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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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the clock is ticking for russians given a deadline to leave our country as an east coast utility finds direct evidence of a russian hack. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. tonight the utility is working with homeland security to determine how invasive the hack was. >> burlington electric department in vermont says it found the same malware code that was used in the election hack. the laptop was isolated from the grid system. >> this comes as 35 russians working in the u.s. are approaching their deadline to leave the country as part of newly imposed sanctions. abc 7 news reporter kelly udas is live where reporters were invited in today. katie. >> reporter: dan and ama, we've witnessed a real 180. yesterday reporters were asked
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to leave the territory through the intercom here at the consulate, and today they were invited inside to ask questions, even offered champagne. this as four employees posted here are preparing to leave the country with their families. >> excuse me, are either of you gentlemen leaving for the airport? have a good evening. >> happy new year. >> reporter: few words from those leaving the russian consulate this evening. but earlier in the day an invite to come inside. >> usually, we would not comment on such matters. but today we decided to make an exception. >> reporter: consul general sergei petrov confirming four of the 35 people being expelled by ought bama administration work here. >> we consider these sanctions completely unsubstantiated. >> reporter: family members of the four employees, 11 people in all, will leave. >> unfortunately, they will have to leave us without celebrating new year eve, which is the
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biggest -- one of the biggest holidays in russia. >> reporter: today u.s. senators say they're pursuing even tougher actions. >> so you can expect the congress in a bipartisan fashion early in 2017 to try to pass new sanctions that will go after the banking industry, the energy sector, which is the dominant part of the russian economy. >> reporter: meanwhile, mr. petrov says the consulate's chef is included in the expulsion. he did not say what role another three employees play. the russians are expected to drive to los angeles to catch a flight home, leaving the consulate ahead of the 72-hour deadline. in san francisco katie utehs, abc 7 news. an interesting twist tonight despite the calls for retaliation. russian president vladimir putin appears to be turning the other cheek. in a statement tonight he says, "we will not create any problems for u.s. diplomats. we will not expel anyone." he then invited all children of the u.s. diplomats "accredited in russia to a new year's and
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christmas show at the kremlin." >> the goal of that message was not the obama white house. it's the incoming administration and mr. trump. >> and that may have worked. donald trump praised putin today for holding off on retaliation. the president-elect tweeted, "great move on delay. i always knew putin was very smart." firefighters in southern california have rescued all 21 people including seven children trapped on a ride at knott's berry farm. the sky cabin slowly takes riders up in the air for a scenic view. around 2:00 this afternoon, though, the ride got stuck 130 feet into its 180-foot ascent. firefighters used ropes to lower people down one by one because the ladders on their fire trucks weren't long enough. no one was hurt. the ride will be closed as the park investigates what went wrong. in berkeley there are new details on what gave three workers carbon monoxide poisoning. sky 7 shows you the scene late this afternoon at a city sports club under construction. this is at san fab lowe and folger avenues.
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we're told the workers got sick from using a gas-powered power washer inside the building. no one else was exposed. extra inspectors were out in the field tonight trying to sniff out the source of a foul odor. the bay area air quality management district and contra costa health officials received more than 100 complaints about the stench of rotten eggs. the two agencies are working together to investigate all possible sources including the richmond chevron refinery. to the weather for a moment. we have more rain and cold on the way. right now looking live from our roof cam down on the embarcadero. this is where tens of thousands of people will be coming in tomorrow for the big new year's eve fireworks show right on the embarcadero. for a look at what to expect from the weather let's head to meteorologist drew tuma. >> mother nature's going to cooperate tomorrow evening. live doppler 7 showing some moisture on the map. to the north we go to eureka and redding. some snow showers. this weak bit of energy is going to move off the coast and skirt by us and try to force an
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isolated shower in the morning. your new year's eve forecast by morning there's that slight chance but by the afternoon this tha chance diminishes. the clouds are moving out. we have clear skies at midnight. do not need the umbrella, just have the winter jacket but we are track a storm early next week. it does rank a 1 on the storm impact scale. but the cooler air it pulls in could bring us a wintry mix tuesday night into wednesday. we'll teak a much closer look at that forecast coming up in a few minutes. ama? >> thank you, drew. law enforcement agencies in the bay area are encouraging everyone to make a plan now to get home safely on new year's eve. many cities and the chp will have extra officers on patrol to crack down on drunk drivers. abc 7 news reporter katie ma marzullo is live in san jose. >> reporter: we're at christmas in the park which offers a family-friendly new year's eve celebration. but for anyone whose plans do involve drinking the warning svg do not get behind the wheel.
