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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sunnyvale overnight, rain coming down sideways and gusting winds. i'm looking at the latest flood warning coming out of the sonoma county. this is supposed to expire at 6:00, but i think it's probably -- there you go. it was just extended to 12:00. and i was going to say, because i just got a report of highway 121 and 12 under water so there's your latest information on this particular flooding of sonoma creek. let me show you some other areas that we have some flooding concerns. until 7:45 in napa, we're looking at napa creek at highway 29, wredwood creek at mt. vita road and this goes until 2:15 for -- this is for areas around lower laguna de santa rosa so there's flooding occurring right now, so you need to seek higher ground. our heaviest storms spilling out
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of the santa cruz mountains and into the south bay. more on that next. really major problem here on the richmond-san rafael bridge. it's on the eastbound side just past san quentin, sounds like a semi tipped over. all lanes blocked right now, eastbound 580, seeing that red approaching and as far as i know, no one is getting by so that is blocking all lanes, i am going to work on getting some more information. here's a look at the other side of the bridge in richmond. these vehicles are going westbound, they won't be impacted but really tough conditions, that wind, that rain is widespread this morning. not an easy drive. next traffic update coming up. we do have crews across the bay area this morning tracking this 3 on our exclusive abc7 news storm impact scale. >> look at this situation in schellville right now abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there east of petaluma. >> reporter: hi, natasha. i just checked in with sonoma county sheriff, it is getting very busy up here, and this is just one of their trouble spots. look at all of this water.
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and how quickly it is moving. you wouldn't even know this was an interstate but for those traffic lights. it looks like a river. let me show you what happened last night when people got caught in this around midnight. so much rain came down ov and this is in schellville at highway 121 and highway 12, sex people had to be pulled out of the three cars that got stuck here by the fire department. they safely got them out, but this definitely looks like it caught them off guard and that's the cautionary tale for all of us this morning. it is so saturated the water can sneak up on you and you can find yourself in a situation that could potentially be dangerous so check the road conditions before you leave the house, make your plan. you want to know what you're going to do, where you're going these people did.get stuck like- i did check in with dispatch, as people are waking up, they're getting more calls about problems for all the rain that full overnight, tree down, road closures, so again, be prepared and just know that a lot of rain
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came down at you were sleeping last night. it is still raining here in sonoma county so you could have some problems to deal with awes you head out this morning. reporting live in schellville, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also until the north bay, a big mudslide took down trees in forestville. happened on river road at sunset drive. crews have been out there trying to clean this up. the road expected to be closed until at least noon. now to the south bay this morning, we're also seeing downed trees and mudslides. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in the santa cruz mountains with the problems. >> reporter: reggie and natasha. i feel like i'm in a sci-fi movie. i want to tell everybody who's at home, don't go outside. it is really howling out there with the winds and the rain is coming down really hard, so listen to me, from the future,
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telling you not to go out into the rain right now if you can avoid it. let me show you what's happening here in los gatos. there's a peet's coffee there so some people are actually brave enough to make it out here and go into that peet's coffee. i saw one person attempt to make it with their umbrella. and i'm going to do the same thing. it's called a shed rain umbrella, supposedly it's supposed to work in the rain. and in the wind. so, all of a sudden, my door just really swung open. let me just get out here real quick. i'm not going to use the umbrella. holy smokes. it is windy. let me just kind of protect my phone here. you can see just how the wind is blowing. there's the tree. that is howling in this wind as well. and there's a lot of water on the ground. you can just see how hard it is coming at us. what are we doing out here in the rain? what's going on? can you believe it? it's me again. are you going to rye the umbrella?
