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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. we begin with the mysterious deaths of a couple in an apartment in berkley. it's the second time something like that has happened. 89-year-old dora gibbs and her boy friend are the victims. we are live from the newsroom with more on the story. >> dora biggs' son found the couple. she was in the bed, the boyfriends were beside her. >> their relationship was real clo close. >> reporter: the 33-year-old age difference didn't phase them. they lived and died together in this apartment. when emergency crews arrived. the small apartment was hot and the carbon monoxide alarm was
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going off. police still don't know what caused the couple's death. family, meantime, rushed to the scene and were worried. the circumstances are eerily familiar. bodies were found in another and the last month. they died of carbon monoxide pois poisoning. >> pretty much the same thing as my grandmother. the same situation but to an older couple. >> reporter: police thoroughly checked the wall heater in the apartment and still don't know the source of the cause. the neighbors were shocked to hear of the latest deaths. >> i don't want that to start becoming an epidemic around here. that's not a good thing. >> reporter: these loved ones just want answers fast. lost two great people. they should still be here. >> reporter: dora was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and didn't have long to live.
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gary was her caretaker. >> she was going to keep going all the way across the board. wasn't going to be no sugarcoating because your feelings were hurt. she was going to let you know that you could be loved. >> reporter: dora and gary lived in berkley their entire lives. abc 7 news. the wife of a beloved richmond police officer who was killed while off duty was reflecting. it was one year ago he was skilled as killed in a domestic dispute. we sat down with the officer's wife. >> reporter: on the porch of her new home, sandra says it took several moves to find what was right. >> it took so long because the story was so loud. >> reporter: just after 4:30 a.m., her husband intervened in a domestic dispute involving his daughter and
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grandson's father. it cost him his life. >> it wasn't just, you know, your average murder. there was so much to it. because of where it happened and who, you know it it was. >> reporter: sandra says she considered robert vega her son. she says she forgave him immediately afterwards. his trial is scheduled for may. she has seen him in court and talked to him on the phone. >> he told me that he loved me and loved pops. i just told him i forgive you. i love you. >> reporter: officer vegas was a 15 year veteran of the police department. he worked as a patrol officer and detective in several units, including homicide. at home, he was a family man. a father to ten children and twice as many grandchildren. >> it has changed all of our lives so much. >> reporter: sandra says it's hardest on his daughters who were in the house when he died. >> we said we where he never going to try to figure it out.
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there was no answer. >> reporter: she credits the city of vallejo, richmond police department, her family and especially her faith, for holding her up then and now. in vallejo, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. police are investigating a deadly shooting in mill pete pit could be connected to a crime spree. they got a call late last night. a short time later a woman called police saying a man stole her car at gun point. when police got there, they heard a gunshot from a park garage. police arrested the driver. inside the parking garage, officers found one man dead from a gunshot wound. terrifying moments in southern california after a man and his daughter were rescued from flash flood waters. santa clarita sheriffs tweeted this photograph. crews were able to pull everyone
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to safety, but this is another important reminder to heed all flash flood warnings. back here in the bay area, it was sunny out there, but our recent storms continue to take a toll on several roads. in santa clara county, a highway is closed after a washout. sky 7 was above the crater as crew the investigated the damage. the earth opened up swallowing a large chunk of the roadway. the chp reopened a lane of highway 17. it's partially open in both directions in scots valley. a landslide killed a worker who was trying to kiclees clear the. the white house is monitoring north korea after they fired a ballistic missile for the first time since donald trump became president. trump and shinzo abe held a news
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conference in the president's private club in florida. he calls north korea's actions absolutely intolerant. he said he stands behind japan 100%. kim jong un has announced there would be a missile test in his message in the new year. an official say it is was an intermediate missile capable of flying up to 3400 miles. >> a funding fight for planned parenthood in the bay area brought out both sides of the abortion debate. lonnie rivera has the story where we saw dueling rallies. >> pro baby, pro baby. anti-death. >> reporter: two sides in a decades-old debate voiced their opinions about planned parenthood. >> what we really want is the abortion part of planned parenthood to be defunded and so that taxpayer money isn't going to pay for something that a lot of us taxpayers don't believe in. >> reporter: steven vivienne is