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>> sir, how much have you had to drink tonight? >> reporter: mountain view police got creative and called upon the force. >> i have had only two. >> that mind trick doesn't work on me. >> reporter: the department's public service announcement is making the rounds on social media. >> there is some humor there but it still drives home the message of don't drink and drive. nobody's immune to the consequences of doing that including the almighty darth vader. >> reporter: mountain view is among many bay area cities increasing patrols on new year's eve. the chp will also have maximum enforcement through the weekend. >> crashes, collisions that range from minor injuries to fatalities and we just don't want to have that happen this year. rr79 san jose's christmas in the park offers an alcohol-free alternative for families on new year's eve. "the lego movie" starts at 7:00 followed by the east coast countdown for those who want to get home early. if you stay until midnight there's live music. >> this place will be rocking. there will be a lot of dancing around and it will be really fun for everybody. >> reporter: executive director jason minsky says they've partnered with lyft this year to help people come and go.
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lisa brown will be at home on new year's eve hosting her annual party. >> i have friends who come up from santa barbara and then from mountain view, and we have a big enough house people can stay on the floor, on the couch. >> reporter: a safe new year's eve for a happy new year. in san jose katie marzullo, abc 7 news. san francisco is getting ready for tomorrow night's big new year's eve fireworks show. the barricades were set up to control the big crowds that are expected. the show starts at midnight. police say they will be out in force both in uniform and undercover to keep everyone safe. now, if you're still a little up in the air about what to do and how to get around tomorrow night, we have a great resource for you on our website. all kinds of information there for you. just head to in other news tonight, crab fishermen in half moon bay are going on strike in solidarity with other west coast crabbers already on strike. the fishermen from bodega bay all the way to canada went on strike after a major wholesale buyer dropped its price from $3
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to $2.75 a pound. the group at half moon bay still get $3 a pound but still decided to stay off the water this weekend. they'll sell crab through sunday then decide next week how to move forward. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, new details about the funeral services for carrie fisher and debbie reynolds and who they will be buried near. plus the craigslist ad for this puppy led to a violent taser attack. but police have some good news tonight. and news about another dog. the governor's heartfelt good-bye to a loved one after a long fight with illness. first, though, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> look at what we did tonight. >> i just feel like you're working too much. i feel like you must hear that from your -- >> well, i have one less job. there's no "idol." >> that's true. >> so i'm actually looking forring something else. >> are you really
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right now there is a manhunt in pennsylvania to find a gunman who shot and killed a state trooper. it happened when the officer reported to a protection from abuse allegation in a rural community near altoona. there is a shelter in place as authorities are searching the area for a 32-year-old man you see here. he's considered armed and extremely dangerous. a puppy is home safe and two suspects are in custody after a violent attack and robbery. san jose police say raven gonzalez and andrew cavanaugh responded to a craigslist ad a week ago at the victim's home. the man was selling this puppy, named elsa, born this fall. police say the robbers beat and tased the man, ransacked the home, grabbed elsa and took off. police were able to track down the suspect and return elsa, you
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see there, to the family. the victim had serious injuries but should survive. well, tonight the governor tweeted a sweet tribute to his dog who passed away today. he said "a beautiful day on the ranch but very sad parting. happy trails sutter brown." the pembroke welsh corgi underwent emergency surgery in october but doctors were not able to fully remove the cancer. sutter was 13 years old. todd fisher, brother to carrie fisher and son of debbie reynolds, is considering a public memorial. for now nothing has been finalized. the iconic leading ladies died within one day of each other. now they'll be buried together. the plots are at forest lawn hollywood hills. other celebrities buried there include bette davis, buster keaton, stan laurel, and paul walker. fisher's body has been returned to her family after an official examination. right now there's no timetable to release the results. there have been many fan tributes in honor of the women. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in the newsroom with more. sergio. >> reporter: ama, many of those