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no. just keep the rain jacket on. that umbrella would end up in campbell if you opened it up. all right. people are trying to come into the peet's and avoid my camera as well. everybody staying warm and i want to show this rain again. look at this. it is crazy out here in los gatos. so again, listen to me, matt keller telling you, if you're in your bed, don't go outside. you do not want to go outside. back to you. i think that would be the best option possible. if you are able to fulfill that. matt, that was great. thank you. this storm system is pounding the sierra. look at conditions on the way to lake tahoe from these caltrans cameras. chains are required on 80 and highway 50 #. tahoe under a winter storm warning that ones through tonight. make sure to download the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 and it's where you live so you can see if the rain is coming. i just pulled up the south bay here and pressed animate. this is underbeneath the weather section and you can see area of
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red moving through. we will send you breaking news updates to your phone. all ears focused on san francisco this afternoon as oral arguments are going to be made between both sides of president trump's immigration ban. three judges with the ninth circuit court will hear organize arguments this afternoon. each side gets 30 minutes to make their case on whether the president's ban on immigrants from seven majority muslim countries should be restored after a federal judge in seattle blocked it. the justice department says it's a matter of national security, and within the president's authority. the state says it's effectively mandating discrimination. the issue expected to eventually be decided the by the supreme court. these arguments are slated to start at 3:00 this afternoon. we will stream it live for you on our free abc7 news app. make sure you'll enable push alerts and we'll tell you when they begin. bay area tech workers are planning a walkout to protest president trump on pi day,
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referring to the mathematical constant, of course, 3.14. more than 1,000 people have confirmed they will attend the walkout in palo alto. no tech leaders who are featured on the page have confirmed they're participating but organizers say they are working with tech and government leadership to spread the word. senate democrats are staging an all-nighter to block confirmation of the president's pick for education secretary, betsy devos. >> jessica tracking this. >> it just keeps going and going. i've been keeping an eye on the last ditch effort now almost hitting 21 hours. we have a live look at the senate floor right now. one of oregon's senators speaking. since i last showed you this and we checked in, we know that the senator cory booker from new jersey, clinton's vp pick tim kaine have given speeches so that's notable. democrats fear the billionaire businesswoman will favor charter schools. that's what they've been talking about. california senator kamala harris did speak a few hours ago saying
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devos has not done her homework and the nominee not prepared to take the job. expected to be a very close vote laer this morning. vp mike pence expected to cast that tie breaking vote, and it's set for 9:00 this morning. thank you, jess. new details in a computer breach that impacted bars and restaurants at some of our hotels. we're learning specific bay area locations that were impacted. and the future of recreational marijuana will be decided today in marin county. and people hoping to buy next year may not be very happy. it is 6:08. it is 6:08. here's a live look outside. it is 6:08. fortunately there's a bedples diswhere you both get whatess? you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now.
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just received an update on the napa river forecast for st. helena. it is above flood stage now, some major flooding possible. upper napa valley making travel essentially impassable or impossible at times through at least 3:00 so watch out if you're going to be anywhere near st. helena. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the winds have been a big issue, you can see it sliding sideways, the rain, look at the sheets of rain just rolling sideways at 25 to 35 miles per hour and even faster winds are going to get you as you climb on to the bridge and stay on the bridge.
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one of our heavier downpours in castro valley, crow canyon, heading up towards san ramon and dublin. heading towards sand hill road, palo alto and stanford, expect more ponding on the roadways there. big picture shows some of the heavier rain is over in the north bay but more is developing offshore so as we head throughout the day, be prepared out and about, find some way to stay dry, dangerous driving conditions this morning, especially if you're commuting and on the water, that's where we'll find our fasters breezes. so, heavier showers now through noon, less coverage at 4:00, and much lighter by 7:00 but i've got two more storms before we get to the weekend. details on those next. i think we are up to the highest number of incidents i've ever seen on a single day, mike. up to 90 so that is all the crashes, auld flooding reports, and then all of the mudslides and trees down and all that good stuff that comes with a day like today so it is a rough morning on the roads as you can imagine. eastbound 580 past san quentin on the richmond-san rafael bridge, flipped semi.
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possibly just the right lane blocked right now and heavy rain over that commute right now too. so that is one of our tougher spots. along with northbound 280 at state route 1, approaching daly city, that sig alert, vehicle flipped over, landed on its roof. right now they're letting the shoulder by. so you are heavy for about 2 to 3 miles approaching. that welt windy weather over golden gate bridge, you can see that. high wind advisories for golden gate bridge, richmond-san rafael, and san mateo bridges this morning. drive times. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo going to take you maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california-grown blue diamond almonds. of course, if you ask one of our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck!