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gathering signatures on this petition to push to defund planned parenthood. >> they don't have anyone defending them. all of us have rights to life. >> reporter: across the street, a counter protest with abortion rights activists. >> a lot of people who are down, who feel like the world they thought they lived in has ceased to exist, the only thing that works is action. >> tell me what democracy looks like! >> this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: they put those concerns into action by notifying others through social media. >> the services that are done by planned parenthood, 3%, are abortion. most of them are education, getting contraception, which prevents abortion. >> no one is saying you have to have an abortion. >> reporter: citizenes for a pro-life society says it drew a
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large crowd of opponents. they expected it, given the election of donald trump. >> you can look at it existentially and say we're for health care, health care for the unborn, too. >> reporter: both sides committed to moving their message forward. abc 7 news. today a community rallied behind a young girl who nearly didn't reunite with her family because of the travel ban. she was welcomed today. she was all smiles as she was handed a backpack with school supplies. it took her family seven years to get her a visa, but it arrived one day before the travel ban. her family flew to sfo last week while the ban was temporarily on hold. a united airlines flight was delayed because of the actions of the pilot. a passenger got on the plane in
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street clothes and went on a rant about president trump and hillary clinton. police ended up taking her off the flight and united replaced her with another pie loot. they say they hold employees to the highest standards and apologized to the passengers for the inconvenience. this may be the most unique protest against president trump yet. thousands of people gathered on ocean beach in san francisco and spelled out the word "resist" with their bodies. brad newsham organized the event. simil simil similar protests were held in new york and at the white house today. we've never seen this before. >> it was insane! >> a first for this dam in northern california, and the threat all this water could be posing to wildlife here. plus. hundreds of thousands turn out to celebrate chinese new year in san francisco. well, it may have taken 11
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days, but wei finally have our
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tonight, we have new drone video showing the orville dam that dan spilling into an emergency spillway for the first time today. the release from the emergency spell way poses no eminent threat to people they say, and should end early this week. the water flow knocked away a chunk of the main spillway this week and it will have to be fixed at a later date. water fibls say not to believe social media rumors that the dam north of sacramento is in danger. however use of the emergency spillway has caused an emergency
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evacuation of the feather river fish hatchery, which holds about a third of the chinook salmon. driving to lake tahoe is still tricky if you were planning to take highway 50. drivers will see these signs showing them the road is blocked. there are two large landslides in the area, including this one that bury add jeep yesterday. a second slide happened this afternoon near kybers. a caltrans camera shows traffic moving on interstate 80. it reopened this afternoon after a major landslide west of blue canyon. crews had to make sure the hillside was still safe for drivers to pass through. the party's still going through in so's china town tonight. hundreds of thousans of people packed the streets for the annual chinese new year's
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parade. it's one of the city's oldest events and a truly san francisco experience. the year of the rooster is starting out with a bang. through the center of china town, big crowds gathered to see the fireworks and floats at the chinese new year's parade. >> i like the dragon! >> reporter: dancing dragons are always a favorite. there's a lot to consider to make sure these dances go right. >> what i usually do is look through the mouth. >> reporter: but this year, roosters were everywhere, on the floats and even in the crowd. it's an event that brings out the entire city, young and old. >> it's a lot of fun. i mean, the love in the crowd. it's just crazy. >> reporter: they rode in the parade for bart. they aren't from the bay area, but they know a good parade when they see one. >> parade? it just so happened to coincide with marredi gras.
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this is awesome. >> reporter: this year's party didn't disappoint. >> san francisco has the best chinese new year's parade. >> the parade is the largest sell braf celebration outside of china for the chinese new year. hundreds celebrated with the new year today with a colorful cultural showing in culver city. our station is a sponsor. the showcase included lion dancers, drummers and martial artists. after the performances, everyone in attendance was invited into the san mateo history museum for free. a big day at at&t park for giants fans. some got a surprise when barry bonds stopped and signed autographs before his morning bike ride.
