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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. the bay area is cleaning up after today's rain. closed schools and stalled traffic. we're focusing on areas that saw the most impact. >> we have reporters spread across the bay area. we'll hear from spencer christian. >> despite the lull we're experiencing right now in the absence of rain, you'll see what i'm talking about. we still have serious flooding concerns. let's go down to alameda creek where a flash flood warning is in effect until 7:30 this evening. north to the north bay where a flood warning is in effect for the russian river near guerneville and on the unhappy river until 7:15 tomorrow and farther north between clear lake and lake port, a flood warning in effect until saturday. in sonoma county, mark west clique, a warning is in effect
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until 8:15 this evening. next three days will be very wet, especially thursday when we get our next major storm. this is a strong storm ranking 3 on the storm impact scale. it will produce heavy rain, and gusting. it will hit i say on top of saturated ground. a dramatic image at the powerful force of nature. look at this huge sink hole. this is the orville spill way north of sacramento. the sate has temporarily stopped flows from the spillway. there is sufficient storage to capture the rest of the rain through this week. we showed you this video of a san rafael home getting hit by a mud slide. sergio quintana talked with it homeowner. is everyone okay? >> that's the good news. everyone got out of the house okay. now they're trying to figure out
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what they can salvage from the home. as for other people in marin county, a lot of them are seeing swollen palms in the rivers. >> john says emergency crews evacuated them from his home, and he watched the landslide slowly destroy it. >> it was pretty quiet. it didn't make that much sound. you would hear a little bit, but it within the creaking and popping. >> the fire department had time to grab things inside. >> my mom and dad built the house in 1959, so i was born here. i've lived in it for five years. >> right now the san rafael building inspector is trying to figure out if there is anything
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inside. >> the concern is that the hill is going to be move again. in kent field an employee at the college of marin got stranded in her car this morning as the rains were coming down of the she was rescued by the swift boat team. 100 residents along the corte madera creek had to be evacuated by the swift waters teams. classes were canceled for many schools in marin county, leaving few to ponder what to do for the day. >> ever consider going in. >> no, because my dad cautions me not to do that. >> his dad is a firefighter. serge quintana, abc 7 news. a full rescue operation in castro valley today. a group of women were strand
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inside a clubhouse. the fired was called and helped bring the retired teachers to safety. >> there were seven of us. >> it was really unbelievable. this is castro valley, but never happens in castro valley. we went out and took pictures because it sounded like a big river. >> in mparts of a tree land in backyard and brought down power lines. one southbound lane just reopened in highway 17 near scotts valley. it's the second time this month that te main route from san jose to santa cruz has been closed. abc 7 news vic lee is by the damage. >> the mud slide is right in front of this convoy of trucks over here. and that is a major development
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substitut . some of the vehicles coming through here. we are told caltrans crews will be work here all night trying to open up both directions by the morning's commute. >> half of the hillside collapsed and feel into the northbound lanes of highway 17. >> this is the second time in a month that highway 17 near scotts valley was shut down when tons of rock, debris, and mud came crashing down onto roadway. this was more massive han the one january 9th which slammed into a abc 7 news van ascending photographer to the hospital. this morning it came crashing down on a car which overturned on the highway. fortunately the driver walked
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away. >> they thought they had it under control with a barrier there. but it couldn't handling all the material. >> they turned cars back heading north. highway 1k39 other cut throughs which commuters use when highway 17 is closed were also impassable, thanks to flooding from the san lorenzo river and mud slides. >> highway 9 at 35 is closed. so cal san jose road is closed. those are the two ways people use to get around. >> peters who's lived here some 40 years took all this philosophy. >> this is part of life. >> somehow i don't think trapped commuters would be so forgiving of mother nature. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> we love seeing what the weather looks like where you live. stunning shot.