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today's storm is level 3. that means a strong storm. look out for flooding, hazards on the road, and possible power outages. stay ahead of today's storm with the abc7 news app. download it now. it truly is a 3 on our storm impact scale and a live look outside right now, you can see the issues on the san mateo bridge. it is a tough and wild commute for much of the bay area right now. alexis just told us before the break, more than 90 incidents on the roads so far. slow down and be safe. a neighborhood group in san francisco is suing to stop a muni project on garry boulevard. the geary bus rapid transits project includes bus only lanes,
6:17 am
new stations and new traffic signals along the 38 geary route. the plan is expected to cut travel time for muni riders. the group that's suing contends that both the board of supervisors failed to follow proper processes in approving environmental studies in an effort to rush the start of the proj. neither the board nor the transportation authority has commented on the suit. some good news for bay area commuters. work to unclog a key artery could start as early as this summer. several improvements are coming to sir francis drake boulevard. the project is expected to cost nearly $8 million. there will be a meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 at the central marin police authority in lark spur. alexis is going to talk more about this in just a second but she is seeing more incidents than she has ever seen on the roadways this morning. it is no joke out there this morning. >> yeah, crazy morning. let's check in with mike nicco. it's mainly in the east bay right now and in the santa cruz
6:18 am
mountains. let's show you where some of the fastest winds, are san mateo wrij bridge, you can see the rain. that's one of the lightest winds. here's a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge on the richmond side, south wind, 27 to 41 miles per hour and you can see all the standing water there. as you approach the toll plaza and look at the spray coming off the cars. look how it's just going sideways, right across the lanes of traffic there. moderate rain and windy today. two more storms through friday. weekend, still try and warmer. let's take a look at live doppler 7. here's one of our heavier rainfalls. right near mountain view as you head up towards amphitheater parkway, near 82 and we've got that heavier cell moving through dublin, heading up towards san ramon, there's the latest update. you can see it's pushing up where it meets crow canyon right down el camino and tassajara
6:19 am
road. now the big picture, you can see there's more developing sot south but what i really want to show you is this next shrug of moisture that's coming in. so even though it looks like it's tapering for the north bay, more is on the way, especially for you. and that's why you're not flood watch until at least 4:00, same thing for the santa cruz mountains, that's where most of the damage is going to come from, this level 3 storm that still is offering heavy rain and gusty winds, flooding and power outages through at least the early evening hours. here's a look at my accuweather 7 day forecast. light storm tomorrow, moderate storm for thursday afternoon, light storm for friday and then sunshine and 60s this weekend. so how do you pick out of those 90 incidents, which ones to tell us about. i've got a couple in particular that are really bad. i want to take you back up to the richmond-san rafael bridge and i think this is pretty close to what you just mentioned, those wind gusts really high right now across 580, chp saying between 45 and 50 miles per hour. those gusts across that mid span and that's where we've got a flipped semi, so eastbound 580
6:20 am
it sounds like it might be a little bit closer to that mid span. you can see where that red traffic flow is and it does sound like the wind has been a factor in that flipped semi, so they are advising all high-profile vehicles to avoid the richmond-san rafael bridge because it is so dangerous this morning. just became a sig alert. did not have time to put that on the map but we do have the far right lane blocked so that is a major issue. also we've had this one for well over an hour and a half now, northbound 280 in the colma area approaching daly city, all lanes down due a rollover crash, sig alert as well. vehicles are using the shoulder to get by. here's a look at the very windy bay bridge. both hands on the wheel for t too. metering lights on for about an hour. basically at this point we're in the red almost exclusively. fum capital car dor delays but bar b.a.r.t. looking good so that might be your best option. "7 on your side's" michael finney tackling your questions about the dmv.
