eyes open a little bit more in and out of the house but no. it's -- those things happen. >> killian's sister set up a go fund me page to help with funeral services.
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if you would like to help, we have a link on our website abc 7 gosh, this homeowner been through the wringer in sausalito. waiting for more repairs to the garage this morning. it was hit for a second time in eight months by a truck. sky 7 overhead of the home yesterday. this is a cement truck on its side in a hole where the garage used to be. >> somebody says you have a giant concrete truck in the hole that used to be your garage you know something serious happened. i'm glad when 2016 is over because it's not been a very good year. >> not the only one that feels that way. in april, a 50,000-pound asphalt truck smashed into the garage and yesterday's work was an attempt to fix the damage by first building a retaining wall as a cement truck driver unloaded ferrells, the ground gave way and the truck flipped over. >> just bad luck.
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as donald trump plans the transition to the white house, he had a slight problem at his new york home. you see people running out there because trump tower in manhattan had to be evacuated yesterday because of a suspicious package. a bomb squad checked out a bag left unattended. turns out it was full of toys. the president-elect was at the florida estate during the incident and where the president-elect sent this tweet slamming president obama. he said, quote, president obama campaigned hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. this tweet is in response to a recent interview from president obama saying that he would have won a third term if he had ran again. meanwhile, president obama and japan's prime minister wrapping up a historic visit to pearl harbor. the nation's leaders laid wreaths and scattered petals. at the memorial site. it is 75 years since the
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japanese attack and this is the first joint visit for both nations. president obama said it demonstrates the power of reconciliation, that enemies can be allies when war comes to an end. a new effort to see if restoring the mt. tam's west peak is feasible. there's a study to look at the potential costs of design alternatives for the old air force station there. the west peak was used as a lookout until 1980 to search for soviet war planes and house short-range nuclear missiles. the study received $450,000 in funding from the water district and we do apologize for this incorrect video. also, the golden gate national park conservancy. new year's is a time to have fun but you do need to be safe. fun but you do need to be safe. next -- we'll tell you
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good wednesday morning to you. we are very cold once again. freezing and sub freezing temperatures from the north bay. 30 santa rosa. upper 30s in mountain view.
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35 in san jose. so once again, with the cool start, we'll have a sunny afternoon with high clouds and coming up today, upper 50s to low 60s and warmest day tomorrow cooling back for the weekend and the rain looks like we are taking it out of the forecast just a very slim chance on new year's day. alexis, good new this is morning? >> good news is sig alert cleared in san jose. i have a new problem and this is westbound 80 just passed the bay bridge metering lights. just pass the metering lights, where the lanes merge together down to five lanes, seeing the flashing lights. reportedly in the two middle lanes, lanes four and five. a couple of vehicles involved. still working on more details there and working behind that at the bay bridge toll plaza camera, not slowing you down at the outer sides while it continues. probably a good idea and we don't have the metering lights on this morning. i know i promised drive times. that will be next. >> thank you. cal train will offer free rides on new year's eve.
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starting 8:00 p.m. saturday, they'll stop charging fares for passengers and the agency also adding four southbound trains to operate after midnight. the trains will leave the station in san francisco starting at 12:45 a.m. new year's day. that's after the fireworks show along the and muni offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on new year's day. all service will be free both buses and cable cars, extra buses are scheduled. 6:12 now. next, how an amazon echo device could hold clues in an arkansas murder investigation. a frantic search for a great grandmother and 5-year-old since i've started weight watchers, i've lost over 40 pounds. i can honestly tell you, i struggle no more. i've eaten everything i love. tacos, pasta... i've never felt deprived. i would say to anybody who's thinking about
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. police want help tracking down this burglar who stole presents from a family's christmas tree. take a look at video. shows a man going into the home on spencer court in gilroy december 15th. rummages around for a bit before stealing two presents. the burglar disconnected the security camera but it was downloaded the server. the last time a new jersey great grandmother and grandchild were seen, the 71-year-old and
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her 5-year-old granddaughter missing since christmas eve. they left saturday morning to see family in north carolina. last time they were heard from or seen was at a gas station in virginia. their families say it is great grandmother makes the drive at least once a year and knows the way around. 6:16 now. police in arkansas obtained a search warrant for an amazon echo. and they're hoping the home digital assistance might have digital evidence of a murder investigation. police seized the device and then asked amazon for voice recordings. echo itself does not store questions but the servers do. police think the suspect may have activated the device inard vert ently. amazon released this statement saying the company will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand. smokers are being pushed further away from sports events.
