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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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area over both pipeline projects. >> that's right. east bay representative barbara lee tweeted a fiery response saying the projects were rejected once by the power of the people. what worked before can work again if people are loud enough. >> lyanne melendez talked with people ready to join the fight. she's live in the newsroom with reaction. >> well, environmentalists say while they were disappointed, they believe a lot more people will join the so-called resistance. people they say are mad. now on the other hand, president trump says he too is gathering support because of all the jobs the projects will create. president trump took action to revive the pipeline projects. it was a step toward dismantling former president obama's environmental legacy. this could have an immediate impact on the north dakota access pipeline. the project had been halted by the army corps of engineers after the standing rock sioux tribe demanded that the pipe not go under a dammed section of the
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missouri river, a source of drinking water for the tribe. >> they don't create that many jobs at all. they actually are disastrous for our air, for our water, for our climates. >> reporter: environmental activists promise to keep fighting the projects. oakland councilmember rebecca kaplan spent a week in north dakota protesting. following president trump's actions today, she wrote a letter to the california public employees retirement system demanding that it stop investing in companies associated with the dakota access pipeline. >> if the people who put their money into this pipeline don't support it, that's another way we can stop it, regardless of the fact that trump doesn't care about the planet or the people. >> reporter: former president obama had rejected the keystone xl pipeline project after being convinced that the method of turning tar sands into oil contributed to more greenhouse gases. today mr. trump said all new projects would have to use
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american steel. glenn is with berkeley engineering and research. he says the materials have improved significantly. >> so these advances in the material and material detection, or detection of problems in the material -- >> flaws. >> flaws, if you will, has made pipelines much safer than they used to be and consequently almost certainly safer than putting oil in rolling stock. >> now, according to councilmember kaplan, calpers has invested $57 million in energy transfer partners. that's the developer behind the dakota access pipeline. in the news room, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. president trump is clamping down on the environmental protection agency. he's ordered a media blackout banning news releases, blog updates or posts to the agency's social media account. the administration has also
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instituted a freeze on all epa grants, contracts and interagency agreements pending a review. california lieutenant governor gavin newsome issued a statement saying president trump's action is putting california communities at risk. world news tonight anchor david muir is doing the first one-on-one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts from that interview all day tomorrow here on abc 7 news, including a one-hour primetime special at 10:00 p.m. governor brown is vowing to fight against policies pushed by president trump and congressional republicans. during his annual state of the state address in sacramento, he was quite pointed. the democrat promised to aggressively defend many liberal policies that have defined california during his tenure. governor brown spoke of preserving california's stand on immigration, health care and climate change. >> we can't fall back and give into the climate deniers. the science is clear. the danger is real. we can do much on our own and we can join with others.
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other states and provinces, even countries. >> it doesn't help at a point when we don't even know what we're fighting to go to war with washington, d.c., particularly when we're going to depend on them and hope for some infrastructure dollars. >> we may be called to defend those laws -- >> as for making ends meet, governor brown plans to cut $3 billion from california's budget to deal with a deficit of more than $1.5 billion. breaking news in eastern contra costa county. seven people were hurt after two cars crashed in front of an oakley high school this morning. six of them were students. sky 7 was over the site of the accident this afternoon near freedom high school. the crash happened at 3:30 right after school ended. the police department says one of the cars involved was carrying four students from freedom high. a parent was driving the other car. in it was another freedom high school student and an elementary school student. police say two people suffered injuries serious enough that they had to be taken to a nearby trauma center. the others were taken to another
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hospital. we are now hearing tonight from the mother of a young woman who's been missing since her car plunged into a creek near fremont over the weekend. sky 7 flew over alameda creek after recovery teams started working to pull the woman's car onto dry land. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live with the latest. melanie. >> reporter: this was hugely disappointing for everyone here today, especially jayda jenkins' family when she was not inside that recovered vehicle. it was her father who yesterday threw a stone into the creek helping to locate the vehicle. her family has been searching for her since saturday. >> because i'm her mother, i'm not losing hope. i'm praying that my child is coming home. >> reporter: danielle jenkins says her two daughters, including 18-year-old jayda, are her life. >> maybe she's at a hospital. i'm not sure, but i'm holding out that we may find her. >> saturday jayda's vehicle