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we are close to 100
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incidents from chp this morning on our area roadways. don't be number please be careful out there. alexis and mike are tracking. we'll check in with them in a minute. if it's safe to share a photo, share it with us with #abc7now and we can share it online or on air. take to ask finney this morning. >> he spoke to us at our event in walnut creek. "7 on your side's" michael finney has his answer. >> my question is, is there a cheap way to get a copy of my i.d. from dmv? >> hi. you may be in luck. you may be able to get a reduced fee ei.d. card if you meet low income requirements. now, the rules are really specific. and there are a bunch of them. but they're generally tied to assistance programs. you can get forms and can go online but if you qualify, an i.d. will cost $8 compared to the usual $29. thanks for your question.
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>> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone, tablet, share it with us on social using #askfinney. you may see your questioned answered right here. if you have dined or had a drink at an intercontinental hotel recently, listen up. because you may be the victim of a computer breach. a new report found that hackers installed malware on computers that let them steal credit card numbers without employees even knowing it was happening. six bars and restaurants in the bay area were impacted. so we're putting them up on your screen. one is in milpitas. five are in san francisco. the data was stolen from customers between august and december of last year. online and front desk systems not affected by this. if you'd like to see this full list again, we're posting it online at a group of facebook shareholders wants ceo mark zuckerberg out from his post on the board of directors. they want an independent chairperson. the shareholders are part of a group culled sumofus that's an online community that campaigns
6:26 am
to hold corporations accountable on things like climate change and worker's rights and independent chair, they say, would improve corporate governance and sets a more accountable agenda. that proposal is designed to basically get the company's attention, because right now, at least, zuckerberg has more than enough shares to overrule them. it is 6:26. we are seeing it all this morning. flooding, mudslides, power outages. we are on storm watch and we have live team coverage for you. also president trump's executive order on immigration faces a major test today. the hearing just nine hours away that could determine if a ban on some refugees will go back into effect. plus i'm watching breaking news, a deadly helicopter crash off the coast of texas. we'll have more next. and several incidents, that is an understatement, but we've got a couple of really bad ones. eastbound 580, flipped semi on the richmond-san rafael bay bridge. and let's take a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge as you get your day into
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. now at 6:30, pounding rain and winds. this is highway 101 in san rafael, soaked overnight as the powerful storm moves in.
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>> here's what it looks like right now, live doppler 7 shows you what it's going to be like for your commute. all that green is rain and of course that could cause a headache as you head out the door. guilty or not guilty to you, i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm natasha zouves. we have people slowing down for the roads out there. let's get straight over noo meelgs mike nicco. >> let's start with live doppler 7. let me go down to street level and show you where the heaviest rain is right now on the dumbarton bridge, moving to newark, you're going to find more standing water there. also you can see moving from santa clara and cupertino, right on 280, also on stevens creek boulevard, bollinger road and belton street, and moving into dublin and pleasanton right now where 580 and 680 come together. let me show you what's going on across the rest of our neighborhoods and you can see it is wet everywhere as we expected it to be this morning. all right. rainfall down in san jose has been about 1 inch so far.
6:31 am
here in san francisco, you can see the trees on the embarcadero swaying because of the gusty winds and in fact, we'll have showers and windy conditions through at least noon. the winds and the showers will start to taper in coverage by 4:00, and a lighter rain is going to ensue at 7:00. now we've got a lot of flooding that's threatening lives right now. i'll get to that coming up next. we did make it over 100, so over 100 issues called into chp that they are responding to. that includes crashes, that includes flooding, that includes slides a lot of mudslides and downed trees this morning. one of our major problems, a sig alert, eastbound 580 past san quentin closer to the mid span, flipped semi, and it sounds like that is likely due to those high wind gusts between 45 to 50 miles per hour. if you're in a high-profile vehicle this morning, you are advised to take an alternate route. same thing for the bay bridge. you can see that wind, a high wind advisory for you along with san mateo and golden gate bridge
6:32 am