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those found to be smoking within 250 feet of youth sports events on public property could be fined $250. the previous law prohibited the use of tobacco products in 25 feet of a playground or sand box. under a similar law, pro baseball players cannot chew tobacco on a baseball field. lisa joins us now. still starting in the 30s in some places. right? >> getting low. the reward is afternoon where we have milder temperatures. >> good. >> yeah. if you spend any time outside today, you certainly will notice the change. probably did yesterday. here's live doppler 7 and clear and that's why we are so, so cold out there. temperatures ranging from mid-30s in san jose. good morning, mountain view. 39. 44 in oakland. gilroy, 54. check out our north and east bay valleys where, yeah, it is certainly cold with 29 in fairfield. 32 novato. freezing concord and livermore.
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the difference between yesterday morning and this morning, nothing. once again very chilly. maybe fog earlier in santa rosa. that cleared. milder today, tomorrow cooler pattern for friday into the holiday weekend. and a tiny bit of moisture for a system coming in on new year's day. upper 50s in the city. look at that 60. 62 san jose. 61 in santa rosa. a significant climb from the morning lows and new year's eve, cloud it up, cool it off. highs struggling to the low 50s and then midnight, chilly in the upper 30s. the seven-day forecast, dry, sunny, milder through tomorrow. and then we'll look at cooler conditions, still dry, though. partly cloudy. a chilly start to the new year and maybe showers into monday. good morning, alexis. >> good morning. i have some good news. just about ten minutes ago, that crash that was westbound 80 to the west of the metering lights. we have flashing lights in the two middle lanes there. if you look closely, see a vehicle with the hazards on the
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left shoulder. the cars involved cleared off to the parking lots there. all lanes are back open. and i was worried when we had that crash in such a tough spot and flip the metering lights on and we have avoided so far today and no. wide open and they never did turn those on. enjoy the lighter than average commute today. we are a little heavy out of the central valley. 40 minutes. we were up over an hour earlier due to a vehicle fire. westbound, 15 minutes and southbound 101 also in the green. only going to take you 17 minutes. >> thank you. good morning america at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> paula farris is live with a look at when's ahead. good morning, paula. >> good morning. hi, san francisco. it is great to be with you this morning an coming up on "gma" this wednesday, continuing our coverage on the life of the incomparable carrie fisher.
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the world remembers the "star wars" icon and influential advocate of mental health. a guest joins us and watch some of the unforgettable final interview with our very own amy robach. donald trump ramping up the twitter attack against president obama blasting him for suggesting he could have won the election against trump. we're live from the white house with the latest on these growing tensions. plus, the d.c. christmas murder mystery. a yoga teacher and actress found dead in the car. the suspect's in custody. but authorities are still searching for a motive and trying to piece together a time line. ladies, this is a big mystery trying to get to the bottom of it. we have all the stories and more coming up on "gma" this wednesday and we hope you can join us and have a great show out there. >> we appreciate your energy and enthusiasm. it is still dark and early out
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here. see you soon. thank you. saving for college is important. next, how early you should start putting money away. plus, one of the season's hottest gifts, certainly. now some people reporting a big problem with their hatch a moles. we'll explain. and as you get your day into gear, keep on top of the weather and traffic throughout the break with abc 7 news now.
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welcome back. the government looking into possible issues with some ford fusion and mercury milan cars. the national transportation safety args said the brake pedal may lose pressure and difficult to stop. the problem is in the model year 2007 to 2009 cars. there have been three crashes blamed on the problem so far. as well as 141 other complaints. all right. hatch-a-mole, a sought after toy this holiday season. >> some kids frustrated on christmas morning, though. parents who got their hands on the sold out toy say it doesn't hatch. when kids knock, tap or rub the shell, the toy supposed to hatch after 30 minutes. unhappy customers are
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complaining on twitter. it's not clear exactly how widespread the problem is. so far, there's no comment from the maker spin master. but as i mentioned earlier, it is like a real egg. some don't hatch. time to ask finney this morning. there's a question about paying for education. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has his answer. >> i just received a lump sum payment from social security for my benefits for disability. and i want to know what forms i need to fill out for my taxes so i can break it down per year. >> hi, lisa. great talking to you in the ask finney event in walnut creek. this is really complicated. start with the irs publication 915. it lays out process there. now, it's pretty complicated. you might not go it alone. think about the united way bay area. it has a great service that will help you fill out the right
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forms. now, i'll post the links on the website go. to abc 7 it's going to take a while and won't be easy. thank you for your question and happy new year. looks like the wrong question was loaded in there. a cute bird in the sweater. if you have a question for michael finney, record it. share it on social with #ask finney or abc news finney. despite the city's high cost of housing, a new survey finds that san francisco is the best metropolitan city in the country for college students. the american institute for economic research used nine criteria in the survey including youth unemployment, diversity, rental costs and the presence of arts and entertainment. san francisco, the study states, offers a favorable economic climate and strong opportunities for work after graduation.