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clipped another before going into this creek. the family helped law enforcement locate the vehicle yesterday, but officials had to wait for water levels to be low enough today to recover it. when they did, jayda wasn't inside. >> i can't tell you how disappointed we are right now. >> the alameda county sheriff's office said the driver's side seat belt was unfastened and the cars windows broken out. >> we don't know where she is. >> we are still dealing with the fact that we do not have our daughter and our sister and our child home. but we're not stopping here. we're going to continue to search for her. >> we're going to start at the point of entry where the car went in and we have deployed assets right now all the way to san francisco bay to the mouth of the alameda creek where it flows into the bay. >> those assets include low-flying helicopters. jayda's family will continue to comb the banks alongside 60 law enforcement officials from multiple agencies. both fremont and the alameda
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county sheriff's office are using drones. in fremont, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a member of the ski patrol died while on the job at squaw valley this morning. it happened while dealing with possible avalanche conditions. the 42-year-old man's death does not appear to be avalanche related. squaw valley closed because of the tragedy. the victim lived in the do pla placer city. our most recent storm pushed the snowpack past its yearly average with two and a half months left in the season. that's tremendous news for our water supply. wayne freedman is live along the russian river where the water situation has been -- it hasn't been this good in many years, wayn wayne. >> reporter: that would be an unlds statement. take a look at the russian river behind me. it is just roaring. haven't seen it this high in
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years. we spoke to a park ranger at lake sonoma. he told us he was tired of being in the drought business, that he's happy to be in the flood control business. and here's why. take a look at an awesome not pouring but roaring wall of water spilling from lake sonoma. >> the power, the magnitude just seen from the drought to this in just a year. >> are you saying the drought is over? >> no. i don't think they're ever over. >> reporter: but what do officials say? >> as far as we are concerned in the sonoma county area and as far as surface water goes, we are out of the drought. >> reporter: that is good news for grape growers and for farmers elsewhere in the state. here's a visual comparison for you. folsom reservoir during the drought, dry, dufsty, seemingly hopeless. the view today may be why governor brown never used the word "drought" in his state of
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the state speech but he did mention climate change. >> this is the way it goes and our understanding is with climate change, these extremes will get more extreme. >> reporter: what we're seeing today hardly looks like a drought emergency. according to governor brown, though, one still exists technically in california. now try reconciling that with a second state of emergency for flooding and damage to roadways. this is highway 37 in novato, six feet deep in places and closed for days. the pumps still running. in short, we're having a spectacular winter. back at lake sonoma, here's the most visual proof. boats pulled from the marina and nothing left of the marina offi except for the roof peeking out. >> that's encouraging to see that. the bay area is getting a much-needed respite from the wet weather. >> a little break is kind of nice. let's get the latest conditions from spencer christian in for sandhya patel today. >> let's take a look back during
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this dry spell at just how wet it has been. you can see it's not raining today so let's move along and take a look at our seven-day rainfall totals. up in the north bay, every location except napa was over 7 inches. san francisco just under 4 inches, 4.25 at redwood city. so what's our percent of normal rainfall for the season to date? well, san jose, 136% of normal, san francisco and oakland both at about 150% and sandy rosa and livermore both just under 200% of the average rainfall levels for this point of the season. what about snowpack? statewide we are at 197% of average. so even if it doesn't snow for a few more days, it looks like our snowpack is in pretty good shape for now. i'm have the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. the sight of a deadly mudslide in the santa cruz mountains has been wiped out again.
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a mountain side gave way yesterday destroying love creek falls and forcing nearby residents to evacuate. locals say they're just devastated. the falls formed after a deadly mudslide 35 years ago this month. that's when a quarter mile swath of hillside gave way, destroying 25 homes and killing ten people. the youngest victims were never found. a restaurant known for beautiful coastside-views of pacifica got too much of a good thing this past weekend. take a look of a giant wave smashing against the side of moon raker restaurant. the wave was so big it jumped over a sea wall, traveled 40 feet and broke through a window into the restaurant's banquet room. today workers were making repairs. that includes a new carpet and window. the wave did not damage the restaurant's upstairs. >> boy, that's incredible. well, we are seeing more damage to our roads from our recent storms. next, the potholes that crippled what is already one of the worst commutes in the bay area.
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and the political message left hanging from the golden gate bridge. this isn't the first california landmark one prankster has hit. and from 7 on your side's michael finney, super strong magnets permanently injured this little boy, but they're now back on t anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go.