and san francisco bay ferry just said they are canceling a couple trips down to inclimt weather. return trip at 7:00 a.m. will not happen this morning. the worst of the rain and wind this morning hitting the south bay hard. already causing downed trees and mudslides. >> matt keller is in the thick of it and he joins us live with cell 7 technology. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. let me be the guinea pig for everybody at home right now. you can stay in bed. i will get out in the weather here. my producer said it's better television, matt, when you're all wet and in the wind so i'm going to do what she tells me to do. i'm going to stand out here at los gatos boulevard and blossom hill road in los gatos. look at this american flag. look at that thing going. i mean, the wind is really incredible right now. here's the street sign. that's the los gatos boulevard. that's the blossom hill road
6:33 am
sign and they are blowing in the wind right now. you know, the rain since i last saw you about a half hour ago isn't coming down as hard as it was but the rain is really pushing it so it's making it difficult for people driving. we've got the los gatos police here. i'm sure they're making sure that everybody is driving safely out here. lot of incidents out there on the road as alexis has been saying. stay safe out there. let me be your guinea pig. i'll show you what it's like outside. you stay at home in bed. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, guinea pig, slash, reporter on the scene matt keller. heavier rains caused this small mudslide in los gatos. this is in old santa cruz highway. chp has removed most of the mud at this point. the department of transportation is being called in to shore up that hillside and post some warning signs. pg&e crews have been working through the night to restore power all across the bay area. this is the outage map how it stands now. at the hieg of the outage, more than 3300 customers in the north
6:34 am
bay were without power and most of those from a single large outage in san rafael just north of downtown. the biggest issue right now is in vacaville, more than 5,000 customers are waking up pout wour there. these relentless storms are proving to be expensive. contra costa supervisors declared a state of emergency which allows them to seek federal funding. the county says it has $18 million in damage and that is expected to go up. >> absolutely. we have a very aging infrastructure, particularly with our flood control district, until you have that type of wear and tear coming very quickly with these series of storms, that's when those are revealed. >> repairs for a washed out road in pinole are expected to run about $4 million and then a sinkhole on minor road in orinda is going to cost about $1 million to fix. if you're headed out the door, make sure to download our abc7 news app. we do have live doppler 7 always available along with the latest weather and news stories. happening right now, senate
6:35 am
democrats are in their 21st straight hour of trying to derail the nomination of betsy devos that is president trump's choice for education secretary. they're trying to convince one more republican to switch sides, giving up the numbers to stop devos. devos is a major republican donor and an advocate of charter schools. she has no public education experience. a likely scenario is a 50/50 tie with vice president pence casting the deciding vote. the vote is scheduled for 9:00 this morning our time. now breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> that breaking news out of galveston, texas, a helicopter has crashed just off the shore of galveston bay. we know one person is dead. two others were rescued. the crash happened overnight. we just got this video from the scene. a boat crew spotted the two victims that were rescued about a mile offshore. no word on a cause for the crash of the helicopter, so i'll keep looking for more details.
6:36 am
that's the latest here at the live desk. san ramon police are searching for a robber who held a bank manager hostage while he made his escape. surveillance cameras captured the robber yesterday afternoon at the u.s. bank along crow canyon road. police say he demanded large bills from two of the tellers. he then took the assistant manager hostage as he ran into a nearby neighborhood. once he made it there, he let the woman go. the suspect is described as a white man in his 40s wearing a dark peacoat. if you recognize this man, please call san ramon police. two drifters charged in the murders of a tourist in san francisco and a hiker in fairfax could spend the rest of their lives in prison for their crimes. morrison lampley and lila alligood pled guilty to first-degree murder yesterday as part of a deal with prosecutors. lampley admitted to killing audrey carey and steven carter in 2015. he face as prison sentence of 100 years to life. alligood faces 50 years to life. a third defendant, sean angold, agreed to be a witness against
6:37 am