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adding the hashtag the hashtag abc 7 now. we have more stories coming up including the mud slides in sausalito that required a multiagency response. stay here with us. that's coming up this hour. developing news from san francisco where a a decision on whether to reinstate pretty much's travel ban now rests. >> we were just at the 9th circuit court of appeals. an audio stream played inside. >> the travel ban is on hold after a court in seattle deemed it unconstitutional. >> i'm very proud to stand with people who are muslim, who are not mumds, who have no faith whatsoever together in opposition and to resist. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler reviewed the arguments this morning. >> dan, president trump said
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today he's ready to take this fight in his words, through the system. apparently meaning up to the supreme court, the appeals court was the first step in this extraordinary case where the arguments took place in an unusual way, not in the courtroom, but over the phone. judges william can birks richard clifton, and michelle freedland questioned the travel ban. the executive order barring immigration from mostly muslim countries have throne scores of lives into chaos. >> has the government pointed to any evidence connecting these countries with terrorism? >> in 2015 and 2016, both congress and the administration made determinations. >> and he was asked if the travel ban was actually a mumds ban based on the president's reported comments. >> you deny that in fact the
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statements be attributed to then candidate trump and to his political advisors and mr. giuliani, you deny those statements were made? >> i know. >> opponents of the travel ban say it's discriminatory and causing harm to immigrants. >> we had students and faculty at our state universities who are stand overseas, we had families that were separated. >> he was also questioned about the security risk. >> do you deny that in fact there is concern about people coming from those countries? >> congress determined those countries should not get a waiver from a visa requirement. that is imminently different from a complete ban. >> john vina, dean of the law school of ucsf said the judges seem to be leaning against president trump. >> they are leaning in favor of the state of washington's
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arguments about the harm that is caused by the executive order and the lack of harm demonstrated by having a temporary restraining order. >> the judges are expected to make their decision later this week. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler.o new at 6:00, leon pa net at a reacts to the ban. they says trump's administration was more interested in making a public relations point. >> i think it was a terrible mistake. if they wanted to do anything, they should have investigated more man power and money in the vetting process that we have in place to try to make sure anybody who does want to come to the united states obviously meets our security requirements. >> pa net at a also tells abc 7 news that the order was rushed and he thinks president trump did it the wrong way. now, it is a fascinating case if you want to listen to this afternoon's arguments.
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we've posted all the audio on our app so you can listen on your mobile device. reliving a moment offing panic. the gripping testimony from sierra lamar's mother and the for a while of the man accused of killing the teenager. twitter targets trolgz. how the messaging service is trying to make the world a nicer place. homeowners who says a contractors abandon them after they paid tens of thousands of dollars. they may get some help. a 7 on your side investigation a 7 on your side investigation and coming up. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. breaking news on b.a.r.t. right now. there's no service between richmond and el certify reto stations. b.a.r.t. says a person may have
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been hit by a train 30 minutes ago. there are major delays in the richmond lines in both directions as a result. live doppler 7 isn't quite as lit up as a few hours ago. still, we are watching green patches indicating rain moving across the bay area. power outages and mud slides in sauce lee toe today. l leann. >> this has been a complicated mission but well-executed. crews are trying to control the hillside before the next rain. next time, this intersection will remain closed until tomorrow. this mud slide is sauce lee toe caused several emergency crews to respond. there were many moving parts to this one. first, pg&e had to decommission the power lines in order to
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remove several fallen trees to. complicate matters, public works had to deal with a ruptured sewer line which continued to spill water onto the oversaturated hill. >> review the debris, remove the purse material and it's going to come down. >> a concrete barrier rail will be put in at the bottom of the hill. crews will protect it from the rain in hopes of stabilizing the hillside sometime in the spring at them home above the slide was red tagged by the building department. that mud slide didn't cause as much interruption as this one did off the candor exit off highway 101. after this early morning storm, residents knew there would be damage and power outages. the pole pg&e customers were affected in the city.
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>> i have flashlights. i couldn't get my garage door up. not having a rake, my good ole trusty 2-iron came in handy to clean the drain. >> and you yelled fore! >> four strokes and i cleaned it out. >> with all this mud and rain, it wasn't looking the picturesque community as its known around the world. abc 7 news. a happening amount of rain fell in wine country this morning leaving a mess long after the skies finally cleared. jonathan bloom is live near the creek. >> this brown rushing water behind me, this is the stuff that was running through the streets, the parking lots even some of the vineyards. the creek is swollen, so is the
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unhappy river, though neither of them are overflowing their banks at this point. if you want to see what a lot of water looks like, all you have to do is see what we saw about three miles upstream. >> mother nature's on display here giving us one of her great shows of all time. >> even folks who lived here for decades pulled over to look at the lake hensy spillway and take a picture, or try to. >> i sat right in front of it, tried to snap a picture between windshield wiper swipes. didn't work to well. >> that beautiful water can cause ugly problems, problems like this. just up the road, county crews said they were out since 2:00 a.m. trying to cut up a tree tragedy in power lines and blocking both lanes. it's a stone's throw from where they just finished cleaning a road with pebbles and pools.