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. good news for east bay commuters. caltrans has reopened all lanes on southbound highway 13 after crews filled a giant sinkhole. abc 7 news was on highway 13 when workers applied new pavement along a 20 by 30 foot stretch of the freeway near highway 24. highway patrol officers nicknamed the sinkhole steve after it appeared yesterday. our recent wet weather has damaged other highways as well. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield on how potholes along one commute corridor are costing
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drivers big bucks. >> reporter: the morning commute on 580 this morning was prod to a stand still as caltrans crews shut down two lanes to fill potholes brought on by the recent rains. >> it added an extra hour essentially to my commute today. >> reporter: but you could argue hitting the potholes is worse than being delayed. this tire graveyard tells you all you need to know about the season we have had. >> a lot more blowouts and bent rims because of the potholes. there's been a lot more blowouts. >> reporter: here's a close-up look at what your tires go through when they hit rough patches in the road. it's not just flat tires, this also causes rim and alignment problems and grumpy drivers. >> they're really mad because they keep getting so many pl blowouts. i've had 15 customers in the last two weeks or so come in with bent rims so they have been mad about that. >> reporter: customers mostly
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complain about the altamont pass. this is the major east-west thoroughfa thoroughfare. add all the rain on top of that and the weak road just caves. >> this has been one of the worst seasons for potholes and other roadway damage that we've seen in a long time. we haven't received this much rain this quickly. >> reporter: caltrans says it worked on the potholes here on 580 from noon yesterday until 6:00 this morning. one was so bad the rebar was showing. they can't do those repaving projects until they get better weather, so for now they're just running ragged from one patch job to another. in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> of course you can track the next storm with the abc 7 news app. i just pulled it up to get the temperatures. of course we have live doppler 7 as well. you can enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. the hollyweed prankster struck again. zack fernandez posted pictures
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on instagram showing a banner reading "impeach" on the golden gate bridge. fernandez used a walkway beneath the roadway to hang his banner to protest president donald trump. fernandez gained worldwide fame for turning the hollywood sign into the hollyweed sign as you may have seen earlier this month. a new bill would allow children as young as 10 to testify in custody court cases. right now 14 is the youngest a child can be when testifying in guardianship cases. so if the law passes, a child younger than 14 could testify only if they want to do so. the bill supporters say it's aimed at preventing children from ending up with an abusive or neglectful parent. >> i think we underestimate children sometimes. people always say, oh, they're just kids, they're just kids. children are very smart and they're very intuitive and they're living in this situation. they know better than anyone what's going on. >> the legislation must pass through the senate and assembly before it can head to the
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governor's desk. a similar bill looking to lower the testifying age to 8 years old failed last year. >> we're talking about young people. if you have young people or kids around the house, there's a product previously band that's now back on the market. >> i've got a safety alert and an important one too about those controversial super strong magnet sets that have been banned since 2014. you may remember they cause many life-threatening injuries, especially among children and teens. well now a federal court has overruled the ban and they're back on the market. here's what you need to know to protect your children. back in 2012 when braylon jordan was 2, he swallowed eight tiny magnets. he still gets nearly all of his
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nutritionintravenously. he was one of thousands of people who ended up in the emergency room with magnet injuries before the ban. one of his doctors says in his experience the ban dramatically lowered the number of magnetic injuries. >> we see injuries very rare right now. maybe one or two cases a year. >> recently prompted by a petition filed by zen magnets a panel of judges voted 2-1 to rescind the ban. consumer reports health editor says the magnets can still be dangerous. >> these magnets are so strong that if they're swallowed, they can pull together with enough force to punch holes along certain sections of the digestive systems. >> there are warnings about possible injuries on the website and in the packaging. the consumer reports urges parents to use extreme caution. >> we recommend that you avoid having these magnet sets if
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there are any children in the home. >> braylon is a happy first grader now but has serious medical issues he'll have to deal with for the rest of his life. >> here's another warning. if you had strong magnet sets in the past, look for and throw away any magnets that might have gotten loose in your house to protect your children and teens from any of those problems. actually adults too. >> that's a little scary, that poor kid. >> it's horrible. i reported on him when it first happened. i can't believe we're reporting on it again. >> thanks, michael. and here's live doppler 7 showing an absence of green, a rain-free day. haven't had many of those lately. here's a live view looking northward at a mainly clear sky. 53 degrees here in san francisco. oakland and mountain view both at 50 and 52 in san jose. check out the setting sun.