the other two in exchange for immunity and a 15-year sentence. california republicans are hoping that by blocking funding for caltrain they will also delay or kill governor brown's high speed rail project. according to "the chronicle," cal trail needs roughly $650 million in federal money to electrify a line. it is part of the system's modernization program. future high speed bullet trains are going to need electric rails and you can just come out to me now, that would be great. state congressional republicans are asking the trump administration to hold off approving the money until they can audit the high speed rail project. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg dlieged a crowd at stafrt where she took part in the university's lecture series. she opened up about her life but she never mentioned president trump or his executive orders that are bound to appear before the supreme court. during the q&a portion, it was clear that the justice is no fan
6:38 am
of the current state of politics. >> some things that i would like to change, one is the electoral college. >> the justice is only the second woman to ever serve on the u.s. supreme court. president clinton appointed her in 1993. at 83 years old, she is the oldest supreme court justice, and she says she wishes she had a magic wand to bring respect back to washington. let me give you an update on some of the life threatening situations that are developing up in napa county. napa creek at highway 29, redwood creek, it's flooding right now. seek higher ground immediately. and for east central sonoma county, we've got until noon a flood warning for sonoma creek. water covering highway 121 and 12, please seek higher ground here and one last stop, flood warnings until 2:15 for lower la gau that de santa rosa,
6:39 am
especially in the petaluma area but that could back its way up through pengrove. those flood warnings are out because the flood is life threatening. that's why i want you to take precaution if you know that area and you're near it and you see that rapidly rising water. let's talk about what's going on up there. the radar does not do this justice. there is still some ground reports of heavy rain. you don't see yellows and oranges here but trust me, it is still coming down heavily. the and it's going to stay heavy up in the north bay for a while. wind's the other factor. look at this, more than 40 miles per hour in oakland, nearing 50 at sfo to 30 around san carlos, livermore and up towards napa so the wind is still going to be a very big issue. the fastest ones right around the bay shore because there's no trees. there's no friction. the bridges, that's the toughest part of deal with this winds. secondary is everywhere shaded in yellow. that's been extended to 1:00. it was supposed to expire at 6:00. that's some new news. morning rush, it's going tb the
6:40 am
most dangerous. downpours, hydroplaning, lighter showers but still wet roads this evening. nearing 100 incidents this morning. let's turn it over to alexis. over that, mike. we made it over 100. >> that's got to be a first. >> that's the first time i've seen that. so it is a terrible morning on the roads if you can take matt keller's advice and stay in bed this morning, that's going to be a much better start to your day for you. eastbound 580 past san quentin, we've got a major sig alert on the richmond-san rafael bridge, some really strong gusts and chp believes that is why a big rig flipped over. that was blocking all lanes. they have that contained now. but seeing some delays there and obviously if you're heading westbound, we've got some really strong wind gusts for you too. they are advising high-profile vehicles to take another route here this morning. northbound 280, still trying to clean up this sig alert, a flipped vehicle that landed on its roof. all lanes are blocked, traffic using just the shoulder to get by. you can use 101, el camino real as alternates to get into
6:41 am
downtown san francisco. emeryville, westbound 80 crawling along toward the maze and trying to get into the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see that camera shaking around too. we have high wind advisories for basically all of our area bridges this morning. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 1 hour, 6 minutes for you. central valley, that's a terrible drive time, southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, you are in the yellow. so i'll try to get to new incidents that ha
6:42 am
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today's storm is level 3. that means a strong storm. look out for flooding, hazards on the road, and possible power outages. stay ahead of today's storm with the abc7 news app. download it now. and is 6:44 and gosh, what a rough commute this morning. we are looking live at the golden gate bridge and do you see under that lamp post, you can see the sheets of rain and the gusts of wind just checked in with mike nicco, gusts of 50 miles per hour right now on the bridge. >> i can tell people are slowing down. that is the smart thing to do. the stunning pictures are coming from the north bay this morning where flooding is a big concern. >> absolutely. and you can see abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield's been tweeting updates ant the foogd at highways 121 and 12 in sonoma
6:45 am