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>> i'm on my way to san rafael. >> he found himself heading nowhere fast. >> i thought there was a side street i could cut across. >> and? >> no luck. >> it's just not the kind of flooding locals are used to. >> i haven't seen that. >> flooding roads, vineyards and businesses. >> gun club's closed out here. >> the lumber yard's open, even hiring, though the job may require some swimming skills. but cars can't swim. some wind up like this, so be careful. >> i'll drive through it then you'll get a picture of me pulling it out. >> in unhappy county, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. what a day we have had all around the bay area. >> there's still rain moving through the area, spencer. >> flooding will become a greater concern tomorrow and thursday as more rain arrives.
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right now we're looking at quiet conditions for a while here on live doppler 7. more rain will fall in the form of showers. storm total quite impressive. santa rosa 3 1/2. 2 1/2 in unhappy. damp outside and it's middle. upper fixtures to 60 degrees. overnight we won't see temperatures drop very much. low temperatures still will be in the mid to upper 50s. our next storm tonight and tomorrow. ranks 1 on the impact scale. light intensity but it will produce scattered showers and light rain.
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forecast information starting at 7:00 this evening. morning hours and maybe even a blast of steadier rain midday tomorrow. after that get ready for the much stronger storm that will rank 3 on the storm impact scale. it will produce more heavy rain, gusty wind. flooding concern will be already vie and a chance of downed trees, rock slides, and mud slides. forecast animation starts at 7:00 a.m. thursday, which i want we'll see rain already. by 10:00 a.m. thursday there will be a heavy rain. additional rainfall total frs thursday's storm alone will range from just over an inch to two inches all across the bay area. now, the takeaways from thursday's storm and the concerns are that streams and rivers will be swollen once
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again. rapid rises in streams and rivers and of course the possibility of more mud slides and rock slides. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. tonight and tomorrow's storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. another strong storm on thursday. remember, every little bit of rain is still falling on top of the saturated ground. and then finally we get a string of sunny and dry days beginning on saturday, underscore finally. no one wants to pay more taxes especially not for entertainment. >> next a lawmaker who wants to keep you from being taxed whenever you watch
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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streaming, that ladies tonight's bay area business watch. youtube is adding live streaming to its smartphone app. for now the service is only available to youtube users more than 10,000 scribers. views pay to highlight and pin their cat messages. content providers keep the earnings. twitter is clamping down on hate speech. they are identifying people who are banned for sending sensitive
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content. >> netflix could end up being taxed by a state assemblyman is trying to stop that. many cities are losing significant utility tax revenue is consumers disconnect from cable and satellite in favor of online options. the bill's author says streaming media is a developing industry and there are too many availables to approximate make a fair tax. >> the idea of taxation, they are conferral. the devil is in the details. and this measure will give us a bit of time to work with governments, industry, consumers to figure out where the sweet spot may b. >> he says a better option would be a sales tax or special fee on subscription services. today sierra lamar's mother testified at the trial for the man who's on trial for killing
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the teenager. >> she describes the last day she saw her daughter alive. >> it's going to rise up. washed out again, how many times have people in two north bay flood zones had to move to higher ground this winter alone? stay with us.
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this is abc 7 news. close but not quite. guadalupe creek almost reached the camden avenue bridge today. it's just a few feet under flood stage. the south bay and all the bay area is dry right now. so rivers are getting a chance to recede a bit. some creeks already passed flood stage this morning. san an sell moe wasn't the only community that got the brunt of the storm. >> a tale of two cities,
6:30 pm
charlesdic uns wrote it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. today that would apply to guerneville and san an sell moe where the weather gives and then sweeps parts of downtown away. the creek reached 14 feet and december ki. >> it's brutal. >> casey had to move her stuff to higher ground for the fifth time. >> i've been open for business five days in january, and i'm not alone with that. that's so many people on this avenue. >> one county north in girn vile, even the community says it has seen everything water can bring expressed surprise. >> thanks, guys. >> hahn harbor never expected to be asking medications of the fire district but that was before the high waters turn her house into an island. the firefighters had to walk her out this afternoon. >> this is three or four, and
6:31 pm
it's going to rise up into houses this time fit comes up again. >> creeks coming, landslides falling, even road beds being eaten away from below. best of times because they could have worse, and worst because after today we wonder what comes next. >> is this over? >> oh, no. it's not over. >> in the north bay, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. the redwood city fire department posted this picture of flooding on instagram. it's a mobile home park on east bay shore road. flooding was exacerbated by the high tied. the tied is expected to be even higher than today. the water in alamo creek also rose quickly at the tulare creek bridge.