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tributes have been loosely planned events. tonight fans gathered at a san francisco nightclub to watch "star wars" movies on big screens and raise a glass to their favorite princess. a few devoted "star wars" fans donned their favorite costumes for tribute night at butter, a club in the south of market district in san francisco. >> carrie fisher was honestly one of the very first female role models that i identified with. she was the princess who didn't need to be saved. >> reporter: this was one of several public memorials for actress carrie fisher. at the yoda statue at lucas films in the presidio several fans came by to pay tribute. they've been leaving messages, candles, even photographs. ♪ in new orleans a parade of "star wars" characters as a salute to fisher. she died tuesday following a heart attack on a flight back from london last week. her mother, actress debbie reynolds, died a day later. speaking at "20/20's" elizabeth vargas todd fisher said the two were inseparable. >> she then said that she really
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wanted to be with carrie, in those precise words. and within 15 minutes from that conversation she faded out. >> reporter: fisher and reynolds had an often difficult relationship. it was the basis of a book and movie carrie fisher wrote, "postcards from the edge." but recently they became very close, even living next door to one another. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. two pairs of shoes worn by warriors star steph curry to honor those lost in oakland's ghost ship fire sold on ebay today for more than $45,000 combined. the custom-designed shoes have the initials of all 36 fire victims. the warriors shared these pictures with us. all of the money will go to help the victims' families. the pair he wore during a game set a record, selling for more than any other current nba player's shoes. nice way to honor and help the victims of that terrible tragedy. >> great gesture. all right. well, let's move on to our weather as this holiday weekend approaches. >> and the year comes to an end on a cold note.
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>> it will be quiet tomorrow night. perfect for outdoor festivities for the fiernreworks. and then early next week that cold blast headed our way. live doppler 7 tonight, though. all is quiet out there in terms of precipitation. we have no rain but we do have some fog. dense in the forth bay right now. santa rosa down to a quarter mile visibility. we do have some issues on 101 at this hour with visibility. outside we go. you look at santa rosa. that's the cool spot with that fog. we're at 38. but elsewhere we're pretty mild for this time of the night. upper 40s to lower 50s. 50 right now in san francisco. the same in san jose. 52 in oakland and fairfield at 48 degrees. so overnight tonight here's the call. we will have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead building. that's going to help to insulate the earth. what that means, mild temperatures overnight. most spots you can see holding in the mid to low 40s. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you've got a little ripple of energy spinning in the atmosphere just to the north of ukia. this weak system going to spin itself out to sea but it's going
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to scrape by us in the early morning hours tomorrow and try to throw us an isolated sprinkle. future weather as you go hour by hour, 5:00 in the morning while many of us are sleeping, perhaps an isolated sprinkle. not a huge issue. it's not even ranked on the storm impact scale. that's how weak it is. it's out of here midday. perfect news for new year's eve evening. take a look at the three-day forecast. we did that chance early on of a shower. out of here by midday. then dry throughout the evening as we welcome 2017. on sunday a lot of sunshine but it will be a cool day. temperatures stuck in the 50s. and then on monday that's when you bring back that light shower chance and introduce the storm impact scale. so we are tracking a couple of days of light showers. on the storm impact scale it's a light system. it does not have a lot of moisture with it. it just kind of stalls over us through wednesday morning. what it will really do, introduce cooler air into our atmosphere. and as-is the storm system pulls away tuesday night into wednesday morning it may try and bring us a snowflake as that cooler air interacts with the moisture. future weather as you go hour by
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hour for you on your tuesday, tuesday night we're well above freezing in most spots. it will be a chilly, light rain falling down, but as that storm system pulls away wednesday morning it's going to try to drag in some cooler air. if we do see a snowflake, it won't amount to anything. it's just an indication of how cold this air mass that is moving in. take a look at future tracker temperatures. wednesday morning we are frigid. 20s to low 30s and even cooler air settles in here on thursday. and thursday morning i do think we will have spots waking up in the teens. you see most spots well below that 32 degree mark. also bringing some snow into the sierra. future tracker snowfall. this will be nice for winter weather lovers. 15 inches in tahoe by wednesday. 19 in south lake tahoe. 19 in kirkwood. looking at a foot of new snow in donner. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's plan the next seven days for you tomorrow. early morning right before dawn you may have a sprinkle. otherwise the evening is dry. sunday 2017 we're dry but cool. there's that light shower chance. it's not going to be a lot of