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the free event gives fans an opportunity to take photos with their favorite players, get exclusive access to the field and tours of the clubhouse. now your accuweather forecast. >> and a perfect day to be out. the weekend will finish very similarly, before we start to talk about wet weather into the new work and school week. live doppler 7, for the first ten days of february, there was action on the screen. live done luppler 7 was very bud today and tonight it was quiet. we'll give it the night off. but boy were our viewers out soaking in the sun today. this picture foesed to my facebook page from foster marina. a live look from our east bay hills camera showing you great visibility. no fog out there, clear skies
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overhead, and that allow us to cool off into the 30s in some of our shelter valleys. we're holding the 50s in a lot of urban areas, like oakland. 53 in san francisco. we're 7:00 in the morning, it is clear, nothing but sunshine through the afternoon. by 4:00, it is perfect once again. on the coast, mid-50s. around the bay, 60s, and inland, upper 60s popping up on the board. the three-day forecast shows you tomorrow is the brightest day we have over the next couple days. but monday and tuesday, not all that bad at all. a few clouds will pop up in the afternoon. but temperatures still stay on the mild side. look at that, holding in the mid-60s inland. a rise in temperatures along the bay and along the coast. but we are tracking some chances of rain. everything kind of changes midweek the next week.
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take a look at wednesday. there's a 50% chance. but i want to highlight on wednesday, that will likely be after sunset and only in the north bay, really on thursday of next week that everyone will see the wet weather return with a storm ranking two on our storm impact scale, and a second storm will arrive to start off next weekend on saturday. so we'll bring it back on thursday, this will be a two, a moderate storm. the morning right now will feature the steadiest and heaviest rain that will taper to afternoon and evening showers. our ground is totally saturated still. so storms from here on out do have a high flooding potential and we'll track strong southerly winds as well. this is what i was talking about. after sunset and mainly in the north bay. it's really not until it thursday morning that the rain will sink south. looks like the morning hours does feature the heaviest rain. something we'll be tracking. town load the abc 7 news app and track the chances of rain from your phone. enjoy the weekend.
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sun it's bright, beautiful out there. even valentine's day on tuesday, that's your reminder. friday lots of clouds and saturday another storm will arrive. >> another storm. >> mm-hm. >> seems like i hear those words over and over again. up next, a newspaper apologizing today for getting fooled by a trump look alike.
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a newspaper in the dominican republic is apologizing for using, well, this image of president trump. they had the photo of alec baldwin playing the president on "saturday night live." it shows him in a photo next to benjamin netanyahu. the paper issued an apology that says it was a mistake that went unnoticed by the staff. how does that go unnoticed by
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the staff? oh, well. the warriors know how to make it exciting, don't they? >> this was an interesting game tonight, a lot of fire. kevin durant returns to okc as the villain. and it got heated. kd versus ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good evening. kevin durant returned to oklahoma city. once he was worshipped there. tonight they booed him all night long. but kd and the warriors left smiling and victorious. the game started with boos during the intros.
11:29 pm
steph and klay finished with 26 points. ian clark, nice drop off to mcgee. mcgee went for 16, durant, after colliding with russell westbrook powers past jeremy, 73-50 warriors at the break. i'm coming, i'm coming. and durant said, you know what? you're going to lose. westbrook attacking with rt though. 20 of his 47 points came in the third quarter, 11 turnovers though. the dagger three from durant, that is the icing on the cupcake. they were chanting at him all night long. warriors win. here's mike shumann. ? t . the prodigal suon, kevin durant returned and he was glad when it was over. >> always put the city first when i played.