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series of earth quakes hit overnight. a bay area viewer said they felt it. more coming up next. east bay prisoner is a free man today thanks to president obama's record setting commute but not everyone is happy about it. driver crashed their u-haul truck into a patrol car. whoever did it is now on the run. good morning. another hour until sun rise and, boy, we are cold once again. upper 20s and low 30s in our north bay valleys. we'll be warming up today. we'll be warming up today. mild afternon today and
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good morning. 6:30 on a wednesday, december 28. i'm natasha. >> i'm jessica. with lisa and alexis. we have been hard at work. >> all week long and freezing, right? morning lows. no difference this morning. but we are going to warm up this afternoon. here's a look at the current numbers. temperatures are very chilly in the south bay. 30s. where are the changes? this afternoon. in the north bay, 29 in novato. 31 in lafayette. you want to know how warm it gets? warmer than yesterday with mid-50s to lower 60s. sunshine and high clouds today.
6:31 am
alexis? >> taking a look at the traffic cameras this morning. still very light coming from the north bay and honestly today's lighter than yesterday. so the majority of folks still off for the holiday golden gate bridge looking great right there. a quick check of mass transit. earlier delays are gone and heaing that the ferry 6:30 oakland and 6:40 alameda departure is delayed. we'll check on the drive times next. things looking light now and wasn't the case earlier this morning. developing news in the south bay, authorities are still investigating after a wrong way crash closed a freeway overnight. >> it was a nasty crash. abc 7 news reporter matt keller got to the scene moments after it happened. matt, when's the latest update? >> reporter: good morning. let's get right to the good news. all lanes of southbound 280 here of bird avenue are now open and open for about 50 minutes now. and some other -- other good news.
6:32 am
nobody was killed in this crash and when you see the video, you really understand how amazing that is. check this out. this is something i had never seen before. tow truck hooking up an engine in the middle lane of 280 and bringing it on to the bed of the truck 30 feet away and another tow truck picking up the vehicle from where that engine came from. chp says it was a head-on crash caused bay wrong way driver and they believe the gray volkswagen northbound in the southbound direction and hit the red chevy. flipped around and then rear ended by a white bmw. the driver of the red chevy was taken to the hospital with serious injuries chls driver of the voex wag within a broken ankle and the driver of the white bmw checked at the scene and was okay. this is all from the chp's preliminary investigation. they have to talk with the drivers. they also have to check to see if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new this morning, three moderate earthquakes and aftershocks around california.
6:33 am
the usgs with 5.7 quakes just after midnight. they struck just four minutes apart near hawthorne, western nevada 70 miles southeast of south lake tahoe. a third of 5.5. that happened just after 1:00 a.m. and felt throughout the central valley. sacramento, lake tahoe areas, too. a news viewer reported it in san francisco soma neighborhood. there are no reports of any damage. also new this morning, oakland and hayward police are locking for the suspects who reportedly crashed a u-haul truck into a hayward police cruiser. the truck is stopped at 12th and willow streets in oakland. there are possibly three suspects. no word on if those officers were injured in the crash. all right. there is a new report that says that there is a huge problem with muni potentially workers calling out sick and impacting riders and taxpayers. let's get to reporter amy
6:34 am
hollyfield. >> reporter: hi, natasha. people out here on the street say sounds like a big problem that they don't have an issue with the employees who are doing the calling in sick. now, according to this report, out of the city controller's office, the san francisco muni department has a second highest rate of absenteeism in the city, costing $42 million a year. last week they had to cancel bus routes because so many people called in sick. in the report, an employee is quoted as saying they call in sick because their vacation requests are denied. people we talked to this morning say management needs to make some changes. >> they need to do a back up, right? if they do, someone just called sick or anything, they're not going to be a problem. probably they keep shorter employee. >> maybe that's their right to take it off, right? so they need to change something, i guess. in the higher ups.