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rain monday, tuesday, wednesday. it will just on and off light showers. cool thursday and friday p. there's that sunshine but it's still only in the 40s. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. next on abc 7 news at 11:00, don't let this video fool you. it actually has a happy ending. >>
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here is an incredible show of loyalty and friendship from the ukraine. video shows a train barreling toward an injured dog and yet its best bud wouldn't leave her behind. witnesses say the other dog sat on top of her keeping her head down so that train could pass safely above. >> wow. >> the injured dog was there two days before being rescued. her buddy wrapped himself around her to help keep her warm. well, she is now recovering from the injuries, safe at home,
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where they have both been adopted. now, that is a sweet ending. >> that is an unbelievable story. wow. >> on to sports. >> we have anthony flores in tonight. >> an unbelievable night for the warriors on the hard court. golden state putting on a show against the dallas mavericks. how a red hot third quarter by klay thompson has the dubs
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a little brotherly love was in the air at oracle. steph curry and the warriors hitting the court against his little bro seth and the mavericks. raiders head coach jack del rio checking out the action. what does a guy have to do to get a courtside seat? first quarter steph with the lob to javale mcgee. and that was an easy bucket there. then steph giving little bro a
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hard time, passing back and forth with kevin durant. that's as easy as one, two, three. he had 14 points. dubs 15 fast break points in the first half. how about draymond green going coast to coast? harrison barnes showing out against his former team. he had 25 points. and klay thompson heated up in the third. 17 points in the frame on 6 of 7 shooting from behind the arc. 6 of 7 shooting. he finished with 29. k.d. had a triple-double, 19, 11, and 10. the warriors beat the mavericks 108-99. college hoops, cal take on the cats of arizona. how about kobe simmons? the one-handed flush. simmons had 14. the nice crossover. showing off his handles. and the lay-in. ivan rabb had 16 points and 16 boards for the bears. duson rustic also had 16. arizona wins it 67-62, handing the bears their second straight loss. at maples pavilion the cardinal facing asu. stanford picking up 35 points from marcus sheffield, but how
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about torian graham? look at the hops! and the finish. he had 30 for the sun devils. graham was also 5 of 8 from behind the arc. asu wins it 98-93. stanford drops to 8-5 on the season. well, for the first time in a long time college football was actually buzzing about the sun bowl. that's right. the sun bowl. christian mccaffrey said, well, you know what, guys, i'm done. the wildcat choosing not to suit up for stanford in order to gear up for the nfl draft. taking on north carolina deep in the heart of texas. first quarter stanford playing a little catch between crist and bryce love. 49 yards on the wheel route. he also had 115 on the ground. 7-0 cardinal. 34 seconds left. tar heels down 8. mitch trebiski avoids the rush and finds bug howard in the end zone. unc still needs the two-point conversion. but they wouldn't get it. why? solomon thomas pressuring the quarterback. stanford wins it 25-23. the cardinal finish the year at 10-3.
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rough start for florida state's mascot. at the orange bowl. i'm told the horse was okay. jim harbaugh and michigan, though, they were the ones who were down 20-6 at the half until chris evans gives michigan the lead with two minutes remaining on this fantastic 30-yard touchdown run. wolverines up three after the two-point conversion. however, they gave up a 65-yard kickoff return, and this touchdown pass right there. a 12-yard score. michigan would block the extra point. they took it back for two points. they were trailing by one on fourth and ten. that pass was intercepted. and florida state wins the orange bowl 33-32. it is their fifth orange bowl victory. the sharks hitting the ice against the flyers. first period sharks with a man advantage. kevin le banc providing the screen. patrick marleau cleans it up for the power-play goal, his tenth of the season. 1-0 sharks. san jose going with backup goalie aaron dellin. he was stopping everything they shot at him. 21 saves.
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his first career shutout. late in the third period joe pafltsky feeds justin braun who snaps it top shelf. sharks win 2-0. they will face the kings tomorrow in l.a. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. the college football playoffs will get under way tomorrow. >> anthony thanks. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and all your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. >>
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all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for anthony flores, for drew tuma all of us here at abc 7 thank you for joining us. on "jimmy kimmel live" the host of dick clark's new year's
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rockin' eve ryan seacrest. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ryan seacrest. from "why him," zoey deutch. and music from james vincent mcmorrow. and now, back at it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you.


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