11:30 pm
always put the fans first along with my teammates. i know what i did was not a popular decision. it's only basketball. >> the emotions of everything. they're acting like he didn't give them a great nine years. it's rough. >> they let him have it tonight. but it's sports. you know, it's kind of the way it is. it's an emotional business, and that's what we love about it. i thought kd handled beautifully. showed great poise tonight. >> they'll spend the night in okc and hit the road heading to denver. abc 7 sports. st. marys trying to take down gonzaga. dane peno inside. silas nelson with a jumper here. 9-0 bulldogs run, they're up
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32- 23. jock landdow. you want to talk big men? zimic carnowski. 74-64. abc sports brought to you by river raqqock casino. we get to stay till midnight, and we have a one on one interview with kevin durant. we get to stay till 12:00! an investigation involving helicopters and horses. >> some are worri
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, for the second time in a month, police in berkley are investigating mysterious deaths inside an apartment. the victims was dora bibbs and her guy friend. the carbon monoxide warning was going off. last month, two died in an apartment about a mile away. firefighters saved a man and his daughter after their car got struck trying to drive across a flooded road. the santa clarita sheriff's office tweeted this video. president trump called a rare saturday night press conference with japanese prime
11:36 pm
minister shinzo abe to condem north korea's missile launch. he said the u.s. stands behind japan 100%. the president says he knows nothing about reports that his national security adviser may have illegally spoken to the russians about upcoming sanctions. >> what report is that? i'll look at that. >> nine current and former government officials confirm details with the washington post. they said before michael flynn became security adviser he contacted russia's ambassador and warned them of sanctions for interfering in the election. >> flynn was conveying a signal here, clear signal to the russian ambassador. don't overreact to these sanctions the obama team is announcing. we're going to have time to revisit this later. >> the vice president originally said it was false. but he said he would look into the report. democrats have called for an investigation and now cia has
11:37 pm
denied a security clearance for one of flynn's top aides. it appears the white house is backing away from president obama's fight on bathroom fights. they wanted to affect only the 13 states suing to remove it. a hearing was set for tuesday, but now it's been canceled, because the filing was with drauchb drawn. the original directive had students use bathroom frz consistent with their. melo was drafted by the celtics in the 2012 round. he was a kind, genuine person who was committed to doing well
11:38 pm
wheel while he was at syracuse. he was 26 years old. the army officer who fought the first battle between the vietnamese army has died. he was portrayed by mel gibson in "we were soldiers." he commanded a force against a much larger force and brought most of his soldiers out alive. moore retired after 3yea2 years. he died yesterday at his alabama home at the age of 94. an investigation into wild horses. they're protected as living symbols as the nation's pioneer spirit. but now advocates are worried about what a trump presidency could mean about the future of the mustangs. >> reporter: month by month, year after year, this is how the
11:39 pm
federal government tries to maintain a hell it think wialth population. >> it's all about establishing populations that the rangeland can support. >> reporter: but the roundups often kill or injure horses. two months ago, the bureau of land management reports 18 horses died. public records show many more died, a total of 48 in the roundup or in government corrals after. broken necks or backs. some causes of death listed as unknown. >> i have seen foles that haals died because they've literally run their feet off. >> reporter: she runs a sanctuary with 240 wild horses.
11:40 pm
>> the herd sizes are so small, in some place they're not genetically viable. so we're at risk of losing these iconic animals. >> reporter: a study from 2013 criticized the government saying its wild horse population numbers are unsubstantiated estimates, but there's a lack of etch evidence. they urged vasectomies to control the birthrate. >> if they reduce the birthrate they could manage populations humanely. >> reporter: but they spend less than 1% of the budget on fertility control, $50 million a year, about 65% of the budget goes to storing 44,000 wild horses in facilities like this one here susanville where they're up for adoption. they're fed every day, waste bulldozed away. a far different life than freedom on the range where they sometimes run up to 30 miles a
11:41 pm
day. normally how high would the horses go up the mountain? >> during the summer, they'll be at the top of the mountain. >> reporter: wild horse advocates are worried a donald trump presidency would bring a dangerous change for the mustangs. >> clearly the present policy is a disaster. >> reporter: ryan zinke is the candidate. he promoted a bill to kill horses for food. >> it's a slaughterhouse for horses that are either abandoned or old or broke from the livestock point of view. >> reporter: he would favor slaughtering wild horses held in government corrals. his office said he would not comment. with a flick of a finger, another wild horse is on the way to the meat packer.