6:35 am
not really on them. that's pretty much all. >> reporter: well, here are some suggestions from the controller's office. hiring someone to track absences and job satisfaction. strengthening the reward program to recognize employee achievements and establish an absence management policy. muni says it will have backup drivers soon to fill in the gaps. 70 new drivers will be graduating from the training program in the new year. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. a san francisco judge rejected a bid to block a new use of force policy which would prohibit officers from firing at moving vehicles and using certain control holds. the san francisco police officer's association had filed a lawsuit seeking to block the city from implementing this new policy. the union said the city engaged in unfair labor practices
6:36 am
refusing to bargain further on the policy after talks reached an impasse. city attorneys argued the policy was a managerial decision not subject to union negotiation. new this morning, oakland mayor said violent crime is down in the city about 5% includes murder, manslaughter, assault, robbery and rape. the mayor says that this year is the third consecutive year that violent crime decreased in oakland. she credits the drop in part to "operation cease fire," a strategy of police, prosecutors and community leaders offering support to gang members. sky 7 was above burlingame after a man was killed on cal train traks. officials say a northbound lane headed to san francisco hit a man who was trespassing. it happened near howard avenue south of the burlingame station yesterday. buses took passengers around the scene until southbound trains reopened. there were delays about half an hour. it is the 12th cal train related
6:37 am
death this year. san jose police revealing a husband is prime suspect in the stabbing death of his wife on christmas eve. officers arrested marco arrias on saturday and he remains at the santa clara county jail now. his wife was suffering from at least one stab wound responding to 5911 call. she died after being rushed to the hospital. happening today, a former east bay drug dealer serving a 35-year sentence released thanks to president obama. 48-year-old darryl lamar reed had his sentence commuted by mr. obama in august and reed was 20 years old found guilty of distributing crack and cocaine in 1990. he was a kingpin in oakland's crack cocaine drug trade. as part of the reagan era's war on drugs, he got a stiff sentence of 35 years in prison. we talked with a former county deputy district attorney. he said he's shocked and that reed should stay in prison calling him a major player in
6:38 am
the drug trade. a former versace employee in livermore is suing claiming racial discrimination. the lawsuit alleges a training manager at the livermore outlet store gave him a code to say when african-american cust merles caulked in. he said he told management he was african-american and was subsequently fired two weeks later missing some pay. >> he's making the allegation that what happened to him happened to a whole class of people. and so, he would have to prove that. >> versace is denying the allegations saying it does not tolerate discrimination. raiders quarterback carr is recovering this morning after undergoing surgery for a broken leg in los angeles and carr tweeted the operation could not have gone any better. the starting job, though, now goes to matt mcloin. he plays with a chip on his shoulder. if the raiders win on sunday at denver, they'll capture the afc
6:39 am
west and earn a first-round bye. mcloin's teammates say they're ready to go. >> we want the ball in our hands and take responsibility at this point now more than ever, obviously. we are up for the challenge. no matter. >> he's always going to give receivers a chance to make the play and we'll see. you know? i have full confidence in him. he's going to do an amazing job. >> we'll see. we'll be watching sunday and hope they can pull it off. good morning to you. ready to warm up? not quiet. freezing right now with a big dome of high pressure over the bay area. live doppler 7. another frosty start. east bay, north bay, below freezing or at freezing. concord, livermore novato and fremont, good morning to you, 37 degrees. 39 mountain view. yes, just as cold as it was but what a beautiful view from mt. tam. we are warmer today, upper 50s
6:40 am
to low 60s. warmest day is tomorrow with high clouds and then looking at icreasing clouds, cooler for friday. that trend continues for new year's eve. the 50s. notice we won't get that warm by 4:00. just mid-50s and dry and ringing in the new year, chilly with low to mid-40s. good morning. >> good morning. we'll take it, better than rain for new year's eve and nice and dry out there this morning. bay bridge toll plaza, still really light. you can see some flashing lights. that's all that's left from an earlier crash just passed those metering lights on westbound 80 so that clears very quickly and wasn't there long enough to flip on the metering lights this morning. really light overall and mostly green on the traffic flows. out to the central flow. that's usually the exception here. westbound 205 to 580 at the slowest point down to 14 miles per hour but seeing the holiday light traffic once again today. southbound 680, 7 minutes.