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beautiful view from emeryville. sunset will occur at 5:25, so minutes away. 53 degrees right now in santa rosa, 52 at both napa and novato. 49 at fairfield, 54 concord. this is how it looks at the golden gate bridge with traffic flowing freely. it will be chilly overnight especially in our inland valleys. we'll see areas of early morning fog as well. we have a string of sunny and dry days coming our way and there will be a brief warmup on sunday and monday. forecast animation overnight shows mainly clear skies but we'll see little patches of fog and lots of fog over in the central valley. that will clear away by midday giving way to mainly sunny skies. the big chill will settle into our inland valleys. we'll see low temperatures dropping down to 31 at santa rosa, 33 at napa, 33 at fairfield, 33 at morgan hill. lots of 30s in our inland valleys and upper 30s to low 40s right around the bay and near the coast. and since tomorrow is going to
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be another rain-free day, we haven't had many of those, let's break it down into stages. early morning hours we'll see a few high clouds and patches of fog. of course it will be chilly. during the daytime hours we'll see mainly sunny skies about temperatures above 50 degrees. in the evening after the sun sets, it's going to be chilly again. high temperatures tomorrow 53 in napa, 54 in santa rosa, 56 in oakland, san mateo 54 degrees, palo alto 55 and a high of 56 in san jose. very chilly tomorrow morning about lingering morning fog but we'll have mainly sunny skies by midday. high temperatures climbing into the mid-50s by the bay and inland both tomorrow and thursday. there's a slight, slight chance by the way of an early morning shower or two on thursday but it's not going to amount to much. saturday marks the beginning of
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the lunar new year. it will be the year of the rooster. he'll have lots to crow about as bright sunny skies will last through the weekend. a little warmup starts on sunday. for two days we'll see high temperatures climbing above 62, maybe up to 64, 65 degrees inland and near the bay and temperatures will start to moderate a bit early next tuesday. but the main feature of the seven days ahead is no rainfall. >> we really need this time to dry out, we really do. thanks, spencer. the oscar spotlight shines on "moonlight" and an actor who grew up in the east bay. what his former college professor told us about him. and at 6:00, see how michael finney helps bring one family up to speed and
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all right, mark zuckerberg says he has no plans to run for president. the facebook founder told buzzfeed today he's focused on his company and the
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philanthropic initiatives he oversees with his wife, dr. priscilla chan. speculation started after zuckerberg set off on a 50-state listening tour. facebook's board has also established a rule that will allow zuckerberg to retain control of the company if he takes a leave of absence to serve in the government. well, hollywood is just gaga over "la la land." ♪ ♪ i just know i feel so good tonight ♪ >> it really was quite enjoyable, the music was really good. the musical starring ryan gosling and emma stone received a record-tying 14 oscar nominations today, including best picture. other best picture nominees, "manchester by the sea," fences, lion, hacksaw ridge, hidden figures, hell or high water and
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moonlight. the drama is about a black gay man in miami and is viewed as the first movie of its genre to achieve mainstream success. they have made ali the one to win. his former professor at college agrees. >> it's very expressive with words. he could communicate his feelings very well. he was exceptional. >> and you can watch the oscars live only on abc 7 sunday february 26th. jimmy kimmel is hosting the oscars for the first time and we invite you to check out the abc 7 news app for a complete list of the nominees. well, saying thanks to hanks. >> next, the amazing gift oakland's own is being offered,
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offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. i'm ama daetz. coming up all new at 6:00, see how police are drawing the line between crime fighting and
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spying. it could involve tracking your cell phone. plus a live update from berkeley on what left two people and their two cats dead inside an apartment. these animals were rescued once and now they need a second rescue after flooding devastated their home. find out how you can help. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen. >> thanks, see you then. well, come people in poland really want to show tom hanks how much they love him. >> it's all because of these photos he jokingly posted on twitter last year. a fiat, 126 p coupe. ry next to >> the people in the southern polish town were blown away by the pictures because those cars were made in their city back in the 1970s. so they got together, bought one of the cars and plan to ship it to hanks after they fix it up and paint it. no word if hanks plans to take them up on their offer, but it's pretty nice. >> if he did, i'm sure he'll show his gratitude again. >> he's very gracious, he certainly will. >> world news tonight with david
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muir is coming up next. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. see you in h tonight, president trump doubles down. the white house says the president still believes millions of illegal voters is the reason he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton. our correspondent presses the white house today. what evidence do they have to support this? tonight, one key republican saying he is now, quote, begging the president to stop. also tonight, the president's new orders. pushing ahead with construction of the controversial keystone and dakota pipelines, and he'll soon reveal his name, his pick for the supreme court. what we have learned about a leading contender. pounding the coast with high winds and the winter blast tonight in the midwest. the health scare. the governor of minnesota collapsing during a state of the state address. lawmakers rushing to help. there is news coming in tonight about his condition. anth


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