11:42 pm
thousands each year wind up in slaughterhouses to be exported. >> reporter: just last year an advisory panel advised changing policy. the trump administration says they have no plan to move forward with that. we are evaluating the best policy policy. >> what i don't want to see is for them to throw up their hands and say we made a mess of it and we'll have to slaughter the horses in holding. >> reporter: we've been doing the same thing for decades. >> i don't have the answer. >> reporter: dan noyes, abc 7 news. still ahead, after a pair of officers saved their lives, two teenagers finally get a chance to say thank you all these years later. and
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a special baby shower in monterey county tonight was, well, a hoot. dozens of people gathered to celebrate the new hatchlings of teeco and hattie. owls provide a veechn environme friendly approach to fighting pests. and this couple has eight eggs, for of them have already hatched. tonight a story of a thank you two decades in the making. tom yawn as has the torrey. > reporter: police officers running with not one but two lifeless bodies. >> are are there were too many prints to follow. >> reporter: 3-year-old twins had wandered outside in the
11:47 pm
middle of the night. below freezing temperatures in half a foot of snow. omaha police officers raced to the scene. 45 minutes later, the girls were found in an alley, freezing. >> your hands, had ice hands. >> reporter: those twins jennifer and courtney survived am now finally met the officers who saved their lives to thank them. >> i walked across to start looking. >> reporter: the girls and the parents watched the video from that night. the officers walking them through the painful search. >> just seeing her, you know, pretty much dead. you look terrible. >> reporter: jennifer and courtney still have scars from that night, but they survived, thanks to these officers. >> you can read things, but like seeing it, what they saw, what they did, they're heroes. >> reporter: and years later those officers are thankful they
11:48 pm
never gave up. >> that was tom yanez reporting. let's check in with him. >> me. i love giving this weather forecast. beautiful today. equally as beautiful tomorrow. the sky is rather quiet. no rain on doppler 7. in terms of your sky on sunday, 64 san jose. and 64 the my high in strong southerly winds. perhaps a sprinkle in the north bay, but it's really thursday that the action gets going
11:49 pm
accuweather forecast, we are dry up until thursday night, our next one coming next saturday. i know who he is. he's spencer christian. >> i wish. >> yeah. larry beale is here for a look at sports. warriors, it was a long, stressful night for kevin durant, and it's finally over. he goes
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all right, earlier, we showed you all the highlights with the warriors beating the thunder. the triumphant return of kevin durant. and after the game, we had a lengthy chat. >> what were your emotions like before this game? >> it was good to walk in the building, you know, and brought back some memories for sure, but i was focussed on trying to help my team get the w.
11:53 pm
>> i saw you walk past the visitor's locker room because you didn't know it was. >> i was about to walk in the coaches locker room. >> they said cheer the man through the player. it's kind of a love/hate here. as for the fans, they still love you here. >> i think the boos are disguised as cheers. we spent some great times together. i always put the city first when i played. i always put the fans first along with my teammates, everybody knows that. but i know what i did wasn't a popular decision, so i respect them for being loyal fans to their team. at the end of the day, it's only basketball. >> you were a little overhyped at the beginning of the game, would you agree? >> i was fired up. i usually don't do this, but i had a caffeine bar before the game to keep me going, but after the first quarter, we were kind of settling in. >> it almost seemed like a one-on-one game for a while. and you know who i'm talking about. what was that feeling like?
11:54 pm
>> for us, it wasn't. i think we just try, we played a team game, and we let them focus on however they're going to play. we stuck to our game plan, which is to move the basketball, you know, get stops and get out and run. >> this team had your back. 26 from steph,26 from klay. that's one of the reasons you came here, right? >> yeah, we moved ball well, we play well off of each other and we all respect each other. so it was a great w for us. >> you can't say that you and russell haven't talked, because you had a little conversation on the court. >> it's all in the game. it's all in the game. that's part of the basketball, trash talking. >> memphis and okc. two teams that are physical. i think we responded very, very well. we want to finish this trip right when we go to denver, and when we come back home we play sacramento who beat us. and finish these games before the break. i like the direction we're going
11:55 pm
in. >> are you glad their is is ove? >> most definitely. >> do you have a favorite kind of cupcake? >> i like red velvet, make sure of have a few for me. >> they were calling him cupcake all night. steven dough domingo with a. jabari bird with the runner there. bears hanging around notice second hal -- in the second half. wildc wildcats we wildcats win. >>. marcus allen had 20. stanford leading midway through the second half. that three cuts the cardinal lead. oh, look out, reed travis. it's asu ball, and graham's three puts the sun devils up for
11:56 pm
good. 75-69. wayne simmons. and then beats dell. basically, gets through three guys. dell made his safes. patrick marleau was20th of the season burns with a costly turnover. and he shoots and scores. flyers win2-1. sharks have lost four straight. the sun finally came out at the pebble beach pro am. picture perfect weather. that's bill murray with the overalls, murray birdied 7. and the putter's a souvenir for somebody. actor josh due melt with carson
11:57 pm
daly. look how gorgeous it is down there. a six-stroke lead. warriors have one more game in okc. i assume they'll have the red velvet cupcakes waiting next time. abc 7 news continues tomorrow
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