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crews were busy chopping up trees in san francisco. more than 36 trees and large limbs have fallen in the city since last night. this tree came crashing down on a tesla that was parked on pine street. infa while today's storm has calmed down, you can track the next storm with the abc 7 news app. it's coming. we have live doppler seven on the app and you can enable push alerts on your phone or tablet. breaking news we're tracking. b.a.r.t. has now stopped service wean the richmond and north berkele stations. that's a larger impact than reported just 15 minutes ago. b.a.r.t. says a person was hit and killed by a train this evening at 5:45. all trains on the richmond line are delayed until the county coroners arrives. bart says they're in the process of special agent an ac transit bus bridge.
6:33 pm
the mother of a murder victim testified at the trial today. sierra's mother still recalls the panic she felt when she found out her daughter wasn't home after school. abc 7 news reporter david louie was in the courtroom in san jose. >> marlene la ma was surrounded by her family as she arrived for court where she had to relive the panic of the day. on the jury of six men and women were told the day started typically as she left for work and sierra got ready for school. but sierra wasn't home that evening, and she wasn't responding to text messages or calls earlier in the day. the jury then heard mrs. la ma's 9-1-1 call to report her missing. >> i can't imagine going through that particular day all over again, reliving it, hearing the recording. she's being extremely strong. >> then she was shown garments
6:34 pm
preserved in bags. >> this clothing, her makeup were her last mementos and she can't even touch them. it's exkyushuiating for absolutely everyone involved. >> later the older sister was telling them how she didn't have a car or other means of support. all points meant to deflect the suspicious that she might have run away. >> they want to establish that there could be things that sierra's mother didn't know about her daughter, and there were things going on with her daughter that she would only share with her friends. but if the defense does not go lightly with this testimony, i think that could backfire. >> in san jose, david louie. as of today, a conflict felony and a sheriff's deputy
6:35 pm
are out of jail. an ton foul ler was released today. san francisco sheriff's deputy is charged with giving him her weapon. she was released on friday. abc 7 news was there last thursday when federal agents served a search warrant. she faked a home burglary so she could give the gun to him. a court case management system is ruining other people's lives. it's causing delayed releases from jail and inaccurate information. tyler technologies are saying the process issues being experienced by alameda are complicated by a case backlog caused by the court's lack of agreement on procedures, data errors and did youly cat data.
6:36 pm
the company says 24 counties in california use its system. the standing rock sioux transcribe says it will sue the makers of the dakota access pipeline. the pipeline has been the focus of mass protests. engineers announce it had final phase of construction could begin as early as tomorrow. the army says it will allow the $4 million pipeline to cross under a missouri river in north dakota. we have two questions for students who made beer. how does it taste? >> every time i look at it, my heart breaks. >> she isn't the only customer frustrated by broken
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a major storm brought more than a foot of snow to the sierra. this is a look at interstate 80 from a caltrans traffic camera. snow, ice, and gusty winds made for a challenging drive.
6:40 pm
currently there are no chains restrictions in effect. a live look at bay area bridges tonight. the bay bridge in the middle there. and the san mateo bridge traffic moving better. the finals project you wish you had in college. students at stanford just made their own beer using a 5,000-year-old recipe from china. it's the oldest evidence of beer making in china. students did their best to recreate the original using wheat, barly seeds, and like the original the beer was left unfiltered and sipped through a straw. the big question is how did it taste? >> we all came together and sampled the beers we made. the alcohols had a sour taste. everybody had differentiate results because everybody was using different grains. >> the students' experiments will be used by the professor to research the evolution of alcohol and food production.
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7 on your side investigation has been underway for months. >> michael finney has been looking into a it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh!
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you can add something to the features of a new tesla. the sp 1100 d has a new speed record. it went from zero to 60 in 2 at no time 28 seconds. >> a contractor's being accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars from bay area homeowners to install pools and spas but not completing the work. >> so what's going on? this has been investigated since the summer. we have a little bit of good news here. some families are hanging on to hope they'll soon be taking victory laps in their new and although these spas. this wasn't what lea and helena dreamed of what they were told
6:45 pm
of a new pool and spa in gilroy. >> it looks sad out here. it trunds backyard. >> her parents tell us work began a year ago with plans for completion before last summer. the santos' hired donald off premier pools and spas, seen here with his back to the camera. the family says it hasn't seen him since the end of may, leaving the plumbing, decades and outdoor kitchen unbecause none every time i look at it my heart breaks. >> colin walks down what should have been his pool in in his home in san jose. ground water as percolated up. weeds have taken turnover water fall and spa area. this is my pool. i just want my pool finished. >> he began work on this project in 2013. colin says no work has been done for two years.