6:41 am
and then westbound 085 tracy to dublin at our worst point today up to an hour and ten minutes and down to 37 minutes. next update less than ten. >> thank you. san francisco's improvement project is getting money from the federal government. $75 million has been awarded to the sfmta to cover some of the costs of the transportation upgrades. in the end, bus lanes down the center replacing sewer lines beneath the street and improving safety for pedestrians. work started on the project which is expected to be completed by 2019. coming up next, remembering carrie fisher. from hollywood to the bay area, how people are paying their respects to princess leia. costco members, a change could be coming in 2017. could be coming in 2017. what
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. 6:44 now. we have breaking news. officials say a 40-year-old tunisian man is detained in connection with the deadly german truck attack. the phone number was saved in the phone of a man believed to have driven the truck. he died in a shootout with police near milan last friday. 12 people were killed and 56 others hurt when a stolen truck slammed into a christmas market last week. from hollywood to the bay
6:45 am
area, "star wars" fans are paying tribute to carrie fisher. admiring "star wars" fans left messages under the statue of y yoda. she passed away yesterday after going into cardiac arrest late last week. fisher was 60 years old. fans say they were inspired by fisher as an idol and author for her feminism and honesty. >> it's part of our generation, what you were brought up with. it's nice to show that little bit of respect. >> there was no movie out there with a woman that had, you know, something. right? that was going to star in an action-packed movie. and so she was my idol. >> san francisco's roxie theater will screen "postcards from the edge" on new year's eve when a light saber tribute will glow. abc 7 news viewers have been paying tribute to her on our
6:46 am
facebook page. let us know what she meant to you on our facebook page and leave a comment. not too much optimism yet with the housing crisis here. a new survey shows that four of the top ten most expensive zip codes in the country right here in the bay area. if you're looking for housing, perhaps this is not a surprise to you. property found that atherton is second most expensive in the country. just behind sagaponic, new york. median price for a home near nearly $5.5 million. palo alto with the eighth most expensive zip code. sacramento has applied to the federal government to allow driverless cars to be tested on its streets. according to the sacramento business journal, supporters say this would secure the capital as a key contributor to technology. the application asks for fully autonomous vehicles to be tested throughout downtown and across
6:47 am
i-5 to the sacramento airport. if approved, sacramento would be one of the first urban areas in the country to test fully driverless cars. holiday season, one for the record books for amazon. >> jane king is live at the nasdaq with that story and more. good morning, jane. >> good morning. yes, amazon had the best holiday season ever. and the retail giant had some fun detailing how great it was. the voice controlled echo dot was the top selling item following by the stick and then the echo regular size. tvs very popular. customers bought enough to reach the top of everest more than nine times. a factory with a lifeline of panasonic funneling $260 million into the solar panel factory under control in buffalo. panasonic agreed in october to be a partner to make cells that look like roof tiles.
6:48 am
for costco's customers, it may cost more to be a membership. they have signal this is year that an increase looms. late september they raised annual fees by 10% in taiwan, korea, japan, mexico and the uk. well, we are mixed so far today. we are about 55 points away from dow 20,000. we're 7 points higher at the moment and the s&p and nasdaq trading lower. live from times square, i'm jane king. back the you. >> good to see you and welcome back from the holiday. >> thank you. we have an update on a story of yesterday. a good samaritan is sending a new menorah to a north beach neighborhood. the story of the missing me no yeah caught the attention of an east coast man that wanted to help and this 7-foot, 50-pound wooden menorah is being overnighted from sharon, massachusetts, to san francisco. it's a gift from engineer bogart
6:49 am
of menorah to go. >> i thought if i can help and provide something that will turn something negative into a positive it looked like an ideal thing for me to do. >> the menorah should arrive from the east coast by tonight for the fifth night of hanukkah. a hanukkah and legoland is a main attraction. about 100 people turned out to see it litd at a hanukkah carnival. organizers say it's part of an effort to expand hanukkah events in the area. >> pretty neat. today might be a good day to stay inside to play with legos. >> chilly again. we're sick of it. >> i know. i'm sick of it, too. noontime and then venture out because it's warmer. today and tomorrow. see the dome of high pressure and then upper 70s in los angeles. here's the beach. low 60s in santa cruz. 41 san francisco. it's 48 at the coast. look at in between, mid-30s for
6:50 am
san jose. upper 30s from mountain view and 29 in fairfield. freezing. livermore, concord, novato, you may have to scrape the windshield once again this morning. chilly and fog lifted in the north bay and seeing milder afternoons today, tomorrow, and a cooler pattern for friday. limited moisture. we could see a dusting or a light shower come new year's day. but as for today, look for 59 in oakland. palo alto, 61. 60 in fremont. numbers above average and planning for the holiday, new year's eve, we are looking at temperatures right around the low 50s with cloud cover so it will be cooler. come saturday. and then chilly as we go in to your new year's day. high clouds today, tomorrow. increasing clouds and cooler heading to the weekend and may be a dusting of light snow in the highest elevations on monday. good morning, alexis. >> good morning.