county. she is live in schellville for us now. >> reporter: hi, natasha. it's getting very busy up here in the north bay. napa county just had a mudslide report come in, sonoma county's dealing with flooding. this is one of the big problems they're dealing with that we are keeping a close eye on. look at that intersection. if there weren't traffic lights there, would you know that was an intersection? looks like a fast-moving creek. but that is highway 121 and highway 12 and schellville, and yes, people did get caught in this. look at this video from overnight. so much rain came down overnight, this came up quickly, and six people had to be pulled out of their cars, three cars stuck in this. the fire department's right here on the corner, so that was lucky for them. firefighters raced over there and got them to safety. and everyone is okay. but a good reminder for all of us that this can rise up quickly, catch you off guard as it did for those people. i just checked in with the sheriff's office, they say calls are really coming in now as people wake up. they're reporting flooded
6:46 am
intersections, downed trees, you may be the first one to stumble upon a situation like that so proceed with lots of caution this morning. check road conditions before you head oit if you can. reporting live in schellville, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in south bay, you are not exempt from this. you are seeing some crazy weather of your own. >> sideways rain, whipping winds, abc7 news reporter matt keller is braving all of it for us. he's live streaming for us from los gatos. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. this morning, we've seen some downpours but it's calmed down to a little bit of a shower but those winds, that's what the main problem is. you can see the winds here up at the tree right there. kind of blowing around. and you can just see how windy it is out here. that's the big issue and the ground is really, really wet. and yeah, we're getting a shower right now and i'm just going to step out and you can see just how wet it is, all that rain
6:47 am
left behind. you've got a lot of water on the ground. you can see this person driving away. and yeah, there's a lot of hydroplaning, some puddles out there as well so you got to be extra careful in los gatos. i know a lot of people usually i'm in this parking lot, if i'm ever here at this time, there's a lot more people here so a lot of people are staying home so i'd recommend that for almost everybody at home. if you can stay at home, avoid getting out on the roads right now. >> matt, we appreciate it and the warning. it is a mess in so many places today. >> mike nicco tracking street by street. we're seeing winds and rain. >> yeah, we definitely are. let's focus on the rain first. you can see in the sunol grade, coming out of that. heading up 680, towards livermore and the altamont pass, another pounding rain and more hydroplaning likely in those areas. moving across 237 from sunnyvale and mountain view tworts milpitas heading towards 680 and 880, that is going to cause more ponding on the roadways and you can see it just keeps going back
6:48 am
into the santa cruz mountains if you're traveling 35 or 9, you can see a lot of heavy rain falling rite there. trees down and rock slides. let me zoom out and show you what's going on. i want to put the satellite on here because it looks like this situation is sinking south. sure, this one is but let me zoom on out and it's this area right here that is going to come in during the afternoon -- or later parts of the morning into the afternoon hours, and push another band of some moderate and heavy rain across most of our neighborhoods, especially up in the north bay. all right, now let's focus in on the winds. san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge, they're coming out of the south at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. look at the bay bridge. look at this wind. sheets of rain, sliding right across the light there. and that's 24 to 39 miles per hour and it gets faster when you get up off the water and on to the bridge. there's just nothing to stop it.
6:49 am
so, you got to be careful on our east/west bridges, strong storm today, tapers this evening, another storm thursday and friday and a warm, dry sunny saturday through monday. you can see the yellows, the oranges right in the heart of the bay. it's tries to slide south by 9:00 in the central east bay and south bay and then we're going to get a little bit of a break as we head into the latter parts of the afternoon and into the ooesk hours. as far as my accuweather 7 day forecast, let me talk about the hydroplaning. very high in the north bay, santa cruz mountains, stream and creek flooding, trees down, and then the rest of us will have moderate to high amounts of that. trying to get to the 7 day forecast. you can see right there, we've got a light storm for wednesday, a moderate storm thursday, and a light storm for friday. alexis? looking forward to the sunshine this weekend but i know we're a long ways from that. taking a look at our traffic maps, live doppler 7 on top. just to illustrate how many incidents and issues we have out there this morning, i did all those icons and all these
6:50 am
locations here. we are up to 113 according to chp. so this is in san francisco, the east bay, napa, solano county, it is extremely widespread this morning and just a treacherous commute so boy, if you can that trip or telecommute today, just work from home, that is going to be a better option. want to take you back to a couple of our major issues. we have that flipped tractor-trailer in the right lane of the richmond-san rafael bridge and that is likely due to to those really strong wind gusts, 40 to 50 miles per hour there across richmond-san rafael bridge. chp is advising high-profile vehicles to avoid. take some other routes this morning. also have high wind advisories for golden gate, bay bridge, and san mateo bridge this morning. northbound 280, sig alert for most of the morning. it finally cleared. that was a rollover crash so that is starting to recover pretty quickly. here's a look at 680 through walnut creek. southbound side crawling along, two new crashes reported on the