6:46 pm
the contractor states license board says it received several complaints stretching from california to the bay area. >> all the problems we've been seeing is with them taking on jobs and either abandoning them or not paying subcontractors. >> bu shay's state license has been revoked. the santos' paid him more than $100,000. colin paid him $700,000. ryan was a lucky one. his pool was completed in 2014 but he says it's leaked since day one and bu shay has not come out to fix it. >> we lose ten gallons of water per day. >> bu shay was stripped of his franchise license and feels bad for his customers. >> i don't want people to buy a
6:47 pm
product based on a false premise. >> we did not find him at his home, but talked to him by phone. he refused to comment ordained. on the record. this man says bu shay had a responsibility to list his outstanding customers as creditors. >> his case could potentially be reopened which means his customers could win a judgment against him. meanwhile, porter has given the san torse thousands of dollars for equipment. a contractors with ties to premier pools who wants to remain anonymous says he'll finish the work at cost. that same contractor is scheduled to repair bruce's spa
6:48 pm
for free. colin is waiting to hear back they're grateful for 7 on your side and all others who have helped. >> i just want to say thank you for everyone's help because this has been such an ordeal and such a nightmare for us. >> the santos family has been told by their home insurance company the pool must be completed by march 23rd or their insurance will not be renewed. i want to hear your stories. you can also reach me through facebook and abc 7 we need to check on our forecast again. >> more wet weather coming, big storm in fact. >> he's live doppler 7. the storm we're experiencing tonight and tomorrow is the storm of light intensity ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. light scattered showers,
6:49 pm
possibly a downpour. that will be fold on thursday by another strong storm ranking 3 on the storm impact scale. it'll bring heavy rain once again, gusty wind, flooding concerns will be very high. there's a possibility of downed trees and power lines, rock slides, and mud slides. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. showers tomorrow. more showers and light rain on friday, and finally saturday begins a dry and sunny pattern that will last at least four days into early next week. it will feel like spring and we will welcome it. >> and we need it. warriors to talk about in sports. >> as a golfer, i prefer the drought. warriors tuning up for tomorrow's matchup with the bulls. wh
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we had another draymond green, kevin durant on-court argument in sacramento. third quarter, kd with the ball. draymond clapping trying to get his attention. by the time he gets the ball he air balls a three and had words afterwards. not as bad as the game we had in memphis. all teammates have arguments. today draymond said, hey, it's part of game. >> you can't be an a losing team. but everyone who makes a bill big deal out of it are probably losers. that's how i view it. anyone who knows anything about winning know that that's going to happen. is it good for our friendship? like i said, if you have to hide something from your teammates and you can't say something from somebody then you're in a bad situation. me personally i don't want to be in that situation.
6:54 pm
speaking of bad situation, did he marcus cousins is suspended one game without pay. he shoved a bulls coach in the process much for every two additional technical fouls, cousins will now automatically be suspended for an additional game. to the ice. sharks hosted buffalo. check out the bearded ladies on the road hopefully supporting brent burns. joe ward redistricts the shot. game tied at 1. same score, backer puts one on that. andersoners nielson localize i say, 2-1 sharks. now 3-1 sharks. the slap shot, 4-1 sharks lead, but the sabers roar all the way back. that's when they win it. 5-4 sabers in ot.
6:55 pm
patriots celebrating their fifth super bowl victory parade. it's a chance for players and fans to mesh as one for a common cause. tom brady soaking it up. you can see the joy on the faces of every fan as this is what sports is all about, an escape from the everyday drudgery of life. >> let me tell you, these players, they worked harder than any team i've ever coached. they came to work every day, and there were no days off. [ cheers and applause ] no days off. [ cheers ] no days off [ cheers ] no days off. [ cheers ] >> we got it. the falcons found a replacement for the coach. the former usc coach -- dan quin
6:56 pm
had an eye on him. shanahan eventually. only about 30 preliminary to control it all, it was insane, but it was one of the greatest moments ever, and we roifd we did something. were juchlg on the cable cars. it was out of control but i'll never forget. >> i thought for a moment it looked like belichick smiled. >> put it in slow motion. >> replay. >> join us tonight later tonight. closed again the flooded roadway that's con founding caltrans engineers. the main route between santa cruz. the around the clock rush to clean up highway 17 for tomorrow's commute. coming up tonight it's the middle fold by "american
6:57 pm
housewife," fresh off the boat, and don't miss us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> jimmy kimmel live at 11:35. looking for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news. >> for was a here, thank you for join us tonight. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11.
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