6:51 am
we are looking much, much better after a rough start this morning. no major incidents on the roads right now. in fact, moving on just fine on the richmond side of the bridge on westbound 580. quick check of the traffic maps. back out to the central valley. grant line road. we have a report of two separate crashes in the same area but they both have already been moved off to the shoulder. minor. stop and go from tracy through the pass. and quick check of mass transit here. we did have a mechanical issue slowing you down. that's just about 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. not hearing of further deleis and staying on top of that. next traffic update in a few minutes. >> thank you. and since the roads are light, hit the road to do this. happening today. lots of tickets available still for the bay area's only bowl game. tonight, 19th ranked utah battles indiana in the foster farms bowl. the utes third in the pac-12's
6:52 am
south division finishing 8-4. the 6-6 hooz yerls are playing in consecutive bowl games for the third time in school history. kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. 6:51 now. teams of volunteers span the bay area for an activity that is literally for the birds. abc 7 news in san bruno mountain sate park yesterday for the 34th anniversary christmas bird count to help scientists track bird populations and began more than 100 years ago. there are now more than 2,000 similar bird counts from alaska all the way to chile. last year, the san francisco count documented 184 species of birds, more than 73,000 individual birds. >> that's awesome. >> yeah. we're back in 90 seconds with a seven things to know before you go. first, the instagram photo of the day. follow us. you can see more great photos like this beautiful skyline.
6:53 am
taking a live look outside with abc 7 news now. this is a gorgeous picture this morning in santa cruz. look at that. nice way to wake up.
6:54 am
>> 6:54. whether you're just joininging us or heading out the door, here's the seven things before you go. number one, developing news in the south bay. chp investigating a head-on
6:55 am
collision on interstate 280 in san jose. three vehicles were involved in the crash near the bird avenue exit. two people taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the chp says one of the vehicles was driving the wrong way. the highway is reopened now. >> number two, oakland and hay ward police looking for suspects that crashed a u-haul truck at a cruiser. officers investigate on scene. >> number three, "star wars" fans around the world are mourning the death of actress carrie fisher. she passed away yesterday morning after cardiac arrest last friday on a flight to los angeles. she was 60 years old. >> people woke up early to three earthquakes a. pair of 5.7 quakes hit just after phd night near hawthorne. a third hit just after 1:00. no reports of damage. number five, freezing cold again in the bay area and temperatures below freezing in some of the inland valleys. 29 in santa rosa.
6:56 am
32 livermore and concord and today and tomorrow, warmest days to see in a while and sunshine and high clouds, upper 50s to low 60s. number six, holiday lights no. major issues right now and never did get the meeting lights flipped on today. not complaining. ten minutes abay the bay bridge to san francisco. >> thank you so much. number seven, a new report says that san francisco muni with a huge problem with workers calling out sick. according to the controller's office, they have the second highest rate of absenteeism in the city costing $42 million a year. the workers themselves blame managers for not giving them the time off when they request it. >> tough go to work. we are at work. >> we are here. we're here for you. >> a few at work today. >> absolutely. >> light out there. >> we continue online. all the mobile devices. >> we'll be back here in 25 minutes with an abc 7 news update. have a great day. stay warm, right, lisa? >> right. ♪ think of your fellow man.
6:57 am
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watc good morning, america. the giant storm barreling across the country after dumping two feet of snow in the west, dangerous driving, trucks flipping over. trees crushing homes. thousands without power right now, and the travel nightmare millions could face this holiday week. trump doubles down. less than three weeks before his inauguration, the president-elect takes a new swing at president obama. suggesting the voters turned against him. this as trump adds another player to his administration. holiday murder mystery, the yoga instructor gone missing right before christmas dinner. the all-out search and the new surveillance images helping police crack this case.


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