6:51 am
northbound side and i have seen some emergency crews come through that area. and a quick check of mass transit. no major b.a.r.t. delays, one of our major issues right now, san francisco bay ferry, as you can imagine, tough time crossing that. 6:30 trip was canceled sloong longoria with the return trip at 7:00. this just coming in. twitter has announced moments ago it will identify people who have been banned for abusive behavior. they will also stop them from creating any new accounts. it's part of the company's campaign to clamp down on hate speech and abuse. another feature it's rolling out is a safe search feature, which will remove potentially sensitive content and tweets from blocked and muted accounts from the search results. now those sensitive tweets will actually still exist, but they won't appear in your general search results. that's the latest from our live desk. well, b.a.r.t. police still
6:52 am
have not revealed what exactly was inside of a package that brought the evening commute to a grinding halt for hundreds of passengers. sky7 was above as police shut down the hayward b.a.r.t. station just before 5:00. riders were forced to wait in the rain for shuttle buses. the station reopened nearly three hours later. the fbi is offering up to $10,000 for information in the disappearance of two teenagers, enrique ross disappeared october 16. his friend was reported missing 25 days later. the 17-year-olds both attended cesar chavez community school in wootland. this is one clue, this surveillance video shows moore at a check cashing store in woodland. authorities say both d disappearances are considered suspicious and they say they are related. they're reaching out to the public, asking anyone to call in with a tip to the fbi. we are staying on top of the storm, back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. here's a live look at sfo. almost three-hour delays for
6:53 am
incoming flights. incoming flights. it is going to be a
6:54 am
it is 6:54 and here are the seven things you need to know this morning. number one, the bay area getting soaked right now. sheets of rain and strong winds are pounding the south bay as we speak. you are being warned. stay off the roads if you can. work from home. because it is just going to be a mess throughout the day. number two, in the north bay, the issue right now is
6:55 am
flooding. look at these images downed trees here too. this is the intersection of 121 and 12? sonoma county near schellville, closed down as you can imagine and six people had to be rescued from their cars. i'll keep you updated on those. on social media, mikeniccoabc7 it is flooding and it will continue flooding through 3:00 with major flooding down in napa, it starts flooding in about five minutes and continues through 11:00. this is a 3 on our storm impact scale and it is not over. and number four, of course, all this weather is really impacting the commute, one of the worst mornings i have ever seen, up to 112 incidents into chp right now. live look at golden gate bridge, wet, windy, flag is really km kmiping around. if you can delay your trip, i recommend that. federal appeals court in san francisco is going to hear organize arguments on president trump's immigration ban. that will happen at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll streak it live on our free abc7 news app. enable push alerts.
6:56 am
number six from the live desk, senate democrats have staged an all nighter to stop the confirmation of betsy devos for education secretary. a final vote will be at 9:00 a.m. it will be a tight vote with vice president mike pence expected to be the tie breaker. number seven, the patriots back in boston this morning, celebrating. san mateo native tom brady has unofficially declared today a city-wide holiday. do want to mention just coming in, guerneville school district is closed today because of the storm. okay, how many incidents on the road? >> 112 right now. >> okay. please don't be 113. be safe out there.
6:57 am
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go to for a store near you. good morning, america. travel ban battle. president trump's immigration crackdown just hours away from a courtroom showdown as the president levels a new attack on the media claiming contrary to overwhelming evidence that the press is covering up terror attacks. >> and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> plus, the breaking headline this morning about trump's cabinet picks. urgent manhunt. the race to find these two suspects accused of killing three people on a crime spree. now on the run crossing state lines. where police think the dangerous pair may be hiding out right now. britney spears' niece in critical condition after crashing in a pond. the off-road vehicle believed to be a gift from her mom jamie lynn. >> oh, my gosh! >> brittany now asking for wishes and prayers for the 8-year-